After a long week at work, I think I was just as happy not to have a date: changing into a t-shirt and sweatpants, ordering a pizza, opening a beer and watching the ballgame on TV sounded like a pretty good plan. Then in the top of the eighth inning, I heard a loud crash from the apartment next door.

This didn't sound good, especially since my neighbor Clair's boyfriend is a nasty piece of work and I wouldn't put it past him to get violent.

Still in my bare feet, I went out to the hallway and knocked on her door. There was no answer, but the door was ajar, so I slowly opened it. 

"Frankie!" Clair said when she saw me. She was crouched down next to another woman, who was lying on the floor next to the remains of a lamp. "Maybe you can give me a hand with Sue here. I think she's having a bit of trouble holding her liquor tonight."

I'd never met Sue, but now I noticed two other women in the room: Dani, and another woman I'd never met.

"Help me get her into the bedroom, okay?" Clair said as we each put an arm around Sue. "You'd think I'd be the one passing out drunk tonight."

"Not drunk," Sue groaned.

"Of course not, dear," Clair said.

We were having a lot of trouble getting Sue vertical, because she kept sliding out of our arms. "What do you mean you'd be the one passed out drunk tonight?" I asked.

"This is a celebration party," she said. "I finally kicked Max's ass to the street today."

Good for you, I thought. "Listen, we're not getting any where like this. Sue's not that big a girl. Just make sure the bedroom door's open and there's nothing on the floor for me to trip over, and I'll get her in there." I scooped her up in my arms, and carried her across the room."

"I'll try not to throw up on you," Sue groaned.

"Appreciate that," I said.

"You're a pinata," she said.

"I what?"

"I think she means your t-shirt," Clair said. "All those day-glo colors. The sixties called, Frankie, and they want their t-shirt back."

I lowered Sue onto Clair's king-size bed, and her short skirt rode up far enough to expose red panties. I looked away quickly: I was still wearing my sweatpants, and I didn't want to have any reactions I couldn't hide.

"Are you sure the rest of you are going to be okay?" I joked as Clair and I walked back into the living room.

"Oh sure. We're drinking enough to feel happy, but none of us are pass-out drunk drinkers."

"Maybe he's looking for an excuse to stay," the new girl - who Clair later told me was Jennifer - suggested.

"No," I said, it's just -"

"That's a great idea though," Clair said. "Why don't you stay? You can help us with a party game."

"Party game?" I asked.

"Yeah," Clair said slowly. "Sue got me thinking... we can play Pinata. We all take turns trying to make you explode."

"Um... that doesn't sound like a great idea."

"No! No, you'll love it, I guarantee. Let me think for a moment..." I could see Dani and Jenifer were as confused as I was. "Okay, I have it all worked out." She ran over to her friends, whispered something to them, and they all giggled.

"Maybe I'd better go," I said.

"No," Dani said. "This is great."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Okay, I'm game. How do we play?"

"First," Clair said, "you sit on the couch."

"Just me?"

"Of course," Dani said. "You're the pinata, after all."

"Of course," I said. "Makes perfect sense."

"I'm first," Clair said, sitting down next to me. She tilted my face toward hers, and kissed me - not just a neighborly kiss.

"Umm," I said when we were done, "that was very nice, but what does this have to do with pinatas?"

Clair got up, and Dani took her place and kissed me even more deeply than Clair had, pushing her tongue into my mouth. When she got up, I noticed that all three of them were staring at my pants. At my erection. "Sorry," I said.

"No," Jennifer said, sitting on my lap, "that just means you're getting into the game." She squirmed around as she kissed me, grinding herself into me. She lifted her skirt up from underneath her, so it wa her panties rubbing against my sweatpants-covered erection.

It was a struggle not to cum right then and there.

"That's cheating," Dani said.

"I didn't hear any rule against it," Jennifer said, pulling her lips away from mine for just a moment.

"But we don't want the game to end in Round One," Clair reminded her.

"Yeah, you're right," Jennifer said, getting to her feet.

"Anybody want to tell me what's going on?" I asked.

"Pinata," Clair said. "Whoever gets you to explode wins."

"And gets the prize inside," Dani said.

"You mean make me cum?"

"Duh," Jennifer said.

"How drunk are you all?"

"Sober enough that we know what we're doing. Drunk enough that we'll do it."

"Works for me," I said. "Now what?"

"Now we go into the bedroom for Round Two," Clair said. She told me to get into the bed, while Dani and Jennifer carefully slid Sue over to the other side. "Just try not to knock Sue off the bed," Clair said. "She's already had one fall tonight."

"And now what?" I asked again.

And now," Clair said, you get undressed.

"I what?"

"Frankie, those sweats aren't hiding a thing. And if the point of the game is to make you cum..."

I took off my t-shirt and sweatpants. Clair pointed to my briefs and I slid those off as well, exposing a cock that was already rock hard.

Jennifer clicked a button on her cell phone, and Clair wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it. "Are you going to cum for me?" Clair asked.

"Yessss," I said.

"Don't do it," Dani said. "If you make it into the next round, it gets better than a handjob."

Oh, god. That made me desperate not to cum, and the same time making me more aroused than ever. How far was this going to go?

"Time," Jennifer said, and Clair let go of my cock.

Dani took her spot, and began pumping my cock. "Forget what I said," she cooed. "You really want to cum, don't you? That doesn't have to be the end of it. We can fool around some more later. Cum for me now, and you can cum in my pussy later."

I was just about to let myself cum when I saw Jennifer standing behind her naked from the waist up. "Hold out a little longer," she told me. "I want you to cum all over my tits."

This broke Dani's concentration "You're cheating again."

"No rule against it. And..." she said, looking at the stopwatch on her cell phone, "that's your 30 seconds."

She handed the phone to Clair, and took Dani's place. "It's so hot when somebody cums all over my tits," she said. And I bet you have a lot of cum all ready to cover me with, don't you?" She took my right hand and placed it on her breast. "Don't you like these tits?" I pinched the nipple. "Ooooh," she said.

"If you hold out just another 17 seconds," Clair said, "Round Two. Blowjobs. You've never had a blowjob as good as mine, Frankie. I can take your whole cock, deep inside my throat, and I'll swallow every drop. And then - time's up, Jennifer!"

I knew this had nothing to do with me: the girls each just wanted to win. But I didn't care.

"Remember," Clair told Jennifer as she handed the phone back to her. "This round's a full minute." She crawled onto the bed next to me and without any fanfare, took my entire cock into her mouth and began sucking. She was right: this was already the best blowjob I'd had in my life.

Then I heard a groaning sound behind me and I turned my head to see Sue, her red panties lying on the bed next to her, her hand under her skirt. I couldn't see what she was doing, but clearly she was finger-fucking herself. "You're all so hot," she whispered. 

She was still clearly half asleep, but she was becoming more and more conscious and her panting and groaning grew faster and louder.

"Time's up," Jennifer told Clair. Clair was definitely angry that Sue had distracted me, but what could she say?

Dani climbed into the bed in her place, stark naked. Oh, I liked how this was progressing! She lay on top of me in a 69 position, told Jennifer to start the timer, and began to work on my cock. She sucked and tongued it wonderfully, but I was most impressed by the bare pussy in my face. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, then began sucking on her clit. Her body began bucking on top of me, and I grabbed her ass to hold her closer to me. She forgot about my cock completely. When Jennifer called time she refused to get off of me, and I kept eating her out until finally she came with a soft scream.

She slowly climbed off of me, and gave me a deep kiss before she gave way to Jennifer. "Sorry I forgot about you," she said softly. "but thanks. Far as I'm concerned, I've already won."

Jennifer did the best she could with me; but my cock had been hard for so long, and then left wet and unattended for several minutes, and it was - sad to say - quite deflated. Jennifer's sucking certainly helped, as did noticing that Sue had stripped naked next to me and had one hand roughly squeezing her own breasts and three fingers of the other hand thrusting in and out of her pussy. 

I was hard again by the end of Jennifer's minute. 

"Okay," Clair said, handing the phone back to Jennifer and stripping off her clothing, now comes the "fucking your brains out" round. She was just stepping out of her panties when, without a word, Sue climbed on top of me, said "I need to cum," and jammed her wet pussy down around my cock. "Ahhhh!" she shouted as she bounced harder and harder onto my cock, then held herself down, clenched her pussy muscles, and yelled "Fuck!" as she came loudly. I came as well, shooting all my pent-up cum up into her, feeling her pussy suck every last drop out of me.

Sue rolled off of me, lying on my chest, absently caressing my spent cock as I stroked her breasts. A little late for foreplay, I thought, but it felt nice. It was also nice looking at one half-naked woman and two naked women sitting near us on the edge of the bed. One of the naked ones was miffed that she'd been cheated out of both her win and an orgasm. "You two," Clair said to us, "owe me. Big time."

"Maybe we'll make it up to you," Sue said. "Both of us."

Clair raised her eyebrows. I think so did I.

But that's a story for another day.

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Let's Smoke

We were getting ready to watch Little Witch Academia. I had set up some pillows along the wall so we could sit on my bed like it were theater seats. We sat close to each other with a briefcase between us to put our drinks on.

"Lighter?" she asked, holding a small, colorful bowl, packed with some Skywalker O.G.

"Right." I said, lighting the bowl for her while she sucked in. There was flicker of muscles in my groin when her lips pursed around the mouth piece. Through her glasses I saw her eyes move up to meet mine and I quickly looked away. She was a cute girl with long brown hair and excellent curves. We'd been friends for quite a few years before I started to realize I was in some way attracted to her. I would imagine snuggling up with her before bed, with my head against her chest, listening to her heart beat while she wrapped her arms around me.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked, passing me the piece and letting out a cough. I shook my head as I took a hit. I could feel the effects of the plant warming my extremities. I always liked getting high with her.

"Nah," I told her, trying to ignore the erection swelling in my pants. I couldn't for the life of me keep my imagination from running wild. I must have held a gaze on her because she blushed.

"What?" She asked, drawing back a little bit.

"Oh nothing, I'm sorry." I said, clumsily passing back the bowl. I was suddenly feeling very warm and blushed and I don't think it was from the weed.

"Are you sure you're okay," she said. "You're acting a little more strange than normal."

"I'm good, no worries." I told her. 

"I find it very difficult to believe you," she said, shaking her head when she saw the bowl being motioned towards her. She was pretty well smoked out and so was I, so I sat the bowl down on the briefcase between us.

"Are you saying you don't trust me now?" I said, thinking hard (perhaps too hard) about the nature of the conversation. I couldn't help but feel like she was flirting with me.

"I figure if you're going to say something, than you ought to say it," she said, looking at me with her watery bloodshot eyes. The curves of her cheeks lifted when she smiled. God I wanted to kiss her. She looked positively gorgeous to me right then. The way her legs were crossed on the bed, and how she was leaning slightly in my direction made my heart race. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I finally said it.

"Can I kiss you?" Immediately, I felt as though all the air had been sucked out of the room and it became very hard to breath. In the span of a moment, I felt as though I was waiting years for her response. She seemed to be have been taken off guard. She stammered for a second, unsure of how to verbally respond. But then, she nodded her head. I took that for what it was and leaned in, taking her hand and lightly squeezing it as our lips touched. Her mouth was warm and soft, and I could feel the hot exhale of breath escape from her nose. We pulled away for a second and looked at each other, not saying anything. At first I was worried that perhaps I made her do something she wasn't comfortable with. That maybe I had gone too far. The look from her eyes, composed by the spike in her brain told me otherwise. I couldn't help think of Gaslight's "Helter Skelton" in that moment.

After a second or two we went for each other again, this time with more aggression. We instinctively pushed the briefcase off the bed to make more room so we could lay facing each other perpendicular on the bed. Our makeshift arm rest fell to the floor with a thump. At first I wondered if our drinks were capped and if my bowl survived the fall, but as our bodies pressed harder into one another, I stopped caring. 

Our lips mouthed hungrily at one another in moderate, tasteful bites, leaving behind damp kiss marks on each other's faces. Soon our tongues found one another, and we remained connected for longer periods of time. My left arm was wrapped around her waist, pinned down against the mattress. In no time my hand had migrated past her waist where it cupped the full curvature of her ass. My other hand was under her shirt, feeling the warm flesh of her stomach. I was pussy footing around going further. It was one thing to grope her ass, but I always felt that breasts were a different level of making out that needed special permission. The decision was made for me when she removed her hand from the side of my face to push my elbow up to her bra. I immediately wriggled my fingers beneath her underwire to flip where my palm met the tender flesh of her breasts. As I greedily squeezed and massaged, I could feel her nipples stiffen. I pinched at them with my fingertips and she moaned lightly.

Since access to her breasts was granted, I took full advantage. It wasn't long before I had snapped her bra, throwing it from the bed, and pulled her shirt up so I could look at her body. Her breasts were small, but cute. Her areolas took up much of the room. I lowered my head down to one of her nipples and placed my mouth over it, sucking hard and lightly grazing with my teeth as I bobbed my head. She let out a whimper.

My hand found its way to her zipper and pants and I undid them with ease. She wriggled her hips and pulled at her pant legs with her toes to bring the waistline down past her hips, allowing me to slip my hand into her panties. She let out soft sighs as I continued to devour her chest and lightly play with the flesh and folds of around her vagina. Her channel was incredibly warm and slick. With some force I pushed my middle and my ring finger into her pussy, making a wet squish. She let out another cry, this one with a pang of discomfort. One of her hands went to my wrist, and she began to guide my movements. I played with her for a while, planting kisses on the soft skin of her chest.

I soon became greedy. Up to this point my erection had been pressed up against her hip and outer thigh, grinding to the rhythm of one her movements. I soon felt a tingling, no, a buzzing in my balls. I wanted more. I pulled away from her to slip my jogging pants off. She watched with a mixture of pleasure and fear as I stripped my boxers off. Her eyes grew wide as my cock sprang forward to meet her. It was long, veiny and thick. There was a smear of precum over the head. All my grinding had sent drops of it running over the side. If I had continued humping her the way I had been, I would have jizzed in my pants.

At first I thought she was going to stop. That she was going to put her clothes back on and she was going to leave saying that she had made a mistake and that she had had enough. It would have been an ego killer to be so exposed and vulnerable only to be pushed away at the last second. But to my surprise, she slowly reached for my cock and gripped the base tightly, where it seemed to mold perfectly to the warm and smooth comfort of her palm. I gasped as she started to stroke my shaft slowly and thoughtfully against her stomach. She was a thorough explorer, pulling the skin from the base all the way to the tip where she would squeeze more precum from the swollen head, letting it run down her knuckles in round droplets and smearing them against her belly button. She smiled as I moaned a little. My eyes and the muscles around my groin fluttered to the work of her grip. When she stopped for a moment to stretch her hand, I saw webs of my precum between her fingers. When she took hold of me again, she stopped and stared at me with wide eyes.

"How close are you?" She asked. I nodded my head though I was unsure. She smiled, taking off her wet and fogged glasses. "Would you like me to try something else?"

"Do you mean...?" I said, panting. I didn't want to say it because I wasn't sure what she meant by something else. But I got my answer pretty quickly when she rolled back to take the remainder of her pants off. Then on her belly she pushed down from me a little bit and laid across my legs, parallel with the bed. She bent her knees, lifting her feet into the pose. Yes! I thought. She was doing what I thought she was going to do. 

Gripping me at the base and cupping my balls with her hands, she brought her face closer. I couldn't believe what was happening. I watched my best friend wrap her lips around the head of my cock. At first she just sucked at the tip, but she soon lowered her head, taking me further into the warm, soft, dampness of her mouth. I felt the ruddy ridges of her molars against the side of my shaft as she pushed me against the back of her throat. Her face rested for a moment, eyes tearing up as she took a breath through her nose. She had stopped maybe only an inch from where my balls were. I had never been deep throated before, so the feeling was exhilarating. She looked up at me with a look of playful, curious innocence as if to ask why I hadn't cum yet. Then she started to make swallowing movements with her tongue and throat. I then felt a surge of energy rise through my dick as she pulled her head up one last time, sliding her tongue and lips all the way to the shaft before it popped out of her mouth. She held onto my cock as it began to spasm, followed by an eruption of hot seaman which spurted from the tip in thick ropes. Globs of it landed on her face an in her hair. There was a surprised look on her cum freckled face.

"That's a lot of cum!" she exclaimed, licking some of it that had gotten on her hand. 

We cleaned up and started to watch the show we were going to watch. I curled up between her breasts so I could hear the soft beating of her heart. She wrapped her arms around me held me close to her. I soon fell asleep.

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Wife's Sexy Little Sister Ch. 01

Me and my wife, Megan, were in a loving relationship and we got along great barring a few speed bumps we encountered in the early part of our relationship but hey, what couple doesn’t have these problems right? 

Megan and I had been married for two and a half years now but we’d been together for almost 7 years total. The sex was good and things were just fine but I always had a desire to explore. Don’t get me wrong, Megan’s 26 and wasn’t hideous, physically unattractive or even have an off putting personality. She was quite perfect, really with blonde hair, brown eyes, a curvy body and B-cup sized tits. The one downside to her was that Megan was wearing me out to some degree. She believed that openness, communication and spending quality time together were the keys to a successful relationship and didn’t believe sex was as important as a result of her conservative upbringing.. Inevitably, the temptation of infidelity was lurking around. Especially when it came to her sexy, young sister.

I am no slouch when it came to my appearance either. I lifted regularly and took care of my nutrition.A second generation American Indian, with a large, aesthetically flawless dick and a large set of heavy nuts, I also had a sculpted, smooth body with a six-pack. I was 28 with medium brown skin, black hair and brown eyes and I don’t mean to brag but I was a master at seducing women but sadly, this really only kicked in a AFTER college.

Jessica; Megan’s youngest sister, was coming to California for school and we agreed to take her in for the summer so she could get used to living out here. The last time I saw her sister, she was a sweet, 12 year old who had a big crush on me but now, she had blossomed into a beautiful, not to mention extremely fuckable, 18 year old bombshell. 

Megan was already really attractive but her sister was admittedly, far ahead of her in terms of physical attractiveness. Jessica was a knockout with baby blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes and was much more petite at 5’2” compared to Megan at 5’10”. She had a really tight, toned stomach and frankly looked like a fitness model with a sexy looking piercing dangling from her belly button. Her legs are slim and toned and the one feature about her that stood out about her most was her rack. Megan was unfortunately not very gifted in this apartment but her little sister was gifted with firm, full, gravity defying, 32DD knockers coupled with perfectly round, small nipples. I had a thing for small, aesthetically pleasing nipples. She had supple, smooth, soft, lightly tanned skin and a very cute face. This coupled with a 22 inch waist and 34 inch hips was what constituted her killer body and appearance.

I headed to the airport to pick her up for her Monday morning flight but Megan wasn’t able to since she was called into work in the last minute. I took the day off specifically for this but despite the last minute development, I agreed to pick her sister up and take care of her.

I was waiting at the terminal and was a little annoyed, seeing that Jessica’s flight was delayed for 2 hours but boy did my frown turn upside down when her flight finally arrived and she came into the arrivals hall. She was dressed in a pair of skin tight blue jeans, heels, a black, sleeveless cropped top showing off her piercing and gorgeous midsection, and a sleeveless denim vest. She looked amazing and boy was she happy to see me.

“Heyyyy Elon! It’s so good to see you. Where’s my sister?” said Jessica, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her body against, pulling me into a big, affectionate hug.

“Hey Jessica! It’s great to see you too! I’m sorry that Megan couldn’t be here but she got called in to work at the last minute.” I said, reciprocating her hug and breathing in her intoxicating perfume.

“Aww, it’s okay. I’ll get to see my favorite sis soon. Anyway, we’ll get some quality time to catch up.” said Jessica enthusiastically.

“Absolutely! I haven’t seen you in years. Wow, you’ve sure...blossomed.” I said, stumbling with my words to which she giggled in response to my hint of nervousness.

We walked to the parking lot to my 2018 Brabus S65 AMG. After loading her luggage into the trunk, she got into the front passenger seat and we headed back home. There was a little awkwardness in me because I could feel my cock twitching and blood slowly engorging it, thinking about my wife’s sister naked. I tried not to make eye contact but it was too late when I heard a gasp coming from her.

“Umm...what’s the matter?” I tried to ask casually.

“Hehe, I didn’t realize you were that happy to see me.” said Jessica.

It was too late, my dick was clearly visible, pressing through the fabric of my pants; I swallowed hard.

“Jessica...I am really sorry...I...” I said before she stopped me with a silent hand gesture and a calming smile.

“Pull over at the next rest stop.” said Jessica.

As if her physical appeal wasn’t enough, she had a voice that made silk feel like sandpaper and could seduce any man with a whisper. I parked the car in an empty space at the next rest stop we pulled into and allowed her small soft hands to slide onto my pants. Feeling her soft, well manicured, delicate hands touch and continue to trace the outline and feel my cock through the fabric. She slowly undid my pants, pulled the zipper down and my cock sprung out, hard as diamond. Her eyes went wide and so did her pretty mouth when she saw my manhood.

“Oh wow...I’ve always wondered for years...” she said, biting her lower lip softly as she smoothly pulled out my dick and giving it a firm stroke with her soft hand and I let out a pleasurable moan.

“Hooooo boy...umm...Jessica...do you...really think...we should...be doing this” I said breathing deeply feeling her warm, soft hands stroking my shaft.

“I really think you need this, Elon.” said Jessica in her sexy, seductive voice, as she stroked me harder to which I responded with an audible gulp.

“Oh baby...your cock is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” she said, stroking even faster.

“Uhh...mmm...thank you...Jessica.” I said breathing hard and deeply.

“It’s so fucking huge too! I’ve never seen one this big!” she said speeding up her masterful stroking my 10-inch shaft.

“I’m really glad...you….oh fuck…….hnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhh” I said before I felt cum boiling in my balls and sperm was about to shoot out, she so quickly, and swiftly, plugged up my dick with her mouth.

Climax inevitably came erupting as I ejaculated thick, ropes of hot cum down her throat and she so masterfully swallowed it all without a single drop spilling out. After polishing my dick off, she sat back upt again, licked her lips, smiled and checked her face in the vanity for any cum drops. She was silently smiling for the rest of the trip home.

“Boy, this sure is going to be a fun summer huh?” she said after getting out of the car.

She was not wrong…


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