My Girlfriend's Third Nipple Part 2


After I made my girlfriend feel really good including her third nipple and after I brought her to a wonderful orgasm (see my last contribution) it was time for her to pleasure me. 

Because I spent a lot of time caressing, licking and sucking her third nipple and the other two nipples too, she wanted to take care of my nipples also. I really like to get my nipples sucked. It feels so good. And I can even feel a tingling in my cock head. I wonder if I can cum just by getting my nipples sucked as some women can. Has any man experienced this? Leave some comments. So my dick got harder and harder the longer her mouth played with my nipples. 

She noticed this of course and laid beside me and started to fondle my ball sack and my penis. Because she wanted to have a better look she moved herself so that her head was lying on my belly. She really liked playing with my privates. I think everyone likes to touch the part of the other body that you don't have yourself. After playing with my balls for some time she swiched back to my cock. She continued to stroke me. She moved her hand along my shaft from the base to the tip of my cock and back. She moved the foreskin of my dick up and down (I'm uncut). She swiched between fondling my balls and my cock. Then she concentrated on my shaft again. The grip of her hand got harder and she started to stroke me in a steady rythm. It felt so good, her warm hand moving up and down on my cock. I knew I wouldn't take it much longer. My cock seemed to swell even more and than I came and came and came. What a great orgasm! I cleaned myself with some paper tissues. We then cuddled under the cover in each others arms and frensh kissed some more. Then we fell asleep in each others arms. What a night. 

The next morning we had some more fun. I played again with her third nipple which both of us enjoyed very much. When she wanted to get up and sat up in bed I grabbed her from behind to stop her from leaving the bed already. My hands went under her t-shirt and found her breasts (B to C cup I think). I took her breast in my hands and liftet them and squeesed them slightly. Until now I had only felt her breast when she was lying on her back and this felt completely diffrent. Somehow they felt bigger. But of course they seem to have a larger diameter when she is lying on her back. Anyway, I was totally fascinated by the feeling of her breasts as I fondled them from behind. Has anyone else the impression that breast feel bigger when sitting up or standing then when lying on the back? Please leave some comments. 

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