It's Time To Get Up


At tender the age of 46 I came to realise, not without some surprise, how much I really love cock. My boyfriend and I have a blossoming and wonderful relationship and we've also come to the conclusion that we are a pluperfect sexual match.

From the first time I stripped him naked I wanted to enjoy that pretty cock of his. I wanted to kiss it and lick it. I wanted to squeeze it between my tits. I wanted to sit on it and grind until I made myself cum. But most of all, I just wanted to touch it and stroke it until I saw those warm jets of pearly pleasure burst from the tip.

And that spark lit a flame.

I love the way we make love but I could also sit quite happily, for hours, feeling him in my hand and watching the effect I have on him. I love how excited he gets over me.

Now I wouldn't go as far as say that I have a desire to dominate but I'm pushy by nature and that seems to fit perfectly with Ian's psyche.

Although we've only been an item for a few months now, it has ignited a sexuality which I had not realised was within me.

Let me tell you a story...

One morning about a month ago when I had stayed over at Ian's; I had to be in London, mid-morning, and it was far simpler to get to the train station from there. We had spent the late evening eating, drinking and being merry and were sadly too tired for fun when we did fall into bed and each other's arms.

He had arranged to have the following day off to take care of the matter of the sale of his house and was sleeping soundly when I got up. I wake at 6.30 and so had plenty time to spare when I had taken a shower and had some breakfast. So, I took him a cup of coffee when I did go upstairs to get dressed.

He sat up in bed and chatted as I sat in my underwear and a blouse fixing my make-up and hair. When I had finished, I turned to him with a smile. He looked through still sleepy eyes and told me I was the woman he'd just been dreaming about! I laughed and picked up the pack of black stay-ups I was going to wear that say. I went over to the bed and playfully bopped him on the head with the packet then leaned down to kiss him. He sighed as my hand slid over his shoulder and down towards his chest.

It's little things like that which make me love him and I wanted to get straight back into bed with him. But I knew I didn't have that much time to spare.

Still I let my hand wander over him.

When I reached his stomach, I looked into his eyes and asked him, "Can I?"

He smiled and slowly nodded and when I pulled the duvet back I soon saw why. His cock was laying, raised slightly from his stomach and already hot and hard.

It shocks me sometimes when I get so overwhelmed with lust for him and seeing that naked, aroused man of mine made me want to see just how much I excited him. Leaning forward to kiss him again, I gently wrapped my fingers around his beautifully naked cock, taut with lust for me. As soon as I began to tenderly stoke him he began to moan with pleasure and I giggled as a morning tease began to form in my mind.

My simple sombre style of dress for work has always excited Ian and I love to think of him looking at me with those eyes. He gets a big kick out of my legs too, especially when I wear stockings.

So I sat, looking into his eyes, sliding my hand up and down his cock, with a picture in my mind of his chest and shoulders, covered in the streams of cum I wanted him to shoot.

He whispered for me to join him but I teasingly told him I was all clean and ready for work, all the time feeling his his heat in my hand. His sigh was like a puppy's so I leaned over again and kissed him and sat back to let him in on my thoughts.

I told him that I would love to get back in bed but suggested that he might like if I finished getting dressed, just as much, then arched my eyebrow. He looked a little puzzled then blushed as I picked up the packet I had brought over. I began to gently speed up the motion of my hand on his cock as I told him that I liked when he got excited looking at my legs and had found it so arousing when he told me that he had fantasised about me when he masturbated. Now, as I slowly moved my hand with long strokes, I looked down at the exposed tip of his hot cock and told him how I wish I could watch sometimes.

He gulped.

I looked over his trim, naked body and smiled then took his hand and held it around his shaft, encouraging to masturbate. I held my hand on his and watched as his foreskin slid back and forth over the ridge of the tip. He began to relax again as his pleasure rose until I took my hand away and sat watching him.

I giggled as I listened to him softly moan then asked if he'd like to watch me put my stockings on. He nodded coyly and looked on as I opened the packet and unwrapped the black nylon from around the card then, slowly and one at time I pulled them on showily whilst watching his cock respond to his own touch. Once I had pulled the dark tops into place I crossed one leg over the other and began to slide a hand between his legs, feeling his balls jiggle as he began to get faster and faster, raising his hips with bashful exhibitionism. As I massaged him he began to suddenly become a little breathless and, just as my fingers applied gentle pressure between his legs, a trickle of impatient sperm flowed out and down over his fingers.

I squealed with girly delight as I saw him quickly collect himself and hold the rest of the flood back. He sighed as I ran my fingertips over his now sticky tip and blew him a pouty kiss before taking his cock in my hand again. I looked into his sparkling eyes and told him how I had been thinking of him earlier, making him reach his climax as his eyes roamed over my part clothed body.

He shuddered with appreciative pleasure and urged me to take him there. I smiled and dropped my shoulder to let me blouse fall open and smiled as I playfully bounced my leg, teasing him with a naughty smile. His cock was now so slick with his earlier leak and I loved the feeling in my hand as I felt him pulse and twitch as he became more and more excited. I looked down and watched more closely; the tip was full and plump like a ripe cherry and I would stop occasionally to see it fully revealed. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter so I leaned across the bed to expose myself to his gaze. Parting me thighs slightly he could see my excitement and shuddered with pleasure.

I smiled contentedly at him and sighed that I knew what I would love to see. He bit his lip and nodded so I quickened my pace. His hand began to tense slightly on my calf and his breathing became more clipped. Nodding my encouragement, I watched him begin to shake.

My own excitement was rising as I thought of how I could get him into such a state until, with one last sigh, he told me he wanted to cum.

It felt so deeply erotic sitting on the bed, half dressed, as I aimed my boyfriends excited cock at his chest and then feeling the sensation in my hand as the first jet of sperm splashed out and hit his shoulder and arm. He tensed and moaned with pleasure as I continued to make him cum all over his chest and stomach until the final spurts ran out and down over my fingers,

I held his softening cock in my hand, still gently squeezing, as his orgasm finally subsided then smiled happily as I looked at the creamy mess I had made all over him. He sighed with pleasure as I told him how sexy it looked and dipped my finger into his cum filled navel and drew an ever increasing spiral.

I got up, happily, and fetched a towel to wipe him clean then leaned over and kissed him long and deep, telling him how sexy it had felt feeling his cum finally spilling over my fingers.

After we regained our composure he said it was late and that he should get me up to the station so we quickly made ourselves presentable and got ready to go. When he dropped me off at the gate I kissed him goodbye and whispered that I better not have any peculiar marks on my blouse and skipped off for the train, smiling. I'm sure I didn't read a word in the newspaper that morning. Somehow my mind was on something entirely different.

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