Julie's Fantasy Cum True


The ring of the doorbell startled Julie. "Shit!" she moaned, "I was nearly there." She was on the verge of cumming off, her fingers working furiously in the hot wet folds of her pussy, her little white panties stretched between her thighs, the short black mini skirt bunched around her waist. The image that she had been picturing, of his teasing her with the unobtainable bulk of his bulging cock was still in the front of her mind Quickly, she pulled up her panties, lifting them tight against her full, swollen cuntlips, the dampness moulding the thin fabric to them. She raised herself up from the sofa, straightened her short, flared skirt down over her full, shapely, thighs and headed for the door.

She paused in front of the hall mirror to check that her long auburn hair was in place. She pulled a few stray strands into line. Not bad for thirty-eight, she thought, and at least I haven't lost my figure.

She stepped up to the front door, and pulled it open. Standing in the hot early afternoon sun was a young man, maybe nineteen or twenty, dressed in cycling gear. She noted the red tank top, darkened with sweat, and the light blue lycra cycling shorts. She realised then that he was a bike courier and that he had a delivery for her from her office.

He held out a clip board with a receipt for her signature, but had to apologise for not having a pen.

Julie went back into her house to find one and returning to him had a chance for her first proper look at him, She took in his fresh young looking face and the mop of long dark, curly hair that surrounded it and fell almost to his shoulders. Strands of it were damp with the perspiration that had formed. Her eyes followed down across his broad chest and flat stomach clothed tightly in the lycra tank top. They continued downwards, causing her to take a sharp intake of breath.

The thin blue shorts clung tightly to his abdomen and there, right in front of her, was the unmistakable shape of a long fat cock, curving downwards along the inside of his right thigh. It was enormous, a fat snake bulging inside the tight shorts.

Julie's heart began to pound. He couldn't have an erection, could he, and still ride his bike? But surely it was too big to be completely soft. She was sure she could make out the shape of the cockhead through the thin fabric, and the ridge that defined it. It was amazing to Julie that he could stand in front of her like that , and not feel embarrassed.

She realised she was staring at his crotch and dragged her eyes away from that wonderful sight, raising them to look directly at him, He was looking straight into her eyes, and there was a feint smile playing across his lips. He looked at her and then, to her embarrassment, down at his cock, stretching out his shorts. Julie blushed and giggled. "Where do I sign then?"

"OK, just here," he answered, stepping into the hallway, holding his clipboard towards Julie. His movement brought him alongside her, his right thigh lightly brushing hers. Julie looked down and again took in the huge length that was bulging the leg of his shorts. Was it her imagination, or had it stretched out even further along the inside of his thigh?

She signed and he took the clipboard from her.

"Can I ask you a favour?" he said.

"Sure, what?"

"Would you mind if I used your bathroom? I'm bursting!" "No problem," Julie said, her heart beginning to pound, "it's just down there on the left." She indicated a door just to the side of the hall. "Here."

He followed her the short distance and went inside when she opened the door for him. Julie was disappointed when he closed the door firmly behind him. No chance of a flash there then, she thought.

She was about to walk away when she heard something that made her stop. There was a sudden loud sound of rushing water, the unmistakable sound of the courier urinating into the toilet bowl My God, she thought, he's got some flow on him!

She stood transfixed as he continued to piss powerfully into the toilet. It went on for ages and Julie couldn't prevent a mental image of him standing over the bowl with his long fat cock in his hand directing the thick stream into it. Now that was

something she'd like to see!

The sound of the flush operating warned her of his imminent exit and she turned hurriedly away and returned to the hallway. She heard the door open behind her and realised that he would see her retreating back and would probably guess

that she had been listening to him pissing.

Hearing him approaching behind her she turned and watched him as he walked towards her. God, yes, he does fill those shorts wonderfully, Julie thought, her eyes drawn irresistibly down to his crotch. Yes! There is was, lolling threateningly down his right thigh, bulging grossly in a fat curve, noticeably longer and thicker than at first. She wondered if he had been playing with it when he pissed. She had a mental flash of him standing over the bowl, squeezing and pulling the last drops out of the pisshole. The heavy glans was even more prominent, and there was a darker spot on the material just by it. A few drips of piss, perhaps.

Julie knew that he was watching her looking at his dick, but she didn't care. Something had to happen, she just knew it. She knew she had to stop him from leaving, that she wanted him there, wanted to be near that monster in his shorts. She had an idea.

"Just a minute," she said, "don't go just yet, I've got something for you."

Her hand bag was on the floor nearby. Julie squatted down to open it and delve inside, pretending to be having difficulty in finding something. Deliberately, she let her skirt slide down along her long thighs, slowly exposing more and more leg. She turned slightly so that she was directly facing him. Casually, and with studied carelessness, she let her thighs part slightly, but just enough. Enough to let him see the white flash of her panties between them, to expose the tight crotch to his hot gaze. Slowly, she let her thighs fall further apart, blatantly exposing the tight white crotch of her panties, knowing that he would be able to see the outline of her still swollen cuntlips pressed tightly against the thin nylon. Withdrawing the cash that she had been looking for (and had had in her hand for some time) she looked back at him and stood once again.

He was staring hard, his face flushed and beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead. Julie returned his stare, blatantly looking at his crotch. Her breathing almost stopped at what she saw. His cock had stretched and lifted rising up and across the top of his thigh, lying almost horizontally in his shorts, beating and pulsing before her startled eyes. As she watched in horrified fascination it continued to grow, working its way inexorably upwards, pushing and straining against the thin fabric, thickening, stretching before her.

He coughed, bringing her back to the reality of this strange young man standing in her hallway with a huge, but still growing, erection straining his shorts.

"Oh, sorry," she said, suddenly embarrassed, "I wanted you to have this."

She held the cash towards him. He looked at her and shook his head. "No, Ma'am, that's alright, really, I can't take it."

"I wanted to thank you," she said, "for coming out here in this heat. If I can't give you cash, how can I thank you?"

He didn't reply, but smiled and looked down at his bulging shorts and then back to her and her eyes that were taking in his rampant member. "Maybe I've got something you want," he said suggestively.

Julie had moved closer to him, eyes glued to his huge cock no more than a couple of feet separating them. "Maybe you have," she said, "that's if it's real, if it really is all you. I'm not sure I can believe what I'm seeing."

His cock jumped in his shorts, rising and stretching even further, now at a 45° angle, straining to stand at full attention, but prevented by the tightness of the shorts. The thin material hid nothing from her hot gaze, her eyes almost burning a hole in the fabric. She could see every ridge and bulge, even a hint of the thick vein running along its length. A pool of moisture had gathered around the mushroom head, darkening the blue fabric. Julie's cunt clenched at the sight of his cock juicing for her, her panties flooded by her own juices.

"God, it's so big, I can't believe how huge it is. Is it all you?" "Oh yes, Ma'am, it's all me."

"My name's Julie, not 'Ma'am'," she said, laughing at his formality. "I'm Pete."

"Well, Hi, Pete! What a BIG boy you are! So, is it all you, or have you got a salami tucked in there?

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

"Oh yes, why don't I!"

She stretched out a finger and lightly, very lightly touched it to the long bulge. It jumped at her touch. She traced her finger slowly, lightly along its length, from the root just above the swell of his heavy balls, up and along the thick shaft to the bulbous cockhead, feeling the heat and strength of it.

Pete groaned thrusting his hips forward in an effort to increase the pressure of her touch. Responding she opened her hand and placed her palm firmly against the monster cock, pressing against the shaft, stroking upwards and then backwards,

working the full length of it. "It is all you, so much of you, so fucking huge, I can hardly believe it. Do you like my touching you like this? Is it exciting for you?"

"Oh God yes," he moaned , thrusting against her hand, "don't stop, that's fantastic."

"So hot, so thick, so big," she breathed pushing and rubbing.

She closed her fist around the shaft, gripping it tightly through the lycra, feeling it respond to her touch. She squeezed it and was rewarded with a thickening of the head as it bulged even more against the material. Gripping it she moved the shaft so that it was standing vertically in his shorts, the head almost escaping above the waistband, the thrust of his cock pushing the elastic outwards from his stomach. Slowly she jacked his cock, fisting it through his shorts, feeling and hearing the squelching of the juice seeping out of the knob. She stretched a finger over the head, spreading the pre-cum over it then pinching it between two fingers, milking out the juice.

"Can I take it out, I want to see it?" Julie said, knowing what his answer would be.

"Oh yes, please, please!"

Julie knelt down in front of him, the obscene bulge of his huge member only inches in front of her face. She could smell the raw sex of his cock, the hot juice flooding his shorts. Carefully, she reached up and grasped the elastic of the waist band and pulled it upward and outwards over the straining cockhead. As she pulled it downwards a long strand of pre-cum came with it connecting the slit to the fabric. Julie quickly pulled the shorts down below his swollen balls. His exposed cock reared hugely in front of her, a mammoth column of hard threatening flesh. "Fucking hell," she gasped, "I've never seen anything like it. It must be ten inches, at least."

"I don't know," he said, "I've never measured it." "I'll fix that later" she said.

Staring intently at his cock, she took it firmly in her fist and slowly began to jack it back and forth, each stroke travelling the full length from the root to the head, pulling the loose skin down from around the collar that it formed around the head, making the cockhead swell and darken, the skin stretched tight. The fluid was seeping out, hanging off the end dripping in long thin strands down onto her skirt. She quickly gathered it in her hand and smeared it along the full length, making it glisten in her slickly sliding fist. There was no sound except for the gentle click clack, squishing of her hand gliding back and forth. "Am I doing it right?" she asked, "is it ok?"

"Oh Fuck, it's fantastic, fucking fantastick!"

"Do you do this to yourself? Do you jack this big cock of yours? Is this better than doing it to yourself?"

"Yes, yes, yes! Much better, so much better!"

Her jacking hand kept up its steady rhythm, gripping tightly and pulling in long firm strokes that she knew they liked. She felt him getting even harder and growing in her hand, thrusting his cock frantically through her tightly gripping fist. Her left hand found its way under her skirt and slid down into her panties, working away at her cunt, sliding her fingers along her sopping gash, teasing her clit.

The cock was hard and swollen in her stroking fist, glistening with its own juices, the veins bulging. She had never seen anything like it. It was so thick her fingers could not meet around it, its weight keeping it from standing at more than forty five degrees to his hard flat belly. Her strokes were firm and steady, pushing him towards the edge. His cock seemed to become even harder and she knew that it wouldn't be long. "Are you going to cum for me? Come on, come on, do it for me. Shoot that spunk. Let me see how much you can do, come on do it on me, do it on me, shoot it!"

"Oh God yes, I'm going to cum. I'm gonna cum! Aaahhh!"

"Yes! Do it, let it go!"

Her jacking fist increased in speed, she could hardly breath so desperate was she to make him cum to see him spurt his hot seed. She gripped his cock hard and held tight, pulled down and held it at the root, the monster rearing hugely out of her fist, pointing directly at her. She felt it throb and jump, the head swelling and stretching as though about to burst, the pisshole only inches away from her face. She jacked her fist twice more along the enormous length and then held him tightly again, the cockhead swelling obscenely. The first thick rope of hot white spunk erupted violently from the hole, flying over Julie's right shoulder and splattering somewhere behind her. The next thick blast erupted from him and Julie managed to direct this so that it thudded into her cheek. The third thick jet soared up and laid a white cum-trail across her forehead and over her left eye onto her other cheek. Julie kept jacking his cock coaxing more and more tracers of cum, spraying her face, her hair and laying thick lines on her blouse and black skirt. Several more tracers exploded from him as Julie directed the hot thick cum all over her. As the jets subsided she continued to jack and squeeze his huge cock, the thick goo dribbling in long ropy strands, over her hand and down onto her skirt.

"Jesus Christ, that was unbelievable!" she cried, "fucking hell! I've never seen so much spunk."

Peter reached down and wiped a thick globule of spunk away from her right eye. He looked down at her beautiful face, cum dripping in long strands off her chin and her nose, and long white trails hanging in her hair. Julie collected the cum with her

fingers, feeding it into her mouth, sucking in the thick cream.


Her hand was still gripping his member, slowly working back and forth. It had hardly lost any of its rigidity, but had only become even slicker with his own cum-load.

Julie rose to her feet, still holding onto his cock. "Better put this thing away, I suppose," she said sadly. She pulled up his shorts and levered them over his cock, holding it flat against his stomach to get it in. She stood back to admire her handiwork.

"That isn't going to do," she said, looking down at the long thick ridge that his pole still made in the tight shorts. "You can't go out with that thing poking out in front of you, you'll be arrested! Don't you ever go down?"

"Not when a gorgeous bird like you is doing that to it, it doesn't. Come here."

He pulled her towards him, holding her tightly, crushing his lips against hers. His tongue dived between her lips into her mouth, finding her tongue wrestling with his. He slid his hand down her back and onto her bum, sliding further until he could

raise the hem of her skirt at the back, slipping both hands onto her panties, stroking and kneading the soft nylon covered buttocks, pressing in between them. His searching fingers found the soft tender bud of her anus, pressing the tip of his finger inside through the panties, pressing the soft material into her arsehole. His pressure on her bottom was pushing her hard against his now throbbing cock. She pressed back, moving her pelvis from side to side, reveling in the feel of his monster erection digging into her stomach, almost reaching between her breasts.

He was close to cumming again and Julie could feel her cunt-juice flooding her panties.

She broke away from his kiss. "Are you going to fuck me with your huge cock,? You've got to fuck me, I've got to have that inside me."

"That makes two of us then."

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