Aunt Phoebe's Masturbatorium Ch. 02

"But you're thinking about it!" Brittany snapped back.

"Oh, you're such an ass Brittany," she replied, turning on the girl. "Okay, so what if he does pull it out? Are you going to run away?"

"I won't run away," Brittany replied. "But I'm not going to touch it either."

"I don't even want to get near that thing," Megan said with a grimace.

Angelique looked like she had just bit into a lemon.

"That's just like you, Megan. You think the only thing a boy does with his cock is pee with it. Get real!"

Brittany chuckled at my cousin's remark.

"Don't tell us you're thinking of giving him some hand action," she said, jerking her hand back and forth.

"I might," Angelique said coyly. "Why? Do you want to watch?"

"You mean like those girls in those movies you have, where the naked men have to jerk off for the clothed women?"

"Maybe," she replied with a wicked smile.

"Yes!" Brittany exclaimed. "That would be so unbelievable!"

"I'll watch," Megan said, not wanting to be left out. "But I'm not going to touch it."

"Of course not," Angelique said tersely. "I don't think your hands will ever touch a penis."

"You know what happens when you start playing around with a guy's dick."

"Yes, know what happens, but you don't."

"I do too," she said. "They ejaculate."

"Oh my God!" Angelique said, mocking her. "Do you think?"

If my cousin had known that, only a week before, her own mother had given a strange man a handjob, she might have felt that genetics did indeed spell one's destiny.

"Okay," I said, interrupting their argument. "I'm in."

The two girls fell silent for a moment and then Angelique laughed.

"Yes!" she said happily. "This is going to be great!"


I never understood how Delvin came to be such good friends with my aunt Phoebe. Even Angelique was hazy on this issue when I asked her for details. From what I gleaned from her sketchy account, a few years ago Delvin and his parents were in Paris during a charity event hosted by my aunt and my uncle Pierre in which Delvin was the star performer. He was already a pop star in the United States, and now his fame was spreading quickly across Europe. It was during this fundraiser that he met my aunt, and the two of them soon became fast friends. My aunt, being the liberal-minded hedonist that she was, invited Delvin to visit her at her home in San Diego, where she spent most of the summer with her daughter and sometimes her husband. Delvin was a polite, easy-going, and friendly young man, and my aunt was captivated by his great warmth and charm. It was an unusual friendship that raised a few eyebrows among my own immediate family, but it was an attraction of spiritual equals, foregoing any hint of sexual interest, and made exemplary by its lack of it.

It was because of this great friendship that Delvin felt compelled to act the role of a gentleman with my aunt's daughter, rather than do anything to incur her displeasure. Yet, it seemed that his will to control himself around my sexy cousin was rapidly fading as of late. It was pretty obvious to me and everyone else that he was enamored of her, and she of him. And my aunt, being one of the most perspicacious people on earth, could not have failed to be cognizant of the situation, despite her preoccupation with Lenore and the Sisterhood. Although she chose to remain neutral in the whole affair, I could not help but believe that she felt Angelique was old enough to know what to do without her guidance. This attitude would have been consistent with my aunt's own hedonistic philosophy. How far that philosophy extended in regards to her daughter I didn't know. But judging by the fact that she thought nothing of setting the four of us up next to Delvin's bedroom indicated that she gave her daughter great latitude in making her own decisions.

In comparison to my own mother, or most mothers for that matter, my aunt's liaise faire attitude concerning Angelique's bold sexuality would have been seen as bordering on indifference. I did not believe this myself, however, because my aunt loved Angelique dearly, and she took an active interest in her daughter's life. But there is a big difference between love and possessiveness, and my aunt was anything but possessive. Therefore, my cousin grew up in an atmosphere wherein she felt comfortable about her own sexuality and could talk with her mother about sexual matters without the usual trepidation most young girls feel when discussing, what is to them, an uncomfortable subject. And being possessed of a bold and insightful personality made Angelique a natural leader among us, even though at times I felt she was a little too headstrong for her own good.

Delvin had agreed to meet with us in his bedroom just after midnight. The four of us tried to dress up such that we would be appealing to his sense of style, so we all wound up looking like carbon copies of his girlfriend Maria: high-heeled shoes; short, bright, neon skirts in four different colors; halter tops with midriff exposed; hair long and windblown; makeup to the max; approximately one ton of jewelry a piece; and Gucci shades. By the time we were finished, we looked like we had just popped out of some men's magazine, and we could have easily passed for a bunch of groupies.

"Wow!" Angelique remarked as I came out of the bathroom in my new apparel. "You look just like a whore!"

"Or a porno star!" Brittany suggested.

I took a long look at them and admitted that they, too, looked every bit the part as I did.

Megan, however, just stood next to them looking nervous. Out of all of us, I think she was the most hesitant to attend this "pot" party.

"I can't believe we're going to do this," she said anxiously as she took a look at herself in the hallway mirror.

"Jesus!" Angelique said. "You've got one of the greatest pop singers in the world in my house and you're complaining?"

"She always complains," Brittany said dully.

"I don't always complain, Brittany," Megan retorted. "It's just...you know...it's a little weird with the four of us and...him."

"Do you want me to hold your hand," Angelique said, sarcastically.

"No, it's not that. I just feel... I just think it's...wrong."

The three of us looked at her as though at any minute she was going to run out of the room and head for home.

"Why do you think it's wrong, Megan?" I asked.

She looked at me as though I should have guessed the answer.

"He's had lots of women...you know...like groupies and stuff. He's like a man already."

"We're not going to have sex with him. We're just going to play some music and smoke a little pot."

"But Angelique wants to do other things with him."

At this point my cousin lost her patience with the timid girl.

"Oh, fuck Megan! If he puts his hands on my tits and you start freaking out, you can leave all right? No one will stop you."

"What if he tries to put his hands on my tits?" Brittany teased.

"I don't care," Megan said. "Just don't let him treat you like Maria, like you're his girlfriend or something."

"Why?" my cousin replied. "Because you think he'll want to fuck me?"


Angelique laughed. "He'd have an easier time trying to fuck Holly than he would me. He's not going anywhere near me. Not until say so."

We made a pact there and then that none of us would have sex with Delvin, although that did not preclude what Angelique called "fooling around."

"Well, we have to have a little fun," she said when Megan's face registered dismay. "It's Delvin Wade for Christ's sake!"

None of us knew exactly what she meant by "fun," but we all knew that it meant more than just listening to his latest hit song or getting high on pot. Just before we got ready to head for his room, we gave each other a quick once-over to make sure everything was in place.

"Jesus, you're beautiful, Holly," Angelique said as she adjusted my barrettes. 

"Yeah, but Delvin likes you the best."

"Are you jealous?"

"No, but if I'm so beautiful why do I have so much trouble keeping boyfriends?"

Angelique suddenly grabbed my by the shoulders and spun me around.

"I told you," she said in a serious tone. "You've got to loosen up a little bit. You can have fun with a guy but you have to know when to stop."

"But when a boy gets carried away..."

"You stop him!" she said. "I mean if he's doing something you don't like. Or else get a new boyfriend. The thing is, Holly, you're the one in control. You tell him what to do, not the other way around."

"That's my problem. I'm too nice."

Angelique kissed me on the cheek.

"With the way you look, you can afford to be a bitch sometimes."

"Come on, you guys," Brittany said impatiently. "Let's go."

We could smell the pot emanating from Delvin's room even before he opened the door. Megan still looked a bit apprehensive, but seeing how excited the rest of us were seemed to improve her mood somewhat.

"Looks like he started without us," she said dourly. "God! That stuff wreaks!"

The smell was quite strong, but it was nothing compared to the overwhelming cloud of smoke that greeted us as he opened the door. Wearing only a pair of black bathing trunks and a matching tee shirt, he welcomed us into his room with his usual captivating charm.

A smoky mist hung over the entire room and I immediately asked for a glass of water. He happily complied with my request and invited us all to sit down on a large, black, leather sofa a few feet away from an armchair upon which he had been sitting. He was thrilled to see us, and complimented us highly on our choice of apparel, more than once using words like "sexy" and "hot" to describe our appearance. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't think enough of us to dress up a little nicer. But, he was, after all, a star, and we were his guests.

"Man, it looks like I'm seeing the colors of the rainbow!" he exclaimed, as we sat down next to him.

Angelique sat closest to him, followed by Megan, Brittany, and me: four iridescent songbirds all in a row, paying homage to their hero.

"You ladies ready to join me in a little weed?" he asked us.

Without waiting for a response, he pulled out a small, leather pouch containing several joints and began to light one up.

I had never been in this particular room before and I had to admit that it was quite large—about the size of a spacious one-bedroom apartment. Some of his music was playing softly in the background, and upon his bed were strewn dozens of CDs and music trade papers. Surveying the room, I noticed that it contained a full kitchen and bath, with every amenity possible. There were two windows that looked out onto the garden, and a door just outside the hallway, which had proved a handy entrance for his late-night trysts with Maria.

"I can't believe I'm sitting here with four beautiful women!" Delvin said as he passed a lit joint to Angelique. "And you look so...mature."

"That's the makeup," Brittany said.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you girls were working the streets in downtown LA."

Angelique took a long drag and held her breath, passing the joint to Megan.

"This isn't going to make me sick, is it?" Megan asked him.

"No babe. No way. Just inhale a little bit and hold your breath for a while. You'll be fine."

"Go ahead, Megan," Brittany said. "Don't be such a baby!"

Megan put the joint to her lips and took a drag, but she ended up coughing and begged me for a sip of my water. On the second try she did much better, managing to hold her breath for a full ten seconds before exhaling. She then handed the joint to Brittany.

"So, you think we look like sluts, huh?" Angelique asked Delvin, as she studied his muscular torso.

"Yeah, but that's a compliment. All you bitches today want to look like Maria and Christina, right?"

"I don't," I said. "We just dressed up like this because we thought you'd like it."

"I do baby, I do!" he assured us. "I'd be proud to have any one of you girls with me onstage anytime."

"Really?" Brittany said, excited by this news but continuing to hold her breath. "Can I do a music video with you?"

"Maybe, baby, maybe. I'll have to talk to my manager first."

"Oh, that would be so great! I can sing too, you know."

"She sounds like a cat when you step on its tail," Angelique said. 

"I can sing better than you!"

"In your dreams!"

It looked to me like Brittany was starting to turn blue.

"Exhale girl! What the hell are you doing?" Delvin shouted to the teary-eyed girl.

Brittany exhaled a cloud of smoke and then coughed loudly several times.

"I wanted to hold it in for maximum effect," she said, reaching for my glass of water.

"Maximum effect?" Delvin scoffed. "You're going to kill yourself that way!"

Brittany took a long drink of water and looked around at all of us.

"Do I look like I'm getting high yet?" she laughed.

"Shut up, Brittany, and pass the weed to Holly," Angelique ordered.

As I took the strange, cigarette-like thing in my hands, I felt a little nervous, not knowing what effect this drug would eventually have upon me. But if Megan, who was the most timid among us, had done it, then I could too. Raising the joint to my mouth I inhaled slowly, feeling the hot smoke enter into my lungs. I didn't cough, which surprised me and everyone else.

"This your first time?" Delvin asked.

I shook my head as I continued to hold my breath.

"That's all right," he said, seemingly impressed with my ability.

I passed the joint to him.

"No. You give that to Angelique. "I've been smoking for the past two hours now."

"I thought we were all going to do this together," my cousin said to him as I passed her the joint.

"I'm sorry, babe," he said apologetically. "I had to have my fix. But you girls go right ahead. You're doing fine."

Delvin sat there in his chair looking eminently satisfied as we continued to pass the joint back and forth between us. When we were done, he lit up another one and we performed the entire procedure all over again. I don't remember to this day which one of us was the first to get stoned. Maybe it happened to us all at the same time. All I can remember is that anything anybody said was instantly perceived as being humorous, and we couldn't stop ourselves from laughing. Megan was the only one of us who seemed immune from this effect, and she took great enjoyment in admonishing us when she felt we were getting too boisterous. 

"We should be talking about more serious things," she said.

"Like what, baby?" Delvin inquired.

She looked pensive for a moment and then, in an unexpected marijuana-induced moment, said, "Angelique wants to know...how big your thing is."

"My what?" the startled boy asked.

The girls and I were in hysterics. Even Angelique, who at first looked a little peeved, couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"Your member!" Brittany said, explaining.

Delvin looked at us as though we had all suddenly lost our minds. The truth was that we were laughing so hard that he couldn't get a word in edgewise.

"I think she means your dick!" Angelique squealed.

"Or your schlong!" I said, barely able to get the words out of my mouth.

He continued to stare at us and then shook his head in wonderment at our sudden impulse to hurl sexual slurs at him. We must have seemed at that moment nothing more than a pack of wild hyenas to the puzzled boy.

"Man, I gave you girls too much of that shit. You're going to give me a heart attack if you keep this up."

This statement made us laugh even more. I was beginning to feel that our prolonged merriment—at Delvin's expense—was beginning to turn him off.

"Don't listen to them Delvin," I said, trying to calm myself down. "They're just perverts."

"Listen to you!" Angelique shot back. "You're no better!"

"I didn't poke holes in the wall."

"The holes were already there."

Delvin looked confused. "What holes? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Go ahead," I said to my cousin. "Why don't you tell him the truth?"

"What truth?" he asked, turning to Angelique.

She looked at me as though she wanted to choke me.

"Why did you have to open your big mouth, Holly?" she snapped.

"Tell him," I said again.

"Tell me what?" Delvin demanded.

Angelique and I looked at each other in silence.

"Will somebody tell me what the fuck is going on?" Delvin insisted as he looked from face to face for an answer.

I realized that the influence of the pot had made me reveal something I shouldn't have, and I just hung my head down, refusing to meet my cousin's angry stare.

"You better tell him, Angelique," Brittany said, trying to be diplomatic.

"Oh, shit," my cousin said, frowning. "This was supposed to be our secret. Remember, Holly?"

I continued to look down without answering.

"What's your secret, girl?" he said to Angelique. "Tell me."

"She won't tell you because she's afraid that you'll think she's weird," Brittany said. "Which she is anyway."

Delvin smiled. "I won't think you're weird, baby," he said to my cousin. "Come on. I'll keep your secret."

Angelique looked at him but said nothing.

"We saw you having sex with Maria," Megan said suddenly.

Delvin's eyes opened wide.

"You saw me having sex with my girlfriend? How the hell did you do that?"

It wasn't said in an angry way, but he was clearly mystified as to how we could have possibly managed to pull off such a prodigious feat.

"Another big mouth!" Angelique said, angry at Megan's disclosure.

This didn't seem to stop Megan from continuing, however.

"We watched you through those holes over there," she said, pointing to the adjoining wall.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, looking in the same direction. "There are no holes in that wall."

"Oh yes there are!" Megan said with a giggle.

He peered through the thick haze of pot, trying to see where the mysterious holes might be.

"I don't see any holes," he said, thinking we were just teasing him.

"They're there," I assured him.

Intrigued, Delvin got out of his chair and approached the wall, running his hands over the surface looking for an opening.

"Farther down," Megan said.

Delvin continued to poke around until he gave a little yelp.

"Damn!" he said, as his finger poked through the small, wooden chips and disappeared inside one after another. "You've been spying on me and my woman all this time?"

For a moment I thought he was going to be angry with us, but after looking through a few of the tiny apertures, he burst out laughing.

"Man, this is great!" he said, slapping his hand against the wall. "Whose idea was this anyway?"

We all indicated that it was Angelique's idea.

"I should've known," he said, looking straight at her. "I wonder if I should tell your mother about this."

He didn't say this in a threatening way, but my cousin's face immediately registered fear.

"No!" she said. "Please don't, Delvin!" We didn't mean any harm. We told you about it, right?"

"It's okay. It's okay," he laughed reassuringly. "I won't say anything. I promise."

After promising her several more times that he would keep our secret, Angelique finally began to relax and lit up another joint, which she passed around to the rest of us. Delvin sat next to her, smoking an oversized joint that he had made especially for himself.

"You girls are really lewd," he observed, as he glanced toward the wall we had used as our secret gateway into his private world. "How much did you see anyway?"

The four of us once again got a bad case of the giggles.

"Everything!" Megan said, as she passed the joint to Brittany.

"What do you mean by 'everything'?"

Brittany was just about to put the joint in her mouth, but paused.

"I think she means we saw your...you know..."

Here she paused again and without another word, took a long drag.

Seeing that she was not going to finish her sentence, Angelique volunteered to provide the missing word.

"Dick," she said bluntly.

At the mention of the word, all of us, including Delvin, had a laughing fit.

"Man, you just come out and say what you feel, don't you?" he said to Angelique.

"Well, it's the truth," she replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah, but...hey...are you putting me on?"

"Maybe a little," she replied coyly as she lifted her long legs to rest on the coffee table.

"Maybe a lot!" Brittany laughed, aware as I was of Angelique's deft and calculated maneuver.

It had the desired effect. Delvin's eyes now rested upon her lovely limbs as he inhaled deeply.

"Where did you get legs like that?" he asked my cousin. "Half of your body is made up of those fine-looking stems."

"It's genetics," Megan interjected. "Mrs. Anjou has nice legs too."

"No argument here," Delvin said. "But you know...all you girls have great legs and you're all damned good-looking too."

Megan saw this as an opportunity to remind him of his earlier promise.

"Pretty enough to be in one of your videos?"

"Maybe," he said, unable to keep his eyes off Angelique's legs.

I had to admit that I was a little bit jealous of my cousin's long and beautifully sculptured legs. The only real difference between her legs and mine was that hers were about an inch or two longer. And it was due to this difference in height that made her legs seem more graceful than mine. 

"So," Delvin began, as he peered at us through the fog of marijuana. "Did you guys get off on watching me and Maria fuck?"

Megan, Brittany, and I laughed nervously, but confessed that we found their lovemaking a huge turn-on. Angelique's response was to remove her shoes so that Delvin could get a good look at her sexy feet.

"I know Angelique enjoyed it," I said, remembering how she had pleasured herself from watching him and Maria engage in sex.

"Oh, shut up, Holly," she replied with an admonishing stare.

Delvin's eyes now fell upon my cousin's lovely feet with their long, well-proportioned toes and nails that were adorned with a lustrous pink polish. He sighed heavily and took another drag.

"No, it's okay. It's all right," he said. "There's nothing wrong with people getting off watching other people have sex. I do it all the time."

"You do?" Megan asked, surprised.

"Absolutely. You see that rack over there? There's nothing but adult movies in it."

He pointed to a huge, black wall cabinet completely filled with DVDs.

"Wow," Brittany said. "Can I see them?"

"Help yourself. You can all check them out."

The four of us got up and went to inspect his private collection of porn while he continued to smoke.

"Hey, Angelique," Megan said, drawing my cousin's attention to a DVD she was holding in her hand. "You have this one too."

Megan held up a DVD cover of a naked man being spanked by two well-dressed women. Delvin laughed.

"Hey, man! That's my favorite movie! You into CFNM, Angelique?"

"She's got tons of this stuff in her room," I said, laughing at the fact that many of the DVDs contained a similar theme.

"No shit?" Delvin remarked.

"Yeah," Angelique replied, giving me a nasty look. "No shit."

Delvin enjoyed watching us sift through his collection as we sat on the floor in front of him. His vast library contained pornography of all sorts, but there was a preponderance of CFNM-related content, sometimes featuring men in submissive roles before one or more dominant women.

"Oh, I love this!" Brittany giggled as she handed a DVD to me.

"Which one is that?" Delvin asked.

I held up the DVD for him to see.

"Oh, that one!" he laughed. "That's a classic!"

The cover featured a completely naked man with his hands on his erect penis, masturbating himself for the amusement of four attractive looking women who were standing around him. It looked like it was staged in someone's apartment.

"He looks so stupid standing there like that naked," Megan said, laughing at the picture.

"He's supposed to look stupid," Angelique said. "That's the whole idea."

Delvin took a final drag on his joint and chuckled.

"She's got it," he said. "Angelique knows what it's all about."

My cousin looked at him through the corner of her eyes and smiled.

"Well, I don't understand," Megan complained. "What's so sexy about this picture?"

"Some guys like being controlled by women, Megan," Angelique said. "It excites them. Get it?"

"I think it's stupid."

"You think everything is stupid."

"Yeah, Megan," Brittany chimed in. "You never want to try anything new. You always put everything down."

"No, I don't," Megan protested.

"Yes, you do," Angelique said. "Like that picture of that girl with the cum..."

Suddenly, Angelique stopped short, embarrassed that she had used a word she would not normally use when Delvin was around. Delvin, who had been mildly amused by their argument, now looked at us in a different light, as though he was getting to see, for the first time, the perverse little voyeurs we really were.

"What did you say, Angelique?" he asked her.

"You heard me," she replied without looking at him.

"Did you say...cum?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"So finish what you were saying." 

Megan laughed. "She's too embarrassed!"

"I'm not embarrassed," my cousin said.

It was difficult to catch Angelique off her guard, and she had been clearly put on the spot by her faux pas. But, being the most adept at controlling her feelings, she soon regained her emotional equilibrium and went on the offensive once more.

"I was saying," she began, giving Megan a sarcastic look, "that Megan got upset when she saw a picture of a girl with cum on her face. She thinks it's gross."

"Gross?" Delvin said to Megan. "That's part of sex, girl. It's no big deal."

"Well, I don't like it," she replied. "And I don't like these movies either."

"How do you know that?" he asked. "Have you ever seen one of them?"

"No. Angelique hasn't played any of them for us yet."

"Then how do you know?"

Brittany grabbed Megan by the shoulder and shook her. 

"See?" she said. "I told you she doesn't like to try anything new."

"That's too bad," Delvin said. "I think you might enjoy them."

"Why don't we play one?" I suggested, anxious to stop the bickering and curious myself to see what was so special about them.

"All right, Holly!" Delvin said with a big grin. "You girls up for it?"

"I am," Brittany said.

"I've seen this stuff before," Angelique said. "But if you want to play them, I'll watch."

"What about you, Megan?" Delvin asked her. "You might like it."

Afraid of being accused any further that she was indeed a spoilsport, as Angelique had unmistakably pointed out, she reluctantly agreed to watch the DVD with us on the condition that if it offended her, she would leave.

"No problem, Megan," Delvin agreed.

After searching through several different titles, we finally decided to watch the one Delvin had referred to as a "classic." As the movie began, the four of us sat down on the floor around the TV, while Delvin remained in his armchair sipping a Coke. 

The scene opened up with an attractive blonde man, probably in his early twenties, peering out from a partially opened closet door to spy on a pretty brunette woman, presumably his boss, who was at her desk happily conversing with someone on the phone. From his vantage point, the man could see the woman's sexy legs, which were crossed at the knee, and the camera focused on his face and then her legs to let the audience know that this was his particular fetish. As she talked, he let his pants and underwear fall down around his ankles, exposing his erect penis. In no time at all he was masturbating furiously.

"Oh, God," Brittany exclaimed. "That's so funny!"

All of us started to laugh as the camera focused on his huge erection and then on the woman's legs. Suddenly, the man sneezed and lost his balance. He came tumbling out of the closet, tripping over his own pants, and fell down flat on his face in front of the horrified woman. The look on his face was priceless as he struggled to get to his feet.

"Guys are such perverts," Megan said, unable to take her eyes off the screen.

This made Delvin laugh.

"And I suppose you watching this movie don't make you a little bit of a pervert too?"

Megan shrugged, but said nothing.

The blonde man was now being reprimanded by his boss, and with his pants and underwear still around his ankles, he was ordered to straddle her desk so that she could administer a spanking to his bare ass. Before she did this however, she called in three other women—all of similar age and very attractive—to observe his punishment.

Taking up seats around the desk, the women watched as the helpless young man was given a robust spanking by his boss, which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy. After giving him about 20 solid whacks with her bare hand, she then ordered him to stand in front of her desk and masturbate himself to orgasm while all of them watched. As the four women sat with their legs crossed in front of the desk, the man jerked his penis for a few minutes until it was clear that he was going to ejaculate. The camera then moved behind him so that all you could see was the back of his head and the four laughing women sitting on the opposite side of the desk. They teased him for a few minutes, calling him all kinds of nasty names, but never once did he stop masturbating himself.

Suddenly, from the bottom of the screen, a long, white blur of sperm shot up and outward onto the desk, splashing into a stack of papers. The women screamed with laughter and so did we.

"Did you see that?" Brittany said, entranced.

Another creamy blast followed the first one, this time shooting so far that it hit the bare legs of his boss who was sitting directly opposite him.

"Oh, Freddie!" his boss complained. "You disgusting pig! You're going to pay for this!"

"Ha!" Angelique laughed. "He's giving her a sperm shower!"

"Wait! Wait!" Delvin interrupted. "There's more. Watch this!"

No sooner had the words escaped his mouth than Freddie let out a huge groan and we watched in awe as three huge, gooey ropes of semen shot out, one after the other, high into the air, and came splashing down onto the desk below, forming three separate and slimy puddles of white.

"Oh, my God!" I said, amazed to see one man shoot so much sperm.

The women in the video laughed excitedly—as we did—upon seeing this spectacular cumshot. And to the combined teasing of his tormentors, Freddie's cock exploded yet again, sending another half dozen bursts of creamy ejaculate careening into the desk, where it formed several white pools of pasty residue. At last, his orgasm ended and he was told that he was fired. The women then pushed him out of the office, still half-dressed and his penis dripping with sperm. I had never seen anything so funny or strangely erotic in my life.

"Didn't I tell you it was a classic?" Delvin said, as he laughed along with us.

During all this time, Megan was unable to remove her eyes from the TV screen. More than any of us, she seemed more preoccupied with the video she had just seen, and I could tell something was on her mind.

"Do guys really ejaculate like that?" she asked Delvin.

"Some do," he replied.

"Well, it didn't seem real to me."

"Oh, it's real all right," he assured her. "I can tell fake cum right off."

"Are you sure? It seemed like somebody was squeezing a bottle of hand lotion off camera to make it look like the real thing."

"I'm telling you it's real," he insisted.

"How do you know?"

"I know because...I can cum like that myself sometimes. Even better."

The four of us looked at each other sheepishly, grinning at his implication.

"Oh sure, Delvin!" Brittany said in an accusatory tone. "You can really have an orgasm like that?"

"What's so strange about it?" he said. "There are a few guys in the porn industry who can cum like that." 

"Maybe, but it still looks fake to me."

"Some of it might be fake," he said thoughtfully. "But what you just saw was 100% real."

"How do they get it to cum so much?" I asked him.

"Well, usually if a guy hasn't had an orgasm in a long time, and if he's teased for a while, that'll produce a cumshot like the one you just saw."

Megan looked at me just then with a very sly look, as though she were planning something.

"Can we see some more?" she asked Delvin.

"Sure," he replied. "Put on anything you want."

For the next hour we sat through what must have constituted half of what was Delvin's CFNM library. The pot was being passed around again and all of us were getting quite high. Most of the videos featured similar scenarios to the one we had watched earlier; sometimes the element of female dominance was overt, sometimes very subtle. Usually, a naked guy would end up masturbating in front of a group of clothed women, or sometimes one or several women would end up masturbating him. Even though most of the videos ended in this way, we never got tired of seeing the different faces and the ways in which the guys would jerk their dicks for the amusement of the women. After one very long and voluminous orgasm, which resulted in several women being christened at once, Megan turned to Delvin with a questioning look in her eyes.

"So, can you really cum like that?"

Angelique, Brittany, and I looked at each other and then at Megan, unaccustomed to hear her speak in such direct terms. By this time, Delvin was sitting with one leg propped up on the arm of his chair. It appeared to me like he had an erection.

"Probably," he said modestly, as one of his hands came to rest near his crotch. "It's been almost a week since I came."

"Wow," she replied. "So you must have a lot stored up."

Her eyes fell to his crotch, where one of his hands was busy grabbing his hard-on.

"Are you kidding me?" he laughed. "Guys make billions of sperm every day. If I wasn't so tired from doing all these recording sessions, I'd be jacking off every chance I got."

Angelique, I noticed, purposely remained aloof during this interrogation, curious to see how far Megan was willing to take things. The most reserved and easily offended of the four of us, she was now, however, acting very promiscuous. This was, no doubt due to the influence of the marijuana we had all been smoking. But I think the drug also unlocked some sexual feelings within her that she normally kept repressed. To see her take more of an aggressive role was refreshing, but Angelique wouldn't let her enjoy her newfound position for very long.

"Are you tired now, Delvin?" my cousin suddenly asked as she lifted both of her bare feet to rest on his knees.

"No way," he replied, admiring the view.

"Angelique, you're such a big tease!" Brittany laughed.

Delvin was now stroking his cock through his pants, as he let one hand caress the beautiful prize resting on his knee. He didn't seem to care one bit that his massive erection was visible to all of us, and at Angelique's suggestion he let her play with his cock, running her toes all over his shaft until he was quite distracted. I had to admire her manipulative skills. She was a master of getting people to do her bidding, and they often had no clue that they were even being manipulated.

"Those movies made you horny, didn't they?" she teased him. "Look how big you are!"

She let her toes run up and down his prick very quickly, forcing him to moan loudly.

"Yes," he replied, surrendering to the pleasure of her lovely feet deftly working his shaft.

Delvin ran his hands up and down her legs, intoxicated by her power over him.

"Mmm...that feels nice," she purred as she tilted her head back, enjoying the massage.

"Whatever turns you on, baby," he said.

Angelique turned to me suddenly with a devilish grin on her face.

"You know what would really turn me on?" she said. "No, I mean...turn us all on?"

Knowing something wild was about to be hatched from that wicked imagination of hers, I started laughing.

"What's that?" he asked, amused.

My cousin stole a look at Megan.

"Tell him," she said.

Megan wasn't prepared to have my cousin defer to her, but it made no difference to the brown-eyed beauty, who now faced the handsome boy with her legs crossed and her hands holding the cover of the DVD we had just watched.

"Are you sure, Angelique?" she asked.

"Tell him," my cousin said firmly.

"I...I mean, we," she began a little nervously, "would like you to...you know...do what that guy did in the video."

I don't know how she and my cousin had hatched this idea, but at some point it must have been discussed between them. Brittany and I looked at each other and broke out laughing.

"Yeah," Angelique said as she prodded his balls with her big toe, "we want you to make it squirt like a fountain."

"A fountain of cum!" Brittany squealed, surprised that she had spoken in such an explicit fashion.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't even speak.

Delvin laughed along with us, barely believing what he had heard as his eyes went from one laughing face to another.

"You girls are unreal," he said. "You really want to do this CFNM thing?"

"Why not?" Angelique said, using her toes to push down his trunks so that we could see his cock. "You're halfway there now!"

Delvin sat there dumbfounded as Angelique continued to tease his cock with her feet.

"And what are the four of you going to do?" he asked.

"We're going to sit right here and watch you," she replied with a wide grin.

"We could do more than that," Delvin said, as the pleasurable sensations of Angelique's footjob were starting to get to him.

"No," she said firmly. "No sex. We just want to watch you jerk off for us."

"Yeah, come on, Delvin," Brittany said, trying to persuade him. "Whip it out."

Delvin seemed a bit dismayed that his chances of having sex with any one of us were squelched by Angelique's injunction. However, after more taunting from all of us, he agreed to give us the show we were demanding from him.

"We really couldn't see too much of you from the other room," I said as he began to pull his bathing suit off without getting up from the chair.

"What she means is that we couldn't see too much of your dick," Brittany laughed.

"Well," he said as the trunks came off, "I hope you're not disappointed."

What sprang into view just then was as impressive as anything I had seen on Angelique's DVDs. It actually looked bigger than what I remembered seeing during his lovemaking with Maria.

The four of us giggled as we watched the thick, black shaft stand up stiff and straight, pointing toward the ceiling. Delvin cradled his erect cock in his hand, rubbing his finger over the shaft and glans, proud of its size and girth.

""How do you keep it in your pants?" Angelique laughed, impressed at his prick's massive size.

I noticed that she kept her feet in close proximity to his crotch but did not touch him. Megan looked a bit apprehensive at the sight of his erect cock, but Brittany and I sat there mesmerized.

"How long is it?" I ask him.

"Just over ten inches," he replied proudly.

"Holly thought you were over a foot long when she saw you through the peep holes," Brittany said, watching contentedly as his hands began to stroke his towering shaft.

Delvin smiled. "I tried a penis pump once but it didn't make me any bigger. This is it."

"It's enough!" Angelique commented, as she leaned forward to watch him masturbate.

His cock was a most attractive specimen. In addition to its impressive length, Delvin's penis was thick and satiny, the huge glans a lovely purple/black color that looked like a fat Portobello mushroom sitting atop its massive stalk. I observed that his testicles were quite large, not hanging down low in their sac, but elevated close to his body; the skin taught and smooth, like two, ripe, oversized plums. I could only imagine that they must have been hard at work making "billions of sperm," as he put it, and wondered what awaited us when he finally brought himself to orgasm.

We positioned ourselves on the floor around him in a semicircle as he began to stroke his cock in earnest. Angelique kept both her feet propped up on his thighs and Brittany sat at his feet, resting one elbow on the armchair, intently observing his every motion.

"I've seen my brother jerk off a few times," she said to him as her eyes followed the up and down motion of his hand, "but he's nowhere as big as you."

Delvin almost stopped stroking himself when he heard this.

"Damn!" he said. "You watch your own brother beat his meat? You are one wicked girl!"

She laughed. "I like the way you do it better. Nice and slow."

He resumed his cadence as the four of us continued to observe him.

"I'll bet you have a gallon of semen in those things!" Angelique squealed as she suddenly poked her big toe into his sac.

We all laughed at her comment, but Delvin simply watched in awe as her pink toenails sensuously tickled his scrotum.

"How far can you make it shoot?" Megan suddenly asked.

He thought a moment, never releasing his hand from his cock.

"Well, one time, after this chick was blowing me for over an hour, I shot it about six or seven feet."

This impressed the other girls, but I had seen such a feat performed by Andre Wilkins and Portland Turner only a week ago, so I knew it was certainly possible.

"But I think I'm going to beat that record today," he said as his breathing began to come in short gasps.

"Really?" I said. "Why do you think that?"

He was now moving his hands faster and faster over his cock, concentrating his attention upon the area just below the glans.

"Because I haven't cum in almost a week. Plus, I've been playing with myself for over an hour while watching those videos."

He had an interesting technique I thought: mechanical, precise, and never fluctuating in tempo or style, which seemed to me to be perfect for forcing out the armies of hot sperm I knew were anxiously waiting for joyous release.

Angelique continued to dig her toes into his swelling sac.

"I'll bet you shoot a huge load right across the room," she teased him.

"Or maybe it will go straight up and hit the ceiling," Brittany suggested, running one of her hands up and down his leg.

"Just don't get any of it on me," Megan said, her eyes glued to Delvin's furiously stroking hand.

"Oh, shut up, Megan!" Angelique said.

Delvin, although interested in what we were saying, seemed too preoccupied with his masturbation to allow our banter to distract him. He only offered a grunt in response to Megan's request, but eventually managed to tell her and me not to sit directly in front of him as we might get anointed with his ejaculate. At his request, we both moved away to the left and right, respectively: I, next to my cousin, and Megan next to Brittany. 

"Would you like me to take off your shirt, Delvin? You'll be more comfortable," I said, noticing that he was now sweating quite profusely.

"Yeah, babe. It's way too fucking hot in here."

I got up and helped him remove his shirt, and he let out an audible moan as he had to reluctantly remove his hand from his penis, causing it to bob back and forth in the air unattended.

"It's so funny!" Megan laughed. "Look at it!"

There was nowhere else to look. His huge prick did look strange as I watched it pulse with a rhythm all its own, but as soon as his shirt was off, he quickly went back to his self-pleasuring. I decided to remain standing behind him, my hands resting on his shoulders, anxious to witness what I was hoping would be a spectacular climax.

When he announced that he was close to ejaculating, the four of us moved back a little and grew silent, focusing our combined attention on his cock, which was now leaking copious amounts of precum.

"Ladies, I can't take this much more of this," he gasped as his hand teased the tip of his shaft with lighting-fast jerks.

"You can't come yet," Angelique suddenly declared.

"What?" Delvin said, still pumping his cock.

"You can't come yet," she repeated, digging her toes hard into his balls.

"Hey! That hurts!" he hollered, releasing his cock from his hands.

"I'm sorry," Angelique said. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"What's going on, Angelique?" I asked her, upset that she had ruined his, as well as our, enjoyment. 

"Do you have a video camera?" she asked Delvin.

"Oh, man! Now you ask?" he groaned.

"I want to get this all on tape," she said. "If you don't have one, we can use mine."

"Oh, Angelique," Brittany said. "Why didn't you let him finish? Maybe he doesn't want to do your stupid video."

"No, no, that's okay," Delvin said. "I don't mind. Actually, it's a great idea. I've been meaning to tape some of my sex scenes. But it's got to stay between us. I don't want the world to know about my private sex life. Plus you girls could get into a lot of trouble."

"No problem," my cousin answered. "Where's your video camera?"

Delvin had me fetch the camera from the closet and I handed it to Angelique who insisted that she film the whole thing.

Taking up her position several feet in front of him, she began to assume the role of director, instructing each of us as to what our acting duties would be.

"Okay, Brittany, you're fine where you are," she began. "Megan, you sit where I was, and Holly you stand up behind him like you were doing."

Once we were all in place, and she was satisfied with that she saw, she told Delvin to resume masturbating. He didn't need much encouragement, as he was still hard, and I didn't think it would take him long to cum.

"Holly, keep your head next to his so I can get your reaction to the cumshot," my cousin said as she took a few steps closer to us.

I did as I was told and lowered my head down a bit so that my chin was resting on his right shoulder.

"That's great," Angelique said happily. "Just stay like that."

I enjoyed being so close to the gorgeous and sexy boy, feeling his warmth and animal lust transfer itself to me as he pulled on his erection with long, hard strokes. Brittany and Megan, who were now seated on the floor on either side of him, ran their hands over his legs and thighs, teasing him with all kinds of sexual remarks. I was especially surprised at Megan, who now seemed to have lost most of her prior inhibitions and was speaking to him in the most provocative way. I realized that the pot was responsible for her apparent lack of propriety, and knew that she probably would have never consented to act in our lascivious production had she not been under the influence of the mood-altering drug. Nonetheless, I found it to be a pleasure to see her so loose and fun-loving, and Delvin, despite desperately wanting to cum, couldn't help but take notice of her increased interest in him.

"I want to see it spit," she said to Delvin, as she rested her chin on his right knee.

Angelique laughed at this comment, but I could tell that she highly approved of Megan's inspired aggressive behavior by zooming in on her pretty face.

"Excellent, Megan. Excellent." my cousin said. "Keep talking to him like that. Just like those girls did in the movie."

Elated by Angelique's comment, Megan continued her verbal assault.

"You know what we want to see, Delvin?" she asked.

Without waiting for his response, and without saying a word, she simply stuck her tongue between her teeth and made a "tic...tic" sound, sharply turning her head after each "tic," allowing her eyes to gaze off into the distance. Angelique and I immediately understood what she meant, but Brittany looked confused.

"He's like cumming, right?" Megan explained to the puzzled girl. "And my eyes are following the squirts."

"Oh, yeah!" Brittany chuckled. "Tic, tic...that's funny!"

Delvin was now pumping his cock at whirlwind speed, and I found myself pouring a litany of filth into his ear.

"You girls are driving me fucking crazy!" he cried, as I watched his ass rise several inches off the chair.

"I want to see some sperm!" Angelique ordered.

"Time for the money shot!" I laughed, allowing my body to get out of camera view.

"Pay attention, Holly!" Angelique said. "Move your head in close to his. And you two," she said to Brittany and Megan, "move in closer...that's good, perfect. Now I have all four of you in the frame. Don't move!"

It seemed to me that my cousin seemed quite comfortable in her self-appointed role as director and continued to give us final instructions as Delvin got ready to relinquish his load.

"No! Don't look at me, Megan!" she hollered. "Look at his dick!"

Megan dutifully followed Angelique's directions: her face, and Brittany's, only a few inches away from the towering, black phallus.

"Beautiful!" Angelique said. "Anytime you're ready, Delvin."

"Come on," Brittany said, letting her fingers lightly touch his balls. "Let's have a nice, big cumshot!"

In response to her command, Delvin suddenly made a funny grimace as he was gripped by a powerful orgasm.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" he screamed.

I was so glad that Angelique had thought to videotape his orgasm because she and I would get great enjoyment from watching it during the subsequent weeks of my stay. And seeing it played back, where I could take my time and savor every sordid moment, made me realize what devilish girls we really were.

"Bet you can't reach me!" Angelique squealed, as Delvin's prick reared back, ready to fire.

At first, only a tiny stream of cum flowed out of his penis, running over his fingers and down onto his huge balls. And then, only a second later, this was followed by a massive eruption of sperm that shot out with such force that it flew up and over Angelique's head to impact with the wall behind her—the same wall that had served as our private viewing station into Delvin's late-night sexual escapades.

"Holy shit!" Angelique laughed, still keeping her camera focused on Delvin's climaxing prick.

Brittany, Megan, and I looked at each other in shock and amusement in response to his stupendous cumshot. But no sooner had we recovered from one surprise than we were gifted with another marvelous display of sperm acrobatics.

Pointing his dick straight up, we watched as another long jet of cream was launched, sailing far over his head and past my face, where a small portion of ejaculate found its way into my hair.

"Cream rinse!" Angelique shouted, as the cum dribbled off my bangs and hung like tiny gelatinous strands in front of my eyes.

Megan and Brittany were in hysterics.

"Great shot, Delvin!" Brittany laughed, applauding him. 

"Great catch, Holly!" Megan added.

Delvin was deep in the throes of orgasm, hardly able to concentrate on anything except forcing as much sperm out of his swollen dick as possible. Being so focused, he really could not respond to the antics going on around him. However, his eyes did register surprise when he saw Megan's hand suddenly replace his on his cock.

Angelique, Brittany, and I were shocked to see our timid friend take the huge, spurting prick into her own little hand, heedless of the rivers of sperm spewing out of it, and masturbate him while the sticky semen cascaded down over the stiff shaft and onto her fingers in swift torrents.

"Yeah!" Angelique cried. "Jerk it off, Megan!"

She hardly needed any encouragement. With just her thumb and forefinger, she teased the tip of his cock with quick, deliberate strokes, and in a matter of seconds was rewarded with a series of multiple cumshots. Delvin couldn't believe what was happening and held in his breath as the pleasurable sensations overtook him. From my vantage point, his orgasm looked like a volley of whitish blurs that exploded from the tip of his penis in an almost angry fashion to shoot high into the air toward my cousin, who deftly stepped back a little to avoid being splattered. Megan's fingers were awash with sperm, but she applied herself diligently to his masturbation, even getting Brittany to hold the base of his shaft firmly in place so as to give her more control over him. Delvin's prick responded by surrendering one enormous load after another.

"Tic, tic," Megan laughed, as our eyes followed each trajectory of gooey cum as it sailed out into the room.

At some point during the spectacle, I draped my arms around Delvin's neck, quite unaware that I had done it. I don't know if it bothered Angelique to see me so intimate with her object of fascination, but she didn't seem to care, which struck me as surprising considering her feelings toward him. For me it was an immense turn-on to cradle him so close to me, and to be able to feel his masculine passion submit to the will of Megan's blistering handjob.

I looked down at the laughing faces of Brittany and Megan, who were thoroughly engrossed in masturbating Delvin's prick. Not wanting to give Megan the upper hand, Brittany now took over from her friend, encircling his penis in her hand and giving him several intense strokes. As she pulled up, Delvin cried out and once again fired off a thick stream of semen that ended up splashing into the coffee table.

"This is fucking unbelievable!" Angelique exclaimed as she moved in for a close-up of his prick.

Again the giant penis reared back and fired off another burst of creamy sauce, this time shooting straight up and landing right back down onto Brittany's stoking hand. I was shocked when I saw Megan lean in and dip her tongue into the freshly spilled semen that dripped from her friend's hand.

"Go, Megan!" Angelique cried as she zoomed in to get a close-up of the unprecedented event.

Brittany and I squealed as Megan let the sticky cream spill out of her mouth in one giant glob and then sucked it back in to swallow it down.

"Oh, my God!" Brittany screamed in response to Megan's unexpected maneuver. 

Momentarily preoccupied with Megan's cum-swallowing act, Brittany failed to notice that Delvin's cock was now pointing directly at her face. Before she realized it, a huge stream of cum shot out and splashed into her cheek, leaving a sticky mass of sperm dripping from her nose and chin. The three of us squealed with joy.

"You got a fucking facial!" Angelique exclaimed, barely able to stand up.

Megan fell onto the floor laughing as Brittany ran out toward the bathroom. As Delvin's orgasm began to subside, he began to slowly return to his senses. I drew my arms away and fell into the chair next to him, totally overcome by what I had just seen. He was panting heavily, his entire body covered in sweat.

"I've never cum like that, ever!" he admitted in between taking in huge gulps of air. "Never in my whole fucking life!"

Angelique stopped the video camera and sat down next to me.

"Aren't you glad I decided to tape it?" she asked him.

"Real glad," was all he could reply.

Angelique rewound the tape a little and showed Megan and I the amazing christening by cum.

"What the hell got into you, Megan? That was great!" Angelique said.

To be paid a compliment by my cousin was a rare thing for the petite brunette to experience, and she showed her appreciation with a big smile.

"Your mother always keeps telling everybody that they've got to experience life...so, I decided to take her advice."

"What did his cum taste like?" I asked her.

"A little salty, but not as bad as I thought."

"Maria always tells me it tastes sweet," Delvin offered.

"I wouldn't go that far," Megan replied. "But it's not horrible."

"See, I told you!" Angelique said. "You have to try new stuff."

"Want a lick?" Megan asked, offering her sperm-coated hand to us.

"Ah...no," my cousin said, politely.

"What about you, Holly?"

"No, thanks," I said, watching her play with the gooey mass.

Megan gave us both a reproving look.

"Well, now you can't complain about me anymore, because I've done something the two of you have never done."

Having said that, she rose to her feet and rubbed her palms together, slowly separating her hands so we could all see the sticky strands of Delvin's cum as it fell in clumps from her fingers.

"It's so messy!" she laughed as she headed toward the bathroom.

"You were great, baby," Delvin said to her as she passed by.

"Just don't forget to ask your manager about the music video," she reminded him.

While Megan and Brittany were in the bathroom cleaning up, Angelique took me into the kitchen where she helped me to wash away the tiny residue of sperm still clinging to my hair.

"Can you believe how much he came?" she asked me, as she took a towel to my hair.

I wanted to tell her that I had seen a similar display of orgasmic prowess only a week earlier, but could only shake my head in wonderment.

"Especially that first shot," I replied. "It flew about a foot above your head."

"I have to show this tape to some of my friends," she said.

"You promised him that you wouldn't let anyone else see it."

"He'll never know about it."

"But you promised."

"Will you stop being so naïve for once?" she said, peeved. "I'm not going to show it to the whole world, just a couple of friends."

When we returned to the living room we found Delvin with his bathing trunks back on and cleaning the floor, chair, and coffee table in the aftermath of his orgasm. Brittany and Megan sat together on the couch sipping sodas, watching him.

"What time is it?" Brittany asked me.

"It's 2:15," I said, looking down at my watch.

"Is anybody tired?" Angelique asked us.

We all replied in the negative.

"Good. We still have some time before my mother gets home."

"Time for what?" Delvin asked her.

"To smoke some more pot!"

All of us agreed that that would be an excellent thing to do.

Delvin offered us some sandwiches and chips, as we were all famished, and then we got down to the serious business of smoking his expensive stash. After complimenting him on his outstanding sexual performance, the subject got around to Maria and his dwindling infatuation with her.

"She wants to get married," he said, the words catching in his throat. "I'm only twenty, man. I'm not ready for that shit."

"Did you tell her that?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I told her, but she doesn't want to hear it."

"Why don't you break up with her?" Brittany suggested.

"Because she gives good head!" he laughed.

"Yeah, we know," Angelique said.

"How would you..."

"The holes in the wall, remember?" Megan reminded him.

"Oh yeah," he said, taking a long drag on his joint. "You saw her suck me off?"

"And swallow the whole load," Angelique laughed.

"I thought she was going to choke!" Brittany added.

Delvin let his hand fall casually down onto his crotch.

"I guess I do pack quite a mouthful," he said.

"You could populate a planet, Delvin," my cousin remarked whimsically.

The conversation then turned to more topical matters like his burgeoning music career and his plans for the future.

"I'm going to keep doing this shit for as long as I can, then settle down by the time I'm thirty-five and raise a family," he said. "Probably retire by the time I'm fifty or so and live off my royalties."

"I'd say that's a pretty good plan," I said, taking the final bite of my sandwich.

"For every guy like me, there's thousands and thousands who will never achieve what I've got. I've been lucky."

"Yes, but you're also very talented."

"There's lots of talented people walking the streets, but they don't have a music career. Like I said...I've been lucky."

I appreciated Delvin's self-effacing attitude. Despite all his money and fame, he was essentially an honest, down-to-earth person with no pretensions to be anything more than exactly what he was. He looked at me, studying my face as if trying to read my mind.

"What are your plans, Holly?" he asked. "What are you going to do with your life?"

"Well, I start college this fall at UCLA. I'm studying to be a writer."

"A novelist," Angelique quipped.

"Are you any good?" he asked.

"I think so."

"Have you written anything?"

"She writes love poems," Brittany said in a deadpan voice.

Delvin's face lit up. "I'd like to read some of your stuff sometime," he said. "If I like your work, maybe we could collaborate on a few songs. I'm good with music, but I hate writing lyrics."

"I'd like that," I replied.

During the course of the conversation, Delvin discovered that Megan wanted to be a clothes designer and Brittany wanted to go into modeling. When it came time for Angelique to confess her desires, she just laughed.

"I don't have to work," she said proudly. "My father's a duke!"

"Stop showing off, Angelique," I said, "and answer the question."

She lowered her head and thought for a moment.

"You know what?" she began. "I would like to be the head of a major corporation and tell people what to do all day long."

"That's what you do now!" Brittany said.

"Yeah," Megan agreed. "Boss bitch!"

"I can't help it," my cousin replied, indifferent to their complaints. "I like to be in charge."

Delvin laughed. "Okay, so here's what we've got."

He leaned back in his chair and tucked his feet underneath him, letting the joint fall into the ashtray.

"Angelique—the corporate CEO," he began. "Megan—the fashion designer; Brittany—the supermodel; and Holly—the novelist."

He lifted up his glass of soda and held it out toward us.

"Here's to you ladies," he said. "May all your dreams come true!"

We joined him in his impromptu toast and then lit up some joints. I couldn't help but notice that despite Devlin's interest in Angelique's magnificent legs, he kept sneaking glances at Megan, now that she had loosened up a bit and showed a little aggressiveness. I know Angelique noticed this too, but she didn't seem to be bothered by it. Eventually the talk returned to the subject of sex. We asked him what kinds of girls he liked the most, what his favorite form of sex was, and how often he masturbated.

"I like all kinds of girls," he admitted, "as long as they're nice people. And I love blowjobs. A woman who can give a great blowjob can have anything she wants from me."

This admission seemed to interest Megan.

"Why do guys like blowjobs so much?" she asked as she took a drag.

"I don't know about all guys, but I like them because it feels so fucking great to have my cock in a hot babe's mouth. There's nothing like it."

He then asked if any one of us had ever given a guy a blowjob. We all shook our heads except for Brittany, who admitted that she had done it on one occasion.

"These guys have heard this story before," she said with a nod to us, "but I think you might like it."

"Go right ahead girl, I'm listening," Delvin said with a smile.

"Well, a few months ago when my boyfriend and I were flying to Las Vegas, he asked me to give him a blowjob. It was late at night and everyone was asleep, so I asked the stewardess to bring us a blanket. I had never given a guy a blowjob before, but I was feeling really horny and I wanted to make him happy so I did it."

"Keep going," Delvin said.

"He was pretty big," she continued. "Not as big as you, but big enough. Pretty soon he starts moaning, and I mean loud. The lady flight attendant heard him and came running over thinking something was wrong."

"Did she catch you with his cock in your mouth?"

"No, but she knew what I was doing because she had a big smile on her face."

"So, what did you do?"

"I just told her that everything was okay and she understood."

"You and your boyfriend must have been pretty embarrassed."

"He was more embarrassed than I was. But she was very nice to us. She was only a couple of years older than we were so we had this connection."

Brittany stopped to take a hit on her joint before passing it to me. She held her breath for a few seconds and then exhaled slowly.

"She was really beautiful, too," she resumed. "Long, chestnut-brown hair, perfect olive skin, and really long fingers, but very delicate, like she should be modeling for a hand lotion commercial. He couldn't keep his eyes off her."

"So, what happened?"

"She told me not to worry about anything; that everyone was sleeping and that she would come back in a few minutes. When I asked her why, she said, 'Well, you're going to need some towels, right?'"

"Oh, man!" Delvin laughed. "A regular girl scout!"

"Then she says to both of us: 'Don't make him cum until I return. I want to watch.'"

"And a voyeur!"

"I know! I was shocked! But before I could say anything she made me promise to wait."

"What did you do?"

"Well, my boyfriend, of course, was all excited about it and she was so nice...so I waited."

"That's wild," Delvin said. "So you let a strange woman watch you give your boyfriend a blowjob?"

"By the time she came back he was ready to pop, so she only saw the finale."

Megan giggled. "This is the best part."

Brittany took a sip of her soda and laughed.

"She's got two towels in her hands, right? So she removes the blanket and places the towel over my boyfriend's lap. I mean here is his big, fat cock sticking out, all wet and shiny from my blowjob and she doesn't even care! It's like she's setting a table with a dinner napkin, you know? Meantime he's dying to cum."

"Oh, fuck this is hot," Delvin said, rubbing his own crotch. "What happened next?"

"She thanked me for waiting and told me to finish him off."

"Did you do it?"

"Well, I couldn't leave him like that, and she was so friendly and nice about it, so yeah, I started blowing him right in front of her."

I started laughing at this point, picturing Brittany's tiny mouth full of cock.

"He must have been going crazy!" Delvin said.

"He was," Brittany replied. "She was really excited too. Then she pulls out this large paper cup and says, "Pull your mouth away when he starts to cum. I want to catch his sperm in this."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Delvin exclaimed. "That's really kinky!"

"And kind of like...pushy. But she said it in that nice way of hers so I really didn't mind."

Angelique snickered. "Talk about friendly skies!"

"So, anyway, I started sucking him off again," Brittany continued. "After about 30 seconds I feel this huge load of cum shoot into the back of my throat. I almost gagged but pulled my mouth away in time. She bends over me and starts giving him this unbelievable handjob, pointing the cup right under his cock."

"And he shot his load into the cup?" Delvin asked, getting more and more turned on every minute.

"He didn't cum as much as you just did, but it was a lot. Actually the second spurt flew into the air and hit her blouse, but she made sure the rest of it got into the cup."

"That's fucking amazing!"

"It was a long orgasm too. She had these really long fingers, like I said, and strong hands, but very feminine, and she used some strange technique of jerking his prick so that he just kept shooting one load after the other into the cup. We both started laughing after the seventh or eighth squirt but her hands kept pulling on him until she had him completely drained. The cup was about half full by the time he stopped shooting off."

After telling this story, Brittany seemed to have achieved a heightened status in Delvin's eyes. He looked at her now as he had originally looked at my cousin, but Brittany's sexuality was more visceral than Angelique's—and more accessible.

"That story got me really fucking horny!" he said.

"We can see that!" Megan laughed, looking straight at his crotch.

"Somebody's got a hard-on!" Angelique sang.

By now, Delvin's cock was once again fully erect. With our encouragement, he pulled his bathing suit off and started to play with his cock. All of us were completely stoned and couldn't help laughing at his uncontrollable desire to jerk off. Angelique reached for the video camera.

"Okay," she said. "Who's going to do the honors?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You know," she said. "Who's going to give Delvin a blowjob?"

"Not me!" I said laughing.

"Of course, not you," Angelique frowned. "Megan?"

"What about you?" Megan asked my cousin. "You suck his cock and let one of us run the camera."

"I want to videotape it."


"It's okay girls," Delvin laughed. "If it's all right with you, I'll just sit here and jerk off for you."

"Come on, Brittany," Angelique said. "Do him."

The redhead watched intently as Delvin stroked his huge black pole and had a thought.

"I'll suck you off," she said to him. "But you have to promise that you'll put all of us in your next video."

Delvin groaned. "Baby I told you that I have to check with my manager first."

"Well, then forget it. No promise, no blowjob."

The other girls and I took up her cause, and though we were anxious to watch her suck him off, we felt she had a right to expect something in return. After several minutes of this light-hearted confrontation, Delvin finally relented.

"Okay, okay," he said, fingering his stiff prick as though it were some kind of wind instrument. "I promise that all of you can be in my next video."

We all cheered at once and told him what a great guy he was. Brittany then got up and walked over to him, laughing like a giddy schoolgirl. She then gracefully dropped to her knees before Delvin.

"You're so fucking big!" she said, removing his hand from his prick and replacing it with her own.

Angelique leaned forward in her chair, focusing in on Brittany's face as it came in contact with his massive organ.

"Do it nice and slow, Brittany," Angelique said. "Just like they do in the porn movies."

"Yeah, baby," Delvin agreed. "Nice and slow."

"Holly," my cousin continued. "I want you to sit on his right and Megan you sit on his left."

Megan and I were too intoxicated with the effects of the pot to refuse Angelique's directive at this point and simply did as we were told, anxious ourselves to be part of this erotic spectacle and to watch our friend exercise her oral technique upon him. Angelique had Brittany tie her long, red hair back into a ponytail so that her face would not be hidden from view.

Delvin gasped as she opened her mouth to engulf his penis. She let her lips slowly proceed over the tip of his cock until she had the entire glans in her mouth, and then moved her head further down until her cute, freckled nose made contact with the curly mound of black hair at the base of his shaft.

"Whoa Megan!" Angelique exclaimed, impressed by the girl's ability to take so much of him into her small mouth.

Delvin moaned as he watched most of his prick disappear down Brittany's throat, and Megan and I looked down wide-eyed as she began a slow but steady routine of bobbing up and down on him while holding his shaft in the palms of her hands. After a few minutes of this ritual, Angelique indicated that Megan and I should take a more active role in the production.

"Holly," she said. "Play with his balls a little bit. Megan, I want you to use your hands to stoke his cock. Brittany, don't use your hands at all, just your mouth. Suck only on the tip and let Megan masturbate him into your mouth. I want to get him so that's he's cumming all over your face."

Brittany complained about this.

"Does my face look like a target to you, Angelique?" she said, removing her mouth from Delvin's slippery pole.

"A very pretty target," my cousin laughed. "Come on! We're making pornographic history here!"

Brittany relented and went back to sucking Delvin, obeying Angelique's instructions even though I had a feeling that she probably would have preferred not to get her face plastered with semen. But Brittany was too far into the blowjob, and too turned on herself, to complain. She increased her tempo in time with Megan's handjob, and I could feel Delvin's balls rise up high in their sac.

"This is too much," Delvin said, looking down at Brittany as her lips rode over the tip of him, over and over, teasing the sensitive area just under his cock head, demanding he release the creamy white seed within.

Angelique moved to a kneeling position within a few feet of Brittany's face, realizing that Delvin's climax was now only moments away.

"Megan," she said. "Make sure you point the head of his cock a few inches just outside Brittany's mouth so I can get a close-up of the cumshot."

"No problem," Megan said, happily tugging away on his prick and enjoying her control over him.

"Holly," Angelique continued. "Put your hand under Megan's and help stroke him off, but squeeze his balls gently with the other."

I did as she asked and positioned myself so that I could have easy access to his genitals.

His penis felt like a hot, steel rod in my hands, and I could barely get my dainty fingers around it. Both Megan and I laughed as we watched our hands work in tandem over the massive shaft, enjoying the sight of seeing so much of his prick slide in and out of Brittany's mouth.

Delvin now let his body fall completely back into the armchair as Brittany, Megan, and I continued our relentless assault on his prick. Brittany was anxious to get him to cum, as I could see that her mouth was beginning to tire. Despite this, she moved her head back and forth even faster, as the purple/black glans began to expand in anticipation of his impending orgasm.

"Don't worry, Brittany," Angelique said, moving in even closer for the expectant spray. "He's already cum once. It probably won't be a lot this time."

Suddenly, Delvin's entire body froze as he drove his cock in and out of our hands, seeking to get as much of it into Brittany's mouth as he could.

"Oh, God!" he cried. "I'm cumming for you baby!"

Even before he finished the sentence, a massive eruption of hot, white cream shot out of his cock and flew straight into Brittany's waiting mouth. She quickly spit out the gooey load of sperm, and we watched as it drooled onto her chin, hanging there like a thick gelatinous thread that refused to budge. She kept her mouth wide open as our hands furiously worked him over.

"Fuck!" Delvin exclaimed, as we helped him to launch another huge cumshot that flew high above Brittany's head and came down behind her onto the carpet, the little sperm globules forming a miniature rainstorm as they fell down all around her head.

"Keep jerking him!" my cousin squealed.

Another creamy burst sailed high into the air, splashing both Megan and I on our bare arms. And then he shot off three distinct volleys of semen that hit Brittany in the eyes, nose, chin, and finally her beautiful red hair, making her face look like she had just had a salon facial.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" she screamed with laughter as she fell back onto her outstretched arms from the assault.

Both my hands and Megan's were literally awash with sperm as we continued to masturbate Delvin, and we used the creamy effluence to good use as lubrication for his inflamed penis. As we gave him one, long, hard pull upwards, his prick released yet another burst of white, impacting on Brittany's halter top, and then Megan viciously pulled on him, forcing out several more stringy ejaculations that mostly shot out onto our quickly moving hands. We coaxed out a few more weak spurts and then it was over. Brittany's face looked like it had been hit with a cream pie.

"Oh, my God!" I said, laughing hysterically. "You should see yourself!"

"I need the bathroom!" Brittany laughed, as she got up and ran out of the room.

Even Delvin, who was still recovering from his massive orgasm, had to laugh.

"Maria's got nothing on that girl!" he said emphatically.

"You came like...so much!" Angelique said to him. "Where do you get it all?"

"I don't know," he replied. "But you girls really know how to bring out the best in me!"

"Yeah," Megan laughed, as she handed me a few napkins to dry my hands. "Best in sperm!"

Megan and I followed Brittany into the bathroom to get cleaned up, and several minutes later we had decided that we had had enough. It was time to call it a night.

"I had the best fucking time of my life with you girls tonight," Delvin said, genuinely sorry to see us go. "I mean it."

"Thanks Delvin, "Angelique said. "It was a lot of fun."

"Well, you guys better get some sleep. I'll be leaving here in a few hours to catch a plane to New York, so I won't be seeing you after this."

"Have a good trip and don't forget about the video," Megan reminded him as she gave him a kiss goodbye.

"I won't forget. I promise."

He then kissed all of us, one by one, and gave me an especially warm hug.

"I meant what I said about the song lyrics," he said to me. 

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," I replied. "Take care of yourself."

He told us again how great a time he had with us. I could only imagine that, being a pop star, he must have had access to many girls who had given him similar pleasures, but I think the fact that we were just ordinary girls, and not groupies or celebrities, made it special for him. I thought that Angelique would have lingered with him a bit longer, seeing that they had enjoyed a romantic attachment, but she was the first to leave, carrying the film from the video camera in her hands, and telling Delvin she would keep it safe until his next trip back to San Diego. It seemed at first that he was going to protest, but he seemed too tired to debate the issue and watched as we disappeared into the next room.

That night, as my other friends lay soundly sleeping, I thought about how my cousin had managed to keep herself relatively uninvolved on a physical level with Delvin, preferring to orchestrate the movements of Brittany, Megan, and I as though we were pieces on a chessboard while she sat back and watched events unfold before her eyes. Outside of tickling his penis with her foot, she did nothing with him sexually, not even receiving one tiny drop of sperm from his copious orgasms. It dawned on me that Angelique was a classic voyeur, deriving her sexual pleasures from observing others while remaining physically detached. In time she would learn to overcome her unwillingness toward intimacy, but I had to laugh when I thought that, of all people, Megan and I were the ones who chose to abandon our inhibitions and do what Angelique wouldn't, or couldn't, do.

The following morning I awoke at 11:00 AM and discovered that Angelique, Brittany, and Megan had risen before me. I took a quick shower and, as I started to dress, I heard laughter coming from the room Delvin had vacated hours earlier. I recognized the hysterical shrieks as those belonging to my missing friends, so I hurriedly ran down the hallway and found the door to Delvin's room unlocked.

As I entered the room, my three friends were sitting on the floor in front of the television set. Delvin's massive penis filled the screen and three wild teenage girls—myself among them—were doing all kinds of wicked things to his cock.

"Oh, my God, Holly!" Megan exclaimed as I approached her. "Hurry up. Sit down. You have to see this!"

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Watch this," Angelique said, hitting the rewind button on the video camera.

Delvin's prick had just escaped the sucking embrace of Brittany's pouting red lips as it reared back and fired off a thick jet of pearly semen straight into her mouth—all in slow motion.

"Look at it! Look at me!" Brittany howled, as the arc of cum splashed into the roof of her mouth.

"Holly, watch," said Angelique excitedly. "I love this!"

I watched in awe as Brittany's throat contracted to swallow half of Delvin's sticky offering, and then laughed with the others as she forced her tongue through her lips, expelling about a pint of sperm, which dribbled ever so slowly down her chin and onto her halter top. The camera then panned upward as the second spurt of cum shot high up above our heads—our eyes following the line of stringy ejaculate as it climbed higher and higher until it soared beyond camera range.

"Look at your face, Holly!" Angelique screamed with joy.

Both Megan and I had looked at each other with utter astonishment as Delvin's joy juice sailed off into the void. I had to admit that my look of surprise even amused me.

"God, that's so funny!" Megan laughed. "Look at how far it went!"

We watched as several more shots were fired off, and then we were treated to the triple offering of sperm, which had turned Brittany's face into gooey, white mess. Upon seeing her face receive multiple cumshots in slow motion, Brittany fell on the floor, laughing.

"I can't believe I did that!" she screamed.

"I can't believe we did that!" I said, unable to take my eyes of the spectacle.

I watched my hands traverse the length of Delvin's 10-inch tool, the sperm running down the shaft and spilling over onto my hands and then Megan's, as she and I stroked him furiously in our attempt to relieve him of every drop of his milky-white cream. After it was over, I had counted over one dozen separate ejaculations. It was extraordinary to say the least.

"Have you guys had breakfast yet?" I asked as the tape ended.

"Are you kidding?" Angelique said. "We had to see this first. Isn't it amazing?"

She had a wild look in her eyes for a moment, as if she had other plans for this erotic masterpiece of ours.

"We made our own CFNM video," I said with mock pride. "Now put that tape away before your mother finds out what we've done."

"Don't worry," she replied. "She'll never see it."

Of course, I couldn't tell my cousin that her mother would have probably enjoyed our little attempt at homemade erotica, but whether she would have approved of our brief foray into the porn business, despite her hedonism, was another matter.

"Take it out of the VCR and hide it," I said adamantly. "My parents are flying in tonight. It's the last thing I want them to see."

Angelique reluctantly did as I asked and removed the cassette from the machine. We then went back to the recreation room and watched as she placed the tape in a box with her collection of other assorted pornography.

"Okay, Holly? You happy now?" my cousin said as she closed the closet door containing our recent collective effort.

"Yes," I said. "Now can we all go and get some breakfast? I'm starved."

With the arrival of my parents that evening, and the subsequent departure of Brittany and Megan, our wildly erotic adventures came to an abrupt halt. Lenore, Estelle, and Justine left the day after my parent's arrival, and my aunt Phoebe once more adopted the persona of the responsible parent, all for the sake of my mother. I noticed that the two books Lenore had given to my aunt had been discreetly removed from their place of prominence on the bookshelf of my aunt's study, and any and all traces of anything remotely connected to my aunt's wanton lifestyle had mysteriously vanished.

The next two weeks were spent visiting various cultural spots and taking almost daily cruises on my aunt's yacht. I got to spend a lot of time with her during this period and marveled at her chameleon-like ability to adapt her personality to suit any occasion. No one, not even me, would have guessed that underneath that exuberant and proud demeanor lurked the heart of a formidable dominatrix, still in the making, and awaiting only one short year in which to emerge from her chrysalis a new and complete entity, like Athena who sprang fully formed from the head of Zeus.

All during my parent's stay, Angelique and I continued to sleep in the recreation room, and we spent many evenings looking at adult Web sites—especially those that were either CFNM of femdom-related. It was eerie to see how much like her mother she really was, and that the two of them had no idea of their incredibly similar sexual natures. I wanted desperately to tell her about the Sisterhood and all that I had witnessed that day in her mother's study, but I was too afraid to confess my secret for reasons I have stated earlier. In any case, Angelique had made me aware of an entirely new erotic world that I had no idea existed, and my aunt had done the same, albeit without her knowledge. Seeing Delvin's wild cumshot for the millionth time in slow motion still made me laugh, and the shocked look on Brittany's face as she received her bukake-like tribute of sperm made me laugh even more. By the time my visit had ended, I felt like I had made the shift from novice to expert in the realm of sexual matters, and I had Angelique and my aunt to thank for it.

On the day my parents and I were to leave for home, I brought up the issue of Delvin to my cousin. The fact that she had not mentioned a word about him—outside of the comments she offered while watching the tape—made me curious as to why she had chosen to put him out of her mind after seeming to be so infatuated with him.

"He was the one who ended it," she said in a distinctly cold tone of voice as we stood outside the front entrance of the house waiting for Jake to pull up in the limousine. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Because he wanted to fuck me and I wouldn't let him."

"When did this happen?"

"When you, Megan, and Brittany were in the bathroom cleaning up. I told him there was no way I was going to fuck anybody until was ready."

"So, he ended it, just like that?"

"Yup. Just like that."

I noticed a glint of contempt in her otherwise placid demeanor.

"All men are shit heads, Holly," she resumed. "All they want to do is get off."

Judging by what I had seen during these eventful weeks, I knew that half of what she said was true: guys did love to "get off," as he put it. But I had a hard time accepting that all men were jerks.

"Believe me, they are," she assured me. "Even my father keeps a mistress."

This news startled me, as I always believed my uncle to be entirely devoted to my aunt.

"Are you kidding?"

"Would I kid about something like that?" she answered with scorn. "My mother just found out about it yesterday through one of her friends back in Paris. Keep your mouth shut about it because she doesn't know I know."

"How did you find out?"

"I overheard her on the phone. She was up crying half the night."

"I'm sorry, Angelique," I said as I gave her a gentle hug.

"Just remember what I said. All guys are shit heads."

My mother and father, along with my aunt who was teary-eyed from saying goodbye, or from her knowledge of her husband's duplicity, or both, came out of the front door just then and said their final farewells. My mother gave no indication to me that she had learned of my aunt's misfortune, but I could tell she knew something was wrong by the way she kept pressing my aunt for information. When Jake pulled up a few moments later, my mother reluctantly got into the limousine looking troubled, but none the wiser about my aunt's situation. After kissing my aunt and my cousin goodbye, I followed her into the car. My dad took the front seat next to Jake, striking up a conversation with him as soon as we began to drive away.

I waved to Angelique and my aunt from the rear of the car, noticing how small and forlorn they appeared as the limousine put more distance between us. At last, the beautiful estate by the sea became a tiny speck on the horizon as we sped toward the airport. At one point my mother asked me if I knew why my aunt had seemed so unhappy. Remembering my promise to Angelique, I merely shook my head and told her that her sadness was due to our departure and nothing more. I don't think she accepted my flimsy explanation, but she didn't force the issue, sensing that I, too, was feeling quite downhearted.

On the plane ride home my thoughts once more centered upon the events that occurred in my aunt's study only a short three weeks earlier, and the enigmatic name that kept popping up in my head over and over: Masturbatorium. Lenore had stressed that my aunt's introduction to this mysterious place was to be kept a surprise, and strictly secret. And I recalled that Estelle had referred to it as "really something to experience." Little did I know that, barely a year later, I would be stepping foot into this exclusive world of the Sisterhood, and that my newly transfigured aunt and her daughter would be serving as its commander-in-chief and first lieutenant, respectively, commandeering the helm of a vast network of subterranean empires all predicated upon, and dedicated to, the idea of female supremacy.


My first year at UCLA went by quickly. I applied myself assiduously to my studies and earned a 3.9 grade point average, which earned me a tap on the shoulder from the head of the English department to take over helm of the school newspaper from a departing senior. I enjoyed my new role as editor and made many new friends, but because of my academic schedule, I had little time for boys. The few that I dated tried to push intercourse upon me early on, and I wound up jettisoning them out the proverbial window. Sometimes I wrote about my dating experiences in the school paper, which earned me much praise from my teachers and classmates, who enjoyed my satirical and iconoclastic writing style. And sometimes I wrote about more serious issues that pointed out the many inconsistencies in the American sociopolitical system, forcing me into debates with other people in which I had to scramble to defend my position. In time I learned to steer clear of these issues and concentrate on humor, as it brought me—and my readers—far greater enjoyment.

I was already enjoying the first few days of my summer vacation when my mother handed me a letter from my aunt Phoebe. For the past six months my aunt's communication with us had been sporadic. By this time my parents had learned about her marital problems, but it did not explain why my aunt's phone calls had come few and far between. When my mother questioned my aunt about this, she refused to go into particulars, but did hint that her new business enterprise was consuming much of her time. What this new enterprise was, she did not say.

The letter was an invitation extended to me, and me alone, to visit with my aunt and Angelique at their estate on the outskirts of Paris for the duration of my summer vacation. My aunt would pay all expenses for the trip, and I could leave any time I wished. Although my parents were puzzled as to why they were excluded from this generous offer, they graciously consented to let me go, considering it a reward for my recent scholastic achievements.

I had spoken to my aunt and Angelique only a handful of times during the past year, and I missed the repartee we enjoyed when they were living in San Diego. The thought of going to Paris got me all excited—more so because I was going to spend time with my aunt, rather than anything the city itself had to offer. I had seen Paris many times and, although beautiful, I found other European cites like Rome and Vienna more to my taste.

When my mother called my aunt to tell her I was coming, she was thrilled. I spoke with my aunt and Angelique and both of them seemed anxious to see me, though they seemed a bit evasive through their joy. It was arranged that I should depart LA in two days and that Angelique and Jake would meet me at the airport when I arrived in Paris. My aunt also made an unusual request. She told me to pack several bottles of my favorite hand cream, as the weather was uncommonly dry in Paris this summer.

On the appointed day, my mother and father drove me to the airport and, after a tearful goodbye, I boarded the plane. Sitting to my right were a boy and a girl around my own age, apparently very much in love and conversing solely in French. Several hours into the flight the two of them were hard at work fondling each other, and at one point I saw her hand disappear down the front of his jeans.

After dinner was served, I decided to do some writing in my journal, and after about an hour I began to doze off. I slept for several hours, and when I woke up it was well past 1:00 AM. Looking around, I noticed that most of the passengers were asleep, including the two lovebirds to my right. I shut my eyes and went back to sleep.

My sleep was erratic, and several times I thought I heard laughter creeping into my head. I opened my eyes to discover the source of the interference and found that the two lovers had placed a blanket over their laps and were giggling softly. In the middle of the blanket was a distinct lump that rose and fell in time to the motions of the girl's left arm, which was moving back and forth under it. I knew immediately what she was doing, and Brittany's high-altitude blowjob story came vividly back to mind as I watched her nonchalantly fist him.

I was occupying the window seat with the boy seated next to me, so I had to pretend that I was still asleep for fear of startling them. She was a pretty girl; very petite, with short blonde hair and enormous blue eyes. And he looked like he could pass for her male counterpart, with the exception of his darker hair. Her entire body swayed back and forth as her hand performed its duty under the blanket, and at times she would look underneath the protective covering to see the results of her work. On one occasion, she raised the blanket up high and I was treated to a magnificent view of his very large penis, its tip wet with pre-cum.

The girl kept working on him for several more minutes, but it was clear that her hand was growing tired. It was at this point that she caught me looking at them, but instead of panicking, she just smiled at me and continued as if nothing was amiss. By this time her boyfriend's eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, and it was obvious he was going to cum very soon. 

And then she did a most remarkable thing. She reached over with her right hand and took my hand in hers, inviting me to take over masturbating her boyfriend's cock. I couldn't believe that she could be so forward about the whole thing as to allow a total stranger access to her lover's genitals, but as strange as it may seem, I allowed her to guide my hand onto his swollen prick, where I began employing the same hand motions on him that I had used a year earlier on Delvin's ample equipment. The truth is that I was extremely turned on by her handjob and was looking forward to seeing him cum. During the entire time his eyes had been closed. But now, feeling a new hand upon him, he sighed lightly and gave me a most appreciative look as his girlfriend now rearranged the blanket so that I could see his 8-inch cock in all its tumescent glory.

She said something to him in French, and a moment later he pulled both his pants and underwear down to his ankles, leaving his cock and balls completely at our disposal. I found myself surrendering to the highly erotic sensations of once again being in control of a man, and this time I couldn't blame it on the influence of marijuana.

As my hand glided up and down effortlessly over his fat pole, his girlfriend laid her head in his lap and began licking the base of his shaft, every now and then giving his huge balls a few light tugs with her fingers. A few times she pulled my hand away and absorbed his cock into her mouth, looking straight at me with her intense blue eyes, proud of her ability to deep-throat such a big penis.

Suddenly, I heard a faint stirring coming from directly behind me, and the sound of women's voices giggling softly. I turned around to find two older women, probably in their mid to late thirties, watching the whole thing from between the spaces in the chairs. They muttered something in French that sounded to me like a slur, judging from their tone of voice, and the girl looked at me and smiled, indicating with a shake of her head that I shouldn't pay the women any mind. She once again took my hand and I got back to the task of jerking off her boyfriend, who now seemed about ready to explode.

I used a firm grip on him, paying close attention to the sensitive area just under the glans, as I knew this would provoke an intense cumshot. His cock, still wet from the girl's sloppy blowjob, provided some lubrication as I casually beat him off with very rapid strokes. As his moans increased, the two women behind me stood up to watch him ejaculate. No one said a word; just the gentle laughter of our bold voyeurs filled the air.

As I pulled up hard on his cock, I felt his body go entirely rigid, and I knew the sperm was on its way. The women behind me realized it too and leaned their bodies in to get a better view. He only had time to utter something in French before the first jet of sticky semen shot out of his prick and flew above his head to land into the leering face of the woman in the aisle seat behind me. She drew back quickly, her and her companion both laughing uncontrollably as she reached for something in her pocketbook to wipe the cum from her face.

His girlfriend did nothing but watch me masturbate him, giggling as the hot spurts of joy juice fired out of his prick one after the other, soaking the back of the chair in front of him, as well as his own thighs, with a river of sperm. I enjoyed the feeling of the gooey cum as it cascaded over my fingers, greasing my palms with his generous offering. The women behind me continued to observe my forceful handjob, thrilled to see so much semen being ejaculated through my relentless efforts. Over and over the creamy spurts shot out, one actually flying out several aisles up and landing on the back of a sleeping passenger's chair. This was greeted by one of the women exclaiming, "Épatant!" followed by unbridled laughter.

It was their laughter that finally caught the attention of the flight attendant, who came running over just in time to watch him ejaculate a fantastic volley of white cream that my wild handjob caused to shoot out in several directions at once, one stream finding its way straight onto the unsuspecting woman's skirt.

"Oh, my!" she said, laughing at the trail of sperm on her clothes. 

Suddenly, everyone on the plane started to awaken at once and began to crowd around us to watch the ribald show. And then it dawned on me that all the spectators were women—not one man amongst them with the exception of the one from whose penis I was now extracting copious amounts of cum. 

"Some people have no shame," said a petite, middle-aged woman with gray hair as she watched my hands mechanically continue to milk stream after stream of cock juice from the boy's convulsing prick.

"But it doesn't stop!" said another woman as the semen spouted out from the tip like a geyser.

The sperm continued to fly in all directions, sometimes shooting so high up that it impacted upon the roof of the plane. It was impossible that one man could ejaculate such a tremendous amount of semen, yet the barrage continued unabated, and my hand kept stroking his cock as if it hand a mind of its own.

"You're doing well young lady," the gray-haired woman said to me. "You have him completely under your control."

She laughed as the multitudinous ropes of cum arced into the air around her, never once touching her.

"I must congratulate you," she continued, as the milky white seed washed over my hands. "You have a most interesting technique."

I looked up at her momentarily only to find that her facial features had somehow undergone a mysterious transformation.

"I know you," I said to her. 

The woman laughed and continued to follow each arc of sperm as it flew around us.

"You're Lenore aren't you?" I said.

A tremendous jet of sperm flew into the face of the woman next to her.

"Who?" she replied, as yet another woman was instantly christened with a tremendous wash of errant cum.

Seeing the woman's distress, the entire crowd now broke out into fits of laughter. Even the boy and his girlfriend were laughing, and yet his cock would not stop ejaculating, nor would my hand release its grip upon him. 

Suddenly my feet felt wet. I looked down at the floor and saw a small river of sperm building up beneath me, rising in volume with each successive ejaculation. I couldn't seem to remove my hand from the spouting behemoth, each successive stroke forcing out yet another massive eruption of creamy effluence.

"I can't make it stop!" I yelled to the crowd.

The Lenore look-a-like didn't seem to be concerned by the wave of sperm that was now washing over her own feet and that of the other women. She just stood there, like the rest of them, laughing and making rude gestures as my hand pulled furiously on the boy's cock, which had now grown to enormous proportions.

"Keep pulling on him my dear," the Lenore look-a-like said. "That's an order!"

"No, no!" I protested. "Look how much he's ejaculated! We're going to drown in cum!"

At this, they all began to howl with laughter, and amidst my futile protestations and warnings, I woke up.

I had been dreaming of course. Looking over at the two lovers, I found them both soundly asleep, as was everyone else on the plane except for the flight attendant and me.

"Are you okay, miss?" she asked me. "I heard you cry out in your sleep."

"I'm fine. It was just a crazy dream, that's all."

I had her bring me a cup of tea and then soon fell back to sleep, awaking only when the plane was approaching the airport. 

Angelique's was the first familiar face I saw after passing through customs. She ran toward me with arms open wide, a joyous expression on her face. Jake followed behind her, holding a bouquet of red roses in his hands.

"Holly!" she exclaimed, practically jumping into my arms.

"I missed you so much!" I said, hugging her close to me.

She kissed me several times on the face and then stood back to look at me.

"You're as tall as I am!" she observed, checking to see if I was wearing high heels.

"I know. It's like I grew two inches over the summer!"

"God, you look great. Jake, doesn't Holly look great?"

"Yes, miss," Jake replied, poker-faced, as he handed me the bouquet. "It's nice to see you again Ms. McKenzie."

"Thank you, Jake," I replied. "It's nice to see you too."

"I have so much to tell you, Holly," Angelique said, taking my arm. "A lot of things have changed around here."

Before I could question her further, she led me away toward the parking lot with Jake following close behind us, my suitcase in his hand.

As we drove out of the airport, Angelique told Jake to close the limo's Plexiglas divider so that she and I could have some privacy. It was just 10:00 AM, and I was still suffering from jet lag, but I was eager to hear her news. Offering me a chilled bottle of spring water, which she withdrew from a small, refrigerated compartment, she began.

"What I tell you stays between us. You can't tell your parents anything, especially your mother."

"What's the big secret?"

"Do you swear not to say anything?"

I took a sip of water and nodded my head. "I swear."

"This is the thing," she said, as she locked her gaze onto mine. "My mother is running things now at the estate. Dad is out of the picture—not totally, but kind of. Let's just say that he does his thing and has his mistresses and all that shit, but mom's the boss at home."

She said this is such an emotionless way that she might have been talking about perfect strangers.

"Why don't they get a divorce?"

"Too much hassle," she replied. "They still love each other, but he needs his women, so he does what he wants and my mom does what she wants. No lawyers, no scandal—nothing."

"Do you still see him?"

"About once a month. He's living in Nice now."

"How is your mother dealing with it?"

"There's nothing she can do. He's nobility right? So she pretends everything is okay and goes about her business. Actually, she spends a lot of time with Lenore and her friends."

At the mention of the older woman's name, I immediately thought of my aunt's study and the inopportune way I had insinuated myself upon the unknowing Sisterhood. I wondered how far along my aunt had come within that organization during the year since she was inducted into their exalted ranks.

"Doing what?" I asked.

"All kinds of stuff. Sponsoring charitable events, funding programs for destitute children, providing grants for education...you name it. All of Paris loves her. It's like she's become their patron saint."

I found the thought of my hedonistic aunt performing such acts of charity somewhat amusing.

"My aunt Phoebe—the philanthropist!"

Angelique shook her head. "Not entirely."

Suddenly, her face took on a somber expression. She leaned in close to me and whispered into my ear.

"I can't tell you anything now. Wait until we get home."

That was all she would say about the matter, piquing my curiosity even more.

For the remainder of the ride we spoke about rather mundane things that had happened to both of us during the past year. She never once mentioned Delvin, but I was anxious to learn if our appearing in his next video was still a possibility, so I brought up the subject.

"I haven't heard a word about it, and I wouldn't count on that happening," Angelique said, disparagingly. "He and Maria split up, you know."

"I read about it in the tabloids. It's too bad about the video though. It would have been fun."

"I let some of my girlfriends see our video," she chuckled. You know what I'm talking about."

"No way! Really?"

"It was an instant hit. And Brittany was the star."

"Have you heard from her and Megan? They told me they were going to write to you."

"I got a few e-mails from them, but I don't correspond with them anymore."


"My mother's business demands a lot of my time. You'll understand soon enough."

On that enigmatic note, we moved on to discussing my studies and my lack of involvement with boys. She once again reminded me that I could have a successful social life as well as maintain my scholastic record if I would just learn to use my physical assets to take from boys what I wanted without giving them the upper hand. Beyond that, she intimated nothing further.

An hour later and we had passed beyond the outskirts of Paris and were heading west toward the open countryside. The gently sloping hills now gave way to an immense flat plain adorned for miles with the breathtaking sight of cultivated vineyards and apple groves. As we drove beyond the vineyards, we came upon the winemaking facilities of what Angelique called the "chateau Anjou," a series of single-story, wooden buildings where the wine from her father's vineyards was processed and stored. We then turned onto a dirt road that rose steadily for the next half mile until we approached the summit of a hill that leveled out onto a sun-lit meadow of cultivated lawns and gardens, in the midst of which sat the most beautiful storybook castle that I could ever have imagined.

Angelique smiled when she saw the awed look on my face, and took a moment to provide me with a brief history of the magnificent structure. She told me that Philippe of Lyon, a powerful nobleman in service to the King, had built it in 1259. Over the centuries it had served as a fortress, a munitions depot, and as a base of operations for the Germans during World War II. After the war, the castle fell into disrepair until my uncle's father decided to purchase it and the surrounding lands in the early 1950s, and undertook a massive restoration project that lasted several years. The moat and drawbridge had long since disappeared, but the charm and beauty of the grand ivory structure had been faithfully preserved.

"My father never told my mom and I about this castle," Angelique said, as she stared out the window. "When she threatened to expose his infidelities, he bought her off with this."

I could do nothing but admire the brilliant jewel that sat atop the dark green lawn like a diamond set amongst emerald begets.

"I can't believe it," I said, as the limo stopped to passed through the security gates and then onto the long concourse that ended onto a circular driveway. "This is your home?"

"Yup. The deed was signed over to my mother six months ago. She owns it all—the castle, the vineyards, and 100 acres of land. Pretty nice, huh?"

I was speechless. Never had I seen anything remotely similar, with the exception of Cinderella's castle at Disneyland, and that palled by comparison. As we approached the front entrance to the castle, the car came to a halt and Jake jumped out to open the car door for us.

"When are you going to tell me this big secret of yours?" I asked her.

"Not now," she replied, as Jake went to retrieve my luggage from the trunk.

As we walked through the front door, I found myself standing in an immense, vaulted foyer whose ceiling reached at least thirty feet above my head. The floor was made of green, travertine marble, and the stone, spiral staircase rising to my left was adorned with a series of spectacular, quasi-religious, stained-glass windows that reminded me of the inside of the church of Notre Dame, which I had visited on a previous trip. And there, standing at the top of the stairs, dressed in a simple white skirt and blouse, and bathed in the multicolored reflections of these lovely prisms of light, was my aunt Phoebe, looking as if she belonged to one of the bejeweled panels that so gracefully surrounded her.

"Aunt Phoebe!" I exclaimed, rushing up the stairs.

"Bon jour! Bon jour, my little Holly!" she cried, as she came running down the stairs to greet me, arms wide open.

We met halfway up, and, like two trains colliding together, we fell into each other's arms, holding on tightly lest the force of our impact should dislodge us from our precarious perch. We held each for a few moments saying nothing, and then she gently pulled away from me and looked me over from head to toe, smiling down upon me as if she were an angel that had just descended from the heavens.

"Look at you!" she said, beaming. "You're even more beautiful than the last time I saw you!"

"I've missed you so much, aunt Phoebe," I said, holding onto her hand.

"I've missed you!"

She took another long look at me.

"She's as tall as you are now, Angelique," she said to her daughter.

"I know, mom," my cousin replied dryly.

"And quite a young woman!"

Holding my hand, we descended the stairs together.

"Jake," she said. "Please take Holly's things to her room."

"Yes, madame," he replied, as he took my suitcase in hand and proceeded to ascend the stairs.

"So, how do you like my new home?" my aunt asked me.

"It's beautiful," I replied. "And so big!"

"There are over 50 separate rooms in this castle, and I need almost as many servants to keep up with it," she said cheerily. "But I love it. It's like living a dream."

"Angelique told me what happened with uncle Pierre. I'm sorry."

"Let's just say that I have enough information about his 'activities' to cause irreparable damage to his career. This castle was his concession to me. He now has his own life and can do what he wants. I don't hate him, Holly. In fact, I still love him. But I won't be taken for a fool. Come, let me take you on a tour."

Accompanied by my aunt and Angelique, I was shown the entire castle and the surrounding estate. It seemed to me that each successive room within the castle was lovelier than the last, and I couldn't help but feel that I was walking through the pages of a storybook. At the end of the tour, we found ourselves inside a beautiful, stonewalled courtyard, replete with its own well-manicured garden and fitted with several oak tables and chairs. We sat down and talked for a few minutes, and then my aunt realized that she had been remiss in her duties as hostess.

"How thoughtless of me!" she said. "I was more concerned with showing you the castle than I was taking care of your needs."

"Don't worry about it aunt Phoebe," I said.

"Nonsense," my aunt replied. "You must be hungry. Angelique, call Marie and tell her that we will take our lunch out here on the courtyard today."

Angelique dialed her cell phone and gave the instructions to the woman on the other end. Within minutes, several servants appeared bearing trays of sandwiches and other foodstuffs.

"How are your parents?" my aunt asked me.

"Fine," I said, reaching for a sandwich. "Of course they wanted to come. Especially mom. She calls you the 'mystery woman.'"

"Your mother—my wonderful sister—is a busy body. Has to get her nose into everything. I just don't want to dwell upon my personal problems with her. She never approved of my marriage to Pierre and I don't want to hear 'I told you so.' I think you understand."

"She can be overbearing sometimes."

"Let me tell you, Holly, when we were kids she had to know every blessed detail of my comings and goings, because your grandmother, God rest her soul, was always too drunk to give a damn. She still hasn't broken free of that habit."

"She's the same way with me," I admitted.

"She's insecure, that's why she does it. She really can't help herself."

"But why did you invite me?" I asked. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but you never told me."

Angelique looked at her mother with a curious stare.

"I invited you, and you alone," my aunt began with a smile to her daughter, "because I see something special in you. And I want you to have the opportunity to experience life away from your sheltered, little world in LA. Your parents are great people, don't misunderstand me. But their vision of the world is very limited. I want to give you more."

"I'm not naïve aunt Phoebe," I said, as the servants poured all of us a glass of wine. "I've seen something of the world."

"Not nearly as much as I'm going to show you."

My cousin smiled coyly as she looked at her mother and then me. It seemed to me that they were privy to some secret that I was, as of yet, not allowed to share.

"So what is all this supposed to be?" I asked, pressing for more information. "Holly's personal, cultural, enrichment program?"

My aunt laughed. "It goes far beyond that, trust me."

"Mom," Angelique said in a tone of voice that sounded to me like a warning. 

"Oh, yes, yes, don't worry Angelique. I won't let the cat out of the bag. Not just yet."

My aunt noticed my look of dismay and reached out to touch my hand.

"I'm sorry, Holly. I know I'm being evasive, but I promise that I'll disclose everything to you soon enough. Please be patient."

"I'll try," I said, realizing that it would be useless to force the issue. "I just don't understand the need for all the secrecy."

"You will understand, shortly."

After lunch was over I began to feel very tired and decided to take a nap. My bedroom was spacious, occupying the farthest area of the west wing of the castle. The interior was designed to reflect its medieval heritage, with huge, exotic tapestries displaying various religious motifs, which hung languorously over the gray, marble walls and extended from the rafters to the cool, stone tiles below. Although my queen-sized bed was very comfortable, it took me a long time to get to sleep. 

My mind was racing. What exactly did my aunt mean when she said that she wanted to "give me something more?" I felt that she wanted to confide something to me, but held back for reasons she could not presently divulge. Angelique had remained uncharacteristically quiet during lunch, leading me to believe that she was acting under her mother's orders. Their unwillingness to confess their secret only succeeding in piquing my curiosity even more, leaving me with a huge question mark in my mind.

I finally fell asleep and awoke several hours later feeling refreshed and anxious to talk to Angelique. I took a quick shower and dressed, and then made my way downstairs. One of the maids told me that my cousin was at the stable, so I immediately headed in that direction and found her in one of the stalls grooming a magnificent, black stallion.

"Did you get any sleep?" she asked as I approached.

"A little."

I watched her hand move up and down over the horse's flank as she brushed him vigorously.

"Isn't he beautiful?" she said.

End of Chapter 2

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