Masturbation Day Revisited

I was going to late. John (my husband) would be waiting. I wasn't too worried. I had some very hot experiences to relate to him. Today had been another "Masturbation Day." 

As I drove home from work I added it up in my head. I had fingered myself to several orgasms that day. I had jacked off three cocks (two of them twice) and watched three guys jack themselves off before my friend stepped in to finish them off. As I drove I was working on number eight. My skirt was bunched up around my waist, the crotch of my panties pulled to one side and I was working two fingers slowly in and out of my cunt. I had lubricated my fingers with Astroglide that I keep in the glove box. 

I started to pump myself a little faster as I recalled my adventures that day. 


Timmy was the office "gopher." A nice kid, about nineteen. I had told my husband that it was just a matter of time before I masturbated Timmy at work. He was excited at the prospect. 

I had arrived at work early in order to finish a project I had been working on. I was the only one in the office. It wasn't long before I slipped off my panties and began to rub my pussy. I figured I could get myself off at least twice before my co-workers arrived. 

Our office is a large open room with work stations separated by dividers that are chest high. After checking to insure that I was alone, I spread my legs, leaned back in my chair and began to tease my clit with little circular motions. I used my other hand to push my sweater up and my bra cup down so that I could caress the nipple of my left breast. 

It wasn't long before I was ready to cum. I started to pump my middle two fingers in and out to finish myself off. Just then I noticed a reflection in the window across the isle from my cubicle. It was Timmy making his rounds to deliver the morning mail. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. I figured I had about thirty seconds before he would pass by my desk. I rearranged myself to make sure he would get the picture. There would be nothing subtle about this. I pulled my sweater up over my tits and made sure that both of my breasts were out of their "C" cups. I pulled my skirt up to may waist and propped my very spread legs up on my desk. With one hand rubbing my clit. I again slid two fingers deep into my pussy and began to work them in and out. 

To say that Timmy was shocked to see me masturbating so openly is an understatement. He started to say something but I cut him off. 

"Be quite and come closer. Just watch me cum," I said. 

"OK" was all he could manage as he stood in front of me. I turned just a little in my chair so that he had a better view of my fingers as I fucked myself. "Does this turn you on, Timmy?" I asked. I was obvious that it did because his cock was already tenting the front of his slacks. "God, yes Susan, I've gotten off so many times thinking about you! But to actually see you finger yourself is so awesome." 

"Why don't you pull your cock out and stoke yourself for me while I cum," I suggested. 

Timmy wasted no time in fishing his cock out of the fly of his pants. I often fantasize about which hand a particular guy jacks off with and how he stokes himself. I had Timmy figured for a lefty and I guessed he would use his entire fist to pump himself. I was partially right. He used his left hand but circled his cock with his thumb and his first two fingers and began to give himself fast tiny strokes making sure to stimulate the ridge on the underside of his shaft. His eyes alternated between my crotch and his. I love a man who likes to watch himself stoke. 

In a matter of seconds he had precum on the head of his cock. In a few seconds more I could hear the sound of him jacking his well lubricated cock. It's a sound I absolutely love. 

"Don't cum Timmy, not yet. I'm just about there. Watch me finish myself off for you! 

My fingers were a blur as I lifted my bottom off the seat to allow my pumping fingers to penetrate deeper. I started to cum. Timmy could just moan and bucked up against my fingers. God, it was so good. 

When I calmed down Timmy was still stroking his cock. "Would you like me to help get you off Timmy?" 

"Oh yes," he moaned, "please." 

I stood up letting my skirt fall back into place but I made sure my tits were still exposed. I maneuvered him well into my cubicle and faced him. I took his hand off his cock and placed it on my breast. He cupped the underside of my breast and seemed to"weigh" it with his hand. As he caressed my nipple, he left a trail of precome that had been coating his hand. 

I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke him. I let him fondle my breasts and I worked his cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the office. It was Mary, a friend and confident. Mary shared the cubicle next to mine. Timmy saw her too and started to move away. 

I didn't let go of his cock. "Timmy, its OK. Mary has seen me do this before. And I've seen her finger herself in her cubicle. We cover for each other." 

Mary walked up, surveyed the scene and said, "I knew you'd jack Timmy off sooner or later. Am I too late to watch?" 

"I was just about to make him squirt. I want to concentrate on finishing him . . . keep a lookout for us," I said and I began to move my hand up and down on Timmy's cock. Mary tried to watch us while at the same time keeping an eye out for others. 

Mary whined, "Susan, I can't see. Turn him around facing me, get behind him and give him a "reach around." 

I had seen Mary give a stranger in a bar a "reach around" and I knew what she wanted to see. I moved Tommy so that he was facing Mary and stood behind him and grabbed his cock and began to stoke him fairly fast. "Is this OK Timmy?" I asked. "Am I stroking you cock the way your like?" 

He only could nodded his head in agreement. I guessed he was about a minute from cumming. I jacked him faster. 

Mary sounded the alarm that someone was coming into the office. I didn't look up. I simply stared pumping him faster. She said it was Mrs. Frank the office manager. "Don't stop Susan, you can finish him before she gets here. Hurry, jack his cock faster." 

I decided to give Timmy some verbal encouragement to help him get off as quickly as possible. "Timmy, cum for me. Shoot your cum all over my office. Let it squirt. I want to see you shoot." 

Timmy's body stiffened and he began to shot his cum. God, what a load! The first spirts went all over. Some even landed on Mary's dress a good three feet away. His final spurts covered my hand. 

I didn't properly milk Timmy's cock. There just wasn't time. Timmy backed out of my cubicle and headed away from Mrs. Frank while trying to get his cock back in his pants. 

Mary went to her cubicle and I settled down to work. About ten minutes later Mary asked me to cover for her and headed towards the Ladies Room. I was pretty sure she was going to get herself off after watching me jack off Timmy. 

When she returned Mary leaned into my cubicle and said with sly smile, "Before you ask, yes I got off - twice!" **** 

My second handjob of the day was Mr. Adkins, my boss. I have been masturbating him almost daily for the last several months. 

My phone rang. It was Mr. Adkins. "Susan, can you come to my office. I need to see you." Then he added our code phrase that meant he wanted me to jack him off. "I have something I want you to see." 

I stopped in the Ladies Room on the way to Mr. Adkins' office. Once in the stall I quickly slipped off my panties and put them in my purse. I know its sounds strange to have taken my purse but I had a surprise in it for Mr. Adkins. At home I sometime use a "fleshy" masturbation sleeve on my husband. I had brought it to work because I thought Mr. Adkins might enjoy it. 

I knocked on his door. He told me to come in. When he saw it was me he smiled and asked me to lock the door. He was sitting at his desk - looking very proper and professional. As I approached the side of his desk he rolled his chair back. His suit pants were unzipped and his cock was sticking straight up and he was slowly stroking himself. His hand was slick with his pre-come so he must have been working his cock for quite a while. 

"I have a surprise for you," I said as I opened my purse and took out the masturbation sleeve. From the state of his breathing and the amount of precome leaking from his cock I knew this wouldn't take long. 

"Can I use this on your cock, my husband really loves the way it makes him shoot?" I asked. He moaned a "yes" and I asked him for the Astroglide he kept in is desk drawer. He handed it to me and I applied a liberal amount to the sleeve. I knelt by his desk and slipped the masturbation sleeve over his cock. I worked it down over his cock so that just the head protruded from the sleeve. He was actually panting as I begun to jack him with the sleeve. With my other hand I grabbed my panties form my purse so that I could catch his cum. He was more than ready. He actually came on the fourth stoke and I had to be fast and agile to catch it all in may panties because he was thrusting himself up off his chair so violently. He just kept saying over and over again "Oh Susan, Oh Susan." 

When he had calmed down I asked him if he would mind if I fingered myself before I went back to my cubicle. "I need to cum sooo bad," I said urgently. Mr. Adkins offered me the use of his couch. 

I quickly moved to the couch and as I sat down I pulled my skit up to my waist. I knew from our past experiences that he loved to watch me masturbate so when I spread my legs I made sure he could see my pussy. I began to rub my clit with one hand and finger my hole with the other. Mr. Adkins got up from his desk and sat on the coffee table so he could have a better view of my fingers working on my cunt. His cock was still out of his pants and it looked so lewd as he walked across the office. 

I asked him, "Do you think you cane cum again - cum as I finger fuck myself in front of you?" 

He responded, "I'm sure going to try." He got the masturbation sleeve which was still full of his cum and the Astroglide and fit it over his cock. I began to pump my two fingers in and out of my wet cunt in time with his stroking of his shaft. 

I bent my knees and put my feet up on the edge of the sofa. I was spread in an obscene position. I also pulled up my sweater and let Mr. Adkins have a good view of my push up bra. He has told me he loves to see my full breasts in the cups of my bra. 

He was making good progress in working his shaft up to full erection. However, I know he like to talk dirty as we masturbate so I said, "Mr. Adkins, yours was the third cock I've jacked today." 

"Oh God Susan, who else did you masturbate?" 

"Well, I did my husband in the car on the way to work . . . and . . . . ." 

"And what Susan, tell me." 

"Well . . . . I jacked off Timmy in my cubicle earlier this morning. He caught me masturbating and I just had to give the poor boy some relief. He was so hot after watching me cum." 

Mr. Adkins began to pump himself towards his climax when he heard this. I knew he would cum again but I asked him, "Does it turn you on to know that I love to jack off cocks. That I do it at work. That I finger myself every chance I get. Would you like to watch me masturbate Timmy? You could call us into your office this afternoon and I could stroke you both off as you took turns fingering me." 

We both began to cum at the thought. Mr. Adkins positioned the head of his cock near my pumping fingers and shot his cum out the end of the sleeve all over my fingers and pussy. His hot cum spurting on me made my climax even more powerful. 


Mary and I went out to lunch together. We were on a mission. Mary wanted some cock so we went to the XXX Bookstore and Arcade a short cab ride from the office. We have done this many times before on our lunch hour and they know us at the store. 

We usually check out the masturbation devices and then each take a video booth to finger ourselves. The owner likes us coming in as gives us free tokens. The only problem is that there are no "glory holes" in the booths. Mary made sure the men in the store saw us and walked towards the darkened hallway where the video booths were. I followed behind her. 

I couldn't believe how brazen Mary was. She walked part way down the hall, leaned against a wall of one of the booths, hiked up her skit and began to thrust her fingers into he wet pussy. I stood to the side and just watched. Ten seconds later three men were gathered around her watching. Almost in unison three zippers went down and three hard cocks appeared wrapped in stroking fists. 

Another man stood next to me watching the group masturbation. Soon his cock was out of his pants as well and he began to pump himself slowly as he watched Mary and her partners masturbate. 

It was obvious that one of the men was getting close. Mary kept fingering herself but reached out and replaced his hand with her own and began to pump him furiously. He lasted all of five seconds before he began to pump his sperm all over. She released him and grabbed another guy's cock just in time to finish him off. It was at that point that Mary came all over her fingers. In fact she almost slumped to the floor but one of the men who had cum supported her. 

Mary then used both of her hands to jack the last of the three men. He had the largest cock of the three from what I could tell. His cock was obviously well lubricated because I could hear the sounds of her jacking him. 

The man standing next to me turned and offered his cock to me as he pumped it. I considered finishing him off. After all, it was an official Masturbation Day (according to my husband), he wasn't bad looking and the poor guy really needed release - he was so hard. Besides, I knew my husband would really get off hearing that I jacked off a man whose name I didn't know and who simply offered me his cock to masturbate. 

I grabbed his cock and moved him next to the guy Mary was jacking off and began to pump him. Mary giggled as she saw me jacking his cock and said, "I thought you were only going to watch?" 

"Well, I was but you know me and a cock that needs stroking. What can I say?" 

The guy Mary was stroking was the next to shoot and did he cum! His knees buckled and Mary had to sink down with him to be able to milk the last of his cum from his twitching cock. My guy came with a loud moan but not much cum. He must have recently gotten himself off before I jacked him. 

We left the bookstore/arcade and hailed a taxi. I sat directly behind the driver and while Mary kept him occupied with idle chit chat I was able to finger myself to a nice climax. He might have suspected something when I came because I let out a fairly loud moan. 


When I got back to mu cubicle there was a message to call Mr. Adkins. He simply said the code phrase, "I need to show you something." 

When I entered his office Mr. Adkins and Timmy were sitting opposite ends of the couch. I knew immediately that Mr. Adkins had taken me at my word and I was going to be asked to jack them both off. 

I sat between them and pulled up my sweater to let them know I was more than willing. They each lowered one of my bra cups so that they had access to my tits. I spread my legs to also offer them easy access to my cunt. They took turns fingering my pussy as I worked to unzip them and free their cocks. Both were quite hard. 

I wanted to get off first so that I could concentrate on their cocks so I suggested that Mr. Adkins work my clit and told Timmy to pump me with his two middle fingers. I leaned back and let them pleasure me. I took about five minutes and I was thrashing around on the couch in a massive climax. 

"OK guys, your turn," I said as I knelt on the floor between them. With a cock in each, I began to jack them both. I could tell Timmy was ready to cum right away so I slowed down a little and worked to get Mr. Adkins to the same state of arousal. 

Wasn't far behind Tommy and soon I had them both on the brink of cumming. I aimed one cock at each breast and they began to shoot their sperm all over my tits. Mr. Adkins didn't shoot much cum this time but Timmy really soaked me. I made sure to milk the last drops from each of them before I stood up to straighten my self. I left them sitting on the couch, exhausted with their cocks hanging out of their pants. 


When I walked in the house John was sitting on the couch reading some stories he had printed from the internet. He was clearly enjoying them - had a spot of precome on his shorts. 

"John, I've been very bad today, Honey." I unzipped his shorts and took he cock out and began to stoke him slowly. 

"Tell me about it, he said. 

I began to recount the day as I gave my husband a handjob - he didn't last very long.

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