First Time With a Boy

This happened to me when I was 13 years old. I attended a catholic school and the teachers were very strict. The was a boy in my science class that sat accross from me. He was tall and kind of skinny and his name was Phil. I noticed that Phil was constantly looking at my legs. It was a bit uncomfortable but I thought that is just what boys do. 

Well, one day we were both assigned a science project together and we stayed after school to research our topic. Phil was acting real nervous and jittery and after about 15 minutes, I asked him what was wrong. He nervously pulled his hands away from his crotch and I saw this huge bulge. He said he had a hard on and couldn't help it because it happened every time he saw me. I was really surprised and asked if it hurt and he said no but if he could cum he would feel better. Now, at that time I knew little about boys and penises only what we learned in sex ed. I asked him what he should do and he said "jack off." I said "okay, whatever." I had never seen a real penis before in real life and I asked him how do you jack off. He said if I wanted to, I could watch him and he would show me. 

We went down the hall and into an empty room, my heart was pounding. He pulled down his pants and instantly his huge penis popped straight up. It was gigantic and when I saw it, I got a tingle in my vagina. I watched as Phil pulled the skin up and down with a tight fist as his big balls bounced beneath and I could feel a wet spot between my legs now. I asked if I could touch it and he said "please do." I tried to wrap my hand around it but could not quite fit it all around because it was too big and it felt so hard. Then I put both hands around it and there was still a lot of penis sticking out. He showed me how to jerk it up and down and after about 4 jerks, his head rolled back, he moaned and shot thick streams of cum everywhere. It was all over my skirt, my blouse and in my hair. 

I got really mad but he said he couldn't help it. I had to use my socks to clean it up before returning to the other classroom. The next day Phil told me that his parents would not be home after school for a few hours and asked if I could come over. He said he wanted to put a finger inside me and make me cum too. I said it would be all right as long as I could jack that beautiful dick off. We continued this mutual masturbation for over a year. What a great time!

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My Cousin's Bulge

I'm now 19. Back when I was 13 I went to spend two weeks with my aunt and uncle in another town during the Summer. Being it was Summer time I mainly took Summer time clothes. 

My aunt and uncle had two children. The oldest was off to collage and the younger one was a 17 year old boy. This cousin's name was John but he was known as Jack. 

As the week went by I couldn't help but notice Jack's pants or shorts, what ever he was wearing. He seemed to constantly have an enormous bulge in his pants when he was around me. I had also noticed when he looked at me he hardly ever looked at my face like most people do. His eyes were always looking down at my body. Being that it was so warm I mainly wore shorts all day. I also remember that for a 13 year old girl my body was coming along very well and I already had some nice tits. 

I was certainly old enough to know what that big bulge in Jack's pants was. I knew about boys getting erections and I knew why it got like this. It was sure obvious that Jack stayed aroused when he was around me. I could also hear him at night being that my room was next to his. Every night there was these sounds coming from his room and I'd also hear him calling out my name. Again I knew enough to know that he was playing with his penis jerking off himself. Girls at school often talked about this and my mom had also told me about this during one of our "woman to woman" talks. 

One day when my aunt and uncle were out I and Jack were setting in the living room and Jack was again looking at my body and as usual had that big bulge in his shorts. On this day it was really big I guess because we were alone. I couldn't help myself and just had to say something so I came out and asked him "Jack, do you always stay like that"? He answered back "like what"? I walked over to him and pointed at the bulge in his shorts and said "like that". Jack's face turned red. He then told me "with you around dressed like you always are I can't help it". I told him "you must like the way I dress because I can hear you at night through the walls and can hear you saying my name". With this Jack really got red! He then said "it's what you do to me". 

I was now a bit flattered and getting curious and a bit excited myself and began to entertain the thought of seeing what was responsible for that big bulge. I had seen lots of penises while growing up and had even seen little boys with erections but they were so tiny by comparison to what Jack had in his shorts. I stood there for a minute just staring at it. 

Jack went to squirming in his chair. I was dying to see it. I finally came out and asked him "will you let me see it"? Jack the said "I don't know if we should do something like this". I knew he wanted to do it. I then told him "please". I thought this would do it. Jack then told me "you have to promice me that no one will ever know about this". I told his "this will just be between you and me". Jack then started rubbing on his bulge with his hand. I knew it was close. He then said "OK but let's go up to my room". I said OK and we went up to the bedroom. 

We went in and Jack said to leave the door open so we can hear if mom and dad get home. Jack went over to his bed and laid down on his back. I sat on the edge so I could really see it. Jack then said "are you ready"? I was looking stright at the big bulge and said "yes". Jack reached for his shorts and pulled them down. His penis was enormous! It must had been seven to eight inches long and was very big around. Jack was now finally looking at my eyes as I concentrated on his big hard penis. I then asked him "OK if I feel it"? Jack said "I'd like that". I reached over and first just ran my fingers along the underside of it. His penis was pointing stright up toward Jack's head. I then put my hand around it. It was so smooth feeling yet so hard. Jack then ask me "would you like to jack it off and see me come off"? I asked him what he meant and he answered "you'll see". Jack showed me how to wrap my hand around it and then the movement. I then took over intently watching. Jack went to making the sounds I'd hear through the walls every night and calling my name. He then reached over putting his hand on my leg and started rubbing on it and he said "Oh Jenny you feel good". He then told me "faster, just a little faster". I went faster and he then said "oh Jenny. I'm going to cum. It's coming. It's coming". I watched closely and Jack then made these real deep grunting sounds and I could feel it in his penis as the first stream of cum squirted out of his penis and arced over him landing on his chest. Then another one and another one. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I'd heard about this but seeing is believing. Jack slowly came down from his orgasm and his chest and stomach were covered with these globs of his cum. I had cum running down my hand and I took it and felt it. Jack was getting his breath back laying there with his eyes closed. 

I told Jack "that was so neat". Jack then told me "oh Jenny. That was the most I've ever come. It felt so good" while still rubbing my thigh. I told him "yes, we'll have to do this again". I got up to wash off my hands and then Jack got up wiping the cum off his body. I then told Jack "I see now why that bulge in your pants is so big". Jack just grined. During the rest of my stay Jack and I would get together every chance we could and he also got to see and feel my pussy. Jack had never been with a girl and I showed him how to make me feel good using his fingers. 

Over the years we'd get together every Summer. If only our parents knew what went on they'd die. Jack and I eventually got into performing other sex acts on each other and still do every time we get together. I guess we are the true "kissing cousins".

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Fantasy Coming True

First of all, I would like to say that I am a chinese girl who likes this site VERY MUCH!!! I would read peoples' story until I felt myself getting wet. Then I would ignore it until my clit become hard and standing out of my wavy hair. At this time, I am super horny I would went around the house searching for thing to 'F>>>' myself off. Once I found purple brinjal in the fridge and got the idea to use it cause it is not as hard as cucumber. 

But the story I wanted to tell today isn't about this, it was years ago when I was just fourteen. at that time, I have a very best friend. I would point out her real name since its very comment. Her name is Karen. She is of course chinese too. About the same height with me, five feet four. Anyway, we were so close that we would take turns to go to each others house right after school. Neither of us would bring our clothes. We would bath together and each others clothes and lucky that we were the same size. 

Then one day I started to notice how her body was when we showered. I started to notice her not as like friend but was like so attracted to her that I started to think of her everyday. I am not a lesbian but at that time time I thougt I was becoming one cause I never had a boyfriend back then. Sometimes thinking of her makes me so horny that I sercetly "borrowed" my mother back massager and put it on my clit and this will help me reach my orgasm. 

One day she was in my bathroom bathing and I was so horny I got out the massager to get off in my bedroom. I was in the middle having my orgasm when she walked in. I had forgotten to locked my door and was caught by her. She was in shock while I was embarrassed. But then she ask me if she can see the massager. I said yes and show it to her. She ask me to show how I would put the massager on my clit. I was so turn on by that I grabbed the massager, turn it on and put it on her clit. She moan and started to shiver after seconds. After that she suddenly kiss my cheek. I kissed her back. It seems so natural. 

We spend the whole afternoon in my bedroom kissing, touching and sharing the massager. The last thing we do to reach our orgasm was rubbing our pussy together. We spend many times together still but that was another story. Happy Masturbating!!

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