Game Time


I was at a friends party and we were playing a game. You drew a thing you were going to do to the person out of a hat (Kiss makeout little ones and the big ones hand job and finger etc.) and if you didn't want to do that to someone you would have to take off clothing because if you didn't want to do any gay stuff. 

One guy had to take his pants off he had a boner but no one really cared, one girl was in her thong and one girl was completly naked. But then I was put on the spot, I was totally naked like a lot of people and I either had to have a dude masterbate me or in a room with a witness or do by myself in front of everyone. 

I told them I don't have a boner so I can do it. But a girl came up to me and started to rub it. I got one and thinking "Shii" I got in the middle and everyone watching I started I came and then sat back down. A lot of naked girls were rubbing themselves. Well since I just did somthing I didn't have to go for a while so life was good. I watched a lot of stuff happen. We watched a girl masturbate for the first time. I made out with this girl and fingered her pussy. I had a really pretty girl to do it with so it was all good. We started to kiss and then I put my hand down there she was a dark red so you know what I'm talking about. 

She moaned so I did it faster and faster she was moaning so loud and every one else was masturbating, while watching I finally stopped and she was really happy and she grabbed my dick she started to rub it. I started to ejaculate and she kept doing it for a while. All the other guys had to go home because it was getting late, but all the girls were staying so what the hell. They took me over to the bed and the girl said she had a surprise. She left and came back she brought a vibrator and some lube. I took the vibrator and stuck it in a girl named Laci while Becca (hostess) started rubbing my dick with the lube. I came and started to finger Becca, she and Laci were moaning really loud. 

When they fell asleep, I went over to the other room and started to do stuff with Bri (the first person I fingered) and when we were done we talked about all the stuff that we thought about and did. She masturbates thinking about me. I told her I masturbate 3 times a week. Well aventully I left. But It was the best night of my life...So far

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