My Girlfriend's Third Nipple Part 2


After I made my girlfriend feel really good including her third nipple and after I brought her to a wonderful orgasm (see my last contribution) it was time for her to pleasure me. 

Because I spent a lot of time caressing, licking and sucking her third nipple and the other two nipples too, she wanted to take care of my nipples also. I really like to get my nipples sucked. It feels so good. And I can even feel a tingling in my cock head. I wonder if I can cum just by getting my nipples sucked as some women can. Has any man experienced this? Leave some comments. So my dick got harder and harder the longer her mouth played with my nipples. 

She noticed this of course and laid beside me and started to fondle my ball sack and my penis. Because she wanted to have a better look she moved herself so that her head was lying on my belly. She really liked playing with my privates. I think everyone likes to touch the part of the other body that you don't have yourself. After playing with my balls for some time she swiched back to my cock. She continued to stroke me. She moved her hand along my shaft from the base to the tip of my cock and back. She moved the foreskin of my dick up and down (I'm uncut). She swiched between fondling my balls and my cock. Then she concentrated on my shaft again. The grip of her hand got harder and she started to stroke me in a steady rythm. It felt so good, her warm hand moving up and down on my cock. I knew I wouldn't take it much longer. My cock seemed to swell even more and than I came and came and came. What a great orgasm! I cleaned myself with some paper tissues. We then cuddled under the cover in each others arms and frensh kissed some more. Then we fell asleep in each others arms. What a night. 

The next morning we had some more fun. I played again with her third nipple which both of us enjoyed very much. When she wanted to get up and sat up in bed I grabbed her from behind to stop her from leaving the bed already. My hands went under her t-shirt and found her breasts (B to C cup I think). I took her breast in my hands and liftet them and squeesed them slightly. Until now I had only felt her breast when she was lying on her back and this felt completely diffrent. Somehow they felt bigger. But of course they seem to have a larger diameter when she is lying on her back. Anyway, I was totally fascinated by the feeling of her breasts as I fondled them from behind. Has anyone else the impression that breast feel bigger when sitting up or standing then when lying on the back? Please leave some comments. 

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My Buddy's Girlfriend


This happened around five years ago when I was still single and working for a different company. I was invited to a wedding and reception one Saturday evening. The reception was in the party room of a big apartment complex. 

I hardly knew anybody there but my buddy Jeff and his girlfriend were there so I pretty much spent the evening with them and got to know Jeff's girlfriend Jenny pretty well and she was quite a looker. Jeff and Jenny lived at this apartment in a small single unit. 

At the end of the evening Jeff and Jenny told me I better stay the night in there apartment not wanting me to run the risk of a DWI on the way home so I took them up on the offer. They got me a blanket and pillow and I slept on the sofa in the living room. 

The next morning Jeff had to go to work and left just after seven. I was off that day. I went back to sleep and it wasn't until I smelled the coffee brewing that I woke up again which was after nine. I laid there and cracked open my eyes and what a sight. The dinette was right next to the living room and sitting at the table was Jenny. She was reading something on the table and was wearing a short little nighty. Her legs were pointing at me and she had them crossed. They were beautiful. She then shifted some and uncrossed her legs. They were still pointed my direction and she opened them some and I could then see right up between them. She wasn't wearing any panties! I was then treated to a perfect view of her beautiful shaved pussy. The view of seeing her pussy between those beautiful legs of hers sure had its effect on me and I was soon sporting a very hard cock. 

Jenny eventually turned in her chair and I was wanting to get some of that coffee so I turned and started stretching as if I'd just woke up. When I did this my blanket fell off to the floor. At this time I heard Jenny yell out "Wow, look at you". I looked down and saw that my boxers had crept up with my cock coming out the leg and it was fully erect and sticking almost stright up. I instantly grabbed for the blanket and covered up. Jenny laughed and said "do you wake up like that every morning"? I'm sure my face was quite red and I answered her "not always". I then told her "if you want to know the truth I've been awake quite awhile just laying here watching you". She then asked "did I do that to you"? I answered "from here I had a very nice view and couldn't help but notice you aren't wearing any panties". Jenny then said "if I'd known you were awake I would had put on a robe or something". I answered "I glad you didn't". Jenny said "I can see that". 

She then walked over to me as I lay there and said "I guess we should take care of that" pointing at the pole in my cover holding her hand up in a loose fist with a jerking motion. I just laid there looking at her. She then said "just wait there and I'll be right back" and headed to her bedroom. 

She soon returned carrying a tube of lube and sat down next to me. She then pulled off the blanket and pulled off my boxers. I was then naked laying there in front of her and so hard. She then took her finger tips and put her hand over my cock gently rubbing it with the tips of her fingers. It drove me crazy with pleasure. Jenny sure knew how to get a man ready and get him fully aroused. I then put my hand at the entrance to her legs and I looked at her and said "may I?". She said "help yourself". I then slid my hand between her thighs feeling them as it moved to her sweet pussy. She then squeezed out some of the lube on her hand and coated my cock with it real good and then placed her hand around it. She then slowly went to stroking it and the sensation was so good. After a minute or so of this I got where I really needed to get off and I told her "please Jenny; a little faster. I need to come". She then increased the pressure with her hand and increased the speed. This girl knew her stuff! I told her "I'm about to come". Jenny then "aimed" my cock along my belly and it wasn't long and rope after rope of cum shot out all over my belly. It was one of the strongest orgasms I'd ever had and my belly was literally covered with cum. Jenny said to me "I don't think I've ever seen so much cum". 

She sat there awhile gently milking the last drop of cum from me and all the while I was still feeling her pussy and inner thigh not wanting to remove my hand. She felt so good. She then released my cock and got up telling me "I'll be right back". She returned in a minute with a warm wet wash cloth and wiped me off. I thanked her telling her how wonderful it was and how good it felt. She told me "I can see how good it felt to you right here" as she wiped. I then got up and put on my boxers and pants and got a cup of coffee. We sat and talked awhile and I then headed home. 

This was a one time thing. Jenny and I never got back together again. I eventually ended up with my own girlfriend and ended up marrying her. But, I'll never forget that morning I had with Jenny and I wonder how she is doing. I'd sure love to run across her again.

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Cumming on Each Other


This story is another one of my memories from when I was around 16 and with Chloe. We'd been together for about a year and a half, and done pretty much everything horny teenagers do except for sex. 

We'd masturbate ourselves and each other almost every time we were together. We'd find a way to sneak off to an unoccupied room and get ourselves off in some very passionate sessions. Her favourite way of doing this was to lie on top off me with just our underwear on. I'd reach around and masturbate her from behind, and she'd grind herself into me and my penis through my boxers. I could never have an orgasm from this, but she'd get really aggressive and eventually grind herself into some very vocal orgasms. 

This would always serve as a good lead-up for my favourite way of masturbating with her though. Once she had her orgasm and came down from it, she'd roll over onto her back and I'd climb on top of her. She'd then unbutton my boxers and pull my penis out as I kneeled over her and start to wank me off. Still kneeling, I'd lean down and kiss her hungrily as she'd start stroking me faster. It was a great rush to be kneeling over her, as it'd take a bit of energy and concentration to hold myself upright with my arms while concentrating on what she was doing. After a while I'd reach for my lubricant and squirt it into her hands, which she'd wrap around my straining erection and start to wank me off properly. 

I'd try to last as long as possible, burying my face into the pillow next to her head. She'd kiss my neck and I'd be in pleasurable bliss. After not long, I'd feel an orgasm coming on and tell her "Here it comes, it's coming!" She'd point my penis towards her beautiful flat belly and I'd hungrily kiss her as I ejaculated on her. She'd milk me for a minute or two after I finished my orgasm as I'd sit up on my knees, panting from the exertion. She'd always look really flushed after a session like that, and that's how I imagine I looked too. 

I'd grab a tissue and gently wipe my semen off her stomach as she'd lightly play with my now-flaccid penis. Depending on how horny she was, sometimes she'd pull me down so I was lying on top of her and we'd make out, then she'd roll me onto my back, look into my eyes and just say "Please?" 

No further invitation would be necessary as I'd quickly rub her to a pleasurable second orgasm. I could never go a second time around, so that's where our sessions usually ended. 

Cumming on her stomach and having her orgasm while grinding into mine were two things that really made the sessions we had better. We rarely masturbated each other side-on. It was always with our bodies interlocked, and I'd always feel a special connection with her during those moments. 

I still stand by my belief that more teenagers need to understand that you don't need to have sex to have that connection with the person. Masturbation is usually the thing people hold as most private, and if you can openly share that with someone, that implies a very deep and trusting connection.

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