Kidnapped by Reform School Girls (Pt. 1)

Dennis woke up slowly, groggy. "What the...?" His arms were stretched to the far corners of the bedpost, his wrists were handcuffed. He tugged.The cuffs weren’t biting him, but he was nonetheless completely secured to the bed, a sturdy welded antique.
"What the hell’s going on?!!," Dennis yelled.
"Oh, hey...he’s up!’’ A girl not much older than eighteen, entered the bedroom holding a bowl of Cornflakes, barefoot and wearing one of his T-shirts as a nightgown.
"Who the hell are you?"
"I don’t know, who the hell are youuu?" she said smiling and jumping on Dennis’ stomach. 
He managed to sit upright. He stared incredulously at this happy girl casually straddling his belly.
"Want some cereal? It’s good."
"It’s my cereal. Look! Very funny! You broke in ha-ha! Now uncuff me and leave the room so I can get dressed with some dignity."
"Sorry chief, can’t do that," said an older girl walking in to the bedroom, fully dressed - jeans, Kodiak boots and a ratty sweater. "My name’s Wallis, and this is Tammy. We need a place to stay and you’re it."
"Look, I’m getting angry Wally or whatever your name is! You’re the kids who’ve been breaking into the cottages around here. Fine. I half admire your stealth. But you’re taking this way too far. Stop now before you get yourselves in even more trouble."
Dennis lurched and tugged at his wrists.
"Whoa! You made me spill my cereal. Hahaha. Oh well, it’s mostly on you anyway," said Tammy.
She was right. The cold milk slowly seeped through the blanket that covered his lower half.
"I don’t make fun of your name Dennis."
"Great. You know my name. Look, I can smell the chloroform on my face that you must have used on me last night. You had plenty of time to go through my things. We don’t lock our doors up here so it was easy for you to sneak in well I slept. You were smart enough to do that, so I’m hoping you’re smart enough to know you can’t stick around here. I’m friends with the police constable, he comes around every few days to have coffee and talk. Just do the smart thing and take off."
"Actually we’re not smart, we’re just nasty. Don’t tell me what to do Dennis. We’ve just come from that shit. And it’s not going to happen here got it?"
"Look, you seem like..."
"No you look!"
Wallis stormed towards Dennis, grabbed his crotch through the covers and squeezed like a garlic press.
"Aiighh!" Dennis coughed. "Aigggh, st-st-st-stop!!!Aigh!"
"Sure, if you promise to do what you’re told and shut up. You’re not my counsellor."
"Counsellor? ...Aigggh"
Wallis squeezed again.
"I said shut up." She hissed.
"Aigggh, please stop!"
Wallis released her hand from his aching scrotum and cupped it over his mouth. 
"Good that’s better. Like you said we’re smart. We’ll be gone soon. So humour us and save your nuts! In the mean time, you will do whatever we say and you’ll do it enthusiastically. Got it?"
Sweat was trickling down his forehead, down his nose, sliding down his back, running from his underarms. When he first realized his predicament he thought these girls would just leave him cuffed up and after their get-away make an anonymous phone call to one of the townsfolk to come and get him. It would be embarrassing, but it’d make a good story to joke about with the boys down at the beer parlour. But that happy scenario was decidedly not happening. Dennis nodded nervously.
"He’s scared Wallis, maybe we should just leave," said Tammy.
"No, don’t worry Tam. I’m going to show you that he’s a man. And as such he’ll serve us any way we want him to. He’s our toy. Our entertainment. Right toy?"
Dennis’ eyes were wide and completely focused on Wallis. He nodded slowly.
"When I take my hand off of your mouth I want your very best impression of a rooster, got that?"
Dennis stared.
"Got that?!" she grabbed him again.
He nodded furiously. Sweat flicked off of him.
"Here goes," she said as she uncupped her hand.
Dennis arched his head back and immediately loudly crowed like a rooster.
"Errr doodoodleooooo!"
"Errr doodoodleooooo!"
Tammy giggled and flopped about on the bed.
"See, that’s the way he should be. You want to be our idiot right asshole?"
Dennis nodded. What choice did he have but to humour them. He was completely isolated here on his large overgrown property. The surrounding cottages were barely within shouting distance, and besides, they were empty this early in the spring anyway. The town was several miles away. Dennis was pretty much the only one who lived on the lake year round. His drinking buddy Constable John had just been by yesterday, so he may not come around for another day or two. Unless he could find a way to break free he was at the complete mercy of these girls for now.
"Make him do another one."
"Look, whatever troub…
"uh uh uh" Wallis waved her finger in front of his eyes, "not another word chief."
Dennis gulped. His body was slick with sweat. The bed sheets were damp.
"So you were saying Tammy?"
"A horsie." 
Wallis turned to Dennis with a grin. "The kid says a horsie."
Dennis shook his head furiously and whinnied like an excited stallion.
"And they say kids today only watch T.V. Why would we when we’ve got Dennis-the-animal-boy?"
"Make him do a cow."
Dennis immediately let out a loud moooo. His face was a bright red.
"Ha ha, he looks so silly. He’s a he not a she, I should have said bull", said Tammy.
"So make it a bull", said Wallis.
Dennis opened his mouth, but Wallis quickly cupped it.
"Um, no. Y’know Tam, bulls are pretty quiet. The only time they make any noise is when they fart or mate."
Wallis threw back the covers to reveal a pair of old yellow Y-fronts soaked through with milk. Dennis blushed. After his divorce two years ago he had moved up north, and without a woman in his life his personal upkeep had declined. All his clothes were old including his skivvies. Wallis patted his crotch. 
"It’s time we gots ourselves a bull-milking session! Yeehaw!"
"Look please, you can do what you want but, not with her in the…", Dennis turned his eyes to Tammy. He believed she was being manipulated by Wallis into hating all men, and him in particular.
"This is insane, this is ridicul...Aigggh!"
Wallis gripped his balls tightly.
Through clenched teeth she hissed, "I’ll worry about the kid, got that pops?!"
Sorrowfully he nodded. This was getting out of hand. Wallis reached into her pocket and pulled out Dennis’ pocket knife. 
"Recognize this? You own nothing anymore. Your cottage is ours. I have your credit cards and truck keys too." 
She cut into the fabric of his drawers where the left part of the Y touched the leg seam. Deftly she cut upwards to the waistband, along the waistband, and back down to the right part of the Y. She daintily peeled back the flap she had created. Tammy leaned forward wide-eyed, she’d never seen a real live naked man before. She’d never known her own father; he abandoned her mother and her when she was two. Wallis fluffed his scrotum gently like a little pillow. Dennis was sprouting a surging hard-on - framed by his pathetic yellow underwear. The head of his penis pushed into his gut. Wallis gripped his dick hard like a joystick.
"When you cum, I want you to bellow like a bull got it? And make it convincing. If you don’t I’ll stomp your dick and leave you here chained."
This time Wallis didn’t wait for him to answer. Her hand pumped him furiously, but comically the rest of her was clearly bored. She casually examined the nails on her other hand. She yawned. She rolled her eyes at the ceiling. Wallis looked like she was calmly waiting in an antiseptic dental office. Dennis was the opposite. His head arched back and forth as he grunted and huffed. Tammy mocked him by waving his red hunting shirt about like frenzied matador.
"Oafff, ooooh....oof...!"
It had been over two years since a woman had been anywhere near his dick. Dennis' mind raced - he felt more degraded than he ever imagined he could, yet there was no denying that Wallis' hand was electric ectasy. Being jacked off at her whim...as her plaything...
"You’re hurting him!" said Tammy.
"Quite the contrary," sighed Wallis, "see how easy it is to please a pig. Men are very basic animals. All thrust, no finesse."
Dennis did a loud and convincing imitation of a bull as he pumped cum onto to himself. He shivered with convulsions.
Wallis rubbed the cum in to his hairy chest and belly. That’s our good little bull, or I should say doggie! God you’re a hairy! You’re regular little doggie. 
"I suppose I am. Wallis...please you put me on display, but it’s gone too..."
Before Dennis could continue a different woman walked into his bedroom, this one was East Indian. Like Tammy and Wallis she acted like she owned the place, and had always owned it. She wore a jacket and had obviously just come in from a stroll. Two white women followed quickly behind her.
"What was that sound? Oh he’s up!" the East Indian said.
They all started laughing.
"Allow me to introduce you three," said Wallis, "Dennis-the-goof, here’s Karen, Fatima, and Stacy."
"Ooh yucky! Look how hairy he is", said Fatima.
"That’s what I was just telling him. He’s a dumb hairy bull. You missed his milking," said Wallis.
"Awwww!" they all cried in unison. 
"I'm disappointed." said Fatima pouting.
"Well fair is fair. Your thick male head wouldn't understand this Dennis, but us women are real communal-like. Fat's right. We should all get a turn." said Wallis, "Go for it girl."
"Sure," said Fatima grabbing his limp cock.
"Wait! Nothing’s more boring than repetition. Let’s raise his stakes (no pun intended)," said Wallis.
"Did you say ‘pud’ intended?" joked Stacy.
The older girls all laughed. Tammy scrunched her brow. 
"Let’s say I time how long our big bull takes."
"Yeah! For every minute it takes him to cum he gets spanked."
"I c, c,can’t," quivered Dennis.
"Oh? Good! Then you’ll get an infinity spanking!" said Wallace.
They all laughed again. Stacy left the room and came back, her arms full with a bag of chips and an assortment of Dennis’ good liquor. The girls clinked their glasses together in a toast.
"To using Dennis' credit cards!" shouted Wallis.
"To using Dennis' credit cards!" the girls happily shouted back lifting their glasses in the air and laughing.
"You’re up Fatima! And he better be too," said Wallis.
"Can’t I...you’re not really…"
"Oh yes we arrree!" smiled Wallis.
"Can’t I have 10 minutes?" gulped Dennis. "I’m not 18!"
"You know what? I don’t negotiate with hairy animals. I don’t negotiate with toys."
Wallis pulled out a lighter, flicked it to flame, and brushed it under his ball sack.
Dennis screamed.
"I’ve been very patient, but now I’m getting pissed off. You will groan and grunt like the beast you are, you will bark or moo on command, you will not speak unless asked to by one of the fine ladies here. Got that?!"
Dennis gulped and nodded.
"And don’t forget nowww...make like a nice big bull as you cum." she said like a merry kindergarten teacher.
"Smile," said Karen. She held Dennis’ camcorder. He froze in horror - the record light was on! Wallis sat back smugly in a chair and motioned for Fatima to begin. She put her arms behind her head and waited for the show. Karen and Stacy leaned into the bed for a better view. Tammy noticed that Fatima had a much lighter touch than Wallis. Dennis seemed to be even more pained by this approach. Her long red nails brushed up and down his shaft slowly and sensuously. Occasionally she would lean forward and blow softly on his cock. Dennis strained, rolling his head from side to side like Stevie Wonder. What an embarrassing goof thought Tammy. Could all men be so easily humbled? She felt sorry for him, but at the same time she was repulsed. He was drenched in sweat, his thick black body hair clumped into wet swirls, while Fatima with a curt little smile on her ruby lips calmly amused herself with him. You couldn’t find two bigger contrasts. He was like a big hillarious beast, only worthy of performing for the pleasure of women. She’d always thought that her father must be a great man, but if this was how men functioned she wasn’t so sure. Eventually the sound of a bull burst forth again, followed by relieved gasps. 
"Next!" shouted Wallis.
Dennis stared at Wallis horrified. But didn’t speak.
"By, the way, in case you’re wondering - that was eleven minutes. Eleven swats to your ass bull-man! I said next!"
Stacy stepped forward and started aggressively rolling his limp cock between both hands like a boyscout trying to start a fire with sticks."
Dennis grimaced and grunted and panted - but not one spoken word dripped off his lips.
By the time Karen was through he was a hot crumpled heap and he was up to fifty-two slaps on his ass.
"Well Tammy? You’re up." Said Karen.
"Uh, no I’m okay" said Tammy.
"Next time then kid?" said Wallis grinning.
"Uh huh. Yeah." said Tammy pensively
"Well that just leaves one more thing. Will you help me Fatima, Karen?"
The women pushed Dennis’ ass and legs high into the air. They handcuffed both his ankles to the bedpost where his wrists were also shackled. His face has mashed in towards his belly which was slimy with a thick mixture of cum and chest hair. He was gasping in his own stink. Tammy giggled, pointing out that he even had a hairy back and ass. She tugged at some of it making him flinch, reminding her of a puppet on a string.
"There," said Wallis as she slapped a firm hand on Dennis’ upturned backside, "a good steady target." With that she took out the pocket knife again and quickly cut what was left of Dennis’ drawers off of him. 
"The Indians use every part of the animal. Learn from them," said Wallis as she gagged Dennis with his own shorts. Stacy ran into the kitchen and brought back a sturdy wooden cutting board. The women took turns pounding his ass. Soon his ass was a bright shiny pink. 
"Ahh, what a lovely shade. How nice that we have it immortalized on video too", sighed Wallis.
"We picked some beautiful flowers that would set it off ever so nicely," said Stacy batting her eyelashes like a Southern Belle. She held up a huge bouquet of wild flowers. Wallis grabbed it and began inserting flowers one at a time into Dennis’ asshole. He moaned through gritted teeth with each new stem that tickled and scratched it’s way deep inside him. Soon the entire thick bouquet was sticking firmly out of the widened mouth of his crack. Everyone agreed it looked beautiful. Karen made coffees which they took down to the cottage’s beach. They read magazines, giggled, made sand angels and of course made plans for how Dennis would entertain them after lunch.

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