I hope ...

I hope you are out there.

I hope you are naked.  Even better, I hope you have a nice hard cock.  Perhaps you are stroking it now?  Hmmmmm, I wish I was there to stroke it for you.  To place my soft hands around your hot, hard shaft.  I love the feel of your cock, baby, as my hand, ever so softly slides up the length, to the crown, all swollen with that little drop of pre cum. Mmmmm, we shall have to make more of that, love.

Let me grip your bulging hard cock a little tighter, and begin a slow, pumping motion, just along the shaft.  We shall get to that head soon enough, but first I want to make more pre cum seep out of that beautiful member.

Ohhh, I feel it twitching in my hand.  That's good baby.  Does your cock feel good in my hand for you?  Mmmm, those balls are certainly tight.  Let me rake my fingernails underneath that tight scrotum, but lightly love.  I want to tickle them.  I will slide my two fingers between your ass and balls, feeling that ridge there, while the slow pumping continues.  Opps!!  Seems my finger gas touched your asshole.  So warm ..... so hot.  I felt the tremors through your cock when I did, baby!  Yes, I think you like that.

My finger slides around the outside of your asshole, as I give your cock a squeeze.  Oh yes, baby, there is more of that wonderful precum!!!  I'll squeeze your hot, hard cock again.  Mmmmm, even more.  You are aroused, aren't you? I like that!!

Now it is time to slide my palm over the head of your cock.   Mmmmm, my pumping is ever so slow, as my palm does circles around that head, smearing that pre cum all over the bulging cock head.  Ohh, your cock is sooo hard. Sooo big.  It feels so wonderful in my hands.  I am so wet now, as I stroke and rub your cock.  I have an idea!!!  I reach between my legs, and slide my hand over and through my so wet and hot pussy lips, gathering up some of my own lubrication.  But baby, it is for your cock!!!  I take this hand, which is quite slick with my juices, and wrap it around your shaft.  I begin to pump your erection, slow then fast, then slow again.  I watch the skin go slack, then tighten up as my strokes alternate and tease you.  Ohh baby, this is so wonderful!!!  I love jerking your hard cock. Stroking your hot shaft.  Hearing you suck in your breath as my pumping gives you extreme pleasure.

Spread your legs for me baby, I want to lick your balls!!!  My stroking now includes your shiny head, as my hand slids up the shaft, over the head and that wonderful opening that is just glistening with pre cum, a little squeeze of that head, which is soooo hard, and then back down the shaft.

I flick my fingers gently at the point where your head meets the shaft, as my tongue snakes out to lick your tight, tight balls.  Using two fingers, I slide them up and down rapidly at this spot on your cock, you know the spot, we call it your cock clit, as I suck in one of your balls.  Mmmmmmm baby, I can hear you getting close.  You are going to squirt that wonderful cum, aren't you?  Close baby?  Ready to cum?  I want you to.  I want to see that cum squirt from your opening.  I love to see it!!!

I take my hand, and wrap it around the head and the top of the shaft.  I turn my hand, as if opening a door, while I suck and lick your balls.  Oh my, I can see your ass opening, I just have to lick there.  My tongue darts around this dark opening, as my turning and squeezing of your cock's head and upper shaft continues.  Ooooo, I feel it starting to swell, yes, I know it is getting VERY close.

I move my head up, and begin to pump rapidly, going up and down your shaft, over the head, squeezing rhythmically, replacing the tongue on your ass with a finger, swirling it around, and pressing between the balls and ass.  I place my mouth very close, but not touching your cock, as I pump and stroke, and squeeze even faster.  I whisper to your cock, to you . . . "Ohh baby, your cock is so hard, so ready to cum.  Cum for me baby.  I want to see you squirt. Give me your hot cum.  I'm here for it.  Cum for me baby ... cum ... cum ... oh yes ... it's there ... so close ... cum ..."

I hear you grunt, and feel your cock swell.  It holds this swell for a bit, and then .....  YES!!!!!  Here it cums!!!!  Your hot sweet cum bursts from your cock.  Your back arches, as you release a torrent of cum.  It flies right past my face (A little hits it), and you moan as yet another eruption bursts forth.  I slow the pumping, just a bit, and some more cum flies out.  This batch not as far, not as milky, but still your sweet wonderful cum.

Ohhh baby ... yes!!!!  I love it when you cum for me!!!!

I hope you are out there.

I hope you are naked.

I hope you came!!!!

*soft, deep kiss*

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