In Her Office


Dawn ran a successful real estate agency and, since it was a Monday, I waited until ten o’clock to stop by, unannounced, to see her. My entire perspective had changed since our church parking lot adventure the night before and, for the first time in far too long, I actually enjoyed looking down the blouse of her secretary, Jane Hill, as I whispered that Dawn and I weren’t to be disturbed. "We’re going to spend a little serious time talking about taking a vacation," I told the young woman, casually admiring the graceful line of her lace edged crisp white bra which barely covered the nipple of her left breast.

"Well, I think that’s wonderful, Mr. Russell!" the woman replied conspiratorially, smiling brightly. I sensed that she was fully aware of my sudden interest and flattered rather than uncomfortable. "It will be great for both of you to get away for a while! And I promise, no interruptions!"

Dawn welcomed me into her office with a warm smile, gesturing for me to get myself a cup of coffee while she finished a telephone conversation at her desk. She’d put her jacket aside and was wearing a dark red silk blouse, modestly unbuttoned halfway between her collarbone and the beginning of the valley between her small, firm breasts. Unconsciously she was toying with the top button as she talked and I noticed how her eyes followed me, the smile remaining on her lips. Closing the door behind me, ignoring the offer of coffee, I walked across the room to stand behind her. I enjoy looking down blouses and after the church episode it seemed to bring me even more pleasure. "Keep talking," I said, leaning forward and whispering into her ear. She glanced at me curiously and then her smile widened as I slipped my hands down from her shoulders to cup her breasts. Instantly I felt her nipples harden against my palms through her blouse and bra.

As she continued to speak to her client who, apparently, had no interest in ending the conversation, I began unbuttoning her blouse until the V had deepened to the waistband of her black skirt. Several times Dawn glanced nervously at the closed door as if expecting Jane to suddenly burst in, but she made no effort to stop me even when I pulled the blouse open to fully expose both cups of her black bra. "Do the bra thing again," I whispered into her ear and after a slight hesitation Dawn slid the straps down her arms – awkwardly juggling the phone between her cheek and shoulder – and then leaned forward to let me unfasten the clasp through her blouse. [I was rusty with that little trick but I used to tease her by doing it one handed when we were out in public. I realized sadly just how long it had been since we had played.] Then, again looking at the door, she pulled the bra free from her body and tossed in onto the center of her desk before leaning back and pulling the blouse open fully to expose her naked breasts. I wasted no time in exploring the smooth flesh and teasing her nipples.

"Keep talking," I ordered again, shifting my position so I could lean from her right side, lowering my lips to first one nipple and then the other, sucking and licking gently. She was having difficulty controlling her breathing and her cheeks were flushed, but she made no effort to stop me. I shifted position again, pushing her swivel chair away from the desk and sinking to my knees in front of her with my hands lingering on her breasts. Looking down at me, Dawn smiled, mouthed the words naughty boy, and slowly spread her legs. When I dropped my hands from her breasts, my fingers lightly tracing up her smooth inner thighs, she gasped involuntarily but continued her conversation on the phone. Then, responding to the pressure of my hands, she pulled her skirt up, lifted her hips off the chair and allowed me to skin her black satin bikini panties down her legs as she worked the skirt up around her waist. Scooting forward, she rested her hips on the forward edge of the seat, looking down at me as I leaned forward to lick her clit and the lips of her pussy. As expected, she was already wet!

Finally, quickly, I heard her gasp and then say, "Doris? May I put you on hold for about a minute? I’ve – I’ve spilled hot coffee and I have to clean it up. Oh, no, no, please – don’t hang up. This will only take a minute and I’d love to keep talking to – to you. Thanks!"

Pushing the hold button, dropping the phone on her desk, Dawn grabbed my head, positioning my lips back against her pussy, spreading her legs as far as possible and letting them dangle over the arms of her chair. "Make me come!" she hissed. "Make me come, Will!"

She’d given herself a minute. The instant my tongue touched her clit her entire body went rigid with an explosive orgasm and I could glance up and see her biting her left index finger to keep from screaming. Dawn was and always had been a screamer when she came. After ninety seconds, reluctantly, she pushed me away, her slender body relaxing, trembling, and with a wicked knowing smile she looked at me while she again punched the hold button and picked up the phone. "Doris? I’m sorry it took so long. I just added insult to injury by hitting my funny bone! Yeah, I guess that’s why I sound so strange! It took the breath out of me, for sure."

Doris – whoever the hell Doris was – apparently never suspected that my wife had just had a major orgasm!

"I loved it, Will!" Dawn grinned, covering the mouthpiece, "but I’m going to get even with you for that! Take off your trousers!"

The conversation with Doris had obviously shifted away from business and moved into local gossip. Listening as I stepped out of my half Wellington boots and removed my trousers and under shorts, I got the impression that Doris was telling some story about Tom – her husband? – who had tried to get her to fuck on the front porch of their home last night. Dawn rolled her eyes briefly and then concentrated on watching me strip. When my cock bounced free, hard and eager, she smiled happily. Playing the old game we’d loved, I gripped my cock with my right hand, seizing her head with my left. Firm gentle pressure pulled her upright in her chair, leaning forward from the waist, and I lightly began slapping her breasts with the head of my cock, stopping from time to time to rub her nipples with the swollen head and leaving a glistening trail of pre-seminal fluid on her bare flesh. Next I pulled her forward a little more so I could touch her face with my cock, moving it over her cheeks and almost to her lips. Each time she tried to snare it with her mouth, eager to taste my clear fluid.

Then, listening to Doris talk, she parted her lips, looking up at me, and I slowly slid my cock into her mouth. I loved the gentle rhythm she quickly found: suck and lick me, speak a sentence to Doris.

"Doris?" she said suddenly, "I have a call on the other line. Can you hold? No, please, I’m enjoying this very much. Don’t hang up. Just give me a minute or two, okay? Thanks!"

Punching the hold button again, tossing the phone aside, Dawn looked at me. "Fuck my mouth, Will," she urged. "Hold my head and fuck my mouth until you’re ready to come. Then pull out and let me use my hand to make you come on my face."

I liked the idea!

Reaching out to touch her face, I nodded and then moved my hands to grip her thick black hair, pulling her forward, sliding my cock deep into her mouth until the head touched the back of her throat. Her tongue swirled over the rigid pole and as she worked me I began to slowly work my hips, doing exactly what she’d asked, fucking her mouth but not thrusting so deeply. In less than a minute I had increased my pace from a slow, teasing slide into her mouth and was pumping faster as if working her pussy. I felt her swallow as saliva flooded her mouth but she made no effort to interrupt my strokes. Then, suddenly feeling the edge of my orgasm start to pull at my balls, I gripped her head firmly and, reluctantly, eased my cock out of her mouth. "Close!" I whispered, fighting the urge to just shot onto her face, wanting her hand to do it for me.

Dawn smiled, a knowing, teasing smile of a lover in perfect control. Gripping my cock firmly with her left hand at the base, she used the thumb and index finger of her right hand to work the shaft just behind the head. I leaned back on her desk, supporting myself with my extended arms and looking down, watching her hands and her face, watching her aim the head of my cock at her throat, and with a groan I shot the first sticky stream of my load – and then the second and third! Like she was working a garden hose, Dawn directed my flood of semen at her face, into her open mouth, and then at her bare breasts, milking me happily, quivering, biting her lower lip and silently letting me know that she had come again as well! Only when my stream finally ceased did she lean forward, licking the head of my cock and capturing the last few drops of white cream.

Then, reluctantly, she punched the hold button again and starting to Doris.

"I’m having a little snack now, Doris," she said, winking at me, using her index finger to capture the spatters of come on her bare flesh, happily licking the creamy fluid with her tongue. "Yeah, I’m eating a special custard Will prepared for me. No, it’s a special recipe he has and he refuses to share it with anyone but me. Sorry, dear. And it’s low calorie, too!"

I dressed while she was still talking, getting that cup of coffee and sitting next to her desk, watching her. She was lovely, leaning back in her chair, telephone to her ear, and her breasts exposed in the gaping V of her red blouse. I was content just to look at her. Ten minutes later, when she finally did end the conversation, she smiled at me and asked, "Now, what are we going to do for lunch?"

"I thought you’d just had lunch!" I teased.

Laughing, she leaned forward, making no effort to cover her breasts. "I did, Lover, I surely did. But how about going to the Mountain House anyway? I’ve had red meat, now I want a soup and salad."

I agreed. Of course. The Mountain House was one of our favorite local restaurants, I was hungry, and I wanted to be with her. "By the way, I told Jane that we were discussing a vacation," I told her. "That’s why we weren’t disturbed."

Nodding, Dawn still glanced at the door, knowing that the secretary might have burst in at any moment – and might still do so. Looking down at her exposed breasts, she smiled. "I have the strangest feeling that you’re going to tell me this is a no bra luncheon."

"You got that right," I chuckled. Holding up her bikini panties, I waved them in the air and then slipped them into the side pocket of my jacket. "It’s also a no panty day, my dear. I may want to explore certain parts of your body while we eat."

She blushed and reluctantly began buttoning her blouse. "I think I’d like that, Will. Even if you don’t make me come, I’d like that very much."

Watching her, hearing her, I felt my cock surging back to full erection. Without speaking I set my cup aside, rose from my chair and firmly gripped her arms. Pushing her back against the front of her desk, pulling her skirt up to her waist once again, I pulled my cock from my trousers, nudged her legs apart and guided myself into her body, fucking her standing up. I fucked her slowly, gently, using her, giving it to her. Finally, reaching down, lifting her feet off the floor, I buried myself deep inside her cunt, shooting a load into her and then remaining motionless inside of her for a full minute as she trembled with her own orgasm. Oral sex and masturbation were still our favorites but sometimes it takes a cock deep inside a pussy to tell a woman just how much she’s needed – and how much she needs her man.

"We’ve come a hell of a long way in under twenty-four hours," I told her when we finally started to leave her office for lunch.

"Yes, and I hope we can keep coming further and further, Will."

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