Lucky 13 Ch. 3


It was about five in the afternoon on Sunday when there was a knock on Tommy Owen's door. It was light, but quick and persistent, and though he at first tried to ignore it, the exhausted but conscientious Freshman at last got up from his desk, where he was going over his science notes and trying not to think about the night before, to answer it. 

Though he still looked young, fair and handsome, Tommy also looked fatigued. He hadn't slept in almost 36 hours. When he got back to his dorm room, well after midnight, he was still terribly frazzled about what he had seen and heard at the OX fraternity smoker Saturday night. Of course he could not sleep. Nothing at his small high school in Kansas had prepared him for this. 

One month into his university existence, Tommy had finally been introduced to the reality of college life. It was full of sex. He didn't know how to respond. Last night, he couldn't keep himself from responding. 

Fortunately, by the time he got back to campus, Tommy had lost most of the massive, guilty erection which caused him such discomfort in his pants and his consciousness that he had to flee the fraternity party in shame. But his huge, heavy blond balls still ached blue from lust unleashed, and his mind was in turmoil. 

The high quality, clandestine videos the OX brothers showed him rocked his naïve world. Seeing those two attractive girls he didn't even know doing such bad things (and having such bad things done to them!) was wicked enough. But to see his sweet, goodhearted, slightly goofy 24-year old R.A., Daphne Cooke! Doing …that! Despite his attempts to think otherwise as he lay alone in his bed, Tommy could only replay the pornographic images of the gorgeous graduate student's naked body, the naked lust on her face, somehow looking like Daphne yet someone else totally different as well, a good girl gone bad, a defeated damsel making docile eye contact with a gloating frat boy, submissively sucking his boldly huge erection, before losing total control and getting fucked hard to a series of violent orgasms! 

As he lay there all night, Tommy's mind rerunning the sight of his supposedly respectable R.A. revealed as a secret cocksucker again and again, his sinful serpent responded, filling his white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs, which felt increasingly constricting and very uncomfortable. Cramped below his tight waistband and throbbing, Tommy finally gave in and removed the BVDs, letting his huge hard-on spring upward and onto his belly. But lying there naked was a different type of torture, his mammoth manhood stiff on his stomach like a hefty slab of kielbasa, its repressed owner unwilling to sinfully pleasure himself, building sperm and semen and frustration and exhaustion but never any sleep. 

At 7 a.m., still sleepless, Tommy finally got out of bed, mind still racing, colossal boner still raging. Making sure no one else was up so early on a Sunday morning, he wrapped himself loosely in an oversized towel and walked to the community bathroom, where, thankful for the urinal, he took an enormously long piss. His erection lessened. It was a relief. But even after a cold shower, his penis still felt very heavy and sensitive. Tommy wished he'd been able to have a wet dream, so he would stop thinking such dirty thoughts. 

Despite constant temptation to do so, Tommy never masturbated. He was a Baptist virgin who felt guilty about his extraordinarily large penis – his mother had made several disapproving comments when he was a very young boy – as well as the immoral thoughts he constantly had to push out of his mind. Though he never touched himself, Tommy had experienced about two dozen nocturnal emissions in his life, the result of so many sublimated sexual thoughts. Though he would try to reject these thoughts during the day, at night they would rise up in his dreams and fulfill his secret fantasies to the point of no return, until he reached an awakening awash in spurted stickiness. Tommy had hoped something like that might happen last night, but he could never sleep for it to do so. 

The day passed in a blur. He went to the cafeteria for breakfast and later in the morning went to church, where the lovely Sigma Gamma sophomore Marybeth Allen asked him with genuine concern what was wrong. He went to lunch, then the library, but it seemed as if there were pretty girls everywhere. Some tried to make eye contact with him, including a very sexy blonde named Shelly from one of his classes, who smiled and winked knowingly at Tommy. Continually distracted, he simply couldn't concentrate. 

So he went back to his room and studied. There, Tommy got two phone calls. One was from his parents, who said he sounded tired. The other was from Rob, the pledge recruiter at OX, who had the gall to ask if he had a good time the night before, and whether he might be interested in joining OX. Tommy was appalled by his nerve, considering Rob had been the wicked video's aggressive frat boy, the one who practically forced Daphne Cooke to suck his huge penis! Tommy said he'd have to think about it, but said it in a way that you could tell the answer was no. Rob laughed and said, "We have ways of making you change your mind, big guy! Have fun! We'll be…in touch." 

"What is that supposed to…" Tommy started to say, but Rob had hung up. 

So it was late that afternoon and Tommy was bone tired but helplessly horny, yet feeling guilty and frustrated, too, when he answered the door and was very, very surprised to see three good-looking young women dressed casually and looking mischievous outside his door. He recognized one of them, Shelly Cox, the freshman blonde from the library earlier in the day. She had quickly become a very popular little sister at OX…for exactly all the reasons the snippy gossip about the young hottie suggested. She was in Tommy's Civil War history class, and had a smart but very pretty mouth, with a lot of lip both literally and figuratively, and a great smile. Shelly's longish blond hair fell past her shoulders, and her naturally curvy body was clearly in excellent physical shape from good genes. 

But the older girls he didn't recognize, and if he had, he would have been more suspicious. They were Erica Clemens and Jennifer Tarlton, two senior sisters at Sigma Nu Nu, which, unbeknownst to Tommy, was also known on campus as "the slut sorority." It was a little unfair, but members had less of an uptight attitude about sex than some of the other Greek girls — one of their secret sorority songs was "Girls Just Wanna Get Fucked," sung to the similar Cindy Lauper tune. Though 'slut sorority' might have been a little strong, all the Sigma Nu Nu sisters were more up front about what they wanted than the average co-ed, and a few of them were fairly obsessive about sex. Like Erica and Jennifer -- as Tommy Owens was about to find out. 


"Tommy Owens?" said the striking brunette girl with dark eyes and nice skin who was obviously the leader. She wore a short black leather skirt without stockings and a tight white sleeveless T-Shirt, showing off her trim but muscular legs and arms and healthy looking breasts. Before he even had a chance to respond, she said, "I'm Erica Clemens and we'd like to talk to you. This is Jennifer. I think you know Shelly, right?" 

"Uhhhh, I'm kind of tired…." Tommy said awkwardly, but the hard-bodied Erica just pushed her way past him and into the room, as the other two girls followed, giggling. 

With her air of control, Erica stood apart from the other two. Not only because she had a darker complexion, with thick dark hair that fell down along her shoulders and brown eyes, but because the tall and slender girl was just so much more assertive in her presence. Not to mention the great tone and shape she showed from jogging and lifting light weights. Her legs were awesome. 

"Jennifer and I are sisters at Sigma Nu Nu," Erica said, like that meant something. But there was so much Tommy didn't know. He didn't know Erica had been a repressed type A personality all through high school, carrying a lot of anger, who gradually became more of a sexually aggressive woman after losing her virginity unspectacularly at her high school prom. Her life changed permanently after she got fucked by a OX brother her sophomore year, and her repression and anger faded with the pleasure of multiple orgasms. Now an assertive young woman and business major with a 3.5 Dean's List average, Erica also needed sex on average at least that many times a week. She was a regular at the OX frat house, enthusiastically humping several of the brothers, and a star, unbeknownst to her, in several of their secret videos. She was at the party the night before. Tommy just didn't see her. 

But now she was in Tommy's tiny apartment with her fetching co-conspirators, the giggling girls Jennifer and Shelly. The tired but always polite Tommy could only step back out of the way, looking at them warily in weary and whimsical disbelief, possessing no idea what was about to happen. 

"Hi Tommy! Wait'll you see how much fun we're going to have!" Shelly said teasingly. Dressed in a low cut blue blouse and tight jeans, she was the pure prettiest of the three nice-looking girls. She still had the freshness of youth, with bright blue eyes complimenting an oval face, great cheekbones and full lips. Shelly also had the largest breasts of the trio. 

Shelly and Tommy noticed each other on the first day of their Civil War class, though he did nothing about it. After talking to him once, she could tell he was impossibly square…but once she heard from several brothers on the baseball team how well hung Tommy was, it didn't take much convincing to make her want to be part of his cock's coming out party. It was what the OX brother hoped for when they "casually" mentioned it to her. 

The OX brothers loved Shelly. Literally. She was an 18-year old knockout who started fucking as a sophomore in high school and hadn't stopped. After only two days on campus, she heard about OX – "You have to be hung like an ox to get into OX," the saying went -- and immediately gravitated to them. Within a week, she had fucked a few of the well-hung brothers, and now the fraternity treated the hot blonde like spun gold. 

Only a month into her freshman year, Shelly was already a notorious presence on campus, more than she realized. Though she at first couldn't believe they wanted her to do it, Shelly was given the important job of measuring Tommy's cock with a special tape measure, to get his length both hard and soft. She had the legendary OX tape measure, rolled up, in the back pocket of her tight jeans. 

"Hi Shelly…Uh, what are you doing here?" Tommy asked stupidly as the girls began to flit around his small room, seemingly purposelessly, leaning against his old brown couch, sitting on his bed, looking at his books, moving around his papers, totally taking over his space. For the first time, he wished his roommate hadn't dropped out after a week. Shelly leaned forward, her blue blouse showing lots of cleavage, her butt tight in her jeans. 

"That's for us to know and you to find out," Shelly said mischievously. "Right Erica?" 

"We've been sent by OX," Erica said commandingly, standing behind his couch, her hands on the back cushion like she was making a formal declaration, a 21-year old sexy senior talking with mature authority to a hunky 18-year old novice. 

"What?! Why?" Tommy sputtered, shocked. 

"Why don't you sit down?" Jennifer asked gently, the second senior sorority sister speaking for the first time. She was another leggy brunette, more willowy than the other girls, with a ponytail, and also 21. She wore small wire glasses, a short cream skirt with a bright yellow blouse, and had smaller breasts than the other girls. She seemed smart, and Tommy wanted to like her. 

Jennifer was smart, and always exuded an air of genial friendliness because at heart she was a very good person. She had a fairly well-endowed steady boyfriend at Theta Phi, the nice guy frat, but, naturally curious, she had always been interested in seeing large dicks, ever since looking at her older sister's Playgirl mags as a teen. When her Sigma Nu sisters started whispering about undressing that sweet and All-American looking young hunk she saw on the baseball field during one of her outfielder boyfriend Rich's practices, Jennifer was surprised to find she couldn't help but volunteer to undress him. Thinking how the homespun Kansas boy might be shy and reluctant but unable to hide his lust around such sexy women was a real turn-on for her ….as long as Rich, her boyfriend never found out. 

"Relax, Tommy," Jennifer continued, levelly, pleasantly, looking him in the eye. "We just want to talk to you about OX." 

"It's the best frat!" Shelly enthused, one knee up on his bed. "It has the most popular guys!" 

"Come on, Tommy, sit down," Jennifer said again, nicely, smiling, putting her hand lightly on his arm. Tommy liked her. She seemed very feminine and had warm brown eyes. She was more mature and seemed much less aggressive, more reasonable. "We just want to talk to you for a little bit about OX," she said, oh so sensibly, gently guiding him down to his couch. "They like you, and are sorry you had to leave last night." 

"Okay," Tommy said uncertainly. 

He sat on his brown couch, and Jennifer sat down next to him. Very close. He could smell her. She smelled nice. He felt a stirring. Erica leaned over the back of the couch and held her perfumed head very close to his, saying "We all like you," in a lilting voice. 

Both these women were very attractive and very sensually alluring with their smells and the sexual air about them. They were different than Shelly, who was more of a girl and radiated pure sex. He nervously glanced over to Shelly. She was looking blatantly at his crotch, with an expression on her face that he couldn't quite define but made him more than a little uneasy. Despite himself, Tommy felt a familiar feeling flowing below his belly. 

"I think you should go," Tommy said, his voice rising but not sounding like his own. "I'm tired." 

"That's why you need to relax," Jennifer said. 

"I'm trying," Tommy said, lamely. 

Erica stood up and snorted, "Enough with this relax shit. Let's see what this boy's got to offer." 

"Okay!" Shelly said brightly. She suddenly slid right next to Tommy on the couch, so he had Jennifer on one side and Shelly on the other while Erica again leaned in behind him, hands firmly on his shoulders. Shelly exuded sheer sexuality. Then she took it a step further. "We want to take off your pants and see your very large penis, Tommy," Shelly mock-whispered in a lisping little-girl's voice, loudly enough for all to hear.. 

It was the most shocking thing Tommy had ever heard, and he couldn't help but involuntarily squirm in his seat, like someone tickled his butt. Speechless, he looked to Jennifer, whom he had started to trust. 

"It's true. We've been sent here to measure your allegedly enormous phallus," Jennifer acknowledged reasonably, like they were still just having a regular conversation. "Now, let's get those pants off, shall we?" 


"What!?!" Tommy said, shocked and offended, hearing far more than he ever had expected. He moved to stand up from the couch, get away from these girls, maybe run out of his room. But as he did, from behind, the aggressive Erica grabbed him around the neck, playfully but firmly, and pulled him back down. As he turned to look at her and say something in protest, she kissed him hard on the lips. "Mmmmmmm!" is all Tommy could say, as her hot tongue darted into his shocked open mouth. 

Simultaneously and quick as a wink, the sexy 18-year old Shelly and the deceptively sweet sorority sister Jennifer grabbed at his pants. Tommy was absolutely taken aback to find the seemingly far more trustworthy sorority sister's fingers take a firm hold inside his Levis' pockets, while Shelly unbuckled his belt with the speed of a expert slut. 

"This is all going to happen very fast, Tommy," Jennifer noted, as in a matter of moments, Shelly had Tommy's belt open, before the prone freshman could really grasp what had happened. As she scrabbled to get at his button, however, Tommy understood, and it dawned on him just what exactly was happening. Tommy struggled to pull away from Erica's warm, fragrant embrace and wet continuing kiss, and tried to roll a bit to escape, slipping from Shelly's grasp. 

But that was just as Jennifer – Jennifer! – adroitly held onto his pocket and grabbed the tip of his zipper, so as he pulled away it unzipped all four inches of fly on his loosened blue jeans, which were now held only by a single Levi's metal button and bulging, despite his wishes otherwise 

"You should be happy that pretty girls want to see you all naked," Shelly said insistently, holding on to one of his belt loops, trying to keep him on the couch, still trying to get at his button. 

"Come on! Stop it!" the handsome blond boy yelled, almost laughing in a panic, scrambling to get out of Erica's embrace and starting to stand up, his feet unsteady, exhausted, near swooning, knowing that he needed to get away but feeling a weird surging feeling to his loins, knowing these wild women wanted to strip him, knowing they wanted to expose his hidden serpent.... 

No! He had to get away! "Come on! Let me go!" Tommy said loudly, his voice breaking. 

But the two girls held on adamantly to his jeans as Tommy tried to stand, so he lurched upwards awkwardly. As he did, Erica leaned forward and put her arms around Tommy's waist until her hands were clasped in front of his stomach. "Hey boy, you're not going anywhere," she mocked as he struggled to right himself. 

Exhausted physically and mentally, Tommy tried to regain his balance. But in less than an instant Erica nimbly moved her fingers to the button at the front of his jeans and swiftly, skillfully unsnapped it, just as Tommy was starting to get some traction on his feet, just as he thought he was going to be able to get away from the girls on either side of him on the couch, the older intellectual-looking Senior and the sexy girl from his freshman Civil War class, the girls who had unbuckled and unzipped him – and were now looking at him with amused confidence and something far dirtier. 

As he set his balance, Tommy felt secure that he was starting to regain control, and could wrench his way out of their grasp. But the girls were much more aggressive than he ever imagined, and he didn't move nearly fast enough. Jennifer still had a hold on one of his pockets and Shelly was grabbing at a belt loop, while, from behind, the audacious Erica got a good hold inside both the Levi's and the waistband of his white cotton briefs. 

As Tommy tried to stand up, all three girls pulled down - HARD! - Erica emitting a female war cry – and Tommy's last hopes of escape were erased. 

With Tommy's belt unbuckled, his Levi's button open, and the fly unzipped, there was no contest. The three aggressive gals pulled down both Tommy's jeans and his briefs to mid-thigh in the split second it took for him to stand. In a cruel irony, he inadvertently helped cause his own exposure. 

As he stood up, overwhelmed and unrealizing, Tommy felt his underwear's waistband catch for the briefest of instants on his still-veiled manhood, and then, in a gasp, it was gone. The female trio spontaneously screamed a unified victory cry as the bashful Baptist boy's big boner-to-be sprang free, flopping forward and out with a sudden declaration of force, like a fat piece of circumcised salami ripped raw from a flimsy bag. 

"Boing! Tommy loses!" Shelly squealed joyously, obviously impressed by the size of embarrassed lad's heavily hanging baloney pony. 

"I can't believe this!!!" Tommy sputtered stupidly, frozen in time and place, unable to stop himself from taking in the moment, his impressive schlong unexpectedly exposed in the cool air and wagging impudently, as if somehow separate from him, very large and already slightly swollen. Plump from being partially engorged with blood, but not even close to full erection, Tommy's fat cock was already at least a good eight inches, heavy and sausage-like, with a very large pink head. The girls cheered. 

"Whoooo, it's a biggie!" Jennifer proclaimed enthusiastically. "He's hung like a horse!" 

"Oh my god!" Tommy exclaimed in numbed moment, trying awkwardly to struggle forward, grabbing at both his shocked consciousness and his suddenly stripped pants -- while at the same time trying to cover his sizeable dong. It was dangling and dancing provocatively in unwanted exposure, but undeniably stiffening, getting even bigger. How could this be happening! He had to get away! 

But all the girls kept teaming up on him, pulling down his pants as he squirmed, making his fat cock waggle and blond balls bounce. Tommy's open-belted jeans and boyish BVDs were ripped below his knees, to his ankles, as Erica, stronger than he could have imagined, grabbed at his muscular bicep and held him hard. His thick branch thwacked against his leg once as he struggled, and he felt embarrassed and humiliated yet aroused, knowing how large he would become before the giggling girls. Knowing they wanted to see him, Tommy's penis surged noticeably upward, fighting gravity, starting to throb just a little. 

"He's popping a boner!" Shelly squealed with delight, sending Tommy into a panicked frenzy, his struggles becoming that of a more wildly desperate male, his massive cock now slapping lewdly back and forth against himself like a garden hose unheld with the water turned full on. But it was the blood surging to Tommy's big dick that was turned full on, the involuntary plumping passion of his imperiled penis, which clearly had a mind of its own. 

"Shelly! Don't look at me!" he pleaded desperately, almost comically. But this only stirred the female blood, and the girls all gave an all-out war cry, laughing, pushing against him, already off-balance. Tommy fell clumsily backwards into his soft brown couch, his increasingly engorged cock a more commanding presence by the moment. 

Tommy was feeling a rush of feelings, most of them shock. He was astonished that it had all happened so quickly, in less than 30 seconds (17 to be precise). He was even more alarmed that his huge organ had been exposed by and for the good looking girls. But he was shocked most of all by how incredibly excited he felt by it, feeling the blood rushing to his member in quickening heartbeats, causing his cock to swell proudly upwards. 

"He's huge! And he's not even half-hard!" Jennifer observed, and all the girls whooped it up, as Tommy, his mind beginning to catch up to the events, protested, sputtering, "Stop this! Stop!" 

But Tommy couldn't keep his thickening prick from surging with blood lust as it lurched from his lap, growing larger by the moment and rising to defy gravity, short circuiting the confines of his mind. He listened to the girls howl happily, half hard now, and at that moment he saw himself, a Baptist boy bared for their amusement, helplessly naïve to their aggressive ways, totally exposed to them in ways more than one, growing by the instant… 

"Girls! Stop! This is wrong!" Tommy said desperately, trying to turn into the couch on his side to hide himself and his shamefully expanding prong. But quick as a cat, the now audacious Jennifer grabbed down among his blond pubes and gripped his cock, gripped the thickening staff at its root above his big balls. One hand braced against his still shirted shoulder, she sat right up against him, a pretty young co-ed clothed, next to a handsome young man with his pants around his ankles, a comical sight but for the hugeness of the young man's penis. 

"Don't move," Jennifer said, grinning, looking him in the eye. "It'll hurt." 

"Oh god!" he exclaimed, ashamed, looking into the emboldened eyes of the intellectual bespectacled sorority gal gripping his thickening prick, more than half hard now and expanding quickly, as Tommy's heart raced and every heartbeat engorged his organ more and more. The head of his cock swelled, huge and purple, pointed and pronounced. All the girls were watching, as if in awe. Erica came from around behind the couch, and knelt before him. 

"He's huge," Erica said softly, fascinated. "He's as big as anybody on campus right now. Keep pumping Jennifer." 

Tommy moaned, losing himself to lust as the lovely lass pumped up his penis, loosening her grip and tightening it, whispering a smart girl's words of praise in his ear, turning him on, helping him grow bigger, faster, more, making the darkening pink cock head swell with every squeeze, getting it immense, turning it totally purple. 

Soon, Jennifer could no longer get her hand all the way around his rigid girth. Now hard and huge, Tommy lost the language and began moaning in helpless pleasure as his cock reached its full size, strength and length in record time in the sorority sister's skilled hands. Jennifer's expert grip fluttered up and down his muscled shaft with appreciative squeezes, inspiring increased moans of previously unknown bliss. 

"I can't believe this is happening," Tommy groaned drunkenly, looking down at Erica. "I must be dreaming..." 


"This is better than any dream," Jennifer cooed, loosening her grip at the trunk of his monster cock a bit. "This is what OX has to offer." 

"Get out the tape measure, Shelly," Erica instructed, standing up, trying to stay focused, wanting to keep things moving, so Tommy couldn't regain his bearings. She was still in charge, despite Jennifer's crucial role in keeping Tommy prone and boldly pumping him to full erection. Now, the nice girl with glasses was his cock's keeper, and his stiff staff throbbed in Jennifer's self-assured grip. She enjoyed looking at him, fully engorged and absolutely enormous, pointing skyward like a missile of lust. She felt fascinated, because there was nothing like this feeling in the world. It felt like pure, throbbing muscle. 

"Tape's right here," Shelly said brightly, taking out a small rolled up yellow tape measure from her back pocket, along with a teeny black pencil. The yellow roll reached 18 inches, and had initials marked in numerous places. This was the notorious and legendary OX tape measure, notching the length of every brother's piece of equipment. This was the most recent of several. The furthest initials reached 15 inches, from a brother who graduated six years ago and now worked in politics as a lobbyist in Washington. OX's pledge recruiter Rob was the longest active initial, at 13 inches exactly. 

"My god, you were serious," Tommy said in resigned disbelief, looking down at his huge throbbing lust sausage and seeing it in a new way, as the girls fussed over it and touched it and stroked it and grabbed it and wagged it but made sure they didn't do too much, especially around the corpulent purple helmet warrior, in case it should go off. Tommy's plump plum was already topped by a dollop of pre-cum, and the head of his cock was buzzing as much as the empty head on his shoulders spun. 

"Time to measure this big boy," Erica told Shelly, nodding to her, and Jennifer finally let go of Tommy's rigid love torpedo as it sprang up and slapped against his belly, between his ribs. Though now free, he was still resigned. He was defeated yet victorious, feeling guilty but wanting more from these wonderful, wild women. Even Tommy was now curious as to the true size of his immense meat. 

"Stand up," Erica instructed, and grabbed his cock. "God it's big," she murmured, pulling him up. He stood dutifully, which made his pork sword look even larger as it loomed before him, fully erect and magnificently massive, out of proportion to the rest of his body, pulsing in place with his every heartbeat like it had a life of its own. 

"That's a good boy, be docile, enjoy the ride," Jennifer purred, putting her hand under his shirt and on Tommy's chest. "Here, wait-a-minute. Lets get this off." 

"Okay," he said agreeably, not that he had any choice, as Jennifer and Erica peeled Tommy's T-shirt off him as Shelly knelt before him, holding the tape measure. Shirtless, smiling, Tommy's muscular bare chest had pleasing patches of blond, which got thicker and a little darker at his belly and below. Now nearly naked, Tommy was a Grecian statue from a lewd alternative universe, muscular, handsome, massively erect. 

"You're amazing," Shelly said, gazing at the cock looming before her. "You're beautiful." 

"Do it, Shelly," Erica instructed, and Shelly leaned forward and held the end of the tape measure down by Tommy's hairy hanging balls. She held it against his big bag, loaded with weeks of unreleased sperm, and pulled it out along his staff until it reached the pointed purple tip of his penis. "He could be the biggest on campus…." Shelly murmured, pulling it tighter against him, getting a proper measurement. 

"He is," Erica observed. "Thirteen-and-a-third-inches," 

"He's bigger that Rob," Shelly said with awe. Then: "Whooooooo!" She cheered. "I told you he was hung like a horse!" 

"I was the one who told you he was hung like a horse," Jennifer pointed out, correctly. 

"I'm the man," Tommy said tentatively. 

"Yes, you are, you handsome hunk with a huge hard-on!" Jennifer responded playfully, pinching the plump purple plume of his phallus as Tommy squirmed and moaned inarticulately, wagging his erection, trying to elude her tweak. "Let's give this poor boy some relief, don't you think?" 

"Right here," said Erica, pulling out a tiny vial of expensive European lotion from the small pocket on her leather skirt. "He won't last a minute." 

"Oh my god, girls! You don't have to do this!" Tommy protested weakly, as Jennifer guided him back onto the couch and Erica squeezed some pale creamy lotion into her hand. There was the faint scent of lilac, matching the dark lavender color of his engorged cock head. "I'll make a huge mess!" 

This only made the girls more adamant, and Tommy had no energy to resist as Erica grabbed his strong shaft with her one dry hand and the sensitive head of his dong with the oiled one. She gave a squeeze and a twist as her grasp slipped over and off his humming helmet, an incredible feeling that made Tommy moan involuntarily and left him slick and wet. 

"More…!" he begged, despite himself. 

"Get ready for blast off, bad boy" Erica said, grabbing at the head of his cock again and slipping her grip up and down over it, making him squirm. "I'm going to make you cum!" 

"I can't believe this is happening!" Tommy groaned again, suddenly seeing himself as if from a distance, and feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed, being watched by two pretty girls as a third made him her plaything. But his cock was so hard and Erica's hand so skilled and insistent, that the shamefaced hunk's hips started involuntarily rocking, and he began thrusting his cock upward into Erica's slick handjob, succumbing to the greatest sensation he'd ever felt. 

"Go, Tommy, go!" Shelly cheered. "You're huge! You're powerful!" 

The days, nay weeks of sperm built up inside him lasted not long at all. In thirteen seconds, the good looking novice began gasping like a fish on dry land, as a mix of grateful and guilty in the good-hearted guy's eyes made eternal ecstatic eye contact with the experienced bad girl. Feeling the rise of the most incredible sensation ever, an eruption of lust, centered at the core of cock, the bottomless Baptist boy's big boner began thrusting even more purposefully, losing all inhibition and control, pumping, humping, thrusting, thrashing, faster, frantic, gasping…. 

"Oh my god! I can't help myself! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Tommy exclaimed as his salami-sized schlong erupted in a three foot high arc of thick, sticky joy jism, a pearl-colored stream of sperm shooting up over the back of his brown couch and trailing down across his shoulder, chest and stomach. 

"He's cumming!" Shelly practically shrieked. 

He had started, and it was a spectacular display. The last bit of his initial burst left a trail across the black thick hair of the gasping Erica, who for the first time seemed surprised and not in control - as if even she was stunned by the size and the stream of Tommy's explosion - but she continued jacking him off. Seeing her hair, seeing the look on her face, as if answering some primal call, Tommy grabbed at his cock urgently as the second wave hit him and aimed it right at the sorority sister, the pretty girl who stripped him and unleashed a monster. Through she knew it was coming, there was no time, and Tommy moaned ecstatically as he watched his second huge burst of boy bliss blow off directly in Erica's shocked visage, a massive anointment of lust. 

"Tommy! Ack!" Erica blustered as the hot shot of spunk splatted across her eye-catching face, her cheek and mouth, and she pulled back, letting go. But Tommy held on to one of her arms and maneuvered his erupting erection so his huge honking cock blew a third heavy load, larger than the first two, across Erica's shirt and arms and dark black hair. 

"Ewwwwwww!!!!" Erica exclaimed. "Stop it!!" 

"Oooooohhhhhhaaaaaa," Tommy moaned, "Shelly! Finish me!" 

Lost in a lust of her own, Shelly couldn't help but comply, grabbing at his cock with both hands and aiming it away, aside, as Erica scrambled to her feet, all sticky. Tommy moaned again, blowing a fourth large burst of male ecstasy all over the cushion of his brown couch and up over the armrest and onto the floor. 

"Don't stop! Keep cumming! I'm doing you!" Shelly said enthusiastically, and Tommy groaned his thanks as she began expertly jacking off his cock, slick with natural oils and pure ejaculate, bringing a fifth spurt, the smallest but still pretty big, onto his couch cushion, which was now clearly ruined. 

Shelly worked out the finish - six, seven, eight spurts, as Tommy continued spewing, nine, ten times, moaning incoherently in grateful orgasm, until, eleven, twelve, he was done. 

Afterwards, he continued to dribble a bit more cum from the head of his cock as it stood triumphant and erect for a few moments in the aftermath. As if members of a submissive harem, the girls began praising Tommy for his masculine power and behavior, the way he took command at his moment of most absolute ecstasy. The remaining gobs of cum oozed down his still engorged thirteen-inch organ, at last beginning its slow descent. 

"That's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my life," Tommy said honestly, relaxing in the couch now for real, as Jennifer began cleaning him up with a small cloth. His penis deflating but satisfied, Tommy somehow knew this was only the beginning of a great adventure.

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