Halloween Sucks!

I hate Halloween! It sucks! I mean I really HATE Halloween!! It used to be such fun. I can remember all the little kiddies trick or treating, and the occasional prank like soaping windows. Now, it's all changed. People put glass, poison, and razor blades into the candy. Others set fires, and little kids are mugged for their candy. It's taken all the fun out of my favorite holiday. 

I mean, it is the one day of the year I can walk around in one of my true forms and have people compliment me on my great costume. Most of the year, if I dare to show my true self, people scream in fear. I like to make people scream, but I'm looking for screams of passion, not fear. 

You see, I'm a succubus, and also an incubus. It's a package deal. All succubi are also incubi. We can take either form, depending upon who we are seducing at the moment. Since we can shape change at will, most of the year I look like a beautiful woman or a handsome man, but on Halloween, I get to come "out" if you know what I mean. 

So, here I am, walking down Fort Park, near Detroit, when these four guys come up to me. 

"Great costume, dude," the short one said. "Now, give up your wallet, and give me that ring, too." 

I wear a very impressive ring that was given to my by my boss after I drove Nero crazy. Oh, and just for the record, he wasn't fiddling, he was diddling. Now, I know what you're thinking, but Satan is not my boss. He heads up the devils, and I'm a demon. Way different. Anyway, I don't want to tell you my boss's name, because if you say it out loud, there's a chance he might appear, and, trust me, you don't want that. 

Well, anyway, these four guys were all dressed as vampires. How original. And, each of them was carrying about three bags of candy. I had the feeling they had not come by this candy in the accepted way, so I thought I'd mention my concern politely. 

"Great, I'm being mugged by cowards who steal candy from little kids. Did you rape any of them, you pedophile bastards? Just because a real woman wouldn't even notice your pathetic little dicks is no reason to pick on little girls -- or is it little boys?" 

My questions seemed to offend them, because they all pulled out knives. I just charmed them. It's a talent we have. Once I use my charm on somebody, they will do whatever I tell them, as long as I don't tell them to harm themselves. I told these guys to undress, so they did. 

Now, I always carry a bunch of those big zip ties, like the police use for temporary handcuffs. Sometimes I like my subject uncharmed and terrified, and the ties are handy for those situations. Anyway, once these guys were naked, I had them stand in a circle facing out. Then I zip tied each of their wrists and ankles to the guy next to them. So, there they were, naked and tied together, and all facing out. 

As an afterthought, I put a zip tie around each guys balls and then used a couple more to tie each guy's balls between his legs to the guy behind him. Then I released the charm. Who says demons have no sense of humor. I mean, this was FUNNY. Four guys in vampire teeth and nothing else zipped together like the world's biggest sack race. 

I left them their candy, but I took the rest of their stuff with me. Oh, I didn't leave the BAGS for the candy. I needed those to carry the clothes and stuff, so I dumped the candy on the ground. You wouldn't believe the names they called me as I was walking off. 

Now, my real name is Rjytrwqu#&kjjlj, but you don't want to say it out loud. Like I said, demons sometimes appear if you say their name out loud. Of course, you have to pronounce it correctly. I usually tell people to call me Randy, or Randi, depending upon my form at the moment. It seems to fit me. 

Once I threw their clothes and stuff into a dumpster a couple of blocks away, I went looking for a house with the porch light off. When I found one, I peeked through the windows. I know, that's not a nice thing to do, but it IS what I do. I peek, I expose myself, I do BDSM, I swing both ways, I rape, I seduce virgins, I do groups, I cause orgies, I get nuns pregnant, I blackmail, I humiliate, and I do most anything else you could consider sexual. What don't I do? Well, like I said, I don't do kiddies, and I don't do dead people. I don't kill, either, and I don't usually steal. 

Anyway, looking in the window, I saw a guy sitting and watching TV. I guess he just didn't like giving candy to kids. It's people like him who are ruining the holiday for me. I saw his wife was asleep in the upstairs bedroom, so I decided to mess with him. Serves him right for being so cheap on Halloween. 

I went up to the door in my favorite beautiful human female form. I was 5'9" tall, slender, but stacked, with black hair and green eyes. I was dressed in a very skimpy witch outfit. On a scale of 1 to 10, guys give that form a 12. I rang the bell. He was angry when he opened the door, but he softened a bit when he saw me. I got right to work. 

"Please, sir, please help me. I was just mugged by four men. I think they wanted to hurt me. Please, can I come in?" I walked right past him into the living room. When he caught up with me, he was stuttering. I have that effect on men. Anyway, I threw myself at him. I hugged him and thanked him for saving me, and then I kissed him. I'm good at it. He kissed me back, and it was all over but the shouting. That would come in a few minutes. 

After we kissed for a while, I slid down and dropped his pants around his ankles. His cock was hard as a rock. My mouth slid down it right to the bottom, and he just gasped and went rigid. Did I mention that my natural body temp is about three degrees higher than yours? I really am hot! 

In about thirty seconds, I had him ready to explode, so I lay back on the floor and said, "Take me, right now. I need you so much." He was on me, and in me, before you could blink. I started screaming in passion. He was pumping in and out of my hot pussy and trying to shush me at the same time. It was a riot. 

Just as he started to cum, my extraordinary hearing heard his wife coming down the stairs. My screams changed tone a bit, and I started yelling, "Please let me go, please don't hurt me anymore, please, I won't call the police if you just don't kill me." 

His wife screamed, and then yelled, "John, what are you doing?" I slid out from under him and ran sobbing from the house. I've won Academy Awards in two different forms, one male and one female. Inside, I could hear him saying, "Jenny, please, it isn't what it looks like." My sobs turned to laughter as I heard him trying to convince his wife he was an adulterer, not a rapist. It sounded like a lose/lose deal to me. I love my job. 

I was thirsty after my little workout, so I walked down to the 7/11 on the corner. Through the window, I saw it was a female clerk, so I switched into my handsome guy form and went in. I got a big soda and walked up to the counter. The clerk looked about 30, and was pretty cute. She was short, and you might describe her as either voluptuous or a bit pudgy, depending upon your taste. My taste is pretty universal. She looked fine to me, and best of all, she was wearing a wedding ring. 

I went behind the counter, and she said, "You aren't allowed back here." She sounded alarmed. I just smiled and said, "I know." I threw the soda across the counter and kissed her. She resisted pretty hard, but I am very strong. I kept kissing her. It took a while, and I had to release her inhibitions a bit, but eventually she started responding. My hands were busy as well, and her nipples were hard. 

I picked her up and carried her into the back of the store, and then I ripped her blouse off in one motion. Her bra was a second behind, and then I covered her scream with my lips. A few moments later, she was kissing back. Without warning, I grabbed the elastic waistband of her pants with both hands and pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles. I dropped to my knees in front of her and got busy. My hot tongue made her crazy, as I licked up and down her lower lips. When I found her clit, she exploded in a huge orgasm. 

Before she could recover, I stood, reached behind her, and grabbed her sweet butt. I lifted her up and impaled her on my rod. Her arms were around my neck, and, with my hands on her hips, I just lifted her up and down on my cock. I pumped her up and down faster and faster, and she started cumming over and over. She was screaming and orgasming constantly. 

I kept her in this state for maybe 5 minutes, and then I came. She screamed again and passed out, so I laid her gently on the floor and left. I knew she would never enjoy sex with her poor husband again. Too bad. 

I got another soda on the way out, and left a dollar on the counter. The night was young, and I had people to corrupt. Happy Halloween, and maybe I'll see you next year. Did I mention that I love my job?

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