Happy Father's Day

It was still early morning as I snuck into daddy's room to give him his fathers’ day present. He lay there peacefully sleeping, snuggling with his pillow. I slipped off my sheer nightie as I slipped into the bed with daddy, the morning light barely breaking the horizon. 

I snuggled against daddy's back, my arm around his chest. My father's nude body felt warm and comforting against my own naked skin. My fingers gently stroked the hair on his chest and then began a slow trail downwards towards my father's morning hard on. My fingers caressed it softly and gently, as I felt his breathing quicken. Emboldened by his response, I grasped it more firmly and stroked him in my hand, just like I had jerked off my boyfriend the night before. His breathing became deeper and his eyes fluttered open. 

Still unsure how he'd react, I continued my stroking and offered a nervous "good morning daddy." His hips began to move, his cock fucking my little hand. He rolled over to face me. 

"Good morning princess." 

Laying there facing me, I continued to pleasure him with my hand, only now my love for my daddy made me kiss his sweet lips. It was wonderful, my father and I kissing as I slowly jerked him off. Then I felt his fingers in the folds of my pussy, exploring and teasing it. It was my turn to gasp. I was so aroused and so wet. 

"Oh daddy...." 

Then my father rolled me onto my back, our lips and tongues still engaged in an erotic dance. I then felt daddy's cock probing the entrance of my virgin pussy. 

"Are you ready princess?" 

"Yes daddy." 

With that, my father entered me slowly and sweetly, taking my virginity in an act of love. As the pain gave way to pleasure, daddy and I fucked as the morning sunrise filled the room. My legs wrapped around my daddy as his cock pumped my young pussy. Then, I felt a hot flash throughout, as my body gave into the most perfect orgasm. 

"Oh daddy…!" 

As if on cue, I felt my father shudder, his cock pulsing in my pussy, filling it with his cum. Clutching each other, our love turned to pleasure as we lie in an erotic tangle of limbs and fluids. 

"Happy fathers’ day, daddy." 

"Thank you princess." 

And we drifted back to sleep.

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