I was at a local topless dance bar with a buddy of mine.  I was kind of
a regular there, coming in about once a month or so.  One of the reasons I was
a regular was sitting on my lap at the moment.  Her name was Julie, and she
worked most Saturday nights, which was when I usually came in.  Naturally she
was very pretty, blonde, tanned, slender, with small breasts (but real and
nicely shaped), great legs, and an ass to die for.
     On top of the very nice physical package she was friendly, chatty and gave
a WONDERFUL lap dance.  She touched as much as the law would allow, and maybe a
bit more.  And as time had gone on (this was the sixth time I had come in
during the past 5 months) her dances for me had gotten just a little more
risque, a little hotter, a little more daring.  She let me touch her back quite
a bit too, but I was always careful not to go over the line.  It was still
great.  She also gave  lip-kisses.  Most of the girls would only give you a
little nip on the cheek.  Little details like that mean a lot to me.
     Anyway, we were there and my buddy got up to go to the restroom.  As he
walked away, I sighed, considering the fact I only had $22 bucks left of the
$130 I had started with, and observed that it was unfortunate the evening was
going to have to end fairly soon.
     "How come?"  Her voice wasn't bad either, not the gravelly, husky female
voice that made me melt, but pretty nice all the same.
     I explained the money thing.  I usually got 4 or 5 (3 or 4 from her)
dances and 3-4 overpriced drinks when I came in.  She knew my limits, but
I'd only had two of her dances tonight -- she had been with other customers.
     She leaned down with her lips to my right ear and pressed her warm soft
cheek to mine.  I loved it when she did that.  She did it quite a bit.
     "Who says it has to end?" she asked softly.
     That raised my eyebrows.  She never pushed me to haul out my plastic for
her, never pushed period.  A rarity, and yet another thing I liked about her
(you're gonna be sick of all the little details I liked about this woman before
I'm done).
     That left one possibility, one I'd never seriously considered before.  It
was against club policy for dancers to go out with customers.  Naturally the
owners were afraid of getting nailed for pimping or something, or even being
innocent bystanders in a prostitution scandal.  But it sure sounded like she
was proposing a little after-work get-together.  So the questions were 1) Is
she a cop? or 2) Is she a hooker?
     I craned my neck around to look her in the eyes, and she shifted slightly
to help me out.
     "Care to elaborate on that?"  I asked.
     She smiled impishly and leaned forward.  Her hair spilled around our faces
and I could smell her breath.  It was sweet from the call drinks we'd both had.
She touched her forehead to mine and whispered, "You're always really sweet.
You're friendly and you don't try to pull a big come-on.  I like that a lot.
I'd also like to spend the rest of the night with you. No strings, just fun."
She leaned back to gauge my reaction.
     She needn't have bothered.  My cock had gotten rock hard in seconds, and
as I stared back, trying to formulate a witty assent worthy of James Bond, she
pressed her leg into my erection, waggled her eyebrows suggestively and said "I
think I've got a 'yes' here."  I grinned at her and we made plans hurriedly
before my buddy came back from the restroom.
     To shorten things a bit, let's just say that it required a bit of timing
and my dashing about at high speed in my Grand Prix to get me separated from
my buddy (luckily he lived nearby) and back with Julie without her fellow
club workers noticing.  Her apartment was much closer than mine, so we headed
there.  I was as excited as all hell, but during the short trip alone back to
the club, I resolved that since she was giving me the most princely gift of her
beautiful body, I had to see to it that she enjoyed this evening as much as
possible.  It would be my gift to her.
     We had a difficult time getting into her apartment.  We kept stopping
every few steps and kissing strongly.  For a long time I had desired to *really*
kiss her, as opposed to the brief ones we were allowed at the club.  She would
press her warm body up against mine and move up and down, stroking me with
her entire self, while our tongues "dueled like soft, moist sabers" (I've
always liked that line).  It was wonderful, but I restrained myself as much as
possible.  Crazy animalistic sex would be great, but it wasn't what I wanted
to do for her right now.  I wanted to add in a lot of tease, to make her beg
for release, to drive her crazy.  I'm no Don Juan, but on the few occasions
I'd had opportunity to do this in the past, my partners were always VERY grate-
     Finally, we staggered into the bedroom.  She'd lost her top and I my
shirt.  We flopped onto the bed, still kissing madly, but I'd managed to slow
the pace down to just intense instead of wild.  Stroking her smooth back, I
eased her onto her stomach and moved up to whisper in her ear.
     "Just relax for a while and let me do the work.  Let it be my thanks for
your having me over."  Yeah, yeah, "having me over" isn't all that romantic
sounding, but I didn't want to get really gushy and say "make love", and "have
sex" seemed *much* too cold.
     "Mmmmmm," she purred, and smiled sexily, settling onto the bed with a cute
wiggle.  I took that as a "yes", as I reached over and turned on a small lamp.
The light was subdued but ample.  Excellent.
     I slowly unzipped her skirt and reached up inside it to grasp her firm
buttocks, squeezing strongly.  Julie sighed and thrust her pelvis gently into
the bed.  Lifting her midsection slightly, I pulled the skirt off, then quickly
removed my own jeans, but left my underwear.  Her g-string, slightly damp from
sweat and arousal, went next, and she was completely naked.
     Under the soft light, without the blare of music and flashing flights of
the stage, she was even more beautiful.  Her skin was tanned golden, smooth and
unmarked but for thin strips of pale skin around her hips and upper back, which
I knew extended around her small breasts.  Her hair was a maize color, darker
and richer than the typical blonde, and her face, which I could see in profile,
was sorority-girl cute, with the button nose and pouty lower lip.  She looked
much less wanton in repose than at the club, with her eyes closed and lips
curled in a small smile.  She wasn't a goddess, but she was very beautiful, more
than I had thought.  It could have been the head trip I was experiencing, I
don't know.  I didn't care.
     I shook myself out of the reverie and began to slowly and softly massage
her back and shoulders, occasionally working my way down the jut of of her
cute butt and down her legs.  Periodic sighs and squirmings told me I was doing
things right.  It was wonderful, the simple tactile pleasure of running my hands
over her skin, which was very warm, softly smooth, yet with the resiliency of
good muscle tone and athleticism.
     I worked at it for a while until she was very relaxed, but I didn't want
her to fall asleep on me.  Time to try something else.
     "You like this, baby?" I asked her gently.  She murmured an assent.  "Good.
Now just relax for a sec.  I have to get something."  I slipped off the bed
and hopped barefoot into her kitchen, where I snagged an ice cube (one of the
long, thin kind) or three from her freezer, and stuck them in a glass in the
drying rack by the sink.
     Yes, I know, ice cubes are a little cliche these days, but I like a good
cliche now and then.  All the time if its a really good one.  I dashed back to
my reposing dancer.
     "Mmmm, you're back," she murmured drowsily, feeling my weight settle onto
the bed.  "Now what?"
     "Roll over, but keep your eyes closed.  We've more yet to do."  I helped
her shift onto her back, and she settled down with another one of those cute
wiggles I liked.  And she kept her eyes closed, arms folded almost demurely at
her belly button.  It was a great view, her small breasts barely flattening
back against her ribcage.  I wondered where to start, and kissed her gently,
with just a little tongue, while I did so.
     It had to be the tits.  Grasping the ice cube (ice banana, really) I
pressed it firmly into the pinkish nipple.  Julie gasped, and the nipple ins-
tantly popped erect.  Its twin on her left breast followed suit.  But otherwise
she remained still, except for a slight arch of her back and some shivers.  I
ran the ice all over her right breast, getting it covered with a sheen of
liquid, while she drew her breath in sudden gasps.  Shifting to place myself
between her legs, which she obligingly spread and then raised her knees, I
slipped off my underwear and lay down over her lower body, pressing my lower
chest into her sparse, trimmed pussy hair, and took as much of her left breast
into my mouth as I could, sucking gently and running my tongue over the
nipple.  It's spongy firmness was wonderful.  She sighed and placed her hands
on my head, running her fingers through my hair, her nails on my scalp.
     I switched to the other tit, and this time stuck the remaining ice in my
mouth.  The hot/cold dichotomy really got to her, and she muttered, "Oh God,
that's good--Jesus!!"
     That last came when I suddenly increased the force of my sucking tremend-
ously, as though I were trying to inhale her tit.  I kept it up for a bit while
she writhed about on the bed, making small sounds of pleasure, and rubbing her
legs along my sides.  The skin was very smooth.
     Leaving behind the reddened, slightly swollen breast, I moved down her
body, licking and sucking at bits of her taut skin.  I poked her belly button
and she jerked, then sighed.  "You're making me crazy..."  Well, that WAS the
     I detoured around her pussy, coming close but not doing anything more than
breath lightly on it, feeling her tense up whenever I'd move closer for a mo-
ment.  I kissed and licked my way up her perfumed legs from her knees, linger-
ing a long time at her inner thighs.  Right at the juncture of her leg and hip
she kept a small heart-shaped tan mark.  She jokingly called it her "heart-on."
Silly, but I found it cute on her.  I spent a good five minutes suckling on
that small area, while running my hands along her torso.
     She kept trying to rub her moist seam up against my arm, but I only allowed
the most glancing of touches.  Finally, she groaned, "Oh, please stop teasing
me!  I need it!"
     I moved up and kissed her again.  "Tell me what you want."
     "I want--need you to do me.  Lick me."
     "Lick you where?"  This shyness of hers was pretty odd, but kind of a
turn-on anyway.  "TELL me what you want."
     She swallowed hard and looked me in the eye.  "I want you to lick my pussy
and suck my clit.  I want you to lick me until I come.  Please."
     I smiled, the words sending a thrill through my semi-hard cock.  I leaned
down and kissed her again, harder.  She sighed into the kiss, her tongue thrust-
ing into my mouth, her hands roaming over my body, stroking my dick, which I
hadn't even let her see yet.  She humped herself against my left leg, and I
could feel the wet heat of her excitement there.
     Breaking the kiss, I caught her hands and brought them to my lips for a
kiss.  "I'm going to make you feel good.  But I need your help.  I need you to
tell me when something pleasures you, or if you don't like it, or you want it
faster or harder or softer.  Can you do that?"
     "You like a little dirty talk, baby?" she asked softly, with a sultriness
in her expression that had not been there since the club.  My shy girl was
becoming an assertive woman again.  Nice.
     "Yes, I replied, moving back down her firm belly to her musky womanhood.
She spread her legs wider to grant me easier access.  Her dancer's flexibility
served us well.  I looked closely at her sparse haired cunt, with its tender
lips and gentle pink coloration, and the moistness apparent around the pouty
little opening.  Her seam was just as pretty as the rest of her.
     I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit.  "Yes, baby!!" she hissed.
"Do it!"
     Her taste was good, musky and salty-sweet.  I made my tongue as broad as
possible, and thrust it into her opening.  I licked it from bottom to top,
going in and coming out, stroking her clit at the top, but not giving it any
extra attention yet.
     Julie moaned and squirmed.  "Mmmm.  Oh, yeah!  Your tongue--go deeper,
deeper, please?"  I did my best to oblige her.  She grew wetter and hotter as
the wonderful torture continued making small purring sounds and trying to
grind her crotch into my face.  She was really getting into it.  As I licked,
I couldn't help but recall an old line said by the late Sam Kinison: "If you're
ever going down on some chick, and you don't know what to do, lick the alphabet!
[laughs from the audience]  Oh sure, you laugh now, but some day you'll be
there, and you'll remember you're ol' Uncle Sammy..."  I smiled and licked
"J-u-l-i-e" just for the hell of it.
     I reached out and grabbed another ice "banana" from the glass.  I pressed
it to her clit and she tensed and twisted, gasping, "Oh!"  I slipped the ice
into her wet opening and left it for a few moments while she writhed about.
Taking her entire clit into my mouth, I sucked hard, flicking it with my
     "Yeeow!" she exclaimed.  "Do it to me do iiittt...!"  She jerked and
gasped and then came, shuddering.  "Yessssss.....mmmmmmm, yes.  Nice, nice."
I removed the ice, but kept licking her gently through her come, until the
quiverings eased.
     But I wasn't done quite yet.  I took my finger and inserted it into her
now very wet seam.  She sighed again.  "Mmmmmm, give me two."  I was happy to
oblige, adding the second finger and sliding them in and out slowly.  Julie
thrust gently back at my fingers.
     Shifting position slightly, I curled my fingers up and tried to press
under the pubic bone, looking for her g-spot.  The effect was electric.
     "Uhnn," she gasped, and her arms slapped against the bed the sheets
gripped tightly in her hands.  Her pelvis came completely off the bed as she
thrust strongly at my fingers.  I looked up and her face was a mask of pleasure
and sensation as it whipped back and forth.  "What are--mmmf--you <gasp> doing?
Oh God, that's wild--ahhh, mmmm, yes, yes."  She twisted and came, breasts
bobbing sweetly, nipples tensed in pleasure.
     I kept massaging the area, and added a vigorous rubbing to her clit with
my other hand, pinching and rolling it gently for occasional variety.  She came
again, and then again.  Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and chest.  She
squealed, moaned, and shuddered as the orgasms washed over her.  I could tell
she was becoming super-sensitized.
     "Enough!" she cried, but I kept going.  She bit her lip and shuddered
through another orgasm.  My God, she was so beautiful, so excited.  If I so
much as touched my cock I would have exploded all over her.
     Her body gleamed as she began to perspire more profusely, and strands of
dark gold-blonde hair began to stick to her face.  It was becoming harder to
maintain my attentions through her bucking.  Suddenly she rolled onto her side,
still humping my hand and then yelling:
     "Stop, dammit, I can't take it anymore!  Ahhhh, oh Jesus, not again,
     I got off of her g-spot, but continued to move my fingers in out and out,
gradually slowing the pace, stroking her sweat-slick skin with my other hand
as she began to come down.  She twitched and sighed, shivering, still drawing
in large gasps of air, but calming down.  Her skin was flushed and shining and
gorgeous, her face dreamy as the sensations began to ease.  I finally stopped
and moved up to press myself into her, wrapping my arms around her and kissing
her soft lips.  She responded with enthusiasm, though still with an occasional
twitching of her hips.
     "That was...that was wild," she sighed.  "Mmmmm, SO good."
     "You were beautiful.  I liked watching you come."
     She kissed me again.  "Well, give me a second to catch my breath and it'll
be your turn."  I responded with an anticapatory sound and stroked her pert
breasts and cute nipples.
     We continued to exchange gentle kisses until she pulled away slightly and
pressed me me onto my back.  She eased her body down on top of me and began to
suck gently at the sensitive skin of my lower neck.  I felt her nipples press-
ing into my chest, and reached up to stroke her hair and the sides of her
breasts while she worked on me.
     After a little while of this she moved down to my nipples sucking each
gently.  Her hands moved softly over my torso, occasionally moving down for a
quick stroke on my cock, which was beginning to firm up again.  She kissed her
way down my stomach to my rod, which she took in one hand and began to lick up
and down.
     I stiffened rapidly under her ministrations.  She gushed saliva over my
shaft, getting it wet all over, and took it in, filling her hot, wet mouth.
She sucked at my cock, sending waves of pleasure through me.  I looked down to
see her sweet face working my dick.  She came off of it and smiled up at me, a
small strand of her saliva and my pre-cum linking her lips and the tip.  She
snared it with her tongue and made smacking sounds.  "Yum," she said.  "You're
     Before I could say anything she went back down on me and I shuddered at the
intense sensation.  She went fast, then slow, her tongue always moving over me.
Julie took a deep breath and then went down, taking me all the way in, not
stopping until her nose touched my pubic hair.
     "Jesus!"  It was my turn to exclaim.  I threw my head back and my toes
curled involuntarily.  She went all the way up and all the way down again,
slowly, and then pulled off me completely when my dick began to throb danger-
     "Not just yet," she said with that devilish smile.  She kissed and nuzzled
at my balls taking one at a time into her mouth and humming sweetly.  It was
wild and wonderful, and gave my sensitive shaft a moment to come down from its
near orgasm.  I called her name and ran my fingers through her dark-golden
     "I love to suck cock," she said suddenly, her voice throaty.  "Especially
nice sweet cocks like this one." Suck.  "I like to feel them throb in my mouth,
I like to taste them on my tongue.  I like it when they swell up and shoot
their come in my mouth."  Lick   "Do want to come, baby?  You want to come in
my mouth?"  She waggled her tongue at me while stroking my prick.
     Her raunchy words shot pleasure back into my cock, and I groaned, "Yes,
baby, do it.  Let me come..."  I placed my hands on either side of her chin
and eased her back onto my prick.
     Her dives downward and sucking became more vigorous, and try as I might,
the pressure in my cock was becoming too much to hold back.  I was thrusting
back up into her sweet, lush lips, now, and she was moaning around my cock
as she fingered her own clit, getting off on what she was doing to me while
getting me off.
     "Mph," she gasped around my prick, and jerked as she made herself come,
and that sent me over the edge.
     "Get ready," I gritted.
     "Oh, God do it," she breathed and went back down, sucking strongly.  The
pleasure was incredible as I felt my cock twitch, and then I was there, thrust-
ing deeply into her mouth, coming, spraying her mouth with my sperm, which she
swallowed, moaning and sighing happily around my spewing penis...
     She stayed with me through my orgasm, and I let her stay on me even though
the pleasure was so intense as to be almost painful.  She cleaned my cock,
finally letting it slip from her slick lips, which she licked clean and then
swallowed while staring at me lasciviously.
     I pulled her up to me and kissed her puffy lips, loving the feel of her
body on top of me.  She relaxed and nuzzled up to me, placing her head on my
chest, where I could stroke her and smell her hair, now mussed and in disarray
from our sex.  She began to idly trace patterns on my chest.
     "That was pretty great," she said dreamily.
     Still wiped out from the wonderful orgasm she gave me,  it was all I could
do to give an assenting "Mmmm-hmmm."
     "What do we do for an encore?"  There was a bit of playful challenge in
her voice.  She didn't want this night to end any more than I did.
     I moved one hand down to cup one of her cute little breasts.  As the
nipple hardened under my flicking finger, I smiled and said, "I'm sure we can
thing of all kinds of things..."

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