Hand Maidens


The party was nearly over and the slightly drunk Bob was trying his luck with Betty a slim tall sexy big breasted blonde and was boasting about his sexual prowess. Betty cut him short saying How many times can you come in a day? and Bob exaggerated and replied Twelve Betty laughed and said, No way! Oh Yes I can! Okay then come back with me and prove it! Bob smiled as Betty got her coat she returned with two other girls Gail a sexy red head and Patsy another sexy blonde Betty said, We all want to help you come twelve times darling! and the girls pulled Bob out and walked him to their flat. When they got in the flat the girls took it in turns to kiss the excited boy and then he was pulled into the bedroom. The three girls laughed and in front of his excited eyes stripped down to their sexy lingerie. Bob was admiring the female beauty in front of him when he was pulled by the girls on to the bed. The girls stripped the willing boy naked and started to kiss and pet his body as his dick rapidly hardened in front of them. He felt his arms being pulled and before he could resist the girls had tied him to the bed. Betty said, Okay stud you claimed to be able to come twelve times in twenty four hours! I do not believe you but our fingers will put you to the test. The ropes mean that you must submit to the pleasure we offer.

Then Bob felt Gails fingers rub his penis from top to bottom. She rubbed him for a minute and then it was Patsys turn her technique was smother than Gails and she rapidly brought Bob to the edge. However she slowed and held him on the point of coming. After a couple of minutes he was begging for relief but Patsy let him go. Betty waited a minute for his excitement to drop before her expert fingers started to stroke his erect member. Again he got close to coming and again he was held for over three minutes on the edge of relief before Betty said, Time for number one! and increased the speed and pressure of her fingers. Bob detonated, spunk shooting out of his dick and over his chest as he screamed with delight.

Bob expected to rest but Gail said, Now lets toss him dry! and Betty laughed and said, Yes! I think we can have fun with him no way will he make twelve. No one else has ever done it! Gail smiled at Bob and said, We are the handmaidens. We love to play with men until they are exhausted! Welcome to the most exciting and exhausting time of your life! Betty seized his dick and started to rub it as the other girls sat on the bed and Patsy poured out glasses of wine for them. Bob was embarrassed to be on display but unable to resist the delights of Bettys hands as she brought him close. After five minutes Betty said, Patsy your turn! and Patsy commenced petting his straining penis. It took only a minute for Bob to explode over her hands his spunk splashing over his chest. Patsy continued to play with Bob after he had come and he begged her to be gentle and stop. However she showed him no mercy and before long he was erect again. When Betty took over he was excited but as he had shot twice not able to quickly come. However five minutes of her expert manipulations brought him close to the edge. However Gail took over petting him and under the rougher stimulation of her hands he was unable to orgasm and it was only when Betty took up the challenge that he came. This time his dick produced little spunk and the sensation of orgasm was so intense as to be painful. Bob begged the girls for a rest and Betty said, Okay ten minutes. You can kiss us while we wait. Betty applied her lips to Bobs and they traded tongues. After a couple of minutes it was Gail he was kissing or rather being kissed by as she forced her tongue into his mouth. Then Patsy gently applied her lips to his and nibbled at his lips for several minutes. Then Gail started to rub his dick, which quickly became erect. However he was tired by his previous comings and it took the girls over twenty minutes before finally Patsy caused him to come. His dick produced only a trickle of spunk but the sensation of coming caused the poor boy to scream and pass out.

He awoke to find that the girls were still petting his dick. They had all removed their bras and as one of them rubbed his sensitive penis another one forced him to lick her breasts and nipples. Kissing three pairs of stunning breasts excited Bob and it only took another ten minutes before he was moaning on the point of orgasm. Betty was rubbing his dick and she held him on the point of coming until the sensation was agonising then rapidly rubbed him over the edge. As his dick emitted a tiny dribble of spunk Bob contorted and screamed in her firm hands. As the shattered boy lay on the bed the girls started to kiss and pet his entire body. Soon he could feel hands everywhere rubbing his nipples and cupping his balls. However it got worse when Patsy started to stroke his softening dick as the others molested his body. To his amazement his dick became hard and Patsy said, Look girls he is ready again! The girls stopped playing with him and concentrated on his pleasure. Two of the girls concentrated on stroking his dick and balls while the other pushed her nipples into his mouth. After twenty minutes Bob was close to coming but the girls reduced the level of stimulation to his dick. For an eternity of at least fifteen minutes they kept him on the edge until finally as he screamed and begged them either to stop or please him. Then Betty fisted his dick and rapidly pumped it and he exploded. His dick convulsed in her fist but virtually no spunk was emitted as Bob bellowed with delight and passed out.

Bob was awoken by the sensation of hands rubbing his sensitive penis and saw Betty smiling down at him she said, Welcome back only six more to go! Bob begged her to stop as he was worn out but she smiled and kissed him saying Twelve you said and twelve you shall have! He felt Gails hands rapidly rubbing him as Betty sat on the bed and removed her panties. She placed them under his nose and he could smell her excitement on them. Then she opened her legs so he could see her perfect shaved pussy as her hands joined Gail is pleasing him. To his surprise he was ready to come and with a pained gasp he saw his dick twitching in the girls hands as it pushed a tiny amount of spunk out. He did not pass out but lay overwhelmed as the girls continued to fondle his tender dick. Gail and Patsy removed their panties and soon three sexy naked women surrounded Bob draping their glorious bodies over his prostrate figure. He could only lie and receive the passion of their fingers. For twenty exciting minutes the girls fingers played and excited his dick. However when Betty placed the head of his sensitive dick between her finger and thumb and started to vigorously rub him he could not resist and his dick pulsed in her hand as a drop of come slipped out. After coming he slipped in to a semi dreaming state and it was only the sensation of Gail roughly rubbing his dick that brought him back to life. Betty was lying on him her pussy on his face with Gail on the other side her equally wonderful pussy pressed against him as Patsy lay between his legs her breasts resting on him Bettys hands helped Gail and Patsy to arouse his slumbering dick. It took some time but eventually he was hard again however he was to exhausted to move, speak, think or see as the girls continues to manipulate his dick. Eventually after ten minutes of expert exhausting manipulation he was close to coming. However to his horror he realised that his balls were empty and that he could not gain relief. He begged the girls to stop as the sensation from their fingers brought him to an edge he could not cross. For thirty minutes he contorted begged and sobbed, as he was unable to respond to the overwhelming urge to come. The girls smiled drank their wine and kept him stimulated and the crushed boy realised that this was the position they had worked to get him into! He knew that they would keep him in this agony for the long eternity of the night. Now he knew the terror of the handmaidens!

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