GH - Booth Chick

This was the 3rd or 4th time we had visited the bookstore, this one has closed and of all things became an appliance repair shop in Houston, go figure, well back to the bookstore, as we walked in , this was around 2:00 am Saturday morning in 1994 sometime, there were about 5 people hanging around talking to the clerk who was a female (a scary looking one at that) my husband asked for 5.00 in tokens (yes tokens back then) and we went in to see what was playing, my husband had scouted this place before and knew the booths with gloryholes (all of them) we went inside a booth toward the back, I was wearing (if i remember correctly) a dress, and bra and panties, (always wear bra and panties don't ask me why) so we walked in and I sat down, sure enough a huge hole on the wall to my right and left of the booth, as soon as I sat down we heard noise outside in the hall, and of course the squeaking of opening and closing doors to either side of us, i peeked through the hole to my right and my husband on the left, I found my self staring at a pair of eyes looking at me, I waited a while and sure enough he pulled out a nice looking cock and began jacking off, this was my cue , BUT the guy on the other side (my husband told me) didn't have his out yet, A vice cop? maybe looking or something, I had to wait . we just sat there looking at the stupid movie putting in token after token peeping through the hole every once and while, then finally the guy with no dick out left, I quickly stuck my fingers in the hole and sure enough his cock poked through, I looked at my husband (like always) for approval (he is my eyes and ears) and i began to inspect it a little, a nice white cock , about 7 inches and not too thick but not to skinny either, I bent over and licked the tip, and stroked it awhile, slowly jacking him off, (This was only my 10th or 11th gloryhole cock) and I was still virgin.

I did put it in my mouth and suck on it for at least 2 to 3 minutes non-stop till he came in my mouth without warning, I swallowed most of it and spat out some on the floor, i was coughing and choking a little (dumb me) my husband was pounding my back lightly , make sure i did'nt choke, The cock withdrew and we heard a whisper, "Thanks" we both had to stop from laughing, because we figured we owed him thanks for poking it through in the first place. I wanted to stay a little longer, but all the men had disappeared somewhere, my husband took a quick stroll outside in the hall and lobby and told me no one was around except the clerk, we headed out , this was a simple blowjob, and I remember both of us being a little discouraged about not getting more. We decided to try another that night, we headed toward the south side of telephone rd in houston, near the hobby airport, We found a theater called "Stars" parking in the back was almost full, we smiled and hoped, we went inside and the clerk asked us booths or balcony, Balcony? He said balcony for couple only , My husband said quickly booths, The balcony was for another time i found out later, we went toward the back entrance, booths everywhere, most were taken, we went in to the only empty one and found out why, "Out of Order" on the coin machine inside., as we walked around the hall making time, a man walked out of one and we quickly flew inside it, as soon as we settled in , a huge glob of cum cum splattered on the floor, I had to touch it, it was still warm, my husband laughed silently and peeped thru a very tiny hole about 1/2 inch around on his side, he told me there's a couple in that one, a guy and a girl, I stood up and peeked and there was a guy with a camera taking pictures of his wife (i guess it was) in the booth , she was topless and smiling. He had his cock out and she began to suck it , it was kinda dark in there and could only see when the movie playing brightend up, then i saw standing up and come toward me, she was going to peek at us, i told my husband and i quickly got on my knees and began to suck him, hoping she got a good view also, after several minutes i stopped and peeked again at them, she was on her knees working a cock that poked trough a gloryhole on her side, we didn't have one, her husband was snapping away with the camera and she was working it, my husband and i were fighting to see , he got to see her finish him up, he said she opened her her mouth and it was full of cum, and her husband photoed her about 4 times with cum in her mouth , and still holding the cock in her hand, i was pissed, (not really) but sorry i hadn't seen it, we were ready to give up , we walked outside the hall to see the couple talking to the guy in the gloyhole out in the hall, we followed them outside and could hear them discussing further plans for that night at their place, we went home.

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GH - Another Cum Fulfilled Fantasy

Well, I guess I just can't resist my girl friends imagination. She comes up with these ideas that wind up driving both of us nuts. She keeps thinking of different ways for the both of us to load our mouths with cum. Last time she got filled with cum in all her holes and I posted the experience in the story named "fill er up". This time it was the gloryhole.

One night last week, we stopped into one of the adult bookstores that we frequent. There are a good number of booths in the back but only a few of them have gloryholes. One of them has two which is the one my girl wanted to go into. Little did I know that she had been planning this for some time and had contacted friends of ours from the club we belong to. She told me in the last minute, putting my mind at ease. I was beginning to think that she was going to start sucking strange dicks through a gloryhole. Of course, the idea is pretty damn exciting but the risks are just not worth it.

When we entered the booth we started to watch the movies available. Pretty soon both of us were getting pretty turned on. Just being in the booth with her was dick raising enough. Remember, this broad is 5' 8" tall, has long auburn hair, blue eyes, legs and feet that should be in a magazine and a 36" x 23" x 35" body. Her main fantasy is seeing me with my mouth full of cum and being filled with it herself. She's totally out of her mind for cum.

All of a sudden this huge dick came through one of the gloryholes. It had a little sugar on the head. This was the signal that she told the guys to use so we new it was one of them and not a stranger. She proceeded to tell me that she let 30 guys know about this and she purposely picked the guys who she knew had the biggest dicks. She said that she thinks a huge dick poking through a gloryhole is sexy as hell.

She started to stroke this 9 incher until it was full blown. Then she started to suck on it with only one thing in mind. Get this dick to unload a massive load into her mouth. I started to fuck her while she was bent over sucking on this dick. When the guy was ready to cum she got down on her knees and just kept pumping him until his dick went limp. All the while, that cock never left her mouth. She was holding the entire load in her mouth. Just as this guys dick pulled out of the gloryhole a huge black dick took its place and another one came through the other gloryhole. Turning her face to me, she opened her mouth so I could see the whole load of cum swirling around her tongue. Then she pointed to the black dick, making it plain that she wanted me to jerk a load of cum right on top of the load she was already holding. I proceeded to jerk this huge cock and while I was doing this she started to jerk off the dick that was sticking through the other gloryhole. She took a small amount of cum from her mouth and used it to lube up the dick she was stroking. She stopped for a minute and came over to me and signaled me to open my mouth. Then she stood up and dribbled a little cum from her mouth into mine and wanted me to start to suck on that black cock instead of jerk it off. I began to do just that as she went back to jerking off the other cock.

Pretty soon she put the head of the cock she was working on into her mouth and started increasing the rhythm of her stroke. I could see that another cock was going limp which meant she had another load of cum in her mouth. Next, the black cock I was sucking started feel like it was ready to unload. I signaled to her. She came over to me with her mouth wide open so I could see two loads of cum just sitting in that beautiful mouth. I pointed the big black cockhead right at her open mouth and stroked it until it started to leak. At that moment she put her mouth over the head and I kept stroking, filling her mouth even more with cum.

Two more cocks took their place through the gloryholes. First however, my girl wanted to share something with me. She motioned for me to put my head back and open my mouth. I did what she asked and knew what was cumming. She stood over me and let all three loads of cum pour out of her mouth, right into mine. She had brought a little flashlight with her. She took it out and pointed it at my open mouth. She started to get that crazed look on her face and shoved a couple of fingers up her cunt. Only three loads of cum so far and she was already starting to go nuts. She stared at my open mouth a bit longer and then started to attack those two dicks sticking through the gloryholes. She wanted me to just remain there with my mouth open. Soon, because she gives a hell of a blowjob, another load was emptying into her mouth. She quickly moved over to the other dick and lubed it up with cum and started to jerk it off untill she coaxed another load into her mouth. Then she stood up and put her mouth right above mine. Slowly, she let the two loads she was holding in her mouth drain into mine. Now, I had five loads of cum in my mouth. She grabbed that flashlight of hers and took a good long look at the cum in my mouth. At that point she got on her knees, put her head back and said, "I want all that cum in my mouth and I want to swallow it". I moved over to her and put my mouth right over hers and started to unload the cum from my mouth into hers. She kept her mouth open and pointed the flashlight at her wide-open mouth so I could see the huge amount of cum that she was about to swallow. Then she closed her mouth and slowly swallowed the five loads.

Next what she wanted me to do was suck off the next dick that came through one of the gloryholes. She was going to suck on my dick while I was sucking on a dick. The next two dicks came through the gloryholes. I started to suck off one while my girl was giving me a blowjob. She stopped blowing me and went over to the other dick and started to suck on it like crazy. In no time at all she had a load of cum in her mouth. She got down and started to suck on my dick again but this time she had a load of cum in her mouth. I could see the cum all around the outside of her mouth and all over my dick. Pretty soon the cock I had in my mouth started to spurt. This cock was huge and I could feel at least 5 good hard spurts of cum. Quite a bit of cum from one cock. As soon as my girl noticed my mouth fill with cum she put her head back and pointed to her mouth. I leaned over and let the cum flow right into her mouth. She started sucking on my cock again and I could see all that cum oozing out the sides of her mouth. I had to tell her to stop sucking or I was going to give it up right there.

We still had quite a few cocks left that were expected to cum through those gloryholes. My girl came prepared. She opened her purse and she pulled out a box of condoms. Her next idea was to put a condom on the next ten cocks to stick through those gloryholes. Then we would suck them off or jerk them off until they all unloaded their cum into the condoms.

One by one we unloaded each of the ten cocks into a condom. When those ten were done my girl pulls out this flask. She then takes a condom, unrolls it, hangs it into the flask and drapes the condom over the flasks edge. Now we have a condom with a stretched open top. My girl proceeds to take each cum-filled condom, emptying them one at a time into the condom that's pulled over the edge of the flask. Soon, the one condom has ten loads of cum in it. Now she removes the condom from the flask and gives it to me. She says that she wants me to feed her half the cum from the condom directly into her mouth. Carefully, I start to pour the cum out of the condom onto her tongue and into her mouth. She starts to swish the cum around in her mouth, looking straight at me. Then she smiles at me, showing me her teeth and suddenly she starts to push the cum out between her nice white teeth. What a site! I could hardly stand it. She held her hands under her chin so she wouldn't lose any. Whatever cum poured into her hands she slurped right back up.

Now for the other half of the cum filled condom. This she wanted to be fed from my mouth. She asked me to load my mouth up with the remainder of the cum and transfer it to her mouth. However, before I fed it to her, she wanted to see it in my mouth again. I poured the cum that was left, into my mouth and kept my mouth open for her to see. She looked at it with this really hungry stare and then asked me if I could please swallow all that cum for her. At this point I was in such a frenzy that I probably would have done anything she asked; funny how that works. I was only too glad to accommodate my -cum -crazy broad. I closed my mouth and swallowed it all down. She was ready to explode.

The next string of cocks that came through the gloryholes were also sucked and jerked off into condoms. She tied each of them and stuck them in her bra, between her tits to keep them warm. We thanked our friends and headed back to our apartment. When we got there my girl couldn't wait to lay down, spread her legs and insert a speculum into her pussy. She spread that thing out so wide that I could almost get my hand into her pussy with no effort. She was sopping wet.

My girlfriend wanted me to untie each condom and empty five loads into her pussy. After I did that she asked me to lay down and open my mouth. She came over to me and put her pussy right above my mouth. She leaned over me just enough so she could get a good look as the cum started to pour slowly out of her pussy and into my mouth. As the cum was filling my mouth I started to suck on her pussy and lick and bite her clit, just the way she likes it. She was so close to the edge already that it didn't take much to make her cum. My mouth was filled with five loads of guys cum and a generous helping of juice from her.

Next it was my turn. She asked if I would cum the way she likes to see me cum; that's right into my own mouth. If anybody read my first story you know that I have no problem sucking myself off. I've been doing it since I was fifteen years old. That's another thing she loves about me.

I layed back with my head and neck on a couple of pillows, flipped my legs back over my head and wrapped my arms around my legs holding my legs down around my sides. Now, I can get a good hold on my cock with my mouth.

Remember, we still have eight condoms full of cum. As I start to suck my own dick my girl empties three condoms into her mouth. She comes over to me and takes my dick out of my mouth and starts to suck on it with the three loads of cum in her mouth. Her face is right above mine and I can see and feel all that cum around her mouth and my cock. I tell her that I'm not going to be able to take this much longer. She says to wait just a second. She grabs the other five condoms and asks me to open my mouth real wide. One by one, she empties the condoms into my mouth. Now she starts to suck on my cock. When I'm close, she stops sucking on my cock and positions herself so she can see my mouth full of cum and she can at the same time start to jerk me off into my own mouth. I have a mouth full of cum and I take the head of my cock into my mouth as she starts to jerk me off. When I'm ready to blow, she stops jerking and I shove my cock further down my throat, along with a couple of loads of cum. The cum is dripping out the sides of my mouth and my girl is finger fucking herself to another orgasm. Pretty soon, I feel it cumming. Spurt after spurt of cum deep into my own throat, mixed along with five other loads of cum. My girl is cumming and has her mouth over my mouth with my dick in it. She's trying to taste as much cum as she can while she's cumming again. 

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GH - Daru’s First Glory Hole Experience

I had a long affair with an incredibly sexy woman named Daru. She wanted me to leave my wife and marry her, and she hoped that doing anything I wanted sexually would do the trick. It didn’t, but I had lots of fun along the way.

In our time together, we did many perverted sex acts, including with other couples, but I never thought that I could get her to suck cock at a glory hole. So I came up with a plan. I couldn’t have dreamed that my plan would work so well as it turned out.

It was her birthday, so I bought her a bottle of expensive champagne, and while we were drinking it, I told her my plan for the evening (well not quite all of it). I said that after the champagne, I had a reservation at an expensive restaurant in San Francisco, and after that we could rent a couple of porno movies at an adult bookstore on Broadway. I told her she could choose the movies (as I knew she loved lesbian videos), but I had the exact adult bookstore picked out - the one with the best glory holes.

I had Daru dress up. She wore a beautiful black evening dress, with black stockings, and no panties. She looked beautiful, her blond hair shining against the black dress, and her gorgeous petite little body looking so fuckable. We had a fabulous dinner. I spared no expense, and bought a very expensive bottle of wine, knowing that combined with the champagne, it would get Daru really loose. I even felt her cunt under the table to make sure she was wet - even though she didn’t know exactly what was coming later. She was - very, very wet. My cock was so hard.

I paid the bill, and we headed off to rent a video (supposedly). I had carefully selected the adult bookstore, and as Daru was looking through the videos (with about four guys staring at her tight little ass), I said to her “Hey, why don’t we watch 20 videos in the booths?. I’ll let you watch all the lesbian movies”. Daru had no idea what I was talking about. I pointed to the arcade at the back of the store, and told her about multi channel videos. She was quite excited about this new sex possibility, so I bought 20 bucks worth of tokens, and in we went. The alcohol had made Daru really loose, and she didn’t even really notice all the guys loitering in the arcade, jaws dropping as this beautiful tiny blond entered the arcade. I was particularly excited about the fact that there were a couple of big black guys there. I just hoped that they weren’t gay and liked women, because I’d never seen Daru suck on a black cock before.

I was pleased that a booth with a glory hole on either side was available. We went in, and I dropped a few tokens and found a good movie for Daru. It was a European lesbian fisting movie. One girl had her fist up to her elbow almost in another lezzie’s asshole, but Daru had noticed the glory holes and wasn’t even looking at the movie. I told her that there were holes in all the booths - they were just for gay guys. Ha ha. I could hear movement in each adjacent booth.

Since I figured they would be peeking through the hole, I lifted Daru’s dress to show both of them her hairy wet cunt. I spread her glistening pink cunt lips so they could see right up it. Daru was loving it. She knew what was going on. I think she was even expecting the first cock as it came through the hole. The guy was incredibly hard and big too, about 8 inches. Daru looked at it, then looked at me. I said “Well, what do you fucking think - suck it would you ??”. Daru hesitated for a few seconds, then she went right down on the hard cock and started sucking with slow, long strokes. I thought the guy was going to cum right away. His cock was throbbing and twitching as Daru slowly sucked and licked his shaft.

Then the guy in the next booth - he’d obviously been watching - stuck his cock through the hole. I think he was an older guy, because his cock wasn’t hard yet. He just let it flop through the hole. Daru was looking at me as she sucked the first guy. When she saw me looking at the new cock, she turned around and started to suck the limp offering. She got the guy hard in a few seconds, and was still able to play with the big cock at the other side of the booth.

I could tell the first guy was going to cum soon. His cock was getting fatter and twitching as Daru gave him a hand job while simultaneously sucking the old guy. I told her to get the big cock in her mouth quickly if she wanted to swallow his cum. She was too late, but it gave me the most enduring memory of mine and Daru’s first glory hole experience. Just as she was about to get her mouth around the big hard cock again, it started to shoot cum right at her. Some went in her mouth, but most of it hit her on the nose and chin and, as she instinctively moved her face away, the guy just kept on shooting his load. He must have spurted about 5 or 6 thick jets of cum, most of which landed right on Daru’s expensive evening dress. What a fucking mess !

The old guys cock wasn’t in the other hole at this point, so I assume he saw the whole thing. When he finally put his cock back through the hole, Daru had kind of wiped herself off and went at his cock like crazy. She was so turned on, drunk, and in a sex trance like you wouldn’t believe. The guy came in her mouth after about one minute of sucking, and while I waited for the next guys to show up, I masturbated Daru’s dripping wet cunt with three fingers up her cunthole, and a finger up her tight ass. She was cumming like crazy - almost a constant sex-crazed orgasm, and I wasn’t even fucking her.

Two more cocks came through the holes. Both hard, both white. Daru got them off really quickly, and swallowed the whole lot. Then, as an added bonus, the next guy into one of the booths was one of the big black guys I’d seen before. Daru had never sucked a black cock before, but it didn’t take her long to get her beautiful hot lips around the shaft and start sucking. This cock was even bigger than the first guy and was twitching like he was going to cum right away too. I told Daru to slow down and keep the guy hard. She did.

As I started to unwrap a condom, surprise, surprise the second black cock appeared through the other hole, another 7 or 8 inch monster. I rolled a condom onto the first giant black cock and, “OK”, I said “it’s time to play hide the salami”. I picked her up by the backs of her legs, and spread her. Daru was so petite and light, it was easy to manipulate her cunt straight at the pole that was protruding through the glory hole. I never thought her cunt would slide so easily onto such a monster cock, but it did. She was so wet that her cunt juice was dripping down her tight muscular legs.

The other guy retracted his cock to watch the show. I tried to make sure he could see me pumping Daru onto the big black cock. She was loving it, and came again. We could hear the guy in the next booth groaning as he shot his load into the condom up Daru’s cunthole. I turned her around, and stuck her cunt right up to the other glory hole.

We were both surprised when the cock didn’t slide into her. Instead, the second black guy wanted to drink Daru’s cunt juice. His big long tongue came through the hole and right up Daru’s wet cunt. After a while, I lifted her higher, so he could get his tongue into her little ass - which he did. After a few minutes of licking and fingering her ass, I made Daru put her finger through the hole - the universal “I want cock” signal. She was not disappointed. I asked her if she wanted to suck it, or fuck it. I think she must have wanted her first taste of black guy’s cum, because she went at it with her mouth like crazy. Of course, the guy didn’t take long to shoot his load right down Daru’s eagerly awaiting hot throat. Wonderful.

I think Daru could’ve stayed there all night, sucking and fucking anonymous cocks, but I wanted to get her home to fuck her up the ass, and have her piss in my mouth. I was so horny. I let her suck another 3 white cocks and an oriental guy’s tiny cock. The asian guy's cock was absolutely rock hard and thin as a pencil. I wondered if I might try to get it up Daru's tight little asshole, but he came in about 12 seconds into her mouth, so there went that thought. When I finally dragged her out of there, there were a few disappointed customers who were all expecting a free suck from this gorgeous little blond, but it was not to be. Daru sucked me off as we drove home, and I fucked her well into the early hours of the morning, including a great session in the shower where she took a long hot piss as I was squatting behind her and licking her little butthole clean. That was the least I could do for her as a birthday gift, right?

After that Daru sucked many times at glory holes in San Francisco, and we had a few sucking and fucking sessions with multiple guys in the back row of the porno theater in Jack London Square in Oakland. But the first time will always remain in both of our memories as the best ever. I didn’t even mind having to pay the dry cleaning bill to get all the cum off of Daru’s evening dress . 

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