Just For You

As I see you lying here in bed, writing this other story, I can't help thinking about what I would like to do to you. The other story is all about something that you did to me. Here is what I'm gonna do to you:

I tie you to the bed. Your wrists are tied to the headboard. You have those thigh restraints on, but they are not attached to your wrists. Your ankles will be attached to them so that you knees are bent. Then I tie your ankles to the bed to keep your legs apart. You are also blind folded. You are completely helpless to all of my whims. There will be no way for you to stop what I am going to do to you. Not that you would want to anyway.

Now that you are secured, I let you lay there alone for a while. Your imagination starts to go as you think about what I will do to you. A few minutes seem like an eternity to you.

I stare at your naked body laid out before me. You are absolutely beautiful. Your pale white skin with all those freckles is so cute. I can see you start to blush between your breasts.

You start to squirm around. Whether from restlessness or from anticipation, I don't know.

I trace my finger along the underside of your arm. You jump from the surprise. My finger moves down your side, over your hip, crosses to the inside of your thigh on it way to your knee. I start touching you in random places, you stomach, between your breasts, your pubic mound, your arms, your face, everywhere except your breasts and pussy. I love the feel of your skin. It is so soft and smooth.

I whisper into your ear, "How are you doing?"

"Ok," you respond breathlessly.

"That's good, are you comfortable?"

You nod.

"Good, because your going to be here for a while," I laugh sadistically, which makes you squirm all over again.

The first time I touch your breasts you feel my finger on the outer edge of it. I start tracing a slow spiral around it, moving towards the nipple. Your breathing gets heavier the closer I get to the center. Just as my finger touches the outer line of your areola, it stops moving inward. It spins around the nipple, but getting no closer to it. I pull my hand away and start doing the same on the other breast. When I get to the center this time, I give your hardening nipple a quick flick and then pull my hand away.

"You like it when I tease you don't you?"

You nod you head frantically and croak out a "Yes" in a raspy voice.

You feel something very light touching your left nipple. After a while you realize it is a feather. You arch your back trying to get more friction from the delicate plum, but it doesn't help. It moves back and forth a few times and then moves away.

I leave you lying there a few moments and let you catch your breath. Then I reach over to the nightstand. Your first reaction to the ice cube on your nipple is a cry of shock. Your body starts to move around (as much as it can) but I follow the sensitive bud. I watch as the areola crinkles up as it pushes the nipple up. Your nipples are so beautiful. They are a pale pink that turns darker when I suck on them, which I start to do.

My hot mouth on your cold nipple is a wonderful change of sensation. You cry out now not from surprise but from pleasure as my warm tongue slides across the frigid skin. I suck hard on it and slowly let the nipple slide out of my mouth. It makes a popping sound as it escapes. I give it a couple more licks, and then I move the ice cube over to the other breast. This time I start on the outer edge of your breast and move inward like my finger did just moments before. The melting ice rolls down your side and onto you chest where it pools up. I bend down and lick up the accumulated water. I watch the your nipple get harder and harder the closer I get with the ice. Just as it is about to touch it, I pull the ice away and bring it to your lips. I rub it across your dry lips and then pop it into my mouth. I then kiss you and transfer the ice to you.

I hear you crunch on the ice. Once I am sure that you have swallowed all the water, I grab your right breast with my still cold hand. I rub it around your breast and I can feel your hard nipple poking me in the hand. As I do this I start to suck on your left nipple again. You cry out again at the double assault. I try to suck as much of your large breast into my mouth as my tongue sweeps across the nipple.

I stop again to let you catch your breath.

"Having fun?" I ask.

"Mmm-hmm" you say with enthusiasm and still a little breathless. "Are you?"

"Oh I'm having LOOOOTS (I tweak you right nipple) of fun?" Then I giggle maniacally.

My hands are again moving all over you body at random. This time I make sure to touch your breasts and give them a good rub or squeeze every now and then.

Now I re-position myself so that I can see between your legs. I love to look at your pussy. Especially when you're this turned on. Your outer lips, which usually cover everything else, start to open a little bit. I take a moment to take in the site and to let you once again catch your breath.

I take my hand and, starting on your inner thigh just above your knee, bring it down towards your vagina. Just as my hand gets there though, it drops down and goes underneath and brushes over your butt and up the other thigh. I do this several times and sometime change my detour to over your pussy to play with the hair on your pubic mound.

I reach my hand under you and massage your rear. I love your cute little butt. I never miss a chance to grab it or rub it, even in public. You think it's too small, but I love it. It's a part of you, and I wouldn't want any part of you to change. As I pull my hand away, I pull it towards your pussy and ever so lightly rub it past your opening. I hear an "Oh Yes!" come from you as I do it.

I start to rub it, but only the outer lips. You try to buck your hips up to meet my hand, but you can't move much.

Then my finger presses its way between your outer lips. You let out a loud moan when my finger touches the entrance to your vagina. You are very turned on indeed. You are so wet and hot down there. I stroke the outer entrance and slowly pull my hand upwards towards your clit. A bolt of electricity hits you when you feel my caress on that super sensitive organ. I slowly rub my finger up and down the inner folds of your pussy.

I lie back down next to you and take your blindfold off. I love to see your beautiful green eyes when you in such a state of passion like this.

I start to lick your left nipple while I rub you down there. Suddenly I thrust two fingers into you and suck your nipple into my mouth at the same time. My fingers find your G- spot and start to stroke it. You scream out from the sudden attack of such intense pleasure. I piston my fingers in and out of you, fucking you with my hand. Your screaming raises up an octave.

Then I pull out of you and start to slowly rub your clit again. My finger goes all the way from your clitoral sheath, and down to the entrance of your vagina, and even sometime a little inside. Your breathing slows down again. I do this to you a couple times more.

I can feel your clit getting bigger and your breathing is getting raspier. I ask you if you are getting close, and you answer, "Yes."

I slow down even more. I go so slow that you can't go over the edge. I leave you on this plateau until you are begging me to let you come.

I now take two fingers and quickly circle them around your clit. Your breathing gets heavier and heavier. Suddenly your whole body tenses up and you scream. I bite you hard on the neck. You scream so loud, it hurts my ears. Your eyes stare off into space. You look like you are seeing a vision of Heaven. Your hands clench the bars on the headboard so hard that your knuckles are turning white.

After you come down from your orgasm, I untie you. You roll over to me and wrap your arms around me. "Oh my god, you've killed me," you say through half opened eyes.

"Just doing my job," I say and kiss you on the top of the head just before you fall asleep.

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