It’s Just Business Chapter 3: Preliminary Meeting

Thomas entered the restaurant precisely on time, glancing around and then making her way across the room with an arrogant grace and a smile that intrigued me.  She was wearing a long black skirt with gold buttons from the hem to the waistband, a red blouse and a brown herringbone jacket, an ensemble that practically screamed modesty, except that the skirt buttons were undone almost to mid-thigh and the blouse was open to a point just below her breasts.  I watched several men – and two women – turn their heads to follow her progress, their expressions showing admiration and even hunger. "Am I late?" she asked, sliding onto the corner booth to my right side, leaning forward to place a brown leather bound folder on the table and giving me a lingering glance down her blouse at her bra-less right breast, the small nipple clearly visible.

"I’ve been sitting here daydreaming about having you naked in front of me," I grinned, resting my right hand on her thigh, sliding my fingers into the daring slit of her skirt and caressing her smooth, bare flesh.

"Hold on to that thought," she chuckled, glancing around quickly to make certain no one could see the intimate touch, the corner booth and the table cloth protecting us from observers.  As I slid my hand further up her thigh she parted her legs so that I had no obstacles in finding her pubic triangle and the lips of her pussy.  She was wet! She was wet but she opened her folder and proceeded with business even as the waitress approached to take her drink order.  "I think I’ve found what you want, Jake.  At least the first part of the necessary equipment." Looking up at the waitress, she smiled warmly, gave her order and then returned her attention – at least partially – to her documents.

"I’ve arranged a meeting with one of my neighbors, Heather Mancuso, right after lunch," she told me.  "And I’m going to come on your hand right here in the restaurant if you don’t quit that!"

Pretending to concentrate on her papers, I chuckled.  "Can you do that without jerking around and groaning and moaning?" My fingers teased her swollen clit causing her legs to tremble.

"I think so," she replied.  "Heather Mancuso.  Married for four years, age twenty-three, no children.  A lovely body, even if she is bigger in the boobs than I.  Oh, that feels good, Jake.  Anyway, I spoke to her, explained the arrangement, and she accepted the offer immediately.

"I’m wet, Jake," she added, softly.  "Slide your finger in me, dear.  Ah! Yes, that’s good.  Very good!"

The waitress returned with Trish’s iced tea and I’m sure that she could tell I was finger fucking the woman, but the waitress showed no reaction other than an enigmatic smile that could have been totally coincidental.  Trish looked up at her, smiled again, and then lightly chewed her lower lip as she tried to fight her impending orgasm.  "Could you give us a few minutes, dear?" she asked sweetly.  "I’m not quite ready yet."

"Of course," the waitress replied and her smile widened, telling me that she did indeed know what was happening.  "Please, take your time."

I chuckled.  If Trish didn’t mind, I didn’t mind, either!" You’re a mean person, Jake Kelly!" Trish hissed, hiding her mouth behind her hand and biting her lower lip even harder.  I felt her inner muscles tighten around my finger, the first wave of her orgasm, and I slipped my finger out of her pussy to again tease her throbbing clit.  "Oh, you are a mean, mean man, Jake.  Um, yes, be mean to me!"

As her climax flooded through her body she fought to choke back her gasps and screams or pleasure, the enforced suppression of her body's reaction seemingly making the sudden orgasm even more intense.  I glanced around and saw that no one – other than the waitress – and any idea what was happening.  "God, that was intense!" she whispered, leaning back in the booth and closing her legs on my hand.  "I’ve never – I’ve never done anything like this.  Frankie would never make me come in a restaurant!"

Frankie is a fucking fool, I thought for the hundredth time, slowly removing my hand from between her legs.  Yes, Frankie Thomas is a fucking fool not to be banging that tight little pussy every morning and every night!

"I told Heather I would pay her two hundred dollars for the interview with you, Jake," Trish told me, returning to business smoothly.  "A consulting fee.  I hope you don’t mind?"

"Sounds good to me, Mrs. Thomas."

Since Trish had return her attention to business matters, the waitress returned to our booth, still smiling conspiratorially, and took our orders.  She was starting to turn away when Trish reached out and lightly touched the back of her right hand.  "Are you married, dear?" Trish asked.

"Why, yes, I am."

"Have you worked here long?" Trish persisted gently, looking at the small brass name tag and adding the waitress’ name.  "Marion?"

"I’ve been here for about a year."

"Ah! It must be hard work, I would imagine, and the pay would certainly be less than you deserve."

That comment would have seemed condescending from some people but Trish pulled it off so smoothly it seemed as if she was sympathizing with the other woman.  Marion shrugged in silent agreement and then walked away.  "Now there," Trish told me," is an excellent prospect for your little scheme, Jake.  Would you like for me to try to recruit her?"

I had no idea what Trish had seen as a basis for her judgement and I didn’t ask.  Instead I decided to watch her make her play, testing her instincts.  I had told her, after all, that she would have administrative control of her team.  "Whatever you think is best, but don’t take a lot of unnecessary chances. Okay?"

She smiled and seemed to shift gears, sliding a color photographic enlargement across the table to me.  "This is Heather," she announced.  "Digital cameras are really wonderful, don’t you think?" The young woman in the photo was of Italian descent, a dark complexion and large, brown eyes framed by long black hair.  The picture captured an angelic smile – and an enticing glance down the front of the woman’s white blouse, open just enough to show the lace edging of her crisp white bra.

"Very nice," I admitted.

"I knew you’d like the big tits," Trish chuckled and then produced a second photograph.

This one, also in color, showed the young woman naked from the waist up, an artistic shot in which she modestly covered one breast with her hand while completely exposing the other.  The nipple was dark, hardened, and there was a fuck me look in the woman’s eyes.  "Without a digital camera Heather would never have allowed me take this picture," Trish continued.  "That’s what the consulting fee was for, actually.  She might have posed for free, but I felt that I should pay her.  Besides, she needs the extra money.  You interview her at one-thirty – I’ll be there, of course – and she is agreeable to allowing you to test her, but I told her that would be only a blowjob – or a helping hand.  That’s also part of the consulting fee."

"Is she BI?" I asked, not really knowing what to say at that point.

"Oh, lord, no! Actually, I think she’s frigid! But she can fake orgasm as well as any woman, trust me!"

When the waitress returned with our appetizers, Trish smiled at her as if they were old friends and said," You are a truly lovely young woman, Marion. Don’t worry! I’m not gay! But I couldn’t help but notice.  You look so young.  What are you, dear? Eighteen or nineteen?"

"I’m twenty.  I’ve been married two years."

Trish touched her hand again.  "We all make such foolish mistakes when we’re so young."

"Isn’t that the truth?" the waitress laughed but it was as if she was agreeing with Trish rather than finding any humor in the statement.

I was an expert at turning informants and agents and Trish’s technique was much different than mine, but I sensed that she had a natural talent.  Something told me that she could recruit the waitress, given a little time and luck.  What was the expression? She could sell aluminum siding to the man living in the Taj Mahal? Between bites of her shrimp cocktail Trish posted me on the progress with her other potential recruits.  Two more had accepted and three were considering the arrangement.  Trish was sure that all five would come onboard before the end of the week.  I’d figured it would take a month to get six suitable starters and she seemed capable of filling those slots within six days.

Marion returned with our entrees and seemed to have a hard time keeping her eyes off Trish’s breasts, especially when the vee was slowly and deliberately deepened by one button, an obvious tease and invitation.  "Would you be interested in some part-time work that would probably double your weekly income, Marion?" Trish asked casually.  "I think I might be able to help you there.  If you’re interested."

"I’d be very much interested," the waitress replied.  "What kind of work would I be doing?"

Smiling, calmly moving her hand to my crotch, insuring that the waitress could see what she was doing, Trish lightly stroked my cock and said," Why don’t we meet somewhere after you get off work and discuss the possibilities where we won’t be disturbed?"

"Perhaps," the waitress replied nervously, the implication catching her off guard.  Having served us, she quickly excused herself and walked away.

Again Trish smiled at me.  "You think I lost her, don’t you?" she inquired.  "Well, I haven’t, Jake.  That young lady is BI and she is interested."

"Do you read minds as a profession or as a hobby?" I laughed.

My education in Trish’s ability continued when the waitress served our dessert.  Looking directly into Trish’s eyes, you young woman almost whispered," I get off at three."

"That’s perfect!" Trish exclaimed happily.  In a matter of seconds they’d agreed on a meeting place, the waitress walked away, and Trish grinned at me knowingly.

"Hurry," she urged.  "We have to meet with Heather so you can test drive her and then I have to meet with our next recruit."

I hurried.

Heather Mancuso was waiting for us in the parking lot of an apartment complex where Trish had leased a nice two-bedroom setup under an assumed name.  This would be her base of operations for the Swallow organization.  As she stepped out of a gray Lexus I had a lingering view of extremely long, slender legs and the short black skirt rode up almost far enough for me to see the woman’s panties.  "The tits are too big," Trish joked as she opened her door and got out to greet her friend.  Heather was wearing a white blouse of some very thin material and I could see the dark nipples through the clinging fabric.  She did have larger breasts than I liked but I had to admit that they didn’t sag and they were inviting.  Of course, unless they’re huge, I’m a tit man.

Introductions took only a matter of seconds and Trish escorted us into the office, seating us in the living room and serving coffee as she directed the young Italian housewife to explain her understanding of the proposed employment.  Apparently she’d listened well because she recited her duties perfectly. "Why are you interested in doing this, Mrs. Mancuso?" I asked when she was finished.

"Because I detest my husband, I want to leave him, and I need enough money to live on when I do," she told me without hesitation.  "That plus the fact that it sounds – interesting.  I’ll be getting even with him for a lot of things that I would never admit to him, having fun letting another man – men – fuck me, and he’ll never know what a fool he is.

"Don’t worry, though," she added.  "This is something I’d never tell him or anyone else about! I want to keep my reputation intact.  I just want to enjoy myself and get my revenge on him at the same time!"

Trish stood behind the young woman, resting her hands on her first employee’s shoulders reassuringly, smiling at me as I sat across from them both. "Heather will maintain confidentiality," Trish assured me," and she understands that I am her boss.  She will report through me and there is no need for her to ever contact you.  Isn’t that right, Heather?"


"Heather also understands that you will be her first client, Mr. Kelly.  As part of her interview, she will have to satisfy you and that testing is paid for in the consulting fee that I have already given her.  "Smiling more widely, still touching Heather’s shoulders, Trish nodded to me as if telling me that she approved fully.  "Heather? Why don’t you just sit there and unbutton your blouse so Mr. Kelly can see your lovely breasts?"

In spite of the fact that Mrs. Mancuso had come ready to go to work, the works caught her off guard and she hesitated briefly before obeying, moving her hands to her throat and slowly unbuttoning her blouse to the waistband of her skirt.  I felt rather uncomfortable with what was happening; Trish was acting as one of my employees but she was also my newly found lover and the situation was – unusual.  Still, the sight of the Italian housewife baring her breasts excited me and my cock hardened instantly.  "Very nice," I admitted as she opened the garment to show me both unsagging mounds of flesh with their large, hard nipples.

Pleased with herself, Trish watched me.  "Stand up, Heather, and remove your blouse and your skirt while Mr. Kelly gets naked.  There is no need to remove your panties at the moment."

Heather quietly obeyed – and so did I.  My cock stuck out from my body like a medieval lance and I felt both women staring at it with unmasked approval.  "It certainly is a large cock, isn’t it, Heather?" Trish asked.  The woman, seemingly unable to look away, licked her lips nervously and agreed. "You two don’t mind if I watch for a few minutes, do you? I want to watch Heather go down on you, Mr. Kelly, and after she sucks your cock for a few minutes I want to watch her jerk you off and make you come on those beautiful young breasts! Then I’ll leave you two alone while I take care of some other matters in the City.  Come now, Heather.  Kneel in front of him and suck his cock.  Don’t make him wait!"

Either very obedient or very highly trained, Heather wasted no time obeying her new boss, sinking to her knees in front of me and lightly grasping my cock, inhaling sharply as she touched it and then, after only a moment’s pause, leaning forward and sucking it past her lips into the warmth of her mouth. She wasn’t the greatest cocksucker I’d ever had – certainly not as good as Trish! – but virtually any blowjob is good and she sucked eagerly.  As her head bobbed up and down on my cock I watched her drop her right hand between her legs, sliding her fingers under her red bikini panties, and she eagerly began playing with her pussy as well.  I saw Trish nod with approval and realized that it was a spontaneous thing, not something Trish had suggested – or ordered – her to do.  This woman was hungry! In less than a minute Heather groaned, her body trembling, a hard orgasm shaking her, but she continued to suck, trying to swallow me.  "Your hand!" I hissed, gripping her head and moving my hips to slide my cock out of her mouth.  "Use your hand."

As she obeyed, jerking me off eagerly, shifting her left hand to play with her cunt, Trish moved closer and guided me to a seated position on my chair. Quickly unbuttoning her own blouse, exposing her small but perfect breasts, she leaned forward, guiding her left nipple to my mouth while she watched Heather stroking my cock.  I thought I’d be able to last at least a few minutes but, with Trish feeding me her tit and Heather jerking me off, I shot my load within a matter of seconds, pouring my cream onto Heather’s breasts and realizing that Trish had come with me! It seemed like an hour that I shot my load onto Heather’s bare flesh, and she continued to work her hand on me until finally I had to grab her wrist and stop her.  It was just too damned intense to continue!   "Ah, Christ!"  I gasped, slumping on the chair totally drained.

Totally drained, that is, until Trish surprised us both, dropping to her knees next to the panting Heather Mancuso, grabbing her hair and tilting her head back, holding the woman in place so Trish could lower her face to the dark skinned housewife’s bare breasts.  "This is mine!" Trish hissed and hungrily began to lick my come off the other woman’s breasts! I noticed that Heather didn’t seem to mind, quickly recovering and working her own pussy furiously as Trish ate her dessert.

True to her word, Trish left shortly thereafter to meet with her new waitress friend, leaving me alone with Heather Mancuso, telling us to have fun.  We did, in fact, and I ate Heather three times, giving her several long orgasms and coming myself once in her mouth and once again on her hand.  I never did fuck that willing pussy but we were both spent when she walked slowly to her car, newly employed and eager to take her secret home to her husband.  I learned later that Mr. Mancuso had been practically raped, never suspecting that another man had been eating his wife’s cunt.

Heather Mancuso was to be one of our better Swallows – in more than one sense of the word.

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