Black Mouthful

by SweetPrettyAss

Although Jeanette Patterson loves sucking cocks, she wants to avoid having a reputation as a slut who likes to suck cocks. That might seem to some people to be a contradiction, but she has no problem with the concept. In order to do what she revels in doing without having anybody know about it, she goes to the locker room area of a gymnasium in the local community college where she is a sophomore. There, she sits on a toilet in the rest room, divests herself of her bra and dress or skirt or jeans, and sometimes more than that, and hangs some of them on a hook on the inside of the door. Naked as she wants to be, she waits for men beside a hole that has been cut in the partition dividing the last stall in the women's area and the first one in the adjacent men's room. She doesn't usually have to wait very long because most of the male students are aware of the glory hole and know there are women who go there and wait for stiff cocks to be poked through the opening in the partition, where they sit and wait. Years ago, the gym was used for intercollegiate sports but, after the college began fielding both men's athletic teams and women's, a new building was erected. The old gym, which was then used for physical education classes and the locker room, which had been used only by men, was divided into one for men and one for women. The installed partition was plywood and a toilet stall was left on either side. Shortly after the remodeling, some enterprising person had cut a round hole between the stalls and they became a popular place for anonymous encounters between women who favor impersonal sexual trysts and men who share that preference. On this particular day, Jeanette had gone to the glory hole and removed her shirt and bra and hung them on the hook inside the door. After that, she removed her jeans, folded them to form a thin cushion and placed them in front of the hole. When she was ready, she draped a strip of toilet paper between her stall and the one next to her. That was a signal to any man in the other stall that somebody next door wanted to suck him off. With everything ready, she sat on the commode and waited, hoping for a well-hung horny man, preferably black, to come along and offer her his stiff dick. She got exactly what she wanted. At first, Jeanette thought some joker was poking a black dildo through the hole, because it was bigger and darker than any she had ever seen. But, except for its massive size, it looked real so she gently took hold of the base with her fingertips. The cock felt like the real article and seemed to be throbbing in her hand, which felt good, and she also relished the contrast of the extreme darkness of the shaft and the big, purplish head in her pale white hand. The sensation was even better when she knelt on her folded jeans, leaned forward and started licking the underside of the huge cock or dildo or whatever it was. Jeanette quickly proved to herself it was the real thing when she felt it growing even bigger and harder under her ministrations. After a few long, slow strokes with her tongue, she pulled her face back, smiled lewdly at the massive treat that awaited her and daintily prodded the slit on the end with the tip of her tongue. "Mmmmm," came the disembodied voice from the other side of the partition. Jeanette felt the same way but, instead of verbally expressing her delight, she started licking the head in concentric circles, slowly engulfing more until her tongue was caressing under the hard ridge. The head was nestled in her lips and she was gently stroking the shaft until Jeanette decided to take even more pleasure from the huge intruder. Moving slowly to avoid biting the cock, she started moving her mouth forward, engulfing the length of the thick cock. She would not be able to fit the entire monster into her mouth and the end was too thick for her to give deep throat but she would certainly have fun with what she could take. There are many things Jeanette relishes about sucking a big cock, such as the one that was then spreading her lips to their maximum. The feeling of fullness in her mouth is one of them and nothing in her experience had filled her as well as that of the anonymous man in the next toilet stall. With the end of the huge cock pressed against the back of her throat, Jeanette curled her tongue under and around the massive black mouthful, relishing the feel of the smooth skin stretched so tightly around it. Of course, it wasn't only her mouth that was having fun. Jeanette's right hand had been thrust inside her panties, where she started by stroking her pussy lips until she was producing a trickle of her lubricating juices. She dipped her fingers into that silky fluid and used them to gently pinch her clit between two folds of her inner lips. While still taking the giant cock in and out of her mouth, she started slowly stroking herself, sometimes reaching lower and scooping up fresh juices to spread on her swollen lips and clit. The pleasure Jeanette was receiving in her mouth and pussy surpassed any she had ever gotten from giving a blow job and she wanted to make it last. She moved her face slowly back and forth, caressing as much as she could with her tongue. Softly, she murmured of her pleasure, wanting the unknown man to hear her so he would know how much fun he was giving her. He was making the same kind of noises, murmuring, "That's it. That's it. Keep sucking my cock." That was what she wanted too and Jeanette continued slowly sucking until she thought it was time to give herself and the unknown black man another kind of pleasure. Holding a breast in one hand and his cock in the other, she rubbed one erect nipple against the big mushroom-shaped head, followed by switching hands and caressing him with the other erect nubbin. It felt wonderful to Jeanette and she spent several minutes alternating nipples until her clit started to clamor for more attention. She reverted to sucking the giant cock and fondling her clit. In the past, some smart-asses had been known to pull their cocks from her mouth and finish themselves off by hand, thereby depriving her of the mouthful of cum she had earned. To prevent this man from doing that, Jeanette gently but firmly gripped his shaft in the fingers of the hand that was not active on her clit. After a long, slow session of sucking the huge cock, Jeanette felt it start to throb inside her mouth and in her hand. She knew what that meant. Until then, she had been lightly holding that part of the cock that was too long to fit inside her mouth, but she knew the time had come to aggressively put those fingers to better use. She tightened her grip, both of her hand and of her lips and sucked harder and faster while stroking her clit at the same pace. "Uhhh... Uhhh," the man groaned but Jeanette knew it was in pleasure, not pain that he was expressing. She responded by sucking faster until she felt the cock jerk inside her mouth. Using shorter strokes, she kept the head over her tongue so she would get the full benefit when his cum started to spurt. Jeanette heard him grunt and she heard his body thump against his side of the partition and she felt a big gusher of semen flooding her mouth, covering her tongue exactly the way she wanted. It was delicious but she knew there was more so she kept sucking until she had caught two more bursts of the viscous fluid. Jeanette could feel the monster cock starting to soften so she kept a firm grip on it when she leaned back on her heels and gazed at it. More cum was starting to ooze out the end so she leaned forward and licked that off, followed by using her tongue to clean off all the rest of the man's juices from the shaft and, especially, under the ridge. With that gone, she placed her thumb on the underside and her fingers on top and drew her hand toward her mouth to get the rest of the man's cum. Satisfied she had everything, she let go and the cock disappeared back through the hole. "Thank you," a voice rumbled to her. "No, thank YOU," she replied. Those were almost the only words either had spoken during their fun time. Jeanette wasn't through. The cock was gone but her mouth was still filled with the cum it had provided and she swirled that inside her mouth, relishing the taste and texture. While her mouth received pleasure, so did her clit and her fingers started pumping even faster until she felt her own climax rise and start to overwhelm her. She moaned and panted until her orgasm exploded and she reacted by rolling around on the floor. When she was through sucking cocks, she would go straight to the shower so she wasn't worried about keeping her body clean. The black cock had been the best Jeanette had ever sucked off and she didn't believe she would be able to top it. Even so, she got back up, put another strip of tissue in place and sat on the toilet seat in hopes some other man would come along and feed her a ration of his cum.

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Play Time - 3

by Mary Thomas

Several weeks went by with no contact from Susan or her boyfriend Peter. Once again, life seemed to return to normal. It struck me that this seemed to be a recurring cycle that our 'new' sexual lives had developed into � a period of total sexual wantonness and deviance followed by a semblance of normalcy. This time, though, as we spent more time with the kids at the park, at their games, and getting homework done, I was developing more of a chill as to whether this charade would continue and whether our other lives would affect them. I had allowed myself to be blackmailed into sexual slavery and I knew it was only a matter of time until they called upon me � us � again. When it happened it was quick and without any warning. We were all at home finishing a family dinner after my son's baseball game. There was a knock at the door and our daughter ran to answer it. She came back to the dining room followed by both Susan and Peter. They had entered our lives directly. "Hi, Mary, I just thought we'd stop by. Are these your kids? We haven't met... I'm Susan, and this is my boyfriend, Peter. We're friends of your folks." Our kids shyly introduced themselves to our unexpected visitors and then left the dining room to for their rooms and homework. As soon as the kids were out of earshot I lit into Susan. "I can't believe that you would come to our house. In front of our kids! It's bad enough what you made me do at your house!" "Calm down, Mary. I told you that was just the beginning, and I meant it. I'm sorry, Phil, we haven't all been introduced, I'm Susan and this is Peter," she said with an edge to her voice, "We spent the day fucking your wife the other day." "She told me. What do you want now?" Phil asked quietly. "Well, Phil, why don't you take Peter out to your garage and show him all of your guy stuff. You know, tools and things..." I glanced over at Peter and he had a smirk on his face. "Come on, Phil, show me the way." Phil stood up, looked at me and led Peter out to our garage. After they left, I turned to Susan. "So, what the fuck do you want with us now?" Without saying a word Susan walked over to me and slipped her hand into my blouse, and slowly slip her hand into my bra. Susan slowly caressed my breast, her fingers lightly coaxing my nipple into arousal. "Well," she said, "I think that Peter is going to have your husband suck his cock. Me, I don't know. I am a little short on cash, so I think I'm going to have you turn some tricks for me." "WHAT!" I exclaimed. "No way!" "Susan, Susan, you need to get with the program. You are mine. Ours. You will do anything we tell you to do." She pushed me back against the wall and kissed me fully on the lips. Her tongue entered my mouth and I found myself responding to her, kissing her back. I felt myself moistening as I let her have control of me. She pulled away, smiled, and turned toward the door to the garage. "Let's go check on the guys." She walked to the door that led into the garage with me following closely. Peter was standing with his back against the workbench and he pants were down around his knees. Phil was kneeling at Peter's waist and was busy working his mouth over Peter's erection. Peter's cock glistened with Phil's saliva. "Boy, if your kids could see this, huh, Mary?" Susan nudged me with a snicker. "I think your husband is a real cock slut." "Honey, he gives head almost as well as you do," Peter said to Susan. He reached down, put both hands on the back of Phil's head and forced his cock deeper into my husband's throat. I could hear Phil gag momentarily as he adjusted to Peter's length. "Mary, I think you need to tongue Peter's asshole for him while your husband is sucking his cock," Susan said, pushing me toward the two men. I shuddered, and without a word knelt down beside Peter. Phil was ministering to Peter's cock with his eyes closed. He seemed to be getting into this a little too quickly. He briefly opened his eyes and we made contact before Peter shifted away from the bench to give me access to his ass. His cheeks were sweaty from his sexual arousal. I hoped that he was clean, but it really didn't matter; I was going to do this anyway. I slid my tongue up between Peter's cheeks, tasting his musky scent. I couldn't hit my target, so I reached up with my hands to spread his cheeks open. He groaned as my tongue made contact with his brown hole. FLASH! Suddenly the garage lit up as Susan took a picture. I pulled away from Peter's ass just in time to have another flash hit me in the face as Susan took another picture. It just continued and we got caught up even deeper. "Just a couple more shots for posterity, guys," Susan said. "What a great picture of a husband and wife! I'm going to go into the house and keep the kids occupied. We wouldn't want them walking out here, now would we?" "Susan! You better not do anything..." I started. "Mary! What do you think I am? A pervert? I'm not interested in kids, don't worry. Now go back to sucking Peter's asshole." After she left, I snaked my tongue back between Peter's ass cheeks and began running my tongue around his rim again. I found myself becoming very aroused as I tongued this man's asshole, being forced and used as I was. I reached between Peter's legs and found Phil's free hand and gripped it. Judging from the motion that had started with Peter's body, Phil's other hand was jacking Peter's cock, working him toward an orgasm. Phil moved his hand up my arm to my body and down to the waist band of my pants. He worked open the button with his hand and slowly worked the zipper down. I shifted, spreading my knees to give him the access I so desperately craved. His hand slid into my panties, through my pubic hair and made contact with my clitoris. I moaned and rubbed myself against his digit. I had been lightly tracing circles with my tongue around Peter's anus, but with Phil's finger methodically working my clit in fast, jabbing movements, I began to attack his opening more fervently. I had never tongued anyone's asshole like I was right then and as I worked it, I felt the ring of muscle loosening as it relaxed. I suddenly came against Phil's finger, spasming repeatedly. My sexual heat took me to a new level of depravity. I slid my tongue into Peter's hole slightly deeper, disgusted with what I was doing to this man, but becoming even more sexually aroused as well. I could feel through the increased flexing of his muscles that Phil's mouth was bringing Peter closer to an orgasm. Without warning, his anal ring tightened against my tongue and I felt his body flex as he came. I pulled out from between Peter's butt cheeks and swung around to watch as Peter's cock pulsed repeatedly, spewing shot after shot of semen into Phil's mouth. "Don't swallow it! Not yet!" Peter gasped. He held Phil's head in place for a moment and then slowly released it. "Now, how about sharing my come with your wife, Phil? Go on, give her a big kiss. She' already tasted it, but she shouldn't be left out this time." Phil moved toward me and our faces touched. Some of Peter's come had dribbled out of the corner of Phil's mouth and I flicked it with my tongue before kissing him fully on the lips. Our tongue intertwined and Phil pushed the full load of Peter's come into my mouth with a moan. We swirled it around and passed it between us before pursing our lips and breaking the kiss to swallow the load. Phil and I stood up and got ourselves together. As Peter buckled his pants, the garage door opened and Susan came back out. "The kids are fine and almost done with their homework. Peter, why don't you and Phil hang out here while Mary and I go out and do some errands?" She asked. "What do you mean, 'errands?'" Phil asked her. He was starting to come back to reality. "'Errands,' Phil. Well, really, I'm going to go use Mary some more. I'll probably have her suck some cocks, maybe fuck a couple of guys, take some more pictures, you know, that sort of thing," Mary laughed with a smirk in her tone. "After the kids are asleep for the night Peter can probably fuck your ass, too!" With little fanfare, Susan and I left the house and got into the vehicle she was driving. It was a panel van and looked like it had been used as a workman's truck for awhile. After getting in, I looked in the back and saw that it had a mattress and blankets lying on the floor. I looked over at Susan as we started to drive off. "We got this old van to carry stuff in and we use it to sleep in when we're taking road trips once in a while. Yep. That's where you'll be with your legs spread for somebody in a little while," she said looking over at me. "But I'll probably be back there with you, too, at some point. I've never really been attracted to a woman, before, Mary, but you really get to me. Maybe it's the whole power thing, I don't know." "Thanks, I guess. When is this going to end, Susan? I mean, I have a right to know." "No, you don't. It will end when it gets boring for us. That may take awhile. I can think of all sorts of things for us to do." We drove on in silence, leaving our town and heading out on the highway. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Back over to our town. I didn't want anyone you might know seeing you tonight, Mary. It's the least I could do." We drove on in silence until we got to a cluster of cheap hotels, convenience stores, bars and restaurants clustered around a truck stop. It was dark as we pulled up next to one of the bars. "Here we are. Let's get in back," Susan said, motioning. She took me in her arms and kissed me fully on the lips while unbuttoning my shirt. I reached for her and she stopped me. "Not me. Not right now." She removed my bra and began kissing my nipples and then unbuttoned my pants, sliding them slowly down my legs. She ran her fingers into my sex. "You're still wet. I can still taste Peter on your mouth, too." She kissed me again, and then opened the side door and got out. "I'll be right back." She closed the door to the van and was gone. I was in the dark and with a shiver I wrapped up in the blanket on the mattress. I wondered what Susan had in store for me. I had a pretty good idea that I would be fucking a number of men, and that she would be taking money for my services, true to her word. I didn't have to wait long. The door to the van opened and Susan was there with two men, all silhouetted in the lights from the bar parking lot. I couldn't even make out their features or even how old they were. I would smell the alcohol on their breath. "Well, Mary, I got you a couple of friends. Guys, this is Mary. You've got her for 15-minutes. She will do anything you want." They climbed into the van and with a close of the door the interior was dark. "Shit, honey, where you at?" one of the asked. "Right here." I said quietly. I knew that I had to just do this, so I reached for the man closest to me and put my arms around him. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. "I want you to suck my cock and then I want to fuck you. So does he." Without a word I fumbled in the dark and found the man's belt buckle. He got the idea and helped, pulling down his pants. I reached through the dark and made contact with his hardening penis. My pulled my head toward his body and I found myself willingly taking the man's cock into my mouth. As I closed my lip around the hardening penis, I flashed on the stupidity of the whole situation. Here I was, a nurse, for Christ's sake, having unprotected sex with strangers at a truck stop. Probably a bunch of them. As dumb and dangerous as it was, I felt my pussy starting to flood. The other man moved through the darkness and began feeling my body, quickly locating my wet sex. The cock in my mouth was now fully erect was large. Much larger than Phil's cock, or Peter's for that matter. "I'm going to slip my cock into her while she's blowing you, Sam. I just want to come. I'm next up on the pool table." I was revolted; I wasn't even important enough for this jerk to take a few minutes with. I was just some cheap piece of trash to him. And I was going to let him fuck me and come in my body. I shivering as I heard him unbuttoning his pants. "Could you use a condom? I mean, I just want to be, you know, safe," I asked the man behind me quietly. I thought I'd at least try. "Fuck that. I'm riding you bareback, baby. Kneel up," he said. I shifted my position on the man I was sucking to give the other guy a position to take me doggy style from behind. He spread me legs wider with his hands and then I felt his penis poking me, searching for my opening. I was sloppy wet and it didn't take him long to locate his goal. He slid slowly into, causing me to gasp. Any illusions that he was going to take his time with the act were broken as he began to pound into me. The alcohol made him last, though. I began working the penis in my mouth more urgently, wanting this over, but knowing that there would be more to follow. I reached up and started jacking the man's cock, as Phil had done to Peter earlier. As I worked my pursed lips up and down the cock in the darkness I found myself wondering about Phil and what Peter was having him do. The man behind me slowed his motions and I felt him tense and flood me with his hot fluid. He slid himself out of me and made for the door of the van. "I'll see you back inside. Nice fuck, lady. Best $20 I've spent this week." He closed the door and was gone. I didn't have much time to think about the situation before the remaining man pulled his cock out of my mouth and rolled me onto my back. I instinctively spread my legs and readied myself to take his body weight. He took a moment and ran the head of his penis up and down the furrow of my wet, come-soaked sex. "Man, you are a hotty. How do you know Susan, anyway?" I didn't know what to say. 'Well, uh, we are friends. Sort of. I've known her for awhile." Just fuck me and get it over with, I thought to myself. "Friends? So, she finds guys and charges them to fuck you, huh. Different sort of friendship," he said and slid the head of his penis to my vaginal lips. He teasingly entered my outer lips and then pulled back several times, going a little farther each time. "Yeah, you are a hotty." He slowly slid his entire length into me and stopped for a moment. He was huge. Probably the largest man I had ever had in me. He bent down and began kissing me. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I almost screamed. His breath was bad, a combination of beer, bar snacks, and some kind of meat, maybe hotlinks. He sought out my tongue with his and, as reluctant as I was, I found myself begin to respond and kissing him back. Soon we were kissing in earnest and I felt my vaginal flowing around his penis. Continuing to kiss me, he started sliding his cock in and out of me, using all of his length. I wanted to fuck him, this stranger I was with in a dark van. I spread my legs wider and started fucking myself back against him. God, I didn't even know what he looking like! He was older, judging me the stubble on his back, and reaching up to run my hands through his hair as he violated me. His hair was stiff and dry in the way gray hair is. I was lost in my thoughts as he pounded my pussy. "God, you're fucking me!" I yelled. "Fuck me, you bastard, fuck me harder!" And he did. I had to spread my legs even wider as the speed of his pumping increased; he still had his pants on and I realized his buckle or something on his belt was digging into my legs and scratching me. "UHHHNNNN!" he groaned loudly and suddenly tensed, beginning his orgasm. I know that there aren't supposed to be any nerves in the depth of a vagina, but I could swear I could feel each pulse of his semen as it pulsed into my body. "God, you are a good fuck, the best I've ever had," he said quietly as he relaxed. He stayed in me for awhile and began kissing me again. I let him soak in the moisture and kissed him back, playing with his tongue. He finally disengaged, his cock still partially erect. As he kneeled up to pull up his pants I sat up and took his cock back into my mouth, savoring the taste of the combination of the semen of the two men and my own scent. "Whoa, sister, you about used me up. Look, I know I paid already and all, but you were great." As he opened the door and stepped out of the van he pulled out his wallet and gave me another $20 bill. "You were great," he said again, "Thanks." He closed the door and I was left in the darkness holding the $20 bill. I was a prostitute. A whore. And a cheap one. I laughed, thinking 'well at least I didn't just fuck a guy for a pizza, like last time.' I lay in the darkness of the van, my legs still gaping open from the pounding sex I had just had. The door to the van opened and Susan was standing there. "Well, aren't you a sight, Mary. Look at al that come all over you. That's a quick $40 for me. Oh, I see you got a little for yourself. Keep it. It'll remind you of what you are now. A hooker. That's right. Anyway, I've got a few more friends out here for you. The word got around the bar. I figured that I'd reduce the price for the volume, so you're fucking for $10 now. Great, huh?" Susan was laughing. "Why do you have to be so fucking mean about this? I'm doing what you want. Why do you have to belittle me?" Listening to myself, I realized I was whining. "Because that's the fun, Mary. Anyway, there are a few of them. A line. Rather than having them come inside the van, I'll open both of the side doors and you can just sit in the door and they can fuck you. That'll speed this up." In a daze I moved myself into position. I looked out of the van and saw a line of men winding around the corner of the building. Sitting on the floor of the van, I hung my feet out of the vehicle resting them on the pavement of the parking lot. The first man approached me and started to unzip his pants. I spread my legs to accommodate him as he approached. "Perfect, Mary. Smile!" FLASH! Susan took a picture as the man's penis found my sex and slid in. I let out an involuntary moan and bucked my hips toward him as he started quickly fucking my pussy. My mind seemed disconnected from my body as I started to react with animal instinct. Mate! Take their come! My newest stranger leaned into, reached from my swaying breasts and kissed me. I reacted with a hunger, kissing him back, my tongue entering the strange mouth, tasting his breath, and abstractly wondering what kind of hard liquor he had been drinking. He shuddered and quickly came in me, pulsing three times. I pulled him into me, wrapping my hands around his buttocks and feeling his muscles tense. He pulled out, gave me a peck and moved off in the shadows of the parking lot. Another man quickly took his place. "Stop a minute," I said breathlessly. I leaned forward toward my next man and took his exposed uncircumcised penis deeply into my mouth. From the light of the lot I could tell he was black, probably in his 30's and he didn't look very clean. He was probably a mechanic who had stopped off at the bar on the way home for a drink. And a fuck. I sucked his cock until the head of his uncircumcised cock popped free from his foreskin I could feel him starting to leak some pre-come fluid. His testicles were solid, filling his sack, full of fluid for me. I started to slowly slide his cock out of my mouth. FLASH! I looked over and Susan had just captured me for all of time in another sexual pose. "Good, Mary, you're getting into it. Now fuck him!" And I did. He attacked me like an animal and I fucked back at him like one. This went on as I fucked each new man like he was my last. I thought periodically through the scene that I was losing myself in this new life, but I kept it. I was in a situation to act like a slut, a whore, and I was going all the way. It went on like this for about an hour until I had fucked over 20 men from the bar and one who had been driving through the parking lot and had stopped to see what was going on. After paying $10 to my 'friend' Susan he found out. The last two guys in the line pulled Susan aside and had a brief conversation. One was older, while the other one was very young. She walked over to me. "They just paid me $30 for you. Get in the van. They want to double you," Susan told me, with a nod. "What?" I asked, groggy from the exertion of the last hour. "They both want to fuck you at the same time. One in your pussy, the other one up your ass. I've got some lube up on the dash. Plus, you've got a lot of lube dripping out of you," Susan said with a laugh. "God, you're a mess, Mary." "I-I don't do anal very well. It hurts. Uncomfortable for me. Come on, Susan, give me a break here. You've won tonight. I mean, shit, look at what you made me do!" I pleaded with her quietly, for some reason concerned that the men waiting for their turn with me might overhear. "Made you do, Mary? Maybe at first, but you certainly got into it. Come on, get in the van. We're almost done here." I climbed back into the van and found the tube of lubricating jell and opened it. Even in my groggy and diminished mental state I knew that I had better lubricate my asshole well to prevent myself from being hurt. I put a large dab on my finger and ran it around the rim of my asshole. I put another dab on and slid my finger in, past the sphincter muscle. Thinking for a moment, I took the tube and inserted the tip into my ass and gave it a slight squeeze, filling my bowel with lubrication. Pulling the tube back out, I reinserted my finger and it slid in easily. I pulled my finger out of my ass and then ran the fingers of my other hand into my pussy. It was absolutely sloshy with the semen from the crowd of men who had banged me in the door of the van. I took a scoop of the fluid oozing from me and ran it over my asshole as well. I was as ready as I'd ever be. The two men had gotten into the van and pulled off their pants. They turned me on my side and hiked me upper leg, giving them access to my openings. The older man moved behind me and immediately began sliding his cock between the cheeks of my ass, searching. I helped him, reached back and grasping his shaft. He was only medium-sized, I thought thankfully, but he was thick. I pressed the head of his penis against me lubricated anus, bent forward and pushed back against him. I found myself thinking that there wasn't any reluctance from me about this at all. I wanted him in me, to fuck my asshole. He pressed in, causing me to cry out with a groan. "OHHHhh. Go slow. Go easy," I asked him. "Please, please be easy." "It'll be okay honey." He'd been drinking beer all night, from the smell of his breath. He worked in and out of my ass slowly, letting my body have a little more of him each time. I turned my attention to the younger man, probably his son. He had been kneeling patiently in front of me, wanting me to take his cock into me mouth. I obliged him. I reached down to my pussy and took another swab of the come flowing out of me and, pulling my mouth off of him for a moment, coated his length with the goo. He was sweaty smelling, but circumcised. I took him deeply in my mouth, but I didn't work him too quickly, knowing he wanted to fuck my pussy once the other man was fully in my ass. I fondled his balls gently, feeling him tense as I did so. After moment he pulled himself free and moved down to enter me. I guided his cock into me and moaned with the fullness of the two men. "Stop for a minute. Let me get adjusted to you." I stayed still for a minute, enjoying the sensation of the two cocks separated in me by the thin membrane and muscle structure between my anus and vagina. I hiked my leg a little higher and struggled to reach down to feel this mass connection joined in me. Both men sensed what I wanted and moved their legs for me. I ran my hand down the inside of my thigh to the lips of my pussy which were stretched around the young man's penis, traced the root of his cock and then down to his testicles, pausing to stroke each one. I moved from his body back to mine, running my hand from bottom of my filled pussy across that narrow stretch of flesh to my ass, fully dilated and filled with the girth of the older man's cock. I ran my finger through the coarse hair of his sack, but I could only touch one of his testicles from the position I was in. I repositioned my upper body and nodded to my two new lovers. They began to slowly stroke in and out of me in unison. The older man talked to the younger man to coordinate their movement, as though I wasn't even there, just a thing they were just sliding in an out of. I felt myself flooding again with the thought that I was just an object for these men to use and they were doing just that. They got the pattern down, with one man sliding into me while the other man was sliding out. There was a lot of noise filing the interior of the van, and I realized that it was me shouting and groaning as they fucked me. I found a serpentine movement that worked for me between the two men, allowing me to fuck myself on the man that was entering me. The young man predictably came first, but I could barely feel him shoot his load into me given how loose my pussy was from all the fucking that night. The older man pounding my ass lasted longer, but he finally succumbed to the tightness of my sphincter muscles. They pulled out of my and silently climbed out of the van, choosing to pull their pants back on in the parking lot. I lay there on the dirty mattress, tired and used, my battered legs open in surrender. The door of the van opened and I didn't even move. I didn't care if someone else wanted to fuck me and would have let them do whatever they wanted. FLASH! It was Susan, taking another picture of her whore, semen flowing from his loosened openings. "Sit up, Mary. I want a nice shot of your face in this one." I didn't even argue. I sat up and looked into the camera. FLASH! "Mary, spread your legs a little farther, scoop a gob of come and let me get a shot of you putting it in your mouth." I did as instructed and then got up on my hands and knees on my own and turned to face her in the classic buns up doggy fashion. I reached back and inserted my fingers into my loose cunt lips and looked back at the camera, giving Susan a full face shot. FLASH! She finally got bored with taking more incriminating photos of me and got into the van. We got on the highway and headed towards home. I wondered what would await us there. To be continued? 

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Play Time - 2

by Mary Thomas 

A few weeks had passed since our adventure in the booth at the adult bookstore and we were still trying to figure out what it meant for us as a couple and where we would go from there. We kept our 'play time' nights at home instead of going out, but they were very hot as we talked and relived the things we had done with the strangers in the booth. Phil replayed watching me suck the cock of the man through the glory hole while the other unknown guy fucked my pussy relentlessly from behind until they both came in me. I couldn't get over how thrilling it was to see Phil experiment with bisexual activity, and I told him what a turn on it was to see him sucking off another man's cock and taking his other lover deep up his ass. The thrill of the anonymous sex and been exhilarating. But, it also scared the hell out of both of us. As a nurse, I was very aware of the real-life dangers in such activity and I scheduled tests at a clinic in a nearby town for both of us. After a couple of stressful days of waiting for results, we were overjoyed that we hadn't been passed any sexually transmitted diseases. We both made mental notes to ourselves for the future to keep a store of condoms around, just in case. Life seemed to be returning to 'normal' for us. We spent a lot of time with our kids on school and recreation activities. It was also a period of a lot of extended family events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. As the weeks passed the night in the booth seemed to become more of a fantasy than something we had actually done. I was in the produce section of the local grocery store checking out a special on corn on the cob when I felt a tap on my arm. I turned and saw a young blonde woman next to me. "Hi," she said, "I saw you over here, so I thought I would come over and say hello." "Hi, how are you?" This was obviously one of those awkward moments when I ran into someone I should remember that I just couldn't place. Phil called these moments 'brain farts.' As I looked at her face and clothing I became more sure that I really didn't know her, however. She was probably ten years younger than me, so I likely wouldn't have run into her at a social function or at school with the kids. She was slim and seemed athletic. "I'm sorry, I can't seem to place where we've met," I said, apologetically. "Oh, well, we've never actually met. Well, I mean, you were the nurse in the intensive care unit at County General when my dad was there for recovery after his bypass. I guess I just wanted to thank you for everything." "Well, you're welcome," I told her. I felt less awkward now, but I was still uncomfortable with the unsolicited praise. "Nursing is a calling for me, I guess. I really enjoy helping people and getting them healthy again. How's your dad doing?" "He's fine. Still taking is easy, of course, but he is doing fine." She didn't appear to ready to move on down the aisle yet. "Ok, well, it was nice to meet you," I told her. I started to push my cart off. "There's one more thing," she said, moving closer to me and lowering her voice. "I live in an apartment building in the next town. I don't have laundry facilities in my building, so I have to do my laundry in a Laundromat nearby. I found something interesting there." I felt the hairs on my neck start to stand up. It must be the tape. Our tape of Phil and I having sex. The tape we made of me sucking Phil's cock while sitting on his face. The video of me tipping his legs over so he could come in his own mouth. Me kissing his mouth and swirling his come on our tongues. Us fucking! My legs spread widely so the viewer could see everything. She had the tape and had identified me. We put it out there for someone to find, but I suddenly had a stone in my stomach. My feelings must have translated to my face. "Oh." "Yeah. 'Oh,'" she said quietly. "I found that tape of you and some guy. Your husband, boyfriend, whatever, doing all kinds of stuff. I watched it over and over again. I got pretty hot watching it. I showed it to some other people, too" "Other people?" I asked, shakily. "So, what's the deal? Why are you telling me this. We left the tape and you found it. Enjoy it." My mind was working furiously, trying to figure out where she was taking this. "Yeah, I showed it to some other people. My boyfriend's seen it, and a couple of other people as well. They don't know who you are, though. I think we need to talk about this a little more," she said. She leaned even closer, "I want you to come over to my place to talk about this. When can you come?" "I don't know that I want to come over. What do we have to talk about? It's just a tape we made for fun." I didn't like this at all. "I think that you do want to come over. Otherwise that tape could be left somewhere else... Like the lunchroom at County General..." "NO! You wouldn't do that! I mean why," I asked frantically, "why would you do that?" "Just come over. We'll talk about it. Look, tomorrow is Sunday. How about 11:00 a.m.? Is that convenient for you?" she asked. I found myself nodding and she handed me a slip of paper with her address on it. "My name is Susan. Your name is...?" "Mary." I just stood there and when I looked up she was gone. I was reeling with the realization that everything had just changed and I was in a very bad spot. Clearly, she was going to blackmail me into something, into doing something, probably sexual. I just walked off and left my cart of groceries in the aisle as I made my way to my car. As I drove home I was gripping the wheel. When I got home I found Phil working at his bench in the garage and just exploded on him, babbling out the story of the encounter with the blonde Susan in the store, her implied threat, and how idiotic we had been to make a tape and leave it for someone to fine. Phil put his arms around me as I collapsed into him, sobbing. "God, what am I going to do, Phil?" "Well, you're going to go find out what she wants. That's all you can do." After he calmed me down our house got busy with company coming over for a big dinner which got my mind focused on something else. I was really busy, having to innovate on the menu as I'd left everything at the store. I pulled a bunch of stuff out of the freezer and pulled it off in my usual style. Bedtime finally came and Phil snuggled up to me from behind, put his arms around me and whispered in my ear. "You still thinking about tomorrow?" "Yeah," I answered." I mean, what if she wants me to... do things? I don't know what to think, Phil. What does it mean to us? You're on the tape, too, you know." "I've been thinking about that. Honestly, it kind of turns me on." I realized I was feeling his hardening cock pressing into the naked cheeks of my ass. I flipped over quickly to face him. "WHAT?" "Think about it," he said quietly, calming me. "Maybe all she wants is to play around a little. It wouldn't be the first time you were with a woman." He nudged my ribs and moved his fingers up and tweaked my hardening nipple. I was conscious of my pussy moistening from his touch. "That was one time. And it was college. And Beth and I were both drunk and embarrassed afterward. Well, it was two times; we did it again in the morning after we woke up. But that was different than this, Phil! What is she doing, blackmailing me? Us?" "Think about it, is all I'm saying. How rough can she be on you. You'll end up knowing her, too, and you can just call the cops if she gets too weird. Sure, it would be embarrassing � " "Shit, Phil, embarrassing? It would end my career, or at least my job at County General. Probably your job, too. What about the kids, for Christ's sake?" He rolled me on my back and moved on top of me, my legs parting to accommodate his weight. He reached down and easily slid into my wet pussy. Why was I wet? I was terrified about where this was going! "Think about it," Phil whispered into my ear as he slowly pumped his length in and out of me. "Doesn't the idea of being coerced into doing something kind of a turn on? Something sexual? We've fantasized about the sex slave thing..." "Yeah, I guess the fantasy it one thing but this is the real deal... God, just fuck me, Phil," I said breathlessly. He picked up the pace, stroking his cock in and out of me, pulling out until just the tip was at my opening and then riding into me in a smooth stroke until I could feel his balls flop onto my ass cheeks. I was soaking, flooding around his cock. Did the idea of being blackmailed into something by Susan really, subconsciously turn me on? I focused on the cock sliding in and out of me and felt myself starting to approach an orgasm. We both seemed to be on the same wavelength, and as I felt a series of spasms start deep in my pussy and work out, shaking my whole body, I felt Phil tense and then buck into me as he filled me with four healthy blasts of his semen. I fell into a fitful sleep, thinking and dreaming about the next day and meeting Susan. The morning passed quickly. There was the normal routine of getting Phil and the kids out the door. They were taking the boat out to the lake and that meant packing lunches and drinks, and making sure they had all of the clothes and coats they needed. Phil gave me an encouraging hug and a kiss and told me he would get home as soon as he could to hear about what happened with Susan. I couldn't figure out what to wear to meet my blackmailer. I settled on a casual dress, sans stockings as my legs were tanned, and some sandals. I put on some nice lingerie, almost sure that I would be on display for Susan, and maybe someone else. As I was getting dressed I realized my pussy was soaked. Phil was right! I was very turned on by this situation, at least as much as I was revolted by it. I stripped my clothes off and lay on my bed, spreading my legs. I pulled out a small dildo and a vibrator from my bedside drawer and quickly got myself off with a noisy orgasm. I was focusing on the probably that Susan would want be to do something to her. The dildo got me thinking about having a cock in me, one belonging to someone I didn't know, that I would be forced to satisfy. Maybe her boyfriend or one of the people she showed our sex tape to. After coming, I dried the lubrication from my pussy and got dressed. I locked up and drove from out house, looking back at it in the mirror and thinking about how my perspective would change and what things I would have done by the time I returned. Susan's building was easy to find in the next town, close the the Laundromat where we had left the tape for her to find. I caught the elevator to her floor and found her apartment. Shortly after ringing the bell she answered the door wearing some gray sweats. I could see past her into a hall leading into the apartment. "Hey, Mary, I'm glad you could make it. Come in." I got the impression she was saying this for the benefit of anyone listening in the hallway. After closing the door her tone changed. "It was smart of you to come. It will be easier is you just follow my instructions." "Now wait a minute, Susan..." I started. "No. This is how it's going to be. I hold your job and your reputation in my hands. You're going to do exactly what I tell you to do. And if the tape is any indication, you'll love it anyway," she said with a laugh. "Let's go into the living room." I followed her, resigned that she had me. A man was seated on the couch. "This is my boyfriend, Peter. Peter this is Mary. She is our new toy. How do you like her?" Peter stood up without saying anything, walked over to me and started kissing me deeply on the mouth. I gave out a muffled objection through the kiss, but gave in to him as he probed my mouth with his tongue. I felt his hands reach around me, searching for the zipper to my dress. He slowly zipped it down and allowed my dress to drop to the floor. "Um, nice lingerie," Peter said, admiringly. "Honey," he said to Susan, "How come you never buy this kind of stuff?" Susan came up behind me and undid the hooks, releasing my breasts into Peter's hands. "Oh, it seems like a waste of money to buy something that doesn't stay on very long anyway. It does look nice on you, though, Mary." "Um, thanks. I guess. So, what are we doing?" I asked. Mary suddenly wrapped her arms around me and brought her lips to my mouth. Before I knew what she was doing, she was probing my mouth deeply with her tongue. And I was kissing her back. She broke the kiss and moved down to my breast, briefly taking each of my hardened nipples into her mouth. "Well, we are going to fuck you, Mary," Susan said, with a whisper. "Peter's going to fuck you, I'm going to use you and I'm going to have some friends over, too, in a little while. You are our toy. The rule is this: you do what we say, and you get to keep your private life private. Any refusals, and copies of that tape get left all over the hospital. Got it?" "Yes," I said quietly. She brushed her lips to mine. "Good. Let's go into the bedroom. You'll be spending the rest of the day in there today." We walked in and Susan slid my panties down when we stopped inside the door. Peter pulled me onto the bed and began kissing me again. He ran his hands over my body, down from my neck, over my breasts, across my stomach and stopping at my trimmed bush. "Spread your legs, Mary. Wide open." He said. As I did, he rolled off of the bed and picked up a digital camera off of the dresser. "We need some more photos of you, Mary. Pull your pussy lips apart." "But, wait..." I started. The last thing I needed was more photographic evidence of me floating around. "Mary. Pull your pussy lips apart," Peter said, firmly. I complied. I was soaking, my pussy literally running with moisture, and I hated myself for it, for giving in when I should have been furious with Susan and Peter. I saw Susan stripping in the corner of the bedroom revealing a well-toned body with smallish breasts under her blonde head of hair. The room erupted in flashes at ten-second intervals for the next few minutes. "Reach over to the night stand drawer and take out the dildo in there. It doesn't look like you need any lube. Slide it in," Peter instructed as he worked the camera. I felt myself getting over the anger and shame of the situation and becoming more turned on. After a few minutes I started pounding my cunt with the six-inch dildo without being told by Peter. "Nice job, Mary. Just a few more. You are popular with our friends. They love your video." "I'll take over on that," said Susan as she climbed onto the bed. She grasped the based of the dildo and started pumping it in and out of me at a faster rate of speed. After looking me in the eye for a moment, she dropped her face down to my pussy and started rhythmically nibbling my clit. I started to approach my orgasm quickly. Peter put the camera back on the dresser and stripped, revealing a healthy bush of pubic hair and a thick, circumcised cock, a little shorter than my husband Phil's. As Susan worked on my clit while pushing the dildo in and out of me in a steady motion, Peter climbed on the bed and offered his hardening cock to my mouth. I licked the little drop of pre-cum from the tip, and then took him in deeply, enjoying the sensation as he hardened more completely as I bathed him with my tongue. Thanks so Susan's efforts, I came hard, taking my mouth off of Peter to moan as the spasms wracked my body. They switched places quickly as I was lost in my orgasm. Phil pulled the dildo out of my pussy and replaced it with his cock. He rubbed the head around my vaginal lips, and the slowly pushed it in until he bottomed out, the base of his cock making contact with my still-twitching clit. He was shorter than Phil, but seemed a lot thicker. I realized he hadn't paused to put a condom on which meant another stranger, a person whose history I didn't know, was going to be coming in me shortly. The danger of that seemed to turn me on even more, and my pussy began flooding around Peter's cock, getting reading for his fucking. While Peter was sliding into me, Susan leaned down and gave me a very sweet series of kisses on the face, and then began deep kissing me on the mouth. I remember from kissing Beth in college those women really are better kissers. More feeling and from the soul or something. Susan broke off the kiss and spoke to me quietly. "So, how do you like this being told to fuck someone you don't know? Huh? You slut, does it turn you on? Get ready to eat my pussy!" she said with a hint of meanness. The sense of power in the situation was getting to her. With that she slid up, hiked a leg over my face and lowered herself onto my face. Her pussy was shaved around her lips except for a small dark blonde patch on her mound. I sunk my tongue between her folds and found she was flowing. Her lubrication was thick and heavy and tasted almost sweet. She was obviously very turned on by my submission to her. I ran my tongue past her inner lips and into her vagina where the taste was a little saltier. I circled her opening several times causing her to moan and squirm on my face. About this time Peter started really going at me, fucking his cock in and out of me forcefully. I let out a moan between the breaths that were forced out of me each time Peter's cock entered me. I moved my tongue from Susan's flowing vagina up to her clit and started licking up and down the length of her nub in the systematic rhythm I knew would allow her to concentrate more easily and come quickly. I felt Peter speed up as he approached his orgasm. His movement in and out of my pussy became more frantic and suddenly he froze for a moment and then sunk his length into me one last time as I felt him pulsing, sending shot after shot of semen deep into me. I had a mini- orgasm with him as I continued to focus on bringing Susan off. "Yeah, I felt you come, Mary," She said. "This is turning you on, too, being our toy. Doing what we tell you. Being forced. Isn't it?" Not waiting for an answer from me I felt her stiffen and start shaking as her orgasm started. She forced herself down on my face, searching for more pressure as her pleasure rose, and I felt like I was going to be suffocated my her sweet- tasking pussy. Susan started to ease up as her orgasm subsided and she fell off of me, lying next to me on the bed. She moved up and started kissing me deeply on the mouth again. We lay like that for a few minutes, getting ourselves together. The weirdness of my situation suddenly struck me; I was lying on a bed, naked, with two people I didn't know after just having had sex with them. I would have almost laughed it I hadn't remembered I was there because they had threatened me. My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the apartment doorbell. "Right on time," Peter said. He and Susan both got up and put on some robes as the left the bedroom. "You stay here," Susan told me, shutting the door as she left. Short time later the bedroom door opened and Susan walked in, followed by a pimply-faced young man wearing a red and blue uniform and hat. "Mary, we ordered a pizza to be delivered, but we realized we don't have any money. This nice young man agreed that he wouldn't charge us if you fucked him. I told him you would be more than happy to." She walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "Remember, Mary, you have to do everything we say. With whoever." She turned and closed the door behind her, leaving the young man standing there and me speechless. "So, do I take my clothes off, or what," he asked. I just nodded at him. I knew that this was a test and that if I didn't let this kid have sex with me Susan and Peter would distribute the tape. He quickly stripped, revealing a gangly frame with no hair on his chest. His cock got my attention, long and skinny, with a long set of balls hanging below it. "Will you suck me first?" He asked. I just got on my knees and approached him where he was standing beside the bed. From his taste I knew that his hygiene was poor, typical of a late teen male. He had a musky smell, with a scent on urine from being a little too quick on the 'shake' when he peed. His cock had that youthful strength and was standing straight up. I found the situation arousing anyway, and took the tip of his cock between my lips and then took him fully into my mouth. I pulled off of him and licked down the underside of his shaft, down his sack to his two balls. I took each one into my mouth and licked carefully so as not to injure him. He moaned with pleasure and I could see his cock twitching above me. I thought for a moment that he was going to shoot his load right then, but he calmed down. I pulled my mouth off of him and got up on my knees to look into his face. "How old are you?" I asked. I was afraid of what his answer might be. "I'm nineteen," he replied. I was relieved in one sense. "Have you ever done this before? Been with a woman, I mean?" "Hell yeah! I mean, well, yeah, lots of times." I knew he was lying. I had a nineteen year-old virgin on my hands. As weird as this whole situation and my status as a blackmailed sex toy was, I wanted to make this kid's experience decent so that he would have a shot at a 'regular' sex life. "Ok." I told him and kissed him on the mouth. I pulled him down onto the bed and lay there with him, kissing, and letting him roam around my body with his hands and fingers. As we kissed I let him know what I liked with little moans and sounds as he inserted his fingers into my soaking pussy, found my clit and went around to insert a finger into my ass. I finally pulled him on top of me and, reaching down, guided his cock into me. He slid in easily as I was well-lubed with my own juices and Peter's come. He went wild at first, pumping in and out of me like a dog in heat, until I put some pressure on his back with my hands, indicating he should slow down and enjoy me and let me enjoy him. After slowing down he settled into a steady rhythm. Our crotches were soaked with wetness as his strokes drove Peter's come out of me. His penis was much longer than Phil's or Peter's, but skinnier in girth than either of them. I liked how far he was able to get into me. "It's so hot, so hot. I'm... I'm going to come," he said between hard breaths. "I know. Just left is happen. Just let your come go. Let it shoot into me. I want you to come in me." I told him, holding him gently as he rocked in and out of me. He started to spasm and I could feel him shoot his load deep into me, adding his come to Peter's. As he came he kissed me deeply and sweetly, confirming that I was his first. I let him lay on me for awhile soaking his cock in me and I finally pushed myself out from under him. My thoughts were straying to what Susan and Peter were planning next. I checked the clock on the nightstand and it was only 1:30 p.m. The afternoon was going slowly. My delivery boy got off of the bed and slowly got dressed, looking sheepishly at me the whole time. When he was finally ready to leave the bedroom, he paused. "So, thank you. I mean that. That was incredible. Thank you. What's your name, anyway?" he asked. "Mary. My name is Mary and you are very welcome." "I'm sorry about making you pay for the pizza and all. It's kind of weird, I know. I've read stories about this before, but... Well, thank you again." I didn't say anything as he left the room. I also realized that I hadn't gotten his name. I got up and found the master bathroom and used the toilet and brushed my hair. After taking a sponge bath to clean up the traces of the sex I'd been having, I put on a robe I found hanging behind the door and walked out into the living room. I found Susan and Peter talking to an older man seated on a couch. Peter had gotten dressed. "You were right. She is a looker," the man said to Susan. "Mary, this is... Jim. Jim this is Mary." Susan was looking at me with a smile on her face. "Mary, take Jim into the bedroom and show him a good time." I started to open my mouth to voice an objection, when Susan said sharply, "Mary, please be nice to Jim." Susan's glare let me know what was expected. Peter just sat there taking it all in. I nodded to 'Jim' and he followed me into the bedroom and closed the door. He quickly took off his clothes and jumped onto the bed like a kid. I dropped the bathrobe and slid under the covers next to him, taking in his nakedness. He pulled me closed to him and, wasting no time with talk, began kissing me. I was reluctant at first, but soon, as always, warmed up and gave in to him. He liked sticking his tongue as far into my mouth as he could and probing the back of my tongue with his. His hands were large and groped me roughly. He slid two of his fingers into me abruptly and I swooned with the sensation. He started pumping them in and out of me and I groaned into his mouth through out kiss involuntarily. I reached for him and found his thick stubby cock already hard and lubricating itself. I felt my mouth water as my finger caressed the head of his cock feeling the dripping pre-cum seeping out. I broke the kiss and moved under the covers toward his waste. I wanted his cock, to taste it, to take that sweet drip of pre-cum onto my tongue. And I did. I started jacking his cock up and down lightly as I wrapped my lips around him and began suctioning the tip of his cock. He had loose folds of skin on the shaft which moved easily with my hand as I jerked him. "Climb on top. I want to fuck you. I'm getting ready to come." This guy knew what he wanted. I took my mouth off of him and pushed him on his back and swung my leg over. I reached down as I squatted over his waist and guided his cock into my pussy. I slowly slid myself down on him all the way. He was thick! Immediately I started to impale myself on him, rocking up and down. He joined me and started bucking his hips up to meet me. After twenty strokes I sensed him approaching the end. His eyes popped open and he looked directly into mine as he stiffened and began shaking, shooting his come up into me. I kept moving my pussy up and down his shaft until I felt him start to get soft. I was going to get on the bed next to him and cuddle or at least relax. Even though I had no idea who this man was, I had just fucked him and my habit was to hold, stroke and comfort my lover. This guy was off the bed in a minute and getting dressed. I followed suit, getting up and putting on my bathrobe. We both exited the bedroom and walked into the living room where Susan and Peter were still sitting. "Well, what did you think?" asked Peter. "That was great. You were right. Thanks buddy," replied 'Jim.' As I watched, he took his wallet out of his pants pocket, pulled out two $50 bills and handed them to Peter. He then walked out the door of the apartment. "What was that?" I was beside myself. "You, what, took money for me? I'm a whore??" I couldn't believe this. "That's right. And you're a cheap one," Peter laughed. He walked over to me, pulled the bathrobe up, bent me over an overstuffed chair and entered me from behind in one stroke. He fucked me furiously, and I could feel the mix of semen running down my legs. Peter came quickly and pulled out immediately. "Clean this slime off my dick, Mary." I was beyond thinking and did as I was told. I licked and cleaned his length of the thick goo from my pussy that coated his cock. As I was cleaning the crusty residue from the base of Peter's cock, Susan began talking. "Peter went out on the street and picked him up for you, Mary. I called him 'Jim,' but the truth is I don't know his name. We've never seen him before. He was just some guy off of the street. You're a street whore, now. What do you think of that?" Susan asked. I didn't know what to say. As I stood up Susan walked over to me and slid two fingers into my pussy. She pumped them in and out of me a few times, spreading the flow of come all over my crotch. "Go and get dressed. We done with you for today," Susan said. "We've gotten enough material for awhile." I looked at her, dumbfounded. Susan took me into the bedroom and turned on the lights. There were small video cameras mounted on the four corners of the room. "We made another video of the whole thing!" After I got dressed Susan walked me to the door of the apartment. "The deal stands, Mary. You are ours. We'll call you.," she said as she pushed me out the door. As I walked shakily back to my car, I couldn't see where this was going to end. I got home in one piece, stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower. Phil and the kids got home from the lake just as I walked out of the bedroom. I tasked the kids with putting all of the boating gear away. Phil got me alone quickly with a questioning look on his face. "So, how did it go?" He asked. "Well, it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. They are blackmailing me. For sex. They had me do all kinds of things, Phil, and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. I'm just afraid that they'll figure out they can get you involved, too." I couldn't see how we would ever get out of this. To be continued...

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