I will be a senior at the University of Texas this fall, and because I'm an only daughter, my parents let me take this summer (my last) off without having to work. I've been staying with them and simply relaxing.

One weekend, my parents and two other couples left for a four-day trip together and they asked me to take care of the kids of the two couples they were going with. I was glad to do it since I would get to stay with them at the Daniels' big house in Tarrytown that has a private pool. I knew their kids, Robbie Daniels, who was sixteen, and Robin Brownlee, who was fifteen, and I knew they wouldn't be any trouble.

What I didn't know was that they had grown up during the year I was away at school. Robbie was about six feet tall and weighed about 160 with a curly mop of blond hair that had been lightened by the sun that summer. He was on the basketball team, so he worked out with weights and was really a cute guy, what with his broad, tanned shoulders, narrow, flat stomach, and tight, rounded ass.

Robin was the exact opposite. Robin was only five feet two inches tall and probably didn't weigh 90 pounds. She had freckles and she wore her red hair in braids with a pig tail on each side. With her pug nose and diminutive stature, she looked to be only about twelve years old except for her breasts, which were the size of a half of grapefruit.

The two of them were good friends mainly because their parents had known each other since college. I could tell that Robin had always had a crush on Robbie but he was so popular among the girls his age at school that he really treated Robin as his kid sister.

On Saturday morning I took the car to get some groceries, but I came back in a few minutes to pick up the list that I had forgotten. On the way back to the car, I looked out at the pool deck, because that was where the kids were when I left.

I couldn't believe what I saw!

Robbie was lying on the patio table with a towel over his eyes and was spread eagled with his swim trunks pulled down to his ankles. His cock was sticking straight up his stomach and Robin was rubbing her hand up and down his thighs. Robin was topless, and her breasts really did resemble grapefruit halves. They were completely rounded and had no sag whatsoever, and her nipples were a bright pink rose on the white flesh of her breasts.

I watched in astonishment as Robin picked up the suntan oil and poured some on Robbie's chest and began to massage it up and down toward his cock. She then poured some oil on her breasts and put Robbie's hand on her breast and, with her hand behind his, pressed his hand into her tender breasts. He began to rub the oil in as a bead of cum appeared on the head of his cock. Robin leaned over and, with the nipples of her breasts, stroked his cock from head to balls, letting him feel the hardness of her nipples on his sensitive skin. He was still blindfolded by the towel, and I moved closer to the screen door so I could hear them but not be seen.

Robin was telling him to imagine that she was Lauren (me) and that I was going to jerk him off. She described my body in detail (although she had never seen me nude) quite accurately and took Robbie's hands for a tour of her own body. I was so turned on by the sight that I had to slip my hand down the front of cutoffs and into my panties to my clit and pussy lips. I began to finger my swollen pussy while I watched Robin rub every part of Robbie's body except his cock. She poured some more oil, this time directly on his cock, and Robbie arched up from the table. She then grasped his cock and began to rub one hand up and down his eight inch shaft while the palm of the other hand rubbed on the head of his cock.

After about thirty seconds, it was more than either Robbie or I could handle, and we came at about the same time. He was spurting his thick white cum all over his chest and stomach and I had to hold on to the curtain in order to stand up. Robin rubbed her tits across his chest and stomach, drenching her nipples in his cum, and then massaged it into her flesh.

I recovered my composure before Robbie and was off to the supermarket, although with the germ of a plan in my mind. On the way home, I worked out my plan, and I stopped by the mall and purchased a wet-look black string bikini.

When I returned, both kids were in the kitchen in their swim gear, although it really didn't hide much, and I said hello and explained that I would be out after I put the groceries away. I went to my room and stripped in front of the full length mirror. I pulled the rubber band from my long, blond pony tail and let my hair hang down straight. I used a brush to get the kinks out, and the feel of the bristles against my sensitive nipples made them erect and hard. I put the new bikini around my waist and adjusted the bottom so that most of my ass was showing, and then put the bra on. It was only a strap which was about three inches wide, so it couldn't hold all of my breasts. About two inches of the tender, white underside of my tit was exposed along with about four inches of the tanned top of my breast. I put on high heeled sandals and practiced prancing and strutting.

Robbie's eyes got wide when I strutted out on to the deck, and I knew that he could see some of my blond pussy hairs peeking out of the skimpy bottom, and he could now see the shape of all he had been told about while being jacked off earlier by Robin. I kept my eyes on his crotch, and I know that he knew it. I went into the pool to make sure that the suit had an even wetter look and then lay down on the chaise. I carefully adjusted the strings, ostensibly to be demure, but really to make sure that both Robbie and Robin could see as much as possible. I asked Robin to rub some suntan lotion on me.

She began, but I said (according to my plan) that she wasn't rubbing hard enough, and I asked Robbie to take over. His hands were trembling as he poured oil into his palms and began to stroke my thighs and stomach. Every time he came near my crotch, it was all I could do to not grab his hand and slide his fingers into my pussy. I finally could not stand it any longer and took his hand, moving it to my stomach and guided it toward my breasts. His fingers grazed the soft skin on the underside of my tits, and I told him to make sure that he got them covered since they hadn't been exposed to the sun before. His fingers dug into my skin as he rubbed harder and harder, and my bra slipped up on my breast until the red circles around my nipples were exposed. His hand brushed my nipples and I pulled his hand under my top, letting my hard nipples poke into his palm. I was so hot that I had to find relief, and I pulled the crotch of my bikini bottom tight against my clit and began to hunch the material up and down. I then reached over and began to stroke Robbie's cock through his swimsuit.

I quickly got up and guided him to the table and pulled his trunks down to his ankles, covering his eyes with a towel. I removed my top and began to repeat the same words Robin had used earlier, but now it was a big, grown up Lauren in person. I used my hands and nipples on his cock, stroking his pulsing shaft slowly. I then watched as Robin walked to the table, took off her suit and then reached over and removed my bikini bottom. Without hesitation, Robin knelt in front of me and began to lick my pussy and clit. As I sped up the motion of my hand pumping Robbie's hard cock, Robin used her own hand to spread my pussy lips to give her tongue better access to my throbbing clit. Robin the stood up, leaned over and began to suck and lick my nipples as she fingered my pussy until I began to cum.

Watching Robin suck my nipples and fingerfuck me put Robbie over the edge as I heard him let out a loud groan and arch his body up off of the table. I felt his shaft grow bigger in my hand and began stroking it as fast as I could, fondling his balls with my other hand. Robbie then opened his mouth wide but no sound came out as his cock shot a huge stream of white cum straight up in the air, splashing against the side of Robin's face and my breast that she was sucking. I kept pumping his cock as spurt after spurt of warm semen shot out and covered my stomach and his thighs.

After he stopped cumming, I leaned down and placed my mouth over the end of his cock and licked all the creamy cum off of his cockhead as I sucked the last bit of jism that pulsed out of his deflating cock. Needless to say, we were not looking forward to our parents coming home!!!

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