Semen Hunters

Up until the time I was married I would have never believed that there were two disparate Americas coexisting side by side forming unequal parts of the same whole; one of unbounded privilege and the other of implicit, soul-deadening servitude. To think that the vast majority of Americans were no more than indentured slaves to banks and corporations that ruled over them was not immediately apparent to my naïve mind. The idea that my country's class system was as rigidly hierarchical as any other current or former world power was foreign to my sheltered, middle-class existence. I had always believed that America was the land of opportunity; a land in which an intelligent, talented person could elevate herself to the highest echelons of society via hard work, determination, and dogged persistence. But once I had married into a formidably wealthy family, I began to see that my previous perceptions of reality had been skewed by years of societal indoctrination invented by an elitist class to keep its lowly brethren ignorant and malleable to forces beyond its control. I slowly began to realize that the accumulation of vast amounts of money that preoccupied the greater portion of the elite's waking hours was not an end result in itself, but only the means by which great power could be achieved. And, ultimately, with that power, the control of humankind and the precious earth that we inhabit.

America has been described recently by various pundits as an empire in decline, and I see no good reason to deny their assertions. At present we face the dubious prospect of entering into another world war, this time in the Middle East, promulgated by psychopaths determined to impose Western hegemony upon all those who refuse to accept the proffered gift of freedom and democracy; a misnomer since America has long said goodbye to its Constitution and Bill of Rights, those relics of an ancient and obsolete Republic sacrificed at the altar of the omnipotent executive branch, which itself is only an instrument of the banking cartels and the avaricious, conscienceless marauders of Wall Street. We now stand at the edge of a precipice. If the insanity of our politicians cannot be held in check, then life on this fragile planet may end sooner than we think. As one idiotic politician recently remarked, "Why have nuclear weapons if you can't use them?" With this intellectually and morally feeble mindset, is it any wonder that Armageddon might be right around the corner?

Now that I am married, I have been given a splendid opportunity to view life from the tip of the societal iceberg, so to speak. I am now part of the social elitist class, having married into an old English family of great wealth and power. My husband, Nathaniel West, the current British Ambassador to the United States, is a kind and decent man of noble lineage who can trace his ancestry all the way back to Henry IV. However, he is also very zealous in his pursuit of personal fame and glory, which has sometimes led him to put his job before me. More than once I have been subject to his displeasure whenever things did not go his way in the realm of foreign relations. Fortunately for us both, my equanimity had always been a bulwark to his mercurial temper.

Being the wife of an ambassador means spending the greater part of my life separated from my husband. Although we have only been married six years, I often feel lonely and sexually frustrated due to the inordinate amount of time he spends travelling around the world. I suppose I shouldn't complain since Nathaniel has provided me with all the wealth and luxury I would ever need. But these material things, as comforting as they may be in a physical sense, do nothing to assuage the longing of my soul to engage in life's more transcendent experiences. I feel as though I am swimming around in a fishbowl, cognizant of the existence of a greater reality surrounding me but helpless to partake of it. 

Before I met my husband I had already established myself as a successful novelist, and my works of romantic fiction provided me with enough money to support myself. However, my middle-class existence came to an abrupt end once I was married. We now live on vast estate in the town of Amagansett, New York, on the eastern part of Long Island. Many famous celebrities live here; Paul McCartney and Billy Joel being our nearest neighbors. 

To alleviate some of the loneliness and boredom I suffer when my husband is away, I have sought out the company of other women who live in the neighborhood; women who, like me, were anxious to move out from behind the shadows of their famous, and often absent, husbands to pursue their own interests. Over the years I became friends with quite a number of such women, and I eventually became part of a clique who met regularly to participate in one social event or another. I soon discovered to what heights of prurience extreme wealth and privilege could engender in even the most seemingly prim and austere women. And, with that revelation, my life would change forever.

One afternoon during a ladies' social tea at Millicent Friedman's house in early September, she began to recount in a most florid and candid way her recent visit to the Red Light district in Tokyo where she and several of her friends went to a bar where only women were allowed. In this bar many men from different countries would serve the women drinks while being scantily clothed or fully naked. The women would have the men masturbate for them in various ways until they reached orgasm. The women would then drink the men's sperm. She laughed merrily as she described how she forced one handsome young stud to send his ejaculate flying into a salad bowl ten feet across the room. Notwithstanding the fact that the feat she described would have been impossible for any man to achieve, the women seemed to accept it verbatim, and most found it quite amusing.

At first my reaction to this seemingly preposterous tale was one of both shock and disgust, but her account was hotly corroborated by two of the women seated next to me who had accompanied Millie on her trip. Despite their strident approbations, I was loathe to believe the lurid story and merely looked at them with an incredulous stare.

"I swear, Lydia, I am telling the truth," Millicent said, her limpid blue eyes focusing intently upon me. 

Millicent, or "Millie" as she liked to be called, was an intellectually formidable and aggressive woman whose outspokenness was only superseded by her glaring sense of humor. Her tall, majestic frame was capped off by a crown of short, copper-red hair that lent a hint of juvenility to her athletic, middle-aged body. She had been married to a plastic surgeon for almost twenty-five years before they decided to call the marriage quits. She had one daughter who was off at college.

As she continued to stare at me waiting patiently for any sign that I might buy her story, the woman sitting beside me grabbed my arm and shook it violently.

"Don't believe a word she says, Lydia!" she said mockingly, denying her friend's admission with a demonstrable sneer.

"I don't," I answered, keeping my eyes on Millie.

Dorothy Gianelli was a stunning aburn-haired beauty with green eyes and an angelic face. She was in her early thirties and married with nine-year-old twins, both girls. Her husband was the CEO of a major architectural corporation in Manhattan that had built many of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. Like me, she had established herself as a successful interior designer long before she had met her husband, and retained her streetwise cynicism despite all the trappings of wealth. She was a daydreamer of the highest order, finding discontent in the supposed benefits of materialism and thirsting after a more profound and liberating life beyond the blatant opulence and conservatism of the elite social order she had been thrust into by marriage to her husband. Although demure, she projected a sunny, positive attitude marked by a distinctly kinky interest in all things sexual. Millie's story had made her laugh, but I could see that it also turned her on.

"Well, you should!" Millie retorted. "And it's about time we brought you up to speed."

"Oh, come on, Millie!" Dorothy whined. "Do you really think we should be telling her this?"

"Why the hell not? She's been in the loop for a several years. She's one of us now."

"I agree," Charlize Templeton said, raising her tea cup in salute. "We've got to tell her some time."

"Tell me what?" I inquired.

Charlize, a tall, thin aristocratic woman of forty-seven years, smiled at me and took a sip of tea before letting the cup down gently into her saucer. She had four children—all of whom had long since left home years ago to pursue their various careers. Her husband had died several years ago and she now lived alone in a beautiful mansion that had once been the summer resort of a wealthy and powerful senator from Oyster Bay. Her brown hair was pulled back into a bun and her fashionable glasses framed a face whose beauty had not diminished with age. 

"We're a bunch of drinkers," she said brusquely. 

"Drinkers?" I asked, with a puzzled look on my face. "As in alcoholics?"

"As in sperm," said a voice from the other end of the room.

Yumi Kawasaki, a lovely, black-haired, Japanese woman with huge brown eyes and flawless skin, shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she looked deferentially at Millie. The woman was in her late thirties but looked ten years younger. She had been married to a Japanese businessman for almost a decade and had one child, a boy of ten. At five feet two inches tall she was a powerhouse of intelligence and wit who tempered her proclivity toward unforgiving bluntness with a substantial amount of smiling and joke making. 

"Sperm?" I felt myself laughing as I said it.

"Yes, sperm," she replied tersely. Call it what you will, sperm, semen, jizz, cum, splooge, baby batter...we love to drink it."

I looked from one face to the next hoping that what I had just heard would have provoked either exclamations of incredulity or amusement, but I was met only with blank stares.

"Are you telling me that you, all of you, actually drink semen?"

"Not only do we drink it," said Ann Pulaski, a pretty, short-haired blonde in her mid-40s with hazel eyes and a robust personality, "but we go hunting for it."

"That's right," Millie said. "We're what you might call sperm aficionados. And we're all part of a club—a 'semen hunters' club if you will."

I couldn't stop myself from laughing derisively at this point. "A semen hunter's club!" I cried, shaking my head in disbelief. "Stop it. You're going to make me puke!"

"This isn't a joke," Ann said, unamused.

Sharise Jackson, a tall, elegant, and stunningly beautiful black woman with huge breasts, impeccable fashion sense, and a singing voice that was on a par with her idol Whitney Houston, looked at me with a disapproving smirk. Her black satin Valentino dress caressed her hard, voluptuous body like a second skin. As the president and CEO of JET magazine, she had made friends with some of the most prominent black artists and politicians in the world. She was divorced with three kids, two boys and one girl, all of them in their teens. Her hair was short but styled very sexily, which made her look at lot younger than her forty-four years. "Well she seems to think it is!" she said to Ann while never taking her eyes off me.

"Oh please!" I said to Millie. "You're putting me on!"

"No, we're not," Millie replied. "We just happen to share the same fetish, that's all."

"Drinking cum?"

"Yes, drinking cum."

I threw up my hands in disgust. "And all of you are into this same perversion?"

"And what's so horrible about it?" Grace Allenby asked in her high-pitched Aussie voice. "It's not a bloody crime you know. And it's not like we're doing something illegal."

A recent immigré from Perth, Australia, Grace was a woman of medium height with long blonde hair and soft blue eyes. The creator of her own line of women's cosmetics, she had made a fortune in the ten short years since forming her company, which now had branches throughout the world. She was in her early thirties, and married with an eight-year-old girl. She normally possessed an even-tempered disposition but the subject matter seemed to provoke a surprisingly robust response from her.

"I didn't say it was illegal, Grace," I replied. "I said it was perverted."

"Really? When you give your husband a blow job and swallow his jizz, do you call that perverted?"

"I don't swallow his sperm."

"Never?" she asked, her eyes studying me, searchingly.

"Never," I replied proudly.

"Have you ever tasted cum at all?"

"Only once when I first started dating my husband."


"I was giving him a handjob and he shot all over my hands. Out of curiosity I tasted it and found it terrible."

"So you have never swallowed sperm from that point?"

"Never. I mean he begs me to give him head all the time but I just can't swallow cum. And I have no intention of ever doing so."

Suddenly the room fell quiet. I could feel their eyes looking at me in wonderment and then dismay, giving me the impression that they now regretted letting me in on their little secret.

"Well I guess she won't be accompanying us to the glory hole!" Katie O'Donnell joked as she crossed her long legs. She was a cute-as-a-button Irish girl of twenty-seven with short blonde hair and large green eyes. The ample freckles on her nose gave her a slightly schoolgirl look, exuding an impish yet charming quality. She stood about five feet, six inches tall and had a slim, athletic figure. Although married with a two-year-old daughter, both she and her husband were swingers and enjoyed having sex with other people as often as they could get it. I had known for some time that she often frequented glory holes to suck off anonymous men while her husband videotaped the event. I tried not to be judgmental even though I thought the practice revolting.

"May I ask you something?" Millie said to me. "Does your husband eat fruit?"

"Rarely," I replied. "He's more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Why do you ask?"

"Guys who don't eat fruit, especially things like pineapple, grapes, watermelons and other sweet and succulent fruits inevitably have horrible tasting sperm. We've found that if fed a constant diet of fruit, a man's sperm will acquire a sweet taste, or at the very least, a much less repugnant flavor."

"And why should that be of any interest to me? I told you I don't enjoy drinking his sperm."

"Because it tastes like shit. If his sperm tasted better you wouldn't mind it so much, or maybe not at all."

"Maybe," I replied doubtfully. "But the whole idea of giving blowjobs and having him shoot off in my mouth really doesn't appeal to me very much."

This admission brought a groan from everyone.

"Listen to me, Lydia," Sharise said. "You've been complaining lately how lonely you've been because Nathaniel is away most of the time. Well, did you ever think that maybe he's not too happy with the fact that you don't like giving him oral sex? Most men I know love a good blowjob and even more so when the women gulps down his load. Your refusal to pleasure him like that could be the reason he's not at home so much. Maybe he's found someone else to give him that pleasure."

"Come on, Sharise!" Ann exclaimed. "Now you're implying that he's being unfaithful to her."

"Well, maybe he is. I know lots of guys who have left their wives for far less."

"What do you think, Lydia?" Charlize asked me. "Nat was here recently. Did he seem distant to you? Did he even try to make love to you?"

Her inquiry could not have been more unwelcome. She had hit upon a subject that I had refused to acknowledge for a very long time. Nathaniel had indeed acted rather cool toward me and he had not bothered to initiate intercourse despite my best efforts to get him to do so. Was his aloofness to be blamed on the fact that I would not engage in oral sex with him? Could fellatio be that important to a man? Was drinking a man's sperm so important a thing that the reluctance to perform the act could cause my husband to lose interest in me?

"No," I replied, looking down at my hands. "Not once during the entire week he was here."

Dorothy whistled loudly through her teeth. "You've got a problem sweetie. He was gone for what...a month? A man who's been away from his wife for that long...well, he should've been tearing your clothes off as soon as he got in the door."

"You're assuming he's acting distant because she won't suck him off," Yumi said to Dorothy. "It might be something else entirely."

"No," I said to Yumi. "I think Dorothy is right. Over the past year he's been avoiding being intimate with me. And on the rare occasion we do have sex it's over with in ten minutes. I usually end up jerking him off."

"Does he ever ask you to blow him?" Katie asked.

"Not anymore. He used to ask me all the time but I guess he's either too ashamed or embarrassed to ask for it now."

"Because he knows how much you hate it."


"Or maybe he didn't want to hurt your feelings," Grace said.

Again the room fell momentarily quiet. At this point I should have felt upset by their intrusive comments, but I found instead that their insights forced me to admit to myself that I had been living in denial for years in regards to my marriage. The truth was, my marriage was in jeopardy and had been for some time.

"We've known each other now for quite a long while," Millie said to me. "Can I ask you...and be honest...does your husband enjoy going down on you?"

"He used to," I replied softly. "But that was years ago."

"I'll let you in on a little secret, Lydia. The art of giving a man a blowjob followed up by swallowing his entire cum load is one of the most powerfully satisfying things a woman can do for a man. And the sublime satisfaction a woman gets from getting a guy off this way is incredible. The power to control a cock with your hands and mouth so that you literally drive a man to the point of mindless ecstasy is one of the greatest feelings you will ever experience. I can't begin to tell you how absolutely wonderful it is to have such power over a man."

As she continued to speak her voice became more and more animated. She told me how there was a network of semen lover's "clubs" throughout the country, women-only organizations that catered to those who loved to drink sperm. She explained that there were hundreds of secret venues that catered to this particular fetish, and that young men between the ages of 18 and 30 were selected on the basis of their good looks and fitness of body to offer their stores of abundant spunk to the anxiously waiting mouths of these dominant, cum-starved women. But their favorite pastime was to abduct innocent young guys from college campuses or neighborhood bars and then bring them to some remote locale to feast on their cocks and balls until there was not a drop of semen left inside their bodies. Some of my friends' husbands knew about their fetish; others did not. But it was made very clear that I was honor-bound to keep their secret, and that if I should fail in this that I would be forever ostracized from their company. Drinking sperm was very important to these women and I was left with the impression that they would do anything to keep their perversion secret.

"Are you telling me that all of you just go around herding up guys to suck off whenever the mood strikes you?" I asked Millie.

"That's really all it is," she replied with a wide grin. "Every so many months we go on a 'quest'—that's what we call it—to hunt men. In fact, we have a quest coming up next weekend at one of the local colleges if you'd like to join us."

"And do what, exactly?"

"Well, you could play the role of the seductress," she said coyly.

"That's a great idea!" Grace exclaimed, almost jumping out of her seat. "She'd be perfect!"

"You want me to seduce a bunch of college students?" 

"You'd be a natural, Lydia!" Katie said. "Look at you. You're a beautiful, tall brunette with long hair and huge brown eyes. You'd have those guys eating out of your hand!"

I actually entertained the thought for a moment but I really couldn't see myself in the role of a thirty-year-old cougar getting her kicks from prowling the campus for man meat. It just wasn't me.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'll have to pass."

"You do realize that this is a joint enterprise," Dorothy said. "You wouldn't have to do it alone."

I smiled. "I suppose if I loved ball juice as much as you I'd be excited to do it," I replied. "But I'm not. I just don't share your appetite for cum."

"But what about the thrill?" Charlize asked. "It's exciting to ensnare these innocent young guys. It's like a being a jungle cat closing in on your prey. Once we've trapped him you can sit back and watch what we do. You don't have to swallow any sperm if you don't want to."

"It all sounds so terribly predatory," I said. "Not to mention immoral."

"It's a harmless fetish," Ann replied. "That's all it is. We never hurt them. We just use them and then let them go."

"You use their bodies against their will," I said firmly. "I'd call that immoral."

"Well, we don't force everyone," Sharise noted, trying to sound diplomatic. "Sometimes guys come to us willingly."

"Come on, Lydia," Millie said. "It'll be a lot of fun. I promise you."

I shook my head. "I don't know. I'll have to think about it."

Around 7:00 p.m. we all sat down to dinner. Millie had prepared an excellent repast of broiled haddock and asparagus sautéed in garlic and oil. My friends and I talked of many things, our past romances, the state of the economy, the wobbly condition of the current educational system, and other timely topics. A few hours later I found myself in a heated debate with Katie, who insisted that bigger cocks produced far more sperm than their smaller counterparts.

"There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support your claim," I told her. "I've seen some smallish penises shoot out some of the biggest loads."

"In the porn movies?" she said disparagingly. "They're all fake."

"No, in real life. I had many boyfriends before Nathaniel came along and quite a few of them had small to average-sized cocks. I can tell you from first-hand experience that those little dicks produced some serious amounts of jizz."

"Well maybe they were freaks of some kind because I've never seen a little cock produce more than just a few measly squirts."

Ann laughed loudly. "There you go again, Katie! Always blaming the dick and not your lack of adequate hand skills!"

"Oh, shut up, Ann!" Katie replied. "You wouldn't know what to do with a nice, big, fat cock if it stared you in the face!"

"I'd point it in your direction and jack if off in your big mouth!"

For a moment I thought the two women were going to have an argument, but Katie just laughed and stood with her mouth open, sliding her index finger in and out rapidly. "Incoming! Incoming!" she shouted as she pretended to suck on an imaginary cock.

Of all the women in our group Katie was the most juvenile. Maybe being the youngest among us had something to do with it. She was a free spirit, demanding, tactile, seeking thrills wherever she could find them. It had been no surprise to me to learn that she was a swinger and a glory hole devotee. Marriage and parenthood had only heightened rather than diminished her capacity for sexual deviance. Her husband, a thrill seeker himself and a man who enjoyed watching his wife having sex with other men, encouraged her deviant behavior, often acting as her pimp when they had occasion to visit the more squalid areas of Manhattan. It was a lifestyle that both intrigued and repulsed me at the same time. The idea of squatting in front of some filthy wall with an anonymous cock sticking out of a hole did not fascinate me in the least, let alone sucking that same cock until it unloaded its vicious hot juice into your mouth. But a thrill seeker will perpetually be on the lookout for new and more outrageous sensations wherever they could find them, and Katie embodied that spirit to an inordinate degree. 

"I think we should all be heading over to Charlize's house about now," my deviant friend suddenly announced.

"What's going on over there?" I asked her.

"Oh, that's right, you don't know. There's this big-dicked guy waiting for us to drain his nuts for him, and I have first dibs."

"What she means is that I've got a 19-year-old kid who's been living in my cellar for the past three days on a diet of fresh fruit and a potent aphrodisiac," Charlize said. "He's got a cock the size of a kielbasa—well, maybe not that big. But Katie's first on the list to sample his load. Wait until you see him. He's gorgeous."

"That's right," Katie replied. "I'm first. Don't you girls forget that!"

"Relax, Katie," Ann said, as if trying to calm a child. "We all know it's your turn to go first."

"Is he there voluntarily?" I asked Charlize.

"No, we had to drug him. But I assure you he hasn't been hurt."

"What if he goes to the police?"

"We own the police sweetie," she replied, with uncompromising certitude. "The state serves the needs of its masters, and we control just about everything—including the cops."

I had no doubt that what she said was true. The ruling class did indeed operate independently and with impunity beyond the normal parameters of the social justice system. And they had done so for centuries. Now that I was within their ranks, I had been made constantly aware of it.

"You haven't hurt him in any way I hope," I said to her.

"No, no, no," she replied dismissively. "We're not sadists after all."

Millie invited me to go along with them. I was going to refuse but she convinced me that it would be a fun and entertaining evening that would also serve to indoctrinate me into their fetishistic world in a non-participatory way, leaving me free to observe without actually partaking of its dubious delights. I was also curious to see just what was so fascinating about this compulsion to swallow sperm.

"Okay," I said to my host. "I'll come along."

"Great!" she replied. "I'll drive you over in my car. Charlize only lives a few miles from here."

It was now almost midnight and I was already feeling a distinct sense of anxiety as I accompanied my friend to her waiting limo.


The Templeton estate was situated high on a promontory overlooking Long Island Sound, buttressed on its northern side by a sprawling twenty-five acre primeval forest that itself was encompassed within a vast ring of electrified fences complete with surveillance cameras every tenth of a mile. The estate had been built in the late nineteenth century by a wealthy banker to serve as his family's summer abode and had been subsequently occupied by a variety of well-to-do personages over the next century. Charlize's husband, Alfred Templeton, a wealthy business magnate who had died nine years ago at the young age of thirty-three in a plane crash while visiting Paris, had left his survivors with over a hundred million dollars in cash and fixed assets. His death, accompanied by the demise of over seventy-five other elites who had occupied the doomed flight with him, had never been fully explained by the Parisian authorities. The French aircraft investigation organization, the Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses, recorded that the plane, an Air France 444 jetliner, had plunged into the Atlantic Ocean only minutes after its departure and that the airplane's black box had never been retrieved. The surreptitious nature of the investigation by French authorities and by the Civil Aeronautics Board in the US had left Charlize desperate for answers. Nine years later and after much concerted effort, she still was in the dark as to the real cause of the tragedy.

The mansion itself was an imposing structure, a twenty-three room edifice decorated in traditional, elegant Gregorian style with elements of rustic and cottage decor. Even in the dark I could see this house was built to impress and intimidate others by its sheer size and architectural beauty. But Charlize did not lead us into the house. Instead she directed us toward an adjoining edifice; a two-story building that had once served as the servant's quarters but had long since become an artist's studio where she could paint for hours on end while looking out over the ocean.

"This is my home, really," Charlize said to us as we entered the house. "I spend most of my time here drawing and painting. I never really liked the mansion. It's so cold and informal. I like the intimacy of this place much better."

I had to admit that she was quite a good artist. Everywhere you looked there were either finished paintings or paintings that had remained half-completed on her easel. Many of these oil and pastel masterpieces adorned the walls, drawing all kinds of compliments from myself and the other girls. As she led us up to the second floor I saw that the staircase wall was full of awards of all kinds, attesting to her great skill as an artist.

"You have quite a talent," I told her. "I'm impressed."

"Oh, most of what you see is old," she replied almost self-effacingly. "I'm into post-modern art now."

As we reached the top of the staircase, Charlize suddenly stopped. "Jeffrey!" she called out. "We're here!"

"Who is Jeffrey?" I asked her.

"Our boy toy!" she giggled. "You're going to want to eat him alive!" She said this with such gushing enthusiasm that I almost laughed aloud. "I hope you're ready for us Jeffrey, because we're ready for you!" 

The second floor was actually comprised of a series of rooms, seven in all, that for all intents and purposes functioned exactly like a more modest dwelling. It had a kitchen, a parlor and dining room, a full bath, and three bedrooms, all furnished in modern décor. The only difference was that there was an additional adornment not normally associated with the standard furnishings one might find in a living room. This adornment took the form of a large mechanical restraining device bolted into the wall on the opposite side of the room. But the truly exemplary feature of this device was in what it contained: an astonishingly handsome and superbly built naked man.

"Well hello darling!" Charlize cooed as she walked up to the frightened boy and slapped him playfully on the cheek. "I see the maids have you secured nice and tight." She checked the steel chains that held his hands and feet. "I hope you're not too uncomfortable."

"He's just a kid," Millie said, looking over his muscular six-foot frame with unconcealed delight.

"Nineteen years old and raring to go. Aren't you Jeffrey?"

"What are you going to do to me?" he asked apprehensively.

"We're going to drain your balls of every ounce of sperm, baby."

"Not with that thing on," Katie observed, pointing to the silicon device attached to his penis.

"Oh, yes!" Charlize laughed. "We have to take this cock cage off him now or we won't be able to have any fun."

"Please let me go," he said, pulling at his chains.

"After we're done with you," Charlize said as she removed the chastity device and flung it aside.

"I have to admit that you have a knack for finding the choicest prime beef around," Sharise said to Charlize. "I'll bet he tastes great."

As she said this she smacked her lips and ran her hands over Jeffrey's nether regions, causing him to moan softly.

"Oh yeah!" Ann exclaimed. "He likes that all right!"

"How long has he been tied up like this?" Dorothy asked Charlize.

"Not long," Charlize replied. "I had my servants put him in the restrainer before they left about a half hour ago. Do you see this?" She tugged gently on a black metal collar around his neck. "This is called an obedience collar. It operates on infrared. If he gets out of hand all I have to do is press this little button on my keychain."

Jeffrey's eyes opened wide when he saw her press her finger on the tiny black button. The device emitted no sound, only a tiny red light on the side of the unit indicated that it was working. For an instant Jeffrey's body was wracked with pain. And then it was over.

"The infrared signal triggers the sensor chip embedded in the collar causing the nerves throughout the body to burn as if they're on fire," Charlize explained.

"I thought you said you weren't a sadist," I remarked.

"I'm not. But wouldn't you want some kind of protection against a beautiful hulk like him?" She turned to Jeffrey. "I'm sorry, gorgeous," she said as she put the device back in her pocket. "That was a warning. If you don't do exactly as you're told you'll get more of that. Obey and I'll let you go in a few hours."

"I'll make sure all of you go to jail," the boy muttered.

"I don't think so," Charlize replied, giving his scrotum a gentle squeeze. "Like you, we have the police by the balls."

Jeffrey watched us intently as we took our time examining his lovely physique.

"He's got a nice prick," Grace noted. "It's kind of small though."

Charlize laughed. "Not for long. He's got three day's worth of that EJAX drug in his body. I assure you his cock, and his balls, are going to get a lot bigger."

"Where did you ever get your hands on that stuff?" I asked her. "I thought you needed a prescription."

"The woman who invented the drug is an old friend of mine. I told her I needed some and she sent it to me—no questions asked."

"Nice friend."

"Charlize always gets what she wants, Lydia," Yumi said. "Never forget that."

"It's one of the advantages of being disgustingly rich," Charlize replied, running her hands over Jeffrey's upper body.

It didn't take long for the EJAX drug to take effect. I sat and watched as my friends caressed, kissed, and sucked almost every part of Jeffrey's anatomy, paying special attention to his cock and balls, both of which had grown to an abnormally large size within minutes, and right in front of my eyes.

"His damn thing has got to be over a foot long!" I exclaimed, as Katie's voracious mouth closed over the tip of Jeffrey's engorged tool. "And his testicles too! They're fucking huge!"

"That's what EJAX does to a man," Millie said. "The drug not only increases sperm production, but it also increases the actual physical dimensions of the genitals. Pretty cool huh?"

She looked down appreciatively at the splendid rock-hard specimen and smiled as Katie's head rapidly bobbed up and down on the sperm-swollen shaft.

His hands and feet fastened so that he could not employ his limbs in any protective way, and always at the mercy of the terrible pain collar, Jeffrey had to endure the assault upon his body with the greatest reluctance. It was bad enough that he had to be physically restrained in this way, but to have his sexual organs at the mercy of some unknown drug was even worse. Several times he implored the women to let him go but they completely ignored him, their only aim being to fulfill their desire for his sweet-tasting sperm.

I could tell that the guy was enjoying the blowjob he was getting despite the discomfort of being at their mercy. And I learned from Charlize that the EJAX drug was capable of producing the most prodigious and pleasurable orgasms that a man could ever experience, even when his body was not under his direct control. In fact, she said, it was this act of submission to a woman that many men discovered, often for the first time in their lives, the most intense sexual feelings they would ever experience. Looking at the pained expression on Jeffrey's face seemed to belie her assertions, but it wasn't long before Katie's unrelenting blowjob had him moaning with pleasure.

"It won't be long now, Katie," Ann said, as she drove her long tongue in and out of his mouth.

Katie took the huge meat stick out of her mouth momentarily to catch a few breaths. "I can feel his balls filling up," she said, as if delivering a status report. "This one is going to be a real gusher!"

"Swallow it all, darling," Millie said, as she caressed Katie's golden hair. "But leave some for the rest of us."

Katie giggled but wasted no time in getting back to work on Jeffrey's glistening prick, which was now dripping with copious strands of pre-cum. The girls cheered her on as her little mouth absorbed almost the entire length of his huge dick. I was amazed to see how diligently she applied herself to the task of bringing him off. But it was obvious to me that all the years she had spent kneeling in front of various glory holes sucking off hundreds of cocks had provided her with superior oral sex skills that I had never been aware of before. It wasn't just a matter of sucking a cock, but rather the unique and inventive ways in which she used her mouth and tongue to drive him to the heights of ecstasy. I found myself admiring her technique and feeling a little jealous that the youngest of our group was also the most experienced—at least when it came to giving superlative blowjobs.

"Holy shit!" Jeffrey cried. "I'm going to shoot my load!"

"Do it, Katie!" Charlize said. "Make him cum!"

The handsome young man thrust his lower body forward in a most violent fashion as he was overcome with the urge to ejaculate. Katie, spurred on by his words, grabbed his shaft and stroked it up and down very fast, her mouth wide open and ready to receive his rich cream.

"Fuck!" Jeffrey swore, as the blonde woman's hand forced out a violent explosion of hot spunk.

The first shots landed squarely in her mouth and she swallowed his thick load greedily. Subsequent bursts proved too much for her little mouth to absorb, so she let the sperm splash into her face and hair, with some of the ejaculate finding its way onto the dresses of both Yumi and Ann.

"Christ!" Millie exclaimed. "Look at all that lovely fucking juice!

Katie was drinking down as much sperm as she could, amazed at the enormous amount of semen that kept shooting out of Jeffrey's tortured cock. Unlike Charlize and Millie, I had never seen the EJAX drug at work, although I had known about it and had even read some reports in the magazines claiming it to be a "miracle" drug to help end male infertility. To actually witness its effectiveness first-hand was something else however. It was indeed true that a man's genitals did actually increase in size to a measurable degree, with a concomitant increase in sperm production and volume. What I was watching now would have been considered physiologically impossible by any medical standards only a few short years ago. But the seemingly unending series of powerful ejaculations, some of which flew across the room up to distances of ten or more feet, were a testament to the drug's efficacy. I could only shake my head in wonder and amusement as the abundant volleys of sperm continued to relentlessly assail Katie's mouth.

It was now over a minute and Jeffrey was still ejaculating. His face was contorted with both pleasure and disbelief at what must have seemed incomprehensible to his young, immature mind. My friends reacted with joy as they coaxed and wooed him throughout his long and mindless orgasm, uttering a barrage of filthy and disgusting sexual slurs in an effort to force every drop of cum out of his heavy and enormously swollen balls.

"You're our little bitch, aren't you?" Yumi said to Jeffrey, as she grabbed both his ass cheeks in her hands.

"Yes, miss!" he rasped between clenched teeth, as yet another huge rope of hot seed sailed over Katie's head and onto the floor several feet away.

"I love to watch those big fucking loads of yours shoot out!" she laughed as she continued to rub her hands over his ass, slapping him occasionally.

"How are we doing swallowing all that creamy jizz, Katie?" Grace asked.

Her mouth full of semen and her face now completely awash in Jeffrey's sticky paste, Katie could only laugh before gulping down the entire mass. "All down!" she said, grinning happily. 

Jeffrey continued to fire off a few more rounds, and then his prick, now devoid of ammunition, suddenly grew semi-erect. Katie released her grip and stood up triumphantly.

"God, that was good!" she said. "It was like eating a bowl of strawberries and cream!"

"I told you that a diet heavy on fruit makes the sperm palatable," Millie said to me.

"I'm totally shocked," was all I could say in response.

Katie headed for the bathroom to clean up, while Jeffrey was given some water, yet more fruit, and a little time to rest. His body was bathed in sweat.

"Look, you ladies have had your fun. Now let me go," he said to Charlize.

"I told you, Jeffrey," she replied casually, "we'll let you go after all of us have had a chance to drink some of your delicious cum—not before."

"You expect me to cum again after that?" he insisted.

"Of course. You've got the EJAX drug working inside you now. You're good for at least another few gallons."

This made everyone laugh, including Jeffrey himself. But I could see that despite the fact that he had just performed the most intense sexual feat of his life, he was still angry at being at the mercy of my friends.

After a few minutes' rest, and with Katie now cleaned up and ready to participate once again, Dorothy began fondling Jeffrey's cock while Sharise massaged his absurdly huge testicles, their simultaneous actions forcing the young man to achieve another immense erection. Admiring his now splendid and rigid specimen, Millie gave Jeffrey a deep kiss and then stuck her tongue deep in his mouth.

"I really love this big fucking dick of yours, Jeffrey," she said lazily. "I'm going to fuck you right now and then you're going to shoot all that luscious jizz in my mouth."

"Yeah, go for it, Millie!" Dorothy smiled, as she gave the boy's erection one last tug.

Jeffrey looked on in helpless wonder as the patrician beauty lifted up her skirt to reveal that she had no panties on. She backed herself up against him, raising her ass high into the air as both Dorothy and Sharise guided his foot-long cock into her steaming pussy.

"Oh, fuck that feels good!" Millie exclaimed, as Jeffrey's penis slipped effortlessly into her.

"Fuck her good, you son of a bitch!" Charlize screamed at the young man as his captors laughed and cajoled him mercilessly.

It didn't take very long for Millie to achieve release. Within a few minutes she was moaning in utter pleasure as her body was wracked with multiple orgasms.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried as the huge piston drilling inside her cunt forced her to cum over and over again. "Keep fucking me!"

Jeffrey, now coming close to achieving orgasm himself, continued to fuck the older woman with all his might as her screams of lust echoed throughout the room.

"Keep going! Keep going!" 

The other women urged Jeffrey on, shouting obscenities at him while performing lurid and vulgar gestures meant to stimulate his already over-stimulated libido.

"Shove that big fucking cock of yours deep in her pussy!" Ann said as she stood next to him, watching every motion of his cock driving in and out of Millie's climaxing cunt. "Make her pussy explode!"

There was no doubt in my mind that Jeffrey had absolutely no control over his actions. His mind and body had not only been usurped by the effects of the incredibly powerful EJAX drug, but by the continual provocation and sexual stimulation of the women themselves. I had never seen such predatory instincts displayed by a member of my own sex. It all seemed surreal to me, and in ways that I found both repellent yet sexually enervating. I couldn't take my eyes off the scene, and even found myself offering a few obscene comments of my own.

At last, when Millie could no longer withstand the powerful sensations of her own pleasure, she fell to her knees before him and begged him to shower her with his seed. Jeffrey was more than ready to oblige.

Encouraging both Dorothy and Sharise to join her, both women got on their knees on either side of Millie and looked up into Jeffrey's face, enticing him to cum with their foul language.

"I'm ready for some of that hot spunk, Jeffrey!" Dorothy teased.

Sharise gently played with his heaving scrotum, fondling it with her long red nails. "Come on boy! Whack that thing off and give us all that you got!"

It took only a few seconds after that last provocation to get Jeffrey to ejaculate.

His right hand working feverishly up and down the rigid terrain of his pole, he screamed loudly as his prick exploded in their faces.

I was standing off to one side, out of harm's way. The last thing I needed was for my dress, or any other part of me, to get splattered. The others chided me for my lack of boldness but I was still trying to come to grips with what I could only term a deviant sexual eccentricity, and I felt no obligation to take a more active role. Instead, I offered what little vulgarities I could to help contribute to the overall lasciviousness of the spectacle.

A long strand of rich boy cream shot out of Jeffry's turgid prick and sailed completely over the trio's heads, splashing into an unfinished pen and ink portrait of some young girl that rested on an easel by the nearest window several feet away.

"In our mouths, Jeffrey! In our mouths!" Millie screamed in dismay, disappointed that she had failed to anticipate the extraordinarily robust cum blast.

Pointing his cock downward and only inches from their faces, he stroked his penis furiously, energized by the potent drug working within him. Suddenly his tool began spitting out huge ropes of white-hot jizz; stream after stream of which shot directly into Millie's gaping mouth and those of her two friends. The amount of semen being ejaculated was truly incredible. If I had not witnessed it myself, I would have never believed it possible that one man's scrotum could hold such vast amounts of sperm. As one volley ended, another quickly began, such that there was no intermission whatsoever in the ongoing assault upon the three women's faces, which were now completely saturated with Jeffrey's sticky spunk. 

The other women standing around watching the lustful ablution laughed and cheered their friends on wildly, and I found myself equally caught up with their enthusiasm. Dorothy's face was totally saturated with sperm, creating a facial mask that prohibited her from opening her eyes, even though her mouth remained wide open to catch as much semen as she could. Sharise's face took on a completely new complexion; her light brown skin now covered over in a thick patina of white cream that resembled a chocolate cake with white frosting. Millie's face, hair, and neck were awash in a sea of glutinous spunk, but oddly enough her eyes had been spared, allowing her to watch with delight as every one of Jeffrey's ejaculations found its target on her face or those of the other two women.

"Bloody fucking hell!" Grace exclaimed, as one particularly robust explosion of spunk shot up high into the air and shot past her left cheek, missing her by inches.

At first, astonished by what I was witnessing, I soon became reduced to joining my friends in their unbridled gaiety as the sperm continued to be jettisoned out of Jeffrey's cock without abatement. His drug-enhanced performance became nothing more than a sexual freak show, where every successive outburst of semen strained the credulity of the observer, provoking wild laughter at our inability to explain logically the fantastic sight enacted right before our very eyes. Judging by the amount of semen all three women were gulping down at a steady rate, and the expressions of joy at the thought of receiving yet another voluminous load to swallow, Jeffrey's sperm must have tasted like ice cream.

"Look at all that fucking jizz!" Ann laughed as she slapped Jeffrey's ass hard. "Keep fucking their faces you little bitch. More! More!"

Jeffrey complied by sending yet another series of creamy jets of sperm into the mouths of all three women, who gulped down as much of his offering as they could while their faces continued to be besieged by the overwhelming onslaught of cum.

The young man's orgasm lasted for almost three minutes, and during that time he had succeeded in producing what I had to believe was close to a gallon of spunk, most of which had ended up in the stomachs of my three friends. Even after his orgasm had ended, the three recipients continued to lick the cum of off each other's faces, purring with satisfaction as they savored every drop of the slimy goo until not a trace of sperm was left. Jeffrey hung from his chains like a limp rag doll, completely spent.

"I can't do this anymore!" he wailed. "You're killing me!"

His plea sounded genuine but the women only laughed and dismissed it as just another feeble complaint.

"Oh relax, Jeffrey!" Charlize said. "We're just going to use you one more time and then we'll let you go."

"No, not again! Please!"

"There are still a few of us who want to drink your sperm. Once they're satisfied you can leave. Now stop the whining!"

He tugged ineffectually at his chains but said nothing more.

A half hour passed in which Jeffrey was given more fruit and some water to drink. I felt bad for the boy but it seemed that some part of him was enjoying all the attention and the pleasure he was receiving. I think the thought of him being restrained and dominated actually heightened his enjoyment. I had to admit that he was a gorgeous specimen of a man. And watching him shoot off into the faces of Millie and the others did have a quite an impact upon me. Maybe giving his sperm a taste might not be such a horrible thing after all, I pondered. But I dismissed the thought as soon as it had entered my mind.

It was now time for Jeffrey to once again perform for his mistresses. Not wasting any time, Charlize removed her blouse and bra revealing her enormous double-D breasts and shoved them into Jeffrey's waiting face.

"Suck on these you fuck!" she said as his face disappeared between her twin mountains of flesh. "Oh, yes! Mommy loves having her big hard nipples sucked by her little boy!"

While Jeffrey's mouth was thus engaged, Yumi, Ann, and Grace began stimulating his genitals. Their three pairs of hands caressed and stroked every inch of his lower body, and within minutes he was once again sporting an enormous erection. I had taken this opportunity to sit down and watch the spectacle unfold before me. I made certain to position my chair directly to one side of the boy in order to prevent myself from being inundated by his far-reaching spunk. When Charlize saw me sitting halfway across the room she chuckled.

"What's the matter, Lydia? Not afraid of a little sperm, are you?"

"This is a $6,000 Gucci dress. I don't want it soiled."

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Ann said, interrupting her handjob to look at me. "Stop being such a prissy little shit and get your ass over here. You might like it."

"No thanks. I'll pass."

Dorothy shook her head at me. "Why don't you give it a try?"

"Not today," I said emphatically.

"You're going to have to suck cock and swallow some cum eventually if you want to stay in the club."

"Let it go, Dorothy," Charlize said, her voice dripping with pleasure at having her nipples so expertly sucked on. "Lydia will come around sooner or later."

"Suit yourself," Dorothy said to me. "But you don't know what you're missing."

Although I was intrigued at what I was seeing, I was in no way prepared to do more than simply observe. I had never thought of myself as a voyeur, but I was finding a great deal of enjoyment in watching my friends use this man's body in such a wantonly sexual way. But despite being sexually turned on, I was not yet ready to participate.

Jeffrey was now primed and ready to deliver his final performance. This time I was asked to jerk him off into the mouths and faces of Charlize, Yumi, Ann, and Grace. I hesitated.

"You're not doing anything else," Millie said to me in a desultory way. "The least you could do is pretend like you're part of the club."

"Yeah, come on, Lydia!" Sharise said, as her hands played over Jeffrey's chest. "Get your ass over here and give this guy a hand."

I noticed that Charlize said nothing. She merely looked at me and smiled wanly.

I considered the matter for several seconds. "Oh, all right!" I replied. "I'll jerk the guy off if it makes you all happy."

"All right!" Dorothy exclaimed. "It's about fucking time!"

"I don't know how you can't be getting horny after what you've seen," Katie said to me. "Every time I go the glory hole my pussy always gets fucking wet."

Perturbed, I looked her in the eye and snarled. "Let's face it, Katie. You're a damned whore!"

Incredibly, she took it as a compliment.

"Why, thank you, Lydia!" she smiled. "Thanks very nice of you!"

I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to Jeffrey who, now freed from sucking on Charlize's nipples, watched me with increasing interest.

The four women now positioned themselves on their knees in front of his monstrous cock, eager to sample his ball juice. I took his slick pole in my left hand while resting my right hand on my waist and began to casually masturbate him.

"That feels so good!" he said, watching my hand glide effortlessly up and down his cock.

"And I feel like I'm jerking a big tube steak!" I laughed.

I saw him stare at my diamond wedding ring and I immediately thought of my husband, and what he would think of my depraved behavior. But with the encouragement of the other women, I kept fisting his big tool with ever-increasing speed, looking forward to feeling his cock pulse with the first rush of orgasm.

Suddenly his scrotum once again started to swell to enormous proportions, and I could tell he was now fully primed and ready to cum.

"Let it out baby," I said to him. "I want to watch you splash all that nasty hot semen in these fucking bitches' faces!"

"Oh, God! Yes!" he cried.

Seeing he was about to explode, I began to jerk him off violently, hoping to provoke an exemplary ejaculation. It worked.

The first to experience the brunt of the tidal wave was Charlize herself, who, with her huge tits lifted up under her chin, received a giant wad of molten lust directly down her throat. She gulped it down quickly, ravenously, her tongue searching for any sperm that missed her mouth.

The second shot was shared by both Ann and Yumi, who fought each other to get the most of Jeffrey's semen down their throats. And then it was Grace's turn. With wide open mouth and her tongue hanging out, Jeffrey delivered a thick and creamy cum blast that filled her maw to the brim. She swallowed what she could before a second wad struck her square in the face, the force of which sent little globules of sperm dancing in the air.

"Love it! Love it!" she cried, as her hands cupped up any remaining sperm, which she then deposited into her mouth.

"Keep pumping that dick, Lydia!" Charlize said, as a huge jet of cum sailed high up into the air and landed on the chair where I had been sitting.

"Talk about a long shot!" Katie squealed, watching intently from the sidelines.

I was amazed at the distance his sperm had travelled. It was an easy twelve feet away.

"Aren't you glad you weren't still sitting there?" Millie said to me. "You would've gotten soaked!"

I was indeed glad that my dress had been spared the despoilment, but I still had to be careful to avoid getting any cum on me from masturbating him. Although I stood as far off to one side as I could, he had a tendency to sometime produce ejaculations of such ferocity that I wasn't sure where the stuff would land.

Another burst of heavy white cream issued from Jeffrey's tortured loins, this time it found its mark in the lovely smiling face of Yumi. It was a very long string of ejaculate that careened into her mouth with aggravated fury, the effect of the powerful EJAX drug that now held the young man under its control. With every ejaculation I could feel his cock and balls rear back in my hand like a piece of heavy artillery; the slick white missiles of his lust shooting out with unrestrained vehemence into the array of smiling faces that were waiting patiently for their own big helping of fruit-sweetened, drug enhanced sperm.

I had to admit that I did enjoy masturbating his ridiculously huge prick. I felt a sensation of total control over his orgasm; something which I had never felt with my husband. As the volleys of cum erupted over and over again from his long, hard tool, I felt a heady rush of power—a feeling that almost made me want to wrap my lips over his throbbing erection, so full of life and energy, and take a drink from its purple, pulsating head.

Grace was now taking one load after another directly into her mouth and gulping down the sticky paste with glee.

"I definitely can taste the pineapple!" she laughed between mouthfuls. "So fucking delicious!"

Ann was next. I positioned Jeffrey's cock so that the head was only a half inch from her open mouth and watched in astonishment as stream after stream of sperm shot into it, disappearing with incredible alacrity down the woman's contracting throat. The other girls cheered her on, as if she was in some kind of competition to see which woman could swallow the most spunk. 

My left hand was now dripping with his sperm, but I kept jerking him off, never letting up the pace. There was so much of his cum covering my hands that my wedding ring was no longer visible. And still the sperm show continued. And it went on that way for almost five full minutes. By the time Jeffrey's cock stopped ejaculating, the floor beneath us was awash in his salty effluence and my hand was one gooey mess. Thankfully, my dress had been spared, but the faces of the four women were unrecognizable under a thick layer of sperm.

"Holy fucking shit!" Charlize cried, looking up at me but barely able to open her eyes. "Look at me! Look at you!"

"And look at all of you!" I replied, removing my dripping hand my Jeffrey's cock. "What a god damn mess!"

Jeffrey was totally exhausted. He was sweating profusely and breathing so hard that he could barely speak.

"Thank you," he muttered to me. "That was the best...the best handjob I ever had."

"I enjoyed it, Jeffrey," I replied smiling at him. "It was the best handjob I ever gave."

And I had meant every word.

Without wasting any time, the other girls took advantage of sucking up the sperm that had ended up on their friend's faces. Some of even started swapping sperm with one another and playing with the long strands of jizz that dripped from their faces and fingers. When I motioned to go and wash my hands, Katie stopped me and took my sperm-soaked fingers into her mouth and sucked each one dry.

"We can't let this stuff go to waste, Lydia. Shame on you!"

I didn't know whether to take her seriously or not, but there was no doubt that she relished sperm as much as an epicure would relish a finely cooked meal. 

Jeffrey was allowed to shower and dress, after which he was released. He made no threat to go to the police because he knew that would have been a futile gesture. Instead, he did what he had always done: complain. Impatient with his timid threats, Charlize and Millie threw him out, laughing as they did so.

"Thank you, Jeffrey!" Millie said as she closed the door behind him. "Don't call us, we'll call you!"

"That wasn't very nice," I said to her. "After all, he did perform very well."

"Yes, he did. But we're not going to let him know that."

"Why not?"

"Because he's a guy. He'll get a big head."

"I prefer the big head between his legs," Yumi laughed.

"You prefer his big load," Sharise countered.

"So what did you think?" Charlize asked me. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, I did, actually."

"I knew you would once you got over your shyness," Dorothy said to me. "You really gave him a great handjob."

"It was fun," I admitted. "But that EJAX drug. God, that's something."

"Probably the greatest drug ever invented," Millie said. "Well, if you're a sperm addict anyway."

Sated, and now lazily enjoying a sumptuous feast of some of Charlize's leftovers, we sat and talked for several more hours. By the time the first ray of sunlight made itself visible over the horizon, I realized only then how much fun I was actually having. The time had gone by preternaturally fast.

It had been an interesting evening to say the least. But the real fun was just about to begin.


For several days I heard nothing from my friends. I did meet with Dorothy for lunch one afternoon but other than that my days were spent working on my new novel. Nathaniel was in London on ambassadorial business and would be there for the next few months. He called me without fail every evening, and we talked about many things, especially his recent success in helping to form a coalition government in Indonesia, a country that had long been rife with democratic inequalities. Only during the end of our conversation did he mention that he loved me. I was glad to hear him say it but I wondered if he truly meant it. Had he taken on a mistress? So many diplomats were flagrant philanderers, and my husband certainly would not be devoid of opportunities. Yet, there was something reassuring in his voice that told me my concerns were unwarranted. I told him that I loved him too and hung up the phone. I then poured myself a drink and returned to my book.

Around 9:00 p.m. that evening I was interrupted in my work by a phone call from Millie.

She related to me in a halting voice that her daughter Stephanie, an undergraduate student at Columbia University, had been assaulted the evening before by a male graduate student who lived near her on campus. It seems he had solicited her and two of her female friends on campus grounds after the quartet had left a local bar around the same time. Her rebuffs drove him to manhandle her, but she managed to kick her assailant in the groin and run away. She reported him to the campus police but they had not as of yet been able to apprehend him.

"I spent the whole day with her today," Millie said, her voice sounding thin and hollow. "I begged her to come home but she refused. She says she has too much studying to do; midterms coming up and all that crap. Can you imagine that fucking low-life son of a bitch doing that to my kid?" 

"You did notify the police."

"Of course. But they haven't found the little prick."

"Did she know him?"

"Only casually. His name is Richard Blair. The cops came up with a rap sheet on him a mile long. He's a sex predator with a taste for young, innocent-looking girls."

"I'm really sorry to hear this, Millie," I said, genuinely upset. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Sit tight for now. The other girls know all about it. I just wanted to keep you in the loop."

"What are you going to do?"

"What am I going to do?" she replied, hastily. "I'm going to find this fucking guy with or without police help. And I'm going to make certain he pays. I'll call you as soon as I know more."

Before I could reply she had hung up the phone.

Knowing Millie as I did, I took her at her word. But what she said disturbed me. What did she mean by "sit tight for now"? Was she planning some act of personal revenge? Judging by the tone of her voice, it certainly sounded so. 

A few days passed without incident. But then on the third day, just as I was coming home after taking a walk on the beach, the phone rang. It was Sharise.

"There's going to be a meeting tonight at my house. Millie found him."

"That Blair guy?"

"Yup. She doesn't want the cops to know what we're doing so keep quiet about it."

"I'm not into doing anything illegal, Sharise."

"Don't worry. Just come tonight. See you at eight."

Sharise's house was in the old town section of East Hampton, where the wealthiest residents lived. It would be wrong to call it a house per se. It was more of a castle situated on a promontory overlooking the bay. It was made of gray brick and stood like an imposing and silent sentinel over the beachhead to its south. When I arrived I found all seven women seated in the kitchen talking loudly.

"Well, I'm glad you finally decided to arrive!" Millie said as I entered the room. "It's twenty after!"

"I'm sorry. When I get started on my writing I tend to lose track of time. And then Nathaniel called."

"Well, sit your pretty ass down because I've got something very important to tell you."

Sharise placed a cup of tea in front of me and sat next to me as Millie went into her diatribe.

"This kid Richard Blair—and I call him a kid because he's only twenty two years old—is a fucking psychopath. He has all the classic attributes: he's charming, cunning, unable to empathize, and he likes to abuse women—including my daughter. He has a long history of committing sexual abuse and I found out that he was convicted of raping an eighteen year old girl three years ago in Baltimore, where he used to live. He got off light on that rape charge because his daddy was mayor of the city. Using my own private connections, I learned that he habitually frequents the clubs in the Soho area; in particular, the Raven House, which is where Stephanie went that night for the first time with her friends from college. He's almost always there on Saturday nights looking to prey on pretty little coeds."

"What are you telling us, Millie?" Ann inquired. "That you want us to get involved with this guy?"

"I'm telling you that it's time for the Semen Hunters to go into action."

Grace growled. "You know bloody well that the purpose of this club is to find handsome young men to milk. We drink sperm, Millie. We drink sperm from the men we choose. We don't go around taking the law into our own hands."

"I'm not asking you to drink his cum," Millie said. "I only want to sexually humiliate him before the people he abused."

"Are you saying that you want your daughter to be a part of this?" I asked.

"My daughter and her two friends who were with her that night."

"And what exactly did you have in mind?" Sharise asked, with a doubtful glance.

Millie crossed her long legs and smiled. "I have it all worked out. For now I just need to know that everyone is on board."

It was with some reluctance that the other women agreed to help Millie. What she was asking of them was not standard procedure and it took a bit of convincing before they agreed to help her. I was the last to accede to her request, but I did so because I did want to help bring this depraved young man to justice. And being part of a team also put certain obligations upon you—obligations that could not easily be avoided if you had hopes of remaining part of the group.

"I knew I could count on you," she said beaming. "Here's the plan."


The Raven House was a turn of the century establishment that reached the peak of its heyday in the depression-ridden environment of the late 1920s. It was only during the city's renewal project of the 1950s that the nightclub once again regained its ascendancy as the premier night spot catering to the college crowd. It was a club that attracted all kinds of artsy clientele: artists, musicians, writers, actors, and most of all aspiring filmmakers who went to school in many of the nearby colleges.

Millie, Dorothy and I arrived at the club just before 10:00 p.m., and took a table as close to the bar and as far away from the band as possible. It was crowded, and although we were much older than most of the people there, no one seemed to give us second notice. The band was playing some obscure hard rock tune that I had never heard before and a few people were dancing on the floor in front of them. We learned from the waitress that most of the patrons were students from New York University, the New York Film Academy, the Art Institute of New York, and other liberal arts institutions in the immediate area. The club itself was not very spacious, but it did possess an intriguing bohemian atmosphere that bespoke of an earlier, and more intellectually vibrant, era.

It must have been about 11:30 p.m. when I saw Millie suddenly rise up from her chair and walk towards the bar. She stood still for a moment, trying to focus her eyes on someone or something at the opposite side of the room.

"What is it, Millie?" Dorothy asked. "What do you see?"

Without answering, Millie turned and sat down again. "It's him. Blair."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. I saw the mug shots and I have a photographic memory. It's him all right."

Both Dorothy and I looked in the direction of the bar.

"Which one is he?" I asked Millie.

"The tall one by the cash register."

"The guy in the red pullover?"

"That's him."

Dorothy chuckled. "I hate to say it but he's cute."

Millie frowned. "Cute and dangerous."

For a few minutes all we did was observe this handsome young guy from our table, studying every little move he made. Then I felt Millie's hand on my arm.

"Time for you to go into action, sweetie."

I knew what was coming and I dreaded it. It had been decided the night before that I was to be assigned the part of temptress, a role I had never imagined I would play. But just as Blair had seduced other unsuspecting victims, I was to now do the same to him. All I had to do was to get him to the table.

"Don't be nervous, Lydia," Dorothy said to me as she patted me on the back. "He'll be eating out of your hand in no time."

"I just never did anything like this before," I admitted rather timidly.

"You wanted some excitement in your life," Millie reminded me. "Well, now you have it. Get going. And don't fuck up."

"She's not going to fuck anything up, Millie. Relax." Dorothy said. She then turned to me. "We'll be right here, honey. Go do your thing." 

With that vote of assurance I got up and walked toward the bar, never taking my eyes off Blair.

As I moved toward him, he took immediate notice of me and stood up straight. He was indeed good looking: tall, blonde, impeccably groomed, and with the loveliest blue eyes I had ever seen on a man. He moved aside to make room for me as I sidled up to the bar, studying me closely.

"One martini please," I said to the bartender.

"A martini?" the man next to me suddenly announced. "Not exactly standard fare around here."

It was Blair. He smiled broadly, his hands firmly wrapped around his mug of ale. 

"I'm not from around here." I replied, barely looking at him.

He looked at me for a moment as if trying to deduce from my appearance if I was young enough to be a college student. In this instance my youthful looks proved very helpful because he seemed to relax and drop his guard, but just a tiny bit.

"Are you a student?" he inquired. "I mean, I've never seen you here before." 

"No. I graduated several years ago."

"Oh, yeah? From where?"


"Really? What was your major?"

"English Lit."


He took a sip of his ale and placed the glass down on the countertop. "My name is Rick Blair. I'm a grad student at Columbia."

"And what are you learning there, Mr. Blair?"

He laughed, seemingly amused to be called by his surname. "Mr. Blair. I like that."

"So?" I continued. "What's your major?"

"I'm into political science."

"Is that right?"

"Yeah, my old man is mayor of Baltimore and I guess I'm just following in his footsteps."

Another politician, I thought. Just what the world needed.

"That's interesting." I said.

"Oh yeah? How so?"

"Well, my husband, or I should say, my ex-husband, was an ambassador. And my boyfriend before him was a congressman."

He seemed genuinely impressed. 

I hated lying, but in this case I felt it was necessary. He had raped one girl and had tried to rape another—Millie's own daughter—and he had a myriad of other sex-related crimes that had been attributed to him. I was determined to lure him in hook, line and sinker without compunction.

"I find men who aspire to political heights very attractive." I added, smiling seductively. 

He laughed generously and shook his head in agreement. "I'm happy to hear it! You know, not all politicians are bad. Some of them actually care about people. I want to be one of those types. You know, a man for the people."

He was smooth, I thought—very smooth; a practiced deceiver. I could almost sense the psychopath in him coming out; charming his way into the heart of what he supposed was just another naïve female. That was how psychopaths operated. They lured you in with their irrepressible magnetism then knifed you in the back before moving on to fresh prey.

The bartender handed me my drink. It was time for me to make my move.

"My friends and I have a table right over there," I said, pointing to Millie and Dorothy. "Would you like to join us?"

"A man would be a fool to turn down an invitation from a beautiful woman," he replied. "By the way, what's your name?"


"Lydia who?"

"Just Lydia."

When Millie and Dorothy saw Blair following me to their table, they smiled with satisfaction, knowing the first step in his emasculation was now underway. Millie had not outlined every single detail of her plan, hoping to add some unique element of surprise for the rest of the group. That was her way; always living on the edge. But keeping us in suspense did nothing to assuage my own sense of anxiety. Whatever her ultimate goal, I could only hope that she wasn't going to do anything to this man that she might live to regret.

I made a hasty introduction and motioned for Blair to sit down. Dorothy eyed him suspiciously but was courteous toward him. Millie, for all the anger she must have felt toward him for abusing her daughter, was remarkably cool and poised. Knowing that retribution was not far away in her mind must have provided her with an inner strength to endure his presence. I knew her well enough to see that, despite his good looks and charm, she found him offensive. Like her, my distaste for the man was not for the reprehensible act he had committed per se, but because we could sense that he was nothing more than a two-bit, lying piece of shit.

He was engaging, I had to give him that—and intelligent. He knew just when to stop talking and let others take the floor. But when he did talk I felt as if his words were lines being delivered from a script; that he had performed this act many times before and in front of far less astute women. I saw through him almost immediately, as did Dorothy and Millie. But having dealt with mostly inexperienced women for so long, he had no idea that we were on to him, and so he felt no inclination toward discretion in the things that he said to us. Taking him at face value, I would have been as much seduced by his charm as his less fortunate victims if not for the fact that my years of experience in dealing with men had provided me with a keen insight into the male psyche.

As the evening wore on he got progressively drunk. He grew careless in his speech and manner, sometimes resorting to telling vulgar jokes or making sly sexual remarks. Several times he made reference to his penis, and how it had never failed to please the women with whom he had sex. None of this was wasted on Millie, who saw this as an opportunity to exploit the vast hole in his conscience by turning the sexual tables on him. 

"So Dick," she said during a pause in our conversation. "May I call you 'Dick'?"

"Actually I prefer Rick," he replied good-naturedly. 

I fought hard to prevent myself from laughing, knowing that "dick" was what Millie really thought of him.

"Okay, Rick. So tell us. Do guys really believe all that nonsense about penis size? It seems men are obsessed with the size of their dicks."

"And some women too," Dorothy added with a snicker.

"Yes, and some women too. But what about guys? Does it matter to a guy if he has a big or small dick? Tell us, Dick...er, I mean Rick."

Under normal circumstances I think Blair might have felt that he had suddenly been put on the hot seat. But his inebriation made him reckless and he simply laughed.

"Yeah, I think you're right, Millie," he said loudly. "Guys judge each other by the size of their dicks."

"Really? And do you have a big or a small dick, Dick. I mean, Rick?"

"Millie!" Dorothy exclaimed, feigning offense. "That's very rude!" 

"It's a perfectly legitimate question," Millie countered. "But if I offended the young man, I'm sorry. I was just curious."

"I'm not offended," Blair said, genially. "Hell, I like a woman who speaks her mind."

Inwardly I chuckled. "Well you've come to the right place buddy boy."

"So what is it?" Millie asked him again. "Big dick or little dick?"

Blair fell back in his chair, his legs extended before him. "Did you ever hear of John Holmes?"

"The dead porn star? The guy with the foot-long schlong?"

"Take that and add an inch or two and you've got what's hanging between my legs."

The three of us looked at him and then at each other before bursting out into gales of laughter.

"No!" I said. "Not possible!"

"Very possible," he assured me.

"Oh, my God. I don't believe it!" Dorothy exclaimed. "You're putting us on!"

"I swear I'm not."

Millie sat looking suddenly pensive and then laid her hand on Blair's leg. She was going for the kill and he had no idea whatsoever that he was being so expertly manipulated.

"You know, my dead husband had a big cock. If I remember it was something like eight or nine inches long, I really can't say for sure. But anyway, I loved that thing. And he knew how to use it."

"Well that's the important thing," Blair agreed. "Size is great but you have to know how use your tool."

"And do you know how to use your tool, Rick?" I asked him flatly, feeling every bit the slut he imagined me to be.

"I've never left any woman unsatisfied, if that's what you mean," he replied, beaming with pride.

Millie then did something I hadn't expected a woman to do in a public place—she grabbed his prick through his pants and squeezed hard.

"Do you think you can satisfy me, you little fuck?" she said gritting her teeth.

Blair winced and instinctively drew back. "Whoa lady! That's a mean grip you've got there!"

Millie laughed mischievously but relaxed her grasp and withdrew her hand. "Well? Yes or no?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes or no?"

Blair had been caught off guard. But his macho image would not allow him to show any weakness; certainly not to us.

"Yes," he said finally. "I can satisfy any woman."

"Really?" Dorothy cooed. "Do you think you could satisfy all three of us?"

This was too much for Blair. He sat upright in his chair and looked at my friend as if she were crazy.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he said, looking from face to face.

"No, I'm not kidding you. You said you had a big dick, didn't you? Well, don't you think you should show it to us?"

"Yeah," I said. "I think if a man makes a claim like that then he should back it up. Right Millie?"

"Absolutely!" Millie agreed. "What do you say, Rick? Are you up for it?"

"A three on one huh?" he replied. "That will be a first."

Your first might be your last, I thought.

"We're staying at the Park Plaza," Millie told him. "Let's go."

I had to admit that I felt like a complete whore. I had never propositioned a man in my life, and certainly not with the intention of delivering him into the eager hands of another angry woman to do with as she pleased. A half hour later all four of us were waiting in the hotel lobby while Millie made a private phone call to our friends who were waiting outside. When she returned she smiled graciously and put her arm around Blair's waist. He was being led to the slaughter; a sacrificial lamb offered up in appeasement to the gods of young girls who themselves were powerless to bring one sexual deviant to justice. Millie was now going to see that justice would be duly served.

Blair seemed unconcerned that he was being seduced by three women who were clearly older than him and completely out of his league. However, in my case my youthful appearance must have afforded him some measure of being on familiar ground. If he did harbor any latent reservations about suddenly being the object of three women's attentions, he didn't show it. It was no doubt due in part to the substantial amount of ale had consumed, but I had a hunch that it had more to do with his colossal ego. As we entered the elevator he seemed quite pleased with himself, acting as if he had won the jackpot.

By the time we reached the ninth floor Blair was all over Millie. She endured his groping and booze-induced promises of passion with a level of equanimity most women, including myself, could never abide. Dorothy and I exchanged glances behind Blair's back, our faces registering disgust at having to watch our friend pretend to enjoy his untoward advances. But through it all Millie played her part well. And not for one instant did she give him any reason to doubt that he was going to have the time of his life. Dorothy and I had both refrained from acting too accommodating toward him; Dorothy because she just didn't like him, and I because I was married and didn't like him. However, it would have been ungracious of us to have left him solely for Millie to deal with, so we both continued to act friendly toward him so as not to arouse any suspicions. 

As we came off the elevator she gently pushed him away and dove into her pocketbook for the room key. He put his arm around me and drew me close to him.

"I'm going to show you the time of your life, baby," he said grinning in my face. I returned his gesture with a weak smile and followed Millie into the room. Dorothy didn't even look at him.

The room was a spacious suite decorated in elegant green and tan tones. There was one bed in the room—a king-sized, four posted, canopied affair that seemed almost too imposing for its environment. There was another smaller antechamber with a desk and computer sitting on top of it and a small kitchen beyond that.

"Make yourself at home," Millie said to Blair.

"Yeah, I think I will," he replied, as he took off his jacket and jumped onto the bed. "I am really hungry for you ladies!"

"Easy tiger," she said as she removed her coat. "I've got some champagne in the fridge. I thought we could all have a toast."

"Sure!" he said in a loud voice. "This is one of those occasions where a champagne toast is called for. Can I be of any help?"

"No, thanks. I've got everything under control." Millie's face grew stern as she looked first at me and then Dorothy. "I'll be right back with our drinks. Meantime, why don't you girls keep lover boy here entertained."

Blair watched Millie as she walked out of the room and then turned his gaze upon me and Dorothy.

"I'm feeling particularly horny tonight ladies," he said grabbing his crotch. "If it's all right to call you ladies."

He uttered this last remark with barely concealed disdain accentuated with a chilling sardonicism. For any man to be lucky enough to have three beautiful women at his disposal, he should have been down on his knees thanking the gods for his supreme good fortune. I don't know if it was the booze or his own tendency toward meanness or both, but his insult only made me even more determined to make him pay the price for his transgression.

"Whatever you might think, we are not whores," I said coldly.

"Oh, come on, miss Lydia without a last name," he scoffed. "Don't give me that crap. You girls wouldn't be here otherwise. But don't sweat it. I've got plenty of money if that's what's worrying you."

"We don't come cheap mister," Dorothy said, throwing herself down on the bed next to him.

Blair took her action as an invitation to thrown his arm around her, which she allowed him to do. 

"No, I don't suppose you do," he replied, letting his fingers dance lightly over her skin.

"Why don't you join us, Lydia," Dorothy said. "The more the merrier!"

He extended his hand toward me. "Yeah, come on baby. Join in the fun."

I sat down on the edge of the bed behind her, not wanting to get too close to him. I knew Dorothy was simply playing the part she had been assigned, but I was finding it difficult to be nice to him. I watched as his hands moved down to her legs and then slowly up her thighs and under her skirt. At the same time he started kissing her neck while with his free hand he sought me out, trying to get at my breasts. I resisted his touch at first but realized that to continue rebuffing him would only defeat our purpose. And so, I reluctantly let him touch me in the same way he was touching Dorothy. It made my skin crawl.

"I'm going to fuck you bitches really good and hard," he said, his left hand now disappearing under Dorothy's skirt while he fondled both my tits with his right hand. "Really good and hard," he repeated.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a cork being popped and moments later Millie entered the room carrying a tray full of glasses filled with wine.

"Hey!" she exclaimed gaily when she saw Blair all over us. "I hope you're not starting without me!"

"No way, baby," he assured her. "We're just getting a little warmed up, that's all."

"Well, if it's warming up you want, try this," she said, handing him a glass. "It's Château Margaux."

He took the glass, briefly examined it, then took a sip. "I don't know much about wines," he admitted. "I'm an ale man myself. But this crap tastes pretty good."

"That crap costs over $2,000 a bottle," Millie informed him as she gave a glass to Dorothy and then me.

"We are pulling out all the stops tonight aren't we?" I said to Millie.

"Yes we are sweetie," she replied, giving me a wink.

All four of us sat on the bed drinking and talking for close to a half hour. For the moment Blair seemed content to relate to us the history of his life and all the future plans he had in mind once he had attained political office. His spiel sounded phony; a mixture of fact filled with bravado. And through it all his ego ran rampant, like a charging bull through a china shop. He didn't know that Millie had put a slow-acting sedative into his drink, which was now causing him to slur his words as he fought to keep his eyes open. The drug was not meant to dull his senses to any great degree; it was designed to keep him conscious but in a state of physical lassitude. So far, it seemed to be working.

"So, girls," he said as he dropped his head onto the pillow, "are you ready to be fucked good and hard?"

"Oh, we're ready all right," Millie said, seeing that he was now under the influence of the sedative. "Only we're the ones who are going to fuck you."

He laughed. "Oh yeah? Well what are you waiting for bitch? You want to fuck me? Go right ahead!"

"Whatever you say lover boy. I thought we'd get a little kinky with you."

"Sure, go ahead! I like kinky whores!"

From under the bed Millie produced four leather restraints, which we attached to each of his limbs, in turn securing them to each of the bedposts. He offered little resistance as we harnessed him to the bed, which rendered his arms and legs effectively useless.

"Hey," he protested weakly. "What the fuck...are you bitches doing?"

"We're tying you up," Millie said as she ran the leather strap through its Velcro fastener. "You did say you like kinky whores didn't you?"

"Yeah. I think so," he replied, unable to muster any concerted effort to thwart our intentions. "What are you girls going to do?"

"We have something special in mind for you, Blair," Millie said, testing each restraint to make sure he was securely fastened.

"Something special?" he asked, casting a furtive glance at all three of us.

This was the first time Millie had referred to him by his surname; a sure indication that she was no longer playing games with him.

"Very special," she said, patting him on his crotch. She turned to me and Dorothy. "Okay girls. Let's get him undressed."

Within a minute the three of us had deprived him of every bit of clothing. He balked a little when Millie unceremoniously removed his underwear, revealing a modest specimen of a penis.

"Don't be ashamed," she said to him with a touch of mockery in her voice. "We know of ways to compensate for a small cock."

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, increasingly wary. "Aren't you bitches going to get undressed too?"

"Not just yet."

From out of her pocketbook Millie produced a syringe that had been filled with the liquid form of the potent EJAX-472 drug. When Blair saw her coming toward him with it, he panicked.

"Hey! What is that thing? What the fuck are you doing?"

"Don't be alarmed," she said coolly as she sat down beside his prostrate body. "This is EJAX-472. Have you ever heard of it?"

"Everyone in the world has heard of it. It's a male...a male..."

"Fertility drug," she said, finishing his thought. "I am going to inject you with it so please remain still."

"Why are you doing this? I don't need that shit!"

"Oh, yes you do," she said as she brought the needle toward his scrotum. "For what we have in mind you're going to need every drop of it."

"No! No! I don't want it! Take it away!"

He was too feeble to do anything more than protest. In horror he watched as the needle entered his ball sack, releasing its powerful stimulant directly into his reproductive system.

Blair winced as Millie withdrew the needle and cursed her loudly.

"You fucking bitch!" he shouted. "You can't do this to me!"

Millie ignored his insults. "In a few minutes your miserable little cock and balls are going to expand to new dimensions. Right now the rate at which your body is producing sperm will increase to over three hundred percent. It will be a new experience for you."

Blair focused his eyes on his genitals, too stunned to say anything. 

At that very moment the door opened and in walked Millie's daughter Stephanie followed by two other college-aged girls. Following them were Charlize, Katie, Grace, Sharise, Ann, and Yumi. Stephanie was the tin-type of her mother: tall, pretty, and graced with a mane of long red hair that fell to her waist. Her blue eyes registered disgust when she beheld her attacker lying helpless and naked on the bed.

"Look what we have here," she said as she appraised the nude man. "How does it feel to be a victim, you asshole?"

"What the fuck is going on here?" Blair demanded. "Who the hell are you people?"

"This is my daughter you worthless piece of shit!" Millie informed him angrily. "The girl you tried to rape!"

"You're her fucking old lady?" he exclaimed, horrified.

"That's right. I'm her fucking old lady!"

"Shit! Fuck! Christ!" he screamed. "Somebody help me! Help! Help!"

"Tape his goddamn mouth shut!" Millie said to Dorothy.

Taking a length of duct tape from her bag, Dorothy covered his mouth with it and administered a stern warning. "You keep it up and I'm going to cut off your fucking dick!"

Blair immediately stopped remonstrating and looked at her with fear in his eyes. 

"You could teach the cops a thing or two, mom," Stephanie said to Millie as she looked down upon the terrified man.

"Yes, I could," Millie replied. "Who are your two friends?"

"This is Annette," Stephanie said, pointing to the short, cute brunette standing next to her, "and this is Ginger. They were both with me when this scum bag assaulted me."

Ginger smiled at Millie. She was a gorgeous creature—tall, blonde, high cheekbones, refined patrician features, and graced with a voluptuous body and huge tits. She looked at Blair's prone body and giggled.

"Look at his thing!" she said pointing to Blair's expanding cock. "Something's going on there!"

"It's the drug taking effect," Millie said. "In a few minutes he'll be a big as a horse."

"Wow! That's really cool!" Annette said. "I can't wait to see that!"

The three coeds gathered around Blair, watching in stunned disbelief as his penis and scrotum swelled to more than three times their normal size. I would not have believed such an incredible transformation were possible if I hadn't already seen the effect the drug had had upon Jeffrey a few weeks earlier. Even so, it was still a remarkable sight, and fascinating to behold.

"Look at that thing bobbing up and down like that!" Charlize laughed, as she playfully slapped his throbbing cock. "The fucking thing is as big as my forearm!"

Blair looked down in horror as his penis seemed to acquire a life of its own. It now towered above his ridiculously swollen testicles a good foot or more, its purple crown looking like some exotic mushroom.

"What are you going to do to him, Millie?" Katie asked, keeping her eyes glued to Blair's ever-expanding genitals.

"Well we're not going to drink his cock juice, I can tell you that!"

Everyone laughed. 

"I think we should milk the son of a bitch completely dry," Ann suggested, as she ran her fingers over the smooth surface of his distended ball sack.

"I agree," I said. "Let's drain him of every fucking drop of his worthless sperm."

"What do you think of that, Mr. Blair?" Millie asked, shoving her face in his. "How does it feel to be helpless and humiliated? Not good I bet." She pulled savagely on his cock, making him wince in pain. "This! This fucking piece of meat is going to be milked and milked and milked over and over again until your genitals drop off! How dare you attack my daughter! Forcing this filthy cock of yours into some poor, innocent girl's vagina against her will! You fucking rapist bastard!"

Blair let out a feeble cry as she ground her fingernails into his bulging sac.

"Easy Millie," Sharise said. "Let's have our fun first and then you can rip his balls off."

This of course was meant as a joke. I knew that the women had no intention of causing him any lasting physical harm. But Blair didn't know that. He responded with muffled entreaties that only served to make everyone laugh and belittle him even more.

"Stop complaining you piece of shit!" Millie threatened. "Otherwise I'll cut your nuts off right now!" 

Not knowing that her threat was never going to be carried out did nothing to assuage his feeling of total powerlessness. He looked at me and Dorothy for any sign that we might help him, but Dorothy ignored him, while I could only feel utter revulsion for such a horrible man.

"I think it's time," Grace said, pointing to the clear stream of fluid escaping from the tip of his penis.

"Go ahead, Stephanie," Millie said. "You wanted to be the first."

Stephanie sat down next to Blair and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. She didn't employ either gentleness or finesse in her treatment of him, preferring to administer a forceful, unforgiving handjob that would leave him without any real enjoyment.

"You're completely under our control now Blair," the girl said to him as her hands flew up and down his meaty shaft. "And right now I'm going to make you cum against your will."

"Jerk him really good, Stephanie!" Katie said, enthralled at the size of Blair's imposing organ. "I want to see you make him shoot a quart of his fucking filth."

"Yeah," Yumi said. "Force that nasty fuck juice right out of him!"

Stephanie increased her speed, using both hands to bring him off. Blair moaned loudly as he was gripped with a tumultuous orgasm.

"Here it comes!" the pretty coed squealed.

A giant wad of thick man paste was launched high into the air followed by a succession of equally voluminous ejaculations that splashed up and struck the ceiling above his head. The women screamed with laughter.

"Fuck, what a load!" Annette exclaimed, looking at the cum dripping down upon the bed from above.

A second later and Blair's cock fired off another round of molten spunk, this time shooting across the room and into the potted plant next to the window. This ejaculation was followed by a round of robust explosions that took everyone, including the hapless Blair, by complete surprise.

"Look at all that fucking jizz!" Ginger cried. "Keep going, Steph! Keep going!"

The women were laughing hysterically at the incredible amount of semen being ejaculated. Even Millie, who heartily despised Blair, laughed when she saw her daughter enjoying complete and total control over his manhood. Rope after rope of sperm shot out of his tortured dick, coating Stephanie's hands, the sheets, and everything else in the path of his seminal trajectory. The best part of it all, despite the vast amounts of sperm being expended for the women's amusement, was that Blair was helpless to do anything about it. For Stephanie it was a heady feeling.

"Payback is a bitch, isn't it asshole?" she said to him as she continued to pump his shaft.

In response, Blair gave up another pint of his hot seed, watching as Stephanie reveled in her complete mastery of his cock and balls, demanding more and more of his precious juices.

Katie took the liberty to sample some of Blair's spunk but found it disagreeable. "I don't think this fucker eats any fruit," she quipped, making a sour face.

"So I guess you're not missing anything," I said to her.

Stephanie managed to extract another few loads from Blair's balls before the fireworks stopped. In all I estimated that he lost about a good quart of his sperm.

"Shit!" Stephanie complained. "Look at me! I'm all full of this bastard's spunk!"

"Go and get cleaned up baby," Millie advised her. "It's your turn Annette."

Blair protested and watched in dismay as the slim and pretty brunette took his cock in her hand. He was still erect, even after losing so much sperm. But the EJAX drug was working within him at full capacity and the normal refractory period, that small interval of time needed before a man could achieve orgasm after having once ejaculated, posed no problem. Against his will, he was now being brought to another orgasm at the hands of one of his potential victims.

"You can't treat people like you do and not expect to be punished," Annette told him as she gave him a fast and furious handjob. "It just isn't right."

Her little hand worked its magic upon the unwilling man, compelling him to meet her downward strokes with accompanying upward gyrations of his lower body. Annette seemed to really enjoy making him squirm.

"I want to see you cum," she said to him as she pulled savagely on his organ. "Give me all your filthy spunk you lousy fuck!"

Suddenly, Blair's body froze. His screams of pleasure mixed with agony flooded the room. 

Just as Annette's hand reached the tip of his glans, and at the first sign of sperm, she withdrew her hand and let Blair's cock rid itself of its semen on its own without any help from her. She laughed as the huge prick rocked back and forth of its own accord, shooting out volley after volley of hot sperm high into the air. 

At that moment Stephanie entered the room. She swore aloud as one of Blair's missiles barely missed hitting her.

"Jesus Christ!" she cried. "He's shooting off again?"

"This is only the beginning," Dorothy said to her. "That EJAX drug is going to keep making lots of sperm and we're going to milk it all out of him."

Annette was having the time of her life watching Blair's enormous schlong rid itself of its vast reservoirs of semen. The novelty of it all, and the explicit depravity of the deed, turned her into something of a wild woman. Feeling no need to treat him with any semblance of courtesy, she watched in rapt fascination as his cock kept pumping out one huge load of sperm after another, often with such force that both the furniture and the wall across the room were soiled with his offerings.

"This is so cool!" the girl exclaimed, as she watched the barrage of sperm continue without any aid from her. "And I don't have to do any work!"

"I love ruined orgasms!" Katie laughed. "And this is the best one I've seen so far!"

Annette and the other women laughed right along with her. I had to admit that it was hilarious to see a cock shoot off alone and unaided by a human hand. It must have been tortuous for Blair to endure it; a mixture of both pleasure and pain that all of us, I'm sure, we're happy to have him experience.

Finally, after a good two minutes of uninterrupted ejaculations, Blair's cock gave up the ghost.

As part of the trio that had been subjected to Blair's rapacious advances, Ginger now took over from her friend. Now here was a girl, I thought, whose beauty alone would probably be enough to make any man cream in his pants. And this Blair, this miserable miscreant who in my estimation was totally undeserving of having such a beautiful woman pleasure him, should have been forced to kiss her feet for what she was about to do to him.

Taking his rigid shaft into her hand, Ginger gave him a few perfunctory tugs before removing a plastic dildo from her purse. This dildo was attached to a thin belt which she attached to her waist. She then took a small jar of Vaseline from her purse and applied a liberal dose to Blair's anus. She was going to fuck him.

"Delightful idea!" Millie said approvingly. "Fuck him good, Ginger!"

And fuck him she did.

Judging by his reluctance to accommodate her, anal sex performed on him was obviously something he had not anticipated. But his reticence did not stop Ginger from slowly working the tip of the dildo in and out of his rectum until the full eight inches disappeared into his body. She fucked him in this fashion with complete abandon, cursing him and calling him the most vulgar names imaginable. One would have thought that it was she, and not Stephanie, who had been the target of his rapacity.

"Oh, this is fucking great!" Ginger cried as she drove the dildo into his asshole mercilessly.

"How does that feel, cocksucker?" Stephanie said angrily to Blair. "How does it feel to be used and abused?"

"I don't think he likes it very much, girls," Charlize said, gratified to see him abused in this way.

"I don't want him to enjoy it," Millie said. "I want him to feel what it's like to be at the mercy of someone else for a change. You got that Mr. Blair? You lousy bastard!"

Ginger worked him over for a good ten minutes, at the end of which she removed the dildo from her belt and used it to force him to ejaculate. It didn't take long. With a few quick up and down motions of the plastic device over his enervated cock, she had him shooting jets of cream high up into the air in no time.

"You don't think I was going to use my hands do you?" she said to him, as she watched the hot jets of sticky goo fly around the room. "I would never allow myself to be contaminated with your fucking spunk!"

Despite the constant barrage of insults and threats from the women, Blair's penis continued to behave with a mind of its own, controlled and supervised by his lovely tormentors. As I watched in stunned silence, huge ropes of spunk shot out of his cock for a good three minutes, saturating everything in its path. How Ginger managed to get not a drop of his semen on her was a testament to the repugnance she harbored toward the man. His final ejaculation—a short burst of white cream that landed on his upper leg—signaled the end of his orgasm.

For the next two hours every woman in the room had a go at Blair's cock. He suffered the most humiliating and degrading punishment at our combined hands, and I never felt one twinge of conscience for what we were doing to him. In effect, I was becoming as depraved and vengeful as my friends. But unlike them, I had refused to masturbate him, not willing to make physical contact with a man I loathed. I was chided on this account by almost everyone, but I would not be persuaded. Finally, at Dorothy's insistence, I put on my gloves and helped her jerk him off for his final painful and extremely weak orgasm, none of which ended up on my gloves, thankfully.

It was now past 2:30 a.m. and we had drained every drop of sperm from Blair's body just as we had promised. The room was a total mess but we left it that way, and him, covered over in a thick wash of spunk. His once monstrous cock and balls were now once again reduced to their normal, and unimpressive, size.

"Goodbye Blair," Millie said as she grabbed one of his ears and pulled hard. "You stay the fuck away from my daughter. If I hear that you even look at her the wrong way, I'll find you and castrate you. Do you hear me you fucking piece of human filth?"

The exhausted and terrified man shook his head weakly to show that he understood.

"And just so you know, the cops will be here shortly."

She let go of his ear and then slapped him hard across the face. "Bastard!"

Stephanie looked down with disgust upon his sperm-covered body and spit in his face. "You fucking ass wipe! I hope you enjoy your stay in prison!"

Once we were on our way home, Millie called the police to notify them that Blair was to be found at the hotel.

"Hello Charlie?" she said into her cell phone. "Hi it's me, Millie. It's all done. You can find the SOB all tied up in room 909 at the Park Plaza. You might want to bring in a cleaning crew. The place is a mess."

I found out after her conversation that Charlie was an old friend and chief of the NYC police. He had been apprised of the plan and had allowed Millie to exact her revenge before arresting Blair. When I commented that his latitude in this matter was hardly appropriate to the circumstances, Millie just smiled.

"I told you sweetie. We own the police."

I had no reason to doubt her.


Nathaniel had dutifully kept up his nightly calls and it was always a pleasure talking to him. But something told me that he was not a happy man. When I asked him if something was wrong he refused to go into specifics, but the sound and cadence of his voice led me to believe that he was purposely being vague to avoid broaching the subject. He assured me that all was well, but as I hung up the phone I got the distinct impression that things were not as he claimed, and it troubled me greatly.

It had been almost one week since I had taken part in Richard Blair's humiliating punishment, and with him being safely tucked away in state prison both Stephanie and Millie could breathe a little easier. The "Semen Hunters" trip to Amsterdam, which had already been on their agenda before I had officially become a member, was soon coming up, and I took the opportunity to invite all the girls over to my house to make preparations. I needed something to take my mind off my concern about Nathaniel, and the possibility that our marriage might be nearing its end. I still loved him and would fight to keep him in my life, but at the same time I could not simply sit alone at home night after night dwelling on it.

At 8:30 on the morning of October 25th my friends and I boarded Iceland Air flight 617 at JFK for Amsterdam. It was a perfect fall day; crisp, clear, and not a cloud in the sky. Despite my initial dislike for Katie, I found that she was quite an intelligent woman, and she and I ended up sitting together on the plane. I still found her to be somewhat juvenile, but she had a particular charm and warmth that I found endearing. I later came to realize that it was these sunny qualities of hers that drew me to her, and our upbeat conversations helped to dispel much of the looming anxiety I had recently felt about Nathaniel and our future together. Katie's infectious positivity put me in a wonderful mood, and since the flight from New York City to Amsterdam was just a little over seven hours, I was thankful to have her to talk to.

"I don't know if the other girls told you," she said to me just after we lifted off, "but there are a ton of glory hole places in the Red Light district and I'm going to be spending some time there. I was wondering if you'd like to come along."

"I don't know, Katie," I replied doubtfully. "Sucking off strange guys is really not my thing. And I am married."

"I'm married too. And I have a kid. But I don't let that stop me."

"Your husband is a swinger, like you. Nathaniel is as straight-laced as they come."

"So? You don't have to tell him anything."

"But that's not the point. I'd feel like I was betraying him and I just can't live with that."

She paused for a moment to consider what I had said and then grabbed my hand. "You could come and watch me! Yeah! You could film me at the glory hole just like my husband does. You wouldn't have to suck anybody off. Just film me. That's all."

I looked at her thinking she might be putting me on but she was dead serious. "You want me to film you giving oral sex to strange men? Why?"

"Because my husband, his name is Bill, loves to watch me go down on guys. Are you kidding? It will be like a souvenir—a memento of my trip here. It would mean a lot to him—and to me."

There was no doubt that she was in earnest. After mulling it over in my mind for a while, I saw no good reason why I couldn't accommodate her. Not only would it bring us closer together as friends, but I was desperately in need of doing something exciting with my life, even if it was to act as filmmaker for a cum-thirsty slut like Katie.

"Okay," I said. "I'll do it."

"Yes!" she exclaimed, excited at the prospect. "We're going to have a fucking great time Lydia, I promise you."

We finally touched down at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol just a little after 3:00 p.m. EDT. Amsterdam is 6 hours ahead of New York time, so it was strange coming off the plane into a starkly lit terminal. It was now 9:00 p.m., and the weather was mild and dry. The autumnal air reminded me a lot of Long Island, and the sky overhead was cloudless and black.

Charlize, our de facto leader on this particular jaunt, spoke Dutch fluently, her mother being Dutch and having only emigrated to the United States after marrying Charlize's father while he had been on a protracted business trip in Rotterdam. She had not been back to visit her ancestral homeland during her lifetime, and I think it was for this reason mainly that she chose to make the trip. 

We arrived at the luxurious Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam about an hour later, and each of us proceeded to her respective rooms, all located on the same floor. We decided to book adjacent rooms with two people occupying the same room. Charlize had suggested this arrangement because she thought it would be more fun for us to share a room rather than be alone. For my part I was grateful to have the company, having spent too many nights without any real companionship. 

It came as no surprise to me that Katie had insisted she and I room together. Although I felt Dorothy and I had more in common, Katie had so insinuated herself into my life, and in such a positive way, that I was actually looking forward to spending time with her. She glowed when I told her I was looking forward to seeing some of the sights with her, and we spent the better part of the evening planning what we were going to do beyond the real reason for our visit, which was something Charlize had planned to explain to us during dinner.

By the time we finished showering and dressing it was almost 7:30 p.m. Dinner was at 8:00 p.m. in the hotel's main dining room. My internal body clock was still off a bit due to the difference in time zone, but when I found out that the menu consisted of French cuisine, I rediscovered my appetite almost instantly. After we had placed our orders and were well on our way to sampling the delicious hors d'oeuvres, Charlize explained to us just exactly what we were here to do.

"Has anyone ever heard of the 'Casa Rosso'?" she asked.

"A friend of mine was there once," Dorothy said. "She said it was a very kinky place."

"It is. But let me tell you a little bit about it. It's an anything goes kind of night club located on the Achterburgwal, right in the historical center of the city. It's Amsterdam's oldest erotic theatre, and people from all over the world come to watch the continuous live performances. A few years ago they started putting on these strip shows for women-only and they've become so popular that the shows run seven days a week. I got us seats for tomorrow night."

"Fucking fantastic, Charlize!" Millie said. "That sounds great!"

"But what's even better is that they let you design your own tailor-made type of show. So we're going to get to watch young, handsome, and very well-hung guys strut their stuff for us. And, I made sure that they've been fed a steady diet of fruit all week!"

So, that was the big surprise she'd been hiding from us for so long. The girls were excited at the news, as was I, and when she mentioned the club's "unlimited possibilities for erotic entertainment," my curiosity was piqued. 

"Is this a private show?" I asked her.

"At first it was just going to be us. But I thought, what the hell, let's invite a bunch of other women to make it more interesting."

"The more the merrier!" Katie quipped.

Once we had finished dinner we retired to our rooms, too tired from the flight to do anything more than sleep. The next day Katie and I spent a good part of the day window shopping in the downtown area of the city and she made a few inquiries into some of the local sex clubs, a few of which catered to her taste for glory hole sex. The final stop on our survey of clubs was a posh looking establishment across from a house of prostitution on the corner of a crowded boulevard. I waited for a half hour while she went inside and talked with the owner. When she came out, she stuck a flyer in my hand. It was a promo piece on the venue, highlighting its obvious sexual offerings on a day by day basis.

"We can come back here the day after tomorrow," she said. "They do shows every few hours like clockwork. The club owner told me that there are plenty of horny guys always hanging around looking for a hungry mouth."

She was so casual about the whole thing that I actually found it humorous. To be so addicted so sperm that you had to seek it out wherever you could was so utterly deviant to my own way of thinking that I could only shake my head in wonder at the ridiculousness of it all. 

"You don't swallow cum so you don't really know what it's all about," she said to me on the ride home. "That's why I wanted you to come with me. I think you might change your mind about sperm once you see me in action."

"Videotaping you sucking guys off is one thing," I reminded her. "But if you think you're going to get me to swallow some dude's jizz, you're crazy."

"Oh, no! I told you I just want you to film me. That's it. I'll do all the swallowing. You just get everything on tape."

It was close to 10:00 p.m. when we arrived at the club. Millie had told us that the Casa Rosso had been in existence for several decades, occupying a position of unique status in the De Wallen neighborhood. I had to admit that the place was not as sleazy on the inside as I had anticipated. The interior was actually quite attractively laid out with theatre-style seating on two levels, featuring luxury fauteuils in an air conditioned room and a large balcony with a cozy bar. When we walked in a female DJ was playing loud dance music, and we were advised by our hostess to take our seats before the curtain went up for the upcoming show.

The eight of us sat in the first row, the seats having been reserved for us by Charlize. We were joined by about two hundred other women, who Charlize permitted to attend, believing that the experience would be more intense with a ribald crowd to cheer the men on. She had stipulated to the management beforehand that any cum swallowing to be done was the exclusive prerogative of our group alone.

As I looked around I couldn't help but feel that I was sitting in a junior high school auditorium, replete with an old-style proscenium. The thick, red velvet curtains were of the old-fashioned type that parted in the middle, and I half expected some bespectacled academic to walk onstage at any moment. But the continual barrage of vociferous catcalls dispelled that notion very quickly. I could only wonder what was waiting for us on the other side.

Our waitress, a sweet, demure young blonde in her early twenties, told us that the first sex show had already went on an hour before we arrived. It had consisted of two couples fucking on a revolving bed. Katie laughed at the idea of a bed so constructed, and told me that screwing in such a fashion would have only made her dizzy.

The atmosphere in the club was highly charged; a combination of impatient desire and booze-induced lust. I had been seated in the middle of our row with Grace to my left and Katie to my right. And seated directly behind us and in the balcony above were rows of shouting and screaming women demanding the show to begin. When the house lights finally went down the entire room exploded with cheers and applause.

"This is going to be fucking great!" Katie said, as she clapped as loudly as she could.

Grace, screaming at the top of her lungs, nearly broke my eardrums with her incessant outbursts. "Get the bloody curtains open!" she cried. "We want to see those bollocks!" 

Charlize, Millie, and the rest of the gang were chanting along with everyone else, adding their own particular brand of vulgarity to the mix. The noise was deafening.

Suddenly a voice came over the PA system. It was a woman's voice, our hostess, and as she spoke the room fell quiet.

"Good evening ladies! The Casa Rosso is pleased to welcome you here tonight for a very special performance featuring our coveted lineup of the most handsome and virile young men who will perform for your viewing pleasure!"

There was a thunderous applause from the crowd.

"For tonight's show we are happy to announce that the New York chapter of the Semen Hunters Club is here with us. They have kindly invited all of you ladies to enjoy their special show with them. So let your inhibitions down along with your panties and put your hands together for the Casa Rosso 'Naked Male Revue!'"

The audience went completely wild.

Within seconds the curtains parted to reveal a lone man onstage, his erect penis the only part of him visible in the spotlight. Sitting as I was in the first row, I estimated my distance from him to be no more than ten feet away. Even at that distance I could tell that he had a huge cock, along with a pair of massive balls that hung low in their sack. He was greeted by a deafening round of applause and cheers.

Then the music started. It was a loud, beat-driven, bass-heavy house mix, and soon the man was making his cock sway back and forth in time with the beat, contracting his penile muscles to achieve the desired effect. The crowd laughed and cheered.

Suddenly the lights went up, and we were treated to a sight that made me stand up and cheer along with the rest of my friends. No less than twenty men, all tall, muscular, and invariably handsome, stood onstage on either side of the "dancing penis" man and began dancing to the music. These were not amateurs; they were professional dancers and they moved gracefully and with coordinated movements that revealed years of training. They, like their friend, were all completely nude. Most of the men were blonde and blue-eyed, which led me to believe that they were local Dutch guys. I surmised their ages to be anywhere between twenty and thirty. 

"Oh, my God!" Yumi shouted to me over the vociferous clatter. "I think we hit the fucking mother lode!"

I had to agree. There wasn't an ugly one in the bunch. Not even a fair-to-middling one for that matter. These guys were gorgeous and hung.

"I'm going to suck that one off for sure!" Katie said, her eyes sparkling with lust. 

"Which one?" I asked.

"The big blonde guy on the far right. Isn't he incredible looking?"

"Yes, he is."

"Which one do you like?"

"I'm not sure. They're all so handsome."

She grabbed my arm hard and let out a little girlish yelp. "And they're all ours to do with as we please!"

The act they performed consisted of flips, complex dance moves that involved tossing each other into the air, and other feats or aerobatic prowess employing a series of ropes and pulleys that extended down from the rafters onto the stage. Some of the men juggled bowling pins while others pranced around with lit torches in both hands, throwing them back and forth to their partners. Two guys performed on the trapeze while another did somersaults. Watching them I was reminded of the male ballet dancers or "danseurs" who performed in legitimate classical or operatic productions; the only difference was they wore no clothes nor had a ballerina to accompany them. But these deficits mattered little. The act was an entity unto itself and astonishing to behold.

"What do you think, Lydia?" Charlize shouted to me from several seats away.

"Amazing!" I replied.

She smiled and nodded in agreement.

The show lasted for just under one hour, during which we were treated to every conceivable physical dance routine imaginable. The show ended with the men forming a human pyramid with "dancing penis" man at the top of the pile. When the lights went down the audience screamed their approval.

The men received a standing ovation and had to come back for extra bows. I had never seen any dance routine executed with such utter grace and power. In fact, their performance was so exemplary that I had forgotten for a while that they were nude.

Once the show had ended, the crowd settled back into their seats. The hostess informed us that the men would return in a half hour. I presumed they were going to clean themselves up in preparation for the real sex show about to begin.

Sharise was already engaged in an argument with Katie as to who was going to swallow the most loads. Ann put her money on Sharise, but Dorothy voted for Katie.

"No one can drink as much sperm as Katie," she said to Ann. "I've been to the glory hole. I know."

"We'll see about that," Ann replied.

"If these guys' cum tastes like strawberry shortcake, then you can bet your sweet ass I'm going to win this bet!" Sharise added.

It was hilarious to hear Sharise, an otherwise sophisticated and polished woman, resort to using such colorful metaphors in front of a crowd full of strangers. My friends made it known to everyone that we had a penchant for sperm, and that nothing was going to get in our way of getting as much of it as we could.

"I give my boyfriend a blowjob almost every day," said one young woman who was sitting behind Millie.

"And do you drink his sperm?" Millie asked her.


"I'll bet your boyfriend is a big fruit eater."

"As a matter of fact he is," she replied, surprised. "His cum is very sweet."

Millie laughed and turned to me. "I told you!"

Charlize used the interim between performances to explain to the other women in the audience what the semen hunter's club was all about. Some of the women reacted to this information with incredulity, while others thought the idea absurd. Most however seemed to like the idea of a club that catered to this obscurantist fetish. One woman, in particular, an attractive, middle-aged brunette, was obliged to remind everyone that the main component of semen was protein, and that it was good for the skin.

"I enjoy a good facial every now and then," she said to Yumi. "It helps keep my skin looking young."

"I like a good facial, too," Yumi agreed. "But I really enjoy making the dick cum with my hands until it unloads its juice down my throat. I love the power I have over a man that way."

Yes," she replied. "I see your point. It does put the woman in control."

"And control is what it's all about," Millie interjected. "Power is sexy ladies!"

The audience agreed.

When the men returned there was no accompanying fanfare. The guys simply strode up to us and the other women in the audience and let their natural impulses take over. Katie had singled out the tall blonde man, and as he walked by she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to her. He was a little taken aback by her brazenness, but her beauty obviously captivated him.

"Come over here," she said as she got down on her knees before him. "Give me that fucking big fat cock. I want it down my throat!"

Amused by her aggressiveness, he happily allowed his cock to be sucked by the lovely Irish girl.

"Do you speak English?" I asked him.

"Een beetje," he replied. "A little."

"May I introduce Katie," I said. "The sperm swallower."

I heard Katie laugh softly as she continued to bob her head up and down on his stiffening cock.

"What is your name?" 


"Are you kidding?"

"No. My name is Zeeman."

Under the mistaken impression that he had said "semen," I turned to Charlize.

"This guy calls himself 'Semen'!" I said to her. "Can you believe that?"

She looked at me curiously. "Lydia. His name is 'Zeeman,' not 'semen'. Zeeman is a proper Dutchman's name."

Of course my faux pas made everyone laugh, including me.

"I feel so embarrassed," I said. "I'm sorry, Zeeman. I thought..."

"It's okay," he replied. "It is a common mistake among Americans."

Zeeman didn't have much more to say after that because his prick was now at full mast and ready to dump his full supply of hot spunk into Katie's ravenous mouth. The women around us cheered her on as she used both her hands and talented mouth to make him cream.

"Yeah!" Zeeman cried as his body shook violently.

Sensing that he was on the verge of orgasm, Katie held his cock a few inches from her open mouth and used her hands to force him to ejaculate. Within seconds a huge rope of white sperm flew into her mouth followed by several more bursts of equal intensity. A few of the jets splashed into her upper palate and washed over her beautiful white teeth, the resultant sticky strands dripping down her chin and onto her blouse.

Her little hands worked his cock with intense professionalism, her entire focus concentrated on forcing his cock to exude as much spunk as possible. His penis responded with powerful but controlled ejaculations, most of the sperm finding its way down her convulsing throat. Over and over, and under her flawless guidance, the mastered penis surrendered its complete store of its vital juices into her mouth. I counted no less than thirteen separate spurts before it was over.

Katie rose to the sound of applause.

"Thank you. Thank you," she said, wiping the sperm from her chin. "I really enjoyed that!"

"You liked my sperm?" Zeeman asked her.

"Your sperm tasted like a pineapple daiquiri," she said, kissing him full on the lips. "Very delicious."

Zeeman looked pleased. He kissed Katie and strode off into the crowd.

"Did it really taste like pineapple? I asked her. "Or were you just being polite?"

"No, it really did," she assured me. "We've all been telling you that fruit makes cum taste sweet. If you tried it you'd understand."

Before I had a chance to respond, Grace directed my attention to Millie, who now found herself surrounded by three men. They were jerking off in her face.

"I'm very thirsty tonight boys," she laughed. "Lay it on thick!"

In less than a minute her face became a wash of semen. I was amazed at how much cum these guys could produce. It was nowhere near the amount of sperm that would have resulted from an injection of the EJAX drug, but it was still a prodigious amount. The audience went wild when all three men began to ejaculate at almost the same time, forcing Millie to turn her head to one side to avoid choking on the vast surplus of man goo. As it was she swallowed what must have been a good quart of grade-A cream.

"I'm loving this!" she exclaimed, as the final shots glazed her face and hair.

Meanwhile, Sharise was busy at work on two guys' tools. They both unloaded on her face only seconds apart, directing their shots straight into her open mouth. She swallowed it all.

In the aisle to my left I saw Yumi giving one man a superb blowjob. She had him down on the floor and was kneeling over him, his immense cock buried in her mouth. When he started bucking his hips I knew she had brought him off. A true cum swallower, she never removed her mouth from his shaft, preferring instead to drink down his offering straight from the tap. The only way the audience knew he had cum were from the visible traces of sperm that escaped from her lips.

Charlize had not been idle during this time, and I was surprised to find that she was engaged with four men at once. Being the extraordinary exhibitionist she was, she dragged them up on stage and let each man fuck her one at a time. At one point she had a cock in her mouth, anus, and pussy while giving the fourth guy a handjob. After she had been thoroughly fucked, she ordered the hostess to bring her a brandy glass and the audience watched with amusement as she forced each man to jerk off into it.

"That's it boys," she said encouragingly. "Give me all of your nasty fucking sperm."

The men complied. Jet after jet of spunk splashed into the glass which she held in her hands. I had to admit that it was quite erotic to see four handsome men give up their sperm in this way. Within a minute the glass had been filled up halfway, and with one ostentatious flourish, Charlize drank down the whole sticky mass in one gulp. The crowd gave her a standing ovation as she stood before them licking her lips.

Grace, Ann, and Dorothy all got their fair share of sperm in various ways. But the highlight of the evening was watching Katie and Sharise share a bukkake with all twenty men. Both women got their faces plastered with cum and both drank down what must have been nothing less than a half gallon of sticky seed. It was hard to say which woman had drunk the most cum. In the end it was decided that they should both share equally in the victory.

During this entire time I had remained a passive bystander, not willing to join in their perverted fun. Yet part of me wanted to experience the same joy they were feeling from indulging their passions, and when Zeeman returned I finally decided to make my move.

"Katie," I said. "I want to taste his sperm."

"Really?" she replied, her face all aglow. "That's great, Lydia!"

"But I don't want to suck him off. I just want to taste a little bit of his cum. I want to see if it is really sweet like you say."

"Sure! No problem. I'll do the sucking and when he's ready to shoot off just stick out your hand and catch some of his jizz."

It seemed simple enough.

Zeeman was clearly infatuated with Katie, and she knew it. They kissed a while before she actually got around to sucking him, but when she did he didn't last long at all.

"Get ready, Lydia," she warned me. "I'll take the first few loads and then you can scoop up the rest."

Zeeman was thrilled to see me cup my hands under his huge cock, waiting for his seed. When he finally did ejaculate, Katie swallowed as much as she could and then directed the remaining spurts right into my hands. The hot cream splashed into my palms like lotion from a dispenser bottle. I was stunned at the amount of spunk he delivered, considering the man had already had two successive orgasms.

"Taste it," Katie said, eager to see my reaction.

I tentatively brought my hands up to my face and sniffed. It smelled like pineapple.

"Here goes," I said, as I stuck out my tongue to taste Zeeman's sperm.

All eyes were now upon me, and with my friends urging me on, I dipped my tongue into the white mass of male protein.

"Go for it!" Grace squealed.

What I had thought was going to be a most unpleasant experience turned out to be not nearly half as bad as I thought. My distaste for the consistency of sperm was not much changed by sampling Zeeman's fruit-sweetened sample, but the flavor of pineapple was strong and unmistakable. I found myself dipping my tongue into the effluence several times, just to make sure that my first impression had been correct. The entire audience gave me a hearty round of applause.

"We'll make a semen hunter of you yet!" Millie exclaimed.

I looked up and saw both Katie and Zeeman smiling down at me.

"Good?" he asked me.

"Good." I replied, pleasantly surprised.

Katie was beaming. "We're going to have so much fun at the glory hole tomorrow!"

My friends had been right all along. It had been a most enlightening evening.


The following day the girls and I took a walking tour of the city and had lunch at the Steakhouse Piet de Leeuw, a famous restaurant in downtown Amsterdam. We then took a cruise on a luxurious salon boat through Amsterdam's picture-book canals. Gliding through the old centre of the city we saw elegant merchant's mansions, carillon-crowned churches and the warehouses with their rich history from Holland's Golden Age. To cap off the day, we had dinner at De Kas, which means "greenhouse" in Dutch, and is housed in an enormous glass house: one half for eating, the other for growing the fruit and vegetables that end up on your plate. I was pleased to learn that the food was organically grown. 

By 8:00 p.m. the girls were ready to call it quits—all but Katie and me that is. She had been lugging around her video camera all day and now turned it over to me.

"I told him we'd be there at 9:00 p.m. sharp," she said, putting the camera in my hand. "I don't want to be late."

We said goodbye to the girls and took the train across town to De Wallen. Already the sex shops were doing a brisk business. I noticed that people from all over the world visited the Red Light District—Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans, Africans...they were all well represented in the famous city of sex. Even some dowdy looking types who might never frequent a sex club in their lives felt the urge to check out the Amsterdam nightlife with its openly accessible brothels and swinging joints. One particularly somber, middle-aged American couple, wearing jeans, matching cowboy shirts and black Stetsons, formed an incongruent picture against the backdrop of the sex-saturated city. They had stopped to ask me for directions to some nightclub, thinking I was a local. Fortunately for them, the man standing behind me was able to help them. By the time we got off the train it was almost 9:00 p.m. and Katie was looking anxious.

"Look," I said. "If you don't want to do this, we can go back to the hotel."

"What makes you think I don't want to?"

"Well, look at you. You're nervous as hell."

She chuckled. "I always get this way before I give oral sex. It's like an actor or a singer getting nervous jitters before a performance. I'll be fine. You just make sure you get everything on tape. And keep the camera hidden in your purse. I don't think Lars would appreciate us filming in his club."

"Okay, no problem. Let's go."

The inside of the club was dark and smoky. I followed Katie into the bar and there we met with Lars, a balding, overweight guy who looked about fifty. As soon as he saw the two of us he broke off his conversation with one of the customers and greeted us warmly.

"I am so glad you decided to come back," he said to Katie shaking her hand. "And who is this lovely creature?"

"This is my friend, Lydia. She is curious about glory holes and wants to watch."

"A beautiful woman and a voyeur too," he said jovially. "That is a wonderful combination."

Lars led us to a spacious booth that was both ill-lit and somewhat less than clean, with graffiti of all different languages written over the walls. There was one hole in the lower portion of one of the walls with an emboldened black arrow pointing down toward it. I presumed the proffered cock would make its appearance through it.

"I have about 30 men ready to go," Lars said to Katie. "Is that enough for you?"

"That will do fine," she replied, as she put her bottle of water and paper towels down on the floor.

"The men are waiting on the other side. You don't see them, they don't see you. House rules. You will be paid 2,320 Euros, which comes to $3,000 American dollars. Some of the men might come back a second time. If so, I'll give you more."

"Don't worry about the money," she said without a hint of irony. "I'm only here for the sperm." 

Lars laughed loudly. "If you ever decide you want a permanent job here, let me know."

After he left I complained to Katie that the booth reeked of dried semen and was rather dirty. She dismissed my concerns with a brittle laugh.

"For Christ's sake, Lydia, that's all part of the allure. It's dirty, yes. But sex is dirty. Giving blowjobs to strange men and drinking their cum is dirty. That's what makes it so much fun."

Once the camera had been turned on and I was ready to begin filming, Katie knocked on the wall to indicate to the man standing behind it that she was ready to begin the session. The first cock to poke its head through the hole was a huge black specimen about ten inches in length. Katie cooed when she saw it, wasting no time in taking it in her hands and gently caressing its ebony flesh. The hole was wide enough for the man's enormous scrotum to go through, and she used one of her hands to play with the bulging testicles. From the other side of the wall we could hear the man moan loudly.

"This is so nice!" she said just before wrapping her delicate lips around the head.

Katie made love to the man's penis in ways that would have made most porn stars feel ashamed. She treated it almost as a thing of reverence, running her tongue lovingly up and down its length, pausing every now and then to linger at the tip, flicking her tongue delicately over the glans and frenulum, teasing, coaxing, demanding...impatiently waiting for the rich man cream that she knew would invariably result from her unrelenting machinations.

Standing there next to her and watching her every move through the camera lens made me feel as if I were involved in the action with her. At first I focused on simply keeping her head and the man's huge cock in the frame. But after a time I found this to be rather boring, so I used the zoom lens to focus in and out while varying my position so that I could film her from both underneath and above. 

"How are you doing over there?" she asked the man. "Does this feel good?"

There was no reply.

"I don't think he understands," I said. "Do you know how to say it in Dutch?"

Katie asked again. "Is dit een goed gevoel?

"Yeah," the man replied hoarsely. "Geweldig!"

"I assume he's enjoying it?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," Katie replied, as she deftly masturbated him. "He said it was 'great'."

"You speak Dutch very well."

"When Charlize told us we were coming here, I decided to study the language. I figured it would be fun."

I had to admire her initiative, and it made me like her even more. She smiled at me and quickly went back to work, taking his entire length down her throat. It took her all of two minutes to get him to cum, and when he finally did explode, she got a mouthful.

The men were required to knock twice on the wall when they were ready to ejaculate so as to give the girls working the booths a few seconds to prepare to swallow their semen. When the knock did come, Katie absorbed the full ten inches so that her lips were resting at the base of his penis. I heard a loud grunt and then watched in amusement as her throat contracted violently several times to accommodate the sperm rushing into her mouth. Through it all she kept both hands on the wall to support herself, using only her mouth to accomplish the task. I heard the man moan loudly on the other side as his orgasm continued.

Katie did not remove her mouth for a short while after the man had ejaculated. Instead she continued to masturbate him with her lips. Something in her must have sensed that he was good for another round and so she kept up the attack on his cock, this time utilizing both hands to help him achieve yet another orgasm. I was surprised to see not one single drop of sperm, such were her skills as a cum swallower.

It took a little longer the second time around to get her prize but her persistence paid off. Holding his testicles in one hand and using the other to grip the base of his shaft, Katie fellated the man with such intensity that I actually heard him cry out. And then followed a torrent of rich hot seed that splashed into her open mouth with such fury and volume that there was no way she could hope to contain it all. Ropes of thick ejaculate fired into her mouth and face mercilessly as she assiduously stroked the huge organ, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the sight of seeing her face get splashed with cum over and over again. His orgasm lasted almost a full thirty seconds, and in that time she had swallowed a good portion of his load. What she didn't swallow she wore on her face and in her hair, with much of it now dripping down onto her jeans. I handed her some paper towels and stopped filming.

"You're a fucking mess," I laughed as the cock withdrew from the hole.

"I know!" she said, cleaning her face off with the towel. "He came a lot!"

"Twice in a row!" 

"Not hard to do when you know how."

"I hope you remembered to bring another pair of jeans with you."

"In my bag," she replied.

She took a sip of water and then knocked on the wall indicating that she was ready to take on the next guy. I turned on the camera.

"How did he taste by the way?" I asked.

"Definitely detected something fruity. Mangoes I think."

The second cock to appear was not as big as the first one. I judged it to be more or less average at about five inches in length. But the head was huge, as was the diameter of the shaft itself. Katie started this session off with a wonderful handjob that sent the guy on the other side into deliriums of joy. I was amazed to see the variety of hand skills she employed to get him off; not once did her lips touch the penis. In less than a minute he was shooting streams of cum into her mouth.

Katie gulped the sticky mass of white cream down her throat with gusto, relishing every spurt. I counted no less than a dozen creamy salvos, all of which found their target. By the time the man had finished ejaculating, Katie turned to me with her mouth opened wide to show the camera the pool of sperm still waiting to be swallowed. She played with the cum, allowing some of the globs to escape her lips only to be sucked up again a moment later. I found the sight extremely erotic.

After she had swallowed his load she took another drink of water and asked me if I wanted to help her bring the next guy off. 

"You know how I feel about this," I reminded her.

"I know. I know," she said, with a look of disappointment. "But it wouldn't kill you to at least jerk one of them off."

There was a loud knock on the wall.

"Mustn't keep the customer waiting," I said as I began to film once more.

The cock that poked its head out of the wall was both huge overall and quite attractive looking. It stood proud and defiant in front of Katie's lovely face, and I almost had an urge to take her up on her offer and touch it myself.

"That's one great looking cock, mister!" she exclaimed. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one!"

I was a bit taken aback by the size of the monster she now engulfed in both her hands. It was easily over twelve inches in length with a very thick shaft and enormous testicles. Katie seemed to revel in the feel of the giant monster penis, fondling the appendage with great skill and attention.

"Now tell me you wouldn't want to wrap your lips around this!" she said to me as she gripped the cock hard.

"I don't think I could get my lips around the tip, never mind the shaft," I replied, focusing my lens on the mushroom-like glans.

"Yeah, but you could get your hands around it. Come on, Lydia. Give a girl a helping hand."

Turned on by what I had just seen, I began to think that maybe it wasn't such a horrible thing to masturbate him. And it would make Katie happy. 

"It is a nice cock, I have to admit," I said, admiring the pulsating rod she held in her hands. "Oh what the hell! All right. I'll help you milk this fucking thing!" 

"Awesome!" Katie exclaimed. "Fucking awesome!"

With my left hand holding the camera, I took his huge prick in my other hand and began quickly jerking him off. For the first time since I had been married, I was now playing with another man's penis, not just playing with it, but trying to provoke it to orgasm. Katie helped me masturbate the fleshy monolith, while she used her mouth and tongue to stimulate the glans. We chuckled when we heard the man start to groan, knowing that his orgasm was not far away.

"You keep jerking him off," Katie told me, "and keep the camera on me. I think he's going to cream any second now."

And sure enough, he did. 

I had always enjoyed the feeling of control and accomplishment at making a man ejaculate with my hands. I could actually feel the semen rising up in his shaft as he surrendered his load to my persistent stroking.

Then came two quick knocks on the wall.

"Oh, fuck!" we heard the man cry.

Suddenly the prick shot out a tremendous load of white juice, which hit Katie squarely in the face. The next volley reached her mouth and then he shot a continuous stream of sperm that she fought hard to swallow. I jerked his tool with rapid, intense motions, thrilled to see my hands incite such a vehement reaction. A good portion of his ejaculate was dripping from my fingers and I had to laugh at the huge volume of it. It shot out with such ferocity that Katie found it amusing as well.

"Somebody brought out the big guns!" she cried, as her face was repeatedly assaulted.

It was a long orgasm lasting well over a full minute. I made sure to capture it all on videotape, knowing that such an exemplary performance would want to be seen by all the other girls.

When he was finished ejaculating Katie's face was once again covered in a thick patina of pasty man protein. My right hand was completely saturated as well. When she saw me pick up a paper towel to remove the sperm, she grabbed my hand and began to lick each of my fingers clean.

"This is getting to be a habit," I told her, as I watched her lovely mouth clean each of my fingers one by one.

"You know how I feel about wasting perfectly good sperm," she said, as her tongue licked up every last trace of spunk from my hand.

This suck and swallowing fest went on for a straight two hours, culminating in a double suck off that I thought I would never have performed in my life. 

The truth of the matter was that I had gotten extremely turned on by all the cock sucking and cum swallowing taking place in front of me. Inevitably, the sights, sounds, and smells associated with dozens of men being jerked off and made to cum took its toll on my libido. My pussy was literally dripping wet and I was as horny as hell. So when Katie invited me to help her suck off the last guy, I turned off the camera—much to her dismay—and volunteered to help bring the man to orgasm.

"Please let me get you on tape," she pleaded as I knelt down next to her.

"No fucking way, Katie," I said flatly. "You're lucky I'm doing this at all."

The last thing I needed was to have my face in a sex video over which I had no control. She knew I was serious and did not press the issue. I'm glad she didn't because at that moment a monstrous schlong popped its head out of the hole and poked me right in the cheek. 

"Hey!" I protested. "Watch where you point that thing!"

The guy on the other side of the partition let out a hearty laugh. "Sorry!" he said. "I forgot to knock."

"No problem," I replied. "Nice dick!"


"You're American?"

"Yup, from the Big Apple."

Katie and I both laughed. At first it might have seemed improbable that two American women would be giving oral sex to an American guy in an Amsterdam sex house. But it really brought home the point to me that we do indeed live in a small world.

"My friend and I are from New York too. Nice to meet you—and your dick."

The two of us got to work on him right away. His prick was short and stubby, but his balls where immense and completely out of proportion to his rather modest penis. It was his balls that caught my attention.

"I'm going to lick and suck these huge nuts of his," I said to Katie. "You can work on the rest of him."

"You got it!" she replied happily. "I think Mr. Big Apple is going to give us a big sperm shower."

"This fucking sac of his is probably bubbling over with cum," I joked, as I ran my tongue along the underside of his scrotum.

"Looks like it. Guys with balls that size usually cream a lot."

Katie opened her lips wide to engulf his cock and I continued to fondle and suck his ball sac. The man was in ecstasy.

"Oh God!" he moaned after a few minutes of our combined treatment. "I'm going to fucking cum!"

I quickly grabbed his cock in my hand and jerked it off into Katie's mouth. He shot off like a fire house; one long, steady stream of ejaculate that splashed wildly onto her tongue and lips, a few bursts actually flying high up into the air above our heads landing several feet behind us.

It was exciting to watch the results of our team effort so efficaciously displayed. Over and over the ropes of sperm flew out of his throbbing cock until Katie was forced to pull her mouth away. Then I did something completely unexpected: I wrapped my lips around the head of the man's prick and got a mouthful of hot spunk. When Katie saw what I had done her face lit up.

"Don't swallow it," she said. "Dribble it into my mouth."

I did as she asked.

It felt strange kneeling there with a wad of some stranger's sperm swishing around in my mouth. But it felt even stranger watching the long trail of semen escape from my lips and into Katie's waiting maw. She swallowed the ample load and then kissed me passionately on the lips.

"I love you, Lydia," she said as she grabbed her water bottle.

After Lars paid Katie, he told her how pleased the men had been with her performance. Katie was delighted to hear it and told him that she would come back again, the next time with her husband. It was now almost midnight and we took a cab back to the hotel.

"So," Katie said to me as we drove beyond the De Wallen neighborhood, "it wasn't so bad, was it?"

"I have to tell you the truth," I replied. "No, it wasn't. In fact I enjoyed it."

"Sucking or swallowing?"

"Both, actually. It's like you once told me. You get this feeling of power knowing you can control a guy's cock. It's really phenomenal."

"Now you know why I'm so into it. Don't get me wrong. I love fucking. But the feeling you get from getting a cock to explode in your mouth is so satisfying. I hope you'll try it on your husband sometime."

When we got to the hotel the girls were still up. Of course we had to give them a complete rundown of the night's activities. When Katie told them what I had done, they congratulated me.

"I guess we can now officially welcome you to the semen hunter's club," Millie said patting me on the back. "Great to have you aboard!"

"Three cheers for Lydia!" Katie cried, giving me a big hug.

I was now one of the girls and it made me feel great. When I got back home I decided to address the marital problems I was having with Nathaniel once and for all. Without telling him, I paid him a surprise visit at the American Embassy in London. He was of course surprised to see me, but he also seemed genuinely happy. After we had dinner that night we returned together to his luxurious apartment in Mayfair. I told him that I loved him and he told me that he loved me as well. I then pulled his prick out of his pants and proceeded to suck him off. He was so horny that he came in less than a minute, watching in awe as I drank down every drop of his creamy cum. 

"We'll have to include more fruit in your diet," I said looking up at his handsome, astonished face.

He had no idea what I was talking about, but he soon learned. Pineapple became a mainstay in our household after that. 


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