Gave Her an Orgasm

The summer between sixth and seventh grade there was this neighborhood girl. Nothing too special but she had developed breasts for a 13-year-old. 

Rumour had it that she liked to fool around. One school night, I spent the night at James' house who lived on this girl's street. We snuck out at 2am and knocked on her window. 

Sure enough, she came out in only a t-shirt and panties—we were hopeful. Before long, she was naked and getting fingered and groped furiously by James and I. The funny thing is that her dad was a cop and we were lying in her front yard right next to her dad's cop car. 

She was horny as hell. She kept trying to get James and I to pull out our dicks, but we were both too insecure and only let her grope us through our pants. 

I didn't know how to give a girl an orgasm and I was just fingering her like there was no tomorrow. After a while, she was really getting into it when suddenly she hugged me around my neck with a death grip and just kept quietly saying "yes...yes...yes". Then, something happened—she had an orgasm. At the time, I had no idea what was going on! But she really seemed to enjoy it. After she came, James and I went home still horny. 

I wish now that I had the balls to let her get me off. She ended up telling people at school so I stayed away from her after that.

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