Home For Christmas


I left home in Alberta at 18, working a year and then going into a four-year B.Comm program across the country in Nova Scotia. I was lucky enough to find an employer who gave me well-paid work during breaks from school, and I took up every opportunity. As a result, for a student I was relatively well-off, but I was not able to visit my family at home. Finally, in the last year of school my parents talked me into coming home for Christmas.

I will admit that I had always been awkward sexually, finding it difficult to form relationships with females from high school onwards. In fact, at the time of this story I had had sex once, and that only because of the lucky confluence of a horny friend, my availability, and her fascination with my large wads. I watched a lot of porn at the time and except for Peter North my cumshots were bigger than any porn stars’ I’d ever seen.

Anyway, I got home from the airport and within a few minutes my adopted sister, Marge, now 18, returned from an outing with friends. When I left home, she had been a skinny, quiet 14-year-old. She had filled out spectacularly and at eighteen had large breasts and a shapely ass. For some reason, there was an instant spark of lust between us when we saw each other for the first time after all those years.

That night at the dinner table, she "accidentally" bumped my foot with hers a few times and kept flashing me what I took to be seductive looks. At one point, when my father had gone to the wine cellar and my mother into the kitchen, I got up my nerve and put my hand on her thigh under the table, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise and delight, she took my hand and guided it up her skirt, pressing it firmly against her pantied crotch. Just then we heard our parents start to return, so I quickly snatched my hand away.

Marge drank a fair bit of wine that night and got pretty giddy. The family sat down to watch a television special together and I don’t know how my erection didn’t burst through my jeans, thinking about what had happened at dinner. After the show, my parents retired for the night and Marge and I stayed in the TV room. Then I had the brilliant idea of smoking a joint and asked her if she wanted to. She said sure, but added that she’d never smoked pot before. We went out into the garage and smoked the joint and came back quickly because it was so cold out there. I went to the bathroom and on my return found Marge passed out on the couch. I mean totally passed out; I shook her shoulder several times and she did not respond.

Cursing my luck, I went to the guest room, stripped and got into bed. I fell asleep but woke when I felt someone slip into the bed beside me. It was Marge, naked but for her green polka-dotted panties. My cock went hard as a rock instantaneously, even as my mind warned me that the guest room was directly under my parents’ bedroom. That compunction quickly vanished when Marge pulled my hand to her tit. I relished a good feel, digging the way her nipples went as hard as my cock and the delightful weight and softness of her beautiful boobs. I brought my head to her nipples and wallowed in her tits for probably ten minutes. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to get inside her cunt.

I peeled her absurd panties off and noted that Marge didn’t have much of a bush (later she told me she kept it trimmed because she found her natural furriness somewhat embarrassing). Parents overhead or not, stepsister or not, I was getting some of that pussy!

I ate her out, rather inexpertly (hell, it was the first time I’d done it) and was gratified to hear her start to oh-so-slightly start to pant and hump her pussy against my tongue. She came, quite quickly, muffling her moans by pulling a pillow over her mouth. Now, now, my throbbing cock cried! I got over the top of her and pressed my dick into her slot. I pushed, expecting to slide in easily but came up against stout resistance. "I’m a virgin," whispered Marge. OK, I thought to myself, just take it easy and get a towel to put under her in case she bleeds when her hymen goes. I ran to the bathroom next to the guest room, grabbed a big towel, returned to the bedroom to find Marge vigorously fingering herself, and slid the towel underneath her. Once again I positioned myself over her and tried to get my cock into her. I pressed, at first tentatively, then harder and harder, but no dice. She was tight as a drum and my cock, which is of average length but extremely thick, wasn’t making any headway. I gave one last mighty thrust, started to feel/hear something give way in her cunt, and then Marge pulled aside. She said, "That hurts."

I rolled aside dejectedly, frustrated as hell, with a throbbing hard-on and tightly drawn-up balls that seemed destined to be denied the release they had so long anticipated. Then Marge shyly reached over with her hand and cupped my balls. After I got over the shock, I took her hand in mine and guided it to my cock. She wrapped her hand around it…and did nothing but hold it!!

"Shit," I thought to myself, "has she been in a convent all her life or what?" I put my hand over her fist and pulled it up and down a few times along my shaft. When I pulled my hand away, she kept up the same motion. She pulled hard at the glans-end of the stroke and kind of slammed down at the root, rather the comfortable stroking I had grown so accustomed to over the years. I didn’t say anything, though, afraid she’d stop altogether if I said anything. The thrill of breaking all the rules and knowing my parents were about eight feet above us gave the whole thing a tremendous edge, as we lay side-by-side, Marge relentlessly whacking away.

After a few minutes of Marge’s rookie wanking, I felt a bit of a tingle in the base of my balls. But now her clumsy technique worked to my advantage. Several times, just as I was about to get to the point of no return, her tight tug at the head of my cock cut off my orgasm. I laid back and enjoyed it, figuring that when I finally did blow my load it would be spectacular from all the accidental stopping and starting.

Again, after a few minutes I felt I had to come. I put my mouth next to her ear and whispered, "Harder!" Marge increased her pace, her hand flying up and down my horny cock in a blur. A big glob of pre-cum got squeezed out, and soon the glans and shaft of my cock were coated in it. That did it!! I came like a fucking fire hose!

Somehow I managed not to scream in ecstasy as the most intense orgasm I’d ever had ripped through me, magnified by the effects of the pot I’d smoked earlier. Spurt after spurt of jizz gushed from me, mostly coating Marge’s tits and belly, although a fair bit wound up on the sheets and on her cheek and chin. She kept up her motion until I was drained and then released my dick, her work done.

Or so I thought. Just as I was contemplating telling her to go to her own room, and rolling over and going to sleep, Marge started gently playing with my cock again. Much to my surprise it instantly went boner again and then became the recipient of possibly the sweetest stroking any cock has ever had the privilege to receive. This time, Marge loosened her grip considerably and moved her hand in a smooth, languorous motion. Having blown a spectacular wad only minutes before, it took me a long time to get close again. Finally, with a convulsive shudder, I got my nut again, involuntarily wrenching my body up and shooting a very respectable load onto Marge’s smooth belly, luckily missing her cunt.

I thought to myself that’s got to be it. There’s nothing left. But how was Marge to know? She grabbed my still turgid meat and began to beat it with all her might. I was actually about to stop her when I felt the familiar tightening around my asshole and knew I was going to come for the third time in maybe half an hour. Although I only managed to spurt a couple of small jets, the intensity of the cumshot almost made me pass out.

Then Marge climbed on top of me and began to hump her cunt against my hipbone. She was really getting into it, eyes glazed over, utterly lost in another world. I managed to slip my thumb between her clit and my hipbone, and after just a couple of rotations she came, hard.

Every night of my stay that year she came to the guest room and jerked me off. A few years later we fucked for the first time. Although decades have passed, and we both have families of our own, we still make a point of rutting in some fashion every time our paths cross.

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