Lent With Ashely

I'm not a Catholic but one of my good friends from college is, so last year for lent she challenged me to give up masturbation. Now I'm a normal guy who is nearly always horny, and I can safely say I usually jerk off about once or twice a day. I think the longest I'd ever gone before then was two weeks and that was because I'd had a bad bike spill and skinned my hands. So I was not ever willing to take the challenge. However Ashley's a major babe. She has long dark hair, a cute perky nose, great legs-long and athletic, a curvy butt, and knockout boobs. I've had a crush on Ashley for a few months now and would have done anything to get with her. 

Now Ashley knew my feelings and how I often jerked to the thought of her in all her naked splendor, so she offered to go on a date with me if I could withhold from jerking for all of lent. I resisted but to make a long story short I ended up giving in and agreeing. That meant I had to go for forty-four days straight without cumming! Ashley knew that once I gave my word to do something, I will not break that promise. She knew she could count on me to be honest with her. 

The first week was alright. I kept getting on and off erections throughout the week but nothing too bad. The second week was a lot harder though. For some unknown reason, Ashley chose that week to start teasing me. She would randomly come visit me wearing the most provocative clothing. Once she came over wearing nothing but a flimsy tank top and some short-shorts, another time she had a low cut top with some tight fitting jeans, and yet another she came over with no bra on, a light camisole, and leaned into me while giving me a back rub. She did this for the next three weeks! 

By day 40, I could have cum in my pants without touching myself. One time Ashley came over to "watch" a movie. She insisted on spooning and deliberately placed her soft butt over my hard on. She wore a short skirt that day and I couldn't help but caress her soft thighs constantly. She kept moving around and I almost came ten times during the movie. I finally had to go and sit in a chair so she didn't turn me on even more. 

But then somehow or another I managed to make it until the end of lent. I was determined to have a jack off session that night, but unfortunately I had an inconsiderate roommate who didn't let me have any privacy. 

So by day 46, I needed to jack off. I was so hard by this time, everything hurt. My balls were so tense and swollen from all the cum they stored. It seriously felt like I had a never ending case of blue balls. I was going to explode if I didn't jerk off. I was hard ALL the time. That evening I knew I had the room to myself since my roommate had gone home for a few days. 

I had gotten all settled in for a nice long jerk, when lo and behold Ashley came over to visit. Again she was wearing practically nothing. I could see she was braless and her skirt was revealing her long, soft, smooth legs. That night I couldn't wait any long. 

"Uh, hey Ashley," I said awkwardly. "Come on in." I didn't know why she was here but I did know that my cock was throbbing and harder than ever. I could feel a huge wet spot developing from just looking at her. 

"Hey Jason," she replied, looking kind of nervous. I wanted her to tell me whatever it was she wanted and then leave me in peace. 

"So what's up?" I asked her. She didn't reply. Instead she walked over to me and kissed me. If I hadn't been as hard as granite I would have been from that kiss. I was a little shocked since Ashley seemed so conservative. 

I was even more shocked when her hand slowly reached down and felt me through my pants and then pulled out my cock. We moved over to the bed now and I was passionately making out with her. I knew I would last very long. I told her and luckily she said she understood. I moved onto my back, with her lying on top of me. My huge 7 in cock pointed parallel to the ground as the dark purple/red head flared, pulsating crazily. It was throbbing so hard, I thought I'd die. 

It felt so good to have her soft hand jerking me. Her grip was just tight enough and her strokes at the right speed to make it feel great. Her hand tightened around the base of my shaft as if I were fucking a pussy, and lingered at my head as if her mouth was around it. I kept groaning with each stroke she made. I couldn't help it, she stroked with the ease of a woman who knew what she was doing and it felt too damn good, plus having not cum in a month and a half probably helped too. Every time her hand pumped across my ridge I felt like I would explode. She kept me in suspense for a good two minutes until I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to cum. I thrust my hips spastically and whispered "Oh Ashley please." The desperation combined with my pleading led Ashley to take a firmer grasp and jerk my flared, pulsing head quickly. I must have cum for 30 seconds straight, just one long continuous stream of sperm. Then I started shooting seven or eight long ropes of cum until it eventually died down to one or two oozing squirts. 

I was in a comatose state afterwards and vaguely remember crushing Ashley to me before falling asleep. I woke up a few hours later all cleaned up. Ashley must have cleaned me and the room up because everything was in place. She was sleeping contentedly next to me, curled up in my arms. I kissed her and started to stroke her clit, playing with it only a little before I shoved two fingers into her hungry wet cunt. It was so slippery that my finger went in with no resistance. Ashley gave a soft moan and shifted in her sleep. But that story is for another night.

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