It’s Just Business - Chapter 4: Test Meeting

It amused me that Trish didn’t invite me to interview any of her new escorts after Heather Mancuso, but I sensed that my married lover was just a bit jealous that I’d fucked the Italian girl.  Actually, I didn’t want any of the other women.  Trish was almost more than I could handle, her appetite for sucking and working my cock seemingly endless.  Her estimate of five days to recruit the first six escorts did prove to be optimistic; she needed six days but, counting the waitress, Marion Lawrence, she had seven ladies signed up by the following Sunday.  The Lawrence woman, it turned out, was also BI, so we were covered there – and I didn’t ask if Trish, who insisted that she was not BI, had done the interview for that lady.

What Trish did, though, even though I was cut out of the interview process, was to pay each of the women the same consulting fee which covered several nude photographs of each in lieu of the interview fuck I’d had with Heather.  I learned that Trish was an excellent photographer as well, and with each set of prints she brought to me she seemed to enjoy working my cock for my sperm while I examined the pictures of the selected ladies!  As I said, my married lover was almost more than I could handle – and I kept thinking that Frankie Thomas was definitely a fucking idiot for not using that lovely and responsive body every night!

Trish had just finished milking me for another load of cum, getting a record seven orgasms herself before splashing my cream on her face, as I looked at the last of the six photographic sets.  It was Sunday evening, again in my 60th floor office overlooking the Mississippi, and we were sprawled naked on the large sofa in the informal meeting area in one corner of the large room.  As we rested, she continued to play with my softening cock, and her next question was yet another surprise.  "If you’re going to all this time, effort and expense to set up your escort service, you’re planning much more than just providing pussy to people who might be of value to you," she mused and then shifted her position.  Lying on her back, looking up at me with her head in my lap, she smiled.  "Just having one of my girls fuck their eyes out won’t be enough, will it?"

She’d started calling the escorts her girls almost from the beginning but I didn’t mind.  She was the manager, after all, and she’d recruited each one.  The fact that she had seen past the information I’d given her really shouldn’t have surprised me but I looked at her in silence for a full minute before speaking.  "Tell me what you think."

The smile that she flashed at me was almost proof that she’d worked the problem through.  "Well, you’re using eight safe houses instead of cheaper hotel rooms.  Why? Because it’s much harder to bug a motel room than it is a private house or apartment – and the chances of being discovered in the next hotel room is higher.  Since you need proof that your target is fucking some woman other than his wife, the room has to be bugged.  Wired for sound and video.  Right?"  I nodded, appreciating her intelligence.  She laughed, pleased with herself.  "How good will your equipment be, Jake?"

"State of the art," I confirmed.  "Hardwired to a nearby location, audio-video recording from not less than nine positions around each bed plus a couple of sets in the living room, just in case the target gets too fucking horny to make it to the bed.  Tapes will be edited off site."

"Monitored real-time?" she asked and then didn’t wait for a response.  "Of course they would be.  That’s how your man assigned to protect the escorts will be able to keep track of what is happening."  Her use of professional terms would have made me suspicious had I not known that she loved to read cop and intelligence novels.  "High quality triple-X porn!  I love it!  Do I get to watch the tapes?"

Nodding, I grinned.  "If you wish."

"I wish!  Now, when will you run your first test?"

There was really no need for a dry run.  My technicians had tested every system thoroughly and we knew that it would work at almost studio quality, even in dim lighting.  I didn’t say that, though, suspecting that Trish had something in mind.  "Talk to me, Trish," I urged, my hand playing with her breasts as she smiled up at me.

"I will if you’ll play with me," she giggled like a little girl.

Christ!  She just came seven times and she wants more!  Wanting to keep her happy, not minding at all, I slowly traced my fingers down her firm, flat belly to the neatly trimmed bush of her pussy.  She was still wet and my middle finger slipped into her easily, causing her to sigh.  "Is this a fair trade?" I asked, teasing her, and she smiled.  "So, tell me, what’s on your mind – other than having me finger fuck you in my office?"

"I want to introduce Marion to Frankie’s boss and I want her to take him to one of the safe houses and fuck the hell out of him," she hissed, lifting her hips to urge my finger deeper into her cunt.

The pieces fell into place that easily.  "Marion will fuck your husband’s boss, you’ll get the tape, and if you ever need it you’ll have something to use indirectly to nail your husband.  Am I right?"

"It’ll be a good test," she hissed as my fingers found her clit, her eyes partially closing and a smile on her lips.  "I’ll – I’ll pay her fee for that session and – you won’t – have to.  Oh, that feels so good!"

Parting her legs as far as possible, she lightly bit her lower lip, falling silent and concentrating on the handjob I was giving her.  Her already wet pussy heated up almost instantly and I felt a surge of new moisture on my hand as she began cupping her breasts, her entire body trembling.  A handjob to a man is a great thing but most males seem to forget that it’s just as good for the woman!  Taking my time, I worked her slowly to orgasm, teasing her, making her reach the edge of her climax and then backing off to prolong the intensity of it.  All conversation had stopped and the only sounds in the office came from the wet sucking noises of her pussy and her increasingly ragged breathing.  She had no idea that I also had covert audio-video capability in my office and that every sexual moment of our time in there was being faithfully stored on tape!  "Now!" she hissed finally, unable to resist any longer.  "Make me come now, Jake!  Finger fuck me while I play with my clit!"  For several seconds she was busy working her own clit while I used three fingers in the tightness of her cunt, ramming her pussy with my hand hard and fast until her entire body went rigid as her orgasm flooded her. Contrary to popular opinion, women do ejaculate moisture if they come hard enough and when she finally grabbed my hand, unable to take any more, I was sticky wet almost to my wrist.

"Let’s give it a try, Trish," I whispered, again exploring her breasts as her breathing returned to normal.  "It would be a good test and you can have the tape as a gift it she can get the Mark to fuck her.  It’s a good test of her, too.  My treat."

"What a lovely present," Trish sighed, drifting off into a contented sleep, smiling like a little girl.

Not for the first time I realized that one of the reasons I was so attracted to her was that it was like having sex with an adolescent girl – without being a major violation of law.  All of us have our perverted sides, I reckon!

The next day at lunch Trish just happened to meet James Fisher, her husband’s boss, with Marion Lawrence at her side, dressed stylishly modest but sexy enough to make a priest forget his vows.  Fisher, she’d told me, had a reputation for chasing pussy but his wife simply refused to believe that the man thought of adultery as a major sport.  Having been coached on what Fisher liked – big boobs, available pussy – Marion was able to attract him without really trying.  A call on Trish’s cell phone – from me – at a prearranged time gave her the excuse to leave Fisher and Marion alone and hormones did the rest.  Instead of agreeing to a Nooner – although she was ready to do so if necessary – Marion played coy, the nervous housewife poised for her first extramarital fuck, and set up a meeting at one of the safe houses after work that evening.  There was a small bug in Marion’s purse and I listened to the entire thing with a satisfied smile on my lips.

Fisher and Marion were due at the apartment shortly after six o’clock that evening – she had no idea that she would be filmed! – and the technicians, Trish and I were in place an hour ahead of time.  Actually, the technicians were in the monitoring station in an adjacent apartment while Trish and I were elsewhere, watching on a telephone line feed to eleven large screen monitors.  Marion’s security was sitting with the technician, ready to jump in if she ran into trouble.

James Fisher was a big man, a former LSU football player not good enough to make it in the NFL, but even at forty-five he was in surprisingly good shape for an office man.  It started in the living room where he practically grabbed Marion, kissing her and running his hands over her body.  She was surprisingly eager to fuck him or she was a surprisingly good actress!  In less than a minute he had shucked off her blouse and bra and was feeding on her tits while squeezing her ass and grinding his cock against her.  "In the bedroom, Goddamn it!" I hissed, wanting the increased coverage in there. "Take his ass into the fucking bedroom, woman!"

"My God," Trish said, disappointment in her voice, "this isn’t going to take long at all!"

I grinned.  "Won’t take much for your purposes," I told her, "but maybe he can get it up a few more times before the evening is done."

Trish had told Marion to use the bedroom, if at all possible, since her security man would be able to hear her shout if things went wrong.  That was the only way we could think of to get her where we wanted her without telling that the assignation would be taped.  And apparently Marion took the suggestion to heart, breaking their embrace with what appeared to be genuine regret, taking his hand and urging him to follow her.  "I think that woman wants to fuck him," Trish chuckled.  "Maybe we should have insisted that she pay us!"

A thought occurred to me and I made a mental note.  Once they were naked, with nine cameras on them, it might be possible to edit all the video to make it appear that Fisher had fucked the woman more than once!  In the bedroom, even before the monitors picked them up, Marion was already stripping off her skirt and panties, tossing them casually on the floor as she turned to her John and pulled his face to her tits, her hands quickly working at his belt and zipper.  Fisher practically ripped off his shirt and tie and in thirty seconds he was stark naked, his clothes just dumped on the floor – out of sight!  It would be possible to edit it into more than one fuck session!  "What a tiny little cock!" Trish observed, the words totally out of character.  She could talk dirty during sex as well as any woman I’d ever known, but it wasn’t like her to make that particular observation!

"I take it Herr Fisher has tried to get into your pants, Mrs. Thomas?" I said, teasing her.

"More than once!" she replied flatly.  "It almost got to rape time, once.  The man just doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer!"

Yet another reason to want this particular asshole on tape, I realized.  But, I had to admit, she was right.  For such a big man, he did have a tiny – although definitely hard – dick!  Trish turned up the audio and our observation room was filled with grunts, groans and slurping sounds.  Marion had the man on the bed and was sucking his cock as he held her head when I realized that Trish had suddenly pulled her thin white sweater over her head and was naked from the waist up.  "I’ve never watched real people before," she whispered.  Ignoring the screens, I watched as she slipped out of her slacks and panties almost as eagerly as Fisher had gotten out of his.  Not once did she take her eyes off the monitors.

"Take your clothes off, Jake," she told me, unconsciously making it a firm order.  "Get naked for me!" If I didn’t beat Fisher’s record for getting naked, I at least tied him.  Trish still didn’t look at me – I didn’t mind! – and kept her eyes glued to the monitors even as she pulled my face to her breasts and dropped her right hand between her legs.  She came very quickly, as hard as I’d ever seen her come, and I glanced up to see that Fisher had shifted his position and was now kneeling between Marion’s legs, eating her pussy voraciously.  Trish’s body bucked against her own hand as her orgasm continued.  Then, her breathing still ragged, she grabbed my cock, shifting her position and taking it into her mouth, sucking hard and trying to swallow me while still working her pussy.  Groaning loudly, she came again, but I sensed that it wasn’t as good for her since she couldn’t actually see Fisher and Marion.  Still, she continued working on me until she got me about halfway to my finish.

Glancing up then, timing it perfectly, she saw Fisher crawl on top of the younger woman, poised above her, his dick ready to jump right in.  "Jesus!" Trish hissed as he entered the other woman.  "Oh, Jesus!  I’ve – I’ve watched porno movies, Jake, but it’s never been like this!  It’s never been this fucking personal!"

I thought she’d have yet another orgasm then but she surprised me.  Groaning like an animal in heat, she jumped off my seat, pulling at my arm and demanding silently that I follow her as she almost ran to the back of the sofa and leaned forward, bracing herself on her forearms and spreading her legs. "Fuck me, Jake!" she hissed urgently.  "Put your cock in me and fuck me!  I don’t want you to come inside of me, but I want you to fuck me and then come on my face!"

Every time I’d been with her, as eager for sex as she’d been, she’d always told me that she would not let me fuck her.  Now she was ordering me to shove my cock into her pussy!  I couldn’t come in her, but I was being ordered to fuck her!  As she pushed her small, boyish ass back against me I held my cock and guided the head to the lips of her cunt, pausing just to tease her, and then, sensing what she wanted and needed, I shoved all eight inches as deep into her as possible, ramming her and filling her, making her yelp with pain and excitement.  Grabbing her tense and rigid legs, I began to slowly pump her, honestly amazed at how tight, wet and hot she was.  Each slow stroke was as violent as I could manage because I just knew how she wanted it, and I held her by her ass, digging my fingers into the hot, firm flesh almost enough to hurt her.  I knew that she wanted and needed to be fucked hard, fucked like an animal!  "God!  Yes!  Hard!" grunted repeatedly, matching my strokes with her words, forcing her ass back to meet me each time.  "Fuck me hard!  Fuck me hard!  Fuck me hard!"

I almost lost it then.

On the monitors – and with amazing audio accompaniment – James Fisher shot his load into his partner’s pussy.  To my surprise, Marion Lawrence came with him – she wasn’t thatgood of an actress! – and her arching body almost dislodged his spurting cock.  And Trish lost control watching them. "Jesus!" she practically screamed.  "Jesus, Jake, I’m – I’m coming!  I’m COMING!  I’M COMING!" Then, groaning, she continued.  "Stop!  Stop! Just shove it in me but don’t come!  Don’t move and don’t come!"

Understandably disappointed that I wasn’t to shoot into her, I nonetheless obeyed, shoving into her hard but not moving.  Once, twice, a half dozen times Trish was shaken by a series of orgasms – or by one single orgasm that just kept growing in intensity – until I thought she was going to collapse on the floor.  She sagged on weakened legs and I continued to hold myself inside of her, gripping her thighs from behind and pulling her to me, until she sighed contentedly and then lifted her head off her crossed arms.

Fisher and Marion were no longer of any interest to her.  I wondered if I was of any interest to her at the moment – and then she straightened, gently moving her ass so my cock slipped out of her.  "Now it’s your turn," she whispered.  "Now it’s your turn."

Sinking to her knees in front of me, her back against the rear of the sofa, she gently seized my rigid cock, glistening with her juices, and lovingly licked her own moisture off the throbbing shaft.  I had to fight to avoid coming right then.  "Brace yourself against the sofa, Jake," she urged.  "Lean forward and let me make you come all over my face."

Ready to explode, I obeyed, looking down at her and seeing the momentary look of uncertainty that crossed her face.  "Do you mind – do you mind doing it this way?" she asked timidly.  "Do you mind not coming inside of me?"

"Christ, no!" I hissed.  "Just make me come now, before my balls explode!"

Suddenly little girl happy, she began stroking my cock with both hands, making no effort to tease me, concentrating only on making me come.  In less than a minute I exploded on her face, covering her with what seemed like a quart of my come, watching her open her mouth so my semen could shoot directly into her throat.

I love pussy.  I love fucking it and eating it.  I love going down on a woman and I love being sucked off by a woman, especially one who loves semen and loves to swallow.  But as much as I love fucking, pussy or mouth, nothing feels as good as I did then – or at any time, past or future – when that lovely young housewife milked me dry and struggled happily to swallow every drop.  In that moment I knew that she had come close to owning me. Looking down at her face, though, I knew that I had suddenly become her master, that I owned her!

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