Friendly Bev

[ Bev lived next door. She was from Germany and had an unbelievable body, with large, shapely tits that bounced under her sweater like puppies, and a startlingly narrow waist. ]

Bev M. was a good neighbor. She had agreed to give me a hand-job every other evening while my lover was away, "to keep me from getting too horny,'' she said.

She had a refreshing, matter-of-fact attitude toward the act, as something a friend could do for a friend. Robert was going to be at work until 10 pm, so Bev and I had a nice, relaxed, dinner together and then went into the living room for the handjob. She got a small towel and some hand lotion from the bathroom and then had me pull my pants down. She kneeled down in front of me as I sat and laid the towel on my thigh.

"I don't know how prolific you are, and I just want to be ready in case there's a flood'' she said. I was very excited by the whole business and got an instant hard-on. As she was gently playing with my dick, I thought about how beautiful she was. She had meaty buttocks, a thin waist, and large, well-formed tits. The jeans and red sweater she was wearing showed her form off to great advantage.

"I bet I know what you'd like'' she said, quickly reaching behind herself, removing her bra, and raising her sweater above her tits. They were so large and firm the sweater stayed up by itself. Her nipples were big and pink, like the heads of big mushrooms, sexier than I could have imagined. She started by cupping her hand around my balls and the base of my dick. Holding it steady with that hand, she gently strummed the fingers of the other hand over my now throbbing tool. After a while she gripped it with her fingertips in different ways and gently massaged. I was building up a big load for her. "You're really good Bev,'' I said.

"I'm glad I can help,'' she replied with a smile. She poured some hand lotion on my dick and wrapped her big hand around it. After tightening and releasing her grip a few times, she started to move her hand slowly back and forth. I was mesmerized by her swaying tits and was starting to breathe fast. She said, ''Don't come to fast. I'm kind of enjoying this. Robert and I are going to fuck when he gets home, and this is getting me real hot and ready.'' I relaxed and let her stroke my stiff cock. Her womanly fingers had a magic effect.

I could feel the delicious pressure building up and, after a while, I said, " You're really making it feel good, Bev. I'm going to come pretty soon. I'm going to shoot the cream for you.''

"Yes, baby, yes,'' she whispered. "Let's see it shoot.'' I groaned as my dick started to spasm and shoot its load for sexy Bev. "Good, good! Come on, come on!'' she said, milking out more and more. After she had pumped it all out, she wiped me off with the towel and put her sweater back down. "Nun, das ist besser, ja??'' she said with a broad smile. "I'm busy tomorrow, but I can lend you a hand again Tuesday if you need it.'' I thanked her and said that I'd like that very much. We said goodnight and she went home.

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Jack 'n Jilling

I like to write handjob stories, so I thought I would share one that is short and sweet, but also 100% true. I will preface the story by saying that I have always loved handjobs. To me, a handjob can be as good or better than actual sex. I found out I loved them so much when I was dating a girl by the name of Ann a few years back when I was in college. Ann was a cute girl - not drop dead gorgeous or anything like that, but she was prettier than average. She was fairly tall - about 5'8" or so - and she had long, straight blonde hair. Her hair was actually darker, but she always wore blonde highlights that looked very natural. She had what I considered a sexy body - nice long legs and best of all, nice big 36 C tits. Ann and I took things very slow after we first started dating. We didn't even kiss on the first date, and it was two or three months before I even saw her topless. Even then all we did was fool around. I remember many nights when she would spend the night at my apartment and we would sleep together, but all she would let me do is grind my hard cock on her pussy with our underwear still on. When she would leave in the morning I couldn't wait to jerk off and relieve all the sexual tension. I was willing to wait all this time because I really liked her, and I knew she was a virgin. One night she surprised me by asking if I wanted her to "Put her mouth on it and make me cum." She said that she would do it but I had to tell her when I was about to cum, cause she didn't want to swallow it. She gave me a great blowjob, and I warned her that I was going to cum soon. She took it out of her mouth and stroked me off the rest of the way, holding my cock so that it shot jets of hot cum all over my chest. She seemed to like the visual, and afterward I remember her saying how I had "shot a good one." After that night, Ann gave me countless handjobs. She wanted to wait to have sex, so she would get me off with her hand when I was feeling horny.

When the summer came, I stayed in the small college town and worked, while Ann went back to her home town to work at a job she had waiting for her. I only saw her two or three times over the summer, and though I did jerk off quite a bit, I was incredibly horny when she came back to school for the fall.

The first night she was back, we went over to her apartment and didn't waste any time in going straight to the bedroom. We stripped off each other's clothes until we were both buck naked, then began foreplay on the bed. I sucked her nice big nipples for several minutes, getting her all hot and wet. When she was really horny, I rolled over on my side and she did the same, so that we were facing each other laying on the bed. I began to finger her with my right hand, while she grabbed my swollen dick and slowly jerked me off. It was incredible ecstasy - normally we would always bring ourselves close to orgasm and then hold off, until we were ready to cum together. I would usually shoot my load wherever she was aiming my cock, so it usually ended up on a towel we would lay down on the bed between us. Rarely did it ever get on Ann, and if it did, it was on her arm and hand. Being a "breast man", I had always dreamed of shooting a huge load all over Ann's tits, and I especially felt like doing it then. I knew it would be a big load, cause it had been over two weeks since I has jerked off. My cock was ridiculously swollen and pre-cum was oozing out all over the place. As she jerked me, several times I had to hold her hand and keep her from stroking for a second, just so I could keep from exploding. As she got closer to orgasm, it was hard to keep from cumming because she would start stroking faster and faster without realizing it. I finally started to feel her pussy contract on my fingers inside her, and I knew she was going to orgasm. She screamed out in pleasure and her wet pussy started to spasm. As she was cumming, she began to jerk my cock even faster and I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. In the heat of the moment, I blurted out "I'm gonna cum baby - let me cum all over your big tits!" At the same time I quickly moved to a kneeling position on the bed beside her. She was using her other hand to finger herself and she was still cumming. For a second she released my dick when I changed position, but found it quickly again and kept jerking. She raised up from lying on her back so that her tits were directly in the line of fire, and I remember her nipples were rock hard from her orgasm, which she was still experiencing a little. My balls tensed and I shot the first blast of cum right between her tits. She jerked back a bit as if she was startled, and I continued to shoot hot jets of cum all over her chest, covering her. It was a giant load, the biggest I ever remember shooting. She laughed a little and kept jerking until she squeezed the last bit of cum out of me. I'll never forget looking down at her soaked tits and thinking how it looked like a shot out of a porno. After that, she had to be in the mood to let me cum on her tits, but she would still do it occasionally.

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Hi. My name is Yuuka and I am 22. I have been going out with the same guy since high school, and I have never thought of another guy. I was at my girl friends "girls only" going away party last weekend, and they got a male stripper to come out and dance in front of my friend. He was actually very cute and some of my other friends were freaking out. Everyone was sitting on the floor around him in a circle. Some of the girls opened their shirts and I did the same, just to be silly. The girl who had the party then proceeded to walk up on him from behind, and once

he got down to nothing, she masturbated him furiously. She then got some kind of lubricant from the closet and really started to jerk him off. Her hand made a squishing noise as she pumped his penis, which was very large. We were all huddled around pretty close, and she made him ejaculate. I was one of many sitting directly in front of him and he basically came all over me. The first jet flew over my head and landed in my hair...., the second on my friends arm and cheek, and the rest landed on my breasts. It took a while for it to stop coming out, and when he did come, the cum shot out in long white lines. I didn't even try to move out of the way, I think I was so shocked and even though it was in front of all my friends I was a very turned on when I thought about it later, and I can't stop thinking about it, and have since jerked my boyfriend off in my face and on my boobs every night. I keep replaying the event in my mind........the problem is..... Did I cheat on my man? I didn't mean for that to happen, and I had no idea she was going to make him come. These are the pictures taken at the party that night. Obviously I have cropped my face out. Do I have to tell him?

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