The Production Assistant

Tom Briggs was still reeling from the diagnosis his doctor had shared with him a week ago. Cancer. His biggest worries had been whether anyone would go with him to Prom and keeping up his grades for college, and now instead of trips to the beach or movie nights with friends, his only plans were therapy. The doctor had explained the prognosis was excellent and the treatment had a 95% success rate, outside of some side-effects such as fertility.

Before he could begin therapy, he was told if he ever wanted children, he'd have to freeze some sperm at a sperm bank. His mother blushed when the topic came up. Sex was never talked about at home and Tom had no experience himself, outside of the times he could sneak onto the family computer when no one was awake to watch porn. He had always been nervous jerking off in the family room, especially since his habits and tastes had become more... peculiar.

Appointments were made, and on his way there, he had no idea what to expect. Tom was fearing an awkward encounter with someone resembling his grandpa and a conversation about where to deposit his sperm. When he arrived at the sperm bank, he was struck by how normal it looked, like any other drab doctor's office. Boring beige walls, plastic chairs, high-density carpet, and complete with terrible magazines. His fears were confirmed when he saw a round fellow in his 60's was manning the front desk.

"Sign in here please"


The man thankfully didn't make eye contact, and Tom made his way to an open seat. Luckily, he didn't have to wait long before the door opened and a black nurse about his mom's age stepped out and called his name. She was wearing plain blue scrubs, with her hair done up in a bun, and he could tell she had been born more attractive than average. He was ashamed to make eye contact, knowing the purpose of his visit.

"that's me" he said sheepishly.

She nodded and waved her hand to indicate he should come with her. The hallways were like every other doctor's office, it was lively with other nurses, doctors, and patients walking around. 

"Next door on your left" 

He went into the room and noticed the main difference from a normal exam room was a recliner where the exam table would normally be, with the same thin paper covering.

"Please take a seat" she said, and motioned to the chair. 

He was now bracing for the embarrassing conversation where she tells him he'll have to play with himself. This was worse than the diagnosis.

"I'm Nurse Holly, Tom. I'll be helping you out today" she said, Tom was struck with shock due to her ambiguous wording, realizing he wasn't sure exactly how this all went down. 

"Now Tom, the office is familiar with your case, and we're all rooting for you"

"uhh... thanks, that's nice" Tom croaked out, weirded out that the whole office knew who he was and why he was there. He preferred to stay anonymous with the people who would shortly be handling his sperm.

"So now for the fun part" ('oh god', Tom thought) "There is some pornography in this drawer next to you. If you require video, we can wheel in a cart with TV and DVD player for you. Will you need that?"

"uh, no. i'll be fine" Tom blushed while staring at his feet, wishing this conversation would just end. No way was he going to ask for that cart so all the people in the halls would know it was headed to his room, Tom the cancer kid, to jerk off to. 

"Now, are you heterosexual or homosexual? We can get a special supply of homosexual pornography if you prefer."

Tom's eyes bulged out of his head... "straight. straight is fine." The nurse suppressed a chuckle at the obviously nervous young man.

"Alright, in the next drawer we have some lubricants, which we recommend using to avoid abrasion" (tom blushed red) "And you'll need this" she said as she reached into her jacket pocket to produce a small clear glass jar with what looked like a pink rubber cap at the top. She placed it on the flat arm of the chair and he saw there was a thin slit cut into the plastic on the top. The jar looked a bit larger than the head of his dick. 

"This is where you'll make your.. deposit. We've had difficulty in the past with patients aiming correctly and making a mess before these cups were developed. When you are ready, this cap slides on the end of your penis and stretches to form a tight seal, so even when its placed upside down, there won't be any leaks. It will keep the seal as you remove it, then just buzz me with this button and I'll take care of the rest"

Tom only blushed more red as she talked about his penis. She was the first female in his whole life that had talked about his dick since he was potty trained.

"thanks for the help" 

"If you need anything else, just buzz me. I'll leave you to it." 

She walked out, and as the door snapped shut Tom noticed there was no lock on the door. Would anyone accidentally walk in thinking the room was empty, only to be scarred by finding a naked teenager stroking away? He hoped it would stay shut. 

Here he was, finally alone. He opened up the drawer, looking over the magazines. Playboy, Hustler, High Society, Asian Fever, Swank, and more. His eyes darted to the petite girl on the cover of Asian Fever. He pulled it out and started to look through the pages. There was plenty of tits, ass, and pussy. It was somehow different from video that he was used to and he felt less of a rush without hearing the girl moaning or seeing her flesh shake. It seemed too static. The bright fluorescent lights were a lot different than the dark safety of his house. He glanced back over at the unlocked door. He felt this was a really weird environment to do anything sexy in.

Tom looked through the magazine pages to find a suitable girl, all looking exciting but lacking some key quality. He doubled his efforts, trying to focus in on this tiny Asian girl's pussy. He tried to start by rubbing his crotch through his pants looking for that familiar feeling, but nothing seemed to be working. He was just too used to porn on the computer in a different environment, and minutes began ticking by. He looked through other magazines, but nothing seemed to start the fire and put the rest back. 

After about 20 minutes, there was a knocking at the door. Nurse Holly wanted to know if everything was fine. Thank god she didn't just walk in, even with his clothes on he felt dirty looking at the magazine. 

"yeah, everything is fine"

He was even more nervous now, knowing they thought he was taking too long. He hoped she wasn't out there telling other nurses how long he was taking. These thoughts only made it harder to concentrate, and another ten minutes had passed. Another knock at the door.

"Can I come in for a quick talk?"

He might as well get this over with, he didn't think more time would make a difference. He closed the Asian Fever and straightened his pants. "Sure" he replied.

Nurse Holly opened the door and was surprised to find him still with his clothes on. Tom noticed her eyebrow raised when she looked at the cover of Asian Fever and he shrunk in his chair as he wished he had put it away completely.

"It's a common problem to have there dear, why don't you tell me what's wrong?"

"nothing's wrong."

"Normally dear, kids your age don't take nearly this long. Have you been making an effort?"

"i'm just not used to doing it like this, i just can't get comfortable" 

"I understand, it can be a distracting environment. Do you think there is any chance of completing on your own today?"

(on my own? he thought) "no, i don't think so."

"I'm sorry to hear that. You know this procedure is important so that you can begin your therapy. This is a common problem though and we do have policies in place. Would you like some assistance?"

He eyes bulged wide, and this throat closed up. He wasn't sure what she meant by that. What type of assistance? Frustrated with his lack of performance and excited by what she might mean, he decided to roll the dice and see what happens.

"um... yes, please" 

"Alright dear" she said as she walked over to the intercom. "We need a production assistant in Room 4." She took her finger off the button.

"So, I'll cover how this is handled before they get here. Your assistant will enter the room, assess the situation and guide you through the process. They'll stay in the room with you as your sample is being produced to make sure everything is going smoothly, and they'll help with whatever steps are necessary to ensure a successful sample."

Tom was interested, but immediately shot back to his earlier fears and pictured the portly man resembling his grandfather at the front. He wondered if they had a policy against opposite-gendered contact and if he would be getting someone like his grandpa to tell him how to jerk it.

His fears were quickly replaced with desire and curiosity as a short 5'1" Asian woman in pink scrubs opened the door and came into the room. Her hair was covered with a pink cloth cap and he noticed her slender body moving underneath the scrubs. He was surprised she looked so young, almost his age but there was no way that could be true with all the school she had to have. 

"Hello, I'm Nurse June and I'm going to help with your sample. I understand this might be embarrassing, however, we are all professionals here and there is nothing to worry about." she said as she grabbed a short rolling stool and sat down on it in front of him, in between his legs only a foot away. 

"Let's start by having you lower your pants and underwear so we can see how things are going" He looked up at Nurse Holly standing over him. 

"uh, sure. Nurse Holly, are you going to stay?" he asked, hoping she would leave so only Nurse June would see his embarrassment.

"Tom, I'm in charge of your case. I'll be staying to observe any treatment, make sure you are taken care of and will manage your sample after you're finished."

(oh great, he thought) Although, the possibility of these two attractive women seeing his penis certainly sounded exciting. He stood up and began to undo his belt. He slid his pants and boxers down and they caught briefly on his cock before releasing, springing it into view of the nurses. 

"That's great," she said handing him the magazine, her eyebrows raising as well at seeing the "Asian Fever" cover, "Why don't you take this and show me what you were doing."

Tom became extremely tense as he opened up the magazine and placed it in his lap. He started turning the pages, his eyes darting back and forth between the nurses and the naked women presented in front of him. He sat in disbelief, secretly loving the situation he was in, though so shocked that he couldn't perform. He looked back at the door, worried someone would accidentally walk in to see two nurses staring at his exposed naked dick. 

"i don't think i can do this" he said looking at Nurse June.

"That's alright, let's start by having you touch yourself. Go ahead and place your hand around your penis" said Nurse June as she seemed to stare right at his dick.

He grabbed ahold of his penis, due to its soft state he fit the whole thing into his hand and started to squeeze it, hoping to pump some life into his uncooperative member. Both nurses kept a close eye on him, looking for some sign of activity in his cock. He kept this up for several tense silent minutes before Nurse June broke the tension.

"You're doing good Tom. Since we want to get you done with your appointment in a timely matter, I'm authorized to move to the next level of treatment to see if we can get some results. Just relax." She placed her bare hand on his naked thigh as she said this, sending bolts of lightening through his body.

Nurse June stood and walked over to the lubricant drawer, pulled out a bottle and then reached above to the cabinet and pulled out a pair of purple latex exam gloves. She set the bottle on the chair next to Tom and with a smile started stretching the gloves over her hands.

"Now Tom there is nothing to be nervous about. I'm going to lubricate these gloves and apply it to your penis. I'll then manipulate your penis to see if we can get a sample." Tom couldn't believe his ears.

Nurse Holly added "Don't worry Tom, Nurse June is a professional and she'll take care of you. We're both here to make sure you get the best care." 

Nurse June squirted the bottle into her gloved hands and wiped her hands together to spread it around. She reached downward to grab Tom's cock, he jumped at the first touch. She placed one hand underneath his penis and the other on top, and started rubbing her hands gently in little opposing circles, working on getting a response. He couldn't believe there was a real woman touching him like this and his senses became overwhelmed. Tom's cock lurched in response, beginning to fill with blood. Nurse June noticed it first, feeling it swell in between her petite hands.

"There we go Tom, I'm feeling the start of an erection. You're doing great. I'll start to increase the intensity."

She pressed together with more force, feeling the hard resistance of his erection pushing back. His penis was growing larger than her hands now, it's head poking out her fingers. Her hand slipped off of it to the side and his penis snapped up, smacking against his stomach with a satisfying thud leaving a trail of lubricant on his belly.

"Whups almost lost you there-"

She now used both hands to rub the sides of his dick vertically a few times before wrapping her right hand fully around it. She gave it a firm squeeze and moved methodically up and down his shaft. Her other hand began cupping his balls, rolling them around softly. His heart started beating faster. Tom moaned uncontrollably. The nurses glanced at each other and back at Tom.

"Great, this feels like you are fully erect," Nurse June said as she gripped his cock feeling its firmness, "It might help now to start sexually fantasizing. I want you to imagine a naked woman is here rubbing your penis, maybe this girl right here." she said glancing down at the still open "Asian Fever" magazine. "Or even one of us. It's just a fantasy."

She kept up stroking him, often pausing to swirl her hand around the head of his cock before going right back down the shaft. He had never felt anything like this, he couldn't believe how much better this felt than all the times he had masturbated at home. His cock was harder than ever and started to leak a large amount of pre-cum. 

"Great Tom! Your penis is starting to produce a large amount of pre-ejaculatory fluid. This is a great sign, now I want you to close your eyes and imagine this naked woman you are with is taking your penis into her mouth so she can start to perform oral sex on you."

With that, she switched her grips bringing the hand that was rubbing his balls to squeeze the head of his cock as her other hand kept stroking the shaft up and down. Tom moaned again, now starting to slightly thrust up into the nurse's hand. Her other hand twisted and swirled on the head of his cock and he imagined this must be what it would feel like inside a girl's mouth. Tom's breathing got heavier and his heart rate was going faster and faster. She kept this up for a few minutes until Tom started to plateau.

"Ok Tom, next I want you to imagine this woman is standing up in front of you and she starts opening her legs, so you can see the folds of her labia and entrance to her vagina," she told him as she took her hands off his dick, leaving it sticking firmly up. "Imagine she is moving over you, so you can look up and see her whole genitalia spread open for you. Can you imagine that? Now picture her squatting over you, lining up your penis with her vagina, slowly getting closer and closer. Now picture her slowly sinking down onto you, inch by inch."

As she said this, she stacked both of her fists together over his cock which was still standing straight up, and lowered just the bottom of her lower fist around the tip of his cock, giving him resistance similar to the entrance of a vagina. Matching her actions with her words, she then sank both fists downwards, letting his cock fully enter both of her hands. She paused there, rhythmically squeezing his cock, letting him imagine his dream girl was sitting in his lap fully enveloping his cock. Tom moaned loudly, and Nurse June took that as her cue to start slowly stroking him from base to tip, over and over.

She smiled at him, staring at his cock as she slid her hands up and down. Tom's heart was beating even faster now and he was getting short of breath as he felt his cock getting even harder under her touch, his pre-cum oozing out and mixing with the lube. She kept up stroking him until the head of his cock was engorging and becoming dark red.

"Good Tom, I feel your penis is swelling. Everything is moving along nicely" she said while stroking his cock. "I don't want you to plateau, so I'm going to ask Nurse Holly to assist by palpitating your scrotum." She glanced at Holly, "If you'll step around, please."

She motioned to Nurse Holly, who got up and slid her own stool next to her fellow nurse. With both nurses preoccupied with the impending explosion, she forgot to get latex gloves, and moved both hands underneath the other nurse's, reaching his balls and giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, they are tightening already. This won't take long now" informed Nurse Holly.

He couldn't believe this was happening. He was sitting alone in a medical office with two hot nurses jerking his cock and could be walked in on at any moment. He didn't care anymore. With Nurse June focusing on his cock and Nurse Holly caressing his balls, Tom knew this wouldn't take much longer. His breathing became even heavier as he tried to take in all the sensations. He felt Nurse June speed up her stroking. 

"oh, fuck" Tom moaned.

Nurse June looked over at Holly. "He'll be ready to ejaculate soon. Get the sample jar ready Nurse Holly. Ok Tom, now imagine the girl riding you is about to orgasm herself with you inside her. Her vagina is going to squeeze your penis. I want you to fully let go and ejaculate for us, Tom. Just relax and let it happen."

Tom looked into Nurse June's eyes, she was staring right at him, urging him to come. He couldn't take it anymore and his jaw clenched as he closed his eyes and rocked his head back as his whole body started to convulse.

Nurse Holly felt his balls tighten in her hand, she reached over to grab the sample jar and placed it near the tip of Tom's penis. Her other hand had a surprise for Tom as she snaked her middle finger under and past his balls and started to probe his rectum. Tom wasn't prepared for how electrifying it felt.

"oh god, it's going to come out. oh god"

"Yes, yes.. ejaculate for us, do it, Tom. Cum." 

"fuuck... fuck fuck fuck... gah" 

Nurse Holly felt his butt and balls both contract at the same time and knew it was time to bring the jar's stretchy slit down onto Tom's cock, sealing itself fully around the head, just in time to catch the first shot of semen visibly shooting from his cock through the glass wall of the jar. It sprayed forcefully upwards into the jar and splashed against the clear barrier as Nurse June kept stroking and squeezing his cock. 

Just as he started shooting, he heard a 'click' and the door swung open. There stood a teenage girl about his age with a young nurse alongside. They stopped in their tracks, realizing they clearly had the wrong room and get a full view of this naked teenage boy's hard pulsing cock being held by two nurses as it shoots cum into a jar stuck on its head. Their eyes go wide as saucers as Tom makes eye contact with them. 

"god... holy shit" he gasps, again closing his eyes as his head rocks back in convulsion.

He heard the intruding nurse mutter something about this being the wrong room before the door clicked shut again without even the two intruders go. What a story those two have, and an image that will stick with them for life. Will he run into that girl in the hallway later?

"Great job Tom, this was an important step in your treatment and I'm glad we could assist you today."

Nurse Holly grabbed his cock with one hand, stretching the skin down as her other hand slides the jar off the head of his cock. The rubber slit sliding up has a squeegee effect, trapping all his cum inside as it pops off. She stared at the contents of the jar, her mind racing.

"This is a great sample young man," said Nurse Holly. "I'll get this off to the lab techs and make sure it is taken care of. Why don't you wipe up and get your clothes back on."

Nurse June handed him some paper towels for his lubricated midsection and he started wiping up. Tom was still in shock, excited he got this opportunity. After finishing, he stood to pull up his pants. Nurse Holly looked down as his now deflated cock vanished into his pants.

"I'm glad we were able to help you produce a sample, Tom. We're done here today. Remember you have three more appointments here before your procedure can start, once a week."

Tom had almost forgotten, and could only hope his future appointments were as stimulating as this one was. It was going to be a long week waiting.

Pulse after pulse shot into the jar, his cum sliding down the walls, pooling around his cock's head. Nurse June kept stroking him more shallowly as he came, to avoid knocking the jar off. As the contractions started to slow, she squeezed his cock at the base and milked out every drop she could get into the jar. After a few dry milkings, she was satisfied that she had gotten all that she could. Tom dropped backed into the recliner, completely spent. 

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