Three on One

Marie hurried to answer the doorbell. She knew it was Paul -- after all, she invited him -- but no one else was home except Marie's friends watching TV in the basement, and she didn't want to keep him waiting. Quickly fixing her hair and forgetting to breathe, she eagerly yanked open the door.

As Marie greeted her new boyfriend, her body betrayed its excitement. She found herself blushing uncontrollably, and the flutter in her stomach accelerated to a full-fledged freefall sensation. His voice gave her goosebumps, and his quick hello-kiss made her mouth water. He didn't hug her, though, because he was awkwardly holding a nondescript UPS box that he found by the door. He still managed to look cool, despite the awkward package, with his slightly messy short brown hair and tattered backpack over one shoulder -- a quietly confident look, without too much ego or fuss. Marie found it irresistible.

Marie had never had a real boyfriend before Paul. He was the first guy ever to take her beyond "second base," but, more importantly, he was the first guy ever brave enough to openly commit himself to her. She had always felt self-conscious about her glasses and her height -- a mere 5' 2". And while other girls at school all seemed to "blossom" early, Marie was just starting to develop curves at 18. She also hadn't seen any benefits from her supposedly attractive blonde hair, so she kept it short. Sometimes she wondered if boys could even see her.

That is, until Paul. They had only been dating for three weeks, but he had already seen more of her body than any other boy had ever seen, and they'd be going to the same college this Fall! She blushed harder just thinking about it.

Dating Paul made Marie think in ways she'd never thought before. She finally started paying attention to fashion, and she made the best of her young body by walking with a pronounced swagger in her hips. Today she wore a short black skirt and plunging v-neck sweater -- items she didn't even own two weeks ago. She smiled and laughed much more openly, and she was no longer embarrassed to talk about sex. Her closest friends noticed the changes immediately, and most of them recognized the glow of satisfaction in her cheeks. They all respected Paul for bringing out the woman in Marie. Many were even envious of Paul's obvious talents.

Marie offered to take the package, but Paul insisted on carrying it. Silly, but gentlemanly nonetheless. She led him down into the basement rec room, where they usually studied. Today it was History. They had a final project due, titled "a past President who would make a good President today." Paul picked Theodore Roosevelt, mostly because of TR's honesty and love for nature, traits that Marie admired in Paul as well -- in addition to his mind. He certainly was the only boy with the brains to pick a President like Theodore Roosevelt! Most other boys had yet to realize that intellect was sexy.

As Paul stepped into the rec room, he was surprised to find Marie's two best friends, Victoria and Cindy, already there, sprawled on the couch watching TV. He greeted them, and they both looked over their shoulders to greet him back. When they saw the UPS box, their eyes immediately lit up. They exchanged mischievous grins, and the race was on.

Victoria leaped up with sudden energy, "I'll take that!"

As Victoria hurried around the couch, Cindy jumped over the back, "No! Give it to me!"

The girls collided in front of Paul and snatched the package in a flurry of arms, hands, and hair. Paul momentarily enjoyed the sight of these two girls fighting for his attention. After all, Victoria and Cindy were both attractive, and getting to hang out with them was one of the perks of dating Marie. Victoria looked especially good today, with tighter jeans and more bracelets, necklaces, and Latin flair than usual. Cindy looked unkempt in comparison, no doubt straight from basketball practice, in her plain fleece sweatshirt and Addidas windpants, with her dark hair pulled back into a high, tight ponytail.

Cindy easily won the scuffle, and she turned the box to read its label. Victoria seemed anxious, "Is that it?"

Cindy squinted at the label and answered hesitantly, "Yes... Well... I think so..."

With that, Victoria snatched the box and raced back to the couch, Cindy hot on her heels. They immediately began tearing open the package, giggling nervously. Marie just sighed and rolled her eyes at Paul. His curiosity piqued, he finally had to ask, "What is it?"

Victoria shot an alarmed glance back at Marie. Marie answered with a patronizing and dramatic tone, "It's a gift for Victoria's boyfriend." She dragged out the "o" in "boyfriend," as if to mock Victoria. Victoria didn't seem to care -- in fact, she seemed relieved -- and returned to shredding the box.

As Marie and Paul headed for the folding card table where they usually studied, Paul followed up, "Why was it delivered here?"

Marie dropped into a folding chair and nonchalantly opened her notebook, "Because she was afraid her parents would open it and start asking questions."

Paul didn't bother to ask about Marie's parents. They worked all the time and were never home. This was another perk of dating Marie.

So, while Victoria and Cindy unwrapped the mysterious gift, Paul and Marie started discussing their paper on Teddy Roosevelt. Marie could honestly care less, but Paul attacked the project with admirable passion and energy. As he sat there tossing out political factoids with ease, Marie thought she could see his future. He would be a powerful and wealthy man someday, and it was incredibly sexy. Her heart fluttered again, and for a moment she fantasized about what she would do to Paul if Victoria and Cindy weren't in the room...

Victoria suddenly gasped, and Cindy laughed loudly. Paul turned to look, but the girls were sitting on the carpet on the other side of the couch, so he couldn't see the gift from here. Now they were whispering, and he heard Cindy mutter, "I told you!"

Something mischievous was afoot. Paul pretended to ignore them and return to work, but secretly he strained to hear their conversation. It was especially hard to eavesdrop on Victoria, because she had a slight accent. Depending on who you asked at school, Victoria was either half Brazilian, half Guatemalan, or half Bahamian. No one knew exactly, but she had a naturally bronze skin tone and curvy body that most girls would kill for. This made other girls a bit catty toward her and intimidated most guys. For instance, Paul considered Victoria way out of his league, and he probably never would have talked to her if not for Marie.

Cindy was much easier to hear. She tended to speak with the assertive confidence of an athlete, and it was unnatural and difficult for her to whisper. After another minute of whispers, Paul heard her quietly exclaim, "Three minutes! Oh my god! I wish!" 

This was followed by more giggles. Then Cindy said, "Hold on," and got up to approach Marie. Casting a devilish look toward Paul, Cindy squatted beside the table and cupped her hand to whisper a question into Marie's ear. Cindy's confident, unwavering eye contact challenged and confused Paul. It was as if she was silently speaking to him with her eyes, while whispering in his girlfriend's ear. It almost felt naughty to return Cindy's stare, but it cast an exciting spell. He noticed that her eyes were dilated and her cheeks were slightly red -- signs of arousal. Something mischievous was definitely afoot.

Marie's eyebrows jumped, and she recoiled suddenly, "No way!"

Cindy took her eyes off Paul to plead with Marie, "Marie! Come on! Just ask him!"

Marie sighed and paused to look at Paul. Victoria peeked up from behind the couch. Paul suddenly felt uncomfortable, like he was being judged without knowing what the criteria were. Worst of all was Cindy's discomforting stare, which had resumed. He couldn't handle much more of this, "Ask me what?"

Cindy instantly grinned, and Victoria leaned forward to hear. Marie blushed, and her eyes darted nervously across the table. Unconsciously, she toyed with a wisp of her short blonde hair as she answered, "Cindy wants to know if you masturbate."

As soon as Marie finished the question, her eyes shifted up and focused on Paul. Her eyebrows lifted, and her lips hung slightly open in expectation. Paul recognized this expression of nervous curiosity in Marie. He had seen it a week earlier, when she asked him if he would be grossed out by giving head to a girl. Paul's answer to that question had opened the door to hours of fun -- about an hour a day, in fact, ever since. And now Paul could tell that Marie wanted to know the answer to Cindy's question, too!

Paul would have answered if he was alone with his girlfriend, but not with Victoria and Cindy in the room. He put his foot down, "I'm not answering that! No way!"

Marie's shoulders visibly sagged, but Cindy persisted, "Come on, don't be a wuss. We won't tell anybody!"

When Paul still refused to answer, Cindy rose to her feet and turned to face him squarely. With surprising strength, she reached over his shoulder and forced his chair to turn on the carpet, removing his legs from under the table and making him sit facing the room. Then, without the slightest hesitation, she straddled the chair and sat in his lap, her Addidas windpants sliding easily over his jeans. With the confidence of a bull, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rested her hands on the back of his chair.

The heat of her breath on his lips, she assumed a naughty tone and threatened, "If you don't tell us, I'll tell everyone about how quickly you blew your load the first time Marie touched it..."

Paul knew exactly what she was referring to, and it was supremely embarrassing. He knew that girls talked, but he never realized they would talk about something like that! He glared angrily at his girlfriend, but she was already on her feet, glaring angrily down at Cindy, "Hey!! That was private!"

Cindy didn't even bother to look back at Marie. Instead, she arched a sharply-trimmed eyebrow at Paul, grinned, and scooted forward, pressing her hips into his. Paul couldn't resist noticing how little material was between them, and he couldn't stop his mind from wondering if Cindy would be a good fuck. He'd never done it in a chair before...

His very next thought was, "What about Marie?" And he hated himself for the fact that thought came second. But this was Cindy's game. She was deliberately making him uneasy so he would blurt out an answer just to end the awkwardness.

Recognizing her ploy allowed him to regather his courage, and he countered sharply, "Well what about you? Do you masturbate?"

To Paul's surprise, Cindy answered without the slightest embarrassment or hesitation, "Fuck yeah!" 

Marie stifled a giggle, and Victoria's eyes went wide. It could have been Paul's imagination, but it felt like Cindy punctuated her answer with a slight thrust of her hips. The whole time, her eyes stayed locked with his. He couldn't resist picturing her in his mind, grinding herself to orgasm right there in his lap. He felt his cock starting to grow and press against his jeans, in turn pressing against Cindy's inseam. Her grin widened into a triumphant sneer. Could she feel it, too?

He had to get her off his lap, or this would slip out of control. Finally, he caved, "Okay, fine. I do too. Now would you please get off me?"

She gave him another thrust of the hips, this one firm and unmistakably intentional, before lifting herself from the chair. Before Paul could even exhale with relief, Victoria chimed in, "How long does it take?"


"How long does it take for you to make yourself cum?" 

Victoria was only slightly less bold than Cindy, but these questions were ridiculous, even for them. Paul was flabbergasted, "Why do you girls care?"

Cindy leaned back against the back of the couch and exchanged a thoughtful look with Victoria. For a moment, they seemed to silently debate whether to answer. To both girls' surprise, Marie was the one who finally spoke up, "Victoria wants to give her boyfriend a handjob."

Victoria's jaw dropped, and she gasped at her friend Marie. Victoria's total lack of a poker face revealed that Marie was, in fact, telling the truth. Cindy just laughed to herself. Marie continued, "Not just any handjob... a really good one. That's his gift," she swallowed and took a deep breath before clarifying, "She wants to make him cum like he's never cum before."

A split second later, Victoria was on her feet and pillows were flying. Victoria's voice was hysteric as she wailed on Marie with a couch cushion, "Marie!! Shut up!!"

Marie managed to keep her glasses on and started fighting back. She yanked the cushion out of Victoria's hands and turned the tables on her attacker. Victoria backed up, using the couch as a shield, but Marie, on the tips of her toes, leaned over the couch's back and could still reach Victoria with her cushion.

From Paul's vantage point, sitting in his chair facing the back of the couch, he now had a clear view up the back of Marie's short black skirt. Only half-covered by plain black panties, her ass was perfect -- just two slightly rounded cheeks curving out from an otherwise petite young body. Paul easily visualized himself yanking those panties down and banging his girlfriend's brains out, standing up, with her bent over the couch just like that. At this point, the room was so sexually charged that Marie probably wouldn't even care if Victoria and Cindy watched. Paul knew from experience that she was a loud fuck, but her cries of pleasure would be muffled by the couch cushions. She was also prone to passing out when cumming really hard, but on the couch, like this, it wouldn't matter -- he could hold her down and fuck her till she fainted, then finish himself off. It would be so easy, and she would love it. He wouldn't even have to remove her skirt...

Cindy noticed, too, and she gave Paul a knowing, devilish grin. For a moment, Paul wondered if Cindy was visualizing the same thing. But was she visualizing Paul banging Marie, or Paul banging her like that? Right now, Paul could go for either one -- or both! Judging by Cindy's athleticism and the way she carried herself, it would probably require a lot of stamina to handle her. She seemed like the type of girl who would fuck relentlessly and wouldn't stop until she was completely satisfied -- a difficult but tempting challenge. His cock was growing larger by the second just thinking about it. But, of course, it was only a fantasy, because he would never cheat on his girlfriend.

Cindy's eyes darted briefly down Paul's body then back up again. Her grin grew wider, and she folded her arms across her chest, seemingly oblivious to the pillow fight going on right beside her. Meanwhile, Victoria's anger melted into giddy laughter as the pillow fight degenerated into an unflattering scramble. Still trying to reach over the couch, Marie lost her balance and tumbled, face first, over the couch's back. Laughing the whole way down, she landed among the seat cushions and twisted onto her back to keep fighting. Victoria took the advantage and tackled Marie, pinning her in the couch.

"Oh you're in trouble now! This is what you get!"

With Marie pinned on her back, Victoria started tickling. It was a totally unfair match. Victoria was at least 8 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than the petite Marie. Indeed, although Victoria was only 18, she almost had the body of a tall, adult woman. And now with Victoria's thighs firmly straddling Marie's torso, Marie had no hope of escape. She needed backup. Between laughs and gasps for breath, she called out for Paul.

Paul eagerly jumped to his feet, not only to help Marie, but also to join this playful scrap between two sexy young girls. He almost made it, too, before Cindy blindsided him. Apparently, she had decided to side with Victoria. Laughing girlishly, she tackled him from the side just as he reached the couch.

With Cindy's arms wrapped tightly around his waist, Paul lost his balance, and his momentum carried them both over the back of the couch in a frenetic repeat of Marie's earlier tumble. Wrestling as they fell, they managed to miss Victoria and Marie and roll right off the couch onto the floor.

Cindy ended up on top, straddling Paul's chest, with one knee pinning his shoulder to the carpet. She quickly pinned down his other shoulder -- first with her hands, then, after shifting her hips, with her other knee. Paul strained to sit up, but Cindy was stronger and heavier than she looked. He could feel the toned muscles in her legs twitching and flexing to balance herself and hold him down. As he struggled beneath her, she smiled and taunted him, "Oh no you don't. First you have to answer the question!"

Victoria kept tickling, and Marie laughed so frantically that tears ran down her cheeks. She gasped desperately, "Paul!! Help! Ah! Ah! -- Help!"

Taken by surprise and dizzy from the fall, Paul could only think about getting to Marie. He looked up at Cindy in bewilderment, "What!? What question?"

Paul kept struggling, but it was no use. Cindy leaned forward slightly and crossed her ankles on his stomach. She now had him in a perfect pin, and he would have to lift her entire body weight to escape. Reveling in her position of power, Cindy spoke slowly to prolong the ordeal, "Victoria asked... How long does it take... for you... to cum?"

Cindy punctuated her question by planting her hands on the carpet on either side of Paul's head. This seemed familiar. Indeed, once again, just like in the chair earlier, she was on top of him, staring down at him with hungry eyes and a devilish grin -- except now she smelled faintly of sweat and panted slightly from exertion, her breath barely reaching his face as he strained beneath her. Around the rim of her forehead, a few errant hairs hung down messily, having escaped from her tight brunette ponytail during the scuffle. Her fitted sweatshirt had also bunched and twisted a bit during the fall, or perhaps her pants had been pulled down slightly, now revealing about two inches of her smooth, fit midriff. Paul could now see a slight V-shaped crease between toned muscles tracing the upper crests of her hips. His eyes instinctively followed the crease as it traced a diagonal line from high on her slender waist and down into her pants. He fought the urge to yank down that elastic band just to see the base of that beautiful V.

Rather than answer the embarrassing question, Paul kept struggling. Cindy's smile simply grew bigger, until she cut it short by playfully biting her lower lip. Then she looked over her shoulder, lifted a thoughtful finger to her lips, and mused aloud, "Or perhaps we should just find out for ourselves..."

Once again, Paul felt his cock swelling, and he was sure that Cindy could see the bulge. To make matters worse, Victoria turned to look, too. Still tickling Marie, she laughed and taunted, "Yeah, Paul! Tell us! Do you last more or less than three minutes? I bet it's less!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," said Cindy, twisting to get a better look at Paul's pants. She started to slide one hand slowly down the front of his shirt, straight toward the bulge in his jeans. Her eyes glazed over slightly, and her voice started to sound distant, "I bet he could go for a long, long time."

As Cindy's fingers approached the edge of Paul's belt, he felt an electrifying combination of eagerness and fear. His brain told him that it would be cheating and that Cindy was nothing but trouble, but he couldn't resist aching for her touch. Her hand continued down his stomach at an agonizing crawl, causing his muscles to twitch and shiver, as if signaling her to hurry. In response, she slowed down even more. When her palm finally reached his belly-button, his hips bucked involuntarily, barely dipping her fingertips into his jeans. But she stopped there, less than one inch away... She stopped to gently brush a single, warm finger back-and-forth across his skin under the elastic band of his underwear. And there she waited, teasing silently.

Paul did not even realize that he had stopped struggling. Instead, his mind locked in anticipation -- adrenaline surging -- his body ready to snap with tension -- every muscle instinctively primed for the slightest trigger. The fear of cheating had lost all voice in his mind. He still sensed it, but the message was erased by a gathering cloud of wild energy. The world, as he knew it, now reduced to a single point -- the tip of Cindy's finger as it brushed across his skin. So close! It would be so easy for her to reach in and satisfy him, and, pinned to the floor, he would have no choice but to let it happen...

Meanwhile, Victoria had turned back to her victim on the couch, "Let's ask Marie!" Amid another flurry of tickling, she taunted her smaller friend, "How long does he take, Marie? We know you jerked him off before! How long does he take? Tell us, or Cindy will see for herself..."

Between tears, gasps, and laughs, Marie struggled to answer, "More!... More than three minutes!... Please! Stop!" Victoria finally stopped, and Marie caught her breath, panting as though she had just sprinted a mile, "He takes... more than three minutes... He's a champ... He wears me out... Sorry, Paul. I had to tell. I couldn't take it anymore."

And with that, Cindy pulled back her hand. Tension released, Paul exhaled with sudden heaviness, as though he had been holding his breath. His muscles relaxed, but his cock still throbbed with heat.

Both very pleased with themselves, Cindy and Victoria traded triumphant smiles. Victoria got up from the couch, but Marie continued to lie there, catching her breath. Not letting Paul free just yet, Cindy turned back around to face him. Her cheeks were flushed red with arousal, and her eyebrows lifted eagerly for yet another question, "Have you ever tried a male sex toy, Paul?"

"What!? No! Let me go!"

Once again, the questions had gotten absurd. Paul struggled briefly, only to be reminded how pointless it was. Cindy still had him perfectly pinned to the carpet, with her thighs straddling his chest and her knees on his shoulders.

Her hair a complete mess, Marie still lay on her back, one arm resting across her forehead. From there, she could not see the hungry look in Cindy's eyes. Speaking to the ceiling, Marie simply explained, "The gift for Victoria's boyfriend is a sex toy for men. It's called the CyberSuck-"

Between Marie's labored breaths, Victoria interjected, "-and it says it's guaranteed to make you cum within three minutes." She sounded skeptical.

Marie laughed to herself, staring at the ceiling, "Yeah, I'm not sure I believe that..."

Paul saw the devilish grin return to Cindy's mouth, and he knew by now that it would only mean trouble. Before he could say a word, she excitedly suggested, "Let's test it on Paul!"

"Oh no you don-!" Paul started to object, but Cindy quickly dropped her hand over his mouth. His words were muffled mumbles, and his eyes darted frantically around the room, searching for Marie. Surely she would put a stop to this.

At the same time, Victoria exclaimed, "Ooo! Good idea! I can practice!" She turned to Marie, who was now sitting up with a slightly worried look on her face. Victoria cupped her hands to her chest and pleaded, "Please Marie! Can I please try it on your boyfriend?"

"I don't know..." Much to Paul's surprise, from the tone of Marie's voice, it sounded like she might actually be considering it. With another surge of adrenaline, his heart now pounded in his ears. Was this really happening!? Even more perplexing... did he want it to happen?

"Oh come on," Cindy chimed in, "It'll be fun. He'll like it," she added, giving Paul a mischievous wink.

"Yeah! We won't tell anyone, Marie. It will be our secret!" Victoria continued to beg, "I need to make sure it works before I use it on Marco."

Marie still could not decide. All this talk had her imagination racing, and the excitement of the earlier pillow fighting and tickling still had not worn off. Clearly, Paul was excited, too. He had a visible, raging erection bulging under his jeans. Against her own better judgment, Marie could not resist picturing herself yanking those jeans off and fucking him, right then and there on the plush carpeted floor, but not with Cindy and Victoria in the room. The next best thing would be to jerk him off -- proving to her girlfriends, once and for all, that Paul was everything she said he was. A selfish corner of her ego relished this rare excuse to show off her boyfriend's cock to her girlfriends. Once they saw it, they would definitely be jealous. And once they saw his stamina, they would never look at him (or her!) the same way again...

"Okay fine!" Marie stood up quickly. Brushing her short blonde hair back with one hand, she tried to sound confident, "But I get to do it!"

"Whoa!" Cindy exclaimed, surprised that Marie agreed so easily.

"Yes!!" Victoria pumped her fist in victory and then turned to find the recently-unwrapped sex toy.

Paul tried shouting, but Cindy kept a firm hand over his mouth. As he struggled in vain to escape, she slowly leaned forward until a few of her dark brunette hairs brushed his forehead. Eyes locked with his, she whispered to him so Marie couldn't hear, "Ssshh... Relax... Just enjoy this. Trust me..."

She held him there, hand still covering his mouth, until he finally stopped struggling. When she was convinced that he had finally surrendered to the inevitable, she quickly lifted her hand and leaned back. In an instant, she lifted her sweatshirt up over her head and pulled it off. Along with the sweatshirt, she also pulled off her cropped black T-shirt that had been underneath. Now, only a tight black sports bra covered her smaller-than-average breasts. Her flat, toned stomach was completely bare, and Paul could not resist gawking at the perfectly proportioned hourglass-curve of her fit young body. She worked hard for that body, but it definitely paid off!

Distracted by Cindy's brisk little strip show, Paul was caught off guard when she suddenly wrapped her T-shirt around his head and over his lips as a gag. A gag!? What was she doing!? Paul tried to shout, but the gag completely muffled his voice.

"Hold his legs," Cindy commanded the others. They hesitated, and Cindy clarified, "I'm tying him up, so he doesn't get away! Come on, now hold his legs!"

Victoria and Marie exchanged a look that was part confusion, part excitement. Then they both dove eagerly to the carpet, each taking hold of one of Paul's legs. Still straddling Paul's chest, Cindy leaned to one side and tied a sleeve of her sweatshirt into a painfully tight knot around Paul's wrist. Then she stretched the sweatshirt over his head, leaned the other way, and tied the other sleeve to his other wrist. Thus, his wrists were cuffed loosely together over his head. But what was she planning to cuff him to?

Cindy gave him one last devilish grin before scooting forward to answer that question. As she scooted, her knees shifted off his shoulders and down onto the carpet. She spread her legs and pinned his head to the carpet, mounting his face. Now, only the cloth T-shirt gag and the synthetic material of her windpants separated his mouth from her pussy, and he could taste the heat of her arousal through both. She smelled like sweat and sex, and her wetness was soaking into the gag. He could not believe this was happening... What was she doing?

A moment later, the cuffing was complete. Cindy got up slowly, leaving the taste and smell of her pussy in the cotton of Paul's gag. His arms were stretched above his head, and his hands were tied to two of the couch's legs. The couch was much too heavy to move from this position, and with Victoria and Marie holding down his legs, he was stretched out like a man on a rack -- as helplessly pinned as ever. Even worse, the gag prevented him from saying anything -- everything came out as a muffled mumble. Now the girls couldn't tell if he was shouting in pain or moaning in pleasure. It would all sound the same. He was now a helpless test subject in their little masturbation experiment.

While Cindy prepared the toy, Victoria crawled forward and feverishly unbuckled Paul's belt. She continued to hold his leg down by sitting on his thigh, and he could feel the growing heat between her legs, as well. Meanwhile, Marie's cheeks were completely flushed, and her eyes glazed over with lust. All three girls seemed hyper-primed and energized for sex, and Paul started to worry that they were going to forgo the toy and just tear into him like a pack of hungry tigers. Ordinarily, having sex with three girls at once would be a dream come true, but this was a bit too out of control. Instead of pleasure, a bolt of fear shot through Paul's spine as Victoria violently yanked down his jeans and underwear.

All three girls stared for a moment at Paul's cock. It stood fully erect and exposed, precum already rolling down the sides. The building sexual tension had made it grow larger than usual -- even bigger than Marie had told her friends. Victoria's eyes went wide; Cindy's grin widened; and Marie just licked her lips. They all leaned forward slightly, as if getting ready to pounce on it...

Marie did not waste any time. She took the CyberSuck from Cindy, and Cindy took Marie's place holding Paul's leg. Apparently, the CyberSuck was a battery operated pump of some kind, in the form of a flexible, rubbery cylinder a bit wider than a soda can and about twice as tall, with a tight shaft up the middle. The rubbery material was translucent -- like cloudy water -- and Paul could see various vibrators and other parts inside the toy, along the shaft. It was actually a bit heavy, and Marie needed to grip it with both hands.

Before lowering it onto Paul, she tested it first by turning it on. A dozen vibrators and motors whirred into life. Through the semi-transparent rubber, the blur of moving parts was impossible to follow. Marie's small arms shook just trying to hold the thing steady.

"Three minutes or less, eh?" Cindy grinned.

"Definitely less!" laughed Victoria.

"Hmmm..." Cindy gave Paul a thoughtful look, "I don't think so. I think he can handle it."

With the CyberSuck vibrating wildly in her hands, Marie gave Paul a concerned look. He lifted his head and tried his best to plead for her help, but he only succeeded in tasting more of Cindy's gag. Then, to Paul's relief, Marie turned off the toy and rose to her feet. Perhaps she understood his plea, after all!

"What's wrong?" asked Victoria, "Don't stop now!"

After thinking for a moment, Marie answered, "He needs lube. Be right back!"

Marie dashed upstairs, and Paul's head fell back to the carpet in desperation. Meanwhile, Cindy turned to Victoria, "I bet you he lasts more than three minutes."

"No way! Did you see that thing? It's going to pump him dry in a minute flat."

"Okay, then let's bet," Cindy had that mischievous tone again, "If I win, you have to lick it up when he's done."

Victoria recoiled, "Ew! That's sick!"

"Oh come on, Victoria," Cindy rolled her eyes, "We both know you swallow!"

Paul's cock twitched involuntarily upon hearing that juicy bit of gossip. Victoria swallows? The thought alone was almost too much for him to handle in his current state. Cindy continued, "Besides, if you're so convinced it's going to pump him dry in a minute flat, then you've got nothing to worry about..."

Paul could hear Marie coming back downstairs. As Marie returned, Victoria retorted, "Well if I win, then you have to lick it up when he's done!"

"It's a bet!"

"What bet?" asked Marie as she dropped to her knees beside Paul's naked hips.

Cindy answered, "Victoria thinks he won't last three minutes. I think he will," as Cindy said this, she gently squeezed Paul's thigh, as if to encourage him, "So we bet on it. Loser has to lick him clean when it's done."

"If that's okay with you," added Victoria.

Marie thought about it as she poured lube over Paul's cock. With one hand, she grabbed him and worked the lube up and down his shaft, then over his tip. Out of habit, she pumped him absent-mindedly with her hand while she thought about Cindy's bet. This sent Paul reeling. He had been dying for this kind of contact ever since Cindy mounted him in the chair. She had teased him, first with the thrusts of her hips, then with the lust in her eyes, and then with the tip of her finger. The anticipation had been almost unbearable. Now, finally, he got the contact he needed, and every pump of Marie's fist sent a burst of blinding pleasure straight to his spine. Only a few more pumps, and total release would finally come.

He moaned loudly, and his body bucked uncontrollably. Marie finally noticed what she was doing and let go of his cock, "Oh! Sorry, Paul!"

Of course, this only made it worse. The tension doubled, burning for release. He wished he could scream, "Finish me off!" But the gag made it impossible. He would do anything to feel her hand again. Or Cindy's hand. Or Victoria's hand. Three girls, all primed and hungry for sex -- and not one of them reaching out to finish him off! It was unbearable! If only they knew how close he was...

"Come on, Marie," urged Cindy, "It's not like we're fucking him. We're just going to lick him clean. He'll like it, and it's not cheating."

"Besides," laughed Victoria, "it will be fun to prove Cindy wrong!"

Marie snapped back, "Hey! This is my boyfriend you're talking about. I told you he's a champ, and he can fuck for hours. He'll last three minutes against this thing, no problem!"

"Alright!" Cindy beamed, "The bet is on, then!"

"Fine," Victoria sounded smug, "we'll see."

With that, Marie took firm hold of the CyberSuck and switched it on. Once again, a dozen mysterious vibrators and motors sprang to life. Before lowering the device into place, Marie leaned over to whisper in Paul's ear, "I know you can do it, baby. Let's show 'em what you've got. Hold on as long as you can, and, when it's all over, I will fuck you myself, like you've never been fucked before... I promise!"

Paul desperately wanted to tell her that he couldn't possibly make it. The build-up had been too much; he was ready to burst at any second. This was not going to be the proud moment that she was expecting -- it was going to be complete humiliation. But with his hands cuffed, his mouth gagged, and his body pinned to the floor, there was nothing he could do to stop it. His only hope was to hold on as long as possible. He told himself that two minutes would be respectable.

Oblivious to Paul's despair, Marie smiled and kissed his cheek, then turned to Cindy, "Okay... start timing!"

Cindy complied, checking the time on her wristwatch. She held up one finger, "Ready... Set..." Then, after an agonizing delay, a cheerful shout, "Go!!"

Marie gently guided Paul's cock into the toy's narrow shaft. It took some effort, at first, to get past the toy's rubbery "lips," which naturally wanted to stay shut. To help, Marie gently parted the lips with her fingers, then slid them over Paul's lubed tip, with her fingers still inside. The faint sensation of vibration, combined with Marie's soft touch, already triggered shivers of pleasure throughout Paul's body. Unconsciously, he held a long, deep breath in anticipation of the stimulation to come. He didn't have to wait long...

Marie removed her fingers and pushed the toy down slightly. A rubbery moving ring inside the toy grabbed the tip of Paul's cock and pulled abruptly upward, causing the toy to slip from Marie's hands, plunge downward, and swallow him forcefully -- all the way to the hilt. A bewildering array of sensations assaulted him, instantly destroying every ounce of control and rational thought. Vibrators and massagers worked every angle and every inch -- squeezing and pumping relentlessly. One after another, rings gripped the base of his lubed cock and tugged upward, milking him repeatedly with unyielding rhythm. Clearly, this machine served a single purpose -- to rapidly drain every last drop of cum from a man -- and served it well. Never tiring, never slowing down, it mercilessly fucked, sucked, and pumped in ways that no woman could ever match.

Paul's eyes slammed shut, and he roared into Cindy's cum-soaked shirt. With each firm yank on his cock, an intense wave of pleasure surged up from his hips then crashed back down again -- only to meet the next wave, more powerful than the last. Again and again and again, in rapid succession -- it never stopped -- it never let him catch his breath -- it reduced him to a sweaty, quivering mess.

The girls struggled to hold him down as he thrashed and bucked violently. Marie pressed the toy down hard into his pelvis, so it would completely engulf every last inch of his cock. They held him there, helpless, while the machine worked its torment, and, no matter how much he tried to resist, they would only let him go under one condition -- orgasm was his only escape, and his entire body burned to have it.

Indeed, cumming was inevitable. He no longer controlled his own body. Somehow, he had let these three young girls completely take over. Every function of his body now belonged to them. They were gleefully cranking his pleasure to its limit, and there was nothing he could do to stop them. Soon, they would have him at the edge, and he knew they would not stop there. They were taking him all the way as fast as possible, and they would not be satisfied until they watched him cum. But they were not going for just any orgasm -- they wanted to blow his mind.

"One minute, thirty seconds," Paul was too delirious to identify the voice as Cindy's. He could only tell that it was excited, "He's halfway there!"

"No way he's gonna make it," every voice sounded strangely distant.

"Comeon, Paul! You can do it!"

Again and again, the toy pumped him mercilessly. His mind ablaze with pleasure, Paul vaguely remembered something about resisting the urge to cum. He feebly battled the burning need for release, but he could not recall why...

"I hope you're ready to swallow a lot, because that thing is going to pump him dry any second now."

Was that Victoria? Talking to Cindy? Between blinding bolts of ecstasy, Paul fought to form coherent thoughts. He remembered something... something about a bet...

"Hang on, Paul! Just one more minute and then you can let go. Victoria can't wait to lick it all up!"

"Hey! No, Cindy wants your cum right now! Yeah, that's it! Give it to her! Yeah, cum for us, baby! Do it! Harder!"

Like the tight fist of an over-enthusiastic teen, the machine squeezed and jerked feverishly along the entire length of his shaft. His cock now swollen larger than ever, it pressed outward against every inner surface of the toy, thus intensifying the vibrations. Violent surges of pleasure now wracked him continuously. Sweat gushed from every pore. But still he fought back... holding on... not knowing why... knowing only that with every moment of resistance, the pleasure doubled and the urge to cum grew stronger...

"Thirty seconds to go! He's almost there!! Holy shit!! This is fucking awesome!!"

The other voice grew more urgent, "Cum, baby!! Yeah, that's it! Do it!! Unhh!! Yeah!! Cum for me, baby!! Faster! Unhh!! Do it! Unhh!! Faster!! YES!!"

Wave after wave of heat pounded from his cock to every corner of his body. He sensed his breath escaping -- his muscles locking -- his balls tightening for that final, glorious release...

"No!! Don't cum!! Only fifteen more seconds!! You're so close! You can make it!"

"Yes!! Cum for me, baby!! Unhh! Yeah! Comeon, fuck me! Harder! Unhh!! Like that! UNHH!! Yeah, just like that!! UNHH!! Yes!! YES!!"

Another hard tug -- and another -- and another. Up and down, again and again it worked him. Relentless... Merciless. It would never stop. It would never tire. It would never slow down. There was only one way out, and these girls were taking him there whether he wanted to go or not. And, with that truth, all resistance evaporated. Paul surrendered...

"No!! Ten seconds!!"

"YES!! He's gonna cum! There he goes! That's it, baby! Let it out! Do it!!"

"Just hang on!!"

"Comeon, finish it!! Unhh!! Yeah!! FUCK me!! Unhh!! That's it!! THAT'S IT!! Yeah!! Don't stop!! YES!! YES!! Do it!! He's cumming!! YES!! Keep cumming, baby!! OH FUCK YES!! Keep cumming!!"

Pinned to the floor -- stretched out -- cuffed -- soaked with sweat -- eyes locked shut -- screaming into a T-shirt -- with three girls watching -- Paul came harder than he had ever cum before. One after another, crippling shockwaves of pleasure pounded through every inch of his body while his cum fired violently into the toy. Marie squeezed it tight around his cock and bore down hard, amplifying the incredible sucking sensation and boosting his orgasm into a prolonged, mind-blowing trance. Again and again, divine relief surged through him, each time bringing new cries of pleasure to his gagged lips.

The girls watched in awe, holding him down while the orgasm wracked his body. With each quake of pleasure, he strained against their hold, his body naturally curling with exertion. As the orgasm began to subside, they simply sat dumbfounded, having never witnessed anything so intense before. Indifferent to the completion of his climax, the device kept pumping, milking him for every drop, each stroke sending chills down his spine.

Total relief, satisfaction, and exhaustion now soaked Paul's every muscle. He no longer strained against the girls holding him down. Instead, with a heavy exhale, he simply relaxed. Marie kissed his forehead, turned off the CyberSuck, and gently lifted it away. Cum, mixed with lube, poured from the shaft onto Paul's hips and stomach. None of the girls, including Marie, had ever seen so much cum. It really did pump him dry!

Victoria leaned back and crossed her arms across her chest, "Alright, Cindy! Get to it! I want to see you swallow every drop!"

"Hey!" Cindy pointed to her watch, "He held out for three minutes! That means I won! So you swallow every drop!"

"No he didn't! He was cumming with ten seconds to go!"

"No he wasn't! And by the way, nice performance, there -- trying to make him pop with all that 'Oo! Ahh! Fuck me! Yeah!' ...Cheater!"

"You never said I couldn't!"

"Hey, hey!" Marie interrupted them both, "He came right at three minutes exactly. Believe me, I could tell," she chuckled a bit. Her hands still tingled from holding the vibrating toy so tightly, "So nobody wins. The bet is off."

"No it's not!" the disappointment in Cindy's voice was clear.

Victoria replied smugly, "Well then lick him clean, Cindy."

"Howabout we both do it?" Cindy ignored the surprised look from Marie and explained, "It was a tie. Three minutes exactly. We both won, and we both lost. And poor Paul is laying here, covered in cum, after surviving three whole minutes with that... thing. He deserves what we promised him. So let's split it, and call it even."

Victoria took a moment to consider the idea. Cindy made some good points -- especially about Paul deserving a reward. That machine was ferocious! And Paul's performance was definitely impressive. He even held out while she basically faked an orgasm and repeatedly begged him to cum. She doubted her boyfriend had enough stamina to hold out like that. Marie was a lucky girl.

"Okay," Victoria nodded, "if it's okay with Marie."

Marie looked to Paul for an answer, but his eyes were rolled back into his head, lost in another world. Looking down at him, seeing him drenched in sweat and delirious with ecstasy, she wondered if she could ever compete with what just happened. In their few times together so far, she had never seen him cum so violently. Could she ever satisfy him like that? Or would she always take second-place to that crazy machine? She would need incredible stamina to hammer him that hard continuously. If she started cumming, she would have to battle through it and keep banging him without stopping, something she had never done before. The overwhelming exertion would probably make her pass out. Either way, it would be deliciously intense while it lasted, and she looked forward to giving it a try. Just thinking about it brought a rush of heat to her cheeks.

Seeing Marie staring longingly at Paul, Cindy took charge, "He will love it, so it's okay with her. Let's go!"

With that, Cindy eagerly leaned forward on all-fours to taste the salty wetness of Paul's exposed, sweaty skin. Without the slightest hesitation or regard for Marie, Cindy grabbed Paul's slick cock with her fist and attacked the area all around its base with her tongue, licking and sucking loudly. Her eyes closed, she moaned faintly, and she seemed to escape into her own private world, savoring every taste as though it was some kind of exotic fruit. In this bent-over position, a dark, wet stain was clearly visible between her legs, but she didn't care. At least her black striped workout pants still covered the river of wetness now rolling down the inside of her thigh.

Almost as aroused as Cindy and not to be outdone, Victoria crawled forward and attacked the other side of Paul's cock. Together, their lips and tongues feverishly worked every inch of naked skin from his belly-button to his knees. Still holding his cock in her hand, Cindy worked Paul aggressively -- sucking hard along his pelvic bone, moaning and grunting with the effort. Victoria worked gently but quickly -- warm tongue darting out repeatedly while her lips barely brushed along the inside of his thigh. Neither girl approached his cock, yet, but their lips occasionally collided while their tongues fought for squares of skin.

Stunned by the spectacle before her, Marie just sat back and watched her friends devour her boyfriend. She never would have guessed that this would be a turn-on, but her heart raced and her hormones boiled. After witnessing his impressive performance against the CyberSuck, Marie could tell what her friends really wanted -- they both wanted to go a round against him themselves. So now they were competing for him by giving him their best oral attention -- as if he would reward the "winner" with a vigorous fuck -- and watching her friends compete so zealously for a chance to screw her boyfriend brought a pleasant boost to Marie's ego.

Meanwhile, Paul still swirled in a haze of stimulation, unable to move while two hot young girls tangled their tongues across his skin. His abs, hips, and thighs now covered with a thin, glossy layer of saliva, the girls turned to attack the only thing left -- his cock. Cindy braced herself by flattening a palm against his pelvis, and Victoria did the same on his other side, together pinning his ass hard to the carpet. They exchanged a single, lust-filled look before locking their lips in a burning hot, extended kiss around the base of his cock, instantly reviving the warmth of his previous orgasm. His cock, having relaxed temporarily, swelled for action once again.

Something in Paul's mind told him to focus on these sensations and remember this marvelous moment, because it would probably never happen again. A curvy, bronze-skinned, 18 year old Latin vixen with tight jeans and a teasing tongue was locking lips, around his cock, with a fit, slender, 18 year old athlete wearing nothing but a sports bra and windpants -- all while his girlfriend watched! He never dreamed that such a thing could happen, but these girls had shed their last inhibitions and gone completely wild. Apparently, with him tied down and unable to resist, they planned to use him to fulfill their every dirty fantasy. This could go on for hours!

They lingered for a minute, sucking and teasing the base of his cock. Then, lips still locked together, they slid smoothly up to his tip, dragging their tongues across opposite sides as they rose. On their way back down again, Cindy let out a satisfied moan, the vibrations sending unexpected blasts of pleasure from Paul's core to his toes. He lurched against his restraints, but the girls held him down firmly, their fingers splayed on his waist.

Up again, together. Then slowly back down again. Up again. And down. Their breath burning hot, their lips wet, their tongues connecting -- Paul couldn't tell who was who or what was what. As they found their rhythm on his cock, their mouths blended into a single furnace of heat and pressure -- working him passionately from two sides at once.

Up together. And down together. Slowly, carefully. Eyes closed in concentration, they moved in perfect unison, communicating silently through the seal between their lips.

Up again. And down. Slightly faster now, tongues pressing against the sides of his cock -- squeezing it between them -- pumping him gently.

Up again. And down, together. Like a ring of fire. He felt their breathing accelerating and their excitement building.

Up. And down. Up. And down. Tongues pressing harder, coaxing him toward release. His heart pounding, his eyes rolled back into oblivion again.

Up -- a pause to tease his tip -- then down forcefully. He cringed and cried for them to finish it, only to be muffled by the gag over his mouth.

Up -- another pause -- a moan -- then down forcefully, moaning the whole way down. Was that Cindy or Victoria? Or both?

Up slowly, together. Then down hard and fast. Up again, quickly now. And down hard. Hitting a faster, more urgent rhythm, they encircled his cock with their tongues, squeezed it, and began pumping him as hard as they could. This was it. They wanted him to cum.

Up, and down. Up, and down. Feverish rhythm. Squeezing, sucking, pumping, moaning. He felt the orgasm coming. Just a little bit more...

Up, and down. Up, and down. He felt them pressing down, with all their weight, to keep his hips pinned to the carpet. They also leaned in for an even deeper lip-lock, squeezing his cock impossibly tight between their mouths. The sensation was incredible.

Up, and down. Up, and down. Almost there! They sensed he was close, and they stopped being gentle.

One of them, Paul couldn't tell who, broke the lip-lock and swallowed his whole cock forcefully. The sudden change surprised and electrified him, causing him to buck and squirm. She curled her tongue around him and sucked hard, pulling cum from deep within him. But, right before he could truly let loose, she backed off and released him with a sloppy pop. Again, the surprise caught him off guard and forestalled his orgasm.

The other girl dove down on him immediately. She closed tight and sucked him repeatedly with short, rapid pulls, sending him into a primal frenzy. Every muscle flexed and fought, trying desperately to thrust his hips upward. Against the weight of two girls, he managed, for just a moment, to buck and drill his cock deeper into her throat. Sensing his need and responding to it, she forcefully pushed his hips back down to the floor, took a breath, and then swallowed him completely, this time under her own terms. She bore down hard and went all the way to the hilt -- her lips now pressed to his pelvis -- and gave him a single, long, hard pull. He felt the cum being sucked from inside him even faster than his muscles could push it out. And once again, sweet release swelled up -- finally! Just one more second of wonderful suction, and it would all be over...

But, to Paul's agony, she pulled back suddenly. No!! He lurched upward, desperately begging for release with muffled cries. Looking down, he saw Victoria with a wild look in her eyes, panting for breath, cheeks flushed, mouth agape, glistening threads of cum and saliva still connecting her lips to his cock. So she was the one who had just deep-throated him, sucked him hard, and brought him roaring to the very edge! The look of surprise and amazement in her eyes revealed that she had never done anything like that before. She sat motionless, stunned by the intensity of the experience. She had brought him so close, so quickly -- but would she have been ready to swallow, if Paul had started cumming? Would she have stayed on and kept sucking, while he pumped his cum into her throat? Would Marie have let her? Perhaps more importantly, could Marie have stopped her, if she tried?

Cindy's eyes boggled at what Victoria had just done, "Wow!!"

"Okay, that's it!" Marie announced suddenly. For a moment, everyone was disappointed, until Marie finished her thought, "Time to fuck him!"

Victoria's eyes lit up, and Cindy immediately jumped up to yank off her pants. Thumbs threaded under her elastic waistband, she had them down at least four inches on one side -- revealing a single, silky smooth thigh -- before Marie interjected with a sharply possessive tone, "Not you! Me! I get to fuck him! He's my boyfriend!"

Cindy froze with her pants awkwardly slanted across her hips, barely revealing the fact that she kept her pussy neatly trimmed. For once, she felt embarrassed and was without words. Victoria, hands still spread out on Paul's pelvis to hold him down, spoke up, "How do we know you won't let him go?"

"Because," speaking forcefully, Marie stood and reached unabashedly up under her own skirt, "I'm going to ride him into the ground. He's not going anywhere!"

With that, she yanked her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off. From his vantage point on the floor, Paul could clearly see up her skirt to the plentiful glistening wetness running down the inside edges of her legs. He had never seen her so wet and ready for action, nor had he ever heard her talk like that... This was going to be intense!

Victoria backed off as Marie stepped across Paul's body to turn and stand over him. For a rare few seconds, Paul was free. Although his hands were still cuffed above his head, no one was holding down his lower half. If he wanted to escape, this would be his best chance. And the thought did not even cross his mind...

Cindy and Victoria watched as Marie dropped to her knees and rested on Paul's thighs, straddling him in cowgirl fashion. His only chance to escape was now gone. Her short black skirt conveniently covering the action, she reached forward and grabbed his cock, still slick with her friends' saliva, then turned to look up, "Umm... I can't do this with you two standing there."

Cindy and Victoria stared at each other dumbly. Discretely pumping her boyfriend's cock beneath the cover of her skirt, Marie still faced her friends, "Go watch TV or something!"

Cindy literally put her foot down by stomping, which looked a bit funny with her waistband still pulled down drastically on one side, "No way!! We need to be here to make sure you don't just fuck him and let him go!"

"Well I can't do it with you watching me!"

For a moment, they stood in silent stalemate, until Victoria finally said something, "What if we go behind the couch? We'll be in the room, but we won't watch."

Thinking about it, Cindy unconsciously rubbed her own exposed stomach and abs, "But she could still let him go..."

"Not if she tells us everything she's doing," Victoria let the idea sink in a bit before elaborating, "Marie, you have to promise to keep talking. We promise not to watch if you tell us everything that's happening. Everything! We'll be right on the other side of the couch the whole time. But if you stop talking, then we'll assume he is escaping, and we'll be there in, like, two seconds. So don't stop talking! And tell us everything! Deal?"

Before Marie could even think about her answer, Cindy added, "Yeah... it's the only way we'll let you have this!"

Marie pressed her glasses into her face and gave her friends a scornful look. She wanted to be alone with Paul, but, more than anything, she really just needed to fuck him. Straddling him on the floor, holding his dick in her fist, she was too close to turn back now. In truth, she probably would have let her friends watch, if they had insisted. It would have been quite a show. So she caved, "Okay, fine! I'll tell you everything, as it happens. I promise. Now please just go! I need to fuck him! Hurry up!"

"Awesome!" exclaimed Cindy, as she and Victoria both hurried to hide behind the couch. Giggling mischievously, they settled on the carpeted floor with their backs against the back of the couch. They were only about ten feet away from the action, but they were out of sight, giving Marie the privacy she needed.

"Talk!" commanded Victoria.

"Okay, okay!" Marie's voice now came in disembodied form from over the impromptu wall between them. As she spoke, Cindy and Victoria could hear but not see the action, forcing their imaginations to fill in the rest...

"I've been pumping his cock, and he's definitely ready to rock! You guys really got him wound up! It's huge! Ohh yeah, this is going to be good...

"Now I'm rubbing it against my clit. Yeah, baby... Ohh, that is good... Wow... I am so ready for this! I hope you're ready baby, 'cause I'm gonna bang your brains out!"

The girls exchanged surprised looks, and covered their mouths to keep from giggling. Marie was obviously getting into it -- apparently getting off on the idea of giving her friends a play-by-play while she fucked her boyfriend.

"Now I'm sliding him... Uhh!... sliding him deep -- Uhh! -- into me...Oh! Ohhhh, yeah... Yeah... Mmmm... That feels SO good... You like that, baby? Yeah... he likes that...

"God damn, I've never been this horny in my life! God, I just... Uh!... want... to fuck! Uh! Oh, yes! Holy shit this is good! Like... Mmm-ah!.. right away! Unhh! Holy shit! This is amazing!

"I'm trying to take it slow, but... Mmmm!... Uhh!... Uhh!! Whoa! Oh wow!! Wow! God, it feels so good... every time I rise up... and down!!... And up... Oh wow, fuck taking it slow... You ready, baby? 'Cause I'm gonna drill you to the floor! UHH!! YEAH!! That's right! Let's go!!

"Yeah!! Now I'm riding... him... hard!! Unhh! Unhh! Yes!! He's trying to fuck back, but I got him pinned down... Uhh! Ohh yes!! That's right, baby, we're doin' this MY way... I'm doin' you HARD, and I'm not stopping... till... you... cum!! Unhh!! UNHH!! UNHHHOHH FUCK YES!! WOW!! I'm cumming!... I can't believe... I'm cumming!! OH, OH MY GOD!! Nnnnhh-aahhh!!!... Mmmmwow!! Holy shit!!... Holy shit, that was fast!... Wow, I've never cum that fast before in my life!...

"Wow... I have to catch my breath... That was fucking awesome! Good job, baby! I can't believe you made it through that! You ready for more? 'Cause I'm not stopping this time... You got me by surprise there and gave me a fucking awesome orgasm, but I can do this all day..."

Cindy and Victoria exchanged stunned looks. They both could hardly believe what they were hearing. A mere few feet away, their high school friend was fucking her boyfriend, cumming on him, and talking dirty to him as if there was no one else in the room. But she knew they were listening, and having an audience seemed to make her more excited! Victoria leaned close to whisper in Cindy's ear, "Poor Paul! First the CyberSuck and now Marie... He's gonna pass out!"

Cindy giggled quietly and whispered back, "I bet the CyberSuck drained him dry. If so, Marie is in for a surprise. He won't cum, no matter how hard she fucks him. I bet she's the one who passes out!"

Victoria just tilted her chin skeptically. Meanwhile, oblivious to their conversation behind the couch, Marie kept pounding her boyfriend and giving the play-by-play, "Now I'm grinding into him, pinning his ass to the floor. Yeah! You like that? I'm gonna make you cum, baby. Don't try to fight it. You can't beat me. Yeah, I'm gonna blow your mind!

"Now I have my hands on his abs, holding myself up. And I'm lifting my hips slowly up off his body... Mmmm... And lowering slowly back down... Ahhh... God damn that feels good! Up... nice and slow... and down... Ahhh... His dick slides in and out so smoothly! Mmmm! Perfect! Up... and down... Up... and down...

"He's starting to squirm and moan... Yeah, that feels good, doesn't it, baby? Don't worry, I won't stop... Mmmm! I'm gonna make you cum... Oh yeah... You're in trouble, now. I could do this for days!"

The girls could hear the heat rising in Marie's voice along with Paul's muffled grunts. Unconsciously, they found themselves breathing in synch with Marie -- short, shallow breaths with long pauses in between -- matching the rhythm of her motion as she rode Paul into the floor.

"Unhh! Unhh! I'm riding him faster now... I can tell he wants to cum... Unhh! Yes, honey, you want to cum, don't you? Hmmm?... Do you want me to make you cum? Because I know exactly how to do it so you don't stand a chance... Yeah!... That's what you want, isn't it? You want me to give it to you?... Okay, then enough of this slow stuff... Let's fuck!! Yeah!! Let's do it rough!!

"UHH!! UHH!! Oh... YES!! You like that, don't you? Yeah!! UHH! Yes!! You're mine!! Yeah!! UHH!! I will ride you till you cum!! You're tied down, so you can't stop me! Oh fuck yes!! Don't even try to fight it! Yeah, baby!! YES!! UHH!! That's it!! Give it to me... Cum for me, baby! Yes!! YES!! OH YES!! Comeon... DO IT!!"

Marie's voice trailed off quickly into grunts, moans, and gasps for breath, joined by the rhythmic thud of her hips slamming down repeatedly on her helpless boyfriend. Cindy closed her eyes and imagined herself in Marie's place, having passionate sex right there on the carpeted floor -- her slender body exposed -- her skin glistening with sweat -- riding him wildly -- reaching perfect satisfaction -- basking in the glow of orgasm as it swept over them both...

Suddenly Marie cried out, "Ohh!! OHH!! Ohh fuck!! YES!! I'm... UHH!!... cumming... Mmmnnaah- AGAIN!! Ohh fuck, this is so fucking good!!"

Her voice was now quivering, "Mmmm!! Ahhhh... God DAMN!... That was amazing!... Ohh!! Oh, yes!! YES!! YES, BABY, YES!! Harder!! Comeon, baby!! Cum for me!! UHH!! I... must... Unhh!!... I must keep... fucking... you... Unhh!! Holy FUCK!! I'm cumming again!! Oh, baby!! Yes!! YES!! YES, OH FUCK, YES!! Hmmmnnn-ahhh!!... Holy shit...

"I'm not stopping, baby! This is so good!! Unhh! I'm just... gonna... keep... cumming!! UHH!! UHH!! WOW!! Nnnn-aahhh!! Oh PLEASE baby!! PLEASE CUM!! I can't take much more of this!!"

Cindy shot Victoria a single look that said it all. Without another word between them, they scrambled around the couch to peek at the action. Marie was completely lost in orgasmic oblivion -- she would never notice them. So they watched in awe as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. She still wore her skirt, bra, and socks, but that was it. Her glasses were nowhere in sight, and her v-neck sweater lay in a crumpled, sweat-soaked ball on the floor nearby. Her hair was a tangled blonde mess, her eyes were clamped shut, and her neck was stretched back lifting her chin toward the ceiling.

She held tight to Paul's hips and fucked him for all she was worth, "Oh baby!! Please cum!! Unhh!! UHH!! Fuck me!! Yes!! YES!! Holy shit, I'm cumming again!! OH Ffff-mmmm-OHH FUCK!!... Ohhh, wow!..."

Her whole body trembled as she came, muscles flexing visibly. Lost in a mindless surge of instinct, she became a wild animal, fucking furiously and begging for more, "I won't stop... Do it again!! YES!! Harder!! YES!! Keep me cumming!! Please!! Keep me cumming!! Don't stop!! OHH!! Nnnnnn-AHHH!!! Ohmygod, AGAIN!! Nnnn-AHHHH-OHH BABY!! WOW!! YES!! WOW!! You are a fucking GOD!! Do it to me again!! Please DO IT!! PLEASE!! Ohhh, yeah!! Like that! YES!! Nnngg-AHHH!! WOW!! Holy shit... Wow! Okay, do it again!!"

Again and again and again, orgasm ripped the breath from her lungs. Her voice became hoarse, but still she cried out for more. And still she begged him to cum, "PLEASE, baby!! Please cum!! Unhh!! Cum inside me!! UHH!! I'm fucking you as hard as I can!! And it feels... so... good!! Mmm!! Unhhh! Why won't you cum!? Holy shit, baby... I'll do anything for you!! Please just FUCK ME!! Yes!! YES!! FUCK ME!! OHH YESS!!!"

Overwhelmed with pleasure, she arched her back violently, dug her nails into his skin, and screamed at the ceiling. Her pussy clenched hard, trying desperately to pump cum from his balls... but they were still dry from the CyberSuck. Instead, she only managed to hold him at the agonizing brink of release -- his body resistant to anything more. If only she would remove the gag, then he could tell her that her mission to make him cum was hopeless. But as long as the gag remained, Marie kept on fucking...

As this orgasm passed, she curled forward again, bore down, and resumed her relentless assault, "Comeon!! Yeah, do it!! Unhh!! YES!! Please!! YES!! Please do it to me!! Cum inside me, PLEASE!! Ohhh fuck, YES!!"

She leaned forward and planted her hands on the carpet on either side of his head. While slamming him repeatedly with her hips, she managed to hold her head steady just an inch above his. Sweat ran in rivers from her forehead, collected at her chin and nose, and dripped onto his face below. She bit her lower lip, looked deep into his eyes, and pleaded in whispers, "How hard do I have to fuck you!? Please cum, baby... Please cum for me! Mmmm, this is so good!! You like it hard? You want it hard? Unhh!!... Harder? I don't know how much more I can take, baby... Unhh!! Please, baby! Please cum!! Unhh!! Please just do it!! Ohhhh... Unhh!!"

Her eyes closed again as she focused on the incredible sensations racing through her body, and her voice grew louder and more urgent with every thrust of her hips, "Your cock feels so... fucking... awesome!! You just keep going! Ahh!! And going! Uhh!! Holy shit, you're driving me crazy!! I'll do anything for you!! Anything!! Please!! Anything you want! Yes!! YES!! Mmmm-aahhh, OHH YES!!

"Mmmmm... What do you want, baby? Anything... Tell me... Do you want to fuck like this all day!?... Well, I can make you... Unhh!!... feel this good... Unhh!!... for hours!! Yeah, is that what you want? Hours of fucking!? Ohhh yes!! Unhh!! Okay baby, you want it -- it's yours!! You can fuck all day! Yeah... when I'm done with you, it's Cindy's turn! She will fuck your brains out!"

Cindy and Victoria both gasped in shock at this new twist. Luckily, Marie didn't hear it, or she would have seen them. Instead, she pounded her boyfriend harder and harder, eyes closed, describing her fantasy, "Yeah!... Unhh!! I saw what she did to you... You want her! Unhh!! And she wants you! She wants to make you cum! Yeah!! Uhh!! Cum for Cindy, baby... Yeah, fuck me now like you're fucking Cindy!! Comeon!! Do it!!"

A bewildering mix of embarrassment, jealousy, and arousal boiled in Cindy's blood. This was such a wildly unexpected twist that she didn't know how to react. So she sat there stupefied, just watching it unfold.

Meanwhile, mere feet away, now completely ignoring their spectators, Marie and Paul fucked with raving frenzy. It boggled Cindy's mind to see two people going at it so violently, for so long, without either one tiring out. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen, and she desperately wanted to be in Marie's place, experiencing this unbelievable thrill ride. To make matters worse, it tortured Cindy to know that Paul was probably fantasizing about her while having such intense sex with Marie.

Marie eagerly embraced the fantasy, and her screams filled the house, "Fuck me like I'm Cindy!! Yeah!! Harder!! UHH!! Yes!! UHH!! Do it!! Fuck her!! UHH!! Make her cum!! Harder!! HARDER!! She can take it!! UHH!! Ohmygod, YES!! YES!! JUST LIKE THAT, YES!!"

Her eyes rolled back into her head, her breath halted, and her body quaked violently. Through gritted teeth she cried out, "Ohhh FUCK!! I'm cumming AGAIN!! YES!! I'm cumming!! Keep me cumming, baby!! OHH!! FUCK ME!! Keep me cumming!! Don't stop!! OHH FUCK, that's SO good!! Cum with me, baby!! UHH!! Please cum!! PLEASE!! OHHH!!... Ohmygod... Please cum with me!!"

Her abs clenched, her hips bucked, and her legs shivered uncontrollably. Her pussy squeezed him forcefully, again and again and again -- an instinctive pumping action, meant to finally hammer even the strongest man beyond all control. But, no matter how much her body tried to pump it out of him -- and no matter how much he burned for that feeling of release -- there was simply nothing left for Paul to give. Instead, the pleasure surged forth, only to stop short at an agonizing "dry" orgasm -- a long, painful tease right at the verge of actual satisfaction.

Meanwhile, her body sensed how close he was to release, which naturally redoubled her orgasm and intensified the forceful clenching of her muscles. Together, their bodies had caught them in a perfect trap they could not escape. As Paul's body reeled right at the brink, Marie's body squeezed, flexed, and gushed in a futile effort to force him over the edge. Repeatedly, endlessly -- orgasm hammered her -- commanding her body to clench and destroying all self-control. She couldn't speak, she couldn't move, and she couldn't stop the cycle. All she could do was to hang on and wait for it to end. 

Again and again it wracked her. Eyes clamped shut, she screamed at each eruption of merciless pleasure. In a haze of intense exertion, she couldn't breathe, and she started getting dizzy and lightheaded. Eventually, even screams couldn't reach her lips -- merely raspy squeaks. Her fingers dug into Paul's skin as she held onto him for dear life. And still it continued -- wave after unstoppable wave -- juices literally pouring from her pussy.

Finally, she snapped. Her voice trailed off, lost in exhaustion, "Yes... do it... I want you to... do it..." And she collapsed, her unconscious body hitting the carpet and rolling slightly away from Paul's side.

Still stunned by Marie's unexpected fantasy, Victoria couldn't help saying the obvious, out loud, "Whoa... She fainted..."

"About damn time!" Cindy was already on her feet. In one swift motion, her striped windpants and panties hit the floor, revealing every inch of her slender, toned body from her ankles to her chest. Not stopping to remove her socks or sports bra, she scrambled toward Paul. She gripped his hips firmly to hold him down while she straddled his thighs. Once on top, she reached up to gather and tighten her ponytail, preparing for action.

"Cindy!" Victoria interjected, sounding a bit hoarse, "What are you doing!?"

Paul could see ferocious lust swirling in Cindy's eyes. Without the slightest hesitation, she grabbed his cock, still slick with Marie's juices, and looked him directly in the eyes. Without turning away or even blinking, she answered Victoria's question with frightful precision, "I am going to fuck him 'till he cries."

Paul's eyes boggled, and his heart jumped into his throat.

"But it's Marie's boyfriend! That's cheating!"

Still staring into Paul's eyes, Cindy cracked a devilish grin, "Not if he doesn't cum..."

Maintaining intense eye contact, Cindy scooted forward to rub Paul's cock against her slit. Earlier, with the mischievous glint of her eyes, the thrust of her hips, and the tickle of her finger, she had teased him to the edge of frenzy. Now, she finally rewarded him for his patience.

Entranced by her sinister eyes, he didn't need to look down to know what was happening. Without blinking or breaking eye contact, she moved slowly, savoring each sensation. First, she pressed herself against him, causing her eyelids to narrow and the slightest moan of relief to rise to her lips. After a moment, her slim hips lifted smoothly. And she waited there -- hovering -- poised over his tip -- giving him one last, long tease. Then she slowly lowered herself down.

Finally, after so much teasing, he felt her divine heat swallowing him completely. Although Marie was petite, Cindy's hips were slimmer, causing Cindy to feel much tighter. Or perhaps she was just built differently. Either way, her pussy gripped him with perfect pressure from every side, and she immediately started pumping him with short, firm thrusts of her hips. Against his will, he felt himself responding instinctively, bucking upward to meet her downward thrusts.

She taunted him with gentle encouragement, "Yeah, that's it... There you go... Good boy!"

Victoria sat down on the carpet beside them, "You better not cum, Paul! Or I'll tell Marie!"

With Paul tied up and his girlfriend laying unconscious just a few feet away, Cindy rode him gently at first, "Yeah, you better be quiet, too, or you might wake her up! We wouldn't want this little adventure to end early, now, would we? Nooo... We want this to last... Yeah... So whatever you do," she began playfully punctuating each word with a fast, firm thrust of her hips, "don't -- make -- a sound -- and -- don't... cum!"

With the word "cum" she ground herself down into him, pinning him hard to the carpet. He bit down hard on the shirt still tied over his mouth, fighting the urge to groan with pleasure. Cindy easily saw the struggle for control written on his face, but, rather than help him, she tortured him more by accelerating her rhythm. She also stretched out and leaned back, planting her palms on the floor by his knees. This exposed more of her slim physique, which he clearly enjoyed, and made his cock rub against her G-spot, which she clearly enjoyed. Before long, her rhythm in this position accelerated from slow and gentle to feverish and rough.

Savoring the steady G-spot contact, Cindy relaxed her neck and let her head tilt back. Her gaze lifted toward the ceiling, and her eyes glazed over with satisfaction. With each smooth thrust, her tight brunette ponytail bobbed and swung behind her. Within minutes, a thin layer of sweat added a steamy sheen to her exposed skin. Droplets joined rivers running down her impossibly flat abs, collecting at the brim of her hips before rolling toward the carpet down her smooth, toned thighs. She moaned quietly at first, but Paul sensed an urgency rising in her breath -- an impatience matched by firmer, faster motion.

As Cindy worked him harder, Paul could feel his own heat rising, and, as Cindy let slip a louder-than-intended groan of pleasure, Paul felt the surprising swell of orgasm building up inside him again. Had his body finally recovered from the CyberSuck? Or was Cindy's tightness somehow triggering him in ways that Marie couldn't? Regardless, Paul suddenly found himself fighting for control, yet again -- fighting the powerful urge to cum in this eager young girl's pussy, with his girlfriend laying mere inches away!

"Mmmmm... Oh yeah!" Cindy sighed heavily and kept fucking, speaking to no one in particular, "Whew! Damn this is good!"

Sitting close enough to touch them if she wanted to, Victoria's eyes were wide, her lips were wet, and her cheeks were flushed red. She marveled at her friend's sweaty body, "Are you close?"

"Mmmmm... Yes! But..." Cindy's eyes squinted with exertion, and her impatience grew. She began thrusting harder, "Unhhh!! He's... holding... back..."

Indeed, Paul had gone rigid -- biting his tongue and locking his muscles in a desperate effort to keep from cumming. Cindy leaned forward, now planting her hands on Paul's shoulders. Sweat running down her cheeks, she glared fiercely into his eyes, "Comeon!! Don't stop!! Fuck me, damnit!!"

"Ssshh! Cindy!" Victoria leaned in and, without thinking, placed a hand on Cindy's naked thigh. She spoke softly, so only they could hear, "...You'll wake up Marie!"

Cindy quieted her voice, but started drilling Paul with longer, harder strokes. She didn't seem to notice or care that Victoria was touching her leg. Instead, she focused on Paul. Looking down on him from her perch, eyes locked with his, she whispered urgent commands while fucking him relentlessly, "Comeon... Do it! Fuck me! Yeah... You know you want to... I watched you fuck your girlfriend while fantasizing about me... Yeah, that's right! We both watched you! Mmm-hmmm! And it was so... fucking... hot! Unhhh! Yeah! So I know you want me... don't even try to fight it! Do it, baby... yeah... comeon! Give it to me!"

Victoria suddenly chimed in, "Comeon, Paul! She's riding you into the ground, and you can't fight back. She'll fuck you all day if she has to! So just fuck her and make her cum! Get it over with!"

"YES! Fuck me and make me cum! Do it!"

All the willpower in the world would not have been enough. After so much build-up, he was now handcuffed, gagged, and pinned to the floor by a sweaty, sexy young girl riding him wildly and begging him to make her cum -- all while another young girl watched and begged for it, too... It was just too much to handle. In defiance of his conscience, his hips started moving again. He started meeting her, thrust for thrust, drilling himself deeper and grinding up into her clit. And with this renewed motion, once again, the heat rising in his veins grew hotter -- the rising orgasm became harder and harder to control.

Cindy's eyes drifted shut, her eyebrows pinched together, and she bit her lower lip in concentration, "Ahh! Yesss! There you go... That feels amazing!... Mmmm... Keep doing that..."

"Hang in there, Paul," encouraged Victoria, "You can do it! Make her cum!"

The impossibly strong squeezing sensation of Cindy's pussy made Paul's hips buck suddenly up from the carpet, catching her in mid-thrust and driving him deeper inside her than ever before. 

"UHHH!!" She gasped loudly as the intense bolt of pleasure took her by surprise, followed by a long cringe of exertion. Her spine curled, her head hung down, and her chin tucked in, causing her dark ponytail to fall and dangle just over Paul's neck. Now their roles reversed, and she found herself frozen as he repeatedly pounded up into her from below. Her ponytail shook with each thrust, teasing his skin and driving him to hammer her harder.

He suddenly remembered Marie's words, "Fuck her!!... Make her cum!! Harder!!... She can take it!!" Primal instincts raging, he strained to slam her harder and harder, driving her to the edge of control. More than anything, he wanted to watch her crumble under an unstoppable orgasm. She had teased him so much, always giving him that grin as though he belonged to her and she could fuck him any time she wanted -- as if it was a foregone conclusion that he would cum first. Now, indeed, the tables were turned. She was his, and now it was his turn to make her beg!

Just as her breathing started turning into ragged gasps, he pulled back and stopped abruptly. Her eyes flashed with sudden, almost frightened, urgency. She pleaded, "No!! Don't stop!! Comeon!! Keep fucking me!! I'm almost there!!"

For that short moment, Paul was in control. He grinned and gave her a long, slow thrust. He took time to savor the feeling of his cock sliding deep inside her, then smoothly back out. Her pussy was incredibly tight and slick, and every muscle between her legs began quaking. Her body wilted as orgasm danced just inches from her reach. He held her there for a moment, enjoying the view -- sweat running down her slim young body, breath ragged, eyes ablaze. She was so close -- right at the very edge -- that even the slightest moves now tortured her. He took care to keep her there, controlling her with nothing more than the touch of his cock. Finally, the devilish, teasing Cindy was getting her payback...

But it didn't last long. She regained control with sudden, furious vengeance. Fire flashed in her eyes, and she slammed him to the floor with her hips, "Oh, that's it!! You think you can tease me!? You're FUCKED now! I'm gonna bang your fucking brains out!! I'm gonna make you cum inside me! You're my bitch, now!!"

"Cindy, no!!" Victoria's plea was hopeless. Nothing could stop Cindy now. Paul suddenly realized that maybe it was a bad idea to tease her while he was still cuffed, tied, and pinned to the floor. He was completely at her mercy.

In a blur, Cindy sat up straight and yanked off her sports bra, revealing her small, round breasts. She was now completely naked except for her socks, and every square inch of her skin glistened with a sheen of fresh sweat. She reached up to fix her ponytail one last time, accentuating the fantastic shape of her body -- slim hips curving into a slimmer stomach curving out to modest breasts. Then she placed her palms on Paul's stomach, locked eyes with him, and spread her thighs impossibly wide, pinning him hard to the carpet with all of her weight on his hips. Then she fucked him.

"Unhhh!! Comeon, hot-shot! You want to cum, and you know it! This is your chance! Do it, baby! Cum for me! Unhhh!! Yeah!! Do it!!"

As Paul struggled against his binds, Victoria pleaded on his behalf, "Cindy! That's cheating! You're going to make him cheat on Marie!"

"Oh yeah?" the devilish grin returned to Cindy's lips. Again and again and again she pounded him, keeping eye contact the entire time, "Well he better fight it, then. That's right... 'cause I'm not stopping! Ohhhh, I can fuck like this for hours! Can you handle it, big guy?"

Victoria scooted forward again. Sitting just inches away, she seemed to tower over the helpless man bound and gagged on the floor, "Fight it, Paul! Don't cum! You can do it!"

Cindy's athleticism was unbelievable. She moved quickly and forcefully, with unrelenting rhythm, the muscles in her pussy clenching hard with every thrust. "Cum, baby! Yes!! Fuck me!! Unhhh!! Unhhh!! Comeon!! You know you want to! Unhhh!! YES!! DO IT!!"

"I believe in you, Paul! Hang on! You can do it!"

Paul reeled against Cindy's onslaught. His body quaked, twisted, and shivered, fighting to stop the orgasm rushing down his spine. While this athletic young girl fucked him relentlessly, he screamed into the gag over his mouth -- screams of overwhelming pleasure and exertion. How could he possibly fight this? How could he possibly hold back his own instincts and desires?

"Unhhh!! Oh fuck!! This is so good! Wow!! Fuck me, baby! Unhhh!! Yes!! I'm so close!! Oh, yes!! Cum with me, baby! Let's cum together!"

"Don't cum! Don't do it!!"

"DO IT!! Comeon!! Unhhh!! Yeah!! Give in, baby, 'cause I'll never stop fucking you! Unhhh!! Mmmm... Unhhh!! Yeah! I'm not stopping until you cum inside me! You know you want to! Unhhh!! You always wanted to fuck me! Can your girlfriend fuck like this!? Can she blow your mind, like I can!? Huh!? So fuck me, baby!! Yes!! Fuck me like you always wanted to!!"

Over and over again, she hammered him -- her hair whipping violently over her shoulders -- her fingers scraping across his skin -- her thighs locked tight around his hips. Every muscle in her slender young body worked toward a single purpose -- to make him cum harder than he had ever cum before. No matter how much he struggled, she forced it out of him, and a rush of satisfaction gripped her as she knew she was succeeding.

Her pussy clenched tighter and tighter, milking him in spasms. He couldn't hold on anymore. Laying there -- drenched in sweat, exhausted, cuffed, gagged, and utterly helpless -- he was entirely at her mercy. She forced him to cum, and, in a wild, violent explosion, they came together, "UNHHH!! UNHHH!! Faster!! YES!! I'm cumming!! Cum, baby!! Do it!! UNHHH!! UNHHH!! PLEASE!! Cum baby!! Cum inside me!! Yes!! YES!! THAT'S IT!! I can feel you cumming!! OH FUCK YES!! OHHH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Ahhhh!! I'm still cumming!! YES!! OH FUCK!! That's so good!! AHHH!!"

Surge after surge of cum pumped deep into Cindy's pussy, driving her into hysterical cries of pleasure. Paul's whole body snapped and flexed, lifting Cindy entirely off the floor by her hips. Mid-orgasm, the makeshift handcuffs made from Cindy's sweatshirt suddenly came undone. Paul moved immediately, without thinking -- an animal possessed by the throes of sex.

The gag disappeared in a flurry. Keeping his cock buried in her pussy, he grabbed her by her hips and lifted her off the ground. The adrenaline raging through his veins made it seem easy -- like lifting a pillow. Alarm and surprise flashed in her eyes as he then slammed her down on the carpet on her back. Forcefully threading his fingers through the hair at the nape of her neck, he lifted her head to meet him for a deep, passionate kiss, while his cock kept pumping cum into her pussy. Ravaged by an unbelievable, unending orgasm, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, returned his kiss, and held on for her life.

Their roles reversed, he now had her pinned to the floor, and she surrendered willingly. He palmed the base of her spine, lifting her slightly and arching her back -- a seemingly magical move that drove her even deeper into orgasmic oblivion. Lips and bodies locked together, they shared a prolonged, breathtaking mutual orgasm, followed immediately by countless multiple orgasms for Cindy. 

Over and over again, all the teasing and all the tension of their previous encounters exploded between them. Lips still locked and tongues dancing, they moaned together in ecstasy, oblivious to everyone else in the room. Sweat sliding down their bodies pooled in the carpet along Cindy's naked back, leaving an outline of her slender hourglass silhouette all around her. Despite having cum already, Paul kept going -- basking in the glow of each orgasm radiating from Cindy's smooth young body. Now it was her turn to be fucked continuously.

Struggling for breath, she broke off their kiss. He continued to pin her firmly to the floor, allowing her to relax and surrender all control as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. Her muscles quivered uncontrollably, but he held her in place with the steady pressure of his palm at her back. She had never experienced sex like this before -- the few guys she'd been with simply couldn't withstand her incredible energy and stamina, not to mention her tight pussy and fit young body seemed to make even the best of them cum too quickly. But this was different. Paul was satisfying her in a way she didn't even think was possible. Now, a freight train of orgasms hammered her endlessly, crippling her consciousness and reducing her to a sweaty, trembling mess.

Awestruck, Victoria marveled at the scene before her. She stopped protesting long ago, and now, as she watched Cindy's miraculous multi-orgasmic bliss stretch on and on for minutes, Victoria felt the heat of arousal rushing to her own bronze-skinned cheeks. She couldn't help imagining herself in Cindy's place -- slammed on her back, held down, and locked in the throes of such amazing sex. Without thinking, she touched herself and imagined it was Paul.

She imagined his strong arms holding her and his firm hand guiding her expertly toward release -- methodically erasing her thoughts, fears, and self-consciousness. She imagined his cock sliding smoothly inside her body -- their mutual heat rising with every stroke. She imagined him bringing her to the edge of control -- holding her there -- savoring the taste of her tongue and lips -- basking in the moment of no return -- before an unstoppable swell of gratification finally consumed them both.

And so, with Cindy still twisting and crying with pleasure, Victoria lost control as well. Head spinning and imagination racing, she fell to the carpet, on her back, with the clasp of her jeans blown wide open -- fingers buried deep in the heat of her own pussy. Victoria's moans of pleasure now joined Cindy's ragged groans and desperate gasps for breath. Eyes closed, breasts heaving, hair a mess all around her -- Victoria lost herself in fantasy. The sounds of sex surrounded her -- bodies pressing together in perfect rhythm, hands sliding over sweaty skin, waves of orgasm rising and falling with every breath -- until finally a single grunt from Paul sent her over the edge.

The raw intensity of it caught her by surprise. A cry accidentally slipped from her lips, revealing her masturbation to everyone in the room. She quickly bit her lip, struggling to stay quiet while a delicious orgasm steadily consumed her. Starting in her core, fantastically satisfying tremors pulsed through every inch of her body, followed by a warm wash of relaxation. Still lost in bliss and dizzy with relief, she sighed out loud, "Ahhhh... yesss..."

"You mean... Ohhh FUCK yes!"

Cindy's voice startled Victoria out of her trance. For the first time since she started masturbating, Victoria realized that the rest of the room had fallen silent -- Paul and Cindy were done. Caught on her back, with her jeans tugged down and her hand in her panties, Victoria felt a rush of embarrassment. Had they been watching? And how long? Blushing uncontrollably, she frantically sat up and started fixing her jeans, fingers still slick with her own juices.

After catching her breath, Victoria was relieved to see that Paul and Cindy had not been watching -- in fact they had finished only moments before. Paul had pulled out, rolled over, and seemed to be passed out. Meanwhile, Cindy still lay on her back, panting slightly, with one arm laying across her forehead. She stared blankly toward the ceiling, basking in the afterglow, letting air cool the glistening streams of sweat running down her naked body.

"That was fucking fantastic!" Cindy laughed giddily for no particular reason.

"Yeah, that was awesome... You went wild on him, but he held in there. Not just that... It looked like he rocked you!" Victoria emphasized the word "rocked."

Cindy chuckled at the understatement, her cheeks still blush from the sex, "Ohh, hell yeah! I've NEVER been fucked like that! He is a machine..."

"Well next time, it's my turn! You did him hard and fast, but I'd rather take my time with him -- drag it out for hours..."

"Yeah, you say that now, but I know you, Victoria... You'll be slamming him after five minutes!"

"Wanna bet?"

The girls laughed together, then looked toward Marie. Miraculously, she still lay unconscious -- now with Paul laying unconscious beside her. Somehow all the heated talking, taunting, and fucking, just inches away, had not awakened her. Apparently the earlier onslaught of orgasms had completely knocked her out! As Cindy thrust her slim hips into the air to pull her windpants back on, she smiled affectionately toward the sleeping lovers, "Awww... Look at them... So cute... All fucked out..."

Victoria giggled at Cindy's irreverence and added, "She'll never know... She'll never know you banged the living shit out of her boyfriend... and he banged you back!"

Still naked from the waist up, Cindy untied her disheveled ponytail, letting her smooth, dark hair fall around her slender neck and shoulders. Then, as she collected her hair into a new ponytail, she smiled, "Yeah! That will be our little secret. He definitely won't tell her, that's for sure! In fact, I bet he'd do just about anything to keep her from finding out about what just happened..."

And, with that, a new idea crossed Cindy's mind. She arched an eyebrow deviously, and her mischievous grin returned...

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