A Helping Hand by a Nurse


I am a 34 year old nurse in a local hospital in Iowa.   I wont let out the name of the city for obvious reasons.   My name is also not the actual, but the story I am going to relate is true!   I got interested in nursing during high school, when a bunch of us girls volunteered at one of the hospitals. We were basically a type of candy striper, I suppose.   Out of 5 girls who started out, only two of us stuck with it for any length of time.   Then I am the only one who actually made nursing my career.   I am married with two children.   My husband satisfies me sexually very well.   But I have an obsession that takes over quite often during my job as a nurse.   I love jerking guys off!   It is almost a passion with me.   It started when I was doing the volunteer work.   Since I had expressed interest in going on into the nursing profession, I eventually got a part time job at the hospital after school and on weekends.   It didn't pay very much in the form of money, but it was invaluable since I was learning a lot that would help me in my studies as a nursing student.   I would end up working the night shift with an old nurse who was about 56 and a little chunky.   She was very nice to me and taught me a lot.   I'm afraid she also taught me my obsession!   Or at least planted the seed for it!

On a Saturday night as we were making rounds, we came into a room where the patient was a 32 year old man who had his appendix removed and was recovering nicely, except for a persistent fever that was to be watched by the physicians for a day or two before he would be allowed to go home.   As we looked into his room, he was awake and seemed to be restless.   His temperature was 101 and he was sweating quite a bit.   In checking his chart, he had been given an alcohol sponge bath earlier to bring his temp down.   So Marge told me to get a bottle of alcohol and a sponge from the storage room.   She pulled the covers down and untied the mans gown and slid it off.   I had to stifle a gasp as his cock came into my view.   It was soft, but it was almost 6 inches long.   I was no virgin by that time and was getting regular sex from a boyfriend, so I had something to compare against.   My boy friends cock was as big as the mans when he was hard!   I watched intently as Marge began with his neck and shoulders, and working her way down his stomach, being careful to avoid his incision.   She completely avoided his genital area and went on down his thighs and legs.   As I kept taking glances at his cock, I was shocked to see it begin to twitch and start to grow!   Marge had him roll onto his side, so that his back was to us, so I no longer had a view of his cock.   I had to fight the urge to walk around the other side of the bed, so I could see if he was getting harder.   But I stayed behind Marge and intently observed.   Once she had done his backside, she had him roll back over.   I had a shock as I was staring at his fully erect penis!   It was as thick as my young wrist and at least 10" in length.   It was too big to stand up all the way straight, and kind of hung at an angle over his thighs.   The head was enormous and almost purple, it looked like it would explode! Marge went over to the sink and washed her hands.   I wondered why she had not covered him back up.   As she came back over, she said in a low almost whisper, "That's what happens when I bring a young cutey in with me."   With that I watched in almost shock as she wrapped her right hand around the long shaft and began to slowly beat him off!   I was in a state of excitement already from seeing such a fine penis, but seeing Marge pump the huge shaft as though nothing was happening, made my cunt start to leak through my panties.   For the first time since seeing the awesome cock, I looked into the mans face.   Up until now I had been embarrassed to look him in the eye.   I needn't have worried, Marge's expert hand had him in a dreamy state.   His head was back on the pillow, eyes shut, with a contented smile on his face.   It wasn't long and he began to pump up to meet her hand at each stroke.   Marge then took her other hand and cupped his heavy balls as he let out a groan and spurt after spurt of his cum came shooting from the large pisshole.   Once the spurts subsided, Marge wiped up the sperm, and tied his gown back on and covered him up.   We left the room without even saying a word.   Once back at the nurse's station, I couldn't get my mind off that huge cock as it emptied itself!   I went into our bathroom and fingered myself to a quick orgasm for relief.   When I came back out, Marge gave me a knowing look and went to her back and opened it.   She reached in and came out with a penis shaped vibrator and smiled as she handed it to me. She must have seen that I was still flushed when I came out of the bathroom.   She said "Here this will help.  I've seen so many and emptied so many, I can go quite a while before I need relief"!   I blushed as she picked up my hand and thrust the vibrator into it.   "You got excited in there didn't you?"   I only nodded.   "I don't blame you, he has a hell of a cock on him."

"You did just masturbate in the bathroom didn't you"?

" I......I..."

"Don't be ashamed, if I was as young as you, I'd be hot as hell too.  But like I said I've seen and emptied so many cocks."

I finally found my voice and began to stumble about how big his cock was.   "I've pumped bigger in my time" was her answer.   Just don't you ever climb on one of those or suck one, even though it is tempting, you never know what you might catch girl.   With that she told me to take her friend in the bathroom and try it.   "It beats the hell out of a finger."  She said as she smiled broadly.   I did, I went back into the bathroom and used the cock shaped toy, and had an intense orgasm that satisfied me a whole lot more than the first one.   Its vibration was delightful on my clit, and I vowed to get me one of my own.   I washed it off and returned it to Marge, who told me where to buy one of my own.   Before that patient got discharged, we got to sponge him one more time.   And as before, he had a raging hard on!   Only this time, Marge stepped back, and motioned for me to do the honors.   I approached timidly and wrapped my hand around the magnificent cock, and began stroking.   My fingers still had about 2 inches of room between my fingers, that how thick it was.   My pussy was dripping as I sped up my hand motion.   When I heard a loud groan and he started thrusting up into my hand, I took my index finger of the other hand and smeared his precum around the head, then I slipped my lubricated finger into his anus up to the second knuckle.   He shot almost immediately, high in the air and landing all the way down by his feet.   I kept wriggling my finger in his ass as his cock was exploding all over the place.   Once the spurts subsided, I slid my finger out of his asshole, and washed the sperm off of him.   I was so flushed, due to having an orgasm right along with him.   Without even touching my pussy.   Once Marge and I got out into the hallway, she looked down at the front of my nurses slacks, and said, "You better go change dear."   I looked down to see my entire crotch wet as though I had been hit with a bucket of water.   Once in the locker room, I pulled off my slacks and peeled the wet panties down.   My hand instinctively went to my slit.   The moment my finger came in contact with my hard clit, I had a violent orgasm, causing my knees to give, so I had to quickly sit on the floor, to prevent from falling.   I had never cum so hard!   Well ever since, and that was quite some time ago, I have given relief to many a hard cock.   Too many to count that's for sure!   I get all kinds of offers to having my cunt fucked to having my pussy eaten, as I stroke their cocks.   But I remain faithful to my husband.   If they grab for my ass or try to run a hand up my skirt, I quickly stop my hand action and tell them, if I am touched again, I'll stop permanently.   I have yet to one try it again.   They don't want to be left in such a state and have to bring themselves off!   I don't want that either.   I love the sight of a spurting cock.  I even jerk my husband off sometimes as I am on my knees in front of him.   I suck his cock first, and then jack him until he begins to spurt, then I swallow him before any of the delicious cum gets away!   I know of a lot of nurses who will relieve a hard cock in the hospital when they can, so don't be afraid if you spring a boner.   You may just get the best hand job of your life!

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Wear Something Pretty to the Party

There were silky red thongs, lacy black bikinis, pearl white strings, and soft pale blue french cuts. I had never seen such a beautiful collection of panties and bras in all my life. I had just returned to my building from getting my morning coffee and was going up the stairs to my apartment when my neighbor from across the hall was going down to do her laundry. I smiled and said good morning and she said "hi" back. As we passed I peeked around my shoulder and got a glimpse of the clothes in her basket. I must have been staring because she giggled and smiled at me once more before she disappeared around the corner to the basement. It was my day off and evidently hers too. As I made my way to my apartment I couldn’t help thinking about her sorting through all her pretty underthings downstairs. I stood inside my apartment door listening and peeking through the peephole, waiting for her return. Ten minutes seemed like an eternity, but then I heard her coming back up the stairs and watched her enter her apartment and shut the door. All was silent…I could hear my heart pounding as I formulated my plan. Her loads of laundry wouldn’t be done for another 20 minutes or so, plenty of time to get downstairs and back without her knowing. I carefully opened my door slipped out into the hallway and quietly tiptoed down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door that lead to the basement laundry and storage units. Her basket was on top of one of the washers, and both washers were running delicate loads. In the basket were a few white and blue silk panties and bras. I picked out a pair of white string bikini thong panties and rubbed the soft slick fabric between my fingers. There was a slight stain on the cotton bottom of the thong and I put it close to my nose and breathed in. My cock pressed hard against my shorts almost immediately. I rubbed the outside of my pants as I played with her panties. I opened one of the washers and watched as all the red underwear swirled around and around. I picked out a red lacy french cut bikini and felt the cold wet lace against my skin. By now I was practically humping the washer, trying to get as much friction on my cock as I could. I desperately wanted to relieve myself in those panties. I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided I could strip down and jerk off with her panties without getting caught. I peeled off my shirt and threw it on top of the washer. I pushed off my shoes and slipped off my socks and set them in the corner. Then I unsnapped my shorts and let them fall to my ankles and quickly hooked my thumbs into my Joe Boxers and pulled them down and off my legs, leaving them in a pile on the floor. I stood there naked trying to decide which pair of panties I wanted to play with. The wash was just about to switch to spin cycle so I had to get this done fast. I decided one of the red wet ones would be nice and took a pair and wrapped them around my stiff cock. It was cold and slippery, but as I started stroking myself with them they quickly warmed up. As I stroked the wash cycle switched to spin and the room got louder so I walked around the room and headed over to the storage units and peeked inside. One was unlocked and I went in and crept behind their bicycles and garden tools. My balls were tightening and I knew it wouldn’t be long so I decided I could do it right here. As I was getting close I suddenly heard familiar giggling coming from the laundry room. My cock immediately went limp and I crouched down and held my breath. There were two women whispering and giggling but I couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other. I waited without making a sound. A few minutes later one of the women walked around to the storage units area and said "We’re having a little party in 2B if you’d like to join us. Be sure to wear something pretty or just come as you are". They both giggled and left. I could hear them walking up the stairs. I stayed crouched in the corner for several minutes before I felt like moving again. As I walked back into the laundry room I got a sick feeling. Everything was gone—my clothes, her panties, bras, the basket, everything—the washers and dryers were all empty and quiet. I stood there stark naked with only a pair of her red, wet panties in my hand. I thought I could probably make it back to my apartment without anybody seeing me but my door was locked and my keys were in my pants pockets. I trembled as I looked at the panties and knew what I had to do—what they forced me to have to do. For the first time in my life I stepped into a pair of women’s panties. They were still moist as I pulled them up my legs and over my limp cock. The material felt cold against my balls as I pulled them all the way up to my waist. I just stood there and looked at myself. I didn’t look bad in red lacy bikini panties; my waist was thin and solid from working out everyday at the club. My buns were fully covered by the back of the panties and my balls were pulled tight against the thin fabric—a narrow crotch that was never intended to hold a man’s ball sack. My shrunken cock was plastered tight against my body and lay off to one side buried in my thick bush of pubic hair. I headed for the door. All was quiet as I opened the door and made my way up the steps. I made it around the corner without an incident but as I was heading up to the second floor I heard someone unlocking the outside door. I ran the rest of the way up and knocked on 2B. The person from the outside was now inside and getting their mail—I heard giggling from inside 2B. As the door opened, the person from below started walking upstairs. I was greeted by my neighbor and asked to come in; I slipped inside just as my other neighbor was reaching the top of the stairs. The door closed just in time. "Hi, my name is Jill." I was facing my pretty neighbor, the one I had watched coming and going for months but was too shy to speak to, and I was standing there wearing nothing more than her underwear—I was horrified. My face turned red as I shook her hand, "Hi my name is Keith." "I’m glad you could join us, come in." She motioned toward the living room and as I looked over I was stunned to see that there were three other women, all as pretty as Jill, with wide grins on their faces. I followed Jill into the living room and stood there as she sat down. As I was being looked over I subconsciously covered my crotch with my hands. I wanted to get this over with quickly so I just blurted it out "I believe you have my clothes and keys and I’d like them back." Jill said, "He wants his clothes back girls, what do you think?" Everyone started laughing and shaking their heads no. "I think the consensus is that you don’t get your clothes back right now. We’re having a little party here, and we would really like you to stay. When the party is over we’ll give you your clothes back. How does that sound?" I sheepishly agreed, what choice did I have. "Good, first I want you to hold your hands behind your back and walk around the living room for us so we can check out that cute bod of yours." I slowly uncovered my crotch and held my hands behind my back and walked in a circle around the living room. The girls whooped and hollered and whistled as I went around and around. After a few minutes Jill said I could stop. She came over to me and said to everyone, "I need to have a few moments in private with our new guest, everyone have a drink and relax, we’ll be back soon." She hooked her finger in the front of the waistband of the panties and pulled and said, "Follow me." She led me to the back of the apartment. We entered the bathroom and she said, "OK we are going to have to clean you up a bit. Take off my panties you naughty boy." I hesitated not knowing what to do. "Hurry up, we don’t have all day, get them off!" I instinctively reached for the panties and pulled them down and off. Now completely nude, she looked me over from top to bottom, her eyes eventually stopping at my cock. "My what a little thing you have there. Does it ever get much bigger?" I mumbled something like "yes sometimes". "Well, step into the shower, I can hardly see it through all that hair. Put you hands behind your neck, I don’t want you playing with it or anything." I stepped into the shower, faced her, and clasped my hands behind my neck. She dug through a drawer and found a pair of scissors. "Don’t worry, I’m not going to cut it all off, just enough so we can see what you’ve got." She then quickly clipped away my pubic hair, leaving about a half inch of fuzz. "There that looks better, now turn on the shower and get wet." She watched as I turned the water on and let it warm up and then turned it on my body. It felt strange to be watched while showering. After I was good and wet she said that was enough so I shut the water off. I stood there wet and shivering and she dug back into her drawer and found a can of hair remover. "Now I want you to lather up with this from your neck down. You’re allowed to skip a small circle of hair above your cock but everywhere else the hair must go—your balls included." She handed me the can and I squirted some foam into my palms and started covering my arms, shoulders, armpits, chest and stomach. It tingled as I rubbed it in. She said, "give me some and I’ll do your backside." As she was doing my back and buns I did my balls and legs. As I bent over to get all of my legs, she swished some through my ass crack and up under my balls. When I was completely covered in the foamy cream, except for a small patch above my cock, she said, "wait right there." and left the room. Before long she was back with a digital camera and said, "put your hands on your hips and one foot up on the edge of the tub and give me a big smile." I did as instructed and had my humiliating picture taken. It felt like the cream was beginning to burn and she said it was OK to wash it off now. I turned the shower back on and rinsed away all the foam, and with it, all my body hair. The tub quickly filled with hair as my silky smooth figure emerged. I looked like a little kid again except for my cock. My arms chest, stomach, back, legs, butt and balls were all completely smooth and hairless. I finished rinsing and she said that I could stop and get out now. "Stand on this towel and face the mirror." Still completely dripping wet I stepped out on the towel. "Now put your hands on your hips and spread your legs and I’ll dry you off." I did as instructed and she stood behind me and dried off my back, arms, chest, butt and legs but not my cock. I stood completely dry except for my dripping wet cock. She tossed the towel away and stood directly behind me—I could feel her jeans brushing against my buns—my body was much more sensitive without any hair. She placed her hands on my ribs and slowly reached around to feel my smooth stomach and chest. She started rubbing my stomach with one hand and my chest with the other—occasionally brushing her red nails against my now pointy nipples. While still rubbing, she whispered in my ear..."OK Keithy, let me explain how this is going to work. I have three friends out there that are expecting a good time. I want you to do whatever they ask. Eventually they are going to want to see you cum, and that’s just fine with me, but try to hold out as long as you can because this party could go on all day and I don’t want you completely drained, if you know what I mean." As she said that my cock sprang to attention and she noticed in the mirror immediately. "Oh look it does get bigger." Her hands both stopped rubbing and moved down to my hips, pushing my hands away. Her right hand grabbed my semi-erect cock and her left hand slipped under my smooth balls. She just held them still for a minute and said, "I think we could all have some fun, and when the day is over I’ll give you your clothes and keys back." I was now completely erect and I just wanted her to stroke it, but she just held it completely still, pointing it straight up toward by belly button. I said "just one thing…why are you doing this to me?" She said, "Well, I could have easily reported what you were doing in the basement with my panties to the landlord or the police, but I thought I’d give you a break. I didn’t force you to remove your clothes and play with yourself with my underwear in public, but since you did, I figured I’d take advantage of the situation." She let go of me and headed for the door and said "Time to join the party. Lets go." She took my hand and led me out and down the hall toward the living room. I felt cold and embarrassed as we walked into the living room where the other women were gathered. As we arrived all talking stopped and every head turned our way. Someone said "Oh my god, what did you do to him? He’s gorgeous." Jill left me standing in the middle of the room and sat down on the couch "I just tidied him up a bit. All that man hair was obstructing my view." My nervousness had taken its toll on my penis; it was once again limp, but still slightly inflated from our time together in the bathroom. Jill said, "don’t worry girls he rises to the occasion when he relaxes." Everyone giggled. "Keith, there is a new bottle of champagne in the refrigerator, would you please be a good boy and bring it here for me?" Jill’s apartment was laid out just like mine so I intuitively knew where the kitchen was. As I turned and walked to the refrigerator the ladies began whistling and hollering. When I got to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator the cold air brushed across my naked belly and instantly made my nipples jut out. I grabbed the champagne and with as much confidence as I could collect I stood tall and walked back to the group, my cock jiggling as I went. The ladies were all enjoying my predicament Jill instructed me to open the bottle while standing in the middle of the room so they could "see my muscles at work". I began peeling the foil off the neck, and then loosened the wire and removed it. Now the tricky part was to get the plastic cork out of the bottle without a table or anything to support the bottle on. I started twisting the cork with my right hand while holding the bottle tight against my left side. It was almost out so I slowed down, trying to let the air gradually. I almost had it when all of a sudden it popped out and foamy champagne blasted out onto my chest and neck and flowed down my front. It was freezing cold as it made it’s way all the way down to my cock and then onto the floor. All of the ladies jumped to my rescue, one taking the now half full bottle from me, another running to the kitchen for towels, and Jill and her friend patting my shoulder and back in consolation. "That’s OK Keith, we’ll get you all cleaned up." Before long all the girls had towels and each one was rubbing me dry. At first I thought they were genuinely being considerate, but soon I realized that it wasn’t all for my benefit. Long after I was dry the towels kept moving; one on each side of my chest, another on my stomach, and another against my cock and balls. I could feel hands holding me everywhere; on my arms, back, buttocks and sides—all holding me quite firmly in place. Soon the towels were dropped to the floor and were replaced by bare hands. All eight hands were feeling me up quite thoroughly, one in my butt crack, one cupping my balls and then suddenly one stroking my cock. Just then, one of the girls slid her index finger up my butt and began tickling me deep inside. I had never had that done to me before. As she continued to stimulate me from within I said "I don’t want to do this, please let me go." But Jill said, "Just relax Keithy, we’ll handle it from here, there is nothing you can do about it, so you might as well enjoy it." They were right; I was no match for the four of them. My body was betraying me anyway; my nipples were tingling from the stimulation they were getting, the loose skin holding my swollen balls had already tightened, and my cock was growing longer and harder with each stroke. It actually felt quite wonderful to be jacked off by so many pretty, dressed women. I decided I’d go for it. I concentrated on my now stiff cock and began to match the rhythm with my hips. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to cumming--I was just about there. I closed my eyes and let my cock take over. I could feel cum gathering in my balls, and then moving to the base of my cock. I could feel the first wave escaping but then suddenly, they let go of my cock and balls and held my arms behind my back. I looked down at my cock, still twitching as the first bit of cum oozed from my slit. The finger inside me pushed deeper as Jill grabbed my cock, aimed it down at an empty wine glass and gently squeezed my balls. I was shocked as I watched cum pour from my cock without any help from me. Wave after wave flowed into the glass, matching the rhythm of the stroking finger deep within my butt—every time she moved her finger more cum poured from my penis, without any pleasure at all. Eventually the cum slowed to a trickle and then just a few drops and then the girls released me. My knees buckled and I kneeled to the floor as the girls waved the wine glass around, now a third full with my manhood. The girls triumphantly passed the glass from one to another for closer inspection. One of the girls said, "Lets have some champagne to celebrate Keith’s milking." She got the bottle and started pouring four glasses. Each of the ladies took a glass of champagne and then looked at me. Jill gave me the wine glass with my cum inside and asked me if I wanted a champagne mixer or if I’d like it straight up. I couldn’t believe what they wanted me to do. It was bad enough what just happened; now they wanted me to drink it too. I just held the glass, my hands shaking, and looked at the sticky fluid not knowing what to say. Then Jill said, "Here, have some champagne with it, it will be easier that way." She filled my glass with champagne. The cum swirled around in the glass and bubbles began to form on it. "OK everybody, a toast to Keith, the life of our party and many more parties to cum." Everyone laughed and sipped from their glass. I looked at mine, knowing what I had to do. I figured I could drink it slowly and drag out my torment, or I could drink it quickly and get it over with. I put the glass to my lips and sipped some in. The taste of the champagne overpowered the taste of the sperm, so all that was left was the slimy feeling as it made its way down my throat. The girls started chanting "chug, chug…" so I gulped down mouthful after mouthful until it was all gone. After the toast the ladies wanted to know more about me. We all sat around, I sat between two of them on the couch and they all asked their questions…What did I do for a living? Did I have a girlfriend? Where was I from? All the usual types of things. Hours passed by quickly. When one bottle of champagne ran out, I was asked to open another from the refrigerator. They all enjoyed having a naked man for a waiter, jumping up to serve them, filling their glasses whenever empty. I must have been enjoying it too since my cock was once again sticking straight out and bouncing up and down with every step I took. Jill snapped more pictures with her camera—a glass being filled by me with my cock pointing upward, me prancing around the room naked, and me sitting on the couch with the other ladies. Since my forced "milking" gave me no satisfaction whatsoever and the champagne was taking effect, it didn’t take long before I was desperate for more action. The girls could tell too, they each took turns giving me a stroke or two just to get me going. Before long I couldn’t wait anymore, so I took hold of my cock and began to slowly pump it. I was encouraged to continue, so I kept pumping faster and faster. They told me to lie down on the floor so I didn’t stain the furniture, and when I lied down they all sat in a circle around me. No one touched me, I was told to do this one all by myself. I fell into my usual method of pumping my cock with my right hand and rubbing my tits with my left hand. I looked around from girl to girl and all eyes were all watching me intently. I loved the attention and could feel the moment approaching. As I passed my threshold, I could feel my balls tighten and then release. My body spasmed over and over but only a drop or two of cum escaped from my penis. Jill explained that my milking must have drained my balls and that I had only a little bit left—now I was completely out. My balls were sore from being pumped dry and I was tired from my orgasm and the champagne. Someone told me to take a nap so I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the same place on the floor, but all the women were gone now except for Jill. She explained how I slept for hours and the party was now over. She said the ladies enjoyed sitting around me while I slept and they talked about me and occasionally played with my body. She said everybody had a good time. I saw my clothes in a pile on the floor next to me and started getting dressed. While I was dressing Jill said "We want to have these parties on a weekly basis. Would you be interested in performing for us again? We have plenty of pictures to remember you by from this party but it would still be fun to do it live again. Of course if you decide not to join us, I’m sure we could find some ladies from your office that would like to join us and see the pictures too. We could even setup a web site so you could share them with the whole world." I finished dressing and agreed that I’d come to their next party. "Jill said, "Great, we’ll see you next Tuesday, same time, same place." I escaped from Jill’s apartment and went across the hall to mine. Once I was safely locked inside, I thought about the last six hours and couldn’t help but wonder if I’d ever be able to enjoy normal sex again.

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A Helping Hand from Nurse Yvette

A patient named Bob had the strongest sex drive of anyone I've ever known. I knew for a fact, because he had rather sheepishly confessed to me that he beat off an average of three or four times a day. He just found it impossible to go more than about four waking hours without squirting.

He was in the hospital because he had fallen out of a tree and broken both his arms. There was also some kind of problem with his back, so he ended up in traction, both arms in casts and held in place above his head.

At the end of a week, I stopped in to visit him.

I looked incredibly sexy, in my short white nurse's uniform. Before visiting him, I had removed my panty hose, so he could see my smooth legs.

He was spread out helplessly in the bed, unable to move. I had dressed him in a green hospital gown but I had "accidentally" put it on him backwards, so that instead of opening in the back the opening was in the front.

I asked him innocently, "Have you managed to, you know, beat off?"

He closed his eyes and groaned. "I can't. It's impossible. I haven't come in a week. I'm going fucking nuts."

"Gee. It must be really tough getting a boner and not being able to reach down and rub it." I was being incredibly dense. Evil. Manipulative.

"Say!" I chirped brightly. "There's a new patient down the hall, and he's got this really cool tattoo."

I reached down casually, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and spread open his robe. "It's this kind of lizard dragon thing. It starts right about here," I put one finger on the inside of his left thigh, just above the knee, "and then it sort of twists and snakes up the leg to about here." I swirled the finger slowly up the inside of his leg to just below his balls, and he jumped as if he had been shot. "Fuck!" he blurted out.

I was pretending to be totally oblivious. "And at the top it's got this really cool head that has big eyes that go around in circles, like this." I started running my finger around in torturous circles, right there under his balls.

He had his eyes squenched shut and was opening and closing his hands, where they were restrained above his head, and his mouth was working, showing me his clenched teeth. "Jesus!" he almost screamed.

"Oh, gee. I wasn't thinking. I guess if you're in a bad way, what with not coming and all, it must be tough to have me touching you like that. I won't do it anymore." I took my hand away.

I knew that what I was about to force him to ask me was just about going to kill him with embarrassment, which was also a major turn-on for me. I waited for his next move.

Bob rolled his head from side to side. He had a look of despair on his face and was obviously in agony. I noticed that he had developed a hardon roughly the size of the Great Wall of China.

"Nurse Yvette, I ... don't know how to ask you this," he stammered.

I found this whole scene both wildly erotic and richly amusing, and I had to fight to keep a straight face and not laugh out loud.

"Hey!" I chirped again, even more brightly if such a thing were possible. "I just got this cool stuff called Astroglide. Have you ever used it?" I whipped it out of my pocket.

Now, over the years I have used tried varioius lubrications on men's dicks, from Jurgens Hand Lotion to Vaseline Intensive Care, but Astroglide wins hands down in the beating off category, as it is probably the most slippery substance on the planet and doesn't dry out on you. Many a satisfied man has told me that it feels fucking fantastic.

I held it up and sort of fiddled with it and pretended to accidentally flip open the cap and squirted a hefty squirt onto Bob's chest. "Oh, gee, I'm really sorry. Here, let me brush it off you." I reached down and started to lightly, gently, relentlessly rub both his nipples.

Bob parted his lips and let out a roar of pleasured surprise, while I thought his eyes were going to start out of his head. Again I had to fight to keep a straight face. I'm always amazed at how many men have no idea what a hot erogenous zone their nipples are.

"Listen," he moaned. "I know I'm not supposed to ask you this, but you .... you ... I have to have some relieve here. Is there any way you could ... oh god, I don't know how to ask this ..."

"Gee," I suddenly said, "I never noticed what nice big veins you have on your cock." I reached down and slowly traced up and down one, and he acted like someone in an electric chair.


"Say, Bob," and at this point I never stopped touching him, moving my finger up and down his cock and using the other hand to continue to tease back and forth from one nipple to the next," "uh, what did you want to ask me?" I looked down at his grimacing face and waited for his response.

Bob was shuddering all over, as if an electric current were running through him. "Listen. I ... I ... I need a helping hand here."

I knit my brows and put on my deliberately obtuse mask. "What ... You mean, like, giving you a drink of water?" All the time my right forefinger was moving relentlessly up and down his shaft and my left forefinger was working his nipples. I was Evil Incarnate.

"NO! I mean I gotta ... I gotta ... fuck, I mean I gotta come. If I don't come, in the next three minutes, I'm gonna be a basket case!"

My face twisted into a knot of puzzlement. "Well, yeah, I appreciate you bein' hard up and everything, but I don't see how that's possible. I mean, you can't do yourself becuz your arms are in traction, right?" My fingers continued to move, in a casual almost absentmindedly way on the most sensitive parts of his body, and he wiggled like a snake.

He turned his head to one side and flushed.

"Listen, Nurse Yvette, you gotta help me out. You gotta get me off! You gotta just use your hand, plain and simple, and help me out here!"

"Oh! Really?" I batted my eyes. "I don't know if I'm that kind of girl."

He found it impossible to meet my eye. "Well--well, I--I'm in a really bad way, and I--I gotta come... I'm serious, nurse, if you don't help me out here I'm gonna ...Well, I think I might die or something."

"Oh! Well! In that case!" Now that I had forced him, fiendishly, to say it out loud, it was as if a switch had been turned and the chamber was flooded with light. "How would you like to try this stuff?"

I dumped a huge dollop of the Astroglide onto his cockhead and slowly, excruciatingly started to move my fist up and down over it.

Immediately he started to moan, "Mmmmm, mmmmm."

It was so loud that I thought it was going to bring in the other nurses. After about thirty seconds, he had graduated to "Ohyes ohgod please, ohyes ohgod please, ohyes ohgod please," which he kept chanting over and over as some kind of magical mantra.

When, to my experienced eye, he was pretty much on the brink of exploding, arching his back, working his mouth, his fingers opening and closing, his ability to form recognizable words gone to the wind, his eyes squeezed closed, I did a horrible thing. I stopped.

His eyes, of course, sprang open. "Oh, man, you can't stop now! You can't stop! You can't!"

I smiled. "What do you mean, I can't stop? I just did."

He threw his head from side to side. "You gotta finish me off, or I'll fucking die!"

My smile became a wolfish grin. "Hmm, well, we'll see about that... Okay, let's go."

I went back to my handwork on his tool, taking my time, but within less than a minute his mouth, his nostrils, and his eyes all became about thirty times their normal size and his body became a whirling dervish and almost lifted me up to the ceiling and his moans turned into a hurricane and all this white, hot, sticky stuff spurted all over my hand and wrist and his stomach and chest and throat and face.

When I finally stopped, I grabbed both his ears and pulled his face up to mine and kissed him full on the mouth.

I paused in the doorway on my way out and said, "Thanks, Bob."

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