Kidnapped by Reform School Girls (Pt. 2)

"Look at this one," said Fatima holding up a another centrefold. She had all of Dennis’ porn mags spread out over the table. "It’s always the same big-boobed bimbos doused in babyoil. I thought men liked variety."
"No. That’s false," said Stacy biting in to an apple she was having for dessert, "they like volume. It can be vanilla sex over and over as long as it’s with a different same bimbo."
"I’m confused."
"Don’t be. Man that’s some pile of pornography. Dennis is quite a wanker."
"Yeah, well what’d you expect? A guy living alone in the woods. He probably loved the milking we gave him this morning!"
"But not the punishment that followed. Did you see the goof blubbering like a big baby?"
"Yeah, he was so cute trying to keep it together."
"Let’s watch it! Karen how’s the videotape?"
"Not now. We can watch it tonight. I want to fiddle with the VCR so more."
"Say, Wallis, isn’t it time for his feeding?"
"Yeah, yeah. Go do it." she said absently. Wallis was preoccupied, poring over the private letters, receipts, notes, etc. that she’d found in different drawers throughout the cottage. Only one thing was out of her grasp. As she read she held Dennis’ favourite pen, turning it around from time to time. A tiny picture of a woman from ‘50s was inside it. She was smiling and had her ass thrust out. Each time Wallis turned it upside down the lady’s clothes would disappear revealing her corset.

Fatima and Stacy walked around to the cedar grove out back. They saw Tammy petting the dog.
"Isn’t he beautiful?" asked Tammy.
"Yeah, he’s great. I think he likes you too." smiled Fatima, "And speaking of dogs..."
"Oh look! Doggie-Dennis is already awake!" Stacy shouted running further into the grove. 
"Could you keep it down it out there!" Wallis shouted angrily from deep inside the cottage. The girls looked at each other surprised and shrugged.

When Dennis woke up he instantly knew he’d been chloroformed again. He was inside Rawlfy’s dog house and was very well bound. He wore her dog collar to which his hands were cuffed forcing his elbows to jut out. His neck was leashed ridiculously low to a stake just outside the entrance. His face was only inches from the ground. And there was something else - he could feel a course rope tied between his ball sack and the handcuffs that bound his ankles. In this sorry condition he had to watch Tammy playing happily in the distance with Rawlfy who was loving the attention. If that dog wasn’t so damn people-loving and docile she would have alerted me of the girls approach last night he thought bitterly. Dennis hated Rawlfy, but his wife had loved the dog so to spite her he’d taken the animal. He often hit the dog and was lax in feeding her. He knew it wasn’t the dog’s fault, but he felt he was somehow punishing his wife. Now Rawlfy was running around freely and Dennis was the punished one, tied and gagged with his own dirty undershorts. He tried making sad puppy eyes at Tammy to get her attention, but she didn’t seem to notice him at all. Of all the women she was the one that might possibly take pity on him. This morning she had seemed genuinely concerned with his plight, but that was before Wallis had made him into a grunting bull.

Fatima unbound his mouth. God, she was so graceful thought Dennis. He was relieved his body was hidden inside the doghouse so she couldn’t see his dick snap to attention. 
"Feeding time champ!" said Stacy kneeling down holding Rawlfy’s dogdish. It was full of two cans worth of dogfood and sprinkled with used coffee rinds. "Mmm, mmm good! Open up real big now!" She circled a heaping spoonful toward him.
"I, I’m not hungry…really…thanks though!" The food stank. 
"Sorry you don’t have a choice. All growing doggies need energy or..." Stacy paused, "...they lose their doggie balls!" she said happily. "And after every bite we want a nice big doggie bark." 
Dennis shut his eyes and stretched his mouth open as wide as he could. In shot the cold pasty mash. Dennis chewed and swallowed in a big gulp. "Woof woof!" shouted Dennis, "hhhf, hhhf, hhhf," he stuck his tongue out and panted.
"That’s ittt." said Stacy warmly, "Now stick your face deep in there and finish it all off!"
At that moment, so bare, with all his male inadequacies displayed for these two young women, clothed and in complete control - he wanted to please them. He wanted to finish his food like a good doggie. He plowed enthusiastically into the bowl. After very swallow Dennis lifted up his sticky face and barked gleefully. Each humiliating swallow made his hard-on tingle faster. But it was stuck uselessly against the curve of his belly. He couldn't even rub himself on the floor. On bended knee in the small doghouse there was no room for Dennis to move. He was made to lick the bowl and spoon clean. Stacy then poured it full of cold beer. Dennis lapped it up gratefully. She poured it full again and again as Dennis drank it down with gusto.

"Gee, from up here you can really notice your thinning hairline Dennis." said Fatima thoughtfully. "You’re a big hairy dog everywhere but where women would like it to be."
Dennis looked up from his dog bowl, a mixture of dogfood and beer dripped down his chin.
"I really hate when guys delay the inevitable, don’t you Stace?"
"Uh huh." giggled Stacy holding up Dennis’ brown leather shaving kit.
"Hold your head still now doggie. We wouldn’t want to cut you."
Fatima massaged his shaving cream into his hair, then began shaving it off. When she was done she held down a mirror for Dennis to see himself.
"How you like it?"
Dennis was stunned. Fatima had left the thick hair along his sides of his scalp completely alone, but his top… it was shaved bald. On his shiny new pate she had written ‘Baldo’ in bright red lipstick. It had taken years to fashion his combover. The hair she had cut was so weak Dennis knew it would never grow back to where it had been just moments before. He cringed feeling even more naked than before. 
"Say ‘I’m a fat Baldo’"
"I’m a fat Baldo!"

Wallis walked over along with Tammy and Rawlfy.
"Time for your walk eh boy?" said Wallis looking sympathetically at Dennis. She said nothing about his sheared head. Wallis untethered his leash and released Dennis’s hands from his collar. He crawled out of the doghouse. His balls were still tied to his cuffed ankles, but his arms were free for the first time all day. Now’s my chance he thought. But how quickly could he hop away with his balls tied to his cuffed legs? He could try to strangle Wallis, but his cock and balls were completely exposed, an impossible target for the other girls to miss. And would he even want to escape in this condition? - one of the townsfolk would find him naked with a purple ass and a rope around his balls! That’s not exactly the type of event you could keep from the rumour mill. He had to face it. He was their prisoner. The girls had used his own maleness, his baldness, his body hair, his uncomplicated sex drive to amuse themselves. He now realized they also used it to maintain control of him. In seconds they could have him writhing in agony on the forest floor - it would just take one swift knee.

"The say every dog has a bone" said Wallis grinning at his aching hard-on. Dennis starting touching himself, but his wrists were quickly cuffed and he was lead around on all fours by Rawlfy’s old leash. Rawlfy wandered around freely, she even sniffed Dennis’ ass. 
"She knows another dog when she sees one." laughed Stacy.
"Want a ride Tam?" said Wallis.
"Sure" she said hopping on Dennis’ back. She mischieviously tugged the rope underneath him with her feet. Dennis bucked and Tammy fell off. "Bad boy", said Tammy slapping his tenderized ass. He yelped. Wallis uncuffed his ankles and untied the rope roughly from him.
"Piss against this tree doggy." Wallis commanded. 
She’d read his mind. Dennis willingly lifted his leg and tried to piss against the tree. He desperately needed to go. Stacy fed him the cold beer for a reason. He squeezed his eyes shut and concentrated. Eventually a stream of urine shot out his hard-on splashing on him. You can’t even control your most basic organ can you doggy? Dennis blushed with shame. Wallis’ disapproval made him feel particularly dirty and guilty. Why couldn’t he shake this hard-on? It wasn’t like the girls were doing anything even remotely erotic.

"Okay, now for your dump." She walked him over to an outcrop of rock. "Squat and go." Dennis did. After he was done Wallis kicked leaves and dirt over it. "That’s your place doggy. You’ll be walked up to four times a day. But it won’t be automatic. You’ll have to whimper and pant like the dog you are. How else will I know what’s going on your base male mind? Got that doggy?"
Dennis nodded. 
"Good" Wallis then led him down to the lake. 
"In you go Dennis. You can wipe yourself on the rocks."
Dennis crawled into the ice cold water. He found a submerged mossy rock he could straddle. He spread his ass on it and rubbed up and down. Wallis whistled. He crawled out shivering. 
"And just to make sure…" 
Tammy straddled his back backwards and pulled his ass cheeks apart. Wallis turned on the gardening hose and aimed it directly at him. A stinging jet of freezing water blasted into him. After a few minutes Wallis smiled and turned off the hose. 
"All done doggy. Who would’ve thought walking a dog could be so much fun. Got that Karen?"
Karen? Dennis looked up towards the cottage. Karen had been shadowing them, taping the entire ordeal. With the telescopic lens he was sure she got some great footage. 
"I like a good clean man. Men are pigs. And I won’t have their germs in my house. A thorough cleaning is de rigeur." said Wallis. To let Dennis dry off they played fetch. His wrists were recuffed to his collar and he was allowed to run around on his hind legs catching a stick that was often tossed ‘accidentally’ into the nearby thistle bushes.
"Oops...I did it again! I guess us girls can’t throw very well!" 
Sometime they’d even say ‘oops’ before they had actually thrown it. Gingerly Dennis would have to wade deep into the patch and then submerge his entire body. No matter how careful he was there was no escaping the thousands of thorns that tore into him. The bushes shook with grunts and whelps and eventually he would stick his head out and smile with the stick firmly clenched in his mouth. He kneeled before the thrower and dropped the stick at her feet. He looked up at her and panted heavily with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. "Good dog." they’d say if he’d made good time. If they deemed him slow they’d swat his doggy ass with a birch branch.

Finally when Dennis was dry even they took him inside and got him into a pair of his white jockeys. Wallis gently slipped her fingers inside the waistband and tucked his dick into the folds of the pissflap. 
"Man Dennis, these shorts have holes in them like the last pair! How often do you buy new underwear anyways?" laughed Wallis.
Dennis was burning with embarrassment. Their taunts dug deeper than they had that morning.
"It kinda didn’t matter without a woman around." said Dennis sadly.
"Oh, you need a woman around do you? Well you’ve got five. And we’re very demanding!"
The women were seated comfy on his chesterfield and armchair waiting.
"You’ll now come for our viewing pleasure. We enjoyed it so much this morning that we want a repeat performance."
"But how...?" said Dennis.
"Anyway you can dog. I’m timing you. A swat on the ass for every minute it takes you to jack. Startinnng rigggght...Now!" 
"You want me to somehow rub myself?" 
"Uh, please don’t talk dog. You know how it distracts me. Twenty seconds have passed."

Dennis looked around frantically. He fell to the floor and began rubbing his tightly tented crotch up and down on the hard wood floor. He wiggled around like frying bacon, but his with dick lodged so firmly in his pissflap he knew he was miles away from orgasm…and the clock was ticking. He tried rubbing up and down the walls, moaning. The women absolutely lost it. They laughed hysterically. His belly shook as he heaved himself up and down. Next he tried the logs by the fireplace, but to no avail. His ass couldn’t bear another beat-athon like the one he’d endured that morning. He was desperate. Suddenly it dawned on him - he ran to the door and whimpered to be let out. Wallis was bent over laughing, but finally walked over and opened the door for him. He jumped down the stairs and into an abandoned flowerbed. He ground himself into the dirt - perhaps he could get enough friction going to get himself off. Stacy brought out the flask of coffee, still half full from morning and poured it over the poor thrusting pig at her feet. Immediately mud bubbled out from under him making a slurping sound. Thank-you thought Dennis, I need some viscosity. 
"Is our little doggy happy wallowing in the mud? We’ve got to hear from you to know." said Wallis thwacking his ass with the birch branch. 
"Woof woof!" barked Dennis. 
"Better. Keep it up." 
"Woof, woof, woof!" Dennis chanted in rhythm to his thrusting. "Woof, woof, woof, woof!" His jockeys were rapidly darkening. "Woof, woof, woof!" Suddenly Dennis arched his neck upwards and let out a great bay, "Owwoooooo!" He flopped onto his back panting and panting, revealing a stain on the very tip of his tent. It was his juice seeping through, recognizable even on grime-soaked shorts. 
"Not bad. Only ten minutes. Now ass up!" 
Dennis immediately swung around on his knees and arched his ass into the air. Wallis whipped him quickly and savagely with the birch branch. His wet gaunch was no protection, tears formed, but he didn’t whelp once. 
"It’s getting dark. Time for our barbecue girls! Tammy want to help me with dinner?"
"Sure. Can I peel the corn?"
"And Karen do you want to videotape these two as they play with Dennis?"
"Sure I love it! My new camcorder is great and it’s got lots of tapes." 
"My new camcorder." thought Dennis ruefully.
"But Wallis don’t we need your help first?" said Stacy.
"Yeah you do. We need everyone to help." 
Dennis gulped. He realized they were fitting him into their most elaborate plan yet. Wallis had obviously been working quite hard while he was under that afternoon. The girls spread his legs widely apart into an inverted V and his ankles were tied to the ends of a long stick. He could travel around, but he’d have to waddle comically, moving the whole of his left side forward then the whole of his right and so on. But the girls had no intention of allowing him to wander. They hammered tent clips over the stick, effectively binding Dennis in one place. Next Wallis brought over another stick she held with plastic gloves. The top of it had been whittled into a blunted point. She sure knew how to use my knife thought Dennis. She started whistling to herself and rubbing Tiger Balm onto the point. She looked up into Dennis’ buldging eyes and smiled at him as she erotically massaged the Tiger Balm onto the stick’s point. "I’ll ask you once Dennis. There’s a small black safe in the pantry. Where’s the key?"
"I, I don’t know. It’s ancient. It was there when I bought the place. I never found a key and it was too heavy to bother moving. It’s real cast iron."
"Pity. Oh well. We get our meal Dennis, you get yours." Wallis purred, "Hope your bum’s real hungry." With that Wallis cut a hole in his shorts and stuck the stick far up him. His howl echoed over the lake. He could feel the Tiger Balm burning into the scrapes and cuts her inserted flowers had caused earlier. Wallis tied the bottom of the stick in his ass to the middle of the one on the ground. For good measure Wallis smeared large globs of stinging Tiger Balm onto his cock and balls and massaged it deeply in. Dennis was miserable. No matter how he squirmed he was completely pinned to the upside down ‘T’ the girls had fashioned on him. The thick stick was rammed solidly up his ass. If he moved up and down he only caused more discomfort. Despite his predicament Dennis was tenting again. The girls laughed at his bulging dirty shorts. He’d been milked dry, yet he his dick was agonizingly hard again. Even if one of the girls dropped to her knees and gave him an expert blowjob he knew he’d have nothing to give.
"Oh dear." said Wallis as she cut off his jockeys, "Don’t you ever stop Dennis?!" she said giving his dick a slap.
She tied them around his head as a bandanna.
"Bone in the U.S.A!" Stacy sang out. 
"Like I said, I’ve got to fix dinner before it gets too late. You’re all set girls. Have fun."
He saw that Stacy was opening his box of horseshoes. She held three blue ones and handed the other three red ones to Fatima.
"Now keep score Dennis." 
They were going to play play horseshoes with his erect dick! 
Stacy threw one. It bounced off his chest to the ground. 
"No, no, no. You have to have a lighter touch." said Fatima. "Like this." She tossed the shoe lightly. It clunked down heavily on the base of Dennis’ dick. The girls high-fived each other. Their idea of competition is very different then a man’s thought Dennis. Fatima consistently got her shoes on him. Stacy hadn’t succeeded once, but this didn’t seem to matter to either of them. Suddenly Dennis grunted - Fatima had just thrown three direct bullseyes in a row. "Wheeehee!" she shouted and high-fived Stacy again.
His dick strained under the weight of three horseshoes. 
"Score please?" asked Karen.
"Tw, tw, twelve to z, z, zero" grimaced Dennis. He was buckling under the strain, but the stick in him held him fast. If the game was over why weren’t they taking the shoes off? 
"Okay, okay you win," laughed Karen. 
"Come and get it!"
"Gotta go eat Dennis. Calm yourself down and you’ll feel a lot better." laughed Fatima.
She was right. All Dennis had to do to get rid of the shoes was lose his erection, in fact he could have stopped the game in its tracks if he could’ve controlled himself. But that was an impossible ‘if’. His dick no longer seemed to belong to him. The girls thought his constant erections were funny, and that was it - his dick obliged. He’d always been able to clear his mind to ease an unexpected hard-on. But now his aching boner wouldn’t subside no matter how hard he tried to think blank thoughts. His dick was even involuntarily flexing into the air, humping a phantom-pussy. All the while, his nostrils were filled with the delicious smell of the girl’s dinner - grilled steaks, as well as potatoes and sweet corn which had been roasted in the coals. He began to drool as he watched the girls toss two whole steaks to Rawlfy. After the girls finished it was his turn to chow down. Stacy fed him Rawlfy’s dog food again. He woofed grateful approval after swallowing each bite. Occasionally Stacy would stop feeding him and he would have to pant and whimper to convince her to continue.
"I feel guilty about your hair Dennis, or should I say ‘Baldo’? You looked kinda cute in a rough way before Fatima clipped you, but now you just look like one of the those poor bastards who’ve never been with a woman, live in their mother’s basements and know way too much about Battlestar Gallactica." 
"Great," said Dennis, "that’s what I like about you Stacy. Your wonderful compliments."
"And I like your sarcasm Baldo. Don’t worry, I’ll fix you up."
She smeared the smelly dog food completely over his baldness with a butter knife. Dennis cringed at the cold sticky mess he could feel on top. Stacy concentrated, carefully sculpting the dogfood to resemble hair. 
"You look like you’re icing a cake!" shouted Karen.
"Yeah, tasty Dennis-cake! Voila! A dogfood-toupee!" giggled Stacy giving a slight curtsey to the camera.

"Alright, alright! Enough with the feeding." said Wallis marching over with Dennis’ tackle box, "We still have a lot to do before sundown. I said before that Indians use every part of the animal - so let’s put this dumb animal’s pelt to good use!" Dennis gulped. What humiliation was Wallis directing now? The girls pounced on his helpless body. They started taking fishhooks out of his tackle box and tying them to his bodyhair. Dennis giggled, the feel of many dainty fingers intricately tying hooks to him tickled. When they were done he looked down. South of his dog collar his entire body was knotted through with dozens of fishhooks. The girls had tied them anywhere they’d found enough hair. The hooks dangled all over his chest, from his arms, legs, underarms, all over his back, even from the tufts right above his ass crack. The only part they left alone was his cock and balls. Wallis said that part was in for a special treatment. Wallis whispered something to Stacy. Stacy ran behind the cottage and returned with a cardboard box full of used tin cans. Dennis saved the cans, and used them for storing paint, etc. The girls began attaching the cans to the hooks. Wallis must have punched holes near their rims. The girls giggled like they were decorating a Christmas Tree. When they were done they all stepped back and admired their handiwork. 
"Ooooh! Awww!" they all sang.
"Nice. Now for the coup de grace" said Wallis 
"The koo de what? Said Tammy. 
"The final touch." said Wallis. Even though Wallis at twenty-one wasn’t much older than Tammy she acted like her mother. She slathered more Tiger Balm onto his balls and then tied the itchy burlap rope back around them. "Lookee there - our Dennis-tree has produced two ripe plums for us. Ain't they a purty purple?" said Wallis with country twang. Dennis whimpered. Surely she was finished with him. Wallis stared down at the Kodiak steel toe boots she was wearing, many sizes too big. They were Dennis’. She kicked one off and tied it to the end of the rope. Dennis shook his head wildly. "Noooo, please!..." As the boot was dropped, a quick hiss of air escaped from Dennis’ nostrils, his body lurched involuntarily. The Kodiak swung about beneath him. His face flushed pink, and his teeth clenched as he strained under the weight.
"Now be good or the other shoe’ll drop!"

The girls all laughed and went indoors with Rawlfy. They’re making me into some kind of a funny scarecrow Dennis thought, his mind racing as the last rays of the sun disappeared. It would be cold at night but at least there weren’t many mosquitoes at this time of the year. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could only bear the boot they’d given him. He should hate the girls, but in fact, he found himself wanting to show the girls he could take it. The more they amused themselves with him, the more turned on he became. Throughout this latest torture, his dick had remained as stiff and upright as a totem pole. It twitched into the soft breeze blowing off the lake. "I should be thinking of a way to save myself and all I can think about is how desperately I have to cum!" despaired Dennis, "I’d give those girls anything if they’d let me inside them...or even just jerk me off again...or even allow me to rub myself in the mud." Suddenly their young flesh seemed to envelop him. Dennis licked his lips and began gently thrusting into air, his tin cans rattling in time. In one short day he had been made completely theirs.

It wasn’t until four hours later when Dennis felt the first few drops on his face that he realized what he was in for. He looked up at the fast moving dark clouds. A rainstorm! Suddenly the sky burst forth with rain. Dennis was instantly soaked. His dogfood toupee quickly rinsed over him. Thunder crashed somewhere across the lake and a distant lightening bolt reflected off of his bald head. On a night like tonight even the dumbest of animals were safe and dry thought Dennis, only worms came out in the night rain. The girls drank spiked hot cocoas, sat around a roaring fire wearing Dennis’ T-shirts and floppy socks. Rawlfy was curled at their feet.

"That constable friend of Dennis’ will probably be snooping around tomorrow. We’ll have to make some decisions tonight." said Wallis.
"Awwh, I don’t want to leave Dennis," said Tammy.
"Really?" said Fatima lovingly brushing her hair, "You’re close to Baldo aren’t you?"
"Well, he’s been kind of like... our pet now isn’t he? Or no... Rawlfy’s our real pet now. I guess Dennis is more like our own private dick clown. He’s so silly." 
"I agree he has been fun, but it’s getting risky. The cops are still after us." 
They girls listened intently as Wallis spoke on. Afterwards they slipped into their comfy beds and hugged their goosedown pillows. The cottage was spartan in many ways, but bedding wasn’t one of them. They slept soundly as the wash of the rain poured over the roof - Wallis’ plan had put them at ease.

Things seemed to be looking up for Dennis too - the Tiger Balm was washing off of Dennis, and he could finally get a decent drink of water simply by opening his mouth, and his aching hard-on had subsided. But his relief was short lived. The steady chorus of rain drops tinkled into the tin cans that hung all over his body. To his horror they were slowly filling up and starting to tug downwards. The body hair tied to the fishhooks was being pulled agonizingly tight. Even the boot that swung off his balls was filling up.

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