Heather Goes to the Movie Theatre

Hi. My name's Heather. I'm pretty shy. I want to tell all of you what happened to me a few years ago. I better describe myself first since I know you guys like that. I'm in my 20's now. I'm five feet two inches tall. I weigh about 105 pounds pretty much all the time. I have shoulder length brown hair. My breast size is 34B. I have a pretty face. An innocent look. I'm really quiet and prefer not to be in crowded places. I've been this way as long as I can remember. My favorite activities are reading and watching t.v.

When I was 19 years old I remember that I went to the movie theatre by myself. I sat in the back row. It was a scary movie so I didn't want to sit up front too close to the screen. The theatre was pretty empty so I was surprised when a man sat down in the seat to my left. I felt a bit conflicted. Should I change my seat? It would be kind of rude if I did that so I decided to just stay where I was. After all I was here first!

I was wearing my favorite short black skirt and my high heel shoes. I was also wearing my white blouse. I always dress this way since it's so comfortable. The lights dimmed and the trailers came on the screen previewing coming attractions. Other people continued to come into the theatre but they all sat several rows in front of me. I was concentrating on the previews when I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh. I sort of froze not knowing what to do. Should I jump up and switch my seat? Should I move the hand off my thigh? Should I scream? All of these thoughts ran through my head very quickly and I decided that maybe the man's hand was on my thigh accidentally. I tried to see him out of the corner of my eye but it was so dark in the theatre that I could only make out an outline of his large shape. Well, I thought, if he just rests his hand on my thigh it isn't hurting me so I might as well just ignore it.

After a few minutes I forgot all about his hand. It actually felt o.k. to me since his hand was so warm and my thighs were a bit cold in the air conditioned theatre. After a minute or two I could feel his large hand move ever so slightly and touch my inner thigh. His hand was going ever so slowly higher and higher up my inner thigh. I clamped my thighs together to stop him and I succeeded in trapping his hand between my thighs. I debated about screaming out but I didn't want to cause a commotion. I didn't want to jump up and change seats because again I didn't want to cause a scene. I reasoned that as long as his hand was trapped between my inner thighs it should be o.k. 

As long as he didn't go higher it was o.k. I sensed him shifting in his seat and then he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. I still blush when I remember his words to me. I heard him whisper: "You're a slut. A whore. Wearing a short skirt to tease guys. You're a cunt".

I was so shocked that I froze. No one had ever spoken to me that way before. I was so confused. If I jumped up and yelled for help now then how could I explain that I had let him touch my thigh? How could I explain that I let him touch my inner thigh? How could I explain that I closed my thighs around his hand and held him there without protesting earlier? I decided to ignore him. 

The scary movie came on the screen and I got caught up in it. A girl in the movie was in a dark house. Suddenly a man grabbed her from behind. I got so scared I jumped in my seat. My thighs parted. The man's hand seized this opportunity to slide higher. Before I could close my thighs his fingers had reached my pink silky panties. I quickly squeezed my upper thighs shut again. However, his fingers were right up against my pussy lips with only the thin layer of pink silky satin between me and his fingers. I couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. He had no right to be touching me. Again he leaned in and whispered in my ear. He said "you're a dirty slut. Open your thighs you cunt." I didn't want to open my thighs.

I whispered back to him "if I open my thighs will you take your hand away?" He didn't answer. I froze again as I felt one of his fingers wiggling up and down right up against my panty. I've always been so sensitive down there and I felt myself getting wet. I couldn't help it. It's automatic with me. My panties got wet.

He leaned over again to my ear and said "Open your thighs you whore." To this day I don't know why I did it but I slowly opened my thighs and leaned further back in my chair. I suppose I got too excited and I couldn't think straight at all.

Well to put it mildly his finger began to work on me. It was maddening. Up and down he stroked me. I was gasping a bit from excitement and from shock. My clit part got big and stiff. I could feel my pussy lips getting slippery. His hand moved my panty to the side and he was on my bare flesh in a split second. I felt so weak. I felt so confused. Why was I letting him do this to me. A complete stranger. It was like I was in a trance.

I was so glad that it was dark in the theatre. Everyone else was so involved in watching the movie that no one noticed what was happening to me. I let him slide his finger in me. I got so excited I couldn't stop him. All the while he kept whispering in my ear. Dirty words. "You're a filthy slut. A whore. A slutty cunt" I was so shocked. I could feel his long middle finger sliding in and out of me. I was tight but slippery down there. It was like he was brainwashing me. I suddenly felt that I was a slut. I felt that I deserved to be treated like this because I wore such a short skirt. Because I never took his hand away when he first started touching me.

The combination of his whispered obscenities and his stroking finger soon had me approaching orgasm. Words swam though my head " cunt. whore. slut. pussy. dirty cumslut." My mouth gasped as I shuddered and came. My pussy lips contracted gripping his long finger deep inside me as I climaxed.

The next few minutes are a blur. I remember him slipping my panties down my thighs and past my high heel shoes. I said "Hey!" but he silently gathered my wet pink silky panties in his hand and stuffed them in his pocket. I felt so naked without my panties.

He leaned over one more time and whispered in my ear "You be here tomorrow at the same time, or else." I sat frozen in my chair as he got up quickly and disappeared down the theatre aisle. 

(To be continued)

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