What a Naughty Secretary

I received the following letter from a friend and co-worker who shares my love of masturbation. I thought you might enjoy it. First a little background . . . . Susan is my secretary. She is 23, rather petite, dark hair, good body. Susan has access to my computer and has seen some of my stories and e-mails - thus, she knows about my fixation on “anything masturbation.” 

She also has walked into my office while I was fingering myself under my desk. She didn’t actually see anything except my arm moving and the glazed look on my face. Susan was polite enough not to say anything but we both knew and a boundary had been crossed. We talked about it afterwards and I found a kindred spirit. Since that date we have an arrangement - we make sure that each of us has ample opportunity to masturbate at the office when “necessary.” 

We haven’t done it together but we talk about our shared passion, share a story from the internet and then cover for each other while we get off. I often let Susan use my office when a trip to the Ladies Room would be inconvenient. Last week we had lunch in the company cafeteria. We were seated in a inconspicuous corner and I was quietly reading Susan a story from the net about public masturbation. Maybe I’ll share that experience another time. Yes, she did get off sitting there! After encouraging Susan to put some of her experiences on paper she gave me the following letter: 

* * * * * 

Dear Kathy: 

OK, you asked for it. I hope you like it. As you know, my husband is Tom. You met Tom when he came in the other day to take me to lunch. Tom is very much into hand jobs. He says there is nothing better than to spend the evening at home with me slowly pumping his cock as we watch a porno movie or as I talk dirty to him. He likes me to prolong his climax as long as possible so I alternate between jerking him slowly and then speeding up until he is just about ready to cum - then slowing down again. We repeat that cycle as many times as Tom can stand it. When I work him like this, his cock begins to flow pre-come which, of course, only adds to the feelings as I use it to lubricate my hands and his cock. He especially likes me to rub his pre-come with my finger tips along the ridge that runs on the underside of his cock. 

As you know by now, I love finger myself or be fingered. As you also know, I masturbate at least once a day at the office. (Before you knew about my activities, I’ll bet you wondered about my frequent trips to the rest room - huh!). 

I can’t tell you how often Tom has come home from work and discovered me with my jeans pulled down and my hand between my legs with my middle two fingers pumping in and out of my pussy. I get really wet when I’m hot and the sound of my fingers working my cunt is a turn on for both Tom and me. But there actually is something Tom likes better - for me to masturbate him (and recently strangers) and myself in public. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging but we have developed our little secret to an “art form.” 

I guess our passion for public masturbation started when we were dating. I did Tom and myself many times in the car while he drove - it seemed that the more often I’d jack him off in the car the more often he wanted it. It got to the point where we would dress to go out with mutual masturbation in mind. I usually wore a sun dress with no panties or bra. Tom would make sure to wear dark shorts (his pre-come wouldn’t show quite so easily) with baggy legs to I could quickly and easily take his cock out - he never wore underwear for these outings. Tom keeps a tube of lubricant in the glove box and I keep a vibrator there for special occasions. 

It wasn’t long before I was jacking Tom off and fingering myself in restaurants. Not in McDonald’s or anything like that - that came latter. But nice restaurants where the table cloth would hide my hand stroking his cock until he would shoot his cum. Restaurants where the table cloth would hide my spread legs with my fingers working my clit. (Remind me to tell you about the time a group of high school jocks watched me get off using my hairbrush at Burger King). 

One night we went to a nice restaurant. It was the same one where the company had its Christmas party last year. I had on that peach colored sun dress you have seen me wear and Tom was wearing black slacks and a golf shirt. I knew what Tom had in mind so as soon as we left our driveway. I turned in my seat, pulled up my dress to my waist, spread my legs and began to rub my fingers over my pussy lips. Tom unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock and began to stoke himself slowly as he alternated between watching the road and watching my fingers as I worked myself. It wasn’t long before a drop of pre-come formed on the head of his cock. He knows I love to see his cock leak pre-come and I new I would be cumming soon. I pulled my knees up and spread them so Tom could watch me cum. I began shoving two fingers in and out of my cunt while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. I came so hard! The rest of the way to the restaurant I sat close to Tom and played with his cock. I brought him close several times but stopped just before he came. My hand was slick with his pre-come when we arrived at the restaurant. 

We were quickly seated and ordered a drink. We had chosen the restaurant because of its dim lighting, the separation of the tables but most importantly because along the wall they have semi-circular booths where we could sit close to one another. I jack Tom off with my right hand so we made sure I was to Tom’s right so I could reach across my lap a stroke him if the situation was right. 

The sexual tension between us as we sipped our drinks was palpable. After a few minutes I said, “Can you take your cock out without being too obvious?” 

Tom said he could if he went slowly and if I kept a lookout for prying eyes. He spread the napkin over his lap and casually put one hand underneath it and began to work his zipper down. A few minutes the look on Tom’s face began to change. 

“You’re pumping yourself, aren’t you?” 

Tom smiled at me and said, “Look in my lap but don’t be too obvious.” 

As he moved the napkin away I could see that he had his cock out and was pumping it very slowly. He replaced the napkin and began to work his cock a little faster. “Oh Tom, that looks so hot, does it feel good baby?” 

His “Yes” came out more in the form of a sigh than intelligible words. 

I casually looked abound the restaurant to make sure it was reasonably safe and then replaced his hand with my own and began to stoke him with rapid, tiny little strokes. It was hard to keep the visible portion of my arm from moving but, as I said, we’re very practiced at this sort of thing. Tom has learned to cum from very slight strokes when we’re in public. 

Our waiter hadn’t arrived to take our drink orders yet and I knew he would be showing up any minute. I asked Tom to pull back his napkin so that I could occasionally glance in his lap. We both love to watch my hand work his cock. 

I whispered to Tom, “You keep an eye out to make sure nobody notices and I’m going to concentrate on pumping your cock.” With Tom now keeping a lookout, I worked his shaft with my hand until he again produced enough pre-come for good lubrication. I was just beginning to jack him a little faster when he told me the waiter was coming towards our table. I moved my hand and Tom replaced the napkin - no problem. The waiter took our drink order drinks and left never suspecting that a hand job was in progress under the table. 

My pussy was very wet again by now and I wanted to cum. I told Tom. “I want to finger myself and cum before I finish you off - is that OK baby?” I knew full well what his answer would be since he loves to watch me masturbate. 

“Can you keep from moaning too loud when you cum?” asked Tom. 

I told him I thought I could. I dropped my hands into my lap. It was easy to pull the front of my sun dress up so I had access to my cunt. I spread my legs ever so slightly for access and touched my pussy with my right hand and began to rub it softly. I was a little worried about Tom staring at my hand as I began to move a little faster to increase the tingling feeling. I thought someone might notice but after a few seconds I really didn’t care. 

After a minute or so I slouched down on the seat a bit and spread my legs a little further to get my cunt at the right angle and slipped two fingers slowly inside myself. (Kathy- I know you know what I’m talking about - it was the position I saw you in when I walked into your office that time) I know I let out a slight moan; I couldn’t help it. It felt so good to be sitting in public with my legs spread and two fingers working deep inside my cunt. I felt so daring, so dirty. 

After a few minutes of fingering myself I told Tom, “Make sure nobody is watching, Honey. I’m just about there.” 

Tom surveyed the neighboring tables and the movements of the waiters and said, “Go for it Susie, its OK.” 

I put my other hand on my pussy and began to rub my clit in small circles as I really began to fuck myself with my two middle fingers. Both Tom and I could hear the squishing sounds as I worked myself closer to cumming. Tom moved his napkin and began to stoke himself so I could watch for “inspiration.” 

Sometime when I finger myself I like to push my fingers in all the way and squeeze my thighs together as I cum - it seems to make the orgasm stronger. As Tom saw my legs begin to close he knew I was about to cum. Tom spoke softly but urgently, “Make yourself cum for me baby - let it happen - right here - right now!” 

I began to tremble. I pushed my fingers deep inside and closed my legs tight around my right hand as my left hand rubbed my clit. I came so hard. It was all I could do to keep from crying out. As I regained my composure, I looked over at Tom and saw he was continuing to stroke his cock which was poking out from under his napkin. It was clear he needed me to finish him off. 

Tom startled me by asking, “Susie could you finish me off with the waiter at the table - God that would be so hot!” 

I was more than willing but I decided to play a little. “Tommy, he might see my hand moving in your lap” 

Tom hissed, “Would you mind if he did, Susie? Maybe you could even finger yourself as you stroke me and let him see us both get off.” 

I was more than willing. Tom didn’t know it, but I had lately been going a little farther with our game and had let a few men “catch” me masturbating - once in the car while it was parked in the supermarket lot and once as I ate lunch by myself at the local fast food joint. The idea of masturbating in front of a stranger was so exciting, I didn’t need any coaxing! I softly told Tom, “If you really want me too - if it will really get you off to see me jacking you off as I finger myself so another man can watch - I will.” 

I again began to softy pump Tom’s cock; to work him towards his climax. “But what if the waiter isn’t content to just watch us - what if he wants me to touch his cock too, maybe even get him off” I asked. It was almost too much for Tom, he just about came right then. 

“Oh God Susie, you don’t know how often I fantasize about watching as you bring some guy off with your hand. The thought of you stroking some strangers stiff cock till he shot cum all over you is so intense!” 

I whispered to Tom, “I’ll start to jack your cock. When your just about there, you signal the waiter over. Just before he gets to the table I’ll speed up and try and finish you as he watches.” 

Sounding like a little boy Tom said, “And you’ll finger yourself too - right.” 

“Yes Tommy, I’ll be pumping my fingers into my cunt so he can see.” 

With this I began to stoke Tom the way I know he likes. My hand was flooded with Tom’s pre-come. I shifted around in the booth so I was almost facing Tom and spread my legs. Again, I stuck two fingers in my cunt and pumped them in and out in time with my stroking of Tom’s cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long until both of us came. Tom began to moan softly as I moved my hand faster up and down on his very slick shaft. I watched as Tom made eye contact with our waiter, a fairly good looking guy of about 25. He started towards our table. I began to really stoke Tom’s cock. The waiter got to our table and simply said, “Yes?” He quickly saw both my arms moving and looked into our laps. Tom’s body jerked slightly as the first stream of cum shot from his cock. The waiter stood transfixed as I pumped Tom. I kept jacking him as more and more cum shot from his cock, The waiter looked in my face then lowered his gaze to my lap and saw my legs spread lewdly, my sun dress up over my cunt and my fingers working rapidly in an out as I came closer to my climax. 

I shifted in the booth away from Tom so the waiter had a better view. I took my now cum covered hand from Tom’s cock and began to rub my clit as I continued to finger myself. I could have cum right then but I wanted it to last. For the next few moments I worked my pussy with both hands as Tom and the waiter watched. 

I told them, “I’m almost there!” I arched my bottom off the seat of the booth so that I could work my fingers deeper into my pussy. Settling back down into the booth, I drew my knees up just a bit a spread my legs farther apart. I began to cum. My climax seemed to last a minute or more. 

Facing our booth, the waiter’s back was to the rest of the restaurant. As he watched me cum so violently he began to casually rub the growing bulge in his pants. He was ignoring Tom as he watched me come down from my climax. 

I heard Tom say something about joining us. I’m not sure what; I was still in the throes on cumming. 

“I get off work in fifteen minutes, I could meet you in your car,” the waiter said hopefully. 

Mostly for Tom’s benefit I said to the waiter, “Would you like me to masturbate you while my husband watches?” 

He nodded in the affirmative. 

I said, “It’s the dark green SUV - see you in fifteen minutes.” 

Tom put he cock back in his pants and used the napkin to mop up the cum that had covered us both. We walked to the parking lot and got in our car. 

I told Tom, “We can leave now you know.” 

“Is that what you want?” he asked. 

“Tommy, I’ll jack him off if it’s what you want.” It was very much what I wanted and I decided to manipulate Tom just a bit. “It would be hot to see him cumming all over as I stroked him, wouldn’t it Tommy?” And, “I wonder if I can get his pre-come flowing like yours?” That was all it took. “You and the waiter get in the back seat and I’ll watch from the front” Tom said, the words coming hurried and urgent. 

I got in the back seat and arranged myself for our “guest.” I slipped the straps of my sun dress from my shoulders and exposed my breasts. Leaning against the door, I pulled my dress up around my hips. I heard Tom unzip in the front seat. 

We saw the waiter make his way from the rear of the restaurant and towards our car. Tom flashed the lights to guide him to the right vehicle. In the last ten feet before getting to our SUV we both watched as the he unzipped his pants - this guy was ready! He opened the back door which illuminated the interior. He saw me laid out for him with my breasts and pussy exposed. His got in but said nothing. I slid over next to him and got his cock the rest of the way out his pants. He was about the same size as Tom. I circled his shaft with my fingers and began to stroke him hard. There would be no games here, no tiny strokes to conceal my activities, no bringing him to the edge and stopping. I wanted him to squirt hard. 

I took his hand and brought it to my breast. He softly cupped my tit and seemed to weigh it with his hand. In the front seat I could hear the slick sounds of Tom jacking his cock as well as a continuous moan as he watched me masturbate the waiter. 

I announced to Tom, “I think he’s going to cum, Tommy! I’m pumping him for you to watch. Do you like seeing me jack him Tommy - my hand working on another man’s shaft?” 

My hand was a blur. The waiter began to groan and arched himself off the seat. His hand tightened on my breast. His sperm began to fly from his cock as I caused him to release his load. “He’s cumming Tommy. Watch your wife make him shoot,” I said to heighten the scene for Tom. Later, Tom told me that was when he came again in the front seat. 

When the waiter calmed down he offered to eat me but Tom said no. Thanks a lot Tom! The waiter left and I got in the front seat with Tom for the ride home. As Tom fucked me that night I could almost feel the waiter’s cock in my hand. 

Well Kathy, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I told Tom a little bit about our conversations at work. He wants to invite you out for dinner with us some night. I wonder what that nasty boy has in mind?

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