Kissing Cousins

Our two families were on holiday at a small coastal camping ground in Australia. I am an "aussie" by the way and letting you know this is a great country, full of sun, sand and cute boys.

We arrived at camp on a Monday morning, myself, mum, dad and mum's sister Pam. We all get along great. Pam had her son Tim, 15, and his mate Andrew, also 15, along as well. Tim is tall, lean, blonde, blue eye's totally hot. Andrew is medium build, dark hair, brown eyes, and is a funny dude, always teasing or making you laugh.

Camp was set up, we were all tired and had an early night, us in our tent, Pam and the boys in there's DAMN! Tuesday morning, top day! So Tim, Andrew and myself grabbed our towels, put our swimmers on and went exploring. Being mid-week no one else was about so we had it all to ourselves.

We waded across a shallow creek to the bank on the other side, a grassed area with lots of trees for shade. I said let's go for a swim, the boys said strip, I said no way. At the creek mouth it meets the Pacific Ocean, the water is blue and clear with small waves just to make it fun. After a mad time splashing and tackling each other, I think the tackling was just a chance to cop a feel, I know it was for me.

We returned to that grassy area spread our towels in a row and crashed for a rest. Tim started talking about hot girls at school. I thought what about me. I am short, not skinny, not fat, honey coloured hair, good tan, brown eyes, but my best attribute are my boob's.

That day I had on a bikini that was too small, it was last years and I had filled out a lot since then. As I lay on my back feeling horny from our raunchy talk about sex, I saw Andrew had a boner so I started teasing him. He started to laugh then rolled over and pinned me to the ground, all three of us in fits of laughter. Next thing my right boob was out as we wrestled around. I was embarrassed and excited all at the same time, just as I looked like freeing myself Tim lay across my legs and between laughing and trying to dislodge Andrew, I lay back to get my breath and the boys took that as a surrender. Next thing Andrew was sucking on my breast and Tim was rubbing my crotch and I could feel my body heating up. The struggle was over I wanted more. Next there were hands all over me, Tim had my pants pulled to one side. I was so wet and he was working on my clit while Andrew was kissing my breast and mouth. "BANG" the next thing I went ridgid, spasmed several times, the release was something else. I suppose I owed the boys something, but I was too out of it to move. Also a bit embarrassed.

That was day 1 what would be next.


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here, but it's back to school and not much time for catching up.

Now it rained the last two days so nothing much took place except we played cards, no not strip poker, mum would have had a fit. I read and the boys played football in the rain.

So when we woke on Friday it was a great day, hot and a sunny blue sky. We had breakfast and took off, towels and swimmers, what more could we want. We had only gone ten meters when mum stopped and reminded us, sun screen and hats. In no time we were across the creek and running along a white sandy beach that went forever. We were getting pretty hot so put our stuff on the sand and ran into a refreshing sea, rows of white waves were crashing and running up the beach.

Ready for a rest, we collected our things and walked along a bit further to a grassed area on a sand spit and crashed out. Ten minutes later I could feel the sun starting to burn, so I grabbed the sun screen and started to lather it on from head to toe. When I finished my front I gave the bottle to Tim so the boys did the same, sure enough they wanted to do my back so I said ok. The smell of coconut oil in the sun screen, mixed with the salt air was so refreshing. I lay on my front as Andrew went to work on my neck and Tim on my legs.

It felt like heaven to have four hands sliding all over my back, it didn't take long before Andrew was extending his movements to include my sides. More oil on my legs and I could feel Tim's hand getting closer to my vagina. I was so horny I couldn't stand it any longer so I rolled over, keeping my eyes closed. As soon as I was on my back, more lotion and those hands were starting to drive me to a state where all I wanted was to orgasm. Andrew, with the help of all that oil had pushed my string top over my boobs to expose them with their puffy nipples on large fleshy mounds and as his thumbs rubbed across my nipples the sensation went as if it was connected to my clit.

Tim was trying to pull my pants off but I knew if I gave in to that and we had sex I might get pregnant and I don't want that. When he realised that option was out, he pulled the crotch to one side using his thumb on my clit. It didn't take long and I was starting to get there in a wave of pleasure. As I orgasmed, Tim tried to finger me, but as I climaxed my vaginal muscles made it too tight, so I rolled over and enjoyed the last of the spasms. A few minutes later as I rolled back over both of the boys were rubbing their cocks with their pants pulled down.

Tim had a long skinny cut cock and Andrew was short and thick with a long foreskin at the end. With one on either side of me pleading for relief I took the sun screen, tipped some on each cock and started to pull. Andrew came almost at once, filling my hand with white goo and then said it was to sensitive to touch, so I used goo and all on Tim and started on his. Each time my hand came over the head he would grunt and then cum shot straight up landing on my thigh. He looked like he had run a race, all hot and red. We went for a swim and a wash in the surf then headed back to camp.

When I catch up I will tell you about Toni and the shop keepers daughter?

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