It’s Just Business Chapter 5: Country Club Meeting

I’m certainly not superman but with Trish Thomas I have to admit that I was doing a good imitation of him!  The young housewife could get me off in a floor of semen and then just look at me five minutes later and I was ready to go again.  The night at the country club is just one example.

The New Orleans club I belong to isn’t all that old but it is exclusive as hell, so much so that I really don’t enjoy it.  I maintain the membership, though, so I can impress people who want and need to be impressed.  [I’d learned that, with most people who are ready to be bought, wanting and needing are often the same thing!]  Rather than extend the invitation to the dinner dance, though, I’d had a female friend, Alysha France, who loves to at least pretend she’s living on the wild side meet Frankie Thomas and casually invite him and his wife, Trish, to the affair.  Wanting and needing to be impressed, Frankie had jumped at the chance – while trying not to be too obvious as he peeked down Alysha’s blouse at her 38D tits – and the rest was a piece of cake.  Or a piece of pussy … Ten days later Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Thomas were seated at my table where Alysha pretended to be my dinner date.  The truth was, Alysha had one more exciting little task to perform: she was to seduce little Frankie.  The way he kept staring at her tits, barely concealed by her peach colored gown, I thought he was going to throw her onto the table and fuck her in front of God and everyone!

Anyway, I’d briefed Trish on my plan and throughout the meal I could tell that she was tense, excited and eager for it all to happen.  At one point I’d rested my right hand on her thigh as she sat next to me and she parted her legs with a conspiratorial smile, letting my fingers slide upward to touch the moist crotch of her panties.  Frankie never noticed a thing simply because he was lost in Alysha’s smile and chest.  After the oddly mediocre meal – considering how elite the country club was – the lights dimmed, the band started playing elevator music, and I danced with Alysha, taking the opportunity to confirm that the seduction was proceeding as scheduled.  Then, being polite, I asked Trish if she’d care to dance.  The dance floor was crowded, there was very little room, and I happily found my hardon pressed firmly against her firm, flat lower belly.  "It’s going to work," she whispered happily in my ear before I could tell her what Alysha had said.  "I wasn’t sure if he’d fall for her so quickly but I can tell that he wants her." Then, for the first time since I’d met her, Trish actually showed a measure of jealousy regarding our own relationship.   "Don’t tell me that you’ve fucked that woman, Jake.  My God, she’s built like a cow!"

I was pleased by her reaction to Alysha.  "No," I told her honestly, "she’s not my type.  Alysha is just someone I happen to know and we get along because I can occasionally use her as a Swallow and she really gets off on the excitement of that."

Obviously pleased with my answer, believing me, Trish smiled and lightly ground her thighs against me, savoring my erection.  I’d learned that Trish also relished the power to make me hard almost at will.  After her sexual non-life with Frankie, she needed a man who would respond to her so positively. "You’re going to come in your pants, Jake Kelly," she whispered.  "I’ll take care of that when we get back to the table."

"Then let’s get back to the table!" I laughed.

Trish turned her back to me and started making her way to our seats, stopping twice so I could accidentally press my cock against her small, firm ass, pushing back at me in silent invitation.  Frankie and Alysha were still on the dance floor as we were seated and Trish wasted no time reaching for my crotch, squeezing my cock through my trousers and then working at my zipper so she could pulled the rigid shaft free.  Her hand hidden by the linen tablecloth, she worked my cock slowly while appearing to watch the people dancing, quickly bringing me close to orgasm with her practiced strokes, rubbing the palm of her hand against the swollen head with each pumping motion.  "You can’t let anyone know what’s happening, Mister Kelly," she teased with a smile as she felt me tense.  "Act normal, dear."

"Act normal?" I practically gasped but struggled to obey.  "Jesus, woman!"

Trish laughed.  "Use your napkin to catch it, Jake," she urged.  "Then set it on the table so I can pick it up and swallow your load."

That was enough right there to set me off and I fumbled with the napkin, getting it in place just in time to keep my juices from spurting onto the underside of the table and my trousers.  It took every ounce of my concentration to outwardly look as if nothing was happening but I wanted to growl as I shot my load.  Trish looked at me with an expression of intense pleasure.  Once she felt my cock relax she slowly removed her hand, watching the dancers as she casually moved her fingers to her lips and licked off the white cream that had landed there.  I could see her eyes dilate when she glanced at me, her nostrils flaring, and I knew that she was coming as well, just tasting my come.  When I casually placed the napkin on the table she hesitated briefly and then picked it up, bringing it innocently to her lips and licking off that come as well.  Her cheeks were flushed but it was dark enough that anyone would be unlikely to notice – especially since Frankie was approaching with Alysha, his attention locked on her.  I just managed to get my softening cock back in my trousers before they reached the table.

"You guys didn’t finish your dance," Frankie observed, glancing at his wife, and then turning his attention back to Alysha before she could respond.

"I was going to show Mrs. Thomas around the grounds," I said when Alysha gave me a prearranged signal.  "Would you care to join us, Alysha, Frankie?"

On cue Alysha fanned her face with her hand.  "No, I think I’d just sit here and relax, Jake, but if Frankie wants to go with you that would be fine.  I don’t mind sitting here alone."

And, unknowingly on cue himself, Frankie added, "No, thanks, but I think I’ll stay here awhile myself.  Maybe Alysha could show me around a little later but right now I think I’ll let my food settle."

You ignorant bastard, I thought, muttering, "Yob t’vayu maht," Russian for motherfucker.

"What?" Frankie asked, surprising me.  I’d thought that he was so lost in Alysha’s tits that he wouldn’t have heard the crack of doom.

Be careful, Jake!  I told myself, angered at my own stupidity and carelessness.  Smiling, I said, "That’s an old Greek saying, Frankie.  It means take every opportunity to rest."

"Oh, okay," Frankie grinned.  Ignorance is bliss, I guess.  He again turned his attention to Alysha, making no move to be gentlemanly and assist his wife as she stood.

As we moved through the crowd, I dropped my hand to the small of Trish’s back, an innocent touch, just above the spot where her backless gown started – or ended, depending on your point of view.  Just touching her bare flesh started another hardon surge even though she’d just gotten me off at the table.  I felt her tremble under my fingers.  I had no intention of showing Trish around the grounds.  Alysha had given me the signal that she needed a little more time alone with Frankie so what I’d had in mind was to do just that.  Now, with the new hardon, I had more in mind.  Instead of taking her outside, I led her up the stairway to a comfortable private meeting room, closing and locking the door behind us.  Silently I led her to the small conference table, lifted her off her feet and sat her on the glossy wet surface.  In one swift but gentle movement I peeled the spaghetti straps off her bare shoulders, pulled the gown open to expose her small but perfect breasts, and then dropped my lips to her left nipple.  Trish gasped, her hands lightly holding my mouth against the hard little bud, and when I tugged at the hem of her gown, pulling it upward on her legs, she shifted her position to help me expose her and then to remove her panties.  My fingers found her neatly trimmed bush and then the moist lips of her pussy, sliding into her, probing her tight, hot wetness.  Trish groaned.

There was a different kind of hunger in her that night.  I didn’t question it, I just used it and fed it and within a matter of seconds she was coming on my hand, spreading her legs as widely as possible, putting her hands behind her on the table and bracing herself so she could push her pussy against my hand. My mouth left her breasts and I watched her, eyes closed and mouth open as she gasped and groaned her pleasure.  I was sharing her orgasm just by watching her.  She bit her lower lip, her eyes opening wide as she came, surprised by the suddenness or her orgasm, and unexpectedly she grabbed my head, tugging urgently, bringing me to my knees in front of her and drawing my tongue to her swollen, throbbing clitoris.  Her entire body rocked, rigid and hot, and I knew she was fighting a scream of pleasure.  Panting, still holding my head, she locked her legs around me, rocking, thrusting her pussy against my mouth and tongue.  Then she spread her legs wide, lay back on the table and simply gasped and moaned her pleasure.

Once she was spent, I stood, smiling happily, and wordlessly opened my trousers, pulling my again rigid cock free.  Grinning without opening her eyes, Trish said almost dreamily, "Put it in me again, Jake.  Fuck me slowly but please don’t come in me.  Please."

Instead of obeying, I teased her by simply standing there, lightly stroking my cock, and watching her.  It was only the second time she’d agreed to let me fuck her and I wanted to – but I knew that vaginal sex didn’t satisfy her that much and I wanted and needed to do what was most pleasant to her.  For the first time I’d totally misread her.  "Put it in me, Jake!" she ordered, her voice actually snapping with the command.  "I want you to fuck me, Jake!   I want that!  Fuck me, just don’t come inside of me!"

Superman? Not fucking likely!  Superman could have ignored her!

Gripping the edge of the glossy oak table, she shoved her hips almost completely off the top, parting her legs, and I stepped closer to her, sliding my cock into her pussy as hard as I could.  Trish groaned loudly, but she smiled, closing her eyes, savoring the rigid pole.  "Fuck me, Jake!  Fuck me hard and tell me just before you’re ready to come!  Fuck me.  Use my pussy, Jake!"

Obediently I fucked the woman, hard and fast and even brutally.  I slammed my cock as deeply into her as I could, watching her slender body rock as I pounded her, her small breasts bouncing with each forceful inward thrust.  Trish held onto the edge of the table, using her arms to move her body, meeting each thrust and panting with the effort.  It took longer for me to come this time, five minutes at least, and sweat was pouring off both of us with the effort but neither or us was ready to quit.  Trish egged me on, softly panting, "More!  More!  More!" with each pounding thrust.

"I’m – close!" I gasped finally, feeling my balls tighten.  Almost instantly Trish slide away from me,

my cock slipping out of her steaming pussy, and in one smooth motion she was on her feet, turning me so my hips were against the table, dropping to her knees and seizing my throbbing cock.  I felt my orgasm slip away just a fraction and I gasped as her lips closed on the purplish head, her tongue swirling eagerly.

Just as I started to tense again, on the verge of shooting into her mouth, she pulled away, gripped my cock in both hands, and simply rubbed the head. She didn’t jerk me, she rubbed me – and I shot my load onto her face and throat and bare breasts in wave after wave of mind searing pleasure.

When I finally stopped coming, stopped spurting my semen onto her flawless skin, almost collapsing onto the floor, I looked down to see her covered with my white cream, her eyes actually unfocused as if she was on drugs as she carefully scooped up the gobs and strands of come and slowly put them in her mouth.  And as I watched that lovely spectacle she suddenly threw her head back, body rigid, and came again!

I said that the country club was exclusive.  It was also, partially, a sex club.  Each of the private meeting rooms has small bathrooms attached, complete with tub and shower.  As sweaty as we were, Trish and I both took quick showers – separately, to avoid further time delaying temptation! – and we returned to our table twenty minutes after we’d left.  Alysha quietly gave me the signal that Frankie was chewing at the bit and that she was ready to get it on with him if I was agreeable.  I gave her the signal to make it happen, seeing the happiness in her eyes.  She would get to play the role of super sex spy! Saying that she was ready to show Frankie around the place, adding that they might even take a leisurely walk on the grounds, she looked to Trish to see if she minded.  Frankie, already standing, didn’t give his wife even that small courtesy.  Shrugging, Trish said simply, "It’s an impressive place to see.  Take your time, Frankie.  I’m just going to sit here and watch the dancers."

"Be sure and show him the boathouse, Alysha," I suggested.

"What a good idea!" she practically beamed.  The key to one of the two small apartments over the boathouse was already in her small purse.

They walked out the door, Frankie radiating tension and eagerness even at a distance, and Trish sipped her drink, just a trace of anger clouding her eyes. I said nothing, waiting for her to reach her decision, and finally she sighed.  "I don’t mind the fact that my husband wants to fuck that cow nearly as much as I mind that he’s so goddamned eager to do it!" she said.  Then, looking at me, she added, "I guess that if I really needed proof that the marriage was beyond help, this is it.  Shall we go watch?"

The recording equipment in the second boathouse apartment wasn’t nearly as extensive as what we had in the safe houses, but it was more than adequate for our purposes.  Notice that I used the plural there.  Trish intended to use the adulterous videotapes somewhere down the road as a weapon against her husband.  I did, as well, but not in the same manner as Trish.  Where she would use it to beat him over the head in a divorce proceeding, I intended to use it professionally, since he was with a rival company.  In any case, it was virtually an automated system since Trish had suggested that she’d like to do me while she watched her husband with Alysha.  I didn’t want technicians around for that!  And, as we quietly entered the adjacent apartment, any doubts that I’d be able to get up again were quickly proven wrong!

On the six monitors we had fine views of Frankie and Alysha on the regular size bed, kissing frantically and fumbling with each other’s clothing.  Frankie had already bared Alysha’s breasts and broke the kiss to gobble the nipples as he practically tore her clothing away.  [She actually had to restrain him so he wouldn’t tear the fragile cloth!]  Instead of concentrating on the images of the two panting adults, I glanced at Trish.  Her expression was cold, angry, but I could see that her nipples had hardened with excitement.  With practiced gestures she peeled the straps away from her shoulders, peeled the gown down her body – she hadn’t put her panties back on following the shower – and slowly rubbed her naked body sensuously.  Totally naked, Alysha had just grabbed Frankie’s cock, pushing him onto his back and moving to kneel between his legs.  Two camera views clearly showed his cock slipping into her mouth as she leaned forward.  "I don’t want to watch this," Trish said suddenly.  "I’ll watch it later, maybe, but not right now."

"Do you want to leave?" I asked, understanding her refusal.

The anger vanished in an instant and she smiled brightly.  "God, no!  I want you to watch it while I suck your cock and then jerk you off!"

Trish undressed me hurriedly, gently pushing me to sit on the sofa and then kneeling with her bare back to the monitors.  I suspected that she had an endless loop image of Alysha going down on her husband but I also sense that Trish found it very satisfying to work on me while that image played.  And work on me she did.  Alternating between sucking and stroking me, she repeatedly brought me to the very edge of orgasm … and then backed off.  And I watched the images on the screen intently, a real-time porn show.  Alysha wasn’t my kind of woman, with her huge tits and large ass.  She fit the contemporary vision of female beauty but just not my ideal.  Still, she did know how to give head and, when she shifted position to sit astride of Frankie, guiding his cock into her pussy, she proved that she also knew how to fuck – and I had no doubt that she was enjoying herself, enjoying performing for the videos, as much as the man enjoyed having her ride his cock.

"You’re holding back," Trish whispered finally.  Alysha and Frankie had already finished and were sprawled together on the bed, exhausted.

"Yes," I admitted.

"Why?" she asked.

I smiled and told the truth.  "Because you have your freedom now, and because you’re finally having fun instead of getting revenge."

She smiled, pleased that I understood, and lowered her face to lick my balls as she stroked my cock faster.  I shot my load hard then, splattering most of it on my own stomach, and Trish took her time licking it all up.

I wondered how long it would be before Trish used her new weapon against her husband.  I’d suggested that she allow the affair – and the filming – to continue for some time before dumping it on him.  I hoped she would accept the suggestion!

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