Saturday Night Wife

Last Saturday night my wife and I decided to watch a porno movie together, which we do semi-regularly. So off to the video exchange store I go. She’s not real comfortable selecting the videos, so I usually go by myself. What she doesn’t know is that I will sometimes stop into the arcade for a little warm up action. There's always plenty of gloryhole activity amongst the dozen or so booths.

I stepped into an empty booth and dropped a couple of tokens. A few moments later, the door to the booth next to mine opened and closed quickly and I heard the occupant also drop a token into the slot. A quick glance at the hole showed he was standing by the hole with his dick already out. I’m an equal-opportunity kind of guy when it comes to gloryholes, so I placed my finger on the edge of the hole for a few seconds and here came his hardening cock through the hole.

He stiffened all the way up pretty quickly as I ran my hands over his head and shaft and played with his balls. I’d just started to get in a couple of licks when he pulled back away from the hole. As he pulled back, I realized there was another person in the booth with him, but his face blocked the hole before I could make anything out except a human shape. “I want to see your dick,” he said. The guy looked to be in his late forties with a mustache.

“Is that your wife?” I asked. He just moved out of the way and I could then see that it was a woman, about the same age as the man. Not bad looking at all. I smiled and figured I might as well take a chance: “Can I see your tits?”

She looked at him and he just lifted the front of her shirt until I could see her bra. She then lifted the bra away and two nice sized breasts appeared. “Wow” was about all I could say.

He then said, “We’d like to see your dick.” Not a request I was going to refuse, so I stood up, unzipped and pulled my pants down. I was wearing a pair of underwear perfect for gloryhole trips – regular jockey shorts with a snap-away cover for the crotch. I pulled away the cloth panel and slid my cock and shaved balls through the hole.

Almost immediately I felt a wet pair of lips circle my shaft as I reminded myself I was only there for a warm-up and my goal was to not come before I got home. It became apparent that was going to be a major challenge with my cock in the mouth on the other side of the wall – whatever gender it might be.

I looked back through the hole and they both were peering back at me, no clue as to which one had been treating me so royally. He was sitting in the chair with his hard dick poking up as she kneeled against his lap. I said I didn’t want to come yet and she just smiled and dipped her head into his lap. As she applied her oral caresses to him, I realized it was the first time I’d seen a live blowjob where I was not a primary participant. I glanced at the man’s face, and we kinda grinned at each other.

“Do you want me to come over there?” I asked. He just shook his head no. At first I was afraid I’d pushed too far, but he kept smiling and indicated I should keep watching. I knew we’d established comfortable limits for all of us when he whispered “You can touch.”

I reached my hand through and alternated between touching his balls and her tits, occasionally feeling the wet spot on his shaft as she slipped her mouth up and down. I was also wondering what I’d done to be so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I felt her rise up, so I pulled my hand back to see what would happen next.

“She wants to suck your dick,” he said. I looked at her and replied, “I’d really like to suck your tits.” She glanced at him and moved her chest toward the hole. As it filled with breast flesh, I locked on to the nipple and began to suckle gently.

Now I’ve been visiting arcades and adult theaters off and on since I was in college. In almost 20 years, I’ve only run into couples a handful of times and had played with couples just twice. Imagining what was happening on the other side of that wall as she pushed her nipple through the hole into my mouth just might be the single most erotic thing that has ever happened to me.

Her nipple slipped back and he again said, “She wants to suck your dick.” I placed it back through the hole and a mouth grabbed on immediately.

“Control,” I thought to myself.

Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled back just slightly to try to tell which set of lips were around me. No sign of a mustache could be seen, but I couldn't be sure which of them it was. “Control yourself,” I thought again.

It didn’t work.

About the same time I realized I was past the point of no return, I also remembered there’d been no discussion or agreement about whether it was cool to come in either of their mouths. I pulled back, mumbled “I’m coming…” and shot the first stream just to the side of the hole. I worked the rest of the load out, enjoying the moment and working to maintain my balance.

As the orgasm subsided I peered back through the hole. She just smiled and said “Mmmmmm. Nice.” He was already zipping up his pants and she placed her bra back in its normal position and smoothed down her shirt. I just grinned and said thank you. They both grinned back.

As I was getting myself back together I heard their door open. As I stepped out of my booth, they were disappearing around the corner – probably off to find another playmate for both of them.

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