Heavy Petting


Along with most people, my earliest sexual experience was masturbation and with the opposite sex it was mutual masturbation. As time went on and sexual relationships went further into full sex, the intense pleasure of masturbation and mutual masturbation has remained with me.

When I was about 17 I started dating a local girl of about the same age. Claire was very attractive and I couldn't believe my luck that she would go out with me, but was grateful that she did. She was rather reserved and shy and our relationship only moved slowly beyond the holding of hands and light petting.

One evening we were alone in the living room of her parent's house, sitting together on the sofa. The tv was on, but we were not watching it, and the sound was turned down low. We were getting into a necking session, our mouths locked together, our tongues wrestling. I had slipped a hand inside her blouse and was gently caressing her soft breast, teasing the nipple with my forefinger and thumb. I could feel her breathing getting heavier and the nipple stiffening and my excitement was intense. My cock had already stretched to full erection and was straining to escape from my briefs. It was desperate for some attention. Claire had her hand on my shoulder and as we necked I felt her elbow lightly graze against the hard bulge in my jeans. It was only for an instant, but then I felt it again. This time it didn't move but remained in place, lightly pressing against my cock. She had never touched me there before and this was something new. I pressed my groin forwards to increase the contact. Her elbow didn't move away and the pressure of it against me was fantastic. I wanted to move this forward and took a chance. I took hold of her hand and moved it off my shoulder, down towards my crotch. She must have realised what I was doing, but didn't resist or object. I placed her hand on the bulge and left it there to see what she would do. Immediately she placed the palm on the shaft and pressed downwards, her fingers pointing towards the head. She slowly moved her hand up the shaft, as though she was measuring the length of it. Her fingers found the head that was pressing against the fabric, and circled around it, as though feeling for its shape. Her hand closed around it, squeezing the shaft through the material of my jeans. She moved her hand back and forth, pressing and stroking. I was in heaven. This was what I wanted.

I wanted to touch her there as well. I moved my hand onto her leg intending to slip it under her skirt, but she put her other hand on top of it and moved it off. I wasn't going to spoil things by insisting, so I gave in. She continued to stroke me through my jeans all the while probing her tongue deep into my mouth.

"Why don't you put your hand inside my jeans?" I suggested.

"Are you sure?" she asked. "Would that be alright?"

Silly question, really. I told her it would be. Gingerly, she reached for my zipper and carefully pulled it down. She opened the gap. We both watched intently as she slipped her hand inside the opening and she carefully placed her hand over the straining bulge of my jutting cock. It had never felt so hard or big before. Her fingers closed around it, separated from it only by the thin cotton of my pants. It was exquisite. I thrust up against her hand, willing her to grab hold and jack me off. She stroked all the way up to the bulbous cockhead and found the large damp patch where the seeping precum had plastered the material to the head. She made a comment about my being wet, but carried on squeezing and stroking. I was close to coming and knew that I could not last much longer.

"Take it out, Claire," I pleaded, "and do it properly. Please!"


I helped her to unbuckle my jeans and we pulled them down to my knees. I still wore my pants in which my thrusting cock jutted obscenely. They were so wet they were practically transparent where the juice had leaked from the head. We could see the pinkness of the skkin, the waist band lifted an pulled away from my stomach by the acute angle at which it stood. She stared at it for a moment and then, suddenly and decisively, lifted the waist band up and pulled it down over my cock. A strand of precum came away with it, connecting the fabric to the wet head. My cock sprang upright thrusting out from my groin.

"Oh wow!" she breathed. "It's so big"

I was flattered even though I knew it wasn't. Then she leaned forward and closed her hand around it. I jumped with the shock of it. Her hand was warm and soft. She gripped me loosely in her fist and started to move it gently back and forth. Although there was plenty of juice leaking out I suggested that we needed some saliva for lubrication. She leaned forward even closer to it and for one wonderful moment I thought she was going to put it in her mouth. But she held it upright and with her mouth only inches from it, dribbled a long string of her wonderful warm saliva onto the head. It ran down along the side of the shaft. Quickly she took hold of it again, spread her saliva along and around so that it glistened wetly, and began to stroke.

"Am I doing this right?" she asked.

"Oh yes, but just hold it a little bit tighter."

She did, stroking and squeezing my aching cock. Her face was only inches from it. Our gazes were fixed on her hand stroking the cock, glistening in the light from the tv. The head had swollen even more turning a crimson red, her fingers squeezing and stroking the ridge and just below it. I was going to blow. I shouted a warning. She moved her head back a little and held my cock nearly vertical.

Her hand squeezed even harder and practically stopped moving as I fucked my cock frantically through her wet fist. I came in a ropy burst of hot white tracer that spewed up and out and landed with an audible splat on my chest, and another that spat out onto my stomach, and several lesser ones that dribbled out onto her hand. She slowly milked out the last drops before reaching into her bag for a tissue and carefully, gently, cleaned me up. My t-shirt was soaked but I didn't care, I was in heaven.

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