Julia Part I

It still seems unreal when I remember it.

     I never got along with Julia. Okay, the truth is that we fucking *hated* each other. In fact, I still think she's a total bitch.

     I suppose I should give a little history. Last year I was with Steve. We stayed together for about 6 months, but I eventually just decided that it could never work out and left him. A few months later, and he was with that whore Julia. So, being the perfect ex-girlfriend that I thought I was, I acted like it was no big deal, and agreed to hang out with them some time.

     Big mistake.

I'll be honest, I really wasn't over Steve. It wasn't totally my fault, though. I think Julia believed that Steve wasn't over me, either. Whatever the reason, we just didn't get along at all. It started out real quiet and subversive, like we didn't want each other to know how much we resented each other's presence. Just a couple rude remarks, you know, shit like that. Now normally, I wouldn't have taken it any further, but apparently Julia couldn't live with that. She just *had* to let the whole world know that she hated me and wanted me dead. Anyway, we're all just sitting around in a neighborhood restaurant, pretending to be normal people having normal conversations, when she shouts out "SO, AMY, YOU STILL GOT THAT RASH?!! YEAH, I GUESS THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING WITH TWO LEGS!!!". I was mortified, but more importantly, I was mad as hell. I don't remember the exact sequence of events, but I do remember that it ended with us physically beating the hell out of each other as random people tried to pull us apart. Fun, huh?

     Steve was great about the whole thing, though. He didn't cut me off or anything, but it was understood that I would not be seeing him when Julia was around. Man, that was great. I could just imagine how pissed off that slut must have been knowing that her boyfriend and I were still on speaking terms...

     So half a year passes, and I began to *really* regret the fight. Steve was spending a lot of time with Julia, which meant that I never got to see him. I knew it might be yet another huge mistake, but I asked Steve to bring me with him one of the times that he saw Julia. We argued about it for hours, but eventually he let me come. I swear that it was my intention to patch the whole thing up with her, so that we could at least be in the same room without the fear of killing each other.

     He suggested that I come over to his place some time, I think because Julia and I really embarrassed him the last time we were all together and he didn't want it to happen again in public. I'm not quite sure how he got her to go along with it, I think she may have agreed to it just to get another chance to kick my ass.

     When I arrived, she was already there, and they had been drinking, though I don't think either of them was drunk yet. I had dressed down (blue jeans and sweatshirt) in the hopes of convincing her that I wasn't trying to steal her man. I apologized to her as soon as I saw her, and explained that I really hoped that we could get along, and the fucking whore laughed at me. I wanted to tell her to fuck off, and try to hurt her in any way that I could, but I wasn't willing to jeopardize my relationship with Steve, so I just let it go.

     And so the evening went on. Pretty boring, really. We basically just got drunk and watched some movies. Occasionally she'd make some bullshit rude comment about me, but I figured that if I wanted to stay friends with Steve, I'd just have to ignore her bitchy ways.

     A couple hours into the night I had to pee (you know how it is when you're drinking). So I stumble down the hall to the bathroom, and do my thing. I considered taking off my underwear and leaving them somewhere in Steve's place for Julia to find at a latter date, but I figured that would probably hurt Steve more than it would hurt that cunt Julia. So I go back to the TV room, innocently expecting to finish off a pretty sucky night...

I was really shocked when I got back. There they were, Julia with her hand down his pants, massaging his dick, and Steve with a stupid fucking grin on his face. The fucking slut didn't even stop after I walked in, if anything, she went at it even harder. Okay, I'm not naive enough to think that they had never fucked or anything, but I didn't want to think about it, much less watch. Julia looked me right in the eye, and with an evil smile pulled out Steve's erect cock. I was angry, jealous, and embarrassed, yet I couldn't seem to make myself move. Julia was loving it. As she began to jerk him off, she looked at me and said in this smug fucking voice "I'll bet you could never get him this hard..." I looked at Steve, hoping that he'd tell her to shut the fuck up, but he seemed to be enjoying it way too much.

     At this point I decided that it didn't really matter if I stayed friends with Steve, I was just too pissed off at him. I had been playing the submissive asshole all night while Julia acted like the super bitch that she is, and I was sick of it. I decided that I'd slap Steve across the face, punch that whore in her empty fucking head, and leave; never to speak to either of them again. Nothing ever seems to work out as I plan it, though. While approaching them I realized that as pissed off as I was at Steve, I was still deeply attracted to him. And so, instead of slapping him, I kissed him, right on the lips, in full view of Julia, and tried to shove as much of my tongue down his throat as I could. To my surprise, he kissed back.

     Julia didn't seem to care at all. She just glanced at me, asked me if that was the best I could do, and stuck his dick in her mouth. Not to be outdone, I grabbed both of his hands and pressed them against my breasts, without breaking the contact between our mouths. As he played with my nipples, I became aware of the fact that I was wet. I don't mean just a little wet either, I was fucking dripping.

     Julia still didn't seem to care. In fact, the only thing I could hear from her were slurping sounds as she blew my ex-boyfriend. I was pissed. I mean, sure, I was enjoying this and everything, but I wanted it to hurt her, too. And so, hoping to get a little more attention, I stopped kissing Steve, sat up, and pulled off my sweatshirt and bra. Julia didn't say a thing. So I turned to her, hoping that she would take some kind of notice, and found that the fucking tramp was masturbating, and quite visibly at that. She had flipped up her skirt, and she *wasn't* wearing panties. I watched as she rubbed her clit with a circular motion, occasionally dipping a finger or two into her sopping cunt; completely oblivious to my presence. "Fuck her", I thought. Not to be outdone by the little slut, I slid off my jeans and panties, and jumped on top of Steve's face. I don't think he was ready for that, but I doubt he minded (you know how men are with their group sex fantasies.) She still did nothing! I mean, there I was, fucking her boyfriend's face, and she's just acting like I don't even exist!

     Pissing her off didn't really matter that much at that point, though. It had been almost a year since I had any kind of sexual pleasure outside of masturbation, so I focused on getting off on Steve's tongue. Still, I had no intention of abandoning my goal of hurting her, so I moaned, real soft of slow at first, but gradually getting louder. I think this really turned Steve on, because he began to lick me as he had never licked me before. He sucked my clit into his mouth and gently nibbled on it, and then plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. I loved that, see, Steve has a pierced tongue, and when he fucked me with it, the barbell would hit me right in the clit. Soon enough, I was moaning for real. As I approached orgasm, two hands reached around me and grabbed my breasts. A couple seconds later, I realized that they were far too small to be Steve's.

     I'd just like to point out that at the time, I considered myself to be quite heterosexual. I mean, I wasn't homophobic or anything, I just had never done anything with another woman. I had thought about it, I think everyone has, but I kinda assumed that it just wouldn't happen.

     Shocked, I spun around as quickly as I could, only to see Julia, with that same evil fucking grin on her face. Julia was no longer sucking Steve off, she had mounted him and was fucking him, real soft and gently, still fully dressed except for the panties. As we made eye contact, she pinched my nipples. Not hard enough to really hurt, they just stung a little, but hard enough to remind me that we weren't exactly friends. That pinch sent me right over the edge. I ground my cunt into Steve's face as hard as I could, arched my back, and let loose with one of the most powerful orgasms of my entire fucking life. I felt as though I had just released all of my sexual energy, so empty, though in a good way. I rolled off him, no longer giving a flying fuck what the hell Julia was doing. I felt like I was in some kind of wonderful dream...

     As I slowly regained my consciousness I was vaguely aware of Julia and Steve, who were still fucking. Julia was still going very slowly, and Steve was begging her to speed up a little. She wouldn't though, apparently she didn't want Steve to cum just yet...

     After a couple minutes I was almost recovered. As I sat up, Julia jumped off Steve. Steve let out a confused grunt, he obviously was not happy with the sudden stop. I was confused, too, I had kinda assumed that she'd just finish him off, and that would be the end of it. Julia had other plans.

     "Steve, honey, you understand that I can't let you cum this early, right?" she purred. "I mean, you have a chance to fuck two women at the same time, don't you want to make it last?"

     I was a little nervous, and apparently it showed...

     "What's wrong, little slut?" she asked mockingly. "Afraid to have some *real* fun? Why do you think Steve's with me now?..."

     Okay, I knew she was trying to manipulate me, but I still had some pride left, and I'd be damned if I was going to let this little whore look down on me. Steve finally mastered the ability to speak...

     "So how 'bout it, Amy? If you're uncomfortable with this, I've no intention of forcing you, but I think I should point out, this could be a *lot* of fun..."

     "No problem, I mean, I'm not some kind of prude or anything..." I said, mostly as a comeback to Julia's little comment. "But let's do it in the bedroom" I quickly tacked on. It's not that I had any real desire to go to the bedroom, it's just that I wanted to make a decision that everyone else would follow for once. And so I walked towards the bedroom without looking back, trying to appear "in control" and everything. On the way out, I heard Steve say something to Julia. It sounded like "You know, she really likes to be tied up..."

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