"Triethylene X," the doctor began as she pointed to an image on the screen depicting a complex chemical structure, "is a neurotoxin that was developed by NATO and its allies several years ago to be used in war. It is an airborne toxin that causes severe neurological damage to all animal life. 

"Three months ago the chemical plant in Saudi Arabia that manufactures the toxin was ravaged by an earthquake, which resulted in the destruction of the steel container that housed the gas, thus releasing Triethylene X into the atmosphere. Fortunately, the reactive agent, "Forthesine," which is needed to make the toxin biologically active, was stored at a separate facility. If the two chemicals had been combined, we would have had a worldwide catastrophe on our hands. Suffice it to say, the introduction of Triethylene X into the atmosphere has resulted in secondary symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, and dizziness being experienced by a significant part of the world population. However, a far more dangerous side effect, affecting only males, is the increased incidence of various sexual dysfunctions such as impotence, low sperm motility, failure to achieve or maintain an erection or ejaculation, and a marked physical lassitude accompanied by a general disinterestedness in sex.

"Several weeks ago, my colleagues and I began work on synthesizing a drug to counteract the effects of Triethylene X, and we are now at the point where we are ready to test its efficacy on selected volunteers. We have chosen ten men, ranging in age from 18 to 55 years, to serve as test subjects for our experiment."

At this point the doctor pressed a button on the remote control unit she held in her hand and a slide advanced to show an image of a different chemical structure.

"This," she continued, "is the molecular composition of 'Spermator,' a drug I designed to eradicate Triethylene X from the body. As you can see, the atomic structure is quite complex, but capable of being replicated in any laboratory. We have already tested Spermator on rhesus monkeys with excellent results, and we are now ready to try the drug on our human hosts."

The speaker, Dr. Diana DiAngelo, took a moment to take a sip of water from a glass that sat on the podium from behind which she had delivered her speech. She had been the senior Director of the University of Rome's medical laboratory for almost thirteen years and held advanced degrees in biology and genetics. She now stood before a small group of eleven other doctors—all women—whom she had called to attend the conference in the hopes that they would assist her in the upcoming experiment. She was a tall, elegant creature with lustrous auburn shoulder-length hair that framed a face of flawless beauty. Her blue eyes flashed whenever she became animated—as she often did when discussing subjects close to her heart. She had been a brilliant medical student and had achieved great notoriety for her work in biogenetics. 

Her eyes surveyed the faces of the women sitting around the table in front of her, letting her gaze linger momentarily on each woman in turn, assessing their reactions to her speech.

First and foremost among them was Dr. Christiana Swensen, the brilliant inventor of the male fertility drug, "EJAX-472," and a woman who had served as her mentor for many years. Next to her sat Dr. Rebecca Hellstrom, Christiana's friend and colleague who had helped in the creation of the famous drug. There was Dr. Sheila Ford, the American geneticist who had once assisted Christiana during the EJAX experiments; Dr. Marion Cates, the distinguished British neurosurgeon who first discovered and mapped the synapses of the human brain; Dr. Francesca Cavalli, Diana's best friend and widely renowned for her innovative work in neurobiology; Dr. Juliette Desault of the Paris Institute of Medicine who developed the world's first completely safe oral contraceptive; Dr. Maria Ibanez, the famous Spanish pathologist who was one of the first women physicians to have discovered the connection between disease and altered mental states; Dr. Constance Schmidt, the celebrated German oncologist whose development of the molecular imaging scanner (MIS) replaced X-rays in the diagnosis of cancer; Dr. Abigail Wolff, the Australian anatomist who was the first to employ tissue transplantation in the restoration of the cellular lining of the lungs; Dr. Olga Rimorsky, the Russian biophysicist who helped to create a drug to cure the effects of radiation sickness; and Dr. Eva Gabor, a molecular biologist from Hungary whose many studies concerning the atomic structure of matter had elevated her to prominence in the world medical community. 

The sun's rays filtered through the windows, providing a gentle illumination as the women sat and discussed the ramifications of the information they had just received from their esteemed colleague. Diana now took her seat at the head of the table, inviting further discussion.

"So, what do you think of all that?" she asked them, laying her glass on the table.

"Personally, I think it sucks," said Sheila. "To think that these fucking men have once again abrogated both their reason and their morals to produce this shit is beyond my comprehension. It's everything we stood against from day one."

"And that's exactly why you don't see one man on our team," Diana replied. "Notwithstanding the Sisterhood imperative, I was reluctant to include any male scientists because they might be in league with the bastards who invented this toxin. And we can't afford to let the cat out of the bag at this point."

"Definitely not!" Rebecca agreed, her long blonde hair highlighted in the sun's rays. "We can't let any man know what we're doing here. Otherwise it might compromise the experiment."

Christiana nodded. "No argument here. For all we know our male colleagues could have helped create Triethylene X, and the corporations who control and manufacture this poison would pose a serious threat to our project."

"To them human life is negotiable," Francesca said flatly in her halting English. "All they care about is their profitto."

"Well, they are not going to find out a damn thing," Diana assured her friend. "And the men we are using as our test subjects have all signed statements forbidding them to discuss the experiment with anyone."

Olga leaned back in her chair, toying with her pen. "That's good, Diana. The last thing we need is to have the multinationals on our backs."

"It's sick, isn't it?" Constance remarked with a sardonic grin. "Our goal is to help these innocent men recover their health while these corporate pricks, these purveyors of death, are seeking to destroy them. It's infuriating."

"I agree it is disgusting," Maria said, sharing her colleague's disdain. "You would think scientists were enlightened enough not to be seduced by purely monetary considerations."

"In an ideal world, maybe," Marion noted. "But the truth is, there will always be enough money to force someone to sell out."

Eva laughed. "To the devil with them all!"

"Yes!" Juliette agreed. "May they all rot in hell!"

"Bloody hell!" Abigail exclaimed. "That's where those fucks belong!"

Diana smiled complacently. "But since we cannot send them there, the next best thing is to beat them at their own game. Our first test will be conducted the day after tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in medical lab A. Each man will be tested separately with all of us in attendance. I have also invited several dozen young girls—all interns here at the university—to observe and take notes. In addition, I took the opportunity to employ some of the local girls—prostitutes right here in Rome—to provide sexual services to the men to help encourage them to perform."

"Prostitutes?" Marion inquired with some amusement. "Do you really think that's necessary?"

"They're experts at what they do and they may come in handy."

"How long have these guys been taking Spermator?" Christiana asked.

"Two weeks," Diana replied.

"And what have your recent blood tests revealed?"

"A marked decrease in the level of toxicity for one thing, along with a slight improvement of sexual function in a few of the subjects."

"Such as?"

"An increase in sperm motility and improved blood flow to the penis."

"That's most promising," Marion said. "I would like to examine your latest test results if I may."

"Certainly, Marion," Diana said. "I'll have Francesca give you and everyone else copies of the lab work. I think you'll agree that Spermator is proving very effective."

Juliette looked skeptical. "What about EJAX-472?" she said to Christiana. "Would it have any impact on the toxin?"

"I've tried already and the result was negligible," Christiana replied. "EJAX is ineffectual in the presence of the toxin. Diana has already corroborated my findings."

"And it doesn't share the same nucleotide sequence as Spermator, which was designed specifically to nullify Triethylene X in the bloodstream," Diana added.

"Have any of the men experienced erections during the two weeks they've been taking Spermator?" Eva asked Diana.

"Two men have, yes. And one guy actually shot off right in my hand when I was giving him a prostate exam yesterday."

"Well! That's an encouraging sign!" Maria laughed.

"It was! Especially since it was a really huge load! He must have spurted at least a dozen ropes of sperm all over my hands and arms. I won't lie to you girls—it was really exciting to watch!"

"I'm sure it was," Sheila said, chuckling. "During the EJAX experiments I saw a bunch of guys cum like that and I can tell you that I had several orgasms just from watching them shoot those monstrous loads. I just love watching guys lose their juice!"

The entire room erupted into gales of laughter.

"A loving finger up the arsehole does it every time!" Abigail roared.

The women traded jokes with each other for a few minutes, using their gay banter as a means of relieving the seriousness of the moment. But it was apparent that no amount of gaiety could camouflage the anxiety that permeated the room.

"Good heavens, girls!" exclaimed Rebecca, her exuberant expression restored to its previous seriousness. "What are we going to do with the evil men who created this toxin? They're going to destroy the world if we don't stop them."

"I suggest that we concentrate our efforts on getting our patients well again," Diana said. "Then we'll deal with those scumbags."


The following morning all the doctors assembled in medical lab A to discuss the results of the men's blood work and to meet the men themselves. Diana wanted the test subjects to feel comfortable in the presence of the doctors and believed introducing the men to them would go a long way in accomplishing that goal.

The ten men arrived within minutes of each other, a look of hopeful expectation on their faces. They were escorted into the lab by one of Diana's assistants and told to sit on chairs prepared for them.

After pleasantries had been exchanged, Diana took out her notebook and gave the doctors a brief history of each patient.

"Daniel O'Brien," she began, "is eighteen years old from Ireland. He states that he has not had an erection for the past three months. Manuel Hernandez is from Cuba and is also eighteen years old. He claims to have lost his sex drive completely and no longer has morning erections. Socrates Katsoulous from Greece is nineteen years old and complains of experiencing a heavy feeling in his testicles at various times during the day. He has not ejaculated in two and a half months. Sven Hildegaard is from Denmark and is twenty-seven years old. He still achieves erections on an intermittent level but cannot ejaculate. Benjamin Wilkes is thirty-eight years old from England. He has no sensation in his genitals at all. Pierre LeBlanc from France is fifty years old and cannot achieve erection under any circumstances. Bill Travers from the United States is forty-three years of age and has not been able to maintain an erection for more than a minute since exposure to the toxin. Boris Stepanova from Russia is fifty-five years old and cannot ejaculate even though he can still achieve an erection. Antonio Longo is thirty-three years old from Italy and suffers from retrograde ejaculation. Rosario Bramante, also from Italy, is twenty-one years old and has not been able to achieve an erection for the past three months, although he did have several nocturnal emissions recently.

"In each of these cases, severe compromise of the reproductive function has occurred shortly after exposure to Triethylene X. The symptoms vary slightly from subject to subject, but it is clearly evident that normal sexual functioning has been impaired, with all symptoms being concomitant with exposure to the toxin."

Diana turned to face the test subjects.

"Gentlemen," she said, "the doctors are acquainted with your medical profiles and the results of your latest blood tests. They have questions for you and I would like you to answer each question openly and honestly. Don't hold back any information. Shyness and timidity will only serve to delay our progress." She turned to Christiana. "Dr. Swensen, you may begin."

Christiana looked up from her notes and rested her eyes on Daniel O'Brien. He was a sandy-haired, good-looking boy who bore a slight resemblance to Howdy Doody.

"You say that you have been unable to get an erection for the past three months. Is that correct?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Under any circumstances?"


"Do you have a girlfriend?"


"Did you ask her to stimulate you either manually or orally?"

"She tried to give me a handjob a few times," he said with a smirk, "but my dick never got hard like it used to. She doesn't like oral sex."

A few of the men chuckled upon hearing him use the vulgar term "dick," but the doctors remained unperturbed. 

"What about recently? Have you experienced even a partial erection since taking Spermator?"

He thought a moment and then replied with some hesitancy. "I don't know if this counts, but last night I had a wet dream."

Francesca looked puzzled. "Cosa vuoi dire con questo?" she asked Diana. "Wet dream?"

"He had an orgasm in his sleep, Francesca," Diana explained.

"Well, I think that's significant," Christiana said looking hopeful. "Don't you, Diana?"

"Yes, that is most promising."

Daniel grunted in satisfaction. "For a while there I thought my sex life was over."

"I think the fact that you actually had an ejaculation is very encouraging indeed," Christiana said to the boy. "At least we know that the drug is working."

The next boy to be interviewed was Manuel Hernandez—this time by Rebecca.

"You claim to have no sex drive and no erections?" she asked him.

"That's right," Manuel replied.

"When was the last time you masturbated?"


"Any luck?"


Manuel was a very attractive young man with long black hair and large almond eyes. He seemed a bit uncomfortable talking about his problem, but this didn't stop Rebecca from suggesting some unorthodox treatment.

"Would you be willing to be masturbated?" the blonde beauty asked.

The boy looked surprised. "What do you mean? Right now?"

"Yes, right now."

"Well, I don't know," he stammered. "By who?"

"By me."

The other men laughed softly.

"Let the pretty doctor beat you off Manny," Benjamin said. "We won't look."

"No, you won't," Diana said. "I want you guys to all go into the next room. Manuel is nervous enough as it is without you watching him. Go."

With some reluctance the men obeyed. Once the door had closed behind them Rebecca reached for a tube of lubricating cream.

"Hey, look Christiana," she said, showing her friend the tube. "Diana is still using our famous extended masturbation cream that we used in the EJAX experiments."

"I've never found a better cream for getting men to ejaculate," Diana said. "I can't tell you how many times we've used it to force even the most stubborn subjects to surrender their sperm to us."

"I'm glad to hear it," Christiana said proudly. "I spent over two years developing that stuff."

"Don't you think all this can wait until tomorrow?" Juliette asked Rebecca.

"Relax, Juliette. I'm trying a little experiment here." She looked at Diana. "If you have no objection of course."

"It's all right," Diana said. "I'm curious too."

Rebecca smiled. "Come and stand in front of me, Manuel, and take your penis out for me."

Manuel did as he was told and presently his flaccid prick was hanging in front of the doctor's face. Rebecca applied the cream to her hands and rubbed the lotion in her palms vigorously before taking his cock in both hands. The boy let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"That feels so good, doctor," he said, catching his breath.

"Sometimes a woman's touch can make all the difference," Rebecca giggled as she worked the lotion into his genital area with firm but loving attention.

"Very true!" Constance said to Rebecca. "We all know that you are the best masturbatrix in the world. And if Spermator is working as it should, then your lovely hands can do the rest."

"I'm not sure this is such a good idea," Abigail said. "We should wait for the target date.

"What do you think, Christiana?"

"What has the boy got to lose?" Christiana replied, her eyes focused on Rebecca's deftly moving fingers.

"Nothing except his sperm," Rebecca laughed as she pulled on Manuel's semi-erect prick.

The doctors watched intently as the boy's cock was forcibly milked by the blonde expert. Hand over hand she pulled on his organ with both grace and skill, the cream making lewd squishing sounds as she massaged the liquid into his stiffening shaft.

"How big does your cock get anyway?" Rebecca asked him.

"About nine inches," he replied, as he watched her hands glide effortlessly up and down his slowly expanding tool, stopping every now and then to rub his balls.

"Let's see if we can get you there," she said, enjoying the tactile sensation of playing with both his penis and testicles.

As Rebecca masturbated him, the other doctors adjusted their chairs so that they formed a semicircle around her and the boy. In order to create a less sterile environment, and in order to provoke the young man to ejaculate, all the women resorted to using slang when describing the male genitals, hoping their relaxed attitude would make Manuel relaxed as well. Some of the doctors commented openly about Manuel's cock and balls, and a few even reached out and stroked his scrotum and buttocks as Rebecca's unrelenting handjob finally produced the desired result.

"Look at that!" she exclaimed, as she teased the head of the boy's now fully erect organ. "I think we have liftoff girls!"

"And hopefully a big launch too!" Maria laughed.

"I just love those big cum bursts!" Marion added. "You know where the guy shoots out those humongous loads that break up into all these creamy dots and dashes!"

Francesca laughed. "I think we might see that today! Don't you think, Manuel?"

Manuel shook his head numbly. He was too amazed at seeing his cock at full mast to offer a coherent reply. But he was even more startled at Rebecca's openly lustful attack upon his cock. He had never seen a woman react to his penis with such determination and a wanton desire to see him cum—especially not from a woman doctor.

"I want to see this thing spit up," Rebecca said to the boy as she used both her hands to bring him off. "A really nice big load of hot cream is what we all want to see. Can you do that for us, Manuel?"

"I...I think so, doctor," the boy gasped as the pleasure of being masturbated by such a beautiful woman rose to ever-increasing heights.

"Good," she sang, teasing the underside of his glans with two fingers. "I've yet to meet a cock I couldn't make cum. And I'll bet you must have saved up about a half a gallon of grade-A sperm in those big balls of yours!"

"It feels like that sometimes," he answered, his eyes focused intently on her pumping hands.

It took about another five minutes of constant stimulation on his penis, but Rebecca's diligence was rewarded when Manuel's cock finally decided to respond. To her and her colleagues' great delight, his prick was now as solid as a rock and primed to ejaculate. It stood outward at an angle, proud and defiant in all its nine-inch glory. 

"You did it, doctor!" the boy cried as Rebecca's hands flew rapidly up and down over the length of his greasy shaft.

"You're a magician, Rebecca!" Christiana laughed.

Diana, sensing that the boy was coming close to ejaculation, asked Francesca to find a container to capture the semen so that it didn't soil the carpet. In the next room Francesca found a big glass beaker and placed it in front of Manuel's prick, waiting for the upcoming release of sperm.

"Try to get it all in the container," she advised the boy. "Our cleaning bills are high enough as it is."

Her comment made everyone laugh, including Manuel.

"I think this boy is getting ready to give up his sperm to us ladies!" Rebecca squealed as she coaxed the cum out of his balls with her two strong hands. "I'm going to drain every drop of spunk from these big nuts of yours, Manuel. We all want to watch you shoot your hot cum for us!"

Sensing he was near orgasm, Rebecca stroked his cock furiously with one hand while the other hand grasped his huge scrotum and squeezed gently. The other doctors leaned forward in their chairs, anxious to watch him ejaculate.

As Francesca lowered the container in front of his cock, the boy preempted her, forcing his cock upward and away from the bowl.

"Holy shit!" he cried as his bloated penis shot out a huge wad of semen that spurted high up into the air above Rebecca's head and flew across the room at lightning speed to land on a tray of medical instruments twenty feet away.

"In the bowl!" Diana screamed to her friend. "Catch his cum in the bowl!"

The doctors reacted with both surprise and delight as they watched Rebecca's constantly stroking hand provoke one giant cumshot after another, all of which now splashed safely into the container that Francesca deftly moved into position in front of the spurting prick.

"I love it!" Rebecca shrieked as she watched the ropes of sperm fly out of Manuel's prick with each upward pull of her talented hand. "I get so excited watching a big dick give up its jizz. Keep shooting baby!"

Manuel could do nothing but comply. The intense pleasure of being jerked off by the beautiful, blonde Swede was overpowering. But to finally experience an orgasm after months of not being able to do so was even more exciting.

"Keep going!" he cried, as she violently masturbated him. "I'm still fucking coming!"

Rebecca and her colleagues watched in amazement as Manuel's cock sent rope after rope of hot sperm into the bowl, causing them to react with cries of joy.

"Bravo Diana!" Francesca shouted as she watched the bowl fill up with cum. "Bravo Rebecca!"

"Look at all that sperm!" Constance roared. "Is everybody watching this?"

Christiana had seen it all before and her reaction to Manuel's masturbation was one of detached amusement. She looked at Diana who was held spellbound by the vast amounts of semen that were being coaxed into the bowl by Rebecca's uncompromising handjob, and she smiled to herself. Now Diana would understand what she, Christiana, had known for a very long time: the immense satisfaction that comes from helping others by virtue of one' own hard work; for even though Rebecca was indeed a brilliant masturbatrix, the real credit had to go to Diana and her creation, Spermator.

The boy continued to ejaculate for almost a full minute before his penis finally lost its erection. By the time he was finished ejaculating, the bowl was completely full of sperm.

"Can you believe it?" Francesca exclaimed, holding the container high for all to see. "Look at all it all!"

"That was fucking great!" Manuel cried, overjoyed at having been able to climax in such a dramatic way. 

He watched as Francesca passed the bowl around from doctor to doctor, each woman reacting with appreciation for his great effort.

"Thank you, doctor," he said to Rebecca, who patted his cock gently and smiled. Her fingers were dripping with his sperm.

"Don't mention it," she said to him as she got up and walked to the sink where she quickly washed and dried her hands.

During the next hour the remainder of the men were interviewed, and five of them were masturbated by both Rebecca and Francesca with no results. It seemed as if Manuel was the only one who had recovered his sex drive.

That evening Diana invited Christiana, Rebecca, and Francesca to dinner at her apartment in downtown Rome. After dinner the women discussed the failure of the nine other test subjects to achieve an erection.

"It troubles me greatly," Diana said somberly. "It was bad enough that those five guys couldn't get hard—no reflection on you Rebecca—but the rest of them seemed totally indifferent when offered to get their dicks stroked. No young and virile man could turn down an offer like that."

"Unless Spermator is not working like we thought," Francesca replied.

"But the blood tests revealed otherwise. Each of those nine men should be so horny by now that they'd fuck a keyhole!"

Rebecca shrugged. "Well, you can't blame me. If they were that horny then those five guys would have creamed in my hands seconds after I made contact."

"No one is blaming you," Diana said. "But something is wrong."

"I don't know what you're so concerned about, Diana," Christiana said as she ran her fingers idly across the rim of her wine glass. "Manuel appears to be reacting well and at least one other guy had an ejaculation a few days ago. You know the drug is going to behave differently in different patients."

"I know that Chrissy, but it's been two entire weeks. What if they don't orgasm tomorrow? I'm going to look like a fool."

"Is that what you're worried about?"

Diana looked down at the floor. "I'm ashamed to admit it, but yes, I am."

"Oh, Diana," Christiana said in a cheerful tone. "No one is going to think you're a fool—certainly not your friends. I mean, the prostitutes might be disappointed but the interns will surely understand."

"I'm not so sure about that," she said glumly.

"You don't want to get a lecture from me do you?"

"Not really."

"Well, then let me offer this tiny bit of advice: there are no guarantees—about anything. And especially in this case. There are simply too many variables."

Francesca threw her hands up in the air and looked at her friend. "I try to tell her that all the time but does she listen? No!"

"I can't help it," Diana said. "I'm a worrier."

"Well worrying isn't going to do you a damn bit of good," Rebecca said. "You even said it yourself. Spermator will be at its optimal levels in the bloodstream tomorrow. If the experiment proves to be a failure, then I would start worrying."

"She's right, Diana," Christiana agreed. "Tomorrow is your target day. Put your worries to rest until then."


At 9:00 a.m. the following day the doors of medical lab A were opened to admit all twelve doctors, two dozen female interns, and the ten test subjects. The doctors seated themselves on a raised platform facing the audience of interns. Between them stood a recliner equipped with leather straps. There were other medical devices scattered across the room, ostensibly to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital statistics during the experiment.

A few minutes later the prostitutes arrived; all seven of them and all invariably pretty. These were not the average streetwalker variety but the highest caliber female escort money could buy. Diana told them to sit down next to the doctors and to make themselves comfortable. The doctor had insisted that each woman forego their traditional formal wear and adopt a more casual attire in the attempt to make the men feel more at ease. The seven women chatted loudly with each other and the other doctors, eager to find out as much as possible about the experiment.

After preliminaries had been attended to, Diana addressed the audience and presented a brief overview of the experiment. Some of the interns appeared slightly apprehensive to learn that they were going to be watching a group of men being masturbated to orgasm in front of them, but Diana assured them that is was all being done in the name of science. Once she had explained the deleterious effects the toxin was having upon the men, and what she had hoped to achieve with Spermator, even the most anxious of them settled down and waited patiently for the experiment to begin.

"If I wasn't clear about this," she said to the interns, "then I apologize. These men need all the support and encouragement we can give them, so please try not to act in an unprofessional manner."

"Is it true that all these guys are going to be made to ejaculate?" asked a thin, studious-looking girl with pigtails.

"Yes," Diana replied. "At least I hope so. You are all here to witness the effectiveness of Spermator, as you are aware. I expect that we will be witnessing some very robust ejaculations resulting in the emission of vast quantities of sperm. My advice to you girls is to sit back, take notes, and enjoy the fireworks."

The girls giggled amongst themselves when they heard this, a look of anticipation in their eyes.

The doctor answered a few more questions and then turned her attention to the prostitutes.

"Julia," she said to a tall redhead in black shorts. "Are you and the girls ready?"

"Whenever you need us," she replied, her broad smile revealing a set of perfect white teeth.

"You all know what to do?"

"Of course," she laughed. "You want us to make the men cum. That is our specialty."

Julia's friends broke out in laughter and made several lewd comments to each other, their gaiety offsetting the clinical atmosphere that hung over the lab like a shroud.

Daniel O'Brien was the first man to expose his teenage body to the roomful of eager women. Once he removed his clothes, Francesca and Diana strapped him into the recliner, which was then tilted at a 45-degree angle facing the interns. The doctors adjusted their chairs in a semicircle around him in order to witness every motion of his firm, compact body. 

"Our subjects are restrained because we don't know what kind of reaction, if any, to expect once the ejaculatory process, instigated by the drug, begins," Diana explained to the interns.

"Are you expecting a violent reaction, doctor DiAngelo?" one of the girls asked.

"It's possible. That's why we secure their hands and feet—to protect themselves from harm and the ladies servicing them."

The interns could barely contain their amusement upon hearing the word "ladies" ascribed to the group of prostitutes. But their amused looks turned to ones of envy when one of the "ladies," whose name was Claudia, strutted up to Daniel and, upon Diana's command, began to perform fellatio on him.

Claudia was a striking beauty—statuesque, with raven-black hair that fell to her waist, large blue eyes, and a mouth that was made for sucking cock. When Daniel saw her kneel before him his entire body tensed up.

"Daniel O'Brien," Diana said, addressing the interns, "is an eighteen-year-old man from Ireland who has not had an erection since exposure to Triethylene X, which, as you all know, was introduced into the air over three months ago by accident and subsequently has affected a significant portion of the male population worldwide. During this three-month period, Daniel has experienced one nocturnal emission, and that occurred just a few nights ago, and that was only after taking Spermator for a period of two weeks."

"It would appear that your drug is having a positive effect, doctor," said a pretty intern with curly blonde hair.

"So it would seem. But our experiment here today should tell us more."

"Why did you find it necessary to bring in these...these ladies to have sex with the men?" another girl asked as Claudia's mouth opened wide to engulf Daniel's flaccid cock.

"We wanted to give our patients as much stimulation as possible in order to induce orgasm. That's why the ladies are here."

"It sure beats looking at pictures, honey," one of the prostitutes, whose name was Gina, said to the inquiring student.

"Are there any more questions?" Diana asked the interns.

The group was silent for a moment and then one girl, a rather pale, skinny student with long brown hair, raised her hand.

"Yes, what is it?" Diana asked.

"Can we take part in the experiment too?"

"Well, I don't know," the doctor replied. "I personally have no objection to it, but it would mean that you would have to perform handjobs on the men. Is that something you would want to do?"

"I wouldn't mind," the girl replied cheerily. "And I know there are some other girls here who wouldn't mind either."

Diana surveyed the faces of the young medical students as they reacted to Claudia's blowjob. Many of them seemed quite willing to participate, affirming by mood and gesture the claim made by their eager counterpart.

"Well, if you girls have no problem with it," Diana said, "neither do I. But we must give deference to the ladies."

One girl, a cute redhead with big tits, had been taking notes up until this time but now raised her head to gaze at Daniel, whose face expressed the keenest delight at having his prick so expertly sucked by the beautiful vixen.

"What if your drug doesn't work," the girl asked Diana. "Does that mean the end of the human race?"

In all the time since Diana had begun work on synthesizing Spermator, she had never once considered the possibility of her drug not working. She realized there might be problems along the way, and that any failure could make her look foolish. But she always believed the drug would ultimately be successful. Yet the question took her by surprise—and it was a valid one. If enough men were affected, and if there was no cure for the malady, then it was within the realm of probability that the human race could go extinct within only several generations. She turned around to look at Christiana and her other colleagues seeking some kind of assurance that maybe she was wrong, but they already knew what she was silently thinking, and they remained nonplussed.

"It is possible that if Spermator doesn't work, then our existence on this planet could be seriously threatened," the doctor replied. "But there is every reason to believe that it will work, so I would suggest that we try to remain positive and not waste our energies in idle speculation." 

"What do you mean by 'seriously threatened'?" the girl asked.

"I would venture to say that we would either become an endangered species or the human population will be diminished to the point where we will face utter extinction."

"But it's not going to come to that," Constance suddenly said to the girl. "Dr. DiAngelo told you to remain positive, and I think it best that we do not dwell on 'what if' scenarios."

The girl was going to reply but thought the better of it and turned her attention back to Daniel.

Claudia had been sucking on the young man's prick for almost three minutes and he was still flaccid. His expression was almost apologetic when his eyes met Diana's, but she just smiled and encouraged Claudia to continue.

For a woman of Claudia's beauty and sexual prowess, to be confronted with an unresponsive cock after using every trick in her libidinous sexual armory was exasperating. Under normal circumstances no man would have been able to hold on to his sperm after such a splendid assault on his manhood. After another few minutes of desperate sucking and manipulation of Daniel's stubborn penis, the woman finally gave up in disgust.

"Either this guy is a homosexual or his libido is dead," she complained as she stood up. "I can do nothing with him."

With that, the disgruntled woman returned to her seat, her companions offering consoling words but to no avail. Julia offered to fellate the boy and Diana agreed, but her efforts, as intensely erotic as they were, likewise failed to produce an erection.

Daniels' face registered extreme disappointment when he saw that the pretty girl could not stimulate him to grow much beyond his irritatingly partially erect state.

"I'm sorry," he said to Julia. "It's not your fault."

"Of course not!" she replied annoyed. "It's you! The drug you got inside you—it keeps you soft! Fare l'impossibile!"

"What does that mean?

"It means this is impossible to do!"

"That's enough, Julia," Diana said. "Please return to your seat."

The offended woman strutted back to her chair in a huff, her unsuccessful attempt to vivify Daniel's recalcitrant penis a potent reminder that she had failed in the one thing she had always prided herself upon: controlling a man's cock.

Diana told Francesca to free Daniel from the recliner and then asked him to leave the room. As he exited, he apologized to the doctor, but she told him not to worry. He seemed to take little comfort in her assurances as he walked out the door, but she kept a smile on her face nonetheless. Inside she was feeling nervous. She knew that she would face a major setback if none of the men could be induced to ejaculate. And after Socrates, Sven, and Benjamin all failed to produce an erection, even after all forms of stimulation—both human and mechanical—had been tried, the threat of postponing the experiment became a distinct possibility.

It was now Manuel's turn to be locked into the recliner. The handsome young Cuban seemed almost cavalier in the way he waltzed into the room, waving to the interns and greeting the doctors and prostitutes with a big smile. The interns clearly appreciated his relaxed, charming manner, not to mention his fine physique and friendly attitude. He smiled at Francesca as she strapped him into the device, looking confident and serene.

"Manuel Hernandez is eighteen years old from Havana, Cuba," Diana began. "He says he has no sex drive and that he no longer experiences morning erections, which, as you know, is not normal. However, he was able to get an erection last night followed by a very substantial orgasm. So far, he is the only man in this group who has been able to do so. We are hoping for a repeat performance today. Are you ready, Manuel?"

"Yes, doctor."

Diana pointed to one of the prostitutes, a very sexy blonde with a tight ass and long legs, to service the young man. Her name was Jessica, and she had the face of an angel. But the most enticing aspect of her appearance was her pouting lips, which always seemed to be inviting the admission of a cock between them. She walked up to Manuel and kissed him squarely on the mouth—something many prostitutes would never do. But she did do it, and whether by design or not, it had a profound effect on Manuel, who moaned with pleasure. She had only barely touched his genitals when he was already sporting a huge erection. The entire room applauded and cheered.

"I think he likes you!" one of the interns shouted to Jessica.

The woman, proud of her achievement, began to fellate Manuel's prick, which was quite an ample specimen. Thoroughly aroused herself, she then unzipped the back of her dress and stood up to expose her huge tits to the boy, who immediately shoved as much of the succulent flesh as he could into his mouth. The other prostitutes laughed and cheered her on.

Relishing the sensation of having the beautiful woman's tits to suck on, Manuel starting groaning loudly, rubbing his face between the two luscious mounds in complete ecstasy when his mouth was not occupied with a nipple. Jessica moaned with pleasure, her hands tugging on his huge organ with increased pressure.

"I'm going to drain your balls dry," she laughed as Manuel inhaled deeply of her delectable feminine scent.

Jessica's amazing presence was simply too much for the boy to withstand. Her beautiful laughing face, only inches from his own, was demanding he cum for her, and he wanted desperately to oblige her. He looked down to see her lovely hands viciously pulling on his bloated shaft, provoking it to ejaculate.

"Oh, fuck!" he screamed as his body froze.

Sensing he was about to cum, Jessica masturbated him furiously, turning her body to one side so that everyone could get an unimpeded view of his ejaculation. As her exquisitely manicured fingers pulled up on his dick, a long, thick arc of semen shot out from the tip and flew six feet up into the air.

"Yes!" the blonde woman exclaimed. "That's what I want to see! Show everybody what you have! Bravo, maestro! Bravo!"

Her constantly stroking hand produced a series of intense bursts that splashed energetically high up into the air, astonishing the interns as well as the doctors themselves, many of whom had never witnessed such a voluminous orgasm.

Diana found herself laughing with joy, her eyes following one huge spurt after another as they sailed effortlessly across the room. Her colleagues reacted in similar fashion as the beautiful blonde beat the cum out of Manuel's throbbing dick.

"I just love a good cumshot!" Sheila roared as the ropes of hot, white cream shot up high above their heads.

Every woman in the room was astounded to see such an abundance of sperm, and with each successive ejaculation, responded with ever-increasing gales of laughter and surprise.

"Lovely!" Olga exclaimed. "Keep going, Manuel!"

And Manuel did keep going. For a solid three and one half minutes the shots of semen milked from his dick remained constant. With each pull the astonished prostitute watched yet another sticky load shoot off into the distance. The other prostitutes were in hysterics, unable to comprehend the spectacle taking place before their very eyes.

"He's a fucking sperm machine!" cried Julia, who nearly fell of her chair from laughing so hard.

For his part, Manuel could only remain frozen in position, watching in utter amazement as Jessica's firm and unrelenting grip coaxed out one thick load of sperm after another.

"I've never seen so much of this shit!" the blonde laughed. "My hands are soaked!"

"Not to mention the floor!" Claudia exclaimed, pointing to the vast puddle that had formed in front of Manuel's feet.

The interns were laughing so hard at the sight of Manuel's constantly ejaculating prick that they struggled to catch their breath. The doctors, with the exception of Christiana, Rebecca, and Sheila, all of whom had witnessed similar results with EJAX-472, sat glued to their seats, staring incredulously at the enormous amounts of sperm being expended from Manuel's superheated testicles.

"Never in my life have I seen such a thing as this!" Eva exclaimed.

"It's not possible," Maria laughed. "But there it is!"

"Incredible!" Juliette cried.

"Unprecedented!" Marion said, dumbfounded.

"Not to mention, messy," Olga added.

As the final wad of cum was ejected from Manuel's cock, the entire room exploded with applause and laughter.

"You did it, Diana!" Christiana cried, as she ran to embrace her friend. "Now you know how I felt when EJAX produced the exact same results. Well done!"

The two women hugged each other as the other doctors offered Diana their congratulations.

"Let's have a big round of applause for Manuel and Jessica!" Diana shouted to the crowd. "They were both marvelous!"

Manuel responded with a big grin, his breathing coming hard and fast. Jessica nodded her thanks to the crowd and ran to the bathroom, both her hands dripping with sperm. As she passed her friends they greeted her with a litany of vulgar praise, but she was clearly pleased by her victory.

"You either have it or you don't!" she laughed as she ran toward the exit.

Francesca threw her arms around Diana and kissed her cheek. "Bravo, la mia amica! Molto bene!"

"Grazi," Diana replied, returning her friend's affections.

Even though Manuel's ejaculation was a tremendous achievement, Diana was still troubled by the fact that the drug was still not working on some of the men. And after the remaining patients had been serviced, not one of them was able to obtain an erection. It was clear that there was something in Manuel's physiology that was making him react favorably to the drug. She would have to conduct more blood tests to find out what the identifying factor was and then integrate it into Spermator. The process could take days if not weeks.

"I don't know what to do," she told Christiana and Rebecca after the experiment had concluded and everyone else had left except for her and Francesca. "I can't ask these people to remain here for God knows how long. I've got to isolate the identifying factor from Manuel's blood and then synthesize it. That could take a long time."

"Not necessarily," Christiana said. "If you allow me and Rebecca to help you then we could make much faster progress. What do you think, Rebecca?"

"Well, I think with the four of us working on the problem we should be able to synthesize and test the new version within a reasonable amount of time."

"What's reasonable?" Francesca asked. "A week? Two weeks? We can't leave those guys hanging around for that long."

Diana looked at her friend. "Francesca, I want you to put all the men up at University Hall. The fall semester doesn't begin for another month and there are plenty of rooms available in the dormitory. We'll give ourselves two weeks to get the drug ready. If we can't synthesize a new version by then we'll have to send them home."

"We should start work tomorrow morning," Christiana said to Diana. "Those men are depending on us."

"Okay," Diana agreed. "Let's do it."


The following morning Diana and her colleagues met in med lab B to begin work on synthesizing the new version of Spermator. Manuel frowned when he was told that he had to provide nine vials of his blood for testing purposes, but he accepted his fate with equanimity. The day went by slowly, with hardly any progress being made. But Diana was certain that a solution could be found, and she found herself at work in the laboratory long after her colleagues had left for the evening.

An entire week went by without any significant results. An impromptu testing of all the test subjects revealed that everyone but Manuel was suffering from severe sexual dysfunction, and as the likelihood of a cure was becoming more and more implausible with each passing day, Diana and her friends grew increasingly distraught. 

On the morning of the tenth day, Diana called her colleagues into the conference room to discuss their recent findings, or lack thereof. She sat at the head of the table in her white lab coat; in front of her were a pile of papers from the most recent tests, all of which had failed.

"We are running out of time," she said gloomily, as her colleagues shifted uncomfortably in their seats. "And needless to say, the men are losing hope. Half of them want go home, resigned to the fact that they will never again have a sex life. Spermator has proven to be a dismal failure and I am at a loss to understand why. The drug should work—not just for Manuel, but for all those men. I thought we would have discovered the missing variable by now, but I guess I was wrong."

The other doctors in the room greeted this statement with silence. Even Christiana seemed perplexed.

"Listen to me Diana. When I was developing EJAX-472 I ran into similar difficulties. Sometimes it requires you to step back from the problem for a little while in order to gain a fresh perspective. I told you this long ago when you first began your research. When you're too close to the problem, you can't see what's staring you right in the face. I suggest that you—all of us—call it quits for today and come back to the lab in a day or so. It always worked for me. It can work for you too."

Diana shrugged. "Maybe you're right. I don't know. I just can't stop thinking about it."

"You have to give yourself a break. And you can't go on doing double shifts in the lab. It's no wonder you're losing your objectivity."

"I agree with her," Francesca said to Diana. "All of us should go out to dinner and then maybe take in an opera or something—anything. Let's just get the hell out of this lab for a while."

"I know the perfect place to go," Juliette smiled. "It's not quite opera but I think you'll find it amusing."

When Diana responded with a questioning look, all Juliette did was chuckle mischievously. 


The "Casa Romana" was the last place the distinguished group of doctors expected to end up, but Juliette assured them that they would not sit in that part of the nightclub where the regular clientele were seated but would be admitted to the VIP room, which was situated in the basement of the ancient building where she learned that a most unique show was to take place that very night. 

The club stood across from the Trevi fountain in the heart of Rome. It had a notorious history for theatrical flamboyance, and was famous for not only its excellent but expensive appetizers, but for the sexual side dishes that were prepared by the tireless efforts of its ribald owners; these being two attractive middle-aged sisters who had taken over the once traditional restaurant over twenty-five years ago and had made it one of Rome's most provocative nightspots. 

Diana and Francesca, once they had discovered where Juliette was taking them, objected to entering a club of such lascivious repute. But encouraged by the rest of the group, the two doctors acquiesced and let themselves be escorted into the dark and cavernous entrails of the ancient cellar.

On the surface it looked like any other nightclub one might encounter, with dozens of round tables set up in orderly fashion, each with four of five chairs encircling it, and a small, intimate raised stage where the sex shows were put on. The doctors were seated at two tables directly in front of the stage that had been reserved for them. It was only later that Diana had learned that Juliette had planned the entire event days ahead as a surprise for the beleaguered group, whom she felt needed a serious diversion from their ever-increasing and frustrating workload. 

Above the stage were a set of theatrical lights that were dimmed to a dull blue luminescence, revealing only a simple wooden stool that was placed in the center. It was now almost midnight, and the first show of the evening was about to take place. The room was populated by a jittery group of roughly one hundred women, many of whom were visitors from other parts of Italy and Europe. But despite the cacophony of dialects, it was apparent that none of them could contain their excitement. There was not one man in sight.

"So what the hell are we doing here, Juliette?" Diana demanded at last, sensing a palpable wave of energy coalescing amongst the anxious spectators.

"I don't want to ruin the experience for you because I haven't seen the act myself, only heard about it from my friends who run this club," the lovely French doctor explained. "But we're going to see something totally unprecedented. At least I've never heard of such a sexual feat being performed anywhere in the world before."

"What sexual feat?" Christiana asked.

Juliette shook her head. "No, I'm not going to say anything more. Just be patient. You'll see soon enough."

No sooner had she finished speaking than the stage was illuminated slightly to reveal identical twin sisters walking onto the stage from opposite directions. They were attractive middle-aged women dressed in high heels, fishnet stockings, black leather coats with tails, and each sporting a black, felt, top hat. The crowd clapped excitedly at their entrance.

"I'm Nina," the woman on the right said in perfect English, "and this is my sister Talia. We are the owners of Casa Romana and we want to welcome you to our establishment. Tonight we are proud to present one of the most unique and electrifying acts ever to grace our stage. Never before in the history of adult entertainment has there been anything like what you are going to see tonight. And now without further ado, we are pleased to present to you Mistress Diabolique and her slave Udo-Obong, the eighth wonder of the world!"

Against the backdrop of thunderous applause, the two women exited in the same way in which they came as the lights once more resumed their previous illumination. And then, from the rear of the room came the sound of hushed voices that soon rose in volume as the forms of two people, one a woman and the other a seeming giant of a man, walked slowly up to the stage. 

Diana and her friends watched in complete astonishment as Mistress Diabolique, clad in the black leather garments of a professional dominatrix and leading the man behind her on a loose chain, strode confidently up to the stage making eye contact with no one. She was an imposing figure of a woman—tall, elegant, beautiful—with fiery red hair that was done up as a ponytail whose tail end reached to the top of her buttocks. And although she was quite a beauty to behold, the real marvel was Udo-Obong himself who, completely fettered with immense iron chains that secured both his hands and feet, struggled along several paces behind his mistress, a seven-foot, 350-lb. black Nigerian warrior with only a simple white loincloth to preserve his modesty.

He was a very handsome man despite the fact that he was completely bald. His massive musculature undulated with each tortured step as he fought to keep himself from falling under the weight of his oppressive burden. His mistress did not fail to give his chain a hard yank if he faltered, which he did several times before finally reaching the stage, upon which she immediately sat down on the wooden stool and ordered him to stand next to her with his head bowed. The two performers neither looked at each other nor said a word. In a few moments the excited crowd suddenly grew quiet, waiting in breathless anticipation for the act to begin.

If the crowd was waiting for Diabolique to speak, they were soon disappointed. With only a curt nod to the audience, she snapped her fingers and from the side of the stage a young girl with long blonde hair, similarly dressed in an outrageous black leather outfit that showcased her ample cleavage, approached the mistress with a cigarette holder with a cigarette attached, and a long curved peacock's feather. Diabolique took these items from the girl who then proceeded to rip the loincloth off of Udo, revealing a huge nine-inch prick that hung semi-erect between his massive legs. But his penis, ample though it was, was nothing compared to the ridiculously sized scrotum that lay beneath it. It seemed to Diana that his testicles had to be something of a genetic anomaly, appearing to be almost three times the size of a normal man's scrotum. The audience howled with laughter when the girl slapped his cock and balls several times, making the entire assemblage jostle from side to side as Udo winced in pain. The lovely little imp wasted no more time on him but instead lit Diabolique's cigarette and quickly exited, leaving the two performers, mistress and slave, ready to commence their act.

It was eerily quiet as the doctors, along with the rest of the crowd, waited patiently for something to happen. And then, Dibolique, sensing that the appropriate level of audience anticipation had been attained, reached out with her hand that held the peacock feather and gently teased the underside of the black giant's glans. Udo reacted instantaneously, his body suddenly becoming alert to every movement of the tickling feather teasingly applied to his frenulum. The audience laughed to see him jerk his body at the intrusion of the feather, his abdominal muscles rippling under the subdued blue lighting in response to the tickling sensation in his genitals.

Diana noticed that Diabolique did not inhale, content to let the cigarette burn itself out, realizing that it was merely a device—a prop—to accentuate whatever point she was trying to make. And that was not at all apparent at first. But the intent was soon made clear when Udo's nine-inch penis began to rise in response to the constant tickling of the feather. Within the space of a minute he was completely erect, his stiff black organ jutting out from this lower body like a wooden plank, the outsized glans shining bright and purple under the blue luminescence. 

And then it began. At first it sounded like a low howl emanating from somewhere deep within the immense body of the black man. And then it grew in intensity as the feather mercilessly, inexorably, drove him on to the point of ejaculation. It came upon him quickly, almost unexpectedly, surprising both himself and his mistress as they both stared in wonderment as long strands of pre-cum issued copiously from the tip of his agitated penis. With hands and feet securely locked, he threw out his hips toward the audience and screamed like a banshee.

Thick ropes of molten sperm shot out high into the air and flew into the astonished audience with lightning speed, the slick jets of white cream following one upon the other in pell-mell fashion, coating tables, chairs, and various audience members with his salacious offering. The women reacted with roars of laughter and Diana found herself responding with no less than an excited yelp as the women in the front row got hit with more than one errant volley of sperm.

"Have you ever seen anything like that?" Juliette asked Diana, both women doubled over with laughter.

"Never!" Diana replied, unable to take her eyes off Udo's spurting tool.

More ropes followed, provoked by the incessant masturbatory motions of the feather. Diabolique smiled faintly, enjoying the sight of Udo's penis surrendering its massive load to her wicked machinations. 

"I love it!" Sheila exclaimed. "I want to see more cum!"

The entire room was thrown into utter chaos at the sight of such a kinky and utterly lewd performance. Even Christiana, who had seen many ejaculatory feats performed in her career, had to marvel at the way in which Udo's orgasm was obtained. 

"I would have never thought of it," she said amusedly, as the last of Udo's ejaculations splattered onto the slick floor in front of him.

Diabolique withdrew the feather momentarily, allowing her slave to regain some of his composure. The cheers were deafening. 

Taking a puff of her cigarette, she waited a few seconds before applying the feather to his glans a second time. Udo' penis, never allowed to become fully flaccid, responded to the intrusion by growing to its full erect state once again. This time it took less than thirty seconds to provoke another sensational orgasm, all achieved with the most minimal amount of effort on the part of the devilish Diabolique.

Udo prepared himself for another launching of his seed. His feet planted firmly before him, he violently tossed his lower torso out toward the raucous crowd and watched his prick erupt into one long, sustained series of multiple climaxes that drew cries of amazement from all those who witnessed it. Diana sat in disbelief as she watched Udo's enormous prick dance about with a life of its own, completely under the dominating influence of Diabolique's little feather. She marveled as one sticky wad of semen followed the other, some shots reaching into the second and third rows—a good thirty feet away.

"This is too much!" Rebecca squealed. "And without EJAX too!"

Christiana only shook her head in wonderment.

With his orgasm now subsiding, Diabolique snapped her fingers and the young blonde assistant came waltzing on the stage. Without being told, the girl kneeled down next to Udo and applied a small vibrator to the underside of his glans. His prick, still leaking long strands of cum, came back to life and within seconds he was again gripped with a powerful orgasm. The girl laughed as the first jet of white-hot cream erupted from the stiff pole, hurling its murky contents high into the air for all to see. Giant ropes of semen splashed indiscriminately into the audience, creating havoc everywhere the sticky fluid found its mark. This went on for a few more seconds before the stream of cum, so effortlessly provoked, ended abruptly.

Dibolique continued to smoke her cigarette, totally bemused by her slave's energetic display. She seemed pleased by his performance but it was clear that she was not entirely satisfied. Once again she raised the feather and applied it to his cockhead. Her assistant took up a chair next to the slave and massaged his huge testicles with a rough and callous approach. Within seconds he was ready to ejaculate once again.

Holding his huge balls in her little gloved hand, and squeezing them as hard as she could, the little blonde girl drove the index finger of her left hand into his rectum and began massaging his prostate. That action, combined with her ball squeezing and Diabolique's tickling feather, drove him over the edge.

Rich cream exploded from his dork, the pasty fluid arching high over the heads of the nearest women and splashing into the bodies of audience members in the far back rows. Diana counted nearly a dozen such ejaculations—all approximately equal in length and duration—that were propelled in vicious fury into the screaming crowd.

Eva was spellbound, as were all the doctors, as they watched rope after rope of Udo' s milky tribute find its way onto the ecstatic and scrambling group of onlookers. "It's quite amazing, isn't it? To be able to control a man's orgasm that way," she noted coyly.

"I find it highly erotic myself," Abigail said.

"Look!" Constance remarked, turning her head toward one particular table. "There are two women masturbating in the front row!"

Indeed. Several women had brought themselves to orgasm only moments before, completely absorbed in the breathtaking display of Udo's exemplary performance. This fact was not lost on Diabolique, who grinned wickedly to see people abandon themselves to their lust as they watched her coax load after load of Udo's sticky semen into the air.

After Udo had stopped ejaculating, he was allowed a momentary respite, after which the tantalizing feather was once more brought to bear on his still erect cock. By this time Diabolique's cigarette was reduced to half its length and she had already provoked her slave to ejaculate four times. She turned to him now, his body covered in sweat and his prick glistening with the remnants of his last orgasm.

As the feather once again tickled the sensitive underside of his glans, his prick rose up in slavish obedience to his mistresses' command. The blonde girl pulled up a chair and simply watched this time as Diabolique rapidly ran the feather up and down the sperm-coated shaft.

Diana and the rest of the women in the audience held their breath, expecting nothing more to happen after seeing Udo's balls drained so expertly moments before.

"I don't think he has anything left in him," she said to Francesca.

"I think you're wrong," her friend replied.

To their incredible surprise, the feather once again worked its magic on Udo's massive prick. Rearing back like a piece of heavy artillery, his giant pecker cannon relinquished its creamy contents in stellar bursts of glorious, white, effervescent globs, splashing wildly in every direction, the long, arcing ropes inciting howls of delight from his devoted audience. It was such an energetic display that the young blonde girl could not hold back her own excitement, screaming with laughter every time Udo's schlong ejected yet another incomprehensibly long rope of sperm.

"Incredible!" Diana muttered to herself as she watched Udo's cock spasm again and again, firing volley after volley of potent nut juice into the air.

"I told you!" Francesca laughed. "It's those fucking huge balls of his!"

With a nod from her mistress, the blonde girl once again took hold of Udo's long penis and began jerking him off even as his orgasm subsided. This time he would enjoy no pause between ejaculations. Using her right hand to masturbate him and with her left middle finger stimulating his prostate, the willful girl deftly brought him to a quick and explosive climax.

As her hand travelled rapidly from the tip to the base of his shaft, Udo surrendered another incredibly giant load of semen to the utter astonishment of the crowd. This time his orgasm lasted for almost a full minute and it looked as if he might pass out from the all the excitement. But his lust kept him focused and he looked down upon his prick, now being stroked feverishly by the lovely young girl at his knees, and gave himself up to her demanding hand job. 

The spurts of semen shot out at astonishing speed, coating the young girl's hand and running in rivulets down her arm. The ejaculations were not as violent as before but were smaller in force and more plentiful in amount. The women in the front rows were now laughing and shouting so hard that it felt to Diana as if the roof was going to cave in at any moment.

Suddenly, right in the middle of his orgasm, the girl abruptly took her hand away and Diabolique resumed stimulation of his cock with the feather. Udo's ejaculations continued unabated. His prick reacted with a mind of its own, totally under the external control of his wanton mistress. The floor in front of him was inundated with sperm. 

"There goes another one!" Olga exclaimed, as a particularly robust burst of white cream sailed effortlessly into the air.

"I've lost count!" Marion laughed.

"This is unbelievable!" Maria added, her eyes following every stringy ejaculation as they shot forth from Udo's tortured loins.

When the big black man was finished shooting off, Diabolique indicated to her assistant, with hand gestures only, to bring a stool for Udo to sit on. This the girl did promptly, placing the stool a few feet to the right of Diabolique, which placed it exactly at center stage. With a snap of her fingers the girl brought out another stool and placed it to the right of Udo. The girl then sat down to observe what was to come next.

Dibolique pointed to the stool and Udo immediately sat down. His cock was incredibly still fully erect and his balls showing signs of distension. The evil mistress continued to smoke on her cigarette completely indifferent to her slave or assistant. She looked straight ahead out into the audience, her eyes making contact with some imaginary object in the distance.

"That fucking cock is so big it's hitting him in the chin!" Sheila laughed.

A woman sitting behind her, a cute, auburn-haired local, laughed too. "You enjoy watching him cum?"

"I love it," Sheila replied. "I find it extremely erotic."

"So do I. For a man to cum like that he has to be very well trained."

"I agree. I think Diabolique is quite talented."

"What until you see what she forces him to do now."

"You've seen this show before?" Diana asked the woman.

"Once before in Paris. But I don't want to spoil it for you. Watch!"

With a simple nod of her head in Udo's direction, Diabolique signified to the well-hung slave that he lower his head and take the tip of his cock into his mouth. This he did without delay. With another nod the assistant fell to her knees in front of Udo and began massaging his huge testicles with both hands, kneading them roughly as his mouth absorbed several more inches of his turgid black meat.

"The girl is helping to force more sperm to come out," the auburn-haired woman said to Diana. 

"I don't mean to be rude, but I'm a medical doctor. Sperm cannot be forced out that way."

"You'll see," the woman replied, grinning broadly.

Udo continued to fellate himself while the women in the audience cheered him on. He now had a full six inches of his prick deep inside his mouth and his head bobbed up and down in a rapid but strictly timed fashion. Every now and then Diabolique would look over at him to mark his progress. Her cigarette was almost out.

"He's going to cum any second now," the auburn-haired woman said aloud to the group of doctors. 

"You shouldn't tell them, mother," a young teenage girl said to the woman. "Be quiet!"

"Are you mother and daughter?" Christiana asked the woman.

"Yes. Many of the women here tonight have brought their daughters with them."

"For heaven's sake, why? Some of them look too young to be here."

"I assure you, every girl is over eighteen. That's the law in Italy."

"But why bring them to see this?"

The woman laughed. "Why? Because we teach our girls how to control men. This is how they learn, by watching the mistress and her slave. What better way is there?"

Marion groaned loudly. "Bloody hell! You are progressive!"

The woman was going to respond but just at that moment the audience started suddenly chanting.

"Suck, suck, suck!" they shouted in unison as Udo's head flew up and down his long pole.

"Watch!" the woman said excitedly to Diana. "Keep your eyes on his cock!"

Seeing he was about to cum, the young blonde assistant moved quickly away and watched from a safe distance as Udo brought his massive prick to orgasm. Diabolique turned her head to watch the explosion, expressing her usual diffidence.

Suddenly, Udo's head reared back just as the head between his legs reared back of its own accord, unmanned yet ready to fire. With the entire crowd laughing and cheering, the slave's massive dick spat out a thick wad of heavy cream that shot up into the air a good ten feet above his head and out into the first row of tables. They women squealed with delight upon seeing this amazing explosion of sperm.

Jet after jet of sticky spunk found its way into the screaming audience and all around the stage, as the women urged him to keep shooting. He obliged them with one cumshot after another, each one as long and forceful as the one before it, coating the entire platform with his white seed. To see his cock bob back and forth with a life of its own amused the women to no end, the younger girls in the audience reacting to the spectacle with unbridled glee, having never before been witness to such an incredible sexual feat.

"There's goes another big fat load!" one of the teenagers in the back row shouted.

Udo's balls convulsed with each spasm of his cock, supplying the necessary sperm demanded from his ever pulsating cock. 

For his part, Udo remained quite indifferent to what was happening in his genitals. He never once showed any emotion or any feeling at all. But his behavior was quite in keeping with the mood of his mistress and the young girl who served her—all three moving almost robot-like through the entire show. After what seemed a full three minutes, the salvos of semen subsided and Udo stood up before his mistress and bowed. He was greeted with a thunderous applause.

"You are wonderful, Mistress Diabolique!" the auburn-haired woman screeched.

The cigarette Diabolique was smoking was now reduced to a nub. Throwing the holder away she rose from her chair and strode triumphantly to the center of the stage, the recipient of a thunderous round of applause. Nina and Talia rushed onstage to congratulate her on her splendid achievement as the rounds of approbation continued unabated. Udo stood motionless, his bald pate glistening in the stark blue illumination. The show was over.

The club was a mess. There was sperm everywhere. Miraculously, the area where Diana and her colleagues sat was relatively unscathed, but puddles of Udo's semen had formed only a few feet from where they sat, and stood as proof that what they had witnessed was real and not faked. Amidst the continuing applause, Diabolique led her slave and the blonde girl via the same route from which they had entered. Nina and Talia thanked everyone for coming and left the stage with big smiles as the house music came on. It had been a spectacular performance.

"I am completely and utterly amazed," Diana said to her colleagues. "Juliette, you are a very kinky woman!"

"I knew you needed to get away from your work for a while. We all did. I hope you're not disappointed."

"Disappointed? Are you kidding? I'm going to head home right now and break out the old vibrator!"

Her friends laughed.

"I still can't get over it," Sheila said. "I've seen guys shoot off like horses before, but this! It's unreal."

"And all without uttering one word—to anyone! I mean, how long did it take her to finish that cigarette? Six...seven minutes? And she had that guy shooting off like crazy!"

"I loved every minute of it," Christiana said. "To think that Udo could ejaculate like that without the help of any drug. Lucky man!"

"It was his balls," Rebecca noted. "They were almost as big as Joey's."

"Who's Joey?" Diana asked.

"Joey Balls was a guy who had testicles the size of coconuts," Christiana replied. "He suffered from elephantiasis of the scrotum. But he could shoot the most amazing wads."

"He was a freak, just like Udo," Rebecca said. "I assume they will burn themselves out eventually."

"What do you mean?" Diana inquired.

"Well, their reproductive systems can't handle such elevated levels of orgasmic delivery for long. Eventually their bodies will become incapable of producing anything more than a nominal amount of spermatic fluid. I thought you knew that."

"I never heard the word "burn" used in this fashion. Are you saying that with time these men will eventually lose their ability to have these huge orgasms?"

"In time, yes. The body can't maintain that level of ejaculate, big balls or not."

"But why? EJAX-472..."

"No," Christiana cut in. "EJAX was never meant to be taken forever. And even if it were, the human body would be subjected to the law of diminishing returns, much like a drug addict who enjoys a temporary high for a while but then has to bottom out. I think this guy Udo is a mutant. Probably has a recessive gene that could have lain dormant for generations. Any way you look at it, he's a freak."

"Yeah, but a wonderful freak!" Maria laughed.

It was time to go home. But something Christiana said stuck in Diana's mind. And when she finally did get to sleep, it was a fitful one.


Diana had only slept a few hours when she was suddenly awakened by the nightmarish image of a nucleotide sequence dancing in a field of twinkling stars that resembled a laughing, scornful set of mathematical equations. She stood on the edge of some cold, hard, indeterminate surface, balancing herself precariously to keep from falling off into infinite space, suspended in mid air like one of the shining orbs that twinkled malevolently all around her. She started violently, her heart racing and her face bathed in sweat. She reached for the night table and turned on the lamp. It was 5:30 a.m.

It had been a most disturbing dream, made all the more horrific because of the implausible way that the DNA structure had danced to and fro, cajoling her, mocking her, while she could only stare at it and watch it perform its fervent gesticulations in helpless dismay. The equations had formed the backdrop of this outlandish dance, twirling around in every conceivable way until they formed a heterogeneous blur that raced haphazardly across her entire visual spectrum. She rose from her bed, her body still shaking from the powerful sensations left behind from the afterimages imposed upon her stricken consciousness, and headed for the bathroom.

There was no point in going back to sleep. She washed and dressed and then took a light breakfast and turned on her computer. For the next hour she assiduously examined all the notes she had gathered from her experiments with the Spermator drug, trying to find a causal explanation for why it seemed to be working with Manuel but not the other patients. Another hour went by, and then another. It was now almost 8:00 a.m. In two hours she was scheduled to meet her colleagues at the University lab to make the decision whether or not to continue the experiment or call it off and let the test subjects go home. She had never felt so defeated.

But even as she felt her hopes at finding some clue to unlocking this cryptic mystery evaporate, the words Christiana had spoken to her the night before continued to stick in her head—mutant, recessive, dormant—and gave her no peace. There was something...something familiar that she was not seeing; some part of the puzzle that was not readily visible, but which she knew must exist. And then, in a most unexpected fashion, she experienced a flash of insight. The dancing nucleotide sequence held the answer. It had to. Everything she had done up to this point was correct. Manuel had been the only one who had responded successfully to Spermator, so there could be no doubt that the drug was certainly efficacious. But there was a reason why it worked in his case and not the others. The answer had to lie in the host's DNA—in the molecular structure of the genetic material itself.

Now she began to look at Manuel's nucleotide profile in earnest, and as she examined his latest DNA scans she found the answer she had been so desperately looking for. There it was, in black and white, as obvious as the nose on her face, but so simple a solution as to escape the combined scrutiny of herself and her esteemed colleagues. 

She shouted for joy as her eyes called up one nucleotide sequence after the other, thanking Juliette and Christiana over and over again, exulting in her discovery. Without wasting any further time, she called Francesca and told her the exciting news.

"I want you to wake them all up and tell them what I just told you," she advised her friend. "And make sure that Manuel and the other patients stay put. Capisce?"

"Capisco," Francesca replied. 

"I'll meet all of you at the lab in one hour. Get moving."


"Okay, you got us all up way too early, Diana," Sheila said through a yawn. "This better be good."

"I'm sorry. I know we all had a very late night, but I've found the answer. And Christiana gave me the key."

"What are you talking about, Diana?" Christiana asked, her lithe fingers languidly holding a bottle of mineral water to her mouth.

"It was Udo's performance that started me thinking that maybe there was a genetic basis for Manuel's successful reaction to Spermator. And then you mentioned 'recessive gene' and that this gene could have lain dormant for generations, which, in turn, could have qualified Udo as a mutant."

"I don't think the word 'mutant' is applicable in Manuel's case."

"Please Christiana, let me explain. We all know that the introduction of any new genetic character results from an instance of mutation, which is a base-pair sequence change within the DNA of a gene, or chromosome, of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in the non-mutant population. In studying Manuel's genetic profile, I discovered that he did indeed possess both a recessive and dormant gene that is directly responsible for preventing the inhibition of Spermator."

"We've been through their profiles several times and we found no abnormalities," Rebecca said. "How is it that you suddenly found something the rest of us didn't?"

"Because we're talking about a dormant gene! We weren't looking for it. Don't you see? After I examined the nucleotide sequence I discovered that there was a slight deviation in the base pair sequence—a chromosomal imbalance if you will—within the DNA nucleus itself. None of the other patients have this extra gene, which I have labeled 'M7'—the 'Manuel' gene. Without this gene the body cannot assimilate enough Spermator into the bloodstream, rendering it effectively useless."

Olga sighed heavily. "You're telling us that this one gene, this thing you call 'M7,' is the single causal factor in Manuel's ability to withstand the effects of Triethylene X?"

"Yes. But more than that, it has given him the capacity to produce vast quantities of sperm at an incredible rate. You saw as much yourselves during the experiment."

"Intriguing," Christiana said. "I would have never thought of it."

"I didn't even think to consider it myself," Diana replied solemnly. "But it was Udo's performance last night that got me to thinking that maybe the solution to the problem was not to be found in the traditional route we normally take in genetic research. And when you mentioned the word 'mutant,' that made a light go off in my head. I hardly slept at all last night."

"Well, it seems your insomnia paid off," Juliette laughed. "I told you that you needed to take a break!"

"I'm glad I listened to you, Juliette. Otherwise we would have had to call the experiment off."

"We're going to require a large amount of Manuel's genetic material," Eva told Diana. "And synthesize some form of medication from it."

"I was thinking of using an oral delivery system for that purpose. But yes, I believe he will be amenable to that."

"It's going to require a lot of sperm," Maria said. "And I mean, a lot."

"I'm sure he's up to the task," Sheila giggled.

"But what if he doesn't agree?" Francesca asked. "He's already hinting that he wants to go home."

"We can't let that happen, Diana. Not now. Not when we're so close," Marion said.

"Manuel's a great guy," Diana replied. "I'm sure there will be no problem."


"No! Absolutely not! There is no way I'm going to become a guinea pig in your experiment. I've done all I can and now I want to go home!"

Manuel was standing in the conference room in a pair of gym shorts and tee shirt, his face displaying the frustration of having spent far too much time being poked and prodded by the assemblage of famous doctors now surrounding him. He had responded to Diana's phone call minutes earlier with a decidedly ungracious attitude but promised he would arrive within the hour, which he did. Now, as the stern, intimidating faces of the scientists bore down upon him, he grew restive, and sank back into his chair feeling overpowered and extremely vulnerable.

"According to the terms of the patient contract you signed," Diana said, trying to act as calmly as possible, "you must remain with us for the next three days. And that goes for all the other men too."

"I don't care," Manuel replied. "I want to go back to Havana."

"You must abide by the terms of the contract you signed," Diana said, this time more emphatically. "Your genetic material will provide the cure for this debilitating disease."

"What genetic material?"

"Your sperm, of course."

Manuel frowned. "Of course! You doctors won't stop until I have not a drop of sperm left in me!"

"It's true that we'll require large amounts of semen from you," Juliette said consolingly. "But think of the wonderful thing you'll be doing for the other patients—not to mention all those men suffering throughout the rest of the world."

"I won't do it!" Manuel exclaimed, hitting his fist on the table. "You've taken too much of my bodily fluids from me already!"

"You might not care what happens to the rest of the male population on this planet," Sheila said, leaning toward him in a menacing way, "but we do! And as long as that contract is in effect, you are going to provide us with those sperm samples!"

Manuel glared at the doctor and swore under his breath in Spanish. His eyes darted from face to face, looking for one sympathetic smile. He found none. "No! The answer is no! Comprende?"

"Manuel! Please!" Diana admonished him. "Be reasonable!"

Realizing that his wishes were not going to be honored, Manuel rose from his chair and dashed toward the door. He was intercepted by Olga and Eva, who blocked his path.

"You're not going anywhere little man," Olga warned him, as she placed her formidable figure before the door. "Now go back there and sit down."

"Get the hell out of my way!" Manuel rasped, pushing her aside.

Just then a violent struggle ensued between the agitated boy and several of the doctors. He was finally forced onto the floor and given a sedative, which, while not putting him out, made him much more complacent.

"That's much better," Olga said as she helped him to his feet.

"Bring him into Lab B," Diana said to her Russian counterpart. "We need to begin the semen extraction as soon as possible."

Within minutes Manuel was strapped onto a milking table, hands and feet tightly secured by leather straps. He made a feeble protest now and then at intervals, but offered no real resistance—at least while the sedative was in effect. He was completely naked.

"Prop him up to a 45-degree angle," Diana said to Francesca. "And bring in the collection basin. We'll have him ejaculate into it and draw off the specimens into the smaller 2-litre vials."

Francesca did as she was told and returned moments later from the adjoining lab with two female assistants carrying a small refrigeration unit and a bathtub-like apparatus that had a huge funnel at one end to collect the sperm, and a one-inch diameter run-off tube at the opposite end. She positioned it in front of Manuel and then raised the table to the appropriate angle so that the boy's penis was placed directly in front of the funnel. She instructed the girls to fill up the vials with the sperm that emitted from the rubber tubing and then to place the vials in the portable refrigeration unit.

"Do you want to use the masturbation sleeve or the milking machine?" Francesca asked Diana.

"No. Those devices didn't work very well on him. Let's just do it the old-fashioned way: with our hands."

At this point all eyes focused on Rebecca.

"Now how did I know you were going to ask me?" she said to Diana.

"You're the best masturbatrix amongst us. Will you please do the honors?"

Christiana laughed. "Maybe we should all take turns. We're going to need a ton of his sperm and I don't think anyone, not even Rebecca, can keep masturbating him through successive orgasms."

"Agreed," Diana said.

Manuel lifted his head up lazily to watch Rebecca apply a small amount of masturbation cream to her beautifully manicured hands, the long, slender fingers luxuriating in the coolness of the gelatinous liquid.

"Once you get him hard I'd like to get a measurement of his penis," Diana said to Rebecca. "I want to see if the drug has increased his penis size."

"No problem," Rebecca replied, eyeing the boy's flaccid organ. "Just give me a minute and he'll be as hard as a rock."

She reached down between Manuel's legs and gently began tugging on his penis, her beautiful face only inches from his own. The boy moaned loudly as her hands toyed with his vulnerable flesh, sending ripples of pleasure throughout his young body.

"Have you any idea how many pricks I've jacked off?" she said to the boy.

"No," he replied feebly.

"Hundreds," Rebecca replied. "And do you know what happened to all of those pricks once I got my hands on them?"

This time Manuel only shook his head.

"I drained them of every drop of sperm," she laughed. "Just like I'm going to do to you in a few minutes."



"I won't let you drain...drain me..."

Rebecca looked down at his already expanding cock and giggled. "You have no choice you little shit."

Just as she had predicted, Manuel's cock was now standing at full attention, the purple glans straining under the pressure of her firm grasp.

Francesca drew a tape measure across the length of the boy's penis and whistled aloud.

"Well, how long is it?" Diana asked.

"Mama mia!" Francesca replied. "I think he's grown a few inches since the last time."

"How long?"

"Thirteen inches exactly," the stunned colleague said, taking the time to measure Manuel's cock a second time just to be sure.

Christiana examined the tape measure and nodded approvingly. "EJAX had the same effect. It's only temporary though. He should revert to his normal nine-inch size soon enough."

"Well thirteen inches is just fine with me!" Rebecca laughed, running her hand up and down the swollen shaft in a rapid but fluid motion. "It feels like it's going to pop soon too."

"I'm not going to let you...drain me..." Manuel muttered incoherently, his eyes glazed over despite the excitement of being masturbated.

"Oh, yes I am," Rebecca assured him as she stroked his huge cock in earnest.

With the group of doctors looking on and offering encouragement, Rebecca quickly brought the boy to a stunning climax.

"Oops!" she said as the thick pre-cum coated the tips of her fingers. "Here comes the jizz!"

No sooner had she spoken those words than a huge jet of milky white sperm shot out from the tip of Manuel's penis and splashed into the glass basin. It was followed by a succession of rapidly fired volleys that painted the walls of the tub in glistening white rivulets of sticky semen, most of which found its way to the bottom of the basin and into the rubber run-off tube within seconds.

Rebecca laughed triumphantly as she coaxed out multiple ropes of cum from Manuel's prick. "Here comes another big load ladies!"

This time Manuel's ejaculate sailed up high into the air before finding its way into the funnel, moved into position at the last moment by the ever-watchful Francesca, whose eyes followed every trajectory of sperm as it was launched from the tip of the boy's penis. Manuel stared at his cock in disbelief, cursing loudly at the spurting appendage as if it had somehow betrayed him. But what he found objectionable the doctors found delightfully enjoyable.

"Spurt, spurt, spurt," Sheila cooed as she watched the sperm hit the sides of the tub. "Fill it up with all your nasty juice baby!"

And fill the tub he did. By the time Rebecca was finished milking the huge organ, it had deposited over one pint of the boy's sperm into the basin. The two young female assistants transferred the entire load of sperm into seven separate vials, adeptly coding them before placing them into the refrigeration unit.

Manuel's prick was still hard. He cursed the swollen organ—the organ that had the impudence to betray him—over and over again, his speech taking on the slurred quality of a drunk. "I won't let you jerk me off again," he said to Diana. "I have no more cum to give."

"Wrong," Diana replied. "You still have the Spermator drug inside you, and it's going to give us all the sperm we need."

He looked languidly at the sperm collecting apparatus and complained loudly when he saw Christiana apply some of the masturbation cream to her hands.

"No, not again!" he wailed.

"Oh, shut up, would you?" Marion said to the boy. "One would think you were being punished the way you're behaving!"

"I'm sure if the other patients knew of his reluctance to help them that they wouldn't think too kindly of it," Maria said. 

"No," Olga replied. "They wouldn't."

"Do you want us to tell them, Manuel?" Eva asked him.

"No," he replied.

"Then stop complaining and let us drain your fucking balls!"

Christiana wasted no time in getting him to climax. It took all of two minutes for him to produce a most copious contribution into the waiting funnel. It was actually quite a comical experience for the doctors.

Just as Christiana's stroking hand reached the tip of his penis, a very long arc of sperm shot into the funnel and then his orgasm seemed to stop. Constance commented on the very long rope of sperm, noting that it moved in an unbroken trajectory from the time it was launched until the time it made contact with the wall of the cylinder. It was actually the first time that any of the doctors had witnessed sperm react in this way, and it made them all laugh. But their laughter turned to dismay when the ropes of cum they were expecting to follow didn't appear.

"What the fuck?" Abigail exclaimed. "That can't be all of it!"

"Are you jerking him, Christiana?" Diana asked.

"Of course I am. But he's not ejaculating."

"I can fix that," Rebecca said.

She took her index finger and stuck it deep in Manuel's asshole, causing him to shriek aloud.

"A little prostate massage never hurts!" she laughed as she worked her finger deep inside his anus.

That was all it took. 

Gritting his teeth at the unwelcome intrusion of Rebecca's finger, he swore aloud as his prick rocked back and forth within the confines of Christiana's furiously jerking hand and let go with a splendid cascade of white, creamy spunk that flew into the funnel in ever-increasing volleys. In fact, he ejaculated more sperm the second time than he had under Rebecca's prodigious efforts.

"Look at all that creamy cum!" Maria laughed as she watched rope after rope hit the walls of the glass tub. "Keep it going, Manuel. Give us all you've got!"

The two assistants were fascinated by all the sperm they saw splashing into the funnel. One of them, a demure blonde girl of eighteen, giggled every time a fresh spurt of semen landed at the bottom of the tub, which she then coaxed into one of the innumerable glass vials that she drew from a box sitting next to her.

Christiana was having a fun time of it as she provoked one intense burst of cum after the other. "This reminds me of the first EJAX experiments we held just prior to the formal tests at the auditorium," she said to her colleagues. "The first time my hand held an ejaculating prick under the influence of the drug was intoxicating. I thought the damn thing was alive in my hands—just like now!" 

As she said this, a tremendous stream of ejaculate sailed high up into the air and came crashing down straight into the mouth of the funnel. The women exploded with laughter.

"I see you haven't lost your touch!" Sheila commented.

Manuel was breathing hard and fast, watching the manipulation of his penis with a curious detachment, as if it were not his penis that was reacting in such a lewd and uncontrollable manner, but someone else's. As the last shots of sperm were delivered into the basin, he hung his head down and closed his eyes. It was apparent the sedative had worn off.

"How are you feeling, Manuel?" Diana asked.

"I'm okay," he replied, not looking up.

"We're not done with you yet."

"How much of my fucking jizz do you need?" he whined.

"At least another quart or so."

The boy whined even louder this time but it didn't seem to matter to the doctors, whose only purpose was to make sure that they had enough of his semen to produce the serum they so desperately needed. By this time Diana felt little sympathy for him, seeing that he was being treated to one pleasurable orgasm after another, courtesy of her attractive colleagues. She looked down at the two pretty girls as they applied themselves diligently to the task of storing Manuel's sperm in the proper containers.

"How are you girls doing?" she asked the two assistants.

"We're ready for more, Dr. DiAngelo," one of them giggled.

"Then let's get more," Diana said. "Who's next?"

"Me," Maria said, wrapping her small hand around Manuel's still turgid shaft. "I've been dying to milk this thing since I first saw it. It's just so fucking huge!"

To illustrate her meaning, she slowly drew her hand up and down the taut landscape of the boy's rock-solid meat stick, pausing at the corona to give him a quick upward pull.

"I saw the way you looked at my breasts," she said to Manuel. "Are they big enough for you?"

"Yes, doctor," he replied, watching her jerk his cock in short, rapid bursts. "They're very big."

Maria laughed. "I'll bet you would like to shoot your hot seed all over them, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," he said, his breathing becoming more and more labored.

"Well, I'm afraid I can't let you do that. You see we need all that dick cream you've got stored away in those swollen balls of yours so that your buddies can get cured. But how about I take off my blouse and bra and let you look at them. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes! Very much!"

At first Diana and the others thought she was joking, but true to her word, Maria removed her blouse and bra and stood before the boy with her huge tits poking him in the face. Manuel was ecstatic.

"Mmm..." he moaned as his hot tongue licked the erect nipple of one tit before forcing his entire face into her ample cleavage. Maria watched his tongue traverse the boundaries of her twin mounds of flesh as she jerked his cock vigorously with both hands.

"Give me a nice big cum shot!" she urged him, squeezing his balls hard.

The constant tugging on his penis coupled with her ball handling soon proved too much for him, and within seconds he was surrendering one giant load of sperm after the other into the funnel.

"Oh, fuck!" he screamed, as his spunk flew out at lightning speed into the tub.

Maria stroked him hard, one hand now holding his cock tight at its base while the other hand focused on the very tip of his climaxing tool, watching in awe as the molten ropes of cum shot out uncontrollably, drenching her rapidly stroking hand.

At one point Manuel's cock seemed to stop ejaculating, as it had previously, but then, seconds later, coaxed by the feverishly stroking hand of the lovely doctor, it spewed out stream after stream of white paste in a succession of multiple ejaculations that so amazed the doctors that they gave Manuel and Maria a round of applause.

"Jesus Christ!" Sheila exclaimed. "Behold the cum fountain! The sperm geyser himself!"

By the time he had finished ejaculating, the girls had collected almost a full pint of sperm. And still the boy's prick remained hard.

Manuel had actually enjoyed this particular round of the performance, since it was obvious to all that he had been infatuated with the beautiful Spanish doctor since he first met her. Maria kissed him on the mouth and told him what a wonderful thing he was doing by giving up his sperm in order to help his fellow patients, and this seemed to humble the boy a little considering he had been unwilling to cooperate earlier. As she removed her hand from his cock and stepped away, Olga took her place, both her strong hands already lubed up and raring to go.

"Prepare yourself!" the large Russian woman said to him as she forcefully grabbed his cock and began vigorously jerking it.

"Ouch!" Manuel exclaimed. "Not so hard!"

"I am going to make you shoot your semen in less than one minute," she said in an authoritarian voice. "Don't disappoint me."

"I don't think I can cum anymore," he replied feebly, his entire body reverberating to the tempo of the viciously stroking hand between his legs.

"You don't think you can cum anymore?" Olga laughed wickedly. "I am the one in control of your orgasm, not you!"

"More jerking and less talking!" Sheila warned her colleague. "I'm doing a countdown right now!"

Olga pulled on his cock savagely, determined to keep her promise. Manuel tried to protest but was soon overcome by the incredible pleasure of being forced to cum yet again, despite the ruthless way the doctor masturbated him.

It took all of forty-seven seconds for Olga to force another huge wad of high-quality, grade-A cream from Manuel's overheated nuts. The abundance of sperm startled the doctors and even Manuel himself, who watched in rapt awe as his bloated testicles contracted over and over again, delivering ropes of sperm every second or so, much of which splashed into the sides of the funnel itself, running down into the basin in thick, white rivulets that coalesced into a giant puddle that gathered at the mouth of the rubber hose.

"Now that's what I call a cumshot!" Maria laughed.

Olga's hand was now slick with Manuel's potent juices, yet she continued to jerk him off, knowing he had more to give.

"Oh!" she cried. "That's the longest rope I've seen tonight!"

Indeed it was. This particular burst of cum never broke up into its constituent globules while in mid-air. Instead, it followed an unbroken trajectory from the tip of the boy's penis until it sailed effortlessly into the mouth of the funnel. The two young female assistants had watched it fly into the funnel with amusement, and laughed gaily as the entire sticky wad dripped down the side of the glass tub only inches from their pretty faces. As soon as the sperm entered the tubing, the girls set about trapping the white liquid in the glass vials. They now had accumulated more than three dozen separate specimens.

For her efforts the doctors have Olga a hearty round of applause.

"Well done!" Marion said to the Russian woman. "Well done indeed!"

Olga smiled and wiped her hands on a towel, graciously acknowledging her colleagues' accolades.

Manuel had been drained once again, but his cock refused to go down.

"I'm thirsty," he said, sweat dripping off his face.

"Give the guy some water, please," Diana instructed one of the assistants.

Moments later a bottle of spring water was held up to Manuel's lips, and he drank down the entire contents in one long gulp.

"How much more?" he asked Diana, his body clearly showing the early signs of exhaustion.

"Judging by the inflated size of your testicles, I'd say you still have quite a bit more sperm to donate. But don't worry. Another half hour should do it."

The boy groaned but there was nothing he could do about it. He was their prisoner and they were going to get the remainder of his sperm whether he liked it or not.

"I have an idea, Diana," Abigail said. "Maybe we can shorten his orgasmic responses in half by having me masturbate him while Eva gives him a prostate massage. We'll be doing what Diabolique's assistant did to Udo, and you know what that did to him."

"He came like a fucking horse!" Marion exclaimed.

"Exactly. What do you say, Diana?" 

"Why not?" Diana replied. "As long as we can get the same amount of sperm we'd get from a protracted handjob, that's fine with me. It will save us both time and effort. Proceed."

After both women had lubricated their hands, Abigail started things off by slowly masturbating Manuel's huge prick. Once he had become fully erect, Eva then inserted her middle finger inside his rectum, whereupon she began direct stimulation of his prostate. Manuel moaned loudly, overcome by the pleasurable sensations occurring in his lower body.

"I think he's going to blow a really immense load this time," one of the young female assistants said to the other.

"Better get those vials ready!" the other one chuckled.

Abigail took her time in jerking off the huge tool, savoring each up and down stroke as if her hand were performing a sensuous dance along the wide terrain of his cock. Eva accompanied her friend's careful ministrations by employing a suitable counterpoint of her own, gently tickling the boy's prostate with slow, methodical precision, thus maximizing the intensity of the experience. Within the space of two minutes, his prick was now fully primed and ready to ejaculate.

"I want you to think about why we're forcing you to cum," Abigail said softly into his ear. "We need your semen to help men all over the world enjoy the same sensations you're experiencing right now. You will be a hero to them, as you are to us. A real big hero with a really big cock!"

Suddenly, Manuel took in a deep breath and thrust his hips outward in expectation of his orgasm. Both Eva and Abigail knew he was ready to blow his load, and while the former thrust her middle finger deep into his anus, the latter gave his turgid prick a few dozen rapid and furious strokes, hoping to force a monstrous cumshot out of the boy. He moaned and rocked his body back and forth under the dominating influence of Abigail's relentless tugging. Then his body froze completely and he shut his eyes as the waves of intense pleasure washed over him.

"Oh, shit!" he cried.

The first jet of sperm was shot out of his cock in such a violent fashion that it flew over the top of the funnel and landed in the leaves of a potted spider plant on the other side of the lab. The entire room erupted into gales of laughter.

"I told you!" the young girl screamed to her friend. "Milking the prostate always does that!"

"Keep going!" Constance encouraged her friends. "This is going to be the biggest load yet!"

Abigail and Eva needed no encouragement. Knowing they had Manuel literally by the balls and judging correctly that he had much more sperm to release, the two women mercilessly milked his cock and prostate with deliberate and concentrated effort, keeping both their hands moving in unison with one another. Manuel responded in the only way he could—by surrendering one giant load of semen after the other, all of which now landed precisely into the funnel.

"God, look at it all!" Sheila exclaimed. She looked down at the girls beneath her feet, hurriedly opening and closing the aperture of the rubber hose as each vial was filled with sperm and then quickly replaced with an empty one. "Are you girls getting it all?"

"Yes, doctor," one of them replied without looking up. "We're managing fairly well."

"Good. We can't afford to waste a drop."

Over and over again Manuel's fiery hot prick delivered one blast of cream after another, the most intense and fertile load he had launched so far. It was quite a sight to behold.

"I love this!" Juliette squealed, as her eyes followed not one, not two, but three distinct ropes of sperm sailing into the funnel on three separate but similar trajectories. "Drain the son of a bitch dry!" she screamed.

Eva was forcing two of her fingers up inside Manuel's puckering bung hole, hopeful that her action would force him to shoot even more sperm. It worked.

The boy's face contorted with pleasure as his prick released a succession of cumshots, each one much more potent than the last. The women were beside themselves with laughter.

"Do you believe this?" Marion exclaimed, watching intently as the basin began to fill up with cum. "I think there must be a quart of the stuff in there already!"

"And there goes another one!" Rebecca said.

"And another!" Christiana observed.

Finally, after a full three minutes of being masturbated, Manuel's prick gave up the ghost and fell silent, only the quart and a half of sperm now residing at the bottom of the tub evidence of his incredible feat.

"I've really seen nothing like this since the EJAX experiments," Christiana told Diana as she watched the two assistants busily fill the vials with Manuel's copious seed. "Let's hope your idea works."


The following day was devoted to synthesizing the drug from Manuel's sperm donation. Within forty-eight hours an oral medication was created and given to each test subject. On the third day—the last day that each patient was contractually obligated to take part in the experiment—the university auditorium was opened at 11:00 a.m. and a crowd of women and girls, comprising approximately five hundred medical professionals, rushed to find the best seats in order to witness the spectacular event. As Manuel's services were no longer needed, he was told he could go home, and left the day before on a plane for Havana, happy to have done his part, albeit reluctantly.

A day earlier, Diana had informed the entire medical community in Rome of the test about to be undertaken and invited every female doctor, nurse, or health practitioner to attend. But she had not anticipated the enormous turnout. She was startled when she saw the huge crowd of people waiting in line outside the entrance to the auditorium. Francesca had informed her that the news of her experiment had made its way through the medical grapevine, thanks to the overzealous efforts of the interns who had attended the original test study. Thankfully, the auditorium could accommodate all the attendees, but it made her realize just how important her experiment had become—not only to her and her colleagues, but to the medical community at large.

Now, as she walked onto the auditorium stage accompanied by Francesca and several of her staff, she surveyed the dense crowd of females that were waiting anxiously for the experiment to begin. With the test subjects secured on individual milking tables propped up at a forty-five degree angle, and accompanied by one of her colleagues and fifteen to twenty female assistants, she felt a surge of confidence well up inside her. She had asked all the test subjects the evening before if they had a problem with the idea of being masturbated in front of an audience, and none of them had objected. Even Benjamin Wilkes, a prototypical, stiff-upper-lip breed of Englishman, who had to be the most demure of the group, voiced no disapproval. And so, all nine gentlemen now found themselves completely naked, lying in supine position on the milking table, with feet and hands secured by leather straps, lined up side by side facing the audience with only the group of females providing a barrier between them. With the stage and auditorium floor covered with a thick, plastic, protective tarp, it was now time to begin the experiment.

Standing center stage with Francesca beside her, Diana approached the podium and addressed the crowd.

"I want to thank all of you for taking the time to witness this experiment we are about to conduct. Spermator had its initial test several weeks ago, but as most of you know by now, the effectiveness of the drug was inhibited by some unknown factor, which has since been revealed. Using one of the test subjects' seminal fluid, who subsequently proved to be immune to the effects of Triethylene X, my colleagues and I were able to isolate a dormant, recessive gene and synthesized an oral medication which was given to each test subject twenty-four hours ago. Tests done this morning on each patient reveal that the medication has proven effective and that the recessive gene, which I call 'M7,' was successfully introduced and integrated into each host's DNA, therefore removing the inhibiting factor that was preventing Spermator from taking effect. I am confident that this new and improved version of Spermator will help neutralize the effects of Triethylene X in the male population throughout the world and will completely reverse any of the adverse side effects of the chemical. I think most of you are aware that prolonged exposure to Triethylene X will eventually render the earth's male population impotent, so it is of paramount importance that Spermator be made readily available worldwide as soon as possible."

A woman in the front row of seats raised her hand and waved at Diana. "Dr. DiAngelo!"


"My name is Dorothy Ryan. I am a doctor of internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. My husband and I are on vacation here in Rome and I was wondering if you could tell me why no male doctors are present here today. After all, it is their bodies that are being affected by Triethylene X."

Her statement was followed by a slight murmuring from the audience. Diana had expected that someone at some point might raise this issue and she was ready for it.

"Thank you for your question, Dr. Ryan. The decision not to include our male colleagues was made a long time ago by me and my associates. Being that Triethylene X was created by men, and that the military/industrial community is run almost entirely by men whose sole concern is the attainment of power and wealth to the exclusion of all else, it was logical to keep the knowledge of our work as far from their prying eyes as possible. I believe that if they knew what we were up to, our experiment would have been compromised."

"Are you insinuating that the male doctors on your staff may be in collusion with the military?"

"I don't know. But I had to take every precaution to keep my findings as secret as possible. It is taken for granted that doctors abide by a code of ethics. But there are those who would gladly forsake their ethical responsibility for the sake of money and power."

"It sounds like a very prejudicial stance to me, doctor. After all, women are just as susceptible to the same failings as men."

"I realize that. And that is why I chose my colleagues with the utmost care. The doctors you see on the stage here today have all proven themselves to be people of the highest ethical standards. Once the testing has been concluded I, of course, will make my findings public. For those men suffering from the effects of Triethylene X, treatment will be readily available."

Dr. Ryan paused for a moment and it seemed as if she were going to ask another question, but Diana indicated by loudly clearing her throat that the interrogation was over.

"Thank you for your attention," she said as she stepped down from the podium.

Diana and Francesca moved to the left side of the stage closest to where Christiana and Rebecca were stationed, surrounded by at least twenty young girls from the University's internship program. On the table closest to her lay Daniel O'Brien, smiling and conversing with the girls in his best conversational Italian. Moving from left to right was Socrates Katsoulous, his short stubby cock looking like a shriveled up piece of meat. His masturbation was to be overseen by Sheila Ford, who was already joking and laughing with the girls as they toyed with their patient's flaccid cock. Sven Hildegaard, overseen by Marion Cates, was next in line. He seemed quite preoccupied by the group of attractive young females quelling around him, and cast furtive glances at each of them, wondering which girl was going to be the first to lay her hands on his ample equipment. Then there was Benjamin Wilkes, the proper Englishman whose poker face belied the anxiety welling up inside him. His overseer, Juliette Desault, patted his head reassuringly while several young female hands caressed his lithe body from head to toe. After him came Pierre LeBlanc, who was to be mentored by Maria Ibanez. His angular, handsome face showed signs of a vague and troubling fear that was reflected in his downcast expression, as if something terrible was going to happen at any moment. Bill Travers, the American, conversed happily with Constance Schmidt, who had to keep herself from laughing at the absurdity of the situation she found herself in. Her stoicism only incited her eager young assistants to giggle incessantly, anxious to get their hot and willing hands on the slab of meat hanging between the handsome man's legs. The next man in line was Boris Stepanova. His supervising doctor, Abigail Wolff, was writing something down in the chart she held in her hands while at the same time trying not to laugh at his crude jokes. Antonio Longo, the Roman local, was tended to by Olga Rimorsky. He spoke little English or Russian, and so anything he said was quickly ignored by the formidable doctor. She simply looked down at him and smiled, every now and then joining with the other girls in stroking his tanned and muscular body. Lastly, the incredibly handsome Rosario Bramante lay at the far end of the stage, watched over by Eva Gabor. This last gentleman had wasted no time in trying to seduce the lovely doctor with his charm and generous physical attributes, but Eva simply gave his penis a sharp little slap to dissuade any further solicitations. 

"Well ladies," Diana said to her colleagues and their female assistants, "are we ready to begin?"

The group answered with a resounding "Yes"!

"Now remember all of you," she continued, "it may take some time before we actually witness an ejaculation, so don't stop masturbating your subject until then. When one of you gets tired, have your assistant take over. But by all means, keep going until orgasm occurs."

She looked at Daniel and smiled. He had already produced a partial erection—a good portent of things to "cum" she chuckled to herself.

Christiana and Rebecca noticed it too and nodded their heads approvingly.

"See, Diana," Christiana said. "We're off to a good start already."

"It certainly seems that way!"

"Don't worry," Rebecca added. "We'll have this guy shooting off in no time."

"Then let's get started. Okay, everyone. Let's see some sperm!"

The audience applauded loudly as the female interns began applying generous amounts of masturbation cream to their hands. It would be up to them to get the test subjects to ejaculate; the doctors were there simply to supervise and make sure everything went according to plan.

To say that each of the separate teams applied themselves with the utmost diligence to the task at hand would be an understatement. In their eagerness the young women wasted no time in finding some place on each man's body in which they could make good use of their hands. Of course, each girl wanted to play with a subjects' cock or balls, but when this was not possible, other parts of the men's bodies became fair game; legs were massaged, buttocks were caressed, and sometimes lewd comments were made in order to stimulate each man's libido. It was as if each patient's body had become a tabula rasa—a blank slate—upon which each girl could employ her hands in any way she chose.

"How long do you think it will be before we see any results?" Francesca asked Diana, as the two women watched the groups of women work steadfastly to bring each man to climax.

"I would think pretty soon," she replied, focusing her attention on Daniel. "I think he's fully erect."

Francesca followed her friend's gaze toward the first table. "He is erect!" she said excitedly. "Oh, Diana, this is wonderful! Molto bene!"

The two doctors walked across the stage, inspecting each man's masturbation by the groups assigned to them. The minutes ticked by with no appreciable results, despite the earnest attempts of the female interns. One girl, who was busy masturbating Socrates, got so annoyed at her efforts going unrewarded that she engulfed his still flaccid penis in her mouth and proceeded to give him an energetic blowjob. When the audience saw this they howled with delight, and soon several other girls were taking the same initiative. But no matter how hard they tugged or sucked, the girls could not produce an erection from any of the men.

"This is not so good, Diana," Francesca said, looking forlorn. "Only Daniel is responding. And he's only semi-hard."

"It's got to work," Diana replied. "It has to."

Diana watched a young intern, a girl with short blonde hair and huge tits, stroke Daniel's big cock with both hands. She pulled on him savagely, determined to get him to cum.

"How are we doing over here?" Diana asked Christiana.

"It's slow going so far, but we're hopeful."

"Daniel," Diana said to the boy, "we're all counting on you."

"I'm trying Dr. DiAngelo," he replied, looking up at her with frustration written all over his face. "I'm really trying."

"I believe you."

"But it's not working."

"It will. Is there anything we can do to help make you cum?"

The boy thought a moment as the girl continued stroking him without missing a beat.

"If it's not too much to ask, I'd really love to see Regina's tits."

Diana looked at the girl. She was very pretty; one of the youngest interns on the team who had the kind of smile that could light up a room. "Regina? Is that all right with you?"

"I don't mind, doctor DiAngelo," the girl replied. "If it helps make him ejaculate."

"It can't hurt."

Another intern took on the responsibility of masturbating Daniel as Regina removed her white lab coat, then her white blouse, followed by her bra. Daniel's eye lit up when he saw the immense twin mounds of flesh pop out of their confinement.

"Beautiful!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, they are beautiful, aren't they?" Diana commented, admiring the lovely delicacy so tantalizingly close to Daniel's face.

"Let him suck on your nipples, Regina, while your friend jerks his big cock off."

"Yes, doctor," the girl replied, gently lowering her right nipple into Daniel's waiting mouth.

"Oh, God," he moaned as his lips closed around the delicate areola. 

"How does it feel, Daniel?" Diana asked.

"Wonderful," he replied, momentarily taking his lips away from the girl's nipple and then quickly returning them to the same position.

"And you, Regina? Are you turned on too?"

"Yes, doctor," she said with a big smile. "I love my nipples being sucked."

"And you don't mind that all these people are watching you?"

"Oh no," the girl replied. "I love being watched. It's so sexy."

"Good. Keep at it. And remember to let me know when he's fully erect."

"Yes, doctor," she moaned, as Daniel continued to suck avidly on the delicious teat.

As she and Francesca walked away she heard Rebecca tell the girl masturbating Daniel to apply her thumb to the boy's frenulum, the sensitive underside of the glans where the most intensely pleasurable sensations could be felt, to increase Daniel's chances of achieving orgasm.

"That's right," she heard Rebecca say. "Keep a constant pressure on this little strip of skin. Good. Good. Now you're getting the hang of it."

She watched the girl run her thumb up and down the tiny piece of flesh as she fisted him mercilessly.

Several minutes later, while she and Francesca watched the furious masturbation of Bill Travers by all nineteen interns, who had found places for their roving hands on almost every part of his body, Eva let out a cry of exultation.

"I think we have liftoff, Diana!" the Hungarian beauty exclaimed. "Hurry! Come and see!"

As Diana and Francesca rushed to the table on the far end of the stage, they saw Rosario Bramante smiling broadly, his ten-inch pecker standing proudly at full mast and under the firm grasp of Eva herself.

"He insisted I masturbate him," Eva said to Diana. "He said my nail polish turned him on!"

To accentuate her intent, Eva gave Rosario's big tool several hard tugs and grinned devilishly while the interns and everyone else in the auditorium exploded with laughter.

"Look, dottoressa!" Rosario cried in broken English while looking directly at Diana. "She has beautiful fingernails, eh?"

Diana was overjoyed upon seeing Rosario's towering erection; a foot-long masterpiece of classic Italian sculpture rendered in human flesh. She laughed uncontrollably, as did everyone else including Rosario himself, who beamed with pride at the monstrous erection poking up from between his muscular legs.

"Look at this prick!" Eva exclaimed. "It's fucking gorgeous don't you think girls?"

The interns shouted their approval all at once and stood and watched in awe as Eva's hand flew up and down the huge shaft with lightning speed.

"I can't wait to see this fucking cock shoot off," the doctor laughed as she took her free hand and played with Rosario's bloated testicles. "Can you image how much cum he has stored in those big, fat nuts?"

"Probably about a gallon!" one of the interns joked.

"I wouldn't doubt it!" Eva replied, stroking furiously. "I haven't had this much fun since the day I jerked off my first date!"

At that same moment another burst of laughter emanated from the crowd, drawing the attention away from Eva and Rosario and onto the American, Bill Travers. 

Francesca literally flew over to his table where Constance was closely supervising two of the girls who were feverishly stroking his fat cock to a rock-hard erection. "Diana! Look at this! He's leaking pre-cum!"

As Diana approached the table she was thrilled to see a copious flow of the salty, clear liquid emanating from the tip of Bill's shaft. She clapped her hands together in total delight.

"It's happening, Francesca! And all at once!"

Within minutes all the other men started to achieve erections, including Daniel, who was now sporting a massive hard-on guided by the gifted hand of none other than Rebecca herself. He was still sucking on Regina's nipples and moaning loudly when Diana approached him. 

"I was just going to call you," Rebecca said to Diana. "But I see you have other erections to attend to."

Both women laughed loudly as Rebecca applied herself with renewed determination.

"I'm going to force out every single last bit of sperm from this boy's prick," the stunning blonde said Diana. "This meat stick is going to be milked completely dry!"

Christiana toyed with Daniel's scrotum, teasing it gently with her fingers, trying to stimulate him even further. "I have always loved watching guys cream," she admitted, as she felt Daniel's balls tense up under her expert touch. "It's such a rush of power to feel all that accumulated jism shoot up into the air after a really lengthy handjob. It makes all the work worthwhile."

"I love to see it too," Francesca agreed. "And the more sperm they shoot out, the better I like it."

The audience was now cheering on the patients, anxious to see which man would come first. Socrates, Sven, Benjamin, Pierre, Boris, Antonio—all of them were now fully erect and on the verge of ejaculation, just like the rest of the men.

"Can everyone out there see what's happening?" Diana screamed to the crowd.

The women screamed right back at her, a thunderous wall of sound that shook the very foundations of the building.

"Prepare yourselves ladies!" the beautiful doctor exclaimed. "It's going to be a gusher!"

"We want to see it!" the crowd chanted. "Show us the cum! Show us the cum!"

Francesca grabbed Diana's arm hard. "You did it il mio amore! You did it!"

"Not without your help, Francesca. Don't forget that. But we better get out of the way or else we're going to drown in sperm!"

Both women gingerly moved to the left side of the stage where they could look on in relative safety while the men were brought to orgasm.

Just then one of the patients let out a tremendous scream. It was Daniel, and his cock was on the verge of exploding.

Long after the experiment people would be talking about the talented hands of Rebecca Hellstrom. The statuesque blonde bombshell was gifted with long, perfectly formed fingers that were the ultimate in stunning femininity, yet had the strength to trap any cock in its viselike embrace and literally provoke the sperm out of it under the most incredible pressure. Her technique had been developed over years of consistently milking men under any number of varying circumstances. Rebecca loved masturbating men, and she prided herself on her flawless technique and unbroken record of getting any prick to surrender its load while under her control. And Daniel O'Brien's prick was no exception.

With all the interns engaged in holding his contracting body down onto the table, and with Christiana applying direct pressure to his prostate with her middle finger, Rebecca pulled on his turgid organ with rapid, machinelike motions, demanding his vital juices. Diana was stunned to see her actually lean over Daniel and take a quick lick at Regina's nipple before sticking her tongue into the boy's open mouth while jerking his cock furiously.

"Holy shit!" the boy cried as he watched Rebecca bring him off. "Holy fucking shit!"

As Rebecca's relentlessly pumping fist reached the base of Daniel's glans, the stiff, throbbing piece of meat turned a deep purple and suddenly several vicious loads of sperm shot out high up into the air, flying a good thirty or more feet into the first and second rows of the audience. This was followed by a consistent stream of ejaculations, spit out with such fury that the air in front of the boy had literally become a wash of sticky white paste.

Upon seeing this incredible explosion of cum, the women in the crowd went berserk. They cheered and laughed hysterically every time Rebecca's constantly stroking hand coaxed yet another load of semen into the air, watching each rope splash down somewhere in the vicinity of the first two rows of seats. The interns too roared with laughter each time another volley was forced out of Daniel's cock. Regina, who was now using both her hands to tease the boy's testicles to produce as much sperm as possible, marveled at the amount of fluid being ejected from the tip of his penis.

"There's so much of it, Daniel!" she said to the boy as rope after rope flew high into the air. "Oh, my God, look at that!"

It was startling to all to see just how far Daniel's sperm was travelling. Arc after arc of white goo shot out in a continuous flow that covered the stage and the empty area just in front of it. Incredibly, several of the women in the first few rows were struck with the errant rounds of cum, and it was this stupendous feat that got the crowd really going crazy.

But what happened next would make Daniel's wondrous ejaculations seem lackluster in comparison.

Both Bill and Rosario were now on the verge of imminent orgasm. Constance's dainty hands were bringing the handsome American to an explosive climax just as two interns, under the strict guidance of Eva, were delivering the final strokes to Rosario's bloated, sperm-swollen shaft. The two young girls happily tugged away at the Italian boy's penis with machine-like precision, making sure that their hands always stroked in unison. The other interns stood on either side of their counterparts cheering them on while the pre-cum flowed from the tip of his cock in long, sticky rivulets. By this time Bill was literally fucking Constance's hands, his entire lower body completely under her control.

Suddenly there was a simultaneous outcry from both men.

"Jesus Christ!" Constance exclaimed, as she felt Bill's prick convulse in her hands.

A long, thick rope of sperm was fired off at great speed, sailing beyond even Daniel's exemplary cumshot. It rose high up into the air like a bullet and landed in the fourth row of seats—an incredible thirty-five feet. At the same time, Rosario's prick was forced to relinquish its huge store of sperm, and the two interns watched in fascination as his offering joined Bill's in the same row and in the exact same place.

The crowd went wild when they saw the two arcs of sperm meet head-on, and the unfortunate women—two young medical students from Brazil who were the recipients of the creamy ablution—were suddenly reaching for anything to wipe off the semen from their clothes. But it didn't stop there.

Even as Bill and Rosario fired off salvo after salvo of their potent juices, the other men started to ejaculate too. It was as if the men had acquired some arcane method of sympathetic response that was compelling them to discharge their loads of semen at the same time.

"It's like a domino effect," Diana said to Francesca as she watched the steady release of sperm into the audience. 

"Sympatico!" Francesca exclaimed. "All at the same time!"

The mental connection or bond the men were experiencing was something Diana had not expected, but she and her colleagues were now about to witness something unparalleled in the history of medical science. The sudden uproar of the interns forced her to look away at the spurting twin fountains of white that were still flying fast and furious into the crowd as Socrates, his prick under the control of Sheila Ford and three interns, thrust his hips upward and erupted into a massive climax that sent his spunk careening into the arcs of sperm already on their way into the first few rows. 

"Hey, Diana!" Sheila exclaimed. "I think you have a winner here!"

As she said this, another long jet of hot sperm flew out of the Greek man's cock, travelling even further than the first shot.

And then, almost as if on command, the pricks of the other men also began to surrender their respective loads into the audience.

Pierre's cock was the first to erupt, sending a monstrous wad of creamy French dressing high up into the air to the joy of the crowd. Maria had been teasing his huge balls while several interns were hard at work masturbating him, and they reacted with utter delight upon seeing the results of their combined handiwork.

"His cum is going into the audience too!" a pretty blonde girl said to the other interns who, like her, never stopped stroking the Frenchman's long tool.

And just as soon as Pierre began climaxing, it was time for Sven to add his own brand of special cream to the mix. His massive prick had been savagely jerked off by Marion herself while the interns added ancillary support by ravaging every other part of his body. Now the white wads flew up and out into the crowd in a series of uninterrupted ejaculations, provoking the audience to roar their approval. Marion shouted with glee upon seeing such a robust emission, her hands and lab coat awash with sperm.

"Bloody well done, Sven!" the lovely doctor cried. "Shoot your hot cum for us. Everyone wants to see it. Get it all out! Get it all out!"

A few seconds later Benjamin started to cream, sending huge, pasty, white missiles of lust far up into the air. This was followed by major multiple eruptions from the oldest of the group, Boris, who screamed something in Russian while his cock was expertly jerked off by an eighteen-year-old blonde intern; his cum travelling at warp speed into the murky white void. Abigail dropped her notepad when she saw the amount of cum shooting out of Boris' prick.

"Fair suck of the sav!" she laughed, reverting to Australian slang. "This bloke's got a loaded one, hasn't he?"

Even as she spoke Boris fired off several huge bursts of white cream high up above his head.

Diana and Francesca, indeed all of the doctors, the interns, and the audience, screamed and laughed incoherently at the sight of so much sperm being ejaculated at the same time and with such abundance and velocity. Giant ropes of white spunk, forming a series of fleurs-de-lis that hung suspended in mid-air until each arc dissolved into it constituents globules, created an almost ethereal display that seemed to have a life of its own: a gelatinous mass of opalescent fluid that for a few seconds of time formed a perfect wall of white, like a liquid curtain between the stage and the audience. It was almost too incredible to comprehend.

"This is unbelievable!" Francesca said, open-mouthed. 

All Diana could muster was "Oh mio Dio!" as she watched cock after cock spit out long, stringy arcs of sperm toward the frantic multitude.

The constant screaming from the crowd created a dense cacophony of sound that literally shook the foundations of the auditorium. Daniel was still ejaculating, even though he had been the first to orgasm over two minutes earlier. Both Rebecca and Christiana stood over the boy and watched his spunk shoot off in every direction, forming puddles of his liquid lust underneath the milking table. True to her word, Rebecca continued to stroke the boy's prick even though her hand was tired. Jets of cum shot out at a fantastic rate, combining with the other streams of sperm to form a giant wash of such magnitude that the entire stage and the empty space preceding it were totally inundated with the men's prodigious offerings.

"It's like watching the EJAX experiments all over again!" Rebecca cried as her right hand pulled up hard on Daniel's cock, her thumb making contact with his frenulum, forcing yet another creamy wad of sperm high up into the air.

All Christiana could do was laugh. "It seems I taught my protégé too well!"

"Diana is a genius, Christiana. Just like you."

"Her experiment has proven to be a success. That's all I care about."

Daniel's prick fired off several more jets of molten sperm as the women carried on their conversation.

"Look at this kid shoot off!" Rebecca exclaimed. "I'm getting so fucking horny watching these guys cream!"

"Me too," Christiana said. "It's really quite astounding."

The eruptions continued unabated for several minutes longer until each cock was completely drained of its sperm. The floor of the auditorium was a complete mess, as was the stage and the floor underneath each table. The interns squealed with laughter as they gingerly tried to avoid the copious puddles of sperm surrounding them. The last ejaculation, offered up by none other than Daniel himself, bore only a faint resemblance to the massive bursts that had flown out of the tip of his prick only moments before. His final contribution was a short spurt that landed right in Rebecca's open palm. She laughed when she watched it arc up slightly before splashing on her hand, another humble offering to mix with all the others.

But something was wrong with Antonio. His prick, though avidly attended to by almost a dozen interns and even Olga herself, refused to give up its immense store of semen. No matter what the women did, his cock refused to ejaculate. By this time his bloated scrotum was abnormally large, indicating that there was a blockage somewhere, or that his mental state might be in question, preventing him from achieving orgasm. Olga had to rely on one of the Italian interns; like Antonio, a resident of Rome and a beautiful redhead of nineteen. But even after the girl tried to assure him that he would indeed experience an orgasm, it became clear to Olga that his anxiety was causing him much consternation. Part of the problem was that he had suffered from retrograde ejaculation, and as he explained to the girl, he was afraid that all the sperm in his body would end up backing up into his testicles if he had an orgasm, thereby causing him great pain. Realizing that talking through an intermediary in order to quell his fears was fruitless, Olga called Diana over to speak to him.

"He refuses to cum," the big Russian woman said flatly to her colleague. "It's the retrograde thing."

Diana caressed the young man's handsome face and spoke to him in gentle tones. "Cosa c'e' Antonio?"

He looked at her almost pleadingly, her beautiful, angelic face creating a tremendous desire within him.

"Non mi sento bene, dottoressa," he replied sadly, his eyes focused intently upon her.

"What did he say?" Olga asked.

"He says he is not feeling well."

"Of course not. He's got to get rid of all this sperm."

"I think he knows that Olga. He's just afraid."

"Avvicinarsi," Antonio said to Diana, indicating by nodding his head that she should lean in closer to him.

Diana put her ear next to his mouth and he whispered something and then shook his head approvingly.

"Me?" she replied looking surprised. "Sei sicuro?"

"Si, ti prego!"

"What the hell is he saying?" Olga demanded.

"He wants me to be the one to masturbate him. Otherwise he won't ejaculate."

Olga frowned. "After all the work we did on this guy and he still won't give it up."

"I've never seen such willpower in a man, but I guess that's what fear can do to some people. Move aside and let me take over."

Olga dutifully moved away from the table and watched as Diana lubed up her hands with some masturbation cream and proceeded to jerk Antonio's rather large appendage. "You girls play with his balls and let me do the talking."

Diana spoke to the man in soft, dulcet tones, hoping by doing so to allay some of his fear. It seemed to work. After only a few minutes of jerking his big tool, he groaned loudly and released a torrent of hot, creamy seed almost twenty feet into the air.

"Wow!" the girl with the red hair exclaimed. "What a load!"

Diana made sure to point Antonio's exploding prick as far away from her as possible so as not to get splashed by his abundant seed. Rope and rope shot out in great quantities, some of the ejaculate reaching as far as his predecessor's, who were all now completely drained themselves and who greeted his ejaculation with a hearty roar of approval.

"That a boy, Antonio!" Bill cried. "So glad you could join the party!"

The audience relished the humor the men were displaying upon seeing the young local's impressive display. They laughed at every quip the men made and cheered Diana when she decided to speed up her strokes to help him get rid of his sperm as quickly as possible.

"Look at that!" one of the interns laughed as a dozen creamy salvos of Antonio's virile sperm flew about in a constant and steady steam over the edge of the stage. He kept ejaculating for about a good four minutes, the most of any of the other men. 

When he was finished, the audience stood on its feet, ecstatic with joy. They applauded Diana loudly as she made her way to the podium with Francesca following close behind, helping her friend to wipe up all the sperm from her hands with a towel. The floor was slick with cum and their shoes made a funny squishing noise as they travelled on the surface of sperm. It took several minutes for the crowd to quite down enough for Diana to be heard.

"Well! What do you think of that, ladies?" she said to the audience.

The women responded enthusiastically, cheering her name and offering innumerable congratulations. Cries of "Bravo!" "Maestro!" and many other slogans were hurled at Diana as she basked in the warm glow of adulation. When the crowd finally fell silent, she addressed them.

"Thank you. You are most gracious. I must admit that I had my doubts about Spermator even up until the moment of the first ejaculation. But I see now that my doubts were completely unjustified. With the success of Spermator, Triethylene X can now be eradicated. Men need no longer live in fear of impotence or other sexual dysfunctions because of this deadly chemical. I would like to thank my colleagues, the interns, and all of you in the audience for being here to witness the success of my experiment. I especially want to thank Manuel Hernandez, who is not here tonight, and all the men who volunteered to take part in this study. On behalf of myself, my colleagues, and the University of Rome, I thank you."

"And thank you, Dr. DiAngelo!" Dr. Ryan shouted over the applause. "It was most enlightening!"

It was over. The experiment had left Diana feeling elated but also as drained as any of the test subjects that were now being wheeled away backstage by the droves of interns. Her colleagues congratulated her over and over again, especially Christiana to whom she owed so much.

"I am so proud of you, Diana," the beautiful blonde doctor said hugging her friend warmly. "This is a great accomplishment."

"I couldn't have done it without the help of all of you."

"Our role in your experiment was small. It was your brilliant flash of insight that made your test a success. And that's the truth."

"Molte bene, Diana!" Francesca said, kissing her friend on the cheek.

"Molte bene!" the doctors cheered in unison.

"Francesca, I want you to have the maintenance people clean up this mess," Diana said, casting a quick glance over the sperm-saturated stage and floor. "And make sure that all the test subjects have been cleaned up and examined by our staff. I want to see all the men in Conference Room 1 at 2:00 p.m. And have their release forms ready. They need to be signed by each of them before we let them go."

"Right away," Francesca replied.

"Oh, and get us both some new shoes!"

Francesca looked down at Diana's feet and then her own. Both were covered in slimy man goo. "Disgustoso!" she said, and left to follow her superior's orders.

When two o'clock rolled around Diana and her colleagues, along with all nine test subjects, sat together in the large conference room conversing freely. Refreshments had been provided for everyone and the men seemed to be in a splendid mood. Even the usually taciturn Mr. Wilkes appeared to be enjoying himself, no doubt because he had now regained—just like the others—his lost libido.

"It was a wonderful thing you did for us, Dr. DiAngelo," the demure Englishman said as he raised a glass of ginger ale in salutation. "Cheers!"

"Thank you, Benjamin," Diana replied. "But don't forget that it was Manuel whose recessive gene played the major part in your recovery."

"And don't you forget," Rosario said to the doctor, "that it was your brilliant idea that saved us."

"And it was a brilliant idea," Christiana said enthusiastically. "A stroke of sheer genius!"

Everyone in the room raised their glass to the beautiful Italian doctor who had made it possible for men all over the world to overcome the effects of the hideous, life-annihilating effects of Triethylene X.

"Thank you," Diana replied. "And I want to thank you, Christiana, for being such a good friend and mentor. I have learned so much from you. It was a pleasure having you on my team. And you too Rebecca—all of you. Here's to Spermator!"

As she raised her glass to her mouth everyone in the room followed suit.

"For the next two weeks," she continued, "I want all of you gentlemen to inform me if you are experiencing any unwelcome side effects. I don't think you will, but there is a good chance that you will be masturbating much more often. But I suppose that's a good thing."

"How soon do you think the drug will be available to the public?" Daniel inquired.

"In Italy it can take a thousand years to acquire a patent," she said with a frown. "However, I have friends in very high places, so I am thinking within a few weeks' time it will be available for worldwide distribution."

"And we can forget about the World Health Organization interfering with us," Rebecca said. "The president and everyone else on down has been bought off by the same bastards who created the god-damned chemical. If they start any crap with us, we'll expose those scumbags to the whole world."

"I don't think they'll try anything," Abigail said. "Those SOBs have too much to lose. Not to mention that there is a serious conflict of interest going on there."

"I agree," said Marion. "But I do think the next step is to get the Sisterhood involved. Maybe even take Ariel out of retirement. She hates men. Let her loose on the filthy blighters who created this whole mess!"

The doctors broke out into unrestrained laughter at the thought of the madwoman giving the evil inventors a just recompense.

"Can you just imagine it?" Sheila squealed. "Boiling each of those men in their own semen!"

"Is that what she said?" Marion asked.

"Yes! Ariel once threatened some guy that she would stick him in a huge cauldron and slowly boil him to death in his own sperm!"

"Blimey! I'm glad she's behind bars!"

"But maybe we could release her just long enough to carry out her threats," Olga laughed. "And then we put her back in the nut house."

More suggestions were bandied about by the doctors and the men as to what would prove the most efficacious method of meting out punishment to the sadistic pigs who dared to release Triethylene X upon the world. Finally after much friendly discussion, the men were asked to sign their release forms, which they did gladly. They were now officially released from any obligation to the university hospital.

After the final release form was signed, Diana asked the men if they now felt happier about their future.

"All I can tell you, doc," Bill said to Diana, "is that—and I think I speak for all the men here—the ability to get a hard-on and to actually have an orgasm again is something I will never take for granted."

"Amen, brother!" Daniel said, downing the last of his soda.

"And none of you feel any ill side effects?" she asked them.

"Not me," Pierre said.

"I'm fine," Rosario replied with a smile.

All the other men asserted that they were all in good health and spirits.

"That's wonderful," Diana said. "I was hoping there would be no problems in that regard."

"There is one thing," Pierre said.


"Well, I don't know about anyone else," he said, furtively looking around at his counterparts, "but I can't seem to get rid of my...my erection."

Diana laughed. "Don't worry about it, Pierre. Spermator is not fully out of your system yet, so all of you will experience frequent occurrences of your penises getting hard."

"How long is it going to last?"

"Oh, I don't think beyond another day or two."

"There is one other thing," Socrates said, his hand hanging unnaturally close to his crotch.

"Yes, Socrates?"

At first he seemed reluctant to admit that there was anything wrong with him, but there was tension in his whole body. "I have this overpowering urge to beat off every now and then. Is that normal?"

The entire room broke out in a fit of laughter. Even Diana could not repress herself from laughing because even as he spoke, the middle-aged Greek man had inadvertently begun rubbing his huge erection through his pants.

"Look at him!" Sven exclaimed, as he pointed to Socrates' crotch. "He thinks he's still on the milking table!"

Socrates, now realizing that he was unconsciously fondling himself, quickly drew away his hand and turned beet red. "I'm sorry. It has a mind of its own."

"It's all right, Socrates," Diana reassured him. "Again, it's the Spermator working its way out of your system."

"We had similar issues with EJAX," Christiana said to Diana. "Except that it was far more volatile in its side effects."

"But I feel like I have to jerk off," Socrates insisted. "I'm all tingly down there."

"It will pass," Diana said. "Just sit down and relax."

Socrates mumbled something inaudible and sat down. He was clearly distracted by whatever was going on in his nether regions, but tried hard to compose himself.

The time had come for the men to leave. When all goodbyes had been said, Francesca opened the conference room door and led them out into the atrium—all but Socrates.

"What's wrong, Socrates?" Diana asked. "Are you feeling all right?"

"It's this weird feeling in my groin, doctor. It's not going away."

"I told you, it's the side effects of Spermator. Some of the other men are experiencing the same thing."

He wasn't convinced. "No, you don't understand..."

"Socrates," Christiana said. "Go home. If the feeling persists I suggest you masturbate. But there's really nothing else we can do for you here."

Dismayed, the burly Greek man got up and thanked Diana and the other doctors. "I appreciate all you people have done for us," he said, looking dejected. "I just wish the feeling..."

"Socrates!" Christiana said abruptly. "Go home!"

He cast one last glance at Diana and walked out of the room with his head down, disappointed at finding no sympathy from any of his physicians.

"Maybe we should have given him a quick check up," Olga said, as she watched him walk out the door. "Just to be sure."

"There's nothing wrong with him, Olga," Rebecca said. "I think he's just very insecure and looking for attention."

"That may be, but I still think..."

"No!" Diana interjected. "It's over. It's done. He is no longer our responsibility. He got a thorough examination this morning and he was in excellent health. That's all. End of story."

At that very moment a loud, raucous din could be heard emanating from the atrium. As Diana and all the other doctors rushed out of the room to see what the commotion was all about, they were greeted with a most extraordinary scene.

There in the middle of a contingent of young female interns, Socrates stood with his pants and underwear down around his ankles, his fat, stubby cock grasped in both his hands as he jerked himself off wildly for everyone to see. The girls stood around him, completely encircling his naked body, watching intently.

"Didn't I tell you we should have given him a check up?" Olga stated bluntly, her eyes transfixed on the spectacle.

"The fucking blighter's going to cum!" Marion exclaimed.

When Socrates saw Diana and the other doctors his body began shaking uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, doctor!" he said to Diana. "I told you but you didn't listen!"

There was a deafening roar of laughter from the bevy of girls who, like the doctors themselves, were held speechless as they beheld the feverish antics of the middle-aged man. The girls stole a glance at Diana and the group of doctors surrounding her, and then focused their collective attention back on the masturbating man. There were more girls standing outside on the street watching Socrates jerk off his sperm-swollen tool, and they pressed their noses up against the glass window while calling out excitedly to their friends to come and watch the lewd public performance. Soon the crowds both inside and outside had swelled to more than twice its size—anxious to see the outcome of Socrates' rapidly stroking hand.

With generous amounts of pre-cum dripping from the slit atop his rigid cock, and with balls full of Spermator-enabled semen, Socrates grunted like an animal and threw his head back violently. As he pulled up hard on his swollen shaft, a giant rope of sperm shot up high in the air toward the ceiling, and made contact with the chandelier that hung in the center of the room—a good fifteen feet above him. When the crowd of interns saw that, they reacted with hysterical laughter.

"Did you see that?" one blonde girl said to her friend. "Did you?"

"It's hanging from the chandelier!" the other girl replied, her eyes fixed on the long rope of gelatinous sperm snaking downward from one of the glass crystals.

And then came a series of rapid bursts, all shooting out one after the other in an unbroken line of succession; huge ropes of hot cum forced out of Socrates' bloated testicles by his unforgiving handjob.

"And we don't even have a tarp to lay down this time," Sheila noted wryly. 

No one laughed. They were too preoccupied with Socrates' stunning orgasm.

With the crowd of girls now cheering him on, a new sense of enervation came over him. He pulled harder on his climaxing cock, forcing out one long, stringy, stream of ejaculate after another.

The girls loved it. Even though most of them had just witnessed an amazing array of male orgasms just a short while earlier, there was something especially wicked about watching a middle-aged man jerk off in public, far removed from the staid medical setting he had previously occupied. Many of the girls got doused with a good portion of his ample load, but they didn't seem to mind at all. All they seemed to care about was that his ejaculations continued. And continue they did.

For well over four minutes his prick shot out tons of white and creamy sperm, turning the floor beneath him into a small lake of cum. Diana wanted to do something, but she found that there was really little she or anyone could do except to wait it out and let him finish ejaculating. Besides, there was really no harm being done, and the interns were really enjoying the show.

"For an older guy he really has a healthy load," Maria laughed.

"Five minutes and counting," Eva said, as she looked on spellbound. "Incredible."

Juliette was taking pictures of the event with her pocket camera. "I guess you know what I'll be watching later today!" she joked.

Socrates' hands were completely covered with his sticky residue, and he used the semen as lube to bring himself to repeated orgasms. The young girls looking on were thoroughly engaged, teasing him with their words to help him keep shooting off. It got so intense that the man could no longer control his body, positioning it so that he actually fired off a succession of salvos into the glass windows where the female spectators were standing. This caused an unbridled uproar from the interns inside the room, laughing and gesticulating wildly every time one of the man's creamy ropes splashed into the glass, causing the girls on the other side to fall back in sheer delight at the immensity of his ejaculations.

Finally, after a full six minutes of uninterrupted orgasms, the Greek man's inflated nut sack was completely drained of all its spermatic ammunition. He fell onto the floor in a heap, totally exhausted and feeling incredibly humiliated.

"Oh, God!" he moaned. "What have I done?"

This statement only made the girls laugh even more. They taunted him now, calling him various denigrating names as he sat in a huge puddle of his own sperm, looking like a total fool.

"This is one for the books," Francesca said to Diana, her face registering both fascination and disgust.

Amidst the thunderous cheers and applause from the interns, Socrates was taken into custody by the hospital security guards, cleaned up, and then released on Diana's orders. The entire atrium was a seething stew of stale sperm, much of which had splashed onto the walls and glass panels. It would take days to get rid of it all and to disinfect the entire area.

"What a bloody mess!" Marion exclaimed, studying the soiled walls and carpet. "I swear I'm exhausted just from watching him. How about we all go and get ourselves a nice, hot cup of tea?"


During dinner that evening, Diana once again sat across from her Swedish friend and shared many laughs over events both vulgar and sublime that had occurred during their time together. They had decided to pay a return visit to Casa Romana, where it was learned that Udo was going to make a repeat performance.

"You know, Diana," Christiana began, "I never get tired of watching guys cum. There is something so incredibly erotic about the way their balls swell up with all that sperm and the way the nuts go right up into the base of the shaft just before ejaculation occurs. Call me perverted, but I just love it."

"I don't think it's perverse," Diana replied as she fondled her napkin. "It's natural. We are sexual beings after all. I'm sure there are many men who love watching us cum too."

"Oh, without a doubt."

"I mean, look at us. We're right back here at Casa Romana having dinner waiting to see the sex show—a show we saw just last night."

Christiana laughed. "More fucking sperm!"

"More fucking sperm!" Diana giggled, raising her glass to her mouth.

"I have to tell you, Diana, that Spermator was an impressive conception."

"As impressive as EJAX-472?"

"No less! But what's more important is that it's going to help a lot of people. Ultimately that's what we do, isn't it?"

"Si, bella. It is."

Christiana smiled. "I always love it when you speak Italian."

There was a short silence and then Diana took her friend's hand in hers. "You do realize that these men, these barbarians who created Triethylene X, must be stopped."

"Yes, I know."

"And that the world is coming apart at the seams at this very moment."

"I know that too, sweetie."

There was another short pause as both women reflected on what had just been said.

"The economic terrorism that is going on worldwide is destroying people's lives, Christiana. The world banks, the multinationals, the politicians, and the oligarchs who control everything from behind the scenes..."

"The Bilderbergs, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the J.P Morgan's..."

"They all have to be taken out. I'm not talking about violence. What I mean is, they must all be removed from power and forever denied access to it."

"I agree. But I can't help but feel that people are going to get hurt and some, maybe a lot of people, are going to suffer and die before we win this thing."

"It's up to the Sisterhood now. There is no way around it. We either fight these evil men or they will crush us and everyone else under their feet."

Diana hadn't meant to engage her friend in a serious discussion about world politics, but the thought of Triethylene X, and the great time, effort , and frustration she and her colleagues had suffered through, and all because some idiotic, power-hungry men thought it wise to invent a new way of killing people, compelled her to raise the issue. She apologized to Christiana for taking on such a melancholy subject, but her friend didn't seem in the least bit perturbed.

"Our time is coming, Diana. The world is slowly waking up from its long slumber and people are cognizant of what's going on. But let's not dwell on that stuff right now. We've got some important business to attend to. And I haven't gotten my daily ration of sperm yet."

Diana, despite her sudden excursion into such mordant subject matter, let out a howl.

"You really are a pervert after all, Christiana Swensen!"

After dinner both women sat once more in the front row, courtesy of Juliette. The room was filled to capacity with anxious, jabbering women, demanding that the show begin. When the seven-foot tall Nigerian man entered following on the heels of mistress Diabolique, his upper body encased in chains, the crowd screamed with delight. The huge black man, his body completely under the control of his beautiful mistress, provided the lustful audience with one of the most spectacular displays of male virility ever seen. Diana and Christiana found themselves laughing and cheering every time the wickedly delightful dominatrix found a new and inventive way to force her slave to surrender his abundant supply of sperm. One could say that Udo's performance had been nothing less than brilliant. And for the moment at least, he and the rest of the male population throughout the world could breathe easy due to the hard work and selfless devotion of one brilliant doctor.

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