Learning to Like Facials


My wife and I have been married for 4.5 years, but known each other for just over eleven, and have been gradually adding more variation to our sex over the years. (As usually the case, I have always been the one pulling for new things to try before she is ready, but over the years, we have definitely moved forward). The next two things I have been working on are facials and anal, and yesterday there was major progress on the facial front.

(As an aside, I ought to share another note. Following several bouts with prostatitis, I have been trying to build my ejaculatory control through exercise of the p.c. muscle, and my improvement in this area plays a central role later on). Yesterday, we were presented with an entire day without errands or required activities, so we were able to relax. My wife fell asleep in front of the TV for a nap, so I took the opportunity to do some of my exercises, and followed that up with a very prolonged hour or so of stroking myself off while watching some choice mpg files that I've collected. I was intent to work it up and stop just short of the boiling point a few times. I have read that doing this will fill the seminal vesicles closer to their 75ml capacity, and I thought, wouldn't it be nice to dump all of that on my wife?

I eventually stopped and she woke up from her nap. She woke up from her nap quite horny, which worked out quite well! I was still playing around on the PC with some things for work when she came into the bedroom and stretched out on the bed. So are you gonna fuck me now? she groaned as she stretched her hands over her head.

Obviously, it wasn't long before I was taking off her shorts. She pulled off her shirt as I stripped down and spread her legs. She reached down to spread her lips for me and I eagerly went down to her. I quickly brought her to orgasm from just tongueing her clit, but then persisted and began to finger her increasingly sloppy pussy. I got her back into rhythm again and slowly began working my middle finger into her asshole. A couple minutes of this and she crashed through a powerful orgasm before letting herself collapse. As I had yet to be pleasured, and she could barely move, she asked me to bring my cock up to her mouth. Now I love this because it always means that I may have an opportunity to come on her face. (It happened by accident once, some time ago, but only barely, and she did not really go for that much at all.-very discouraging.) The force of my shots have greatly declined since my bouts with prostatitis, so when she did this, she expected my cum to safely pour down onto her chest, rather than spurt forward with any real force.

I straddled her chest and brought my cock to her mouth as she requested. She held the base of my cock with one hand, and guided my hips with the other. I slowly thrust towards her and fucked her mouth. She occasionally removed me from her mouth to lick my balls and stroke me off over her face. Putting me back in, she sucked me down further than before and I was soon telling her that I was going to come.

Now here is the point where I always let her decide what to do with me, hoping all the while that she will just jerk me all over her face. I never grab it and do it myself, because putting her in that sort of a submissive role is a turn-off for her, and I want more chances in the future!

I told her I was there, so she started sliding me out of her mouth and started stroking with hand. But she still had the head of my cock in front of her open mouth! I started to get really excited, thinking this might be it because she didn't push my hips back over her chest like normal! I didn't volunteer to sit back either, wanting to see what she was going to do with this load. She pushed me back a little and closed her mouth, excitedly stroking my length and watching the swollen head in anticipation of what was about to pour out onto her neck.

As she panted, Oh yeah, come! I knew this was going to be my chance. While it may seem unfair to her in that she did not know I was doing these exercises or had been getting ready earlier that afternoon, I wasn't going to let this opportunity go by without trying! While all of this was happening so quickly, my thinking was incredibly clear when I saw that she didn't push me very far away; I was going to shoot her with everything I could, and just see what happens.

She stroked me off quickly until she saw the first stream of bright cum begin to pour down, then slowly pumped a second small spurt which landed on her chin. She let out a giggle as it hit her chin. Those felt wonderful and normal, but I was concentrating on clenching for a good shot. Now with my hands on the bed above my wife's head, I held back as long as I could before letting go. I looked down to watch my wife pump her hand over my length for what she thought was going to be one last drop. With a huge groan, I let go and shot an enormous load though that short 5 inches of air. Two-to-three times the normal amount of hot jizz slammed her cheek with an audible slap before splattering across her eye and down her face, mouth and chin. She burst out laughing with surprise, and let go of my dick to wipe her eye. I came big and I wanted to collapse with the effort, but I couldn't do so until I found that she liked it. She thought it was fun, and while I don't have any misconceptions that she will be turning into a cum-drunk facial specialist anytime soon, her first experience was good and she liked the feel of the heat on her face. Even if it never happens again, I am in heaven, as I will always have the vision of that experience in my mental rolodex. Rest assured, that I will keep trying to repeat it though!

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