Kat's Plan


I feel so hot writing this. While my boyfriend showers and shaves in blissful innocence, I'm dreaming of what I'll do when he's finished.

Someone, somewhere has posted a beautiful picture of a redhead, with her black dress pulled up and her stocking tops showing while she makes a guy cum all over the front of her panties.

As soon as my baby comes out of the bathroom, I'm going to take him down to the kitchen, hop up on the worktop and kiss him senseless.

His white dressing gown will soon be on the floor and my black, work skirt will be up around my waist as he stands in front of me, between my knees. I love that I can get him excited when I display my stocking tops and I want to feel his hot cock in my hand as I begin to tease and wank him. I want to gaze into his blue eyes then look down to see his cock stretched tight with unexpected passion. I love to see him naked and hard and I know he gets so worked up if I tell him that I don't intend to take off one stitch of clothing.

I want to feel my fingers slide up and down his cock and whisper how I'd love to watch him cum. I long to feel his hands caress me through my tight black sweater and touch my bare thighs.

Then when he's so turned on he can't suggest that we take it up to the bedroom, I'm going to lightly and lovingly play with his cock and encourage him to cum, there and then.

I want to see his expression as I point that hot, hard tip at the crotch of my black cotton panties and tell him not to hold back.

Then I want to feel him shudder in my arms as his cum finally splashes out, soaking my thighs and crotch.

Mmmmm. It sounds like fun, doesn't it?

And he might even buy me new stockings and underwear when we go shopping tomorrow... if I flutter my eyelids.

I'm bad, aren't I? I just didn't know how bad!

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