Kern Return


The following is true, only names have been changed. The following happened while returning from the Kern River, several hours north of home. It was my raft, and I had invited several people who had previously expressed interest, as well as opening the trip to their friends. While guiding the raft down the river, I sprained my back a bit, and dreaded driving home to LA in my truck. A raft passenger offered to let me drive back with his sports car with lumbar backrest, and I quickly accepted. One of the raft crew, Beth, had agreed to ride in the RX 7 and keep me company, rather than ride home with her carpool. I had just met Beth, and she was a good paddler in the raft and a lot of fun. She had sat in the rear left side of the raft, and I in the far back. We had made small talk and jokes along the way down the river. At the takeout of the river run, Beth had changed to shorts and a tee shirt while I helped get the equipment packed up. I didn’t have time to sort through the back of my truck for my driving clothes. As people were eager to get home, Beth and I hopped in the sports car and headed home.

Beth and I talked about the two hot springs that we passed while floating (both occupied with naked bathers). After watching her reaction to the mixed nudity, I suspected that she liked her men nude. We filled the gas tank up in Bakersfield, and headed home in the August heat. I had my shirt off already due to the heat and lack of A/C in the sports car. I decided to have some fun with her, and see how things would go. The bucket seats were quite low in the chassis, and the tinted glass in the back added to the privacy. I remarked that it was really hot, and wasn’t looking forward to the two-hour ride home still dressed in the sandy swim trunks. Beth looked at me sweetly, and joked, “So lose them!” I decided to see if she meant it, so I complied by slipping my trunks down past my ankles, tossing them into the back of the car. We were then driving down the freeway with one completely nude driver, and a completely clothed passenger.

I have always felt it was extremely erotic to have one half of a couple nude, and the other clothed. It didn’t really matter which was nude and which was clothed. As it turned out, Beth felt the same way. We drove for a bit, and my dick and balls happy to be out of the suit, but not really calling attention to themselves. We talked about the trip, the rapids; the people that accompanied us. She seemed to enjoy talking to a nude man sitting only two feet away, but tried to act as if she did so every day. She turned a bit side saddle in her bucket seat, with her body English and the smile on her face telling me "This is as much fun as the rapids."

We talked about the trip and the bodies that were seen in the springs. In the first hot springs were two men and one woman, all dressed with a smile as we drifted by. The woman was quite well built, but the men seemed not to really notice. They milled around as if they were born that way. We joked a bit and in response to something she said about the competition there on display, I patted her leg and told her not to worry about it and that she was quite adequate in all of the important areas. Her running shorts and bikini top that she wore gave me a good idea of what was underneath. She put her hand on mine and rested it there. We drove for a few miles this way. She was tempted to go further, but wasn’t sure how to proceed. Sensing this, I smiled, withdrew my hand, holding her hand in the process, and placed her hand on my right thigh. She left it there for a mile or so while we talked, and my dick, which had been at ease, began to stir. In short time, she had worked her hand up and up, with the back of her fingernails just brushing my balls. She gazed at my face, or the fields along the way, rather than at my dick. She began to tease me by moving her fingers closer and closer to my now erect dick. She could hear my breathing deepen every time she would “accidentally” touch my balls. The remarkable thing is that the conversation never wavered. If someone had been in the back seat listening in to our conversation, but with his or her eyes closed, they would never know anything was going on at all. We talked about kayaking, dinner, and the campground where we stayed as a group, all types of things. The thing was that one of us was in their birthday suit, and the other fully clothed.

Knowing a good thing when I see (and feel) it, I spread my knees apart and shifted my hips a bit making myself more accessible. As expected, my cock was too close and now too big to ignore anymore. She lightly ran her nails up and down it, now watching it bob to her touch. She would get to the head, and tickle the underside of the crown. Then her hand would drop and trace one ball then the other. I thought I was going to blow it (by blowing up) several times, but she sensed when I was coming close. She would ease off a bit, and continue our conversation as if nothing was happening.

I remember part of the conversation touching her past sexual experiences and preferences. She said that she was really an old fashioned girl, and never really played the field. (I thought that the way she was playing me was pretty good.) Beth said that there were a few encounters in the past, but nothing very intense. As she said this, she was pulling my cock by the tip rather hard, as if trying to make it longer than normal. I asked her if pulling on a guy’s cock was intense or routine. She smiled again, looked down at her handiwork, but said nothing. Her hand continued playing with, stroking, and creasing me. We went on this way for a full two hours. She never let me come, but always kept me hard. She enjoyed playing with my body. Her hand roamed any place that was exposed. She loved stroking the inside of my thigh, but kept things varied, not letting me lose interest.

Getting back in LA traffic, I was grateful that night had fallen, and we could keep this up a bit longer. As we passed the airport we neared her off ramp. She suddenly turned around and looked behind us. I couldn’t figure out why, but seemingly satisfied that no one was watching, she grinned, leaned over, and got real close to my dick. She examined it like a finicky cat would check out dinner. She eyed the wet spot on the end, and the skin below the head. She traced the blood vessels, and examined the way the whole dick bent slightly to the left. Satisfied at the appearance, conversation stopped, and down she went. Her appetite had been controlled for two hours, and another minute would be too long. Her lips engulfed my cock. It didn’t take much to set me off, and soon with a warning, I let loose. She devoured me totally, not wasting a drop. I pumped for a number of thrusts, and relaxed. After the final spasms were done, and she licked me clean, careful to get it all. She sat up, thanked me for the enjoyable “conversation,” and said that the drive went way to quickly. After dropping her off, I wondered how she was at volleyball.

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