Lauren’s Story


Our company sent us to New York on business, and we were both booked into the same hotel, but in separate rooms. Lauren, my co-worker and I were going to give a presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye flight back to the coast. We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the 23rd floor of a large luxury hotel. We'd both been surprised when we were booked into this hotel, expecting more modest quarters. The rooms weren't lavish, quite the contrary, they were simple, efficient hotel rooms. In a word, dull. But the interconnecting door gave me some ideas, and I hoped Lauren was of the same mind. We settled into our rooms and I'd just cleaned up a bit when there was a light knock on the door between our rooms. I opened the door and Lauren suggested we find an early dinner somewhere nearby, and perhaps a drink, as this would be our only night in the big apple. We dined at a small Italian place, with high prices and equally good food. Afterwards, we visited a small night spot and danced a bit, then decided to return to the hotel. It was still early, only about 8:00 when we walked down the hall towards our rooms. Lauren had overdone her drinking and I was helping her down the hall. She wasn't drunk, but she was just a little tipsy, laughing and giggling as we entered her room. She used the bathroom, while I entered my room through the connecting door, and called the front desk to check for any messages (just in case the boss checked up on us). Having no messages, I kicked off my shoes to get comfortable, and returned to Lauren's room. Lauren was looking out the window, and as I came into the room, she waved me over excitedly. "Take a look over there!" She whispered, as if she would be overheard. I followed her finger and saw another hotel. The window she'd pointed out clearly showed another couple, on their bed, in the midst of some pretty steamy action. We couldn't see a lot of detail, other than they were both quite naked, and he was on top of her, and her legs were around his hips. Their motions were a primitive, erotic rhythm; something very specific. "Hmmm. Looks like they're having fun." I said quietly. I could feel my cock swelling, being so near Lauren and watching her intent interest in the other couple. Lauren is attractive, single, 25, about five foot eight, raven black hair, pale green eyes, and a nice figure of 31C-20-31. We'd been working as a team for seven months, flirting a little, and getting to know each other well. Lauren had a boyfriend until three months ago, and we'd gone out to dinner only once in those three months. She knew my interest in her wasn't completely business. I turned down the lights in the room, and we sat by the window and watched the "show" the other couple was giving us. They were a floor below us, and we had a good view of their activities. A few minutes later, the woman turned over and knelt, taking her man doggy-style. I heard Lauren take a deep breath, and she oooh'd when the girl sat up. The girl had very large breasts, D cups for sure, and 36 or 38 inches. Her tits flopped against the bed as her man slammed her from behind. I looked over at Lauren, and she looked at me. Now was the time.

"I want you." I said in a low, breathy voice. Lauren motioned me to stay seated, then indicated for me to be silent, using the age-old finger to the lips signal. Lauren began to slowly unbutton her blouse, her eyes were fixed on the couple in the other room. I watched Lauren's fingers slowly unfasten each small button, exposing more of her body with each movement. I glanced over at the other couple, seeing that the girl was now flat on the bed, her big tits visible at her sides, while her man was still pounding her from behind. Lauren's hand stopped at her waist, and she slid the blouse aside, running her fingers over her bra. Almost without effort, the front hook parted and her breasts came free. They were full, soft, and, I knew, warm. Lauren slowly slipped out of her blouse and bra, still watching the other couple. She sat there, topless, cupping her firm tits and rolling her nipples in her fingers, giving me a hellva hard-on.

"Oh yes!" Lauren breathed quietly, still staring out the window. I looked and the man had withdrawn, and was now spreading the girl's ass, working his cock into her nether hole. This was obvious from their positioning as well as her reaction. Lauren's hand slid down and unzipped her skirt, and she slid out of it as well, sitting down in only her pantyhose and underwear. As the other couple began to work back into their rhythm, Lauren began to slide her fingers under her panties, one hand still pinching a nipple.

The couple in the window were glistening with sweat, and I could see a bare sheen forming on Lauren's chest between her marvelous breasts. Her breathing was deeper, heavier now, and she kept her eyes on the performers. Lauren's musky scent filled the room, and I shifted in my seat, trying to ease the discomfort of my aching cock which strained against my slacks. The other couple were near to orgasm, frantically fucking hard. Lauren's hand seemed to vibrate over her clit, and she was half aware of her surroundings as she too neared her nirvana. Sudden motions became jerky, then stopped in the other window, the couple slowly collapsing onto the bed, signaling their orgasm. Lauren was in a light trance, her head back slightly, lips parted, breathing heavy, and her fingers blurred over her clit. Suddenly, Lauren arched forward, then she slid down in her chair, obviously having her own orgasm. She panted quietly for a few minutes, and I reached over, brushing her hair back out of her face. Lauren didn't blush, or cover up. She looked over at me, You didn't get off?" Lauren asked me. I shook my head. "I enjoyed watching you though." I said. "Highly erotic, and better than any fantasy." Now Lauren blushed a little. I could see her tan lines, faint but discernable, showing around her tits. Lauren wore small suits judging from her tan. I looked out the window for a long moment, and was about to suggest that we adjourn to bed, together. A light went on in the hotel room directly across from us, and standing in the room was a very lovely, quite naked blonde, with perhaps the most luscious body I'd seen in years. She was joined quickly by another girl, who wasn't quite naked, still wearing her garter belt and stockings. The girls embraced and kissed. "Hmmm. This looks intriguing." I said, indicating for Lauren where to look.

Lauren looked, and I half expected her to make a comment about the lesbian scene we were watching, either positive or negative. Hearing none, I glanced at her, and she was watching intently again. The girls were kissing and both running their hands over each other. We had quite a nice seat, although a bit far away for my tastes. I wasted no time, unzipping my slacks and undressing as the girls made their way to the bed. Lauren glanced over my way several times, the table interrupting her view. I now sat in my chair, wearing nothing, stroking my very erect cock as I watched the two girls. Lauren propped her feet up on the air conditioning unit and began to stroke herself lightly. We watched as one girl, lying on her back, let the other lick her pussy. They were enjoying each other fully, when a well built man entered the room, toweling himself off from a shower. He looked at the girls and watched too, his thick cock standing quickly. I had an idea then, and hoped Lauren was as horny as I was, and would go along with me.

I stood up, and Lauren looked directly at my cock. Without saying a word, I walked around and stood next to her, indicating for her to stand. Lauren did, and I knelt, removing her pantyhose and panties, letting my hands glide down her lovely, warm legs. Lauren sighed as my face brushed against her thigh when she stepped out of the last of her clothes. I rose and turned her chair to face me and gently pushed her into the chair. She reached out with her right hand and closed her long thin fingers around my shaft, staring at my cock the whole time. I reached down and began rubbing my fingertips over her hard nipples as she slowly stroked her hand up and down my throbbing penis. I pointed to the windows. The first couple had covered up and weren't doing much but the other window was full of activity. The man was now kneeling over one girl who sucked his cock, and the other girl was sucking the first one's nipples. With the lights off in our room, our skin took on the brownish-gray cast of night mixed with city lights.

"Watch them." I whispered. She looked out the glass, and put her left hand between her spread legs, inserting two fingers into her pussy. I squeezed her breasts, feeling their weight, and then rolled both her nipples in my fingers. Lauren's eyes fluttered, her breathing becoming deeper, more urgent. She looked up at me with half-closed eyes. I reminded her to watch our friends in the other room. Both the other women were now sucking the man's cock, and the blonde was squeezing the tits of the other woman. I began pumping my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her pumping fist.

Lauren's hand tightened around my shaft, and her fingers began moving faster in and out of her slit. even in the faint light I could see her fingers were shiny with her juices. Lauren moaned softly and leaned back a little to allow her hand better access to her dripping cunt. "Look at what they're doing now!" I whispered. The trio had changed around, and the blonde, with fairly large breasts, was giving the man a good tit-fuck. The brunette had her face deep between the blonde's legs. Lauren was watching, but her hips were rocking back and forth and here hand was pumping wildly on my cock!

"Wait." Lauren breathed.

I couldn't believe this! We were both hot enough to set fire to the hotel, and she wanted to wait! The head of my cock was pulsing and precum was flowing out the hole all over Lauren's hand. She was driving me crazy. I looked over at the trio, and the man was now feeding the blonde his huge cock, about half of it in her mouth. Lauren suddenly started jacking me furiously. As her hand flew over my cock, I resumed thrusting my hips back and forth, fucking her fist. I saw her other hand now a blur as her fingers flew across her swollen clit.

"Oh baby! Yes! I'm going to cum!" Lauren panted as we began to pump our bodies together. Her fingers on her clit were going to make her cum, and I slowed down, wanting to watch her have her orgasm. "Oh, look, look!" Lauren cried, and I looked at the trio. The man had moved, and was now jerking off by both girls who were kissing fiercely. Lauren began to move her hands even faster, thrusting her hips against her fingers. The man in the other room was cumming, and the girls were both sharing his cock and cum. Lauren was madly stroking my cock now, and I pumped into her fist hard and fast. The girls kissed and then the brunette crawled up and sat on the blonde's face, rocking furiously over her mouth. Lauren was moaning and tossing her head back and forth.

"She's gonna cum too!" I panted to Lauren. "Watch. She's cumming!" The brunette shuddered and arched, then fell onto her companion's body. Lauren's stopped pumping my cock and her body stiffened "Fuck! Cum, God! Fuck! I'm Cum!" Lauren cried out, her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she pressed her fingers into her pussy. Lauren was almost bouncing on her seat, pumping against her fingers as she groaned out loud. I felt a familiar surge rising deep from within. I continued to pump my cock between her fingers. "Don't...move." I panted. Lauren tried to remain still while she looked up at me and jerked faster on my cock. A second or two later, I came with a long, thick stream of cum pouring onto her breasts. Then another. I shuddered as each spurt sent my sperm flooding onto her tits. Over and over until I felt as though all my strength had just flowed out my cock. I collapsed back into my chair, nearly faint. "That was fantastic." I said softly, not opening my eyes. "Hmmm. Thank you. I loved it too." she replied dreamily. We looked over and watched the trio continue their fuck, and my cock stirred again. The blonde was sucking the guy, and the other gal was fucking her from behind with what looked like a strap-on dildo. We cheered them on, getting a little bit lewd with our suggestions. The blonde came and the three of them relaxed, giving Lauren and I a break. Lauren needed to visit the powder room, and she stood up, kissing me softly on the lips before she walked off. When she returned, she indicated the open door between the rooms. "Your place or mine?" she said, standing by the door. We both laughed. "Yours." I said, pulling her onto the bed. We kissed and began again, this time, wondering if someone was able to see us, and perhaps they'd get the same ideas we had.

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