Aunt Phoebe's Masturbatorium Ch. 10

The first person to see us as we made our way across the lawn was Felicia. She came running over to me all excited.

"Where have you been? They're all looking for you!" she asked concerned.

"Why? What's going on?" I asked.

"It's a surprise. Come on!"

Taking me by the hand she led us to a large gathering of people that had assembled near my aunt's table. As we made our way through the crowd, I was greeted with a round of applause. I noticed that a long table had been set up with fruits and pastries, and in the middle of it sat a three-tiered chocolate cake. The bottom layer must have been roughly three feet in diameter. And on top of it was a plastic replica of the Antoinette award. It stood only about three inches tall and seemed dwarfed by the huge piece of cake.

"What's all this for?" I asked Charlotte, who happened to be closest at hand.

"She wants to know what it's for!" she shouted to the crowd. 

Everyone broke out laughing.

"It's for you, my dear niece!" my aunt proclaimed, as the women in front stepped aside to let her through. She pointed to the cake. "I baked it myself just for you!"

My aunt then threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug and a kiss.

"Congratulations on your victory. Antoinette would be very proud of you!"

She kissed me a few more times and then told me to cut the cake.

Craig and Barney were all smiles. I think more because of the chocolate cake than anything else. Ashley and her sister remained by my side, just as excited as I was.

"This is so nice of you auntie," I said to her as she handed me the knife. "And chocolate too. It's my favorite."

"That's why I made it for you. Go ahead and start cutting. Small slices now. We have a lot of people here."

I heard Lenore bark some orders to Justine to make sure the coffee was being served. She then turned to me. "Your aunt is the most kindest soul I know," she said, holding on to my aunt's hand. "Where she finds the time to bake cakes I'll never know. But I must admit, Phoebe, it certainly looks like a professional job."

"Nothing is too good for my niece," she said, smiling down on me.

As I cut the first piece of cake, the crowd starting clapping and cheering. The members of my team then surrounded me and people began taking pictures of us. I insisted that Craig be included in some of the shots, as it was really his victory more than mine. Of course, some of the hardcore Sisters might not see it that way, but I loved him and wanted him to share in the glory. I felt it was only right.

After all the pictures had been taken, the crowd continued to mull around the table and converse. I had just taken the first bite of my cake when suddenly I caught a glimpse of a large group of women crossing the lawn toward us. As they approached, the mood of our partygoers grew increasingly somber. When they got within 50 feet of us I knew who it was and my heart sank.

"What the fuck does she want?" Charlotte grumbled.

I put my plate down and stood tall as the Sisters around me seemed to part from me like the breaking of a wave, leaving me alone in the center of a maelstrom that I knew was coming. My aunt, Lenore, and my team, however, remained by my side, as did Craig. Barney and the twins were too involved in their conversation to know what was going on until the storm was almost upon us. But they, too, stood next to me, anticipating something unpleasant. 

"You're rather late but there's still plenty of food," said my aunt, politely addressing the ringleader. Come and join the party."

"No thanks, mother," my cousin replied emphatically, coming to halt several feet in front of me. "We're not hungry."
"That's too bad. The cake is quite good." She then spoke to the women standing behind her daughter. "How about you Greta? Yin? Cake? Anya? Selena? Would you care for a slice? I'd offer some to you Marge, but I know you don't like sweets."

There was a hint of sarcasm in my aunt's voice as she said this and Marge Davis returned the slight with one of her own.

"No, I don't," the sinister woman replied. "Especially when it's the artificial kind."

My aunt deflected the insult with a laugh. Not one of the other women she had addressed had had the courtesy to answer her.

"If anything, you're the one who's artificial," Charlotte said to Marge in a disparaging tone.

Marge gazed at Charlotte with contempt. "I'm artificial? Well, so are you! A fortune teller who has all the insight of a gnat!"

"I have enough insight to see you clearly enough," Charlotte replied hotly. "You have been poisoning my niece's mind with your evil filth! You miscreant! You Mephistopheles!" 

"Stay out of this aunt Charlotte!" Angelique quickly rejoined, hoping to deflect the situation. "I'm not interested in anything you have to say."

"You should be," Charlotte said, turning to face her niece. "You should be listening to all those who love you—those who will tell you the truth." She let her eyes fall upon the small group of women radicals standing directly behind Angelique. "If you think they love you, you are a fool."

Angelique's response was one of outright disdain. "And what are you saying--that you love me aunt Charlotte? I don't think so. You've never been a part of my life. Never. No, thanks. I'll take my chances with the fools."

"In that you would be making a very big mistake, Angelique," my aunt Phoebe said grimly. "They only follow you because they think you're somehow going to change things. But they are just as deluded as you are."

"You're wrong, mother. They are my people."

"You're people?" Lenore suddenly broke in. "Your people are all of the Sisterhood, not just some little clique. If you really cared about our Order, you would be trying to work with us, not divide us."

Angelique did not readily reply to the Sisterhood leader. Instead she casually sauntered over to where Lenore was standing and slowly circled around her, as if she were trying to estimate her worth solely by her physical aspect. Lenore took this as a direct affront, which it was—an attempt to humiliate by virtue of salacious obsequy.

"This," my cousin finally said pointing to Lenore, "is your leader. But she won't be for long. While all of you lounge around here acting carefree and eating cake, a new movement is beginning—a radical movement. It is coming, and those who are not with us are going to be swept away!"

The crowd stood silent for a moment and then a few people started laughing.

"Swept away by who? You?" Felicia said to my cousin. "You are just a little girl with big ambitions and nothing else. It is we who will sweep you away!"

"I'd like to see you try it you Italian bimbo!" Great Hofsteddar bellowed.

"You Nazi pig!" Felecia fired back.

"Enough!" Lenore roared. "This is ridiculous. Angelique, say what you have to say and get out."

My cousin took this as her cue to address the entire crowd. She moved away from Lenore in the direction of her supporters, waiting to speak until she had everyone's attention.

"There are many of us who are not happy with the way Lenore has run the Sisterhood. She lives in the past and is out of touch with reality. I offer you a chance to break free from the repression of her leadership. I offer all of you a chance to come with me. To join me and these other women in creating a new Order that will be far greater than anything she has promised you. We are not going to cater to men like you do, Lenore. We are not going to wait decades to make our vision a reality. And we are certainly not going to wait for you to lead us to a better future. I promise change now. And if any of you have any brains at all, you will come and join us."

And with that coldly dramatic speech, my cousin turned her back on everyone and started to walk away. My aunt was horrified. She turned to me with a questioning look, but I was too startled to speak. In fact, not one of the Sisters could summon anything to say for some time. Oddly enough, it was Barney Cole who broke the silence.

"Hey, Angelique!" he said. "Why do you got to go and act like that? These people are your friends and you're treating them with disrespect. It ain't right."

My cousin turned suddenly and glared at hulking black man—the man who had so recently forsaken his best friend to come to her aid.

"That's okay, Barney," my aunt said, finally finding her voice. "My daughter has become an uncivilized and hate-filled brute. I hardly recognize her anymore."

She then took several steps forward to stand face to face with Angelique. "I think you should apologize to Lenore."

"For what? For telling the truth?" my cousin said with a sneer. "She knows her days are numbered. You all know it." She turned to Lenore. "You chose my cousin over me. An outsider. A person who two months ago didn't even know the Sisterhood existed. Yet you made her your successor. How could you do that you stupid old woman?"

"How dare you speak to our Sister like that?" my aunt said, raising her voice above the sudden chatter. "What she did was in the best interests of the Sisterhood."

"No, mother. What she did was in her best interests." 

My aunt swung around to face Lenore. "I apologize for my daughter. She is behaving disgracefully."

Lenore seemed unaffected by Angelique's insulting behavior. "Let her talk, Phoebe. It's time it all came out in the open. Let's see the beast for what it truly is."

Angelique laughed loudly. "You're calling me a beast? Someone hasn't looked in the mirror today!" 

All of Angelique's supporters began laughing along with her. And yet Lenore remained calm.

"I chose Holly to succeed me because you are not worthy of the responsibility. It is she who has been victorious today. It is she who will be victorious in the days to come. And there is nothing you or your little friends can do to change that."

"Do you really expect me to believe that she is better than I am?" my cousin retorted. "That girl? The one who is standing there with frosting all over her mouth?

My cousin then slowly approached me and let her hand brush my face. "Look at her everybody. Do you really think she will make a good leader? Her and her frosted face?"

Suddenly my cousin's hands were clutching my hair, pulling me sideways and forcing my head downward, face first, onto the table and the waiting chocolate cake. The next thing I knew I was gasping for breath as half my head was violently submerged into the sticky mass of frosting. And then, just as suddenly, my head was pulled back forcefully by a pair of powerful arms. It was Craig.

"Are you okay?" he asked, looking both worried and angry. 

I just shook my head and tried to catch my breath.

Angelique lay on the ground. Her face mutated into an ugly scowl. On top of her lay both Mary Kate and Ashley, frantically trying to keep her away from me. 

I tried to move my legs but found that they were giving out from under me. My cousin had wrenched me backwards so hard that the muscles in both legs had been strained. Craig, seeing that I was in pain, helped me to the nearest chair. Meanwhile, Ashley and Mary Kate were still wrestling with Angelique.

"Get these twin terrors off me!" my cousin screamed.

Angelique's friends came quickly to her rescue, and soon all hell broke lose. I could barely see what was going on because my face was completely covered over with frosting. Thankfully, someone brought me a beach towel and I managed to wipe most of it from my eyes. 

On the ground were several dozen women, fighting each other like a bunch of wild felines. I saw Charlotte punch Marge Davis squarely in the jaw and then she herself was tackled and brought low by Anya Rostokovitch. Yin Ping Hun, Selena Montaldo, Greta, and several other of my cousin's lackeys had all joined the fray, punching, kicking and clawing my team and any other brave souls who dared to put themselves in harm's way. Angelique's group was clearly outnumbered, but they put up a valiant fight until they saw both Barney and Craig approach them with the threat of imminent retribution. 

Giving both men a wide berth, the terrified radicals watched in fear as the twin colossuses strode over them like a giant reaper, warning them to keep their distance. The women scrambled to their feet with their bruised leader in their possession, none daring to confront the men, and certainly not with their indubitable Sister now partially impaired. It took a while, but Barney and Craig's intervention had certainly helped defray the onslaught, and my aunt was grateful for it.

"Thank you gentlemen," she said to the two men. "Are you all right, Holly, my dear?" 

I shook my head numbly, still reeling from the unexpected and savage assault. 

With the aid of several women, Angelique wiped the grass off her clothing and managed to stand upright. I was so overcome by her attack that my legs felt shaky and I was forced to remain seated. Half my face was still covered in frosting.

"Thank you girls," Lenore said to Mary Kate and Ashley. "You may be small but you have a lot of guts."

The twins seemed quite pleased with their heroics. They both came and sat next to me to offer me comfort as they helped each other pick the grass out of their hair. 

My aunt, however, was anything but pleased.

"You have made a fool of yourself in front of everyone," she said, reprimanding her daughter. "And you have humiliated me in front of all my friends. There was no reason for you to attack your cousin. Absolutely none."

Angelique said nothing. And this made my aunt even angrier.

I want you out of my house tonight," she continued. "You understand me? Tonight. Take your inheritance and all your possessions and your miserable friends and get the hell out. You love them so much, then go and live with one of them. I am sick to death of you! Sick to death, you damned little bitch of a girl!"

At this point my aunt's voice faltered, and it broke my heart to see the tears begin to well up in her eyes. Here was a woman of great strength and heart, a true bon vivant, and the epitome of a loving and caring mother, reduced to tears by the very person whom she loved most in the world. It was a cruel and unjust payment for a woman who had always put the needs of her family before her own. I wanted to get up and comfort her, but my legs were so weakened that I couldn't yet stand. I was thankful when Lenore, seeing her friend overcome by emotion, rushed to her side.

"Look what you've done!" the Sisterhood leader said angrily to my cousin. "I don't care how you've treated the rest of us, but this is your mother. She deserves your love and respect. I think you're the one that needs to look in the mirror young woman. I want you and the rest of your bitches out of here. Now! Come, Phoebe."

Lenore put her arms around my aunt and led her toward the chateau. She was now crying uncontrollably, and it made me angry to think that my cousin had been responsible for her distress. I thought that was the end of it, but my cousin, apparently wasn't finished. Unmoved by her mother's pain, she ordered her followers to depart.

"And as for you, you traitor," she said to Barney as she walked by him, "I never want to see you again."

Barney, despite his misplaced love for her, seemed to have accepted the inevitable truth that what he had witnessed of her behavior was something he could never live with. "What's wrong, Angelique? You jealous because I'm friends with Craig?"

"No, asshole. Because you're kissing up to my fucking enemies!"

"Don't talk to me like that girl," Barney said, stung by her remark. 

"I'll talk to you however I please," she replied defiantly. "Who are you anyway? A guy who can shoot a big fucking load, but not big enough to beat Mr. Sweden over here."

She gave Craig a disdainful look as she said this. I thought for a moment that Barney might hit her; he seemed so on edge.

"I did my best for you girl," he said with a hint of raw anger in his voice. "Now don't you be throwin' up my failure in my face, you hear me?"

Angelique emitted a hollow laugh. "You can't serve two masters, Barney." She then gave me one last look and began to walk away.

It was sad to see Barney so mistreated by the vengeful girl who now led her group out beyond the eastern entrance of the chateau. He followed her exit out the front yard with dismay, but he did not chase after her, for which I gave him credit. Her reprehensible behavior could not have been lost upon him—a man for whom loyalty meant so much and for the abandonment of which he had almost lost a good friend. 

"So much for that," he said as he fell into his chair, his eyes still fixed on the eastern horizon. "You were right, Holly. You were right about her."

I had warned him. But I didn't have the heart to tell him so. For a man possessed with such optimism and affability, it must have been quite difficult for him to believe that anyone could truly be evil—especially not the beautiful, alluring Angelique. It had to be a bitter pill for him to swallow, and I did not want to aggravate his already hurt pride with any latent recriminations.

For a few moments a great quiet fell over everyone. I watched as Craig went over to his friend to console him while the twins continued to pick debris from their clothing. A general pall seemed to have come over the crowd in the wake of the incident, shattering the once festive mood.

And then, suddenly, for the first time since we had entered the lawn, Barney turned his head to look at me, and what he saw must have amused him greatly because the look on his face changed quite abruptly from one of sadness to one of unbridled joy. Craig began to laugh, and then the twins started snickering. Soon everyone had discovered the source of Barney's amusement, and all eyes were upon me. I then realized what they were laughing at.

"I thought I had problems," the big black man said to me, laughing heartily. "But look at you!"

Everyone had been so caught up in the excitement that my frightful condition had gone unheeded. But now, with the tension finally relieved, the remnants of the dried frosting on my face suddenly provided the crowd with some much-needed comic relief. As Charlotte approached me with a small hand mirror in her hands, I got to see exactly what had amused everyone so much. 

What I saw was something that looked like a dried prune—a big, brown prune with two green eyes peeking out from behind a sticky chocolate mass that covered most of my face. Despite my aching legs, I burst out laughing at my ridiculous condition. I felt Ashley's hand gently caress my face with a wet towel, trying to help me remove the remainder of frosting that stubbornly refused to be dislodged. Mary Kate aided her sister, using her hands to extract large clumps of frosting from my hair. With their help, and with the aid of my team, I was soon looking good as new. It would be a long time before I laughed like that again.


Most of the following week I spent in the company of Craig, who graciously took me on a splendid sightseeing tour of Paris. I needed to get away from the chateau and the Sisterhood for a while, and his offer provided me with a welcome excuse. He proved to be very knowledgeable about French history and knew the topography of the city quite well, explaining that the ancient French people—the Gauls—had learned to make their excellent wines by cultivating grapes brought to France from Italy by their Roman conquerors. 
We spent our nights at his hotel room making love, but I still refrained from having intercourse. It must have been a frustrating experience for him, as it was for me, but I was just not ready to consummate our love. Part of the reason was that I was just plain scared. His penis was so huge that the thought of it entering me made me physically uneasy. I knew that we would eventually have intercourse, but my mind was as yet not ready to deal with it. He understood how I felt, and in his good-natured and loving way he accepted my decision with equanimity.

The final directive Phoebe gave to Angelique, and which was reluctantly obeyed, was to remove the bulk of her possessions from the chateau into an apartment in Paris. The movers had arrived a few days after Angelique had been ordered out, and with my aunt's help they loaded her daughter's remaining things into the truck and headed for the city.

I had no idea on what street Angelique was now living, nor did I care enough to ask my aunt. I was glad to have that malicious fiend out of the house and as far away from me as possible. I knew it hurt my aunt greatly to have evicted her own daughter, but she could no longer pretend that Angelique was anything but a walking horror intent on stepping on anyone who got in her way—including her own mother. I had consoled my aunt more than once in the days that followed, and sometimes I could hear her crying violently in her study at the oddest hours. It truly broke my heart.

During this time, Lenore, Justine, and Estelle took it upon themselves to entertain my aunt in whatever way possible, in order to help alleviate her pain. Their kindly solicitations must have been effective because by the time Friday rolled around the crying had ceased. In fact, at one point Lenore had gotten her to laugh, and that made my heart glad. I knew my aunt was still suffering inside, but she made a concerted effort to come to terms with the reality that was Angelique and began to act deferentially towards me, as though I had taken Angelique's place and become her surrogate daughter.

Quietly accepting this role by default, and seeing how it helped to restore some semblance of happiness within her, I did everything I could to cater to her, soon realizing that my efforts were producing visibly beneficial results. One evening, just as she was going to bed, she came to my room and held me close to her, as a mother does a child, and told me that God had not forsaken her because He had brought me into her life. I think the both of us cried for a very long time before the lateness of the hour forced us to say goodnight. 

I had been in contact with both Mary Kate and Ashley during the course of the week and they told me that they were looking forward to coming to my aunt's official indoctrination ceremony, which was to take place over the weekend. The twins were busy officiating over a competition that was being held in Paris for some up and coming clothing designers—one of which was a young girl of nineteen who was a friend of Ashley's. During my last conversation with her, she told me that Mary Kate had a surprise in store for me. I asked her for a hint, but all she said was, "wait and see".

I awoke around 9:30 AM on Saturday and found my aunt, Lenore, Justine, and Estelle sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast together. All of them appeared to be in a very animated mood and I was happy to see that my aunt had once more resumed her normal composure. I wished everyone a good morning and prepared myself a bowl of cereal.

"Come and join us for breakfast, sweetheart," she said, inviting me to sit next to her. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did, auntie," I replied, taking my place by her side. "Thank you."

Justine eyed me for a few moments and then broke out laughing.

"What?" I said, addressing her. "What's so funny?"

"It's inconceivable that anyone could look so good first thing in the morning," she replied bemused. 

"She's beautiful," Estelle said. "She doesn't have to work at it like we do."

"Beauty is as beauty does, ladies," Lenore offered, as she grabbed my hand and gave it a quick squeeze.

Estelle scoffed at the trite maxim. "Oh really, Lenore. We all know it's in the genes."

"Physical beauty, yes," Lenore replied. "But true beauty comes from within."

Justine groaned. "Wrong. True beauty comes from having parents who are beautiful. It's purely physical. That's the only kind of beauty anyone cares about."

"Well, what good is having physical beauty if your soul is corrupt?"

"Maybe you should ask Angelique that question," I blurted out without thinking.

I saw my aunt's face suddenly grow dark. The other women looked away and said nothing.

"I'm sorry, aunt Phoebe," I quickly apologized, taking her hand. "That was stupid of me. I didn't mean to..."

"It's all right," she replied generously. "It's true. Just bad timing."

She managed a smile and took a bite of her toast.

I felt horrible. I don't know what made me utter such a comment, but obviously my cousin had gotten under my skin to the point where I was thinking about her far too much. It wasn't so much the incident with the chocolate cake that made me upset; it was the fact that no one had heard anything about her for the past five days. She had briefly spoken to my aunt earlier in the week to let her know that she and her colleagues would not be attending the induction ceremony, but that was it. Her reluctance to maintain any form of correspondence with my aunt or any of the other Sisters made me worry greatly. I knew from past experience that my cousin's temporary excursions into willful hibernation ultimately led to trouble. Where and when that trouble would occur I could not foretell. 

"It's going to be a wonderful ceremony, Phoebe," Lenore said, trying to lighten the mood. "It will be simple but elegant and all our traditional rituals will be observed. You're going to have a great time."

"I'm sure I will," my aunt replied. "I appreciate all the hard work you and the girls have done."

"Nonsense, Phoebe," Justine said. "It is our pleasure."

"And the nicest thing," my aunt continued, "is that Holly will be the one to present me with my robe."

"Yes," Lenore agreed. "It is tradition that the youngest among us fulfill that role. But technically, she shouldn't because she's not a full-fledged Sister."

"I don't want you to break the rules on my account," I said.

"Not at all," Lenore replied genially. "You are my chosen successor. And rank does have its privileges."

We sat around talking for another hour before Lenore and the others left to prepare for the ceremony, which was to take place at midnight in the main hall. Not being a Sister, I could not wear the traditional black robe with hood. However, Lenore told me that I could wear a black dress to be in keeping with the general décor of the ceremony. Beyond that, as her successor, I could do pretty much as I pleased.

Sisterhood members started arriving around 10:00 PM that night and the entire estate was soon abuzz with laughter and merriment. I could hear the cars pull up onto the great lawn abutting my window, and as I looked down onto the well-lit causeway beneath, I saw a bevy of black-robed women make their way across the lawn toward the south gate. I quickly finished dressing and headed for my aunt's bedroom, where I found her sitting on the edge of the bed looking forlorn.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I entered the room. "Aunt Phoebe?"

She looked at me with tear-filled eyes, clutching a small doll in her hands. "This... this silly thing was the first toy I ever bought for my daughter. She was such a wonderful little girl. So loving—so bright. I used to tell Pierre that she was like a ray of sunlight in a dark and dreary world. And if you could have seen her then, you would have certainly agreed." She examined the doll from several angles before letting it fall onto the bed beside her. "I can't believe that my own child, the flesh of my flesh, has fallen so far." At this point she broke down and started to cry in earnest. "Oh God, what am I going to do?" Covering her face with both hands, she gently let her body fall sideways onto the bed. 

"Don't cry," I said consolingly, as I positioned myself on the bed next to her. "It's not your fault that she turned out the way she did. You mustn't blame yourself."

"Then who am I to blame? Pierre? What he did was reprehensible, yes, but I'm her mother. I should have been there for her and I wasn't. She told me so herself."

That would be like Angelique, I told myself. Guilt was a weapon she wielded against others with cunning yet brutal force. And my aunt had no defense for it.

"There's no way you could have foreseen what happened. You trusted your husband and he betrayed that trust."

"But I could have healer her. I could have made things better for her. I was too stupid or ignorant to see it."

"No, auntie. You gave her everything. Mom always told me how great a mother you were to Angelique. And the first time I came to France to see you, I saw it for myself. So please don't punish yourself for something that isn't true."

"But how, how did she turn into this grotesque creature?" my aunt retorted. "Why is she the way she is?"

"Auntie, you have to understand that not all abused children turn out to be monsters. Many lead normal and happy lives. They learn how to deal with it. But Angelique turned all that rage and hatred inside. And for years she has let it grow until it has become this giant, cancerous sore that turned her into what she is now. It's not your fault."

My aunt shook her head and positioned herself upright on the bed. "I want to believe you, Holly, I really do. But I can't help believe that I've failed her. And I don't think she will ever be my little girl again."

All my subsequent efforts to console her proved to be more or less ineffectual. At last, realizing that it was getting late, she washed her face, reapplied her makeup and presented herself to me as the aunt Phoebe I knew—strong, beautiful, full of life—even though I knew that beneath the façade of invincible cordiality beat a very troubled heart.

The ceremony commenced precisely at midnight with Lenore and her two assistants, Justine and Estelle, officiating. The main hall of the Masturbatorium was refurbished to resemble the Sisterhood's "Hall of Audiences" that had been demolished over a hundred years ago when the ancient building that housed it, and the precious stone framework upon which it was constructed, could not be salvaged in the wake of a citywide revitalization project. Many of the priceless Sisterhood artifacts were sold off to Sisterhood members throughout the world, and my aunt managed to acquire several interesting pieces that now adorned the walls and floors, such as the original tapestry that formed the backdrop of an impromptu altar upon which the sacrosanct "vessel of collection"—another relic of bygone days—stood in all its 24-karat-gold splendor.

There were roughly a few hundred women in attendance, and all were outfitted in the traditional black robe and hood of the Sisterhood. I understood from my aunt that the actual ceremony would not last more than an hour, after which everyone would be treated to a buffet held in an adjacent area of the main hall. No one but actual Sisterhood members were allowed at the ceremony, so Mary Kate, Ashley, Drew, Teri, and other celebrities were excluded, although they all would be attending the dinner party to follow. Even I was not really supposed to be in attendance, since I had not been officially indoctrinated into their Order. However, as Lenore's successor, no one would dare raise any objections to my presence.

Leading up to the altar was a long causeway that reminded me very much of a church aisle, fitted with a lush red carpet and chairs on either side. The only thing different about it was the addition of two panels of plexiglass that flanked each side of the aisle. The panels stood about eight feet in height and effectively prevented onlookers from having access to my aunt as she walked toward the altar. I had no idea why the barriers were there until I saw a party of naked men walk toward the artificial construction under the command of several Sisters, who indicated to each man where he was to stand along the length of the aisle. I counted 21 men in total; all physically fit and handsome young men positioned about 10 feet from each other all along the route my aunt would momentarily take.

As I watched Lenore take her place at the altar, she calmly addressed the audience, asking them to take their seats without delay. I found my way to the altar and sat beside Charlotte, who, along with several other older women whom I did not know, paid their respects to me with a slight nod of the head. The entire atmosphere seemed very somber until I heard a great roar of laughter emanate from the women sitting closest to the naked men.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked Charlotte as I strained to get a better view.

"The men are prepping themselves," she replied casually, yet with a hint of lasciviousness in her voice.


"They're jerking off," one of the older robed women muttered.

"Why are they doing that?" 

Lenore laughed at my astonishment. "It's an ancient ritual called the "21-cum salute". As your aunt passes by each man, he has to shoot his load onto the glass. In olden times there was no glass, so the initiate's dresses got covered in sperm, effectively ruining them over time. We had to put a stop to that."

"So now we can watch the men show their respect for Phoebe without her getting soiled," Justine added. "I think you will be impressed with what you're going to see."

Charlotte laughed like a little girl, causing the other women nearest her to twitter away too.

"I don't understand," I said looking mystified. "What is the purpose of this whole thing?"

"The men are showing their loyalty to Phoebe, and all the Sisterhood, by their show of submission. When men are naked, they really have no power other than what we, their superiors, bestow upon them. Masturbating themselves for all of us to see is an act of total subservience."

I got up and moved in front of Justine. "They're erect already," I noted with amusement.

"And soon they'll be shooting their hot sticky sperm all over the place," laughed a robed figure on the far end of the altar. "It's the best part of the ceremony!"

"Relax Holly," Estelle said, adjusting the hood of her robe. "Enjoy the show."

I sat back down next to Charlotte and shortly thereafter Lenore began her speech. It was a simple diatribe, filled with anecdotes and reminisces of ceremonies gone by told in a somewhat bittersweet tone whose message seemed to connect with everyone in the hall. In all, the speech must have lasted only a few minutes, but when she was done speaking, the entire audience was laughing and cheering her on.

Then the music began. It was the simple refrain of a well-known church hymn that was far more suited to a wedding than a Sisterhood ceremony. And there, at the far end of the hall, two great doors opened and out walked my aunt, looking regally beautiful in her black silk gown fitted with long embroidered sleeves and train. It was in fact a wedding dress, but it was all black. The only thing that offset the somber ensemble was a string of pearls that hung daintily around her long neck.

All the heads in the audience turned around to watch her make her entrance into the hall. She stood completely alone, head and body erect and her gaze focused upon the altar. Immediately, the first few men began to stroke their cocks, priming them for release at the exact moment she passed by. And as she slowly made her way along the aisle, the first in a long series of ejaculations flew high into the air, splashing with great force upon the plastic barrier. Some of the sperm actually flew over the rim of the plexiglass, almost landing on my aunt. The audience was in hysterics.

"Oh, look at him!" one woman cried out several rows back. "Look at his face!"

The fourth man in line was now ready to surrender the fruit of his huge balls onto the plastic wall before him. Even my aunt, who was desperately trying to maintain her composure, had to stop and watch this man bring himself to climax before her. His hand motions were funny enough to watch, but his facial expressions were even funnier. My aunt watched him pump his huge prick with avid fascination for a few seconds and then burst out laughing, which sent the entire audience into an uproar.

The laughter seemed to enervate the man, who now jerked his prick with wild abandon. Standing at the edge of the altar, I had a birds-eye view of the entire scene. His eyes now completely shut tight, and his huge cock head, purple, bloated, and full of hot cum, was on the verge of relinquishing its pent-up juices for all the women to see.

"Go ahead and shoot that load!" Justine screamed from behind me.

That was all it took to coax a magnificent jet of white cream from the man. It splashed into the plastic wall with such force that several rivulets of cum were formed from the impact. This was followed by a succession of massive bursts of semen that made the wall look like someone had thrown a bucket of heavy cream onto it. I counted no less than a dozen volleys before it was over. He was greeted with a tremendous round of applause.

My aunt was laughing so hard she could barely walk. Meantime the other men were frantically pulling on their pricks, not wanting to let this minor incident disrupt their mental concentration.

Once again my aunt began to slowly walk down the aisle as the music swelled and the audience grew more boisterous. And then, suddenly, two huge groans were heard, quickly followed by two arcs of pearly white semen, shot simultaneously high up into the air and falling like two opalescent liquid missiles onto the plastic panels. The timing was perfect.

"It's rare that you see that!" Charlotte exclaimed, fascinated by the sight.

Lenore nodded her head in approval. "It's a good omen."

Arc after arc of hot sperm found its way onto the barrier as my aunt continued on her journey toward the altar. The plexiglass was now dripping with cum; the solemn libation paid to my aunt in the form of traditional Sisterhood male subservience.

As the final volleys of sperm adorned the plastic barrier, the man who would have provided the twenty-first ejaculation, but whom did not, escorted my aunt to the center of the altar where Lenore and I stood side by side. The audience, who only moments before were howling with unrestrained glee, were now completely silent, watching intently. Justine handed Lenore a long, black robe—the traditional robe of the Sisterhood—who, in turn, handed it to me.

"It is with great pride and pleasure that I, and all your Sisters, welcome you, Phoebe Anjou, into the folds of the Sisterhood," Lenore began in a fairly somber but musical cadence. "Accept the traditional robe and hood of our Order and wear it proudly."

My aunt thanked Lenore and the other Sisters as I helped her put the robe on. She was all smiles as the crowd erupted into an enormous round of applause.

"I am so overjoyed," she said, tears welling in her eyes. "Thank you—all of you. This is a great honor."

As I helped my aunt adjust her robe, Lenore invited her to speak to the audience.

"What should I say?" my aunt said, searching Lenore's face for a suggestion. It was one of those rare times that I found her at a loss for words.

"Oh, for heaven's sake," Lenore replied. "You, of all people, tongue-tied?"

"I'm...I'm just so overcome by all this." My aunt fidgeted with the folds of her robe for a few moments and seeing she was truly having difficulty, I grabbed her hand hard.
"Tell them thank you for coming," I said. "Tell them how great they all look. And tell them that dinner is waiting and that there's going to be some great entertainment tonight."

"Okay, okay, my little love," she said, forcing the words out. "This means so much to me. You have no idea."

I gave her a big hug and she seemed to suddenly collect herself as she turned to face the anxious crowd.

"My joy at being a Sister is such that words cannot adequately describe how I feel right now," she began. "I promise that I will always wear this robe with pride, with honor, and with dignity."

Before she could speak again, she was greeted with a round of applause. I could see the tears on her face and her voice faltered a few times. She quickly resumed.

"My niece wanted me to remind everyone that you all look just lovely tonight and that great food and entertainment await you in the main hall. Thank you. You have done me a great honor and I will always try to live my life in accordance with the ways of the Sisterhood."

As my aunt turned away from the roar of applause that followed her speech, Lenore, and all the Sisters in the immediate vicinity, rushed to congratulate her. I could tell that she was overwhelmed by the genuine feelings of goodwill that her colleagues were now bestowing upon her, and I was happy that this moment of joy accorded her in some small way compensated for the deficit of love from her estranged daughter.

After all the congratulations had been made, Lenore indicated that it was time for the final ceremonial ritual to take place. Ordering the twenty-first man in line to approach the altar, she took the golden chalice, or vessel of collection, and placed it into Phoebe's hands. She then instructed the man to kneel at the center of the altar facing the audience.

"Sisters," Lenore said, addressing the crowd. "This man, Andre, has proven himself worthy of this task by virtue of his undying loyalty and devotion to the Sisterhood. Our Sister Phoebe will now ceremoniously masturbate him until he ejaculates into the vessel of collection. This act symbolizes the submission of all men to the superior will of the female. Proceed Phoebe."

My aunt, knowing already what was required of her, knelt beside the handsome young man and began jerking his long shaft with rapid strokes. In a matter of seconds he was hard. The audience cheered her on with the lewdest remarks possible until the formidable looking weapon, almost a foot long now, was dripping pre-cum from its swollen, purple tip.

"Into the cup," my aunt reminded him. "All of it."

Andre's knees soon began shaking and his entire body grew taught.

"Keep the head out so we can watch it spurt!" a woman in the front row demanded.

Rich, hot cream shot out of his prick just then—stream after milky stream. I counted no less than twelve separate eruptions that quickly vanished into the waiting cup. My aunt's hand was a blur as she milked him with grim determination. The entire Sisterhood exploded into laughter at the sight.

"God, what a fucking load!" Estelle exclaimed, as the twelfth and final cum shot flew into the cup.

Lenore and all the other Sisters seemed very pleased by Andre's exceptional performance.

"Now, drink it!" the Sisterhood leader ordered the man.

Without so much as a hint of displeasure, Andre took the chalice from my aunt and solemnly lifted it to his mouth and drank down the salty, viscous broth. In one gulp the entire contents of the cup was drained. He handed the cup back to Phoebe, who showed the now empty vessel to Lenore and the crowd. They showed their appreciation with a thunderous roar of applause.

"Forever at our feet and at our beck and call," Lenore shouted joyously.

This now concluded the ceremony. 

Lenore made one last closing speech and then the Sisters began a prompt but orderly march into the main hall. I walked arm and arm with my aunt who was now literally beaming with joy.

"I feel so good, so powerful," she said as she walked briskly toward the hall. "I only wish Angelique had been here to see it."

That statement was the only concession she made that entire evening to the caprices of her wayward child. For the most part, she exuded those personal qualities that had always set her apart from the average, from the norm. Becoming a full-fledged Sister was a tremendous achievement, and she would not allow any negative feelings to influence this special evening.

Upon entering the main hall, I was struck by two things: the delicious odor of superbly cooked food and a host of celebrities sitting next to the table where my aunt and I would be sitting. Mary Kate and Ashley looked beautiful in their respective black and white gowns. Drew wore a pink, satin affair with a long, white, feathered boa and looked quite stunning. And Teri was dressed in a royal blue gown that showcased her lovely long legs. I waved to each of them as we headed toward the dais. It seemed as if the entire room was brimming with fun and laughter. And then I realized why.

I noticed that there were other women—some of whom I recognized as celebrities, but not all—had been taking advantage of the free liquor while they had been waiting for the ceremony to end. These women culled around the table where Mary Kate and Ashley were now sitting and they looked like they were ready to party. Leaving my aunt for a moment, I ran over to the twins and other guests to say a quick hello.

"You guys look great!" I said, hugging Mary Kate and Ashley. "And you too Drew and Teri! I'm so glad you came."

"Are you kidding?" Drew said. "These things are too good to miss. How'd the ceremony go?"

"Fantastic!" I said. "I'll tell you guys all about it later."

"Any juicy details?" Teri asked with a wink.

"You could say that," I smiled coyly.

Mary Kate touched me on my arm. "Do you see those girls over there?" She pointed to the same women I had noticed moments before. "I hear they're going to be providing the entertainment tonight."

"And it's supposed to be very naughty!" Ashley laughed aloud.

"I assume it involves men?" 

"Of course. "Doesn't it always?"

The dinner was delicious. I even went back to the buffet table for second helpings, which I normally don't do. It seemed as if all the excitement was making me ravenous.

Lenore was laughing and joking with Justine and Estelle, and a bunch of other women whom I did not know. My aunt, like me, preferred to keep her mouth stuffed with food rather than engage in any protracted conversations, regardless of how jovial they might be. I could sense that something was coming. I saw it in my aunt's eyes—that preoccupied look she always had whenever she was about to reveal something of libidinous importance.

It didn't take long for her to make her little secret known. As soon as the crowd hat eaten its full, she stood up and pointed in the direction of the same women Mary Kate had pointed out to me earlier. Suddenly the entire room fell silent.

"I have a little treat for all of you tonight," my aunt said, lifting her glass in the direction of the small group of mysterious women. "Most of you know of, or have met, my friend Dr. Christiana Swensen. For those of you who don't know who she is, I will tell you. She is a brilliant doctor who invented a drug called "EJAX-472," which helps men with infertility problems. The drug has been on the market now for over a year and has proven very beneficial. Well, she recently worked alongside her friend and research associate here in France to create a new and improved form of the drug called "EJAX-472AR," which greatly enhances the accuracy of sperm to reach the egg. The drug is still in the testing stage, but recent experiments with human subjects has shown to be extremely promising. And the woman who helped to develop this astounding drug is here with us tonight. May I present Dr. Adrienne Vassay!"

Dr. Vassay acknowledged my aunt with a nod of the head and a big smile. She was simultaneously greeted with a warm round of applause from all of us. She appeared very friendly and gracious. Although not beautiful in the conventional sense, she was nonetheless very pretty with a hard, tight body hidden underneath a skin-tight emerald-green evening gown. Her long, brunette hair fell gently to her shoulders and I noticed that her hands were delicate and very well groomed—her long, sexy fingers seemingly adept at clutching and holding onto whatever they might encounter. She lost no time in getting right to the point.

"How many of you here enjoy watching guys climax?"

She spoke good English, but with a heavy French accent.

I don't think anyone was prepared for such a direct question, and especially from a medical doctor who was a stranger to most of us. There was a brief pause while people murmured amongst themselves.

"All right then," she continued unperturbed. "How many of you would enjoy seeing a guy climax into another guys' mouth?"

That did it! Suddenly the room exploded with laughter and cheers in the affirmative.

My aunt laughed and took hold of my hand. "She may be a doctor, but she is a candidate in waiting for the Sisterhood, and you know what that means!"

I smiled. "It means she's depraved like the rest of us."


Dr. Vassay, or "Adrienne," as she preferred to be called, gave the crowd a brief rundown of what she had planned for us that evening, and it had nothing to do with paying any particular attention to medical ethics. In fact, what she described was nothing short of a very lascivious, sexual performance of which the new and improved drug was to take center stage—the men only serving in the capacity of playthings for the excited women.

"I would like to bring the men out now, Phoebe," Adrienne requested.

On the orders of my aunt, twelve naked men walked into the room, one after the other, heads bowed in obedience. They made their way to the dais and formed a line in front of the table.

"Those who are going to ejaculate," said Adrienne walking toward them, "form a line here." She pointed to the area just to the left of the dais. "And those who are to catch the ejaculate, kneel here."

The men dutifully obeyed her, kneeling about ten feet from their counterparts who were now busily engaged in applying generous amount of lubricating cream to their quickly expanding cocks.

"What are they going to catch the ejaculate with?" inquired Brittany, a less luminous star in the constellations of celebrities.

"With their mouths of course," Adrienne said with a smirk.

"I can't wait to see this!" Charlotte said, giggling.

"We are going to create six teams," Adrienne told the crowd. "The woman who can direct the stream of ejaculate into the recipient's mouth is the winner. We will choose each masturbatrix by lot. Ladies, fill in the little cards on your tables with your full name and place them in the plastic containers before you."

As this was being done, my aunt took a moment to ask Adrienne what exactly the prize would be.

"Oh, yes, the prize!" the brunette laughed. "I'm sorry, I forgot. The prize are these men. All of them. You may use them in any way you wish."

Felicia, who had been sitting several tables away from us seemed to like the idea. "I could use another slave or two!"

The slips of paper were soon collected and the selection commenced with Adrienne dumping all the names into a large white bag. 

"Okay, ladies," she said as she dipped her right hand into the bag. "Here we go."

The first name she called was a person none of us knew. Her name was Loni and she was a friend of Adrienne's. A tall, amiable blonde with big tits and a toothy grin, she seemed to symbolize all that was meant by the word "bimbo." She wore an ill-fitting blue crepe dress that was a few sizes to small for her, but it successfully emphasized her sizeable breasts.

Adrienne instructed Loni what to do and the contest was underway.

I almost laughed when the blonde girl, probably not much older than I was, fumbled with the ten-inch cock she was trying to masturbate. The prick was already rock hard but she had some difficulty wrapping her smallish fingers around it. Finally, she decided to switch hands and began stroking him up and down very fast, with hardly any care as to the man's comfort.

"When you are ready to cum," she told the man, "let us know. And you," she said to the kneeling man, "you will open your mouth wide open to catch the sperm—hopefully."

It only took the man about a minute to succumb to Loni's roughly delivered handjob. She giggled all the way through the performance, happily chewing her gum and blowing bubbles with it now and then as she casually and indifferently forced him to release his creamy cum. 

Suddenly, the man groaned aloud and thrust his hips forward violently. At the same time, the kneeling man opened his mouth and moved his head slightly forward in anticipation.

Everyone gasped as the first volley of sperm shot out of his cock, flying completely over the kneeling man's head and landing on Adrienne herself, who was standing directly behind him. The cumshot had traveled just over 12 feet.

"We should have used him in the contest!" my aunt shrieked.

The second and third volleys did not even reach half the distance of his first ejaculation, and everyone seemed disappointed. Loni released the man's cock and rejoined the group of women accompanying Adrienne. Her face barely registered any emotion.

The next name was chosen and it was none other than my aunt herself. The women went wild.

"Give it the old college try, girl!" Lenore laughed, as my aunt approached the second naked man in line and began pulling on his longish dork.

The guy was probably about 30 years old and unremarkable looking. However, his prick was thin and easily handled by my aunt, who masturbated him furiously. In less than thirty seconds she had him firing off salvo after salvo of hot, creamy cum.

"This is such fun!" she commented as she stroked him hard.

All of the first four ejaculations hit the kneeling man in the face, but none entered his open mouth. It amused all of us to see him take facial after facial—in the eyes, the hair, his neck, and even in one of his ears, but no sperm found its way into his mouth. My aunt sighed.

"Oh, well," she said resignedly. "I'll have to practice some more!"

The kneeling man was given a towel to wipe the spunk from his face and was quickly replaced by the third man in line.

Adrienne reached once more into the container and withdrew a name.

"Teri!" she called out. "Who is Teri?"

The beautiful brunette stood up and clapped her hands together in joy. "There's only one here!" she laughed.

As she walked briskly toward the third naked man, her celebrity cohorts cheered her on.

"You can do it, Teri!" shouted Drew, now finally succumbing to the effects of one too many martinis.

"Go for it!" Mary Kate yelled out, barely able to keep herself from laughing. "Let's see those ropes!"

Teri towered over the naked man in her high heels. She was a full head taller than he was and gave her the appearance of an Amazon. She wasted no time grabbing his erect prick, proceeding with slow, deliberate strokes and looking into his eyes now and then to gauge his reactions. The man himself was probably about 5' 6" tall and very cute, with dark hair and dark eyes. He looked at her intently, overcome by her beauty and commanding physical stature.

By the time she reached the two-minute mark, the crowd began to urge her on, imploring her to increase her speed in order to get him to cum.

"Okay, okay," she laughed, as she put all her effort into it. "He's going to shoot any second now!"

And she was right. Without any warning the small man began to erupt in long stringy jets of semen that flew out of his cock with wild abandon. It happened so fast that it was hard to tell exactly where the sperm was landing. After the sixth or seventh spurt it was obvious none of the ejaculate had landed in the correct spot.

"You got it all over his stomach and legs!" she gently reprimanded the man.

"Better luck next time, Teri!" Ashley said, as she took a sip of wine from her glass.

The fourth name was then chosen and it was none other than Adrienne herself.

She reacted with unique astonishment. "This can't be," she said staring at the paper with her name on it. "I did not enter the lottery."

Loni laughed. "I put your name on the card, Adrienne. Go ahead. Give it a try."

At first reluctant, the women in the crowd encouraged her to join in the fun, which she did, somewhat sheepishly. "I want you all to know that I had nothing to do with this."

"It's okay, Adrienne," Lenore shouted over the din. "Show us what you can do."

Taking the fourth man's prick in her right hand, Adrienne began to pull on it with gentle, yet rapid, strokes. She did not maintain a firm grip on his penis, but rather employed a very light touch, just brushing his flesh ever so gently yet consistently. Her fingers were as white as marble with fine blue veins running through the top of her hand. It took only ten seconds to get him off.

A long jet of nasty man paste flew out of the man's penis, and flew right over the kneeling man's left shoulder, striking some woman on her foot. And that was it. No more sperm followed. Adrienne let go of his prick in disgust and walked away.

"I think you need to work on your technique!" Lenore screeched.

Adrienne ignored the comment and quickly chose another name. "Do we have an Emily here?"

"Yes, you do!" I heard a woman yell from far back in the crowd.

Emily was one of the elder Sisters, who looked as if she were nearing retirement age. Her face and body were in quite good condition for her age and she seemed very happy to have been chosen. She ambled up to the fifth naked man and immediately took possession of his fat dick 

"I'm ready," she said, looking a little tipsy.

"Well don't just stand there you drunken sod!" Lenore hollered. "Start jerking!"

I would have easily voted Emily's harrowing, yet hysterical, handjob the highlight of the evening if it were not for what was soon to follow. As it was, she barely got the guy to cum because her hand kept flying off his huge shaft. And each time this happened, she made the funniest faces, which broke everybody up. At one point, Ashley, who was drinking a white wine spritzer, had the misfortune of looking up when Emily was making one of her most ridiculous poses, causing the twin to literally spit out her drink into the waiting face of Drew, who herself was laughing uncontrollably. The high point was when Emily finally got the guy to shoot off. I think it took her about five minutes to provoke an orgasm, and the volleys, voluminous as they were, all failed to hit their intended target.

The final name was now drawn. Adrienne made it clear that if there were no winner, they would have to move on to the final part of the entertainment.

"Ashley? Where is she?"

I saw a big smile come across Ashley's face as her name was called. She was the more demure of the two but, like her more hedonistic sister, she too had a lascivious side, if not readily apparent or readily displayed. With some urging from Mary Kate, she got up from her chair and slowly walked over to the naked man. He was cute and rather tall with blonde hair and light green eyes. His penis was not huge by any means, but it was quite thick, and his balls seemed oversized.

Ashley looked at the erect cock and sperm-swollen balls and let out a short giggle.

"What are you staring at it for?" Mary Kate teased her sister. "We want to see those big ropes of cum! Make him shoot it in the other guy's mouth!"

With some encouragement from the crowd, Ashley took hold of the guy's prick and gently rubbed it from tip to base, laughing as she did so. The kneeling man remained frozen in place, waiting patiently for the possible unsavory libation. I could tell that the man being masturbated was enraptured with the young beauty, as with each stroke he tried to bring his face closer to hers. She didn't restrain him, but instead let her lips brush his cheeks gently, at one point even kissing him softly on the ear. 

A few minutes of constant tugging finally produced the desired result. Seeing he was on the verge of orgasm, Ashley ran her hand up and down his shaft with lightning speed, making the man gasp as his lower body lurched forward.

"I'm coming!" the man screamed.

At the same instant, Adrienne indicated that the kneeling man should open his mouth, and he did this none to soon as a huge wad of sticky sperm shot out of the tortured cock and flew straight into the recipient's open mouth. We all roared our approval as not one, but three, shots of hot cum found their mark, causing the kneeling man to spit up the frothy white brew. Even after the first three shots had landed, the man continued to spurt more cum high into the air, sending Ashley, her sister, and all of us into throes of laughter.

"Well done, Ashley!" Adrienne said, congratulating the young girl with a pat on the back. "You are our champion!"

Ashley raised her sperm soaked hands in victory to the cheers of the crowd and then sat down next to Mary Kate who graciously offered her a bunch of napkins to wipe off the stringy mass of sperm still clinging to her body. She was still laughing at what she had just done, but I could tell she was sexually turned on by it too.

During the next hour we enjoyed desert and coffee and the small talk that usually pervades the atmosphere when people have not seen each other for long periods of time. I sat with my celebrity friends, using the opportunity to find out what new film projects they were involved in and how their personal lives were going. 

"Most of what they write about us is lies," Drew said disparagingly. "Don't you agree Teri?"

"Absolutely. It's all about taking a tiny bit of truth and extrapolating it into infinity."

"We use the rags to light up our fireplace," Mary Kate noted.

"I guess it must be very hard dodging the paparazzi all the time," I said to her.

"It's horrible. Sometimes I just can't handle it. Ask Ash. She almost had to hit a guy with her pocketbook to get him out of her face."

Ashley shook her head and made a fist. "I really wanted to punch him in the mouth," she said. "He was so rude. He called me a little bitch because I wouldn't give him a smile. Screw you!"

"Sometimes you just don't feel like smiling," Mary Kate added, forlornly.

By the time the next round of entertainment was announced, most everyone in the crowd was drunk, or close to it. Mary Kate and Ashley had paced themselves in regards to their consumption of alcohol, but they definitely had a buzz on. Drew and Teri had managed to hold their own and I was sticking to soft drinks because I knew that too much alcohol would make me sick.

It was now close to 3:00 a.m. and I was beginning to feel a bit tired, but enervated nonetheless. I had truly enjoyed getting a chance to really spend some time with the twins, Drew, and Teri. My aunt seemed to be having a wonderful time with Lenore and all her friends. It was nice to see her smiling again after the awful time Angelique had put her through. 

Suddenly the volume in the hall began to swell with cheers and laughter and all the women began looking toward the direction of the main doors. Adrienne and her small group of friends quickly stood up started to applaud. I could not tell what was going on, but they all seemed very excited about something.

"What is it?" Teri asked a woman who was standing next to her.

"Oh, my god!" was all the woman said, her gaze fixed on some distant object.

We all immediately stood up to see what the fuss was about. Mary Kate and Ashley, due to their diminutive size, could see nothing, while Drew and I struggled to gain a vantage point by standing on our toes. It was useless. We were too far back to see anything. Only Teri was tall enough to see over the sea of heads in front of us, and she turned to us with her mouth fixed in a huge grin.

"He's coming this way!" she exclaimed. "Just wait a minute! You can't miss him! Oh, my god! Here he comes!"

"What? What the fuck are you talking about?" Drew demanded. "Teri!"

She tried to jump up onto a chair but there was no need to now. Because just as Drew lifted one leg onto the chair, her mouth fell open and she literally fell into my arms screaming with laughter. And then I saw it and did the same thing. It took a few more moments before Mary Kate and Ashley could see what we were seeing, and they too nearly fell on the floor in fits of sheer hysteria.

Towering over the teeming mass of women now scrambling to get near him stood a 7-foot-tall black man dressed as though he had just returned from some tribal raiding party. I learned later that he was a Masai warrior and a native of Kenya. He was quite handsome, with a long torso and very muscular build. He wore a red cloak decorated with some interesting aboriginal motifs and around his neck hung a massive silver necklace that covered the upper portion of his torso. But the most intriguing part of his costume was the unusual headdress he wore. The outer layer was a heavy purple cloth that was adorned with precious and semi-precious jewels. And in the middle stood a 2-foot replica of an erect penis made of onyx, with two huge testicles supporting it at its base. He introduced himself to the excited crowd as "King Matumba" but that was all he could say as his English was nonexistent.

It took a good fifteen minutes for the crowd to settle down and only at the insistence of Lenore. The man had done nothing but walk around the hall smiling and speaking in his native tongue and the people adored him. It all seemed surreal.

Once the women had quieted down somewhat and King Matumba safely surrounded by the Sisterhood leaders, Adrienne let everyone in on the surprise.

"Ladies, you are in for a treat tonight," she began, eyeing the giant. "Although King Matumba understands only very little English, he wants you all to know that he is delighted to be here and to perform for you."

"What does he do?" asked one of the Sisters sitting closest to Adrienne.

"You'll see in just a moment."

Adrienne then indicated to King Matumba with a series of hand gestures and simple English that he should begin his performance.

Without hesitation, the Masai warrior removed his headdress and necklace and put them aside. He then proceeded to remove his long robe. Undoing the belt that held the robe together, he let it fall to the floor in a graceful fashion, not in the least bothered that he was now standing before us completely nude.

As the robe fell from his shoulders a chorus of moans rose up from the crowd mixed with heavy sighs and some intermittent laughter. Many of the women, including my friends and I, could not see what was causing such a reaction because of the women in front of us who were blocking our view. Frustrated, Teri stepped onto the chair to get a better look and as soon as her eyes landed on the naked man she turned to us and shrieked.

"Two fucking feet! I swear! Oh, my god!"

Her reaction was soon duplicated by many others in the room.

"What's two feet?" I demanded. "What?"

"His cock! His cock!" she screeched. "It's all the way down to his knees!"

Upon hearing this, I, along with the twins and Drew, fought our way to the front of the now enervated crowd. After much pushing and shoving, we finally got to see what Teri only hinted at. It's true that his cock was literally hanging to his knees, and it did appear to be roughly two feet long. But even more astounding than that was the girth of his penis, which seemed almost twice the size of my forearm. And even still more incredible was the size of his testicles, which were easily at least as big as ripe cantaloupes. Any place in the universe he would have been considered a freak of nature, but to have him standing here on earth, and only several feet away from us, was something the mind could not fully comprehend.

"Jesus!" Mary Kate exclaimed, as she surveyed the monstrosity hanging between King Matumba's legs. "Is that thing for real?"

"I think it is," I replied, overcome with awe at the sight of his humongous tool.

Ashley didn't say a word. She simply looked on with dumb astonishment.

Adrienne directed King Matumba to sit on an elongated bench, which I assume had been especially provided for the giant man. Seating himself with graceful ease, he smiled at the crowd of women milling around him and casually began to stroke his cock. He appeared to feel absolutely no embarrassment in his endeavor, seeming to thrive on the attention he was getting from the drunken women who were now reacting with wild abandon at his risqué performance.

"Is that it?" Teri asked, coming up from behind me. "We're gonna watch this guy jerk off? That's it?"

"Knowing my aunt, I doubt it."

"Oh, look!" Drew squealed. "Somebody's giving him a hand."

Sure enough, one of the women, obviously very drunk, had taken his massive piece of meat in her hands and was masturbating him wildly. I recognized her as one of my aunt's acquaintances, a tall, leggy brunette whose name I couldn't remember. I doubted that she would be able to get his ridiculously oversized prick to surpass the vertical, but she did manage to get him hard in just under a few minutes and it did seem to be elevated a few inches. King Matumba thanked her for her help and then took control of his prick himself, raising the tip of it slowly upward until it just touched the underside of his chin. The entire audience roared with laughter, surmising what he was going to do.

To the shouts and cheers of the animated crowd of women, King Matumba lowered his head down onto his cock while simultaneously opening his mouth to accommodate the huge, ebony shaft. At first, only the head disappeared. But moments later we all watched in fascination as his mouth slowly advanced by degrees over the vast terrain of tubular flesh, his lips pulled back to their limit as his head came to rest once he had reached the three-inch mark. Cries of astonishment resonated throughout the hall as the auto-fellatist exhaled all the air from his stomach and contracted his muscles so that he was able to lower his head further still until a full six inches of his penis was completely engulfed down his throat.

"I love it!" Drew cried, laughing heartily at the sight.

"I wonder what he's going to do," Ashley said, turning to me but without taking her eyes off the giant.

"I'll tell you what he's going to do," Mary Kate smirked. "He's going to cream in his mouth. Guaranteed."

"Do you think he's going to swallow it all or let some of it shoot out?" Ashley inquired.

"I hope he swallows some and then lets the rest of it shoot up into the air so we can see it. I hear some of these tribal guys can really come gallons."

Teri giggled like a little girl. "I would love to see his cock do that!"

"He certainly has the balls for it," I noted wryly.

Mary Kate nodded her assent. "I think we're going to see some serious ropes tonight girls."

"Ropes?" Drew asked. 

"Yeah, ropes," Mary Kate said. "Ropes of cum."

Drew looked at me and chuckled softly. "That's funny!"

King Matumba's head was now bobbing up and down on his sperm-swollen shaft with ferocious speed, never once breaking his stride. He seemed oblivious to everything except the insanely huge dong he was savagely sucking. This must have gone on for several minutes until it was becoming apparent that he would not last much longer. The crowd went into a chant just as he was coming up for air.

"We want to see the cum!" the women roared over and over again.

"I advise everyone to stand well back," Adrienne warned the audience. "He will try to swallow it all, but if he cannot, then watch out!"

Despite her admonitions, no one listened to a word she said. The women were now so drunk that they simply did not care. They just wanted to see this handsome giant of a man suck his own dick until it shot its load in his mouth.

"Suck, suck, suck!" some of the women screamed. 

Soon others picked up the chant and the King responded by accelerating his tempo. I watched as his huge balls began to heave back and forth as they now were filled to capacity with sperm. As they rose up toward the base of his prick, I knew he was going to cum. And so did everyone else.

"I can't wait to see this," Teri cried anxiously as she grabbed her pocket camera and began taking pictures.

"We want to see ropes, King Matumba!" Mary Kate hollered over the din. "Lots and lots of ropes!"

Of course he couldn't hear her. As he sucked on his prick ever more frantically, the women sensed he was on the verge of an imminent explosion and went into an uncontrollable rant.

"Cum, cum, cum!" they cried as his entire body tensed for the release of sperm.

Suddenly he drew his head up, just leaving the tip of his prick in his mouth.

"Here it comes, Ash!" Mary Kate laughed wickedly.

Ashley said nothing until it became obvious the man was now in the throes of an enormous climax. As soon as she saw his cheeks inflate with the first onrush of sperm, she let out a howl and grabbed her sister's arm with joy.

"You were right!" she exclaimed. "Look, he can't swallow it all down. It's dripping out of his mouth!"

Mary Kate just stood still, smiling that seductive smile of hers, as if she didn't need to hear from her sister that her prediction was accurate. "Here come the ropes everybody!" she laughed aloud.

A few moments later and King Matumba, pulling quickly back from his own wildly spurting tool, spit out a pint of his own freshly spewed semen. His mammoth cock was now unfettered and allowed to swing freely back and forth, succumbing to the erratic muscular contractions of his ejaculating penis.

The first load of sperm jettisoned from his prick with enormous force, shooting straight up in the air above his head and landing behind him. The next two shots flew left and right into the crowd, his penis jerking wildly back and forth, completely under the control of its own volatile pulsations.

The King groaned loudly as he was gripped by a series of explosions. We watched in awe as the giant dork spewed forth a torrent of hot, white seed. The ejaculations were some of the most impressive I had ever seen—some even more splendid than what I had witnessed during the "Long Shots" contest. To the accompaniment of Mary Kate's incessant screaming of "ropes, ropes," all of us laughed with glee as the abandoned schlong fired off salvo after salvo of white paste into the crowd, the long, thick, stringy shots of cum forming an opalescent display that made everyone gasp.

I think I counted fifteen separate spurts of cum launched from the King's excited tool, one fired off directly toward Ashley and which she deftly avoided by sidestepping at the last second. Instead, the errant blast made contact with the woman behind her, hitting her squarely in the face. And still the two-foot wonder continued to fire off its menacing load.

The crowd was thrilled beyond belief watching the King's exceptional performance. I soon lost count of his ejaculations and simply enjoyed watching him cum, sometimes firing his hot sperm into the air and sometimes watching it splash into some nearby woman. 

"This is fucking great!" Drew cried, clapping her hands together. 

"I know, isn't it?" Teri agreed, as she continued snapping pictures.

The twins were laughing so hard by now that I couldn't speak to either of them. Huge blasts of cum were still shooting out of the King's prick and the women were loving it. By the time he was finished, he had ejaculated more than any other man I had ever seen. As the last in a series of increasingly diminishing spurts finally subsided, King Matumba thanked the audience and was led out of the hall by a group of Sisters. The applause was deafening.

"Thank you, Adrienne," Lenore said, rising from her seat. "That was...enlightening!" 

Adrienne took a bow and I watched as she was enveloped by the crowd of satisfied onlookers. I could only think of how jealous Craig and Barney would have been had they seen King Matumba perform. I knew it was something I would never forget.

It was now 4:00 a.m. and I was beginning to feel very sleepy. I said my goodbyes to my aunt, Lenore, and all my friends and headed out the door of the main hall. Mary Kate and Ashley accompanied me out of the gate and I walked them both to their waiting limo.

"Ash and I are having a party at our place this coming Wednesday evening," Mary Kate said. "I'd really love it if you could come."

"Oh, yes, and you have to bring Craig and Barney too!" Ashley insisted.

"They're both in Cannes. What kind of party is it?" I inquired.

"A fashion party," Mary Kate replied. "We have a new line of men's clothes we want to audition before some of our friends."

"Please come, Holly," Ashley said, grabbing my hand. "It's going to be great. Drew and Teri are coming, and a lot of other famous people will be there."

I felt as if I were being maneuvered into accepting their invitation by the insistent tone of their voices. It seemed as if they were holding something back, but I decided to play their game and let myself be surprised.

"Okay, I'll come," I said genially.

"Oh, and we're going to the Le Trois restaurant tomorrow night," Mary Kate said. "Just me and Ash. It's a special kind of place and we have a booth reserved for us. Can you come?" 

"I don't have anything planned for tomorrow. Sure, let's do it."

Ashley smiled coyly. "There's a waiter there who can do amazing things with his penis. It's hysterical. You'll love it."

"After what we just saw, I don't think anyone can come close to King Matumba."

"Don't be so sure," she replied, with a serious air.

The two girls shared hugs and kisses with me and were whisked away in their limo just as I slowly ambled through the front door of the chateau, quite tired yet genuinely happy.


Pierre Anjou, despite some of his more plebian qualities, had a profound sense of curiosity that had not abandoned him since he was a child. His inquisitiveness almost led him to choose a career in the hard sciences, but his love of money and power superseded such lofty pursuits. Yet he did manage to maintain a keen interest in his boyish fascination with astronomy, aiming his rather modest telescope at the skies every now and then, keenly observing the vast, cold, stellar vista whose majesty was only partially discernable to his eyes with a child's sense of wonder.

A more earthbound corollary was found in his ardent devotion to the study of everything avian, especially those birds that inhabited the area of the forest that encompassed his ex-wife's estate. Several times each month he would train his high-powered binoculars on the local bird population, spending hours just watching and cataloging a resplendent array of species whose study afforded him a welcome, if not brief, respite from his personal troubles.

On one such bird-watching expedition he had focused his binoculars upon what he imagined was something flickering in the branches of a large tree some yards away. At first he thought it might be some squirrels running along the tree limbs, but there was no sound, just a slender ray of light that reflected off the leaves at intervals.

Moving closer to investigate, he began to hear a subdued murmur of voices emanate from that area of the forest he knew to be long overgrown with dense vegetation and nearly impossible to pass. He moved quietly through the undergrowth, avoiding the thickest part of the vegetation by circumnavigating it in hopes of finding a clearing further along the way. At one point he saw a piercing flash of light that seemed blinding in its luminance, but this quickly died away, leaving his eyes unfocused and blurred by unpleasant afterimages that sometimes occurs when one looks into an exploding flashbulb. For a moment he paused, not wishing to reconnoiter until he could focus his eyes once more.

Presently, he heard the clatter of metal upon metal; a dull, persistent hammering that was accompanied by the strident, high-pitched voice of a woman growing increasingly impatient. He now got to his feet and determinedly made his way toward the direction of the voice, forced to keep his distance by the tangle of spidery flora that blocked his way. 

And then, when the vegetation would allow him to go no further, he noticed a small aperture that had been cut through the thick, green mass and which appeared no wider than three or four feet, but wide enough for him to crawl through on all fours. Crouching down on his hands and knees, he slowly guided his body through the prickly tunnel of weeds and dense overgrowth and found himself looking upon a small clearing, devoid of trees and grass and completely and safely ensconced within a greater tangle of wild and omnipresent vegetation.

And in the middle of this clearing stood a very old edifice that rose up over twenty feet high from its massive concrete base, its roof still partly draped over with pervasive, dark-green, ivy tendrils. One of its huge and ponderous iron doors had been ripped from its hinges and now leaned diagonally on one side against the wall. Even with the aid of his binoculars, he could see nothing beyond the entrance but sheer darkness.

This structure, he recalled, could be nothing more than the bunker built by the Germans during the Second World War. But from what he had been told by those from whom he purchased the property years ago, it had completely caved in and was buried under more than a half century of vegetation: obsolete, inaccessible, and best left untouched. He had never bothered to investigate what he believed would have been a dangerous and foolhardy enterprise, so he contented himself to overlook the ancient structure and concentrate his efforts on more pressing utilitarian matters while the weeds continued their obdurate course in overrunning the bunker into ever greater stages of obscurity.

He wondered why Phoebe would have bothered to undertake such a task, having expressed absolutely no interest in the bunker and knowing that such an excavation would avail nothing. It made no sense.

Suddenly he heard voices emanating from a point just beyond his field of view. Dragging his body closer to the mouth of the opening, he now saw what it was that had captured his attention. And what he saw amazed him.

Seven or eight women—young women he thought, maybe in their early 20s or so, and all wearing a modicum of clothing—were gathered around an apparatus of some unknown design and were in the process of putting it together under the guidance of a gesticulating blonde-haired girl. Sometimes she spoke to them in French and sometimes in English, but her intent was very clear. She seemed to have grown impatient with the general incompetence of the group and was now demanding that they get it right or be punished.

He raised his binoculars to his eyes and his mouth fell open. Catching himself just before he made the foolish error of uttering a cry, he lowered the binoculars from his face and swore quietly under his breath. He recognized the stern and threatening supervisor as none other than his wayward daughter, Angelique. She was dressed in a pair of white tennis shorts and a pink blouse. On her head was a white cap and she wore sunglasses that seemed too big for her face. Her feet were bare.

"You fucks better get this thing working by 6:00 PM or I'll make each of you go for a ride on it!" the angry young woman exclaimed as she stamped the ground with her foot.

"What the hell is this?" Pierre muttered to himself.

Again he peered through the binoculars, hoping that an increase in his visual acuity would somehow increase his comprehension of what was going on. From what he could tell, the women were engaged in assembling a rather massive device that seemed to evoke images of some bygone terror. As he watched them work, he noticed that the source of the light, which had led him on his quest in the first place, was nothing more that the reflection of the sun upon the shiny, metallic surface of the machine's most nethermost projection: a mysterious and intimidating set of metal arms that looked as if they could ensnare even the most powerful of men.

The women worked assiduously, never once stopping to take a break as long as their superior was watching over them. Despite his wariness, Pierre couldn't help but laugh derisively as he watched his daughter boss everyone about as if she were a commandant in a prisoner-of-war camp. He knew the Sisterhood was a strange and misguided group of misfits, but what had compelled Phoebe to undertake such a thing? What person in their right mind would have gone through the effort and expense to refurbish an old, decrepit, and potentially dangerous bunker? Phoebe had always maintained a marked disinterest, and even a morbid distaste, at the thought of resurrecting the remnants of a sleeping behemoth that represented, to her, the symbol of a far more cruel and unenlightened age. Such blatant and militaristic artifacts of warfare were simply alien to her refined sensibilities. He settled back on his side to continue viewing the proceedings with a curious eye. 

Pierre had no idea what they were assembling, but the sight of the thing, even in its intermediate stage of construction, made him feel very uncomfortable. Maybe it was those long, menacing metal arms that gave him pause, or maybe it was its sheer size, standing well over 8 feet in height and containing a large, central aperture through which he imagined a human body could pass through. Whatever it was, he felt an instinctive repugnance toward it.

He once more raised his binoculars to his eyes, hoping to find an answer to the purpose of this enigmatic machine. And just as the first, faint glimmer of understanding reached his brain, he felt something rise up in his throat like the remnants of an unsuccessfully digested meal. The binoculars fell from his hands and, stifling a cry, he hurriedly forced his body backward through the leafy tunnel. Once upon his feet, he began to retrace his steps through the forest in the direction from which he came. As he quickly made his way once again through the dense underbrush, he came to two distinct conclusions: that his ex-wife was almost certainly unaware of what was going on, and that his daughter, whatever clandestine motives she now entertained, would seek to keep it that way. There was no doubt in his mind. Phoebe would have to be told.


Le Trois was the name of restaurant in the heart of Paris, long known for catering to an upscale clientele, and even more so for the questionable antics sometimes performed under its roof by some of its most prominent and kinky patrons. It was also a place where the rich and famous could go and be left relatively in peace as they dined on sumptuous, but vastly overpriced fare. It had been in existence since the middle 1960s, and had grown in reputation ever since, acting as a watering hole for artists, musicians, writers, actors, and all sorts of celebrities from around the world. My aunt Phoebe was a frequent customer, but I had never seen the place until now.

I had been told to meet Mary Kate and Ashley at 8:00 PM, and had arranged for a cab to take me into the city, the twins promising me a ride home. As I entered the foyer, I was greeted by the hostess who immediately took me to the far end of the main dining room and led me through another door leading into a relatively small area with only one large circular table and several chairs surrounding it. I noticed that there was another door behind where the table stood, presumably opening out into yet another room. 

"Here I am!" I announced, as I walked briskly toward my dining companions.

Both girls raised their glasses in salute as the hostess sat me at the table.

"Right on time as usual!" Ashley noted with a hint of gaiety in her voice.

"I hate people who are always so precise," Mary Kate said half-mockingly. "Life doesn't run like a clock."

Ashley laughed. "Have you ever noticed, Holly, that Mary Kate seldom wears a watch?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact," I replied. "I don't like wearing them much either."

I showed them both my bare wrists.

"See!" Mary Kate said to her sister. "She's just like me."

The younger twin poured herself some champagne and took a long swig. Ashley waited until her sister finished drinking and then looked me fully in the face.

"You're not like her, are you?"

She said this with feigned distaste.

"Well, I really do hate to wear watches on my wrists, but I always have my cell phone with me, and my blackberry."

Ashley grinned at her sister. "Not so much like you after all is she?"

Mary Kate shrugged. "I don't think I can stand two anal-retentive people in my presence at one time."

"Deal with it," Ashley said, cajolingly.

The waiter, a handsome man in his late twenties, entered the room just at that moment and asked us if we were ready to order. His name was Anton, and the girls and I were instantly taken by his great charm and good looks. We began to make small talk with him even as we placed our orders. After he left the room, Mary Kate giggled and confessed to me that I was in for a treat.

"He's the guy we told you about. You know. The one who can do tricks with his penis."

A look of horror came across my face. "Please don't tell me he's going to do his act during diner or else I'll puke!"

Both girls laughed simultaneously. "No, no, no," Ashley said. "After dinner and downstairs in the café."

I relaxed a little after that. The last thing I wanted to think of was seeing a pubic hair in my food.

The dinner was exceptionally good, and after having imbibed a full glass of wine, unusual for me, I felt a little precocious. When Anton came back out to present us with our check, I couldn't help but speak aloud what was on my mind.

"So," I said to him, my voice somewhat slurred, "I hear you're the guy with the magic schlong!"

He looked at me for moment with puzzlement until Mary Kate pointed directly at his cock.

"Oh!" he laughed. "Oui mademoiselle! Schlong. Penis. I understand. Yes. I can do tricks with my dick."

"I'm looking forward to seeing it."

"And I am happy to oblige," he replied as he placed the check on the table. "Showtime is in twenty minutes."

"I hope you have refrained from masturbating," Mary Kate said to him.

"Oh, oui, yes. I have not had an orgasm for seven days."

Both sisters tittered with joy.

"You know what that means?" Ashley squealed.

"Enormous amounts of cum?" I asked, looking the waiter in the eyes.

"Exactly. This guy can toss some mean ropes."

"How do you say it in French?" Mary Kate asked the waiter.

"Le jus cordage," he replied.

Ashley insisted on paying the bill, but I dutifully let a tip. Anton, after having returned with her credit card, told us that he had to get ready for his performance and was looking forward to seeing us in the audience.

"We have seats in the front row." Ashley told him. "Just do me a favor and point your cock away from us when you cum."

"I will mademoiselle. Do not worry," he assured her.

Mary Kate was checking her face in a hand mirror. "Anton, would you mind showing us one of your tricks now?"

"Well, mademoiselle," he began, reluctantly. "I don't know..."

"We'll leave you a very big tip."

"Come on, Anton," Ashley insisted. "One little trick, please."

"Yeah," I added. "Show us."

To reinforce her promise, Mary Kate threw down a handful of bills on the table, which Anton clearly appreciated.

"I think I just have enough time," he said as he removed his belt and let his pants and then his underwear fall to his knees. "Now watch closely."

His penis seemed quite average to me as all three of us stared at it. But then again, it was still in its flaccid state. After thirty seconds nothing seemed to be happening.

"So, what's the trick?" I asked him.

"Give him a minute," Mary Kate replied. "He has to concentrate."

As the seconds ticked by, something indeed was happening: his penis was beginning to get hard.

"Oh, look at that!" Ashley chuckled as Anton's cock rose perpendicular to the floor. "See how long it's getting? And without any stimulation at all."

It was true. As the three of us focused our eyes on his cock, it began to swell by imperceptible degrees until he was fully erect. It had only taken him a little over a minute to achieve the impressive results.

"Voila!" Anton said proudly as he stared down benevolently at his fully engorged penis.

"Amazing!" I said. "I've never seen any guy do that! How do you do it?"

"Well, I just think of a beautiful woman," he replied eyeing me. "Such as yourself. If I may be so bold."

Mary Kate laughed. "Someone has an admirer!"

I shook my head and tried not to blush. "So how big is it, Anton?"

"I'm not sure, mademoiselle," he replied. "At least 10 inches I think."

"At least," Ashley said, admiring his equipment. "Mary Kate, you have a little measuring tape in your purse. Why don't you measure him?"

Without a word, Mary Kate reached in her purse and withdrew a tiny, metal tape measure. She extended the ruler as far as it would go. "It stops at twelve inches," she said.

"So, go ahead and measure him," Ashley said impatiently.

"Come in a bit closer," Mary Kate said to Anton.

The waiter moved so that his penis was only inches away from the lovely girl's face. Mary Kate held up the ruler to Anton's cock and placed one end at the base of it while she took the measurement.

"Yup, he's right," she said smiling. "Just ten inches from base to tip."

"Well, Anton," I said. "You certainly have something to be proud of."

He seemed pleased. "Thank you, mademoiselle. I am glad you approve."

With a deft flourish he guided his turgid prick back into his underwear and pulled up his pants. "See you at the show!" he said as he walked gaily out of the room.

Ashley looked a bit disappointed.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"If he didn't have a show to do tonight, he would've performed his multiple cumshot routine for us. That's always a blast, right Mary Kate?"

"We'll still get a chance to see it," she replied. "He told me that was going to be the finale of the show. Not just him. Several other guys too."

Ashley's beautiful face suddenly brightened. "Really? That's great! Holly, you are going to flip out when you see this!"

"I can't wait," I said excitedly. "I love watching guys shoot off."

"Me too," Mary Kate said.

"Yeah," Ashley added, letting the tip of her tongue playfully touch the rim of her glass.

The show began punctually at 10:00 PM. Thanks to Mary Kate and Ashley's influence, we got a front row seat. The layout of the room reminded me of those bygone days of the omnipresent supper clubs that used to host universally second-rate talent all across America. However poor that talent might have been, the ambience sort of made up for it.

The audience was comprised primarily of women, but I did see one or two guys hanging out at the back of the room. I was under the impression that this was going to be something of a strip show, but I was soon corrected on that account.

"No, this isn't anything like that," Ashley enlightened me. "These guys are going to do tricks with their cocks. It's kind of like the Cirque du Soleil only I call it the Cirque du Pénis. You're going to love it!"

As the lights went down all conversation immediately stopped and our attention was drawn to the dimly lit stage. A Straus waltz was heard in the background as a troupe of ten men cavorted onto the stage from both sides, wearing nothing more than colorful bowties and black leather boots. As they strutted around the stage in a precisely choreographed routine, I saw Anton sneak a look at me and smile.

"I think he's in love with you," Mary Kate whispered in my ear.

At first the dance routine seemed almost boring to watch, but after a full minute of prancing around naked the stage lights went up and the audience broke out into a roar as a group of women came dancing onstage in various sexy outfits, each holding some kind of apparatus in their hands.

It would be too much to relate here, but the overall effect was to help the guys get erections, and this the women accomplished by various means of hand manipulation. What followed was something that made me clutch my seat in amazement. 

One man had a cord tied around his penis and large metal plates were hung from it, effectively treating his cock like some kind of pulley. And pull he did! I think more than 50 pounds of weight was applied to his penis, but he managed to walk around the stage with little difficulty. He earned a tremendous round of applause from the crowd.

I watched in utter amazement as two men played a form of table tennis with each other, using their cocks like racquets to bat around a small ball back and forth. At the end, one of the men caught the ball in his mouth, much to the delight of the audience.

As the show wore on, we were astounded to see how many ways the penis could be employed as a form of entertainment. One guy had dressed his cock up like a puppet in the form of a snake, and he used ventriloquism to act out some lewd fantasy with his nether companion. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Mary Kate laughed so hard that she nearly fell off her chair.

And the guy following him did a fantastic type of aerial display using a high wire, where he had some device strapped to his penis that allowed him to lay his body flat along the trajectory of the wire and perform all kinds of dazzling aerobatics. I had never known that the penis could withstand such rigorous applications.

Anton made us all laugh when he used his ample cock as a bat, swinging at pitched tennis balls of which a few landed almost in our laps. Even while he was performing his act, the same women ran around the stage, always making certain that each man remained erect. Their combined antics drove the crowd into a frenzy.

However, it was the routine of the guy who came after him that really made us laugh. Taking center stage, this rather tall and slender man pulled three different colored hollow plastic balls from a box and began to juggle them, using his long penis as a third arm. It was quite fascinating to watch his prick jerk upwards every time one of the balls landed on it, and he was greeted with a thunderous roar of applause each time he did so.

About an hour into the show, the lights went down and the men stood in a long line in front of the audience, their cocks glistening with lubricant that their female assistants had applied. Mary Kate indicated to me that this was the finale of the show, where each cock was going to ejaculate without any kind of assistance whatsoever. I had never seen this feat accomplished before, so I was anxious to see if it were really possible.

The atmosphere had gone from one of unbridled gaiety to one of hushed anxiety in a matter of seconds. The music that blared from the loudspeakers reminded me of the same kind of music you would hear on game show such as "Millionaire". It evoked a sustained suspense that unconsciously kept you at the edge of your seat. Two minutes went by, then three. And then purple strobe lights came on.

"I think we're going to see our first cumshot," Mary Kate said, elatedly.

"Which one?" Ashley asked her sister.

"Him," Mary Kate answered, pointing to the guy on the far right. "Look he's starting to shoot now."

How Mary Kate knew this I could not comprehend, but she was right. Even as she finished speaking, the guy thrust his hips forward and cried out. With no stimulation whatsoever, his huge cock reared back and fired a giant salvo of hot white cream into the audience, almost reaching the women in the table next to us. Not only did the cum travel a long distance, the strobe lights made it look like it was moving as if in slow motion, with the long arc of sperm broken up and highlighted into its constituent globules. It was a startling effect that astonished everyone in the audience.
"That's new!" Mary Kate cried, as the guy shot off another volley of sperm high into the air above our heads.

I had to move to my left to avoid getting hit by the aftermath of his huge explosion of cream. But the woman behind me apparently took the full brunt of the liquid assault and shouted her dismay.

"Look," Ashley said. "Here comes some more!"

Two of the guys standing in the middle of the line began to ejaculate at the same time. Huge arcs of sperm were launched into the crowd by their bobbing pricks, some of the sperm shot out with such force that the strobe light made it appear as if it looked like machine gun bullets tracing an invisible arc in the air. It was fun to watch the effect the light was having upon each ejaculation. Sometimes the spurts were long and fairly coherent. Other times the ejaculate seemed to burst into smallish balls of purple that resembled a slow motion version of water being forcefully ejected through a hose.

Other guys started to cum now, including Anton. Staring right at me and grinning lewdly, the handsome Frenchman pointed his fat prick toward me and moved his hips back and forth in a fucking motion. Within seconds, the white liquid that was begging for release from his full balls exploded from the tip of his swollen prick.

Mary Kate grabbed my arm hard. "Don't let him splash you!" she cried, quickly moving out of her chair.

Foolishly thinking that ejaculations of the kind that Craig or Barney could produce were intrinsic only to them, I remained in my seat, looking at Mary Kate as if she were nuts. But then Ashley followed suit, and I knew I had misjudged the crafty waiter. I really doubted that Anton could shoot a load over ten feet, but he did, amazing everyone. Once launched, his cumshot sailed out into the audience like one, giant, snake-like tail—ominous and direct. I had no time to dodge the blast, so I threw my hands up in front of my face and lowered my head into my lap. The explosion of hot cum flew well beyond me, striking several women behind me instead. However, it was the second and subsequent multiple bursts that reached my exposed legs, coating them both with a thick white lacquer. 

"Oh, shit!" I cried, bemoaning the fate of my brand new white pumps now covered in spunk.

The twins laughed at my predicament, but as soon as the cascade of sperm subsided Ashley knelt down and began blotting my limbs with some tissues. Just as Anton finished ejaculating, the guy next to him began to fire off salvo after salvo of his copious hot semen, but thankfully in the opposite direction.

Eventually, all the men achieved orgasm, the last one to do so sending a most amazing rocket of sperm about 15 feet into the ecstatic and appreciative crowd.

"That was fucking great!" Mary Kate exclaimed, as she turned her head to watch the last jet of sperm sail into the distance.

"I had no idea some of those guys could shoot like that," I said, as Ashley finished removing some of the sperm from my shoes.

"I don't think Anton would have shot so far if it wasn't for you," Ashley said to me.

I laughed. "Well, it's nice to know that I can influence people like that."

The show was over and I had had a wonderful time.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Holly," Ashley said. "Come on. Let us give you a ride home."

An hour later and we arrived at my aunt's chateau feeling quite energized.

"Doesn't the sight of all those guys shooting off get you all horny?" Mary Kate asked me.

"A little," I confessed.

"God, I'm so fucking horny now," she said. "I'm going home and break out the vibrator."

"Don't forget to come to the fashion party on Wednesday," Ashley reminded me. Try to get there by 8:00 PM."

"I'll be there."

I said goodnight to the twins and ran upstairs and straight to bed, the memories of those long stringy series of ejaculations making me feel quite horny too.

The following morning I had told both my aunt Phoebe and Lenore of my experiences the previous night at Le Trois. Both seemed somewhat bemused by my tale.

"Oh that!" Lenore scoffed. "You make it sound as if it's something unique."

"You don't think it is?" I asked, surprised.

"We've gone to dozens of those kinds of shows," my aunt said between sips of coffee.

"Yes, but the guy who juggled..."

"It's been done and done and done," Lenore interrupted. "And I'm sure it's probably been done a hell of a lot better than what you saw last night. I could tell you some stories..."

"Please, don't," my aunt warned with an air of finality.

Lenore shrugged. "Well, it's been done."

"It was all new to me," I said.

"You'll have to forgive us for being a little jaded, niece," my aunt said. "Us old girls have seen it all at one time or another."

"Anyway, I had a great time."

"I'm sure you did. Mary Kate and Ashley are a blast. I love them both dearly."

Lenore smiled at me. "I told you they are exceptional people. Finer friends you could not ask for."

"They're having a fashion show at their home tomorrow. I'm going."

My aunt looked pleased. "Enjoy yourself. I understand there are going to be quite a few celebrities attending."

"And a few surprise guests, too," Lenore added.

"Like who?" I asked.

"I was told not to say anything."

"Oh, come on, Lenore!"

"I can't tell you or it will ruin the surprise," she said flatly. 

My attempts to pull any other information out of her were useless.

For the rest of the day and most of Wednesday I was curious as to whom these surprise guests were going to be. I spoke with Craig on the phone that evening and he advised me to not call Ashley and Mary Kate demanding to reveal their list of stars, which is what I wanted to do.

"Now how do you know that this surprise they've got planned might not involve you?" he asked.

"I don't know."

"Precisely. So if you try and force it out of them, they might get offended. And if they did tell you, it would spoil the fun."

"I hate surprises, though. I wish Lenore had never said anything."

"You know you're acting a little immature, don't you?"

"I guess so. When am I going to see you?"

"Friday, it looks like. Barney and I will be taking a flight from Cannes on Thursday afternoon. Can't wait to see you."

"Me too. Call me tomorrow afternoon and let me know what films you guys saw. I wish I were there with you right now."

"If you were here with me right now I can guarantee you we wouldn't be watching any films."

We spoke for another ten minutes and then said goodbye. I slept that night imagining his strong muscular arms holding me close to him as his lips caressed mine.

A private limousine took me into Paris the next day. As the car made its way up the winding driveway that led to the twins' estate, I noticed that our car had become only one in a long line of stretch limos that suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere both in front and behind us. As we approached the outside gate, several burly men dressed in dark suits came toward the car and my driver was instructed to stop and let me out. The cars around us began to exude its occupants, some of whom I recognized as up and coming stars and others who had already become legends. All of these people were being escorted through the front gate and toward the entrance to the house.

Although the twins' estate was impressive-looking enough, it was nowhere near as large and charming as my aunt's fairy-tale castle. In fact, it seemed rather modest considering that the girls could afford to live anywhere they wanted. But once I entered the house, I understood why they had chosen it. It possessed a certain artsy charm in its bare, hardwood floors and high vaulted ceilings. The windows were huge, paneled affairs that rose from the base of the wall almost to the ceiling itself, allowing the rooms to be flooded with ambient light. The overall impression was sparse and somewhat stoic, but the addition of a grand piano, some Persian wall hangings, and an array of beautiful frescoes added an elegant and human dimension to it. 

As I and the other guests, whom I quickly realized were all women, were escorted into the main living room, I couldn't help but imagine that I was suddenly transported into an ornate furniture showroom, where every available space had been taken up with chairs, couches, and sofas of various kinds. And in the middle of this forest of furniture, was a walkway purposely created to bisect the room at its center, thus allowing the fashion models to strut their stuff so that all could see.

I had no sooner entered the room than Mary Kate and Ashley came running to greet me, both looking a bit annoyed.

"Teri and Drew can't make it," Ashley told me, dejectedly. "I don't know what's wrong with those two lately."

"Can you imagine passing up our fashion show?" Mary Kate frowned. "This is the second time they've done that. I'm never going to invite them again."

"I wouldn't let it spoil your show," I offered.

"Oh, don't worry, it won't. Have you seen some of the people here? Look, there's Florence..."

"Oh, I know her!" I said as the woman sat down amongst several other middle-aged celebrities. "She was the mom on that show with all those kids. The Brady something or other."

"Bunch." Mary Kate filled in.

"And there's that girl Nikki from "Unhappily Ever After," Ashley pointed out to us. "She's very nice. You'll like her, Holly."

As my eyes surveyed the room, I began to recognize many other famous people whose faces at first I could not place. There were women from the bygone age of television, Florence of course, and someone whom Ashley called Barbara, who was the television mother of a little, nerdy kid named "Beaver". There were other stars whom I recognized right off: Jennifer, Hayden, Mena, Kelly, Alyssa, Mira, Lindsay, a whole entourage of world-famous women who all looked so absolutely beautiful that I felt inadequate in their combined presence. These objects of the paparazzo's seemingly perennial attention glided about the room like so many ethereal goddesses, bestowing equal amounts of grace and charm upon all whom they met. Mary Kate and Ashley escorted me around the room, introducing me to these people, always staying close by my side and refusing to be enticed away.

Most of these celebrities were nice people; some were not. Even in the presence of the twins themselves, a few of these so-called luminaries treated me with a dismissive attitude. I'm not saying they were rude to me per se, since they did offer the obligatory smile and hand shake, but beyond that they were too egocentric to warrant any meaningful conversation. I found the older stars much more to my liking. Florence was especially warm and genuine as was Barbara. Their younger counterparts, Nikki, Kelly, Alyssa, and Mira, were all very gracious and friendly. But overall I would have to say that the more mature women amongst them were truly deserving of the word "star".

As the show was about to commence, Mary Kate and Ashley had me sit down with them at the far end of the catwalk. The waiters were busy taking orders for drinks, which were being avidly consumed by the jittery, expectant crowd of which I was told numbered about 150 people. The twins gave a little speech to introduce everyone to their new line of men's clothing that was now going to be modeled. Finishing her introduction with a joke, Mary Kate indicated to a woman standing at the opposite side of the room to have the first model come out.

I hadn't noticed it before, but my attention was drawn to the ceiling as the lights around us went down. There, ensconced at various areas on top of the rafters, were small, but powerful, colored floodlights that now illuminated the catwalk. As if on cue, the loudspeakers, which I could not see, but which appeared to be nestled within two large wooden enclosures on either side of the catwalk judging by the direction of the sound, suddenly came to life, blaring forth a techno dance tune that had just become popular on the charts. In synchronicity with the music's beat, the first of the models strutted through the doorway, holding his head high.

The model wore a three-piece, gray, pin-stripe suit with a pink shirt and gray silk tie. The moderator informed us that the suit was made by a new and promising Italian designer whom the twins had hired recently to represent their line of men's clothes. I had to admit that the workmanship was quite spectacular. Of course the man wearing it, a young man in his early twenties who looked supremely self-confident, was very handsome, which made the presentation even more striking. His shoes, a throwback to the half-boot style of the mid 1960s, were a perfect complement to his ensemble. The design provoked a round of applause.

"I'll bet your boyfriend would look nice in that," Ashley said to me.

"I was thinking the same thing," I replied, as I watched the model perform one last full turn before heading back through the door.

One by one they came out, all ten of them, looking as handsome and charming as they could be. I had to admit that the designs were simply astounding, and for any man who could afford these superbly tailored suits, he would be foolhardy not to purchase at least one.

After the suits had been modeled, there followed a line of casual wear that was just as wonderfully designed, and drew quite a few positive comments from the audience. Ashley and Mary Kate were beaming. Their show was proving to be a great success and I was happy for both of them. But the best, as usual, was saved for last.

As the last model walked out, there was a brief pause while Ashley took the podium.

"And now ladies," she said with a mischievous smile on her face," the moment we've all been waiting for! The swimwear!" 

The crowd immediately broke out into cheers as the first of the models came through the door wearing nothing but a low-rise, black bikini. But after a few moments I realized that all the cheering was not due to the design of the bikini itself, but to the massive bulge vividly apparent within it.

"Holy shit!" Mary Kate exclaimed. "Is he packing or what?"

There really was no place else to look. The entire audience was captivated by the sight of this handsome young guy parading down the catwalk with a hard-on as big as a house. The lewd comments that were thrown at him as he casually, and quite indifferently, walked up and down the aisle had absolutely no effect upon him. He simply carried out his routine with aplomb and smiled graciously as he strutted off.

"Christ that was fucking huge!" Ashley screamed with laughter. 

"How some of these guys can maintain erections under these conditions is beyond me," I said, chuckling under my breath.

Alyssa, Mira, and a few other celebrities were overcome with amusement, demanding to see more. They were not disappointed.

The next guy came out wearing nothing more than an emerald-green thong, showcasing his frightfully massive erection. I was puzzled as to why he too was sporting a hard-on until Ashley confessed to me that she and Mary Kate insisted each model get himself hard for the show.

"I thought it would be amusing for everyone," Mary Kate said without taking her eyes off the model. "I mean, just look at him. Look at that beautiful package!"

I couldn't help but laugh along with everyone else. "You're amazing," I said to her. "Next thing you'll have these poor guys walking out in the nude!"

I continued laughing but a sudden silence feel upon both sisters.

"What?" I said staring at both of them. "Oh, no. You're not telling me..."

"Just relax and enjoy the show," Ashley said, trying to patronize me.

I turned my attention to the next model, who was now dressed in a very sexy French-style swim trunk. He, too, was quite well endowed. 

And so it went on, until all ten models had showcased their attractive swimwear and their ample equipment. As the last model gingerly walked out of the room, Mary Kate and Ashley were greeted with a thunderous round of applause. Their fashion show had been a hit.

"Great job guys," I said to both sisters. "That was fantastic!"

"It's not over yet," Mary Kate said with an impish grin.

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

By now the crowd was quite worked up. The smell of marijuana was everywhere and the liquor continued to be consumed in huge quantities. The women were demanding to see more of the delectable hunks that graced the twins' fashion show and it was clear that they were not going to relent until they got what they wanted.

"Okay, okay!" shouted Mary Kate, addressing the jeering crowd in a loud voice. "I know what you naughty girls want, and here it is!"

Mary Kate's assistant on the other end of the room opened the door, and to my utter astonishment, and the crowd's overwhelming delight, two very handsome and muscular men, one black, one white, came walking up the catwalk casually, gracefully, and completely nude. And the thing that made it so incredibly lascivious, was that both men were sporting 12 ¾" erections. I sat there with my mouth hanging wide open.

"Surprise Holly! Surprise!" Ashley squealed.

Indeed it was big surprise. The two men were none other than Craig and Barney.

"How did you manage this?" I asked her, dumbfounded.

"I took both their phone numbers," Mary Kate replied. "I leave nothing to chance."

"We thought you'd be happy about it," Ashley said, admiring the huge erections that now bobbed up and down for all to see.

"Well, yeah, I guess so. It's just that it took me completely by surprise."

"That was the idea. The guys were very cooperative."

"I'm sure they were."

Mary Kate's eyelids closed to half their normal size. "Please don't tell me you disapprove, Holly. We're just having a little fun."

"No, no, it's not that. It's just that I spoke to Craig last night and, well...he sure pulled the wool over my eyes."

"He was just keeping our secret," Ashley said. "Come on, enjoy the show."

She then gave me a big hug and took my hand, the sheer exuberance of her laughter quickly disarming me.

"Hey Craig," I shouted. "Hey Barney!"

As soon as both men saw me I was rewarded with a huge grin from each. Craig blew me a kiss.

"Hey babe!" my blonde exhibitionist yelled out. He then turned around and playfully shook his muscular backside at me.

"He is such a great guy!" Mary Kate sighed. "You're lucky to have him, Holly."

"I know, Mary Kate. I know."

What transpired that evening was something that I will try to describe in some detail, but the overall impression was one of unbridled depravity on the part of the women, in particular. I suppose their reactions could have been attributed to the overindulgence of drugs and booze, but I think many of them simply were possessed of a lewd nature to begin with. I believed these characteristics were typical of your average, and not so average, Hollywood celebrity. But this behavior also extended to those stars who had long ago departed the heady luminescence of Tinseltown. From what I could tell, even the most mature of these former luminaries were now acting as wild and blatantly sexual as their younger counterparts.

Needless to say, it wasn't long before a throng of women descended upon the two naked men, caressing them, fondling them, and in general treating them as if they were both Apollo and Hercules come to life. It had become a free-for-all with everything up for grabs.

"Come on," Mary Kate said, grabbing both her sister's hand and mine. "Let's get in on the action."

We had to fight our way through the crowd to get to Craig and Barney, who were by now quite enervated by all the female attention they were receiving. As soon as Craig saw me, he grabbed me and gave me a long kiss.

"You look great!" he said to me as some strange women wrapped her hand around his huge prick.

"So do you!" I said hugging him.

The strange woman continued to pull on his cock even as I kissed him. "Do you mind?" I said to her. "He's my boyfriend."

She looked at Craig and then me.

"Well, it's true," he said to the woman.

She laughed. "Right now you belong to all of us," she replied with slurred speech, and continued masturbating him

"They want to milk me like a cow I think," he said to me. "Look. They're bringing over a table now."

"And we have a huge champagne glass to catch all the semen!" said a mature woman standing behind him. It was the 70-ish looking woman whom I had been introduced to earlier who had once played Beaver's TV mom.

"Are you kidding?" I asked her.

"Of course not. He told us it's his fantasy."

"Is that true, Craig?" I asked him.

He blushed. "Yeah, it's true. Ever since Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Barber..."

"Oh," I said knowingly. "You told me that story."

"You don't have a problem with this do you?"

"Me? No, Craig, I don't. Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do. Enjoy it."

Of course I was a little jealous. I mean, what woman wouldn't be, seeing their boyfriend as the object of lust for so many women. But even now, as I was being rudely shoved out of the way so that other strange hands could grope and fondle my handsome lover, I realized that I really had no claim to Craig. There was no real love involved between us, only a simple physical attraction and a growing friendship. So, although in my heart I would have liked to claim bragging rights, it was purely a fiction—an invention of my own vanity and nothing more. 

Within seconds my erstwhile blonde stud was pushed to the center of the room and, with the aid of a dozen or so women, hoisted up onto a small cocktail table. It seemed that the older women in the group were controlling the action, positioning Craig on all fours so that they could milk him like a cow. I thought he looked silly in that position but the other women were totally absorbed in what they were doing, oblivious to everything else except getting him to ejaculate.

Meanwhile, Barney was pinned against the corner of the room by a group of women intent on masturbating him. He was laughing heartily at all the female attention and quite literally helpless to fend them all off. Woman after woman took their turn stroking his massive meat stick and I could see that he would not last much longer.

"I want to see this thing pop!" said Alyssa, who was furiously stroking him.

Florence, the TV mother of those kids once known as the "Brady's," now pushed her way through the crowd with a huge champagne glass in her hand. "Let me through!" she cried as she stumbled across the floor and straight into Mary Kate.

""Don't' worry, Florence," the startled twin said. "He's not going anywhere."

With that the elderly woman handed the glass to Barbara who placed it under Craig's midsection. "I got some lube if anybody wants some!" she hollered.

It wasn't enough that the two men were now being sexually assaulted. Mary Kate now ordered all the other models out into the room, and they too were likewise overpowered. It was a free-for-all.

"Look at the balls on this one!" I heard Brittany shout as her hands grasped one man's bulging nuts. 

I saw one of the models standing in the midst of a small group of women giving them a semi-private jerk off session. Within minutes he was shooting great globs of sperm on the floor, earning him a roar of approval from the women.

"Let's bring them all off!" Nikki cried, as she dragged one guy by his penis toward the catwalk.

Kelly and Mira were so drunk they could barely stand upright. Yet they managed to force one guy onto the floor where they were furiously masturbating him.

"Shoot it!" Mira commanded him. "Shoot it up to the ceiling!"

"We all want to see your fucking hot spunk!" Kelly added, as her small hand flew up and down the man's 10-inch pecker.

Drunk as they were, the two women forced the man to ejaculate high into the air, sending ribbons of hot cream within a few feet of their intended target.

Suddenly, Mary Kate appeared on my right. "Fuck, that's awesome!" she said to me as she watched the sperm continue to shoot upward toward the ceiling. "I love watching all that spunk fly out. It gets me so hot."

"It is very erotic to watch," I agreed. "Kelly and Mira really know how to get a guy to cream really hard for them."

"Well, we ain't no slouches either baby!" she reminded me. "Come on, watch me and Ashley get Barney off."


"Yes, really. I've been dying to jerk off that big, fat schlong of his forever. Come on!"

We passed by Craig on our way to see Barney and I could see that the older women had completely overpowered him and were now in utter control of his masturbation. The younger women watched anxiously as their older counterparts rubbed every inch of his strong and taut body with body lotion, focusing their attention on his huge 12 ¾" prick. He seemed to be in another world.

"Okay, ladies," Mary Kate said to the women standing around Barney. "Let Ashley and I take over from here."

The women were at first reluctant to remove their collective hands from Barney's body, but Mary Kate insisted. Ashley, who was only now just entering the room from which she had exited to use the ladies' room, insinuated herself between her sister and the women still clinging on to Barney.

"Now ladies," Barney said diplomatically, "let Mary Kate and Ashley have their way. They are your hosts after all."

One by one the hands pulled away, quickly to be replaced by those of the twins.

"Make it a big one, for us," Mary Kate said to Barney. "Like you did last week. You know. Lots of ropes."

"That won't be a problem beautiful lady," Barney replied softly, as Mary Kate's tiny hand closed around his huge shaft.

"Make it shoot as far as you can, okay Barney?" Ashley said, deftly grabbing the tip of his prick with her index finger and rubbing it quickly up and down under his purple glans.

"Anything for you, gorgeous," he said between clenched teeth.

There was so much action going on at one time that I didn't know where to look first. The elderly women were still milking Craig like a cow, and both Ashley and Mary Kate were now masturbating Barney with all four of their hands. In addition, all the other models were similarly being brought to orgasm and their moans filled the air around me. A few of the women were now having intercourse with some of the models. It was becoming a full-blown orgy.

"Spunk, spunk, spunk, spunk!" screamed Alyssa, as she brought a giant black model off. As she casually pulled up on the man, a thick rope of cum shot out and sailed over her head to land on another woman's dress. She laughed as several more giant spurts were forced out by her energetic stroking, splashing into her hair and clothing, coating her with a thick, white patina.

Kelly was straddling a naked man, her back to his face, both hands wrapped around his swollen, cum-filled tool, coaxing it to release its load. She gave him three, fast, upward pulls and watched in glee as the hot sperm shot out in multiple spurts, flying everywhere. A group of women stood directly in front of her watching the whole thing, and applauded even as they watched their own clothes get soaked in the process.

Another model was now reaching climax. This time it was Brittany who forced the explosion of cum. He was actually sitting in her lap as she masturbated him, helped along by a few vicious tugs from Mira, Lindsay, and a few other women. Suddenly the guy screamed and a shower of sperm sailed out into the air, provoking a chorus of laughter from the women, who themselves were getting soaked. Over and over again, the man's excited prick surrendered its massive load at the coaxing of the beautiful women's unrelenting hands. As soon as he stopped shooting, one of the women grabbed his cock and began sucking it, getting him hard again. She then began riding him right there on the chair as Brittany licked his huge balls.

Suddenly, a low moan cut through the wall of voices. It was Barney, and he was about to release what I knew would be a massive amount of sperm.

Mary Kate and Ashley were now employing their hands in tandem as they ferociously jerked off the giant, ebony prick. They looked at each other and at Barney at intervals, sometimes breaking out into fits of laughter at what they were forcing him to do. Barney was ready to cum. Even the older women paused in giving their attentions to Craig in order to witness the big, black man's explosion.

I had to admit that it was quite thrilling to see the tiny, demure twins work his huge tool with such attention. Ashley, in particular, was enamored of Barney, and she put all her effort into bringing him pleasure by using both her hands to masturbate him. Up and down, up and down, went their beautifully manicured fingers, teasing and coaxing the long hard shaft until it could stand it no more.

Bellowing like an elephant, Barney's entire upper body shrank back while his legs simultaneously bent forward as he was gripped in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

At first I thought someone had thrown a wet paper napkin at me because all I saw was this whitish blur that sailed completely over my head. But it was, in fact, the first jet of sperm that shot out of Barney's huge prick. Mary Kate howled with laughter, knowing that this rope of sperm had barely missed me.

"Yeah! Yeah!" the younger twin screamed as she pulled furiously on Barney's ejaculating tool. "I want to see more ropes! More! More!"

Barney dutifully complied. 

An explosion of cum followed on the heels of her request, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and even seventh volleys shooting out in all directions in a series of wonderfully timed ejaculations. Ashley's hands, like her sister's, were completely covered in sperm, yet she continued to stroke the massive cock, making sure it was pointed upward at an angle so that she could watch each spurt as it was forced from the tip of the giant prick. At one point she unexpectedly pointed Barney's cock straight up, forcing a rope of spunk to shoot high up over his head and into another woman's face, which caused both sisters to laugh hysterically.

"Nice shot!" Mary Kate said to her sister.

So much cum kept shooting out of Barney that the sisters could not keep count. By the time he shot his sixteenth and final load, the twins, and Barney, were exhausted.

"Look what you did to me!" Mary Kate said to Barney as she showed him her sperm-soaked hands.

"And look at these!" Ashley added, showing him her equally drenched hands.

All Barney could do was shake his head and smile. "That was the best handjob I've ever had in my whole goddamn life!"

The crowd went wild. Mary Kate and Ashley laughed and each gave Barney a kiss.

"I want to watch them bring Craig off," Ashley said, reaching for some napkins to wipe her hands.

"Come on, Holly," Mary Kate said, following her sister's lead. "Let's go."

The older women had performed their work well. Craig's huge prick was all lubed up and ready to explode its contents into the champagne glass. But that didn't sit well with one black-haired, fifty-something woman.

"No! Don't let him cum right away," she said to Florence and Barbara, who were both milking his long penis with gusto. "Here, put this on his cock. Let's get a build up of some of those seminal fluids!"

Everyone screamed with laughter at her funny comment.

This woman, whose name was Irene, handed Florence a black, leather contraption that proved to be nothing more than a cock ring. Florence had Craig stand up as she strapped the leather device around his cock. She performed the maneuver in less than thirty seconds and his cock was now effectively contained within it, looking like it was going to explode with the slightest touch.

"I like that you shave your balls," Barbara said to Craig.

"Anything to please you beautiful ladies," he replied with a big grin.

"You'll please us with a nice big cumshot," Florence laughed.

"Yeah," Mary Kate agreed. "We expect to see lots of ropes, Craig. Just like Barney did a little while ago."

"I promise you, if you keep this cock ring on me, you'll be seeing a ton of ropes."

"Good." she replied. "I want to see you fill that champagne glass up to the top."

One after the other, all the celebrities took their turn at fondling him. He was now the center of attention. I could see how much he enjoyed having his cock and balls teased and stroked by so many beautiful women. But it was the mature females that captivated him most. Craig had told me all about his sexual adventures with several mature women who treated him like some kind of CFNM plaything. It had all happened when he was only eighteen or nineteen, but it had left an indelible imprint upon his young mind. Now as his masturbation was finally being exclusively conducted by Florence, Barbara, and several other older women, I knew it would not be long before he would completely lose control and surrender his enormous load to their combined machinations.

Sensing that he was on the verge of cumming, Florence ordered him onto his hands and knees, pointing the tip of his agitated prick into the champagne glass. She and Barbara pulled on his cock hand over fist, in a consistent, rhythmic fashion, never once releasing their grip upon him. 

"How does it feel to have your prick jerked off by an older woman, Craig?" Florence said, while the vast female crowd around him howled with laughter.

"It...it feels...fuckin" great!" was all he could manage to say.

Alyssa, not content to watch the older women have all the fun, moved in close to his backside and delivered several hard slaps to his bottom. "Fill up that fucking cup!" she commanded him between hits. The audience roared with laughter.

Barney, who was still recovering from the wondrous and sperm-depleting handjob he has just received from Mary Kate and Ashley, stood behind Florence and Barbara, admiring their superb masturbatory skills.

"God damn!" he cried. "I'd already be shooting my load by now! Come on Craig. Show these ladies what you're made of!"

The women around him laughed but their attention soon turned back to Craig, who was now starting to ejaculate.

"Watch girls!" Barbara squealed, sensing Craig was about to cum.

The first spurt of semen was long and thick, splashing against the side of the glass with such force that a good portion of the ejaculate bounced off and up into the air and into the audience. This brought on a round of applause.

"Holy shit!" Mary Kate cried. "More ropes, Craig! Let's see more ropes!"

As if in answer to her plea, Craig fired off another series of white, creamy bursts directly into the glass while Florence and Barbara continued to stroke him violently.

"That's it Barbara," Florence laughed. "Get all that fucking, nasty juice out of him girl. Keep pulling!"

Barbara needed no encouragement. Squeezing his oversized balls with one hand and jerking on the cock ring with the other, she helped provoke a series of sticky salvos that flew into the glass one after the other, effectively covering the inside of the container until it was completely opaque.

Ashley was beside herself. "I love this," she whispered in my ear as Craig's cock continued to fire even more shots of sperm into the glass.

"I know," I replied. "I do too."

"I don't mean just watching him cum. I mean, I love the control we have over men. It makes me feel so sexy."

"It's a great thrill, I have to admit."

She shook her head in agreement. "I mean, look at him. He's completely under the control of those women, and he loves it!"

"I think most guys would do almost anything for a simple handjob."

"Yeah, if we could only find a way of keeping them in that orgasmic state we could take over the world."

I couldn't help but smile as I thought of Dr. Swensen and her famous "EJAX-472" male fertility drug. In effect, and ancillary to its intended purpose, that drug might have been the very thing Ashley, in her ignorance, alluded to. A drug that would keep men in a heightened state of sexual awareness—was that what it would take to change the world?

"Look," Mary Kate said, pointing to Craig's penis. "He's still shooting off. The fucking glass is almost full!"

It was true. The glass was indeed about three-quarters full of his hot seed and he was still ejaculating. The women were now cheering him on, demanding he fill the glass to the brim.

During this entire ordeal Craig kept his head down, seemingly unwilling to look into the faces of the women surrounding him lest he lose his concentration. His strategy appeared to pay off as the last of his ejaculations now filled the entire glass. Florence removed the cum-filled receptacle and lifted it high above her head as the entire audience erupted into a thunderous round of applause.

"Fantastic!" Mary Kate said, admiring the full glass.

"I've never seen guys cum so much as Craig and Barney," Ashley remarked, her eyes focused on the same object.

I silently told myself that no matter how much Craig or Barney would deny that the EJAX drug was out of their system, they had to be wrong. There was no way any normal man could ejaculate enough semen to fill an entire glass. Okay, King Matumba might prove the exception, but he wasn't normal. Odd enough as this fact was, the women in the audience didn't seem to care one bit. Maybe they were all too drugged up or too drunk to care. All that seemed to matter to them was that they were the ones in control. Maybe the rush of power they felt over these men transcended every other consideration. I don't know. But when I left there that evening I realized that the only possible way women would ever reign supreme over men was not by direct confrontation, but by patiently, insidiously, controlling their heads—the ones between their legs.


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