Phone Teasing


When I was in my late teens, I had a friend who I will call Tammy. Tammy lived in another town, so we didn't get together in person very often. Because of this distance, we talked on the phone almost every night. 

We talked about nearly everything because that's just the kind of friendship that we had. One night I made reference to some odd statistic I had read in a "girly magazine". If I remember right it told how much sperm a big whale ejaculated during sex. 

I couldn't remember the exact amount, so I got the magazine out while I was on the phone with her and read all the statistics that the magazine had printed on the page. We both got a good laugh out of it. 

I'm not exactly sure why, maybe because I was horny at the time (or more accurately all the time, who wasn't at that age?), I half-jokingly told her I could read her a "bedtime story" from the magazine. 

She was a little younger than I was, female, and this was before the Internet, so she had never actually had the opportunity to read an erotic story before. Curiosity got the better of her and she told me she'd like to hear one. 

I picked one of my favorites from the issue. It was one I could identify with due to the storyteller being a much larger than average guy below the waist. I'm not saying this to brag in this story, it just made the story from the magazine more enjoyable to read because I could easily put myself in the place of the guy. I stroked myself off countless times reading that story to myself. So I chose that one to read to Tammy. 

Tammy had asked me previously how "big" I was and I had answered her honestly. I think she partly wanted to compare her past boyfriends and I think she partly wanted to know what I was packing. ;) I have no doubt that while I was reading the story, she definitely put me in the place of the guy and herself in the place of the woman from the story. 

As I read the story, which started out with a little explanation of the situation and then got into the good stuff after the woman "accidently" walks in on the guy as he was peeing, I could hear Tammy start breathing heavier and heavier. The further I got into the story the more this was noticable. 

This was Tammy's first experience with any erotic entertainment. She'd never seen magazines, pictures, or movies. I don't think she had ever even read a romance novel. She was definitely enjoying the story, partly because it was a good one, partly because this was a first for her, partly because it was kind of "naughty" for me to be reading it to her over the phone like that, and partly because she and I had an unspoken sexual attraction to each other, something we were both too shy to admit at the time. 

The story had a nice build up in sexual tension, description, and climax. By the time I was finished, Tammy was panting like she had just ran 6 miles and she kept repeating "Oh my! Oh MY!". As naive as I was back then, I still realized she was squirming on her couch from sexual frustration. 

She told me once that she never masturbated and I was inclined to believe her because she was very rigid in her thinking. In other words, she had the mistaken impression that masturbation was something that unattractive people did because they couldn't "get any". I'm sure she has probably changed her tune by now, but at the time I think it was too taboo for her. 

So here she was, panting, horny, wet, warm and throbbing between her legs, squirming in her seat. I loved knowing that I had done that to her and enjoyed the little power trip. Needless to say, between the story and her reaction, I was hard as a rock leaking precum into my underwear. 

She asked me, "How big are you again?." I chuckled and reminded her. She gave me a couple more "Oh my"'s. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she wanted to experience it first hand. I could have probably drove out to her place that night and she would have been up for anything, but I didn't. 

This went on for quite a while. Each night I would read her another story, and each night I'd make her hornier. It seemed like each night was worse for her, and that gave me another clue that she wasn't relieving the tension herself. It also gave me more power to tease her. I knew she was horny and I had no problem toying with her. I told her if I kept reading these stories to her she was going to have to hump the furniture. She seemed to like the teasing and the fact that I could so easily make her horny. It frustrated her a little that it was so easy for me to do that to her though. 

The unusual thing about it is that she never realized how horny all this teasing was making me in return. In fact, one night she said out of frustration, "Don't you ever get horny?!? Damn!" meaning she didn't think anything she did or said had any effect on me. That couldn't have been less true. Pretty much everything she did or said made me horny. I was too shy to admit it to her though. 

There was a guy that went to high school with her, who had a big crush on her, and I jokingly told her that if she kept on being so horny she was going to end up pouncing on him some night when he gave her a ride home. She ended up doing just that not long after. 

After that, she would tell me stories of things she did to him and he to her, and holy shit was I a walking hard-on. lol Between my teasing her and her telling me detailed stories of her sex life, we were both constantly horny, only she never knew I was. She never asked me point blankly if I was, she just, for some reason, assumed I wasn't. 

One of the stories I read to her one night was about a woman who was shaved by another woman. I read this to Tammy, who at first thought it sounded a little dangerous. I jokingly told her that she would end up shaving herself for her boyfriend. A few nights later, I got a call from her. She said, "You'll never guess what I'm doing." with a playful innocence. I then heard a buzzing noise, and since I hadn't ever heard a vibrator at that time in my life, I realized it was an electric razor. She was shaving and called me while she was doing it. *boing!* 

The bad thing though is that she hadn't charged the razor for long enough and it quickly ran out of juice. I did get to hear her tell me how weird it felt. She later admitted (confirming what I suspected already) that she meant both the lack of hair and the vibrations from the razor were turning her on. She got off the phone when the razor died and told me the rest of it later. I was kind of disappointed that I hadn't heard the whole shaving process first hand. 

She told me later how she surprised her boyfriend by grabbing his hand and shoving it into her panties. I so wished she would have done that to my hand. She did show me a little of the shaved area without revealing her actual lips, I was a little disappointed, but since she had a boyfriend at the time, I understood why she didn't show me the whole thing. 

She also told me a story about how she and her boyfriend snuck into the other room at his house while his family was home. She said they were making out and she shoved her own hand down his pants and started stroking him like crazy. I was going crazy wishing she'd do that to me. I think more than anything I wanted her to stroke me, as playful as she was. She told me she had kept it up until he had came in his own pants. I think she kind of liked that he had a mess to hide from his family. She was a little bit devilish like that. 

She told me one time that a lot of the time when she was telling me stories about her sex life that she was trying to make me horny to get me back at me for making her horny so much. She got frustrated because it always made her horny when she told me things, and it felt like it was always backfiring on her. She never realized that it was having any effect on me at all and she never asked if it was. 

If she would have just had the guts to ask me I would have had to admit that she was constantly making me horny, hard, and soaking my underwear with precum. I think I was a little afraid to volunteer this info, because I knew she'd know she had me under her finger. In other words, if I gave her any indication, she would have jumped on it and would have asked me all the time if I was horny or hard. I would have had to admit it and she'd tease me mercilessly, the way I had done to her, not that I wouldn't have deserved it. 

The difference was that I did masturbate at the time, quite frequently because of her. In fact, she's one of the few women I've ever known that I actually fantasized about while masturbating without feeling guilty about it. I guess it was because I knew she wanted to make me horny, so it was okay to think about her. 

I also didn't trust her enough to have that knowledge. Even though I would have enjoyed it at the time, it would have turned out badly afterwards. She would have teased me until she got me completely worked up, then teased me more saying I was going to have to jerk off because of her. With the knowledge that she made me horny, she would have realized that I had to have some outlet since I wasn't involved with anyone at the time like she was. I have no doubt that she would have tried and tried until I gave in and she would have gotten me to do it while I was on the phone with her. 

As I said, I would have loved it if she had been so bold at the time. I would have gotten off so easily with her teasing me while I was stroking. The bad thing is that she would have told her friends that I did it. She had no problem telling anyone embarrassing things about others. I really didn't want to be known as that guy that jerked off for Tammy. I couldn't give her the power to embarrass me like that, even though I would have loved to give her the power to tease me. If I could have trusted her to keep it secret, I would have gladly let her have that power to make me do almost anything for her. 

I do miss our teasing sessions, but we parted as friends long ago, due to a few incidents that we couldn't see eye to eye on. Man, that girl could make me horny though. I still have some fond memories and those phone conversations taught me a lot about how to tease a woman and what women really like. 

To the girls/women out there: Have you ever been in a similar situation and been afraid to be bold about it? If so, why were you afraid? I always have wondered why she didn't just ask me if I was horny. Maybe you can help me answer it.

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