Recently I discovered that men need to stay attuned to get the most  out
   of life.  I  had just changed  jobs in a  large corporation leaving  one
   area in a attempt to broaden my exposure and the chances for  promotion.
   I had been in my previous  area for some  time and had  a loyal group of
   workers who I left with some  remorse.  One woman in particular Sue  had
   always been close to me.  I  had enjoyed many fantasies with her  as the
   focus of my lust, but as she worked for me I never followed up on any of
   my longings.   I noticed  that at  my going  away luncheon  Sue who is a
   great looking brunette was more openly friendly than she had been giving
   me a  big hug  and kiss  before she  left.  Not  being tuned  in I again
   failed to realize the change in  her attitude to me.  As always  many of
   my friends promised to call and set  up a lunch to keep in touch  but to
   my surprise only Sue followed up on hers.  Now even a dolt like me  will
   eventually put  two and  two together  and my  mind began  to race  with
   lustful plans on how I could tactfully proposition her.
   Sue said she had a special place she wanted to take me to for lunch  and
   we set it up for a friday so we could have a leisurely lunch.  I met Sue
   outside the restaurant and she gave me a big kiss and held my hand as we
   walked to the door.  I must  say Sue looked great she was  wearing jeans
   and a light pink top which showed off her full firm breasts and let  her
   erect nipples  peak thru  showing her  excitement.  By  the time  we had
   reached the table in the restaurant my excitement was beginning to  show
   also.  I could tell Sue was watching my crotch for the telltale bulge  I
   was showing  as my  cock hardened  at the  thought of  a tryst with her.
   Lunch went pleasantly and I thought I was wrong about her intentions but
   as we were leaving Sue asked me if  I would like to go to her place  and
   relax a while as it was already late and I had already confided to her I
   had no intention on going back to the office.  Sensing this would be too
   good to pass up  I told Sue I  was at her disposal  and we got into  our
   cars and I followed her to her house.
   Once we arrived at her house Sue poured us both some white wine and lead
   me around her house  showing me the different  rooms and giving me  some
   background on her  life.  When we  arrived back in  the living room  Sue
   suggested we go out onto the patio and get some sun.  I begged off as  I
   was wearing a suit and felt it was not much use.  Sue reminded me of  my
   story about sunning naked in Jamaica and showed me the high walls around
   her patio.  Slipping my hands down  around her waist I told her  I would
   like that a lot if she would join me.  Sue answered by rubbing my  stiff
   cock  thru  my  pants  and  pulling  at  my  belt.   This  was  all  the
   encouragement I  needed and  I pulled  Sue close  to me  and kissed  her
   deeply probing her mouth with my tongue as I squeezed her ass and  began
   to pull up her blouse.  Slowly I exposed her breasts and massaged  those
   full firm globes releasing them from her bra and licking her pink  erect
   nipples.  Sue was fully  aroused by now and  had my belt undone  and her
   hand in my shorts fondling my  cock and balls.  My dick was  fully erect
   and the tip was  already wet with pre-cum  which Sue was rubbing  around
   making her fingers sticky and bringing me close to orgasm.  I  unsnapped
   Sue's jeans and slowly lowered them  as I licked down her flat  belly to
   her pantied cunt.  Pulling  her jeans off her  legs I moved up  her legs
   licking her inner thighs until I reached her cunt, her panties were  wet
   with her juices and Sue moaned as I pulled back the panties exposing her
   full bush and pink cunt lips.   I flicked my tongue over her  erect clit
   which brought a low moan and caused Sue to thrust her hips forward in an
   attempt for more  contact.  Reaching up  I grabbed the  waistband of her
   panties and  pulled them  down fully  exposing her  lush cunt  with full
   pouting lips and a large erect clit which was already peeking out of its hood.
   I pulled the panties off Sue's legs and reached up behind her  caressing
   her ass and pulling her wet pussy to my mouth as she spread her legs and
   let me work my fingers up her slippery cunt.  I continued to tongue  and
   suck Sue's clit as  I worked my fingers  in and out of  her sopping cunt
   getting them slippery with her  thick sweet pussy juice.  Sue  was close
   to climax as  I eased a  well lubed finger  into her twitching  anus and
   pumped both her tight holes with long firm strokes and sucked her  erect
   clit with mindless abandon.  This was  all Sue could take and she  began
   to cum like there was no  tomorrow wetting my mouth and tongue  with her
   sweet pussy juice and grinding her  cunt into my mouth as she  continued
   to move stroking her cunt and asshole on my fingers.
   As soon as she had regained her senses Sue move to my side and kissed me
   thanking me  for the  pleasure I  had given  her and  started pulling my
   pants down.  Soon Sue had me naked and looked me over staring at my  now
   throbbingly erect cock and she asked  how big it was.  I replied  it was
   10 inches and I would like very much to probe all of her holes with  it.
   This made Sue hot  and she began to  rub her own pussy  as she descended
   taking my cock into her hot wet  mouth.  Sue began to suck and lick  the
   head which made  me grind forward  trying to force  it down her  throat.
   Sue saw my desire and cupping my balls with one hand she moved her other
   hand from her pussy  to my ass and  slowly inserted her finger  wet with
   her own juices up my hot anus as she forced my thick cock deep into  her
   throat.  Once  my balls  rested firmly  against her  chin my  cock fully
   imbedded in her velvet like  throat and her index finger  deeply probing
   my hot anus Sue set up a  long slow rhythm matching her anal probing  to
   the in and out rhythm of my  cock in her throat.  A few minutes  of this
   were all I could resist and I began to pump a big load of sperm down her
   vise like throat.  Sue sucked all  my cream down then continued to  suck
   my cock until my erection returned.  I wanted to fuck her right then but
   Sue suggested we  rest a bit  on the patio.   I followed Sue  out to the
   patio and joined her sprawling on  some thick pads Sue used for  sunning
   in the buff.  Sue and I sipped wine and talked as we continued to  tease
   each other with kisses and handwork until our desire overcame us.
   I moved Sue onto her back and  rubbed her inner thighs as she pulled  at
   her erect nipples and begged me to fuck her.  I pulled her legs up  over
   my shoulders  and moved  her hand  down to  my cock  and had her rub the
   engorged head of my  prick into her juicy  cunt lips, over her  clit and
   down to her puckered anus.  This made her moan in delight as I bent down
   to suck her hot tits and kiss her.  Soon there was no turning back and I
   slowly pushed my throbbing meat deeply up her tight slit until my  balls
   rested on her ass cheeks.  I began to fuck her hard making her tits jump
   with each thrust and  bringing a seductive moan  to her lips.  Soon  Sue
   was  wrapped  in  the  throes  of  orgasm and her cunt convulsed tightly
   around my cock trying to milk  the sperm from my swollen balls.   All to
   soon the tightness of  her cunt brought me  to the brink and  I began to
   spray the  insides of  her pussy  with my  thick creamy  sperm.  Sue was
   crying out  incoherently by  now and  thrusting her  hips up  to meet my
   pounding  strokes.   As  soon  as  our  orgasms  subsided  I reversed my
   position and dangled my half hard prick in her face.  Sue quickly sucked
   my cock down her throat and began to give me head as I descended on  her
   fuck happy twat licking  and sucking her clit  as I probed her  cunt and
   asshole with my fingers.  Taking her  cue from me Sue spread my  ass and
   slowly forced two  of her slippery  fingers into my  anus and fucked  my
   asshole as she sucked my cock.  I was licking her cunt with fast strokes
   and Sue began to cum again clamping her cunt and anus tightly around  my
   invading fingers.  In all Sue came two more times before we collapsed in
   a sweaty heap unable to continue without rest.
   After  some  much  needed  rest  Sue  and  I began to talk again and she
   confided in me that it had been a long time since she had a hard cock up
   her pussy.  I told Sue I was  glad to oblige and that I would  very much
   like to see her more often  but was surprised that a dynamite  lady like
   her didn't have more guys just waiting at her door.  Sue explained  that
   she was bi-sexual and  that guys seemed to  shy away from her  once they
   found out.  I told her that it  didn't matter to me and far from  a turn
   off her sexual  predilections made me  hotter for her  than before.  Sue
   said she had been hoping for that based on our office conversations  and
   really hoped I would  continue to see her.   I told her I  would like to
   and in fact would like to see her getting it on with one of her  ladies.
   I could see the  twinkle in Sue's eyes  after I said that  and felt sure
   she would eventually  let me in  on her other  sex life.  We  wiled away
   some time talking and teasing each other until we were rested and  ready
   to go again.  This time Sue took charge pushing me back and planting her
   pink swollen cunt lips  directly on my mouth  and begging me to  eat her
   sweet pussy while she  deep throated my raging  cock until her nose  was
   buried in my balls.  I began  licking Sue's clit while I probed  her hot
   slick cunt and pulsing asshole with  my fingers.  Sue was giving me  the
   greatest head I have had in a long time pulling back until only the head
   of my cock remained in her mouth then thrusting her head down until  she
   engulfed my whole 10 inches her  lips tightly locked around the base  of
   my cock.  I could feel the head of my cock squeezed by the tightness  of
   her throat and then lashed by her quick tongue and sucked hard over  and
   over as Sue worked me at a  frantic pace.  Just as I was about  to shoot
   my load  down her  throat for  the second  time Sue  stopped and  turned
   around  squatting  over  my  thick  hard  dick  and spread her cunt lips
   exposing the pink inner folds  of her pussy.  Grabbing the  swollen head
   of my cock Sue guided it up her juicy slit ramming its whole length into
   her throbbing hot  cunt with one  stroke.  Sue maintained  her squatting
   position and  continued to  ram her  cunt with  my cock  using long hard
   strokes.   I  watched  in  absolute  awe  as  my  prick was sheathed and
   unsheathed by her hot tight hole, her strokes were so hard her firm tits
   with their stiff pink nipples  shook with each violent downward  plunge.
   I reached up while watching this incredible show and grabbed her nipples
   pulling and twisting them until I felt Sue convulse with orgasm and  her
   already tight slit clamp down on my cock as my cum spurted deep into her sweet pussy.
   Not wasting a minute Sue reversed her position and asked me to fuck  her
   doggy style and finger her anus at the same time.  I moved in behind Sue
   and worked two fingers up her sopping cunt while licking her erect  clit
   until I  had my  fingers well  lubricated with  her cunt  juice and  the
   remnants of my cum.  Spreading her  firm ass cheeks I tongue fucked  her
   asshole then forced my  fingers up her squirming  butt until I hear  her
   squeal with delight.  I got to a kneeling position and guided my cock up
   her juicy slit and began to ream her cunt with the same ferocity Sue had
   shown when  she was  on top.   In short  order I  felt her pussy tighten
   around my cock signaling her impending orgasm and her anus clamped tight
   on my thrusting fingers as Sue began calling out my name and begging  me
   to  ream  her  harder.   In  a  few  seconds  Sue  went over the top and
   collapsed in  a heap  pulling my  still hard  cock from  her well fucked
   twat.  Not having gotten off yet I rolled Sue on her side and lifted her
   leg exposing  her pink  juicy pussy  and now  dialiated anus.  Moving in
   behind her  I began  rubbing my  stiff swollen  cock into  her cunt  and
   asshole.   Sue  looked  up  and  reaching  back  pulled  her  ass  cheek
   stretching  her  asshole  further  open.   Seeing  her willing gesture I
   slowly pushed my cock into her asshole until I was buried balls deep  in
   her tight back door  and fucked her ass  as I fingered her  cunt and she
   rubbed her clit.  About five minutes  of this and Sue was in  the throes
   of orgasm again and watching my pulsing cock ramming her tight butt hole
   made me climax hard.  I filled  her hot little asshole with what  was to
   be my last load of the day.
   Later we  showered together  and relaxed  on her  bed playing  with each
   other  but  never  being  able  to  muster  enough energy to fuck again.
   Before I left Sue asked me if I meant what I said about watching her and
   another woman and  I reassured her  I meant what  I said.  Little  did I
   know then that I would be getting  it on with her again so soon.   Later
   that evening I got a surprise call at home from Sue inviting me to  join
   her and two of her friends the next day for some sun and fun.   Needless
   to say my fantasies  ran wild that night  and I had all  to do resisting
   the temptation to masturbate myself to orgasm thinking about what  would
   transpire Saturday.  I arose early as Sue wanted me at her place at  ten
   o'clock, I shaved  and showered and  prepared myself of  one hell of  an
   orgy.  I had an almost constant hard on driving over to Sue's place  and
   I guess my erect condition was  quite obvious as I got some  stares from
   some ladies as I walked from the parking area up past the pool to get to
   Sue's condo.  By the time I was standing in front knocking on Sue's door
   I was so worked up the head of my cock was nearly peeking out of my  cut off jeans.
   When the  door opened  I was  just about  layed out  with the sight that
   greeted me.  Sue was standing there naked flanked by two ladies both  of
   whom I knew and had lusted over in my private fantasies more than  once.
   both of them were also naked and were wearing big smiles obviously  they
   to were ready for fun.  Sue reached out to her friends and grabbed  each
   of them by the tit drawing them to her and turning them to face her.  As
   soon as they  were facing Sue  each bent taking  one of Sue's  tits into
   their mouths and began to  suck on her erect nipples.   Sue reciprocated
   by reaching between their parted  thighs and rubbing their cunts  as she
   inserted a finger into each of  their pussies.  Not to be out  done Jill
   and Linda Sue's two friends reached down and began to finger Sue's juicy
   cunt  slipping  their  fingers  deeply  into  Sue's  sopping pussy while
   rubbing her erect clit.
   Now before I  get too far  into Saturdays activities  I should tell  you
   about these two women.  Jill is a pretty blond with a nice body and firm
   tits with small pink nipples which  grow to a good 3/4 inches  long when
   fully aroused.  Jill's  ass is nice  and firm and  she has a  lush pussy
   covered with  a light  blond bush  just exposing  her jutting pink outer
   lips.  Her legs are in nice proportion to her size and she stands just 5
   feet 4 without heels.  Jill is a tiger in the sack and quite  aggressive
   with both her male and female partners and always ready to go for it  at
   any opportunity.  Linda  is blond also  and while a  bit taller about  5
   foot 7 has a slim lith figure with high firm tits sporting crimson  pink
   nipples  which  when  erect  project  a  good  half inch and have pointy
   areolas which contract during excitement  giving a sharp pointy look  to
   her creamy white tits.  Linda has a narrow waist flowing into slim  hips
   with a hard flat stomach and a very fine down which just covers her pink
   pussy lips which pout slightly and just cover her clit.  Linda's ass  is
   firm  and  creamy  white  and  flows  soothly  to her long slim legs and
   whenever  Linda  bends  you  can  see  the  smooth pink ring of her anus
   exposed and waiting.   Linda while less  overtly aggressive than  either
   Jill or Sue seems  always to be just  where she can give  or receive the
   most pleasure.
   With Sue's pussy exposed  and being reamed by  Jill and Linda and  their
   two assholes exposed to my view I quickly closed the door behind me  and
   walked over and began  to rub Jill and  Linda's asses as I  watched them
   work on Sue.  I stuck a finger of each hand in my mouth and wet them and
   proceeded to  spread Jill  and Linda's  ass cheeks  and slowly  press my
   fingers up their tight assholes.  I could tell they liked my  attentions
   by the way they increased  the intensity of their licking  and fingering
   of Sue.  Sue was in seventh heaven  as I began a slow in and  out motion
   probing of Jill and  Linda's assholes with my  fingers as I moved  in on
   Sue with  my mouth.   Kneeling between  Jill and  Linda while pumping my
   fingers up their taught  assholes I started to lick Sue's open pussy  as
   Jill and  Linda continued  to probe  her hot  cunt.  Seeing my objective
   Linda and  Jill pushed  back Sue's  swollen pink  cunt lips exposing her
   stiff hot  clit to  my tongue.   This was  just the  help I needed and I
   began to lick and suck her erect button making her squirm with pleasure.
   I could feel her  fingers working her friends  cunts as she probed  them
   deeply working her fingers up their sopping cunts in time to my  fingers
   probing strokes  up their  assholes.  All  too soon  Sue began to climax
   bucking into my face as Jill and Linda to sucame to our constant probing
   of their  cunts and  assholes.  We  all collapsed  onto the  floor and I
   moved from  lady to  lady licking  their cunts  and assholes  until they
   regained their senses.
   Jill was the first  to attack me and  she moved in and  undid my cutoffs
   pulling my  stiff cock  out and  quickly sucked  my rod  into her  mouth
   licking the head and  forcing me deep into  her throat.  Linda was  next
   and she pulled off my t-shirt kissed  me and began to rub her tits  into
   my chest as I rubbed her cunt  and stuck my tongue into her mouth.   Sue
   joined the fun and pulled my cutoffs off without disturbing Jill's mouth
   and hands on my cock.  Once I was completely stripped Jill straddled  my
   cock and with Sue's  help mounted my stiff  prick ramming it up  her hot
   pulsing cunt  I watch  transfixed as  Jill repeatedly  rammed my full 10
   inches up her slippery tunnel as  her tits bounced with each stroke  and
   Sue and Linda  kissed her and  pulled at her  nipples.  Sue motioned  to
   Linda and  she move  to my  head and  squatted down  straddling my  face
   making her open  pink pussy available  to me.  I  watched as Sue  spread
   Linda's cunt lips and pushed  her hips down slowly forcing  her fragrant
   cunt to my mouth.   I started to tongue  fuck her hot wet  cunt and lick
   her clit which made Linda grind  her pussy into my mouth and  moan.  Sue
   stood between Jill and Linda and pulled their faces to her cunt and  ass
   opening her ass cheeks as Jill started to tongue fuck her puckered  anus
   and Linda forced two fingers up her pussy and began to lick Sue's  stiff
   clit.  Jill began to climax and I could feel her cunt convulse around my
   cock intensifying the pleasure until I came too filling her tight  pussy
   with a massive load of sperm.  Linda was close to climax and I pushed my
   thumb up  her asshole  which forced  her over  the top  and she began to
   climax wetting  my face  with her  sweet juices.   Sue watching all this
   from  her  standing  position  began  to  climax  squeezing her tits and
   wetting  Linda's  face  with  her  pussy  juice as she reamed herself on
   Linda's fingers and Jill's stiff tongue in her asshole.
   Jill layed back between my legs  opening her cum filled twat to  Sue and
   Linda  and  begged  Sue  to  suck  the  cum from her swollen pussy.  Sue
   responded and moved in  between her splayed legs  and began to suck  and
   lick my cream out of Jill's slippery slit while she inserted her  finger
   deep into Jill's very exposed anus.  Linda watched her two friends for a
   moment then moved  to Sue's exposed  pussy and crawled  between her legs
   and stuffed a finger into Sue's  cunt and anus and pulled Sue's  sopping
   cunt to  her mouth  and began  to lash  her clit  with her  long tongue.
   Watching this  scene I  began to  get hard  again and  move in  on Linda
   pulling her legs  up and spreading  them exposing her  pink pussy to  my
   lust.  I  pulled her  cunt lips  back and  began to  lick her  clit as I
   inserted a finger up her cunt  and asshole.  Linda began to moan  for me
   to mount her and I reversed my position and forced my entire ten  inches
   into  her  tight  slit.   Linda  forced  herself  up to meet my pounding
   strokes and I found  my face just an  inch away from Sue's  exposed cunt
   and ass as I reamed Linda's  tight pussy with long hard strokes.   Linda
   must have sensed where my face  was as she pulled her finger  from Sue's
   taught anus and spread Sue's  cheeks further forcing Sue's anus  open to
   my mouth.  Taking my cue from Linda I buried my tongue up Sue's  pulsing
   ass and began a slow tongue  fuck of her twitching rectum.  All  to soon
   the  Linda's  pussy  began  to  clamp  around  my  thrusting cock as she
   climaxed beneath me and Sue's asshole began to clamp down on my invading
   tongue as  she began  her orgasmic  spiral.  I  could hear  Jill in  the
   background as she climaxed in Sue's  mouth and looking up saw Jill  hips
   raised off the floor grinding her  pussy into Sue's mouth as she  begged
   Sue never to stop.   As with all good  things Jill's orgasm subsided  as
   did Sue's, Linda's and my own leaving us all a bit out of breath.  As we
   rested I began to work on Sue with my tongue and fingers hoping to  work
   her up  as I  had not  had a  chance to  invade her  tight twat yet this visit.
   Sue responded and soon  pushed me on my  back bringing my now  rock hard
   cock to a ready position.  Sue  slowly straddled me and asked Linda  and
   Jill to help her push my  straining prick up her pussy.  Linda  and Jill
   came to  her aid  Jill spreading  her swollen  pink pussy  lips as Linda
   grasped my throbbing cock and  rubbed the head between Sue's  slick cunt
   lips.  Suddenly Sue  rammed herself down  forcing my cock  deep into her
   steaming  pussy  and  squeezing  my  dick  in  her vise like hole.  Jill
   quickly straddled my head and forced  her cum scented cunt onto my  lips
   and demanded to  be licked and  tongue fucked.  I  lashed out at  Jill's
   erect button bringing a moan deep from her throat and forced a finger up
   her pink puckered anus as I sucked and fucked her pussy with my lips and
   tongue.  Linda got between Jill and Sue and lowered her head to suck and
   lick Sue's clit as Sue pounded her twat onto my stiff cock.  Jill  being
   presented with  Linda's creamy  ass cheeks  began to  tongue her asshole
   while she reamed her cunt  with two fingers and frigged  Linda's exposed
   erect clit.  I  could feel Sue  start to cum  as Jill poured  her juices
   into my mouth  with orgasmic fervour  mashing her cunt  and ass into  my
   mouth with  her frenzied  movements.  I  heard Sue  call out  during her
   climax and  she rammed  her cunt  down on  my still  stiff cock  until I
   thought by  balls would  burst from  the pleasure.   Finally I  began to
   shoot a large sticky load of sperm into Sue's cunt as my climax  peaked.
   And as I started on the down  side of my pleasure I hear Linda  begin to
   moan out her own orgasm begging  Jill to ream her cunt harder.   Once we
   had all reached nirvana we rested  and got some wine and retired  to sun
   ourselves out back while we each began to formulate plans for additional
   parings.  I for one wanted to fuck each of these women up the ass before
   I left them and proceeded to move in that direction.
   A short stint in the hot sun made us all horny in no time and the ladies
   were already rubbing each other by the time hardness was returning to my
   cock.  Seeing  their lust  filled looks  I moved  in on  Linda and  Jill
   sucking  Linda's  nipples  while  Sue  licked  and  sucked her pussy and
   stroked my cock.   Jill was enjoying  a good fingering  from Linda while
   she probed Sue's  cunt and ass  with demanding fingers.   Pretty soon we
   were all worked up  to a frenzy and  my cock was standing  rock hard and
   waiting.  I moved to Sue's ass and pulled her into position on her hands
   and knees and Jill grabbed my cock placing the head into Sue's cunt  and
   I rammed  my dick  deep into  Sue's sopping  slit making  her moan  with
   pleasure as Linda reversed her position and crawled under Sue and  began
   to lick and suck her clit.  Jill moved behind me and forced her  fingers
   up my throbbing anus as I reamed Sue's pussy with long hard strokes  and
   watched as Sue spread Linda's legs and lowered her head to suck and lick
   Linda's exposed stiff clit as she probed her cunt and asshole with  firm
   hard fingers.  Linda had extended her  hands over her head and began  to
   squeeze my  cum filled  balls while  she finger  fucked Jill's  cunt and
   anus.  I sensed that Sue was close to climaxing and I forced my thumb up
   her asshole and began to finger fuck her anus bringing her to orgasm  as
   Linda  began  to  twist  and  arch  her  back  cumming in Sue's face and
   squeezing my balls  bringing me to  climax.  As I  pumped my sperm  into
   Sue's pulsing cunt Jill began to  cry out as she too reached  her climax
   and firmly thrust  her fingers up  my asshole intensifying  my pleasure.
   As  I  pulled  out  of  Sue's  clutching  pussy Sue raised her head from
   Linda's hot slit and begged me to fuck her hot asshole.  As my prick was
   still rock hard from Jill's expert massage of my prostrate I asked Linda
   to guide my thick prick up Sue's ass.  Both she and Jill grabbed my cock
   pressing its  swollen head  into Sue's  well lubed  anus while  I slowly
   pushed the entire 10 inches up Sue's twitching butt hole.  As soon as  I
   was fully up Sue's anus Jill and Linda began to work on Sue and I  Linda
   had  her  fingers  planted  deeply  up  Sue's pussy while Jill licked my
   asshole and sat back on Linda's  free hand impaling her cunt and  ass on
   Linda's  upturned  fingers.   I  was  reaming  Sue's  ass with long hard
   strokes as Jill  began to climax  and Linda started  to twitch and  moan
   under the unrelenting  lash of Sue's  talented tongue.  Soon  Sue raised
   her head and rammed her ass back onto my stiff prick climaxing again and
   clamping down on my  throbbing meat so hard  I shot my sticky  load deep
   into her tight asshole.  As I  withdrew my still stiff prick both  Linda
   and Jill descended on Sue's cum stained anus licking my cream from Sue's
   pink puckered asshole.
   Once we caught  our breath Linda  demanded her turn  and got in  a doggy
   style position  her cunt  directly over  Jill's mouth  and ordered me to
   fuck her cunt and  anus.  Sue pressed Linda's  hips down until her  cunt
   was close enough for Jill to lick and suck and Linda pulled Jill's  legs
   open and began  to finger Jill's  well lubed cunt  and anus as  she bent
   down and started to suck and lick Jill's exposed erect clit.  Sue pulled
   my by my stiff  prick to Linda's waiting  cunt and spread her  cunt lips
   and placed my cock at the entrance to Linda's tight slit.  Moving behind
   me  Sue  pushed  two  fingers  into  my  asshole pushing me forward into
   Linda's quivering hot  cunt until my  cock was completely  buried in her
   hot tight slit.   Linda moaned and  demanded I fuck  her with hard  long
   strokes which I gladly did, I  rammed her so hard that the  creamy flesh
   of her ass quivered  with each forward thrust  and her firm tits  banged
   against Jill's belly.  Sue in  the meantime continued to finger  fuck my
   asshole as  she pulled  Jill's hand  back and  mounted her  fingers like
   miniature cocks invading her cunt and asshole.  Jill was sucking Linda's
   cunt with all her skill and I could feel the climax building in  Linda's
   pussy as  her cunt  clamped down  tighter on  each of  my wild  thrusts.
   Suddenly Jill  cried out  her climax  and flooded  Linda's face with her
   sweet pussy juice Sue began to climax pounding herself down on Jill hand
   and reaming  my butt  deeper until  the extra  force made  me and  Linda
   climax together  her cunt  gripping my  cock like  a fist  and my  prick
   spurted sending my sperm  deep into Linda's wet  hot cunt.  As I  pulled
   out I noticed my cock stayed hard as Sue continued to finger my asshole.
   Linda was more  demanding now than  before and Jill  and Sue spread  the
   cheeks  of  Linda's  firm  ass  opening  her  anus  to  my  cock as Jill
   positioned my  cock at  the entrance  of Linda's  pulsing rectum.  Linda
   yelled for me  to ram it  in and I  did plunging my  thick cock into her
   asshole all  the way  on my  first thrust.   Jill rammed  two fingers up
   Linda's packed pussy and sucked her clit while she massaged my cock thru
   the walls  of Linda's  fuck happy  twat.  Linda  resumed her  reaming of
   Jill's  cunt  and  ass  and  lowered  her head again licking and sucking
   Jill's distended  clit.  As  I reamed  Linda's anus  Sue grabbed  my cum
   filled balls  and massaged  them rolling  them in  her hands  and gently
   pulling and squeezing them in time to my thrusts.  Jill began her climax
   first again swearing and moaning out  her pleasure as Sue began her  own
   climax thrusting her fingers hard into my ass causing me to fill Linda's
   tight asshole with a big load of sperm and bringing her to orgasm as her
   anus convulsed on my cock milking  the remaining sperm from my balls  as
   she shook with  orgasmic delight.  Again  after I withdrew  from Linda's
   tight anal ring Sue and Jill licked and tongue fucked Linda's anus until
   they had  cleaned up  the overflow  of my  pleasure and  caused Linda to climax again.
   I looked  down and  to my  delight found  that I  was still retaining my
   erection if somewhat the worse for wear.  Jill was looking me in the eye
   as I looked up and she immediately  came to my side and stuffed my  cock
   down her  throat.  Looking  up and  massaging my  balls Jill  moved back
   clearing her mouth  and throat of  my still stiff  organ Jill said  just
   wanted to keep it hard seeing as I'm last in line.  After a few  minutes
   of Jills mouth I was more than ready to go again and told Linda and  Sue
   who  were  licking  and  fingering  Jill's  cunt  and  ass  to  position
   themselves for more fun Jill hearing  me left my stiff cock bouncing  in
   the breeze and  reversed he position  showing me her  wet cunt and  ass.
   Linda stood in  front of me  and shoved two  fingers into her  cum laden
   snatch to wet them further then moved behind me an slowly pressed the up
   my well reamed anus  stroking in and out  with slow firm strokes.   Jill
   backed  up  to  me  until  my  stiff  prong poked at the entrance to her
   vagina.  Sue had by now crawled  under Jill and grabbed my cock  holding
   it into Jill's slippery  slit as Jill backed  up impaling herself on  my
   raging prick.  Once I was balls deep in Jill's sweet hot pussy Sue began
   to lick Jill's erect clit causing Jill shiver with pleasure and  tighten
   her cunt  around my  straining cock.   Taking my  cue I  began to ram my
   swollen cock  in and  out of  Jill's cunt  with hard  slow strokes.  Sue
   reached back and shoved her fingers into Linda's hungry cunt and asshole
   making her moan and increase the  strength of her thrusts up my  rectum.
   I  was  pounding  my  dick  up  Jill's  cunt as she pulled Sue's legs up
   opening her pussy and  asshole to her invading  fingers and I could  see
   Jill's fingers shiny with cum and  pussy juice ream in and out  of Sue's
   well stretched cunt and anus  as Jill's tongue lashed Sue's  erect clit.
   All of a sudden Jill raised her  head and began to yell fuck me  harder,
   pound it  into my  cunt as  she began  to climax  setting off a chain of
   events which forced me Linda and  Sue to climax too.  I could  see Sue's
   cunt thrusting in the air as she climaxed spilling her pussy juice  into
   Jill's  mouth.   Linda  had  tightened  her  grip  on  my  balls and was
   furiously  humping  her  cunt  and  ass  into Sue's hand as Jill's pussy
   clamped down on my cock forcing me to pump a river of sperm into  Jill's
   tight hot  pussy.  As  Jill's climax  tapered off  I pulled  out of  her
   pulsing pussy and began to rub the still swollen head of my dick against
   Jill's anus.  Sue licked  up the overflow of  my sperm from Jill's  cunt
   and pushed the head of my  cock into Jill's tight little anus.   As soon
   as Jill felt the  head of my thick  cock enter her tight  ass pucker she
   forced herself back taking about half  its ten inch length and began  to
   moan  for  more.   Grabbing  her  firm  hips I pushed the remaining five
   inches  slowly  up  her  tight  pink  anus  until my balls rested firmly
   against her  swollen cunt  lips.  Jill's  head returned  to its position
   between Sue's legs and  I could hear Sue  moan as she ground  her way to
   yet another orgasm in Jill's mouth.  Sue's fingers were fully up  Jill's
   hot pussy and I could feel them  probing in and out as I slowly  stroked
   my thick  hard cock  in and  out of  Jill's tight  butt.  Jill began her
   climax thrusting  hard against  my hips  forcing my  throbbing cock deep
   into  her  anus  with  each  thrust.   I  could  feel  her  strong  anal
   contractions milk my cock and force my sperm into her musky depths as my
   orgasm overtook me.  Sue was cumming  again and she forced her cunt  and
   asshole against Jill's trusting hand  as I felt the familiar  tugging on
   my balls and increased pressure up my asshole signifying Linda's  orgasm
   approaching.  When  Linda finally  climaxed she  bit me  on the neck and
   swore in my ear.  Linda went straight for Jill's asshole after I  pulled
   out and she and Sue sucked my cum from Jill's asshole as they probed and
   licked her cunt until  she sank to the  floor.  Needless to say  by this
   time we were all hot sweaty and tired from all our activities and seeing
   the need to get cleaned up and cooled off I suggested we all retire  for
   a shower.
   While Sue  was getting  towels for  everyone I  asked Linda  if she ever
   considered shaving  her pussy.   Linda said  she had  tried it  once and
   although she liked the feeling she felt a bit naked with no hair on  her
   pussy.  I told her she should only shave her cunt lips and leave a  nice
   triangle of hair on her mound.  Linda  said she would try if I would  do
   the honors and I readily accepted and had her sit up on the vanity while
   I got Sue and Jill to hold her legs open and up so I had a clear view of
   her swollen pink pussy and open anus.  I lathered Linda's pussy and  ass
   until the hair was soft and supple and I had fingered her cunt clit  and
   anus until her nipples were hard with excitement.  As I shaved her light
   blond hair from her cunt Sue and Jill rubbed her inner thighs and pulled
   at her erect nipples.  By the time I had her shaved Linda was close to a
   climax and I washed the soap off her pussy inserting my fingers into her
   cunt  and  asshole  while  I  licked  her  clit.  Sue and Jill joined in
   earnest now and each  took one of Linda's  stiff nipples into her  mouth
   and sucked and nibbled until the combination of my hand and tongue  work
   and Sue and Jill's attentions  brought Linda to orgasm flooding  my face
   with her  juice.  Sue  and Jill  rubbed and  licked Linda's newly shaved
   pussy and  immediately wanted  me to  do them  too.  So  I repeated  the
   procedure on Jill and Sue and with their help managed to clean all their
   pussies off and make each  one climax after the procedure.   We showered
   in pairs  me and  each of  the ladies  with much  fondling and squeezing
   which finally got me hard again.
   After we dried off  we retired to Sue's  king size bed and  layed around
   talking and fondling each other until Jill and Linda said the had to  go
   as their husbands would be wondering  where they had gotten to but  that
   the wanted to do  something special for Sue  and I before they  left.  I
   could see  the twinkle  in Sue's  eyes and  knew they  had planned  this
   before  I  had  joined  them,  while  Jill  and  Linda sucked my cock to
   erection Sue went to her dresser and got out two strap on double dildos.
   Sue went to  Jill licked one  of the dildos  and slowly pushed  half its
   length up Jill's open pussy and fastened the strap around her waist  and
   thru  her  legs.   Sue  then  moved  to Linda and repeated the procedure
   bringing  a  low  moan  to  Linda's  throat while she twisted and probed
   Linda's pussy with the fat plastic cock.  Jill and Linda stopped sucking
   my cock  and balls  and moved  me and  Sue together  on our sides.  Jill
   spread Sue's cunt lips and Linda  guided my cock deep into Sue's  velvet
   cunt.  I  started to  pump Sue's  hot slit  with long  slow strokes  and
   really getting into it  when I saw Jill  return with a tube  of KY jelly
   and start working it  into Sue's exposed anus.   I knew right away  what
   was to follow as I felt Linda rubbing my asshole in anticipation.   Once
   Jill had lubed up Sue's rear and the exposed end of the dildo she handed
   the tube to Linda.   Linda did the same  to my asshole and  then She and
   Jill slowly forced their artificial pricks up Sue and my assholes as  we
   continued  to  fuck.   The  feeling  for  me  was intense and although I
   expected pain I had none and  the pressure on my prostrate made  my cock
   harder and intensified  my pleasure.  Jill  and Linda continued  to pump
   our assholes  until Sue  had climaxed  twice and  I shot  my load up her
   tightly packed pussy.  I could see Jill climax and felt Linda orgasm  as
   she reamed my  asshole harder and  grabbed at my  ass.  After Sue  and I
   rolled apart Jill sucked my cock  clean as she finger fucked my  asshole
   and Linda licked Sue clean and fingered her asshole.  As they got  ready
   to go  Linda asked  Sue if  we could  all get  together again and if she
   could bring a male  friend for a fivesome.   Sue said she would  love it
   and Jill agreed.  But the story  of that lust filled party will  have to
   wait.  Sue and I  stayed together for a  while and fucked a  couple more
   times before I too had to leave but I promised her I would come back any time.

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