Julia Part II

I was nervous. I trusted Steve, after all, I was kind of in love with him, but Julia was a different story. In addition to this, I guess I was really kind of afraid to make love to a woman. I had almost freaked out when she had grabbed my tits, and she had made it very clear that we would be doing a *lot* more than that in the bedroom. Still, I couldn't back down; I just couldn't let her win. As frightened as I was, though, I was tremendously turned on at the same time.

     And so I sat there, alone, and completely naked, right on Steve's bed, not knowing what was about to happen. I was there for a couple minutes before they came in, I think Julia was playing some sick mind game with me; you know, giving me time to really think about what was going on. I think she wanted me to back out, feel awkward, and never speak to her boyfriend again out of embarrassment. Fuck that. If anyone was going to back out, it would be her.

     That's when they came in. Steve was completely naked, his huge cock fully erect; but Julia was still pretty much completely dressed. As much as I hated her, I have to admit that I envied her control.

     "So, Amy, Steve tells me you like being tied up... Is that true? Wouldn't surprise me, you always did seem like a total slut..." Julia purred. I tried to act like it was no big deal, like a didn't even care what she thought... "yeah, whatever" I responded, but it came out real nervous- sounding, and Julia laughed. "Get your handcuffs" she commanded Steve. Christ he was whipped.

     Steve chained me to his bed while Julia watched, occasionally calling me a "slut" or a "stupid whore". The strange thing is, her verbal abuse was really turning me on. Steve then tied my ankles to the bedposts, so that I couldn't close my legs. At that point I began to have second thoughts, but I figured it was really too late to turn back.

     "Fuck her mouth" Julia ordered. Steve, apparently more under Julia's control than I thought jumped to it. Within seconds he was straddling my chest, all 9 inches of his hard cock right before my mouth. Eager to prove that I could give head just as well as Julia could, I pushed my head forward, taking as much of his tool into my mouth as I could. It tasted oddly salty, but I didn't care. I was just happy to have the chance to prove my sexual skills. A couple seconds later though, I realized why it tasted salty... Steve had just fucked Julia, and I was tasting her cum! In a way, I was kinda grossed out, but the taboo of tasting another woman *really* turned me on.

     That was nothing, though. Shortly after I realized that I was drinking Julia's juices, I felt a tongue on my clit. Tasting a woman on a man was one thing, but this was *real* lesbian sex! I thought about stopping the whole thing, but then I pictured that whore Julia laughing at my perceived innocence. "Fuck that", I thought, and I decided that I would just pretend that Julia was another man, after all, I couldn't see her or anything.

 She really knew what she was doing. I've always enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, and I've had a lot of it, but this was by far the best. As she licked my clit she slipped a finger inside me. Gently pumping her finger, she made sure it was nice and wet, and then slid it up my asshole! No one had ever been there before! I don't know if it was the taboo of having my ass fucked by a woman or her tremendous skill at doing it, but that set me off, and I came right in her mouth.

     "She's ready, Steve... I want you to fuck her hard, but don't cum until I give you permissions..."

     Steve withdrew his throbbing love muscle from my mouth, jumped back, and without missing a beat plunged it deep into my dripping cunt. It was amazing. I still wasn't over my last orgasm, and already I was having another. Julia moved up the bed to sit next to me. After I came again, she told Steve to slow down.

     "You little slut." she chided. "I'll bet you really *loved* having your clit sucked by me, didn't you?". I was too out of it at the time, and so I just mumbled "yes". That's a lie. The truth was, I said yes because I really did love it.

     "That's 'Yes, *Master*' to you, slut!", she exclaimed. "Understand?" I guess I figured that I had pretty much lost to her at that point, because I responded "Yes, master". "And don't you want to return the favor, whore?", she asked. "No, please, I'm not a lesbian!" I cried. The truth was, I kind of did want to try it, but I was still a little too embarrassed and hung up to actually admin it. She seemed to take my rejection very well, she didn't scream at me or anything. Calmly, she reached down and grabbed my breasts. She rolled my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, and just as I was beginning to enjoy it, she pinched, hard. "I told you to call me master." she said calmly, and with that she sat on my chest. I could feel her wet cunt on me, and it really did turn me on. Apparently it turned Steve on, too, because he went back to fucking me hard. Only for a few seconds, though, as Julia turned around almost immediately and made him stop.

     "You little whore, you love this, don't you?" she asked. Before I could say "Yes, master" she has slid up to the point where her pussy was right in front of my face. "Lick it, bitch." she ordered. Pushing back all my fears, I forced my tongue out, and touched it to her clit. Slowing moving it in circles, I began to think about what was going on. Apparently, Julia didn't want slow, though. Mere seconds after I had begun, she was grinding her cunt into my face. I could feel her cum dripping from my nose and chin, and though I was a little embarrassed, I really did like it. I think this was the point where I just told my inhibitions to fuck off, and decided to just go for it. Steve was back to fucking me hard, and Julia either didn't know about it or didn't care, and I was coming up to my next orgasm.

     I stopped licking her clit, and thrust my tongue as deep as I could into her sopping cunt. She seemed to like it, as her moans grew louder, and the steady rhythm with which she fucked my face seemed to break down. Suddenly I realized that she was cumming. Knowing that I had made another woman cum was just too much for me, and I followed her example and came myself.

     After her orgasm she calmly dismounted my face and looked at Steve. Remembering that he was not supposed to be fucking me hard, he immediately slowed down. "It's okay, I want you to fuck her as hard as you can now", she said. "Just make sure that you pull out and cum in *my* mouth".

     Steve didn't have a problem with this. He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before, and with Julia's cum still on my lips, I came yet again. I think this set him off, because the next thing I knew he had pulled out and had his dick in Julia's mouth. He was moaning pretty loud, which is something he doesn't do often, so I assumed he had enjoyed it. A drop of cum fell from Julia's mouth and slowly made its way down her chin.

     Eventually he had finished, and I assumed it was all over. I was wrong. Julia hadn't spit out the cum or swallowed it, and she came back up to me. Kissing me on the lips she forced his cum into my mouth. Knowing my position in this whole thing, I swallowed immediately...

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