Helping Hands

This morning, the lady next door called asking for help with her VCR. Her husband doesn't know much about them and is of little help to her. She couldn't get her playback to work so after I arrived we sat down in her living room and I told her to do what she always does to record movies. She turned it on, pressed
the playback button and a blank screen was all we saw. She had somehow screwed up the tape while inserting it into the machine.

After I fixed the VCR we played one of her video tapes and on the TV screen appeared a picture of a woman's hand on a man's huge, erect penis jerking him off. His testicles were large and covered with black pubic hair and they jiggled with every stroke she made.

Oh my Gosh!, she whispered, her face flushing with embarrassment. I never know what's going to happen when I insert a tape. I sometimes enjoy movies of a sexual nature but not at this moment with you sitting here.  I am so ashamed of myself.

I said not to worry as I liked them too and you are a normal, healthy woman with special needs and sexy movies were ok by him. So we proceeded to watch the entire film.  It was quite a turn on for both of us as she got very quiet and her breathing rhythm changed to a faster pace. Her robe had opened slightly and I
could see the outline of erect nipples through her bra. Her breasts were beautiful.

Standing up and bashfully smiling I said I'm going home to take a shower and cool off.

Well now see what I did getting you in that way, her voice sounding nervous. She wanted me to stay so swallowing hard she forced herself to utter the next line.

Now, if you were open-minded enough, you'd allow me to help with your problem then we'd both be satisfied.

Are you saying what I think you're saying, knowing full well what she meant.

What do you think I am saying, she replied?

Well, l'd say it means you could help with this, pointing to my bulging groin area.

Yes, she said, that would be what I am saying. Sit back in the chair and perhaps I can do something to relieve you.

I sat back unhooked the belt, opened the fly and pulled the pants down to my knees.

Why don't you just take them completely off, she asked?

I stood up and removed them while she reached over to pull at the top of my shorts saying let's get rid of these too.

I was now totally nude from the waist down in my next door neighbors house and she was about to masturbate me.

As I sat back in the chair she got down on her knees and held my semi-erect penis. Knowing she's a married woman and touching another man in this manner with her husband at work only turned me on even more. If he could see us now I doubt he'd be pleased but who cares!

It looks to me like you need a little help with this as she continued to bring me to full hardness. My penis was growing in pure pleasure wishing I could bury it deep inside of her.

Leaning back I pushed my hips out over the edge of the chair and she started stroking my erection up and down, soft and slow, every once in awhile dribbling saliva over my cock head making it slippery and smooth to her touch. She had my testicles cupped in her hand gently petting them. I was getting very excited and she started pumping me faster. My hips bucked with her every thrust.

I was reaching the point of no return unable to hold back.

I was about to cum in her presence and was loving every minute of it.

Shifting slightly in the chair, I tensed my buttocks to project my hips towards her face then proceeded to have an intense orgasm. My seminal fluid ejaculated all over her hand and arm. She milked me for all I was worth as I pumped my cream onto her skin and clothing. It was the best hand job I ever had and it
turned me on more knowing I had splashed her body with my innermost juices.

I see no harm in doing this for a good friend as you are. There was no penetration and we're not going to have an affair. It was just naughty fun and a pleasurable release for you and a turn on for me too.

Sometimes I prefer masturbation to sexual intercourse and your soft hand on my penis was a wonderful feeling.

So then we are both happy.

We thanked each other and said good night promising never to revel our secret to anyone.

Also, to not get romantically involved as this was only a physical escapade and better kept that way.

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