Life on the Job: HJ From My Past Life


For the record, the last time I looked I was definitely NOT a guy!!   For those less negative readers... enjoy.   Glad to hear such a positive response.   As someone stated, yes there were a lot of " toads" but there were also a lot of really nice guys who came in because they just enjoyed handjobs and their wives or girl friends weren't into it. Actually I always felt a little strange because the other girls were just in it for the money and were disgusted by the handjobs, while I enjoyed many of them.   I had a lot of favorite clients that wouldn't have had to pay me if they would have only known how turned on I got by working on them.   Our standard set up was a 30 min. massage and then we were expected to push the final touch, which we received 50% of the cost as a incentive, plus tips.   I found that the better the handjob the better the tips and that's where I made the real money.   As I think back, there were so many notable experiences, I SHOULD write a book.   Let me start by telling about my best and favorite customer. When he first came in I knew I was going to have a good time with him.   He was good looking and about 36 years old.   I started out as I always did having him on his stomach.   When I had him roll over he had the most perfect cock, hard as a rock and pointing towards his chest.   Most guys are a little embarrassed so I try to put them at ease by saying something like " I'm glad to see you're enjoying the massage" or something.   He just got a little red in the face.   While working on his stomach and upper legs I couldn't stop thinking about that cock.   Part of the fun was wondering will he go off quick?, will I have to work at it?, what kind of a cummer will he be ?, a dribble or big strong jets?   Believe me, I've seen them all and the one's that really turn me on are the ones that pump out huge loads of cum.   I had a feeling he was going to be one of them.   When his massage time was up, I explained to him as I was required to, that he was allowed 15 min. for the final touch.   I oiled up my hands and slowly started to work his cock.   After about 10 min. he was really moaning and I was getting wet from just being able to hold his cock and watch his face as I stroked him.   His time was soon up but I really wanted to get him off so I started to use a few of my never fail tricks, but they just weren't working.   He said it was ok that he usually needed a little more time than that but he wanted to come back next week and try again.   He left me a 25 dollar tip.   When he returned next is part two of this story.

Part 2

My guy returned about 10 days later and I was looking forward to the session.   We went back to the massage room and like always, I collected the money, told him to undress and lie on his stomach and that I would be back in a minute.   When I returned I was surprised to see that he was on his back.   He asked if we could skip the back massage so we could spend more time on the final touch.   I said sure, and began to massage his legs and chest.   It was always fun to watch the reaction of the cocks when I stroked the inner thighs or stomach.   Especially when I "accidentally " brushed against the cock or balls.   Men always got excited by the tease.   Wishing but not knowing if or when I was going to touch it. I teased him for about 15 minutes and then put some lube in my hands and slid them over his cock.   I always made (and still do make) my own lube.   I've never found anything commercially available that is as good.   Knowing that I had plenty of time, I settled in for a long slow massage of that stiff shaft.   After about 15 minutes of teasing and slow massage, I picked up the pace and soon had him moaning and groaning, but he just seemed too stay at that level and didn't seem to be "peaking".   After another 10 minutes or so I was beginning to fear that I wasn't going to get him off this time either.   I asked him what he needed, and he said "talk me through it, encourage me".   So I started to talk while I stroked.   It was something I had never done before, but I noticed that it had an instant effect when I said something like "come on baby cum for me, I want to see it squirt, give it to me let me have it, don't hold back ".   I just kept talking while I stroked as fast as my hand would move.   Soon he let out a loud moan and his first two shots of cum went well over his shoulders.   I slowed down and kept stroking until he pulled my hand away.   He became one of my best and most regular customers, and always left me a $50 tip.   After I got to know him better I was able to increase his regular massage time and bring him off faster using his verbal trigger


I remember having a guy come in once that didn't want any regular massage time.   He just asked me to kneel in front of him while he was standing and stroke him off.   He was a good looking guy and he said he would make it worth my while, so I said ok.   The other thing is that he didn't want me to use any lube because he didn't want to loose any sensation.   He had a large cock that was uncut so I had a lot of fun working all that skin back and forth.   Soon he was dripping with every stroke and as my right hand pulled the skin back to the base, I was using my left thumb and first finger to make a little twisting motion over his knob that was driving him wild.   He stopped me several times because it was too intense.   When I knew he couldn't hold out much longer I asked if could move around behind him because I didn't want to get hosed down.   I pressed myself up against him and started jacking at full speed.  When he came it was so stimulating for me rubbing against his ass and stroking while pretending it was my own cock I was jacking off.   We made quite a mess of the room with cum flying everywhere, but true to his promise I got a great tip! K.

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