A Helping Hand from Nurse Yvette

A patient named Bob had the strongest sex drive of anyone I've ever known. I knew for a fact, because he had rather sheepishly confessed to me that he beat off an average of three or four times a day. He just found it impossible to go more than about four waking hours without squirting.

He was in the hospital because he had fallen out of a tree and broken both his arms. There was also some kind of problem with his back, so he ended up in traction, both arms in casts and held in place above his head.

At the end of a week, I stopped in to visit him.

I looked incredibly sexy, in my short white nurse's uniform. Before visiting him, I had removed my panty hose, so he could see my smooth legs.

He was spread out helplessly in the bed, unable to move. I had dressed him in a green hospital gown but I had "accidentally" put it on him backwards, so that instead of opening in the back the opening was in the front.

I asked him innocently, "Have you managed to, you know, beat off?"

He closed his eyes and groaned. "I can't. It's impossible. I haven't come in a week. I'm going fucking nuts."

"Gee. It must be really tough getting a boner and not being able to reach down and rub it." I was being incredibly dense. Evil. Manipulative.

"Say!" I chirped brightly. "There's a new patient down the hall, and he's got this really cool tattoo."

I reached down casually, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and spread open his robe. "It's this kind of lizard dragon thing. It starts right about here," I put one finger on the inside of his left thigh, just above the knee, "and then it sort of twists and snakes up the leg to about here." I swirled the finger slowly up the inside of his leg to just below his balls, and he jumped as if he had been shot. "Fuck!" he blurted out.

I was pretending to be totally oblivious. "And at the top it's got this really cool head that has big eyes that go around in circles, like this." I started running my finger around in torturous circles, right there under his balls.

He had his eyes squenched shut and was opening and closing his hands, where they were restrained above his head, and his mouth was working, showing me his clenched teeth. "Jesus!" he almost screamed.

"Oh, gee. I wasn't thinking. I guess if you're in a bad way, what with not coming and all, it must be tough to have me touching you like that. I won't do it anymore." I took my hand away.

I knew that what I was about to force him to ask me was just about going to kill him with embarrassment, which was also a major turn-on for me. I waited for his next move.

Bob rolled his head from side to side. He had a look of despair on his face and was obviously in agony. I noticed that he had developed a hardon roughly the size of the Great Wall of China.

"Nurse Yvette, I ... don't know how to ask you this," he stammered.

I found this whole scene both wildly erotic and richly amusing, and I had to fight to keep a straight face and not laugh out loud.

"Hey!" I chirped again, even more brightly if such a thing were possible. "I just got this cool stuff called Astroglide. Have you ever used it?" I whipped it out of my pocket.

Now, over the years I have used tried varioius lubrications on men's dicks, from Jurgens Hand Lotion to Vaseline Intensive Care, but Astroglide wins hands down in the beating off category, as it is probably the most slippery substance on the planet and doesn't dry out on you. Many a satisfied man has told me that it feels fucking fantastic.

I held it up and sort of fiddled with it and pretended to accidentally flip open the cap and squirted a hefty squirt onto Bob's chest. "Oh, gee, I'm really sorry. Here, let me brush it off you." I reached down and started to lightly, gently, relentlessly rub both his nipples.

Bob parted his lips and let out a roar of pleasured surprise, while I thought his eyes were going to start out of his head. Again I had to fight to keep a straight face. I'm always amazed at how many men have no idea what a hot erogenous zone their nipples are.

"Listen," he moaned. "I know I'm not supposed to ask you this, but you .... you ... I have to have some relieve here. Is there any way you could ... oh god, I don't know how to ask this ..."

"Gee," I suddenly said, "I never noticed what nice big veins you have on your cock." I reached down and slowly traced up and down one, and he acted like someone in an electric chair.


"Say, Bob," and at this point I never stopped touching him, moving my finger up and down his cock and using the other hand to continue to tease back and forth from one nipple to the next," "uh, what did you want to ask me?" I looked down at his grimacing face and waited for his response.

Bob was shuddering all over, as if an electric current were running through him. "Listen. I ... I ... I need a helping hand here."

I knit my brows and put on my deliberately obtuse mask. "What ... You mean, like, giving you a drink of water?" All the time my right forefinger was moving relentlessly up and down his shaft and my left forefinger was working his nipples. I was Evil Incarnate.

"NO! I mean I gotta ... I gotta ... fuck, I mean I gotta come. If I don't come, in the next three minutes, I'm gonna be a basket case!"

My face twisted into a knot of puzzlement. "Well, yeah, I appreciate you bein' hard up and everything, but I don't see how that's possible. I mean, you can't do yourself becuz your arms are in traction, right?" My fingers continued to move, in a casual almost absentmindedly way on the most sensitive parts of his body, and he wiggled like a snake.

He turned his head to one side and flushed.

"Listen, Nurse Yvette, you gotta help me out. You gotta get me off! You gotta just use your hand, plain and simple, and help me out here!"

"Oh! Really?" I batted my eyes. "I don't know if I'm that kind of girl."

He found it impossible to meet my eye. "Well--well, I--I'm in a really bad way, and I--I gotta come... I'm serious, nurse, if you don't help me out here I'm gonna ...Well, I think I might die or something."

"Oh! Well! In that case!" Now that I had forced him, fiendishly, to say it out loud, it was as if a switch had been turned and the chamber was flooded with light. "How would you like to try this stuff?"

I dumped a huge dollop of the Astroglide onto his cockhead and slowly, excruciatingly started to move my fist up and down over it.

Immediately he started to moan, "Mmmmm, mmmmm."

It was so loud that I thought it was going to bring in the other nurses. After about thirty seconds, he had graduated to "Ohyes ohgod please, ohyes ohgod please, ohyes ohgod please," which he kept chanting over and over as some kind of magical mantra.

When, to my experienced eye, he was pretty much on the brink of exploding, arching his back, working his mouth, his fingers opening and closing, his ability to form recognizable words gone to the wind, his eyes squeezed closed, I did a horrible thing. I stopped.

His eyes, of course, sprang open. "Oh, man, you can't stop now! You can't stop! You can't!"

I smiled. "What do you mean, I can't stop? I just did."

He threw his head from side to side. "You gotta finish me off, or I'll fucking die!"

My smile became a wolfish grin. "Hmm, well, we'll see about that... Okay, let's go."

I went back to my handwork on his tool, taking my time, but within less than a minute his mouth, his nostrils, and his eyes all became about thirty times their normal size and his body became a whirling dervish and almost lifted me up to the ceiling and his moans turned into a hurricane and all this white, hot, sticky stuff spurted all over my hand and wrist and his stomach and chest and throat and face.

When I finally stopped, I grabbed both his ears and pulled his face up to mine and kissed him full on the mouth.

I paused in the doorway on my way out and said, "Thanks, Bob."

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