The Sister's Agreement

I was grief stricken when I got the news that my husband died during the invasion at Normandy. He was only twenty-years-old and had already served for nearly two years before we eloped soon before he was shipped overseas. I was eighteen-years-old when Gil and I married, and I barely had time to know him before he took his only trip overseas to Europe. Looking back now, it was a whirlwind romance. Men were scarce and many wives knew their husbands, fathers, and sons were never coming home from the war, and panic was settling into the younger women and teenage girls growing up wondering how they would ever latch on to their men and raise their children.

The loss I suffered was real because I lost my future. My dream of being a housewife and good mother with a hard-working husband was gone. I never really left home as mom and dad were already in their early sixties and dad suffered from the black lung disease that affected many coal miners, and I stayed with them to care for their final days, which arrived within a year of my marriage.

My older sister, Nel, had bad luck too because her husband was severely wounded and discharged from the Army with a pension large enough to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table, but insufficient to provide the lives they wanted. After our parents died, Mel and Jim moved in with me in our two-story West Virginia farmhouse on twenty acres of rocky hillside to improve our lives, and things got better for me, much better.

Though Jim was wounded and had a severe limp, he was a strong and healthy man that recovered and became a coal miner just like his father and my father for generations before. His war injury helped him move into better-paying jobs, but they were had and his leg was painful when he returned home. As most people know, coal miners are filthy people when they arrive home from a hard day deep beneath the surface of the earth digging and loading the coal required to heat the houses and run the electric power plants in the eastern United States. 

Until he started work six months after they moved in with me, there were two major problems, but we converted the oversize living room into a bedroom and bought an oversized bathtub and had it installed in front of the large bay window which viewed the beautiful mountains we loved so very much. Now it was easier for Nel to care for Jim, and he no longer needed to climb the dangerous stairs. The converted first-floor bedroom with the tub was a luxury not seen in our area, but one we felt was necessary, particularly when he started at the mine. 

Because the room was open with a large beautiful walnut carved arch, Jim refused to close the area with doors. Although I never watched them, I could hear them play together in the tub and knew when Nel and Jim were being intimate in bed due to their voices and the squeaky bedsprings. On a few occasions, I saw Jim nude but never close up. 

Both Nel and I were small women with what we considered to be outstanding figures, and Jim was a former high school athlete with broad shoulders and an overall great physique though he had a terrible scar on his thigh that left an area that was recessed without ever filling in after he suffered the wound. Working the mines were probably the factor that made his stomach so lean and muscular, the same as what people now refer to as a six-pack.

Being just nineteen at that time in my life, it was frustrating for me to be alone with a handsome man in the house, and one day Nel asked me if I'd help her bathe Jim. "Do what, I asked!"

"Jill, I have a terrible time getting him into the tub, particularly now that I'm pregnant. I need someone to help me or he's going to break his head one day."

That was the first time Nel told me she was pregnant, and I was excited for her because I knew they wanted children, but I never expected to see Jim naked or help with his care. "Nel, yes I want to help you as best as I can, but will Jim be all right with this idea?"

Nel had an important issue to raise with Jill, and she began over a cup of morning tea. Saying, "Jill, Jim and I have talked about it several times, and we both know your situation being alone. You have never dated another person in your whole life, and after you lost Gil, you haven't even tried. You need a man in your life, and the only man available now is Jim. 

He's mine, but I want you to know that with this baby coming on, I won't be able to satisfy his entire needs like before. I've hidden my morning sickness because I wanted to be sure, but I'll soon finish my third month and it's starting to show. Dr. Crane confirmed my condition last week, and he said I needed some help with Jim. There are some nights I want to rest, and by the time I strain myself getting Jim into and out of the tub my stomach hurts, and I'm afraid I could lose the baby."

"I told Jim I thought you would help me with caring for him, and he wanted a clear definition of what I meant. I explained I wanted to ask you to reduce my marital responsibilities at least until I recovered from the baby. I believe you would be a happier and more satisfied woman if you allowed me to use one of the spare bedrooms sometimes when I can't care for him. Frankly, Jill, it will probably be about half of the time that I will need your help." 

"I want you to take over on those nights and sleep with him, just like I have always slept with him. I know that's a little more than I asked a minute ago. I want you to do more than help Jim into the tub, and if you agree, I'd like it to start tonight when he arrives home from work. I need a night to rest after this morning sickness."

I was totally red faced as Nel talked to me, and I couldn't help the feeling I had in my loins thinking about sleeping with a man for the first time in more than a year. I hadn't fully considered the implications and consequences that could follow, but I agreed. 

Nel told me she wanted me to begin tonight, and she'd show me how to get Jim in and out of the tub, and then the rest of the night would be up to Jim and me. She added, "Generally, Jim wants sex nearly every night, and sometimes more than once. He's a very virile man and I'm sure once you get used to him and his desires, you will feel the goodness that comes from him."

"Jill, we're going to share our secrets from this moment on. I want you to know about my husband and exactly what makes him happy. But first, tell me about your relationship with Gil. I want to know your experiences and joys along with the sorrows you've had."

I explained what I could in vague ways, but Nel acted like a prosecuting attorney in a trial. She expected to know everything about my private life before, during and after Gil, so before lunch, I unloaded my deepest secrets. I explained that although everyone thought I was sexually active in high school, I was a virgin until after we were married. 

I explained that my boyfriends never got past my tiny boobs, and truthfully, I would have allowed one or two to score if they had been more persistent. A couple rubbed my butt, and one that I didn't like tried to get my pants off, but that was it. I explained to Nel that big boobs were in, and mine were like dwarfs compared to Karen and Nancy Swift and their friends. 

Jill continued, "Most of us maintained our sparkling reputations and those that didn't ended up carrying a baby and getting married due to a shotgun pointed at the offending boy. By the time I met Gil, I wanted someone to take me away from Little River, and I thought he was the guy. I held out because I rightfully thought he'd ask me to marry him if I didn't have sex with him." 

"We were only together for six weeks before he left for the army, and truthfully, sex wasn't the exciting thing I expected. It was fast and furious, but when he was finished, we were finished for the day. There were few tender moments, and I wasn't all that unhappy when he left for overseas. I explained that in those six weeks we didn't have sex that often, and if I were to guess, I said, "It was maybe three times a week except for when I had the monthlies once."

Nel was silent as I talked about my sex life and I thought I had fully answered her questions because there was nothing to discuss of the time after Gil went away. I never had sex again. Nel asked, "But I also want to know how he treated you and what he was like in the sack. Was he long lasting and big like Jim or was it over in a flash? I've had several men in my life, and I'd like to compare him to someone I may have had sex with, Jill."

I wasn't even sure what long lasting meant, but it occurred to me that she was indicating that it took Jim longer to finish that Gil. I was getting a little frustrated and said, "I don't know how long, but it wasn't more than a couple of minutes. As soon as he ejaculated, he rolled over and fell asleep while I got up and dried myself from the fluid leaking out of my pussy. And Nel, how would I know how big he was, he didn't show it to me, it was always dark when we went to bed, and he was never nude in the bathroom or anyplace. Sex was just something we did when we went to bed." 

Nel was surprised at my statements about Gil, and she finally said, "You never really loved Gil, did you, Jill?" I hadn't really thought much about that either, but I guessed she was right. I wasn't sure what love was, but whatever it was, Nel had it! She loved Jim so much she would allow someone else to service his needs after working hard in the mines when she was unable. I decided that must be true love. I told her the nearest I had to an orgasm was when I occasionally heard her and Jim in bed when I left my door ajar. I also told her I was never close enough to see how large or small Jim was.

Jill said, "So Nel, you said you'd tell me about your experiences, and maybe I can learn enough to become a surrogate and perform as well as you as I try to satisfy Jim, but are you sure you won't be jealous?" Nel assured me she didn't have a jealous bone in her body, and when I am being her substitute I could do anything I wanted as long as Jim agreed, and she said, "I've discussed everything with Jim and he is in total agreement. Jill, I mean anything is all right with me!" Then Jill said she wanted to have lunch and continue this conversation a little later on the swing in the back yard.

It was about 2pm when we sat on the large wooden swing that hung from a massive sugar maple tree where we could see the subtle reddish-yellow leaves appearing to signal the first signs of fall. The nights were getting down into the low fifties and the morning fog was thick in the valleys of north central West Virginia. 

We could see geese and ducks in the front pond nearly every day where we thought they rested for a few days before they continued their long migration to warmer climes. I mentioned I loved the swing that Jim made himself with the back shaped comfortably to fit a person's body.

"So Jill, getting back to our discussion, I agreed to tell you of my experiences that started when I was with Miles Swan. Do you remember him? He was three years older than I, and he had the hots for anyone that wore a skirt. His reputation among the girls was pretty good, but I believe at eighteen, I was the youngest girl he screwed, and he screwed me several times. He must have spread the word because we all knew who he screwed the week after he did the dirty deed." 

Nel continued telling me how Miles was really handsome back then and, particularly to a high school senior, he was a catch. "He was scouted heavily by several colleges including WVA where he became a real star, but he couldn't afford college at the time. Miles only lived about a mile from us in those days, and when he asked me to meet him down at the swimming hole, I knew he wanted more than a quick dip in the river's cold water. But I also knew he was interested in dipping something else, and I was ready."

"It didn't take Miles long before he had my underpants off, and he showed me his pride and joy as he lowered his pants and pulled me into the frigid water. Our swimming lasted about three minutes until he held me above his waist and lowered me onto his hot rod as the water chilled our love-starved bodies. That's when I lost my cherry; but we found the temperature too cold to continue, so he carried me to the riverbank, and there on the soft thick grass, he ravished my excited body with his tongue and dick. I had my first fuck and my first and only orgasm until I met Jim."

Nel said, "After Miles, there was Terry Smith and Jeff Adams within a few weeks as the word was out that I put out. Terry and Jeff were also on the team, and they were fun, but they weren't able to contain their joy long enough to pleasure my deep needs. Miles and I got together regularly until he saved enough money for college, and he truly was a good lover, but in the forties, boys didn't have wheels to get around, and the best we could do was use a barn with some hay as a bed."

Nel continued, "I screwed Tom Giles and Bill Hurst a couple of times too, and they were pretty good, but until I met Jim, I was never satisfied again after the first time Miles scored. The only other person I made love with was someone that lives here and has some young kids now. If you don't mind, I won't reveal his name to prevent it from ever leaking to his wife."

I was satisfied that I knew about the men, but I asked if she ever saw their cocks, and she replied. "Only Miles." Nel admitted, "I felt a couple, I think it was Tom and Jeff, and thinking back, they were smaller than Jim but probably larger than Miles. But it was Miles that really knew how to make that worm wiggle, and that's probably why he was a better lover. That, and he could hold his ejaculation or maybe he had screwed someone else an hour or two before me."

Nel said she wanted to tell me about Jim now. It was nearing 3:30pm, and Jim would make it home about 5pm. "Jim will be gentle with you, but you may have a hard time the first time he brings you down on his cock." She went on to explain that Jim often preferred to have her on top because it took the strain off his leg, and he knew it allowed me to control the depth and the speed of entry. 

"Jim is very patient, Jill' and his strong arms will hold you up until you are ready for another inch inside. Jim is exactly eight inches long, which is very long, but the diameter is where the trouble can come into play. Your vagina will stretch like you would never believe, but trust me when I say Jim will not hurt you. He is a gentle giant, and he will be very respectful of your feelings. Perhaps all of his cock won't get inside tonight, Jill, but I'll bet before the weekend is over you will be fully impaled and loving every moment."

I asked Nel if she'd mind if I used the tub before Jim got home because I wanted to know exactly how to fill and empty the tub. I wanted this to be a good experience for Jim, and I was hoping this would be the first time I truly enjoyed sex. I was still only nineteen years old, and I hoped my second man would be more satisfying than Gil. 

I always was a clean person. Mom used to say I could go out and play with all the other children who would get filthy, and I was still clean enough to go to church. Still, I wanted to look and smell my best, after all, I finished my period two days earlier, and I'm always careful to remove any telltale signs. Nel said, "Let's do something wild and crazy." 

"We could bathe together like we did when we were little and mom or dad saw that we were spotless before bed every Saturday night. I can show you how all the fixtures work including the portable showerhead that I use to lather Jim with soap to wash the black coal dust from his body before I fill the tub."

We agreed and Nel showed me how the tub worked, where the towels were, and as she stripped off her clothes, I could see the beginnings of a what would soon become a baby trying to see the world for the first time. Nel was still the beautiful woman she always was, and as I admired her breasts that seemed a little larger than mine; I hoped I would be appealing to Jim tonight. 

Nel asked how I was able to keep that tight tummy and slender hips, but I knew she was only trying to make me feel desirable. Looking in the oversized mirror's reflection, I could see we looked alike, with high cheekbones and wide-set blue eyes that had a deep indigo color that was rarely seen in these parts of West Virginia. 

Easily, we could pass for twins, and as I scanned down our bodies I could see my legs and hips were a bit thinner, and I decided if Jim thought Nel was attractive, he had to think I was attractive too.

I was instructed to wear a nightgown and be ready to undress after Jim shed his clothes but before he tried to enter the tub. We had it all worked out, and I agreed to remain in the kitchen until after Nel welcomed Jim home and she informed him that I was going to assist in his needs that night and for the entire upcoming weekend. Nel wanted three days to rest before she would consider going back to Jim's bed.

"We need to hurry and get dressed, Jill. Jim will be here in twenty minutes or so." Thankfully we both had short pixie-like haircuts that dried fast and with a little hairspray we were ready for Jim when he opened the door and took Nel into his arms as she welcomed him with a warm hug. "Are you ready for your bath honey, or do you have something else you need to do first?"

Nel said, "Jim, remember what we discussed last night? Jill is going to take over for me tonight and often from now on. She's already tempered your water to rinse you, and she'll see you have your bath tonight. I'm going to help her get you into the tub tonight, but then I'm leaving. Dinner is in the oven and Jill will manage that later, whenever you're ready to eat. It will keep just fine, so there's no hurry. I'll be in the spare bedroom if you need me." They hugged again, and Jim said, "I love you Nel; you're a wonderful wife."

I helped Jim remove his clothes, and I was surprised to see him blush as I got down on my hands and knees to retrieve his filthy coal dust loaded trousers, shirt, and underwear. I could see his flaccid cock, but by the time I started to undress from my nightgown, Jim had a raging erection like I never dreamed possible. That's probably when I began to blush. Nel and I helped Jim into the tub, and then Nel said, " Jim, thank you for being so understanding with me. I love you, but some nights I want my sister to love you in my place. I want to concentrate on having a healthy child for the next few months."

I turned the shower head on and watched the black coal dust leave his body as I lathered him starting at his scalp like Nel instructed, and gradually moving down his body past his back and chest while he held the gripper bar for better balance. When I came to his penis my fingers were too short to surround it, and the length was more than twice as long as my hand's width. I could feel his pulse with each throb of his cock, and I hated to release him and start working on his balls, butt, legs, and feet.

I knew I was breathing heavily from the excitement of handling a virile man for the first time in over a year as I helped lower him into the large tub as it began to fill with warm water. Nel told me he liked to have her sit in front of him with her back towards him so he could play with her tits. She said he often did that for several minutes before he began to explore her pussy. Only after he bathed her did Jim allow her to bathe him.

I learned this was how he wanted to operate today, and I loved his large fingers as they massaged my boobs and washed my vagina as he gently penetrated my labia after he played with my clit. I knew already that this experience was my best sex ever, but I was thrilled that the best was still ahead.

When I maneuvered to face him to wash his chest, I learned what it felt like for a man to suck my nipples, and I had my first climax of my life when he pulled me on top of him and pushed his middle finger inside my receptive pussy. I feared I would pass out as he continued his sucking and I held his rock hard boner with both hands.

"I think I'm clean now, Jill, how about you? Can we get out of the tub and dry off?" I stood and helped Jim, though he was quite stable on his own, he seemed to need someone to help him get to his feet. I rinsed the dirty water down the drain and sprayed us both again before I helped him step up and over the deep tub and onto the tile floor. As I dried Jim, again starting with his hair and head, Jim worked on my breasts first. I could tell, among other things, I was going to have my tits stretched tonight.

After we were totally dry Jim lay on the bed and patted the bed by his side indicating that was where he wanted me to lie down. He propped himself up and seemed to admire my nude body, which lay in wait of his desired advances. Jim was slow as he touched my nipples and leaned over to lick them as he massaged the breasts they topped. My titties and nipples are always upright and firm but tonight they were hard as they poked their way past his lips into his mouth.

Jim sensed the slight difference in size and hardness of Jill's tits, and he noticed the slightly darker skin, which he assumed was from more time in the sun. He moved his large rough hands and wrapped them around Jill's tiny waist and saw his fingertips meet before he moved them to surround her hips as if he was measuring them. Jim felt her tremble as he lowered his left hand to her pussy and gently played with the delicate entrance that protected her vagina. 

"Please let me know if I hurt you, Jill. I want you to enjoy this every bit as much as I." He didn't wait for a reply, but instead, he started to insert his index finger and saturate it with her juices so he could retract it and find her special button that excited Nel so much. Jill was already secreting fluids as her body prepared for a massive invasion of a large log-like circumcised penis as she moved her legs farther apart to accelerate the speed Jim could work his finger in gentle tantalizing circles around her tight underused little secret place. 

Jim could feel Jill beginning to move against his index finger, and he started to enter his middle finger just like he always did with Nel. He planned to treat Jill the same and offer her everything he provided Nel for their three years of marriage. He was unable to feel a difference as he moved his fingers gently back and forth, but Nel told him about her inexperience and the few times Gil and Jill made love before he died on Omaha Beach with thousands of others that fateful June day. He remembered Gil, but they never had an opportunity to become good friends.

Jim's cock had been erect on and off for nearly an hour, and he knew the time was ripe to take Jill, so he pulled her on top of him and lifted her gently over his pulsing erection as Jill held his swollen cock in place like Nel suggested. He slowly impaled her body as her vagina expanded to consume the bulbous helmet on its maiden trip inside Jill's seldom used pussy. He was about halfway inside when he realized he needed to allow her to rest, just like he needed to offer Nel time to adjust three years earlier. 

Jim's upper arm strength was formidable as he lifted her completely off his penis and rested her lengthwise on his body until her breathing returned to normal. As Jill rested, Jim massaged her butt cheeks and toyed with the perimeter of her anus; but he did not enter there. 

"Jim, I'm ready to try again. Go ahead, if Nel can take all of you inside I know I can find the room somewhere to fit you inside. I'll try to open up more if that's possible."

Once again, Jim lifted Jill like a little ragdoll, and Jill began her decent again as Jim lowered her further than the time before. "Are you all right, Jill? Do I need to stop and turn you over like I needed to with Nel?"

"No, try a little more, Jim, how much more is remaining?" 

"There's still more than three inches, and I don't think it's going to fit until I get on top. I want you to slide down to the end of the bed when I put you down, and then while I stand you can lift your legs and I'll hold them on my shoulders. I think that position allows the best hope for a complete penetration. Are you all right with that?"

"That's pretty hard for you standing like that isn't it Jim? We can keep trying if you wish."

Jim insisted they change positions, and he helped pull her little body to the foot of the bed and lifted her high on his shoulders and began to enter Jill again, but from this position he could provide more in and out movement which was stimulating Jill until she had another orgasm, which flooded her vagina as she gasped for air as she felt Jim sliding farther and farther inside until he bottomed touching her pubic bone with his."

"Success, Jill you've done it, just like your sister did it, and if we're lucky the fun will now begin." Within another minute she was climaxing again, and they were leaking fluids all over the clean white sheets, but Jim wasn't finished. He was sure Jill was ready for the onslaught he knew he could provide before he unloaded deep into her farthest reaches of her pussy as Jim's urethra snuggled up against her delicate cervix for the first time and his penis expanded to its absolute zenith on every downward thrust, which took him deeper and deeper. 

He continued to drive his engorged cock into her body like a nail penetrating a block of soft wood until he could no longer contain control and provided another new feeling Jill had never experienced. He blasted his sperm into her cervix with five long hard ropes of sticky semen, which excited Jill one final time. Jill climaxed again when she felt the first rope, and then she released her muscles and allowed her body to rest.

The agreement among the three adults was beneficial to everyone involved as Nel received some rest, Jill received much-needed training and experience, and Jim always had a ready partner to share his bed. Their first weekend was superb in every way, but like Nel, Jill was unable to perform the oral sex he wanted, and he decided to give her the tool that solved Nel's gagging issue. 

Jim was an expert carver in his spare time, and over the years he had made some marvelous birds and mammals that Nel displayed proudly on her mantle and bookcases. He also made her an exact replica of his erect penis to size. Jim always had a desire to have a woman be able to take him down her throat, and once before he met Nel, he found someone who succeeded. He was only fifteen then, and perhaps he was a little smaller, but he was always much larger than his friends. 

Nel tried and tried, but she could never overcome the gagging reflex until after she practiced many weeks using the perfect imitation that Jim made with a tolerance of less than one millimeter. Not only was it accurate, but also it was made of bird's eye maple, the most beautiful wood available in West Virginia.

Nel really did need some rest as the new baby formed in her womb, and Jim had become expectant of Nel's wonderful talents over their three years of marriage. Jill, on the other hand, was never the beneficiary of lessons Nel practiced day in and day out for many weeks before she succeeded in her goal of pleasing Jim. 

When Jim and Nel first started discussing the possibility of having a surrogate after Nel thought she might be pregnant, he decided to make an identical carving for Jill. Unable to find another choice piece of maple, Jim found a broken limb from a butternut tree with spectacular grain and began the carving process in case Nel and Jill could come to terms of sharing one man. 

When he finished the smoothly sanded tool and showed Nel, she thought this was the tool she should use to approach Jill. On Monday night, Nel brought Jill into the bedroom with Jim and showed her how she could deep-throat Jim's full erection. Jill tried several times to no avail as she hit her gagging reflex every time. Then Nel offered Jill the butternut tool, which was just like her special maple tool that she used to learn the technique. 

"I'll help you get through this Jill. It took me a few weeks, but Jim has loved it every time, and in a few weeks you'll have the skill too."

Many years have passed since 1944, and Jim passed away a few months ago on April 13, 1968, my 40th birthday. Nel and I still live together on the old homestead with twelve children ranging in age from 22 down to 8 years old. Amazingly, now in our forties, we continue to have the shapely small bodies as when we were in our late teenage years, and we continue to have similar desires.

Each of us mothered three girls and three boys over these years, and we dearly love each one, but we miss Jim desperately. It's lonely to sleep alone after cuddling up to a handsome vigorous male after being together for twenty years in my case, and 23 years for Nel. We agreed we needed a new man around the house a few months ago, and we're working on the proposition as often as we can. 

Our oldest girls have introduced us to some divorced men that are the fathers of their boyfriends, but we haven't figured out how to raise the issue that we come as a pair. If you take one of us, you get us both. Each of us has tried a few men, but nothing seemed to satisfy our needs, and I think we've decided to forget the men and keep the beautifully carved wooden tools Jim gave us before the children came along. I call mine the "Memory Tool" as it is an exact replica of Jim's gift that has provided countless joy and beautiful babies over the years. 

Someday we may have a change of heart, but in the interim, we'll live peaceably with our children and watch their children as they pursue their life goals.

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