For Him

Work has been hard on him lately. Layoffs at the firm had him and his partners handling more cases and working more hours, and the pressure to bring in paying clients mounted. It was Friday and he called to let me know he would be home around 7:00 PM, something he never did until recently. He said he would grab a sandwich at the office so not to bother cooking. 

Another wife might have suspected an affair but I knew my man and I wasn't worried. Our sex life was full and active and we shared our fantasies and desires. We knew how to push each others' buttons. I knew he was stressed and needed a break. I had a plan. 

Our daughter was having a sleepover the night at a school friend's home so I knew we would be alone. I showered, shaved my legs and pussy, and slipped on a pair of white lace-top thigh highs, a white thong, and a white silk robe. I fixed my makeup, put my hair up, and wore a pair of strappy 4" white heels. 

I had made the bed up with satin sheets and lit candles, setting out his favorite single malt scotch and a snifter on the night stand. I then waited for my man to come home as I sipped my Merlot.

I heard his car pull into the driveway and awaited his arrival. He must been taken aback at first by the dark house, but I left a note on the door to come up to our room with just a dab of his favorite perfume. 

As I heard him enter, I poured him some scotch and greeted him with a kiss before handing him the snifter. He didn't say a word as his eyes took me in. He started to speak but I put a finger over his lips, simply saying "Shhh! Tonight is for you."

I undid his tie and began to unbutton his shirt, slipping it off his broad shoulders. I then sat on the bed and undid his belt and pants, as he kicked off his shoes. I allowed his pants to fall as he stood before me in nothing but his briefs. 

He may have been tired but his cock was showing sign of life. I rubbed it through his briefs, feeling it grow and stiffen in my hands. I again began to say something, so I again told him to "shhh" and to drink his scotch. He finished his glass in one swig and set it behind him on the dresser. As he turned to me, I lowered his briefs to expose his now rock hard cock.

I took him in my right hand as my left cupped his balls, my red nails lightly scratching them. Leaning forward, I licked the underside of the shaft, kissing working my way down to his balls, before licking upwards to the head in one wet move. My tongue then circled the head several times, as if I were enjoying an ice pop. Then, looking into my man's eyes, I wrapped my red lips around him and took him fully in my mouth.

After sucking him like this for several minutes, I could tell he was getting close, and decided to back off. 

"Lay down baby and enjoy this."

He didn't need to be asked twice. He finished removing his briefs and lay on the bed. I removed my robe and heels and crawled next to him, my nylon clad feet towards his head, and I took him in my hands.

As my fingers and nails gently stroked his cock and balls, I told him I had a dream I wanted to share. In the dream I was having sex with our daughter's babysitter Maria, a beautiful 19-year old Latina girl with a perfect body and dancer's legs -- while he watched us. (Although he would never act on it, I knew he found Maria very sexy just from the way he looked at her.) I told him that I was wearing white stockings in my dream, and she wore black. We made love to each other as he watched, stroking his hardness, until we asked that he join us in bed.

As I told him my fictitious dream while stroking his cock, his hands caressed my nylon covered legs and feet. Quickly he was kissing my feet and toes, which told me how hot he was getting, I knew he needed more so I again took him into my mouth, my wet lips and tongue teasing and pleasuring him to madness. When his cock grew harder I knew he was very close to cumming, so I stopped, sat up and begged him to fuck me. 

He almost ripped off my panties in order to eat my soaking pussy. I was so aroused from my own fantasy that I came almost as soon as his lips and tongue made contact with my sex. Still on my back coming down from my orgasm, he positioned himself between my legs, and held them while he impaled me with his cock. I played with my breasts as I caressed his chest with one of my nylon clad foot. My other leg rested against him allowing him to kiss and suck my toes as his hands stroked my stocking covered leg.

I begged him to fuck me and fill me with his cum, and he fucked me wildly as my other hand fingered my clit. In moments I had my second orgasm, prompting him to climax as well, filling me with his hot cum. 

Exhausted, I stripped off my stockings and we fell asleep together naked, snuggled together like newlyweds after almost 20-years together. 

We slept in late, allowing us to have a great Saturday morning fuck. I talked him into staying home from the office that day, having sex several more times before picking up our daughter that afternoon. 

But we'll never look at Maria the same again.


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Mrs. Reid Ch. 2

When my mom told me that Mrs. Reid had called and had some chores for me to do, I was both excited and nervous. Excited, because Mrs. Reid usually rewarded my hard work with a long, slow handjob that would leave me coming in quarts. Nervous, because more and more of her "chores" were stunts devised to get me into embarrassing situations for her amusement.

She was bored, Mrs. Reid was. Her husband made tons of money but was away a lot on business, and since she didn't work and had a wild streak in her Jackie Reid did things that the typical 50-year-old suburban housewife didn't do. Like fool around with her 18-year-old neighbor. And have that neighbor, me, do stupid things to stir things up.

The first time she had masturbated me was in May, and for the rest of that month and June she had me over a few times a week for "chores". For example, she and her husband didn't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. But she enjoyed reading it, so if I wanted her to put her hands all over me and have her tickle my balls with her sexy nails and come all over her big tits, I had to bring the day's WSJ. In our neighborhood there were maybe 15 people who subscribed, so I had to get up at like 5AM, sneak out of the house, and steal the paper from some hopefully unsuspecting house. I targeted different houses on different days, so that suspicions wouldn't build up too fast. I was careful, very careful, because how could I explain what I was doing? I mean, did I have an investment fetish or something?

But it was worth it when I showed up at Mrs. Reid's door with the paper and she would say, "Oh, wonderful, I think I'll read it after I take care of something first." And that "something" would be the big erection in my shorts. They had a big leather chair in their living room and Mrs. Reid would strip me and then take off her clothes and get some lotion or gel from the bathroom and cover my cock with the slippery stuff and then, oh God, she would jerk me off. She had forbidden me to jack off myself, telling me that got off seeing me dump a giant load on her tits, so when she stroked me it never took long to get me to the brink.

She would wrap both palms around my shaft and slide them up and down, slowly, so damned slowly that I thought my cock would just rupture and spray come all over the place. She would look me in the eyes and say, "I can feel your heart beating, through your cock. I can feel how bad you want to come. Do you want to come?" I would whimper yes and she would slow down even more and caress my balls with her nails and she would say, "You'll come when I'm ready for you to come."

I never lasted longer than five minutes. She was too sexy, I was too ready to ejaculate from the moment I saw her. One I apologized for coming so soon and she laughed and kissed me and said, "Honey, I'm glad I can still make a boy like you that excited! I like it when you come fast." If that was true, then she found the right guy to diddle with. I tried to come over every day, but when Mr. Reid wasn't there I couldn't very well ask to have a few minutes alone with his wife, and there were other days when I couldn't arrange to get over there. Those were the days when my balls filled with semen and I got on edge knowing that this incredibly sexy woman was waiting to drain all that built-up energy out of me.

The last week of June, after she accepted her stolen paper and was preparing to give me all that pleasure, I asked a question that I wanted to ask since that first day but was too afraid to. "Jackie?" I said, making my voice as calm as possible.

"Yes, honey?"

"Could you, could we, do something different?"

"Different? What do you mean?"

"I mean, instead of using your hands, could you, I mean, could you put your mouth…" I couldn't say anything more, I was too scared.

"You want a blowjob?" she interrupted.

"Um, not if you don't want."

She smiled at me. "Andy, if you want a blowjob, just ask me and see how I answer."

I swallowed. "Will you…do that?"

"Call it what it is. If you can't ask for it, do you think I should give you one?"

My mouth was dry. "Will you give me a blowjob?"

She leaned forward, pulled me forward, and gave me a long, deep kiss, her tongue slipping into my mouth and sliding along my teeth. "No," she said. "I'm taking a big risk already, jacking you off. I have a lot to lose. My husband, my reputation. I have you stealing papers so that you have some risk involved too, so I know that you're willing to do something dangerous the same as me. But I could maybe explain giving you handjobs to my husband. You're just an excitable boy, I liked playing with you, I'm a bad girl and I shouldn’t have done it. But sucking you off, that would be much more serious. So, you'll have to just content yourself with this." She sprayed lotion on my cock and began working me over.

I was disappointed, but my bad mood instantly vanished as the hot molten waves of pleasure began radiating out from my groin. She wasn't holding me back this time, she was trying to make my come fast. And I was there in less than a minute. She was pumping so fast that her big tits bounced magnificently and that just totaled me. Just as I started to orgasm, Mrs. Reid looked me in the eye and said, "You know what, maybe there is something you can do for me that will earn you a blowjob. Are you interested?"

"YEEEEESSSSSS," I shrieked as the tip of my cock split open and a geyser of semen shot toward the ceiling and covered my chest. I was almost hyperventilating as I tried to calm down, and Mrs. Reid scooped up some of my come with her fingers and brought it to her mouth. She'd never tasted my come before and I found this terribly exciting and puzzling at the same time.

"Mmm," she said, "I want more of that. I think maybe I will have you do that little job I've been thinking about."

"What job?" I asked, willing to commit murder for her if that was what she had in mind. 

"I'll tell you tomorrow," as she cleaned me up with a towel. It was only after I was home and had time to think about it, that maybe the price for the pleasure of her mouth was going to be quite high.

The next morning I almost got caught swiping the paper. I chose a house I hadn't hit in a few weeks and when I helped myself to the paper the driveway lights came on. I guess they have a motion detector set up and the paper was thrown closer to the house than usual and bang! On came the lights. I bolted and just as I found a bush to hide behind the front door opened and Mr. Claiborne came out. He looked up and down the street and when he didn't see anything he picked up his paper and went back inside. I waited five minutes to make sure he wasn't peeking out a window scoping things out before I got the hell out of there. I strolled down to the Peterson's house and took their paper. Mr. Peterson was pretty oblivious so I figured stealing his paper two days in a row wouldn't be that big a risk.

When I delivered the paper to Mrs. Reid and waited for her to turn me inside out with her pumping hands, I received a rude surprise. Sitting on her kitchen table was the day's issue of the Wall Street Journal. She lit a cigarette and turned the page. "Wait," I asked, "you get the paper delivered?"

She nodded. "For the last two weeks, yes."

"Then why do you have me stealing them? I almost got caught today!"

"I wanted to make sure you were willing to take risks, remember? And to keep our little arrangement a secret you have to be crafty and devious. You have to fool your parents, be sneaky around them. So you've shown you can be like that. That's good. I think that's sexy," She smiled and put her cigarette down. "But now you want to raise the stakes. And so do I. Come with me."

She took me by the hand and led me out her front door. "See how nice my flowers are?" she asked, pointing to the long bed of tulips and marigolds and God knows what other flowers she had planted. 

"They look great," I said.

"I love my flowers. I work hard to make them look nice."

"You know what you're doing, because they really look nice," They did, but even if they had been brown and wilting I would have agreed with her.

"I work so hard on these flowers, but every time I go out my front door I see THAT,:" and she pointed across the street to the Johnson's house. The Johnson's were an older couple, in their late 60's, and they spent about 40 hours a week each working on their lawn. It looked like a golf course. And they had flowers planted all over their yard, bright pink and brilliant yellow and deep purple. Mrs. Reid's flowers were nice, but they didn't compare to those.

"I don't want my flowers to be second best. I want you to remove the competition."

"You…what do you want me to do?"

"I want my flowers to be the best." She motioned with her head and we went back inside. She took me to that leather chair and sat me down. She didn't pull my shorts down, but she did slide between my open legs. "That's your task."

This didn't sound good at all. "You want me to trash their flowers?"

"Yessss," she purred. She was lightly scratching at my zipper with her nails, making a soft scraping sound that drove me insane. 

"You want me to chop them up?"

"Oh, no," she said, and for a second I was relieved, that I wouldn't have to do this. "If you do that, that old hag will suspect me. She knows how envious I am of her. And then they'll just buy new flowers to replace them. No, you have to make it more permanent."

She slid her hands up under my shirt and began stroking my nipples. "How do I make it permanent?"

"Poison them. Pour bleach all over the ground. Poison the dirt itself. I want my flowers to be the best not just this year, but forever. Will you do it?"

It was totally insane. How was I going to pull THIS off? The Johnson's kept spotlights on all night long. It was practically across the street from my house. My parents didn't especially like the Johnson's, but if I got caught I was dead. Even with Mrs. Reid running her fingers along my stomach I couldn't see myself doing this.

I was just about to say so when Mrs. Reid said, "Before you answer, make a fist." I did, and she took my wrist and moved it above my groin. "Stick out your thumb," she ordered, and I did, so that it jutted up right where my cock would be. "Now, let me give you some idea of what you're working for."

And with that, she lowered her head into my lap. She took my thumb into her mouth and began sucking on it. She moved her head up and down, her thick blonde hair falling around my fist. Her lips closed around my thumb and her tongue swirled all over and it was so wet and so warm that I thought I might scream. It was so incredible that I don't think I took a breath the entire time she was doing it. 

She sat up, looked me straight in the eye, and said, "Imagine how it would feel if it was your cock instead of your thumb."

"Those flowers are history," I said.

"Good. Because until they are, I'm not going to so much as shake your hand. And don't jack off either. I can tell if a man has been jerking off, and I'll know if you do. Your come belongs to me. When you do what I've asked, I'll make you cream like you can't believe. Now go home, and think about how you'll get the job done."

I went out and bought a dozen bottles of bleach and dug out some black clothes to wear. Around 3AM my watch alarm beeped and I woke up. Show time. I smeared shoe polish over my face and arms and legs. I wondered if this was really worth it. Then I thought about how incredible Jackie's mouth felt on my thumb, and multiplied that by 1000 times if my cock was involved. Just my luck, to find a horny, sexy older woman who was nuts in the bargain. Oh well.

The house was lit up like a goddam POW camp. But it was a safe neighborhood, who would think someone would do something stupid like this. I made three trips to bring over all the bottles, and then I emptied them in the ground around the flowers. I was quick and quiet and it was easy. I thought.

I was almost around the front of the house when I sensed someone out the corner of my eye. "STOP!" I heard Mr. Johnson scream. He must have spotted me cutting across his lawn and now he was charging down the hill after me. I cut around the corner and sprinted like a madman. "Oh shit, oh shit," I said under my breath. I didn't know where to go. 

"Call the police! It's a burglar!" I heard him call, to his wife, I guess. Fuck. There was nowhere to hide. The woods? Too far. I had to get HOME, to wash and change before I was missed. Mr. Johnson was raising holy hell. I saw lights come on in the houses on either side of me. More eyes. Shit.

There was a big pine tree on the corner of their property and I dove for it. I snuggled down under the branches and hoped that Mr. Johnson would go back inside so I could make a break for it. But the idiot kept circling around. Why wasn't he afraid of a burglar?

That's when I saw the gun in his hand. Holy Shit. I'm going to die, I thought. I'm going to die for a blowjob. 

"Jerry? What's going on?" It took me a second to realize that it was my father's voice. 

"A burglar. He has to be around here somewhere."

"I saw someone running up the street, up that way," my father said, pointing up the hill. "He was wearing all black, was that him?"

"Yes! And his face was black, but it was just paint or something, because I could see white streaks all over his legs! I'll go get the bastard!" And he ran off. 

But my dad didn't. In a soft, calm voice he said, "Ready to go home, son?"

I started breathing again. I crawled out from under the tree and he said, "Get home, now. Before that nut shoots you."

I cut behind two houses and jogged back home. I stripped, jumped in the downstairs shower, and five minutes later I was clean as a whistle. I put on a white t-shirt and shorts and went outside with everyone else to see the commotion. Two police cruisers were there, and about 15 of our neighbors. Including Mrs. Reid, who was smoking a cigarette and talking to my mother.. 

"What's going on?" I asked them.

"Oh, someone was trying to break in. That’s what everyone thinks, anyway." She was smiling with delight. 

"Did anyone get a good look at the guy?"

My mom said, "No, just someone sneaking around. Some crazy kid, probably."

"Probably," Mrs. Reid agreed, blowing a plume of smoke into the sky. She looked at me and gave me a quick wink. And then she slowly licked her lips. Oh, God. 

The cops left about 30 minutes later. They never found the empty bleach bottles I hid under our bushes, and after everyone left I gathered them up and stuck them in the trunk of my car. Safe.

I went to my bedroom and waited. My dad stopped in after a few minutes and said, "So, what did she have you do this time?"

I tried to play dumb but my dad said, "Look, do you think I'm an idiot? I know you've been going out early every morning and coming home with newspapers. And then twice I saw you taking the paper over to Jackie Reid. You come home with this moron smile on your face and you sleep for three hours. I heard you sneak out tonight and saw you crawling around the Johnson's. So, what the hell's going on?"

He'd saved my ass, so I spilled the beans. He listened to everything and didn't flip out like I expected. When I was done, he shook his head and said, "Strange woman."


"Great tits, though, huh?"

I was shocked. "Yeah."

He laughed. "Look, no more stunts, OK? Nothing that might get you shot. I can't punish you without explaining to your mom why I'm punishing you, and that would be a disaster. And, hell, I probably would do the same thing if I was in your position. Dan Reid said that Jackie is the best piece of ass he's ever had. And he knows what he's talking about. So go ahead and enjoy yourself. Just keep it quiet, don't let your mother find out."

"You mean, you're OK with it?"

He laughed. "No, but I couldn't live with myself if I blew the whistle on you. God, with that woman?" And he left.

The next day I waited until my mother went out shopping and then I snuck over to see Mrs. Reid. She opened the door wearing a pale blue bikini, my favorite one. I was quivering with desire and need. "Late night?" she teased.


She invited me in and said, "Tell me all about it."

I did, except for the parts involving my father. She listened intently, lighting a cigarette and lounging on the couch, her long legs crossed at the knee and her nipples showing through her bikini. Every time she dragged on her cigarette I stared at her lips closing around it and I imagined that soon my cock would be feeling the touch of those lips. My lust was white hot inside me.

"He actually had a gun?" was the only question she asked.

"Oh yes. You notice things like that."

She smiled and stubbed out her cigarette. "Well, you had a tough time. I hope that you think that it was worth it."

My hands started shaking. "You mean, you will…"

"Give you a blowjob? Give you head? Suck your cock?" She stood up and walked over to me. "Suck your big, beautiful cock? Yes, I think you've earned it. If the flowers die, maybe I'll have some other surprises for you. Take off your pants, honey."

I took my shorts off. And my underwear. She untied her bikini and tossed it aside, so I could see her big breasts with their big brown nipples. She walked over to a side table and picked something up a small cylinder. She twisted it open, it was lipstick. She walked over to a mirror on the wall and carefully, carefully applied the bright red lipstick to her mouth. She walked over to me and knelt between my legs. She gently lifted my cock to her red, glistening lips, and she said. "Hang on, baby."

She slid her tongue from the base of my cock to the tip, and when she reached the tip she swirled her tongue around it over and over and over and OVER. My breath caught and my hips jerked forward involuntarily and that’s when she deep-throated me, swallowing every millimeter of my penis into her mouth and then sliding her head back up so that my cock slipped free of her mouth. But only for a moment. Now her tongue was all over me again, sliding up and down my shaft while she jerked me, and then she covered me with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, up and down, her tongue never resting, her tongue sliding all along my penis. She gently tickled my sac with her nails and kept sucking on me, her cheeks hollowed from the suction of her mouth, and she looked up and me and smiled as best she could with my dick in her mouth, because no doubt she saw the totally transfixed look on my face and it amused her.

And then, as though someone had shot me in the back and left me paralyzed, I lost all control of my body. I knew I was about to come, but instead of my orgasm taking a few seconds to build and then a few more to explode outwards, this was a burning started at the base of my spine and kept getting hotter, and hotter. I hadn't been able to breath before, but now I gasped. Jackie was still sucking me with gusto, her breasts rubbing against my legs, and somehow I found the ability to speak.

"Oh, Christ," I moaned.

"Mmmhmm," she said around my cock.

"Uh, I, uh, UHHHH."


I was coming. My rational brain knew that I was going to come, but that part of me was becoming crowded out by the overwhelming sensations coming from inside my penis. I was coming, coming, and yet my orgasm was so far from peaking that it was like I might hold out forever. It just felt so fucking GOOD that I couldn't stand it.

"This feels so fucking good," I cried.

"Come." Jackie cooed.

"I am, I can't stop, I don't want to stop, please, keep sucking me! Oh, fuck!" I was out of control now, thrusting my hips, panting like a sprinter, screaming now. "FUCK! Oh, God, suck my COCK! Yes!"

Jackie was really working me over now, pumping me with her hand and sliding me in and out of her mouth like a piston. I started to tremble all over. I looked down and Jackie was looking up at me, her eyes alight with lust. She let me fall from her lips one last time and she said, "Come. Come in my mouth. Make it wet in my mouth." She resumed her terrible assault on my penis.

"HYYYUUUHHH," I babbled as I came. Before the first thick spurt jetted from my cock I felt a huge release of liquid out of my glans, the precum lubricating the way for my semen. And then the first thick shivering spurt jetted out of my cock. Jackie kept her lips wrapped around my tip as she pumped me and swallowed my come. She moaned as I emptied myself into her hungry mouth. I came, and came, and kept coming. When Jackie jerked me off I might spurt three or four times, but this time my cock twitched and quaked and shivered and I kept pumping semen into her mouth. And she kept moaning, Mmmmm,..mmmmmm,'" and swallowing it all. 

Finally, after an eternity, I regained control of my body. I was hunching my hips off the chair, my fingers were gripping the armrests in a death grip. I took a deep breath, and then another. I relaxed and leaned back a bit. My slowly deflating penis slid slowly, reluctantly, out of Jackie's mouth.

I couldn't speak, so I was happy when Jackie did. "Holy shit, I knew you might come a lot, but that was incredible! I thought you'd never run out!"

"Uh. Huh?"

"Baby, was that good? Was it worth almost getting shot?"

I managed to nod and Jackie laughed and bent down and began caressing and kissing my drained cock. "That was wonderful," she sighed. 

"It was, it was incredible." I heard myself say.

"You liked that? I thought you might."

I looked down and saw this gorgeous woman smiling up at me. She gave me a wink and got up brought back a towel. My pubic hair was matted down from her saliva and my glans was covered with her lipstick. She gently cleaned me with the towel, and she said, "Honey, if you liked that, if you loved that, just wait till you try pussy." She stood up, slipped her bikini bottoms off her waist, and straddled me in the leather chair. My cock, which had been so completely drained by her mouth just a minute before, painfully soared to life as her soft pubic hairs gently rubbed against it. "Oh, Christ," I groaned, and she giggled.

"No, I want to see if those flowers die before I think about letting you put that thing inside me. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I thrust my hips upward. "God, yes."

She crawled off me and gently squeezed my balls. "That will have to wait for another day. I can't wait to feel that thing shoot off inside of me. But, I guess I'll have to wait a bit to let you build up another huge load." She picked up her bikini, handed me my shorts, and said, "Home with you!"

I staggered home, told my mom I was going to take a shower, and soaked for an hour. It had been a long, hard, fabulous morning.

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Mrs. Reid Ch. 1

We moved next door to the Reid's when I was 16. They were an older couple with two sons in their mid-20's. Mr. Reid owned his own company and traveled often, leaving his wife alone in their big house. My mom and Mrs. Reid hit it off right away and became good friends, and I became a kind of surrogate son to her. We moved to the neighborhood in March, so as the weather warmed up my folks had me mowing the Reid's lawn, pruning bushes, and other fun activities. Pretty much every day I had chores to do at home and next door, but I can't say I minded too much. That's because these chores gave me the chance to see and talk to Jackie Reid, who was hot and sexy and knew it and liked to flirt. 

She was about 50, with thick blonde hair that she usually wore piled up high. Her sparkling blue eyes made me weak inside when they fixed on me, and her lips were full and red. She was a big woman, about 5'10'', with big warm breasts and full hips and long legs that she showed off with skirts and shorts. She took very good care of herself and worked hard on her looks, going for long walks in the morning and keeping her hair and nails in perfect condition. I loved her long manicured nails, usually painted bright orange or red, and she accented herself with bright earrings and bracelets. She was a bit overwhelming, a bit too much, but I didn't care. 

I lusted for her with such intensity that I feared she could smell the desire coming off me. I hated the fact that I was only 18, that she would see me as a little boy, someone to bake cookies for. But I was a man, or becoming a man. I was 6-2 and weighed about 190 pounds, so I was big enough physically for her. My penis wasn't unusually big, but it was big enough that I was confident it would please Mrs. Reid. I wanted her, I wanted to kiss her, her lips, and her big breasts. 

She would ask me about my girlfriends at school, did I ever make out with them in the woods behind our house, and I would blush and say yes and she would say how envious she was of them, how she wished someone would take her out to the woods for a little necking, and then Mr. Reid would come in and tell her that he wasn't doing anything right now, and they would kiss and laugh and I would laugh and wish I could lock Mr. Reid in the basement and screw his wife for hours and hours. 

Mr. Reid was a good guy, I actually liked him a lot. But when he was on the road, which was often, I got to spend some time alone with his wife. Not so much alone as without anyone else around. I would cut the grass and talk to her as I put the mower away or after carrying her laundry up the stairs I could stay and chat a few minutes She would stand very close to me, would touch my arm with her fingers, be so close that I could smell her perfume and her hair and her skin. She flirted with me, I mean, she fished for little compliments and I paid them and she would laugh and I would try to imagine what I could say to make her laugh and put her arms around me and kiss me on the lips. 

Then something changed. May arrived and it was time for the Reids to open their pool. I got the job of dragging out their equipment and keeping an eye on things as it filled. I did most of this in my swim trunks, carrying the solar cover and the chaise lounges and chairs and rafts and all kinds of junk. It was hot out and I was sweating pretty good and by the time I was done I was covered with dirt and sweat and my muscles ached. 

The pool was fenced in and I locked the gate behind me as I left. I looked up and saw Mrs. Reid standing at the big second-floor window staring down at me. She was holding a cigarette and she was staring at me, with an odd smile on her lips. Her husband hated it when she smoked in the house, and I wagged my finger at her. She lifted the cigarette to her lips and when she blew the smoke out she showed that same smile. It was an odd smile, sly and mischievous and mysterious. I stared back at her and tried to smile but I'm sure I looked frightened. Finally she waved back at me, and then she walked away from the window before I could wave back. I walked back home, confused. Then I realized that she must have been watching me for a long time, watched me lift and carry and strain. Maybe she was checking me out? I was terribly excited at the thought of her watching me, maybe wanting me, and I went to my room and locked the door and jacked off like a maniac, draining my cock two, three times in a vain effort to rid myself of my desire. 

By the next morning the pool was full and I had to skim the pool, wash the solar cover, put the solar cover on the pool and a few other jobs. It was about 90 degrees, which was unusual for May, and I was in my trunks again. Mrs. Reid came out wearing a white blouse and jean shorts, her blonde hair pulled up in a bun. When I said hello she gave me that same sly smile and asked, "How cold is the water?" 

"It's really cold, but if it gets any hotter I might go in anyway. It's brutal out here." 

"It is," she agreed, looking into the sun. She asked me to put the solar cover on to soak up some heat, because some of our neighbors were coming over for a cookout later and they might want to jump in for a quick dip. So back to work I went, scrubbing the solar cover and sweating up a storm. 

When the shadow fell across the cover I didn't look up right away because I was trying to get one last piece of crud off the cover. Then I heard Mrs. Reid's voice say, "I guess it's bikini season, don't you think?" 

I looked up, still on my knees. She had changed into a pale-blue bikini, her full milky breasts snuggled into the big cups, the bottoms hugging her hips. She had a cute little belly, not skillet-flat but soft and round. She looked so sexy I couldn't talk, could barely breathe. I stood up and my erection stuck out like a spear. I turned my body so it wouldn't point straight at her and I croaked, "You look really nice, really." 

"You think?" she asked, looking down at herself. "I think I'm too fat. I usually have a month to lose weight before it gets hot out, but I guess I'll have to look chubby for today." 

"I don't think you look chubby at all, no way," I said, trying not to stare at her breasts. It was hard. They were magnificent, heavy and round and I could barely detect her nipples through the thin blue material. Her cleavage was a deep dark valley broad enough for me to slide my finger between. When I looked up again I saw that she was staring down at my trunks, where my penis hung hard as a hammer. 

"You have to get cleaned up if you want to come over later," she said, smiling that same frightening smile. "And tell your folks to bring pickles over, I don't have any pickles." She walked toward the pool but her eyes didn't leave me for a long time. I put the solar cover on as Mrs. Reid put lotion on her shoulders, on her legs, and on her stomach. I couldn't ask her if she needed help putting lotion on her back because my mouth wouldn't work. She saw me staring at her and she said, "The sooner you get the cover on the sooner you can get cleaned up and swim." I managed a smile and finished up. 

I needed to jack off, bad, but no such luck. My father wanted me to go to the store to get pickles and other assorted condiments, so I had to shower fast and then race out to the store. I bought what was needed and headed over to the pool. There were 20 or so people around, mostly adults and a few kids. Nobody my age. I figured I'd just swim a bit and read my book and sneak peeks at Mrs. Reid's breasts. A good enough time. 

I got there and stripped to my trunks and tried not to pop a full boner in front of 20 people. No such luck. Before I even got my shirt off Mrs. Reid came over to where my parents and I were talking and asked, "Andy, did you put suntan lotion on? You'd better if you don't want to get burned." She turned to my mother. "I was tanning while Andy put the solar cover on and he didn't even offer to oil my back. I could feel it burning right away, so I couldn't tan this afternoon." She shook her finger at me like I had done to her the day before. "There's lotion in the upstairs bathroom." 

I went into the house with my erection desperate for some relief. I toyed with the idea of peeking at Jackie's underwear drawer, but I could just imagine what would happen if I got caught. I decided to jack off in the bathroom, put the lotion on, and return to the pool. I pulled down my trunks and took it in hand and started. I closed my eyes and pictured Mrs. Reid tits in that bikini. 

I didn't get very far, because I heard footsteps coming down the hall and a knock on the door. As I yanked up my trunks I heard Mrs. Reid say, "Andy, did you find the lotion?" I was stuffing my cock back into my pants when I managed to babble, "Uh, yeah, I found it, it's, uh..." I looked around the shelves for it and I couldn't find it. "Uh, wait, uh..." 

She tried the door, which I had locked. "Honey, open the door and I'll show you where it is." I had finally figured out an excuse, that I was using the bathroom, when she added, "I'll put lotion on your back if you want." 

Oh, I wanted that. I opened the door. She smiled at me as she stepped into the bathroom and opened the counter under the sink. She pulled out the bottle of lotion and said, "Turn around and bend down, you're too tall." 

I obeyed. My cock was so hard it hurt being pressed against my suit. I heard her squirt lotion into her palm and then there was the delicious feeling of her hands on my skin. She rubbed the lotion into my back, her hands running up between my shoulder blades and then down toward my ass. I was transfixed, she was touching me and I was on fire. I mumbled, "Thanks..." and my voice actually cracked. 

"I'll get your shoulders too," she said, and squirted more lotion into her palm. She was still behind me, massaging my shoulders, working the lotion in. She moved her hands down to my biceps. "So strong, you have nice muscles," I was trembling as she squeezed my arms. Then I heard her squirt more lotion, into her hands, and then her arms wrapped around me from the back and she ran her hands over my chest, my nipples, and down toward my stomach. 

"Mrs. Reid, I can do this myself, really," I said, trying to get control of myself. 

"You don't like this?" she said, suddenly taking her hands off my body. 

"Mrs. Reid, I mean, I appreciate it, but, I don't know if we should be doing this."

"Doing what, honey?" She started rubbing the lotion on my stomach now, her hands just above my groin. "I'm just trying to help you from getting sunburned." 

I was shaking now, I wanted to thrust my hips upward, so her palms would caress my cock. I couldn't move. She walked in front of me knelt down, her mouth just inches from my cock. She squirted more lotion into her palms and she went back to work, now on my shaking legs. She kept smearing me with lotion, up my legs, almost to my thighs, until I was covered. I was staring at her breasts, her mouth, her hair, her eyes. I wanted her to touch me, or let me touch her. 

"Do you need me to put lotion on you?" I asked, and she smiled. "You had your chance this afternoon, Andy. I think I'm done here." My disappointment showed on my face because she said, "Oh, did I miss a spot somewhere? Oh, I did, didn't I?" She had that same strange expression on her face, and she was staring at my crotch. She took the bottle of lotion and squeezed a big dollop into her palm, and I wondered why she would need that much. Then she took her free hand and pulled the string holding my shorts up. "Andy, I'm going to do something that I think you will like. But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone about it. Anyone. Do you understand?" 

She pulled my trunks down, but before my cock sprung out she looked up at me and said, "Andy? Do you understand?" 

"I do," I squeaked. She smiled and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My erection stuck straight up against my belly. "Andy, Andy...that is so sweet. I'm going to put some lotion on it, is that OK?" I nodded like an idiot, trying to keep from fainting. 

She wrapped her hand around my cock, caressing my shaft, running her greased palm along the shaft, coating my glans. Then, looking up at me, she said, "You've been staring at my tits all day. Do you want to see them?" 

"Yes, please, I do." 

"Pull down the straps and let my top down." I did, and her beautiful tits spilled out. They were huge, and her big pink nipples were stiff. "Oh God, you are so beautiful," I blurted, and she smiled. "Thank you. I think you're going to like what I'm about to do to you." 

She wrapped both hands around my shaft and started pumping. She pumped and she pumped and I started whimpering and thrusting my hips in and out of her hands. She let her left hand fall away and she began caressing my balls with her nails, tickling me as her other hand stroked away. The lotion worked into a thick white froth, the smell of coconuts overwhelming in the small room. She jerked and jacked me, the wet slippery sounds filling the bathroom, and she said, "What a nice, big, hard cock." She looked up and me with that smile and said, "You're going to come, Andy, you're going to come on my breasts, right now, honey, right now." She increased the pace even more, her two hands gripping my shaft and pumping with long strokes, the tip of my cock rubbing against her palms with every stroke. 

"Mrs. Reid, oh my God, oh God, I'm gonna come!" 

"Mmm..." she said as I came. I started moaning quietly, trying not to scream, and the first gout of semen splashed out all over her tits and I whimpered. The pleasure was so overwhelming that my knees gave out, and I had to grab the sink to keep from collapsing. She kept jerking and jacking me until I was utterly spent. My softening cock was slimy from the lotion and come and she reached over and began cleaning me with a washcloth. 

"Not a word to anyone," she said, lifting my dick to wipe my balls. 

"No, never," 

"Did you like that?" 

"Yes, God, yes." 

She put the washcloth in the sink and said, "That was nothing compare to what we could do." She let her words hang in the air, then she said, "I don't want you to masturbate. Ever. Every drop of your come belongs to me now. Understand? If you're good, I'll take care of you." She cupped my balls and said, "But only if I can trust you. Completely. Can I?" 

I told her I would do anything she asked. "Oh, you will, honey, you will," She laughed a nasty little laugh and was gone, and for the first time in five minutes, I actually took a breath. My knees finally gave way and I sat heavily on the toilet. I remembered how sinister her laugh sounded, and suddenly I had the shivers. I would do anything, ANYTHING, to have her hands on my cock again. What would she have me do?

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