Me and My Ex Still Cum To Each Other


Nothing gets me going as much as seeing my boyfriend, or in this case my ex, jerking off and squirting his cum everywhere. He really is a "squirter" rather than a "dribbler" if you know what I mean. 

My ex and I broke up about a year ago, but we still cum to each other (pun intended) for sexual pleasure. No sex, but self pleasure. The occasional times that he comes to visit I can usually convince (or tempt and tease) him to jerk off for me. He knows how much it turns me on and that I'll store it in my memory to go back to when I need it, usually later on that same night! 

But the best thing of all these past few months is a new thing we've been doing. I'll make a short sexually explicit videoclip or a few photographs of myself naked and email or file transfer them to him if he's online. He then watches these and makes a clip or a few photos of himself jerking off to my pictures (or porn if I'm too lazy to do them), the empahsis being on both the precum and best of all the squirting part. 

He then sends me the videoclip or pictures he just made, and I watch it and do my thing 

I love the thought of him turned on. I like it equally if he's turned on by me or by porn or by someone else, I just love seeing him aroused with his big dick in his hand, stroking fast, then producing long squirts of cum. Never fails to arouse me and produce an orgasm. If he's not jerking off to something that I sent him of myself, I like to see on the clip what it is that he's jerking off to. Also, the best squirts I can remember are ones that cum with sound, really the sound of the squirt hitting the towel or surface that he's jerking off onto. But have yet to capture this sound on video!

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